Fodendo a ninfa em Sorocaba

Fodendo a ninfa em Sorocaba
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Mixed Metaphors XII It was Sunday morning; four am when Becky got out of bed and cruised the front room like a morning watch police officer looking for bodies and various types of damage. Everyone was asleep except her mother's housekeeper Marta, who was in the kitchen sipping her sixth cup of coffee. Marta's husband Juan had gone home earlier as their two young daughters and their sixteen-year-old son were home alone. Marta was wondering if the sun would ever come up, as she was very sleepy and still had to go to mass, and fix breakfast for her family.

Becky walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table with her. "Good morning Marta," said Becky. "Good morning Miss. Rebecca did you sleep well?" "Marta … we have been good friends ever since you began working for my mom almost fifteen years ago. My name is Becky to you, not Miss.

Rebecca." "I'm sorry Becky … it is just that you have done so well graduating college, going to work for a the ad agency, and finding a man like Mr. Miller. I am just showing respect for what you have accomplished." Becky got up to get a cup of coffee, and waved Marta off when she volunteered to serve her. Becky sat down again thinking that she didn't like coffee, but she was still sleepy, and it did have a wonderful aroma so maybe she would try a little.

By the time she added six teaspoons of sugar and a third of a cup of cream, she thought it really doesn't taste bad at all.

Marta was sitting across from Becky, with her coffee cup halfway to her mouth, suspended in midair. Her eyes were closed and she was giving off an all but audible snore. Becky took Marta's coffee cup and placed it on the table, waking her. Becky then got her to her feet, like some Main street drunk and walked her to the front room.

After ordering Marta to lie down on the plush couch, Becky retrieved a light blanket and covered her with it. She had to smile as the front room was filled with little boys in sleeping bags. It looked like a Boy Scout camp out.

The day had gone perfectly. Everybody had their own games and toys and to her knowledge they all got along fine. The party planner was very good and made sure all of the boys were taken care of, and most importantly listened too as individuals, and fed well. When she returned to the kitchen, there was Tony with bloodshot bleary eyes, sitting at the table sipping a cup of black coffee. "What are you doing up?" asked Becky with all the authority of an ARMY sergeant.


"When I woke you were gone. The bed just isn't the same without you." "Well go back to bed and I'll join you when Jake and Diane return to take Marta and my parents home." "Where is Marta?" he asked. "On the couch," she said listing her head toward the front room. "She was up all day and most of the night. She fell asleep in the middle of a cup of coffee." Tony smiled and sipped a little of the hot liquid.

He wanted to return to bed but wasn't going to leave Becky alone. "How are the boys?" "They are all fine and asleep. Little Jimmy, Diane's boy fell asleep clutching the remote.

I think he wants to be ready for Sunday morning cartoons when he awakens. I wonder how Jake and Diane are getting along? Jake is really a nice guy and he adores the kids." "He told me once that he had been married and was very much in love," said Tony, "but his wife and son died in childbirth. He was devastated and hasn't even dated since then. That was almost five years ago, I hope the two of them can hit it off. I think they would make a nice couple, and he really likes little Jimmy too." As Tony sipped his black coffee, Becky saw tears welling up in his eyes.

At first she believed it was just the lighting in the kitchen, however when several tears began to stream down his cheek, and he turned away abruptly, she asked, "What's wrong sweetie?" "Nothing … nothing is wrong," said Tony but a break in his voice and several more tears let her know something was causing him pain and anguish. Quickly she moved over and sat on his lap, holding him around his neck, kissing the tears away from his cheek. "Tell me what is bothering you. I want to know … now!" "It's really nothing sweetheart.

It's just that … I can't remember having a life, before I met you. My life was methodical, dull and without purpose. Other than work I had no feeling or passion for anything.

At one point I was thinking about just stepping off the veranda wall to the street below. When I told you that you saved my life, that's what I was talking about.

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You literally saved my life. Thinking about what happened to Jake's wife and baby, I'm a little afraid that I could loose you also." "Now that we are together, nothing will separate us … ever," said Becky. "Did you hear me Tony? Nothing will ever take me away from you. I promise honey. I am yours as long as you want me." "Forever?" asked Tony.

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"Beyond forever." She said. They held each other tight, and both began to cry openly. Tony felt like a fool and hoped Becky would not think less of him for his little emotional outburst.

She knew however that he was truly the love of her life and would never let him go for anything. Becky then looked toward the front door. "Someone is knocking," she said. Tony gently moved her from his lap and walked toward the front door, wiping away any tell tale signs of his tears. "Who is it?" asked Tony. "Jake and Diane," said a deep voice. "We're back." As the couple came into the apartment, they were all smiles.

Becky wondered if anything had happened between them.

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"We kind of expected the two of you to return last night," said Becky. "Where have you been?" "Well as you know, when I decided to go along on the ride with Jake, Ronnie and his wife," said Diane, "You told Jake to take me home to change clothes for dinner.

As he was already wearing a black suit, I put on a black cocktail dress and we all went to the "rainbow room" for dinner. Did anybody know that Jake could dance as well as he can?" Jake broke in and said, "We had a fantastic dinner, good conversation and a lot of dancing.

I haven't danced that much since … well let's just say, in a long time. Thank you Tony it was great. We could have closed the rainbow room down, but Ronnie and Margie had tickets to "Phantom" so we had to leave. After the show we took them to the Plaza. It was late by that time so we went to Diane's apartment.

We didn't want to wake everyone here. She made coffee and we sat on her couch … talking for several hours.

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It is funny how much we have in common. We finally fell asleep and woke up an hour ago, then decided to come here. Did we wake you?" "No we have been up since around four. Marta finally pooped out and she is asleep on the couch.

We thought maybe the two of you could take a nap for a couple of hours and then take Marta, my parents and the boys back to New Jersey.

When Ronnie and his wife are ready to leave the Plaza, they can grab a cab. I gave him some extra money for emergencies," said Tony. "There is a third guest bedroom upstairs that Becky uses for an office and art room. You guys can take a nap there, if you want." "Well I … don't know," said Diane.

"Maybe we should … uh …" "Go on Diane," said Becky. "We are all adults here and nobody will tell on you. After all you are just going to sleep … right?" "I know that's what I want," said Jake, his eyes bloodshot much like Tony's.

Diane just stood there not knowing what to do, until Jake took her hand and began to walk to the stairs. The bedroom was a little cluttered with Becky's art materials and computer, however it had a double bed in the corner. Jake sat on the side of the bed and began to disrobe.

When he took off his suit, shirt, shoes and socks he was down to a pair of jockey shorts and a white t-shirt. She stopped herself, when her gaze went straight to his package. She had a difficult time even thinking, as she hadn't had sex in several years and had admitted to herself on several occasions she had missed it.

She just stood there unsure of what to do. When Jake crawled into bed and pulled down the covers on her side, indicating she should get in with him she said, "Jake … I … I don't want to wrinkle my dress." "Just take it off Diane and come to bed." She sat on the bed and removed her shoes then slipped the dress over her head.

Jake couldn't believe his eyes when she stood up.

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She was wearing all black underwear, including black stockings, a black garter belt, thong panties and a black bra. She was somewhere between a "C" and "D" cup and had flawless skin.

Diane crawled into bed and turned her back to Jake. As the bed was not very large, he pulled her against him tight and they spooned like an old married couple. It all felt so natural to her.

She hadn't realized how much she had missed the physical closeness of a man. She could feel Jake's penis rubbing between her legs, and it felt wonderful. Diane was becoming so hot that she wanted to reach down, grab his cock and slide it into her pussy. She just wanted him to fuck her hard and fill her cunt with his cream; but it wasn't to be. Jake was asleep and … that was ok too, as she really didn't want to have sex with him on their first date.

It was very nice to sleep with him though. She then drifted off to a troubled sleep herself. By eight o'clock, Becky was cooking bacon, whipping up pancake batter and making scrambled eggs. The boys were all awake and they were starved from their running around the day before. Thanks to little Jimmy, the television was on and they were all watching cartoons. Jake and Diane came down from their nap and told Marta, they would be ready to go whenever everyone else was ready.

Becky's parents also joined her in the kitchen. "Do you need any help dear?" asked her mother. "No thanks mom, I've got it. Just relax. You want some coffee? I just made a fresh pot." "I'll have a cup of that," said her Dad. "Mmmmm, your eggs are wonderful," said Tony, after scooping a forkful out of the frying pan and eating it.

What is your secret?" "OK … I guess you are ready for lesson number two. When I make scrambled eggs, I leave one white out of every three eggs.

I used eighteen eggs for this group, but only twelve whites. I also used a quarter pound of very hot melted butter and three tablespoons of olive oil. The olive oil keeps the butter from burning. The dish is very high in cholesterol, so dieters beware. By the way you are almost out of eggs." "Next week I'll teach you how to make pancakes," she said smiling. "Now get out of here so I can serve the boys, my parents, Marta, Diane and Jake as they all have to leave soon.

You and I can eat later. Here have some coffee." When the phone began to ring, Tony answered it with, "City morgue. You stab 'em, we slab 'em. Oh good morning Ronnie. You have had breakfast and are ready to leave. OK well your boys are having breakfast as we speak, so grab a cab and come on over. Really … a good time. That's wonderful, and she isn't angry with me anymore?

Great. OK see you when you get here." By the time Ronnie and his wife had checked out of the Plaza, got a cab and arrived at Tony's, everybody was dressed, packed and ready to go. When the door chime rang, Tony went to the front door and opened it.

Margie came into the apartment placed her arms around Tony's neck and kissed him on the cheek. She said, "I want you to know that we had the most wonderful day and night of our lives, and have you to thank for everything.

I will never forget what you have done for us Tony, and thank you also Becky. Margie then hugged Becky and kissed her on the cheek. Ronnie said something to Tony however it was drowned out by the noise, created by the loud boys who were getting ready to go. After everyone left the apartment, it became very quiet, much like a library or even a mortuary.

Becky said nothing, however poured Tony and herself a glass of champagne. After locking the front door and taking the phone off its hook, she took his hand and lead him back to the bedroom.


Only seconds passed as she removed her robe, panties and her bra. She stood there naked in front of Tony as she began to remove his underpants and t-shirt. They looked at each other much like Adam and Eve, prior to the deadly bite from the apple. Tony reached out and touched her nipples, caressing each of her breasts. A chill ran down her back as she anticipated the feeling of Tony's cock in her pussy. When she looked down and saw his penis pointing up, hard and stiff, she could also feel her vagina becoming damp.

"Get on the bed," said Tony finally speaking. "On your knees … grab a pillow and hold it tight, and then bend over." 'Oh, she thought … doggie style. This was the best, as she had always cum at least three or four times this way.' Becky did as he requested giving herself to him willingly. As Tony got behind her she first felt his hands on her butt squeezing it and feeling the smoothness of it. His index finger slid between her legs and into her pussy about an inch, then he took it out and slid it into her rectum.

The feeling was strange to her at first but enjoyable. She knew that most women didn't like the feeling of something being poked into their rectum, however Tony could do no wrong and she welcomed his invasion with a loud groan. At first she felt like she had to go to the bathroom, however as he continued to probe and finger fuck her butt, Becky could feel her pussy becoming excited.

As he extracted his finger, he replaced it with his thumb, then moved in close and shoved his thick cock into her dripping cunt. He was double fucking her and she loved it. Even though she had never had anything in her rectum before, his thumb felt very nice. She was getting ready to cum and let him know it. "Fuck … me Honey. Fuck my asshole with your thumb too. I'm getting ready to squirt baby. Make your little girl squirt all over her daddy's big … thick … cock. Oh shit that feels good." It was the first time he had ever heard her say the word "shit", and it surprised him.

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As she came, he continued to fuck her faster. Within several seconds, before she could even relax, she was cuming again. This time it sent shock waves up and down her back and caused her vagina to tighten around his penis. She had a difficult time catching her breath, for a while and was a little concerned she might pass out. As Tony was nowhere close to cuming, he removed his thumb from her butt and grabbed both of her hips … tight.


When he shoved his hips forward, he pulled her back jamming himself deep into her cunt. Although she was on her knees, and her butt was level with his cock, her head was on the pillow and she was holding it with both arms. In this position, Tony felt like he could go on for hours, however Becky had another idea. She turned her head and whispered, as she was a little embarrassed when she requested, "Tony fuck my butt … please just once.

I'll never ask you again. I just want to feel you everywhere at least once." "Are you sure? It might hurt you baby." "Just take it slowly honey. Fuck your little girl's butt … please." Pulling back, Tony slid his cock from Becky's pussy, and then laid her down on her stomach.

She pulled her butt cheeks apart with both hands and he positioned himself at her anal opening. As he began to slide his cock into her butt, she moaned and said, 'Oh God Tony … that hurts … but don't pull it out. Just wait a few minutes and let me get used to it." She thought that it was almost as bad as the time in high school when her boyfriend took her virginity.

There was so much blood in her panties that she had to throw them away. "Move in a little deeper honey. Fuck me a little faster. It is beginning to feel … good. Can you cum in my butt?" "I guess … I can." Tony had never felt anything like Becky's anal opening. Her butt squeezed his cock as hard as it had ever been squeezed before. Now he understood, a little why the gay boys enjoy each other's company so much.

It wouldn't be enough for Tony to turn away from the female of the species, but at least now he did understand, a little. Becky seemed to love it and was encouraging him like a cheerleader at a football game.

She was becoming used to his beefy hose in her ass and waiting for him to fill her bowels with thick gobs of cum. Tony could think of nothing at the time as he was about to shoot his fluids halfway up her colon. Tony lightly bit her on her shoulder like he was an ancestor of some ancient wolf pack. She grabbed his head, sliding two fingers into his mouth. As he sucked on them the intensity of her climax went way beyond anything either had felt prior to this encounter. She had heard about girls who squirt large amounts of fluid when they cum, but until this time it had never happened to her.

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Tony's cock was in her butt, squirting his cum however her wide-open pussy was free to spray its liquid in every direction. While Tony was occupied fucking Becky in her ass, very hard by this time, she was beside herself with fear that she would go insane from the extreme feeling of their act.

Becky had cum once, however the feeling of dissatisfaction was still deep in her pussy. It was like an itch that she couldn't scratch. Becky reached down and placed two wet fingers on her clit rubbing it hard and fast, as she had to do something to elevate the high degree of pleasure-pain which accompanied her state of being. The intensity of having been fucked in such a way was almost unbelievable. She couldn't fathom that any couple could be lifted to such sexual heights.

Her orgasm was held in check, and she would scream, if she couldn't cum soon. Her back was tight, her stomach was turning over, her legs tingled and her toes curled. As she was about to beg God for relief, it flooded through her releasing all of her tensions. She went into deep relaxation, then involuntary came again and passed out. Tony was gratified that the apartment was warm, as when he rolled off Becky, everything with which they had been in contact, was saturated with their sweat.

Although she was passed out, Tony had a slightly elevated temperature and was wide-awake. He got out of bed and went into the bathroom where he found some very fluffy towels. He came back to the bedroom and began to rub her down, drying her off. As he rubbed her butt, the opening to her vagina started to wink at him. It was the cutest little pussy he had ever seen. It was beautiful compared to the thousands of cunts he had seen on the porn sites of the Internet.

As he dried her body, his cock began to get hard again.

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Tony covered Becky with the sheets and then returned to the bathroom to clean his penis. A lot of soap was used to wash any rectal debris from it. He was concerned that Becky might awaken during the night and have the desire to suck it for him.

He needed his penis to be clean, just in case it happened. Washing his cock was no trouble, however all of the manipulation caused it to become hard again. He was aware he would get no sleep with his cock in that condition, so Tony lifted Becky by her hips and shoved a large pillow under her stomach elevating her ass. As he got behind her, he slid his thick cock into her pussy one more time.

She moaned as he began fucking her without her consent. A guys cock needed to be in his girl's pussy, so Tony didn't even slow down as she began to awaken. Tony was doing that wonderful thing to her again, and it felt great.

He continued for almost an hour, until they both began to cum. Afterward she said, "No more right now honey. Mommy's pussy needs a break. You can do it to me a little later, after we rest … ok?" As Becky and Tony were falling asleep, Sonya and the priest were just waking up. It had been a long night for everybody. Sonya had been living with "Father John Thomas" for two days now, and was surprised at how well they were getting along.

Of course she thought all they had been doing was fucking, sleeping and eating. As he rolled over his cock flopped on to her stomach like some large piece of tube shaped meat. Father John didn't even say anything to her. He just methodically opened a condom and rolled it onto his oversized cock. John grabbed Sonya and rolled her onto her stomach, gabbed her hips in a rough manner and pulled her up to her knees.

He then moved behind her and shoved his cock deep into her vagina, then began fucking her fast and hard. This was as close to forcible rape as she had ever been, and she kind of liked it. John was in top form, as he had a good night's sleep, and was horny as hell. Sonya couldn't believe how she had lucked out; She traded in Brian, a young basketball player, for a man of the world, who apparently knew everything there was to know about sex, and satisfying a woman.

This was a very special week for Sonya, as she was on vacation and they had planned to spend the whole week in bed. Sonya was finally going to get all the sex she ever wanted.

Forty minutes had passed and Sonya had cum three times and was now building toward a forth. He hadn't had this much really good sex since he fucked Darlene when they were in high school together. To be continued …