Public Sex In The BangBus With Real Porno Star

Public Sex In The BangBus With Real Porno Star
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Working as a full time janitor in my local mosque is the worst job ever. I hate my mother for it. She threw me into this mess.

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I know she wanted to get rid of me so she 'sold' me to the mosque. She tried to sell me to a brothel too but they rejected me because of my brown paki skin. Heck, she even tried to give me away in a gambling bid but luckily I was saved. The bitch is a whore. Every night, random men came to our house and fuck her up bad. To the point where she had been left near dead. She would obviously lock me in my room and tell me not to come out till the morning.

I knew this much that losing the gamble, she repaid the guys by giving them her body and letting them do whatever they want with her. They beat her up, kicked her, pissed on her and raped her then they would eat all the food in the fridge and leave. Every morning, I found her dead in her bedroom but she would get up with a smile as if nothing happened. The time came when she decided she couldn't do it anymore, she gave me to the mosque as a charity.

She couldn't afford to raise me. For the last five years, I haven't seen my mother at all. God knew where she was and here I was, in my late 20s, working in the mosque for free in return for some shit food and shelter. My job was to clean the mosque properly, dust and vacuum the two huge halls, the hallway. Clean the toilets and make sure the shoe rack was in order and didn't smell.

I wasn't allowed in kitchen because I was the cleaner and they didn't want me in the kitchen contaminating the food. Basically, nobody would talk to me and they all thought of me as the fucking paki janitor. Which I was, sadly. I took my frustration out by signing up on dozens of fetish websites on my phone which I kept secretly with me all the time. I talked to dozens of women who were into degradation. They loved when men hated them, insulted them and degraded them. This was my favourite pass time.

I made so many friends through the sites and they all loved me because I spoke my frustration out and it felt real. But what caught my eye was this lady who called herself 'toilet1997' had so many threads on the forum asking for men to abuse her.

All of her threads spanned over six months time. It seemed she would make a thread every fortnight asking for men to abuse her. A couple of particular topics caught my eyes where she asked for specifically a Muslim man to abuse her.

I knew she was from the local area so I decided to send her a private message. She did respond but as usual with all the sluts, you'd be lucky if you get more than five words out of her.

Anyway, here was the small conversation we had. ******** I'm a Muslim and I wanna turn your disgusting body into a haram pig for me to abuse. Reply back, whore. i want to be yourrs x Fucking get on your knees.

Pray to my Muslim body.You know how we pray? Have you seen Muslims pray? I'm gonna fuck your ass as u bend down.

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You're a pig, aren't you? Tell your Muslim sir you're a fucking toilet. Yes sir, Yes I know how you pray sir. I am your pig toilet sirx Where in the world your stupid head is from?

You can be my toilet so I'll save some time when going to the mosque. I need to be there on time so I want you to fucking be ready all the time ready to eat my piss. So you from USA? Im from england - morbridge x That's not how you say it. Say it like 'This filthy fucking toilet slut is from Morbridge' - say it loud like that.

Repeat it three times loudly then send me those words in a reply This filthy fucking toilet slut is from Morbridge That's much better.


Hope you said it three times before you sent it. Ok pig, it's time for me to pray. Kneel down on the floor and let me piss on your whore body so I can go and do wudhu. I want to turn you into a yellow whore by marking you with my piss. Do you wanna be a yellow fucking teletubbie? I did sir. Yes I do sir, please piss on me. That's not a good enough reply, dear whore. Say - I wanna be a fucking yellow teletubbie. I want to drink your piss till my belly is full and people think I'm pregnant.

- say it like that. Be nasty. Tell me how bad you want me to treat you. I wanna be a fucking yellow teletubbie. I want to drink your piss till my belly is full and people think I'm pregnant. I want you to hold me to the floor with the bottom of your shoe while forcing me to touch myelf while you abuse me Much much better from you. Yes. I'm gonna put my dirty shoes on your cheek as I slap your ass then I'm gonna soak your hair with my piss while I tell you to play with your body.

You have blonde hair or brunette? Just so I know which colour to give you? Wipe the shoes on my face then spit on me. while i touch my pussy. Brown hair sir. Yes, tell me more. I'm gonna spit on your fucking whore cunt face as I wipe my shoes on you.

You know when we go to the mosque, we take our shoes off before we enter. I want to take you there and make you lick and sniff each shoe then when I'm finished praying I'm gonna come there and slap your face with every shoe you have licked and turn your face black.

Would you enjoy that? Make them wipe their feet on my pussy then on face. I would love that xx Yeah, what we are going to do is lie you down in front of the toilets while the people make wudhu then they can wipe their wet hands and feet on your filthy body. You know what wudhu is? I dont sir no That's not good enough. Say - this ignorant fat fucking stupid whore doesn't know what wudhu is.

I want you to degrade yourself when you're talking to me. Don't just say simple and plain things like I don't know. I'll tell you what wudhu is. It's when we wash our body parts in preparation for the prayer. Like we have to wash our hands, face, arms, and feet. Normally we have the six or seven toilets then a long row of taps where people would sit and do wudhu. You understand now, dumbo? Yes sir this dumb slut now understands what it is Well I'm gonna go and have a baked potato for my dinner.

What you gonna do meanwhile? I'm going to fantasise about me being in the mosque and doing whatever you tell me to. ******* That was the small conversation we had over the private messages on Thursday evening.

I actually jerked off to that because it was the first time I was incorporating the mosque in my fetish and this girl clearly had a fetish for Muslim men. But little did I know that she would turn up to the mosque at noon on Friday, couple of hours before the busy Friday prayer.

I opened the door to a curvy girl of about 20 who had brown hair with dark red ends. She wore a maroon jacket with her cleavage showing. She was in jeans and ugg boots which went well with her overall wardrobe. Her complexion was pretty pale but her face was round and full.

She was pretty. I instantly knew this was the slut I was talking to last night. "I'm.Becky," she said in a small voice. "I want to see.the mosque." "You're toilet1997, aren't you?" I just asked straight way.

No time to fuck about. She went deep red. That confirmed it. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her in, locking the double wooden door behind her.

She was staring at the huge shoe rack which was on the right right after the entrance to the mosque. I looked at her checking the rack out and kicked her butt. She fell on the carpet. "On your fucking knees all the time. I'm not gonna take any shit from your pathetic fat body. You get me?" "Yes, Sir," she said in a small voice nodding.

I tore open her jeans roughly pulling them down baring her legs then took off her jacket. Underneath she was wearing practically nothing. I pulled her bra off leaving her completely naked with her hair hanging down touching the carpet as she was on her knees in doggy. I grabbed the spare wooden sandal that an old man used whenever he came for prayer and whacked it on her bottom.

She squealed like a pig moving forward an inch. "Like a pig. I want to see you as a pig first. You do know pigs are haram in Islam right? Do you even know what haram means?" She nodded slightly. "Yes Sir. I know." Short fucking answers.

I hated them. I walked to her front, the wooden sandal still in my hand and whacked it across her face. Her whole body shifted sideways and her head hit the wall. I caught her chin before she fell down and kept her up. "Everytime you're gonna answer me, you are going demean yourself then say it. I'm not gonna repeat this again.

Say 'this fucking fat faced cunt doesn't know what haram is'. I don't waste any time. I'm gonna get right into it." Her eyes were watery but she swallowed hard looking up at me echoing his words. "This fucking fat faced cunt doesn't know what haram is." I left her chin and put my fingers in her whore mouth.

"It means the things that are not allowed to use or eat. Like pigs, bacon and alcohol." She nodded as she slowly sucked on my fingers, clearly enjoying the attention.

I spent about ten minutes here with her jumping straight into action abusing her. Fifty minutes were left till the people started pouring in the mosque. I still had to clean the toilets. My dick was surely hard during all of this. I wanted to bury my dick in her throat but the toilets needed to be cleaned. The shoe rack was clean enough. The carpets were vacuumed.

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It was the toilets that required most of the attention. "Let's get you to fucking work," I said as I led her to the toilets grabbing her hair. We had six toilets in total, well ten in total, six for men and four for women which were separate in the other bit of the mosque.

The men's toilets were split three and three facing each other. Three toilets were western and three were eastern where you squatted down to take a shit. Both were extremely hard to clean especially after the weekend when the pakis were high on curries and briyanis.

Lucikly, Fridays were a bit easy. As soon as you entered the wudhu khana (the place where they wash the hands, face and feet), the six toilets came first, three and three facing each other then ahead were the row of metal taps where Muslims would sit and do wudhu.

A tiled slope ran right underneath the taps to the left and the dirty water then goes went down the drain. Sometimes the water would just clog up and I have to fix it before the Muslims resumed wudhu. The building was old and dying. I opened the door to the first western toilet and kicked her in.

She struggled to crawl on the tiled floor as her face hit the plastic top of the toilet. "Start licking it clean. I want this clean and sparkling.

I'm gonna save a couple of pounds on the bleach." She did exactly what she was told. She licked the toilets clean like a good bitch. She even went down and licked all the floor around the toilet. Everything was sparkling white when she finished. She took 30 minutes to clean the six toilets. All the while I slapped her ass when I thought she wasn't doing a good job.

Her ass was red by the time she was finished. Meanwhile I emptied the bin and restocked the paper towels for the men to dry their hands and faces. Only five minutes left till I open the doors of the mosque. "Now you're going to be a good pig and sit right here next to the bin, on your knees. You're an extra toilet here. If the six toilets are fully occupied then you will tell them to take a leak in your mouth.

You're going to swallow every single drop. I don't want a fucking mess here now. Let me just test it out." I opened my zipper and found my dick was hard. It was harder to piss with an erection so I concentrated and with a semi hardness, I let a stream of yellow piss in her mouth.

She took it happily leaning forward swallowing. I emptied my whole bladder down her throat which she drank without a flinch. She was a trained little whore. "I love piss, Sir," she admitted and I nodded with approval. "Well, don't disappoint me and make yourself happy. You're going to get a lot as it's a nice summer's day. I think the mosque is going to be full," I said then made fresh wudhu and opened the doors.

The first person was the imam (the person who leads the prayer) of the mosque as always. He used the eastern toilets so he missed Becky sitting in the corner on the other side. The Imam made wudhu and without noticing her went to the main hall. The men started pouring in and using the toilets.

Soon the toilets were all full and then Becky shouted out if anyone wanted to use an extra toilet. She looked a right pathetic little bitch trying to sell herself. I smiled at that. Nobody wanted to piss on her. Everyone was waiting for a toilet to be vacant. Then a guy just lost it.

I guessed he was bursting to take a piss so he went right up to Becky and started pissing on her face. She had to adjust herself so the stream would go directly in her mouth. His piss was darker in colour and it hit the back of her throat which made her cough and splutter. It resulted in some spillage. This made me angry but I never said anything. I just wanted more men to use this nasty toilet. And they did start to use her.

But also the whole six toilets were in use too. My job was to stand there and see if the guys needed any tissue paper or if the floor needed to be moped.

The maintenance of the wudhu khana was my responsibility. Becky was continously drinking the piss she was given. She was really enjoying it as I could tell by the way she leaned forward with her hands on her bare thighs.


Fuck, she was a true toilet. I mopped the spillage on the floor just so it didn't irritate the guys. Otherwise I would have made her lick the floor clean. Next guy had a bit of an ocd problem. "Her face is too yellow. I can't piss like this. I need the toilet flushed." "Not a problem," I said and grabbed the diluted detergent and poured it over her head. The light green liquid soaked her hair and face. I grabbed the mop and shoved it on her face. She was thrown back to the wall as I smothered the mop on her face cleaning it.

"Sorry, it's taking so long," I muttered apologetically as I mopped her entire body. Her tits, her belly and her legs. By the time I was finished, she had the washing up liquid all over her body. She looked like the bubbly floor which was moped with too much washing up liquid. Her eyes were closed and I could see her pussy was soaking wet and swollen.

The man nodded. "Thanks. That's much better. I love these white women." Then he emptied litres of piss in her mouth and she drank it all. This guy had a huge cock and his piss wasn't finising anytime sooner. I saw Becky's hand crept between her legs starting to touch her pussy. If it was some other time, I would have helped her but now the prayer time was soon and I needed to satisfy everyone through this busy half an hour.

Suddenly I heard a commotion in the corner where the taps of water were.

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One of the guys called me over and I saw the drain in the corner was blocked and water was building up. Fuck, not this again.

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This was all he needed. The guys were looking at me like I was going to perform a miracle and fix the drain. There was only one way.wait. I looked at Becky who was busy drinking a guy's urine straight from his dick. Her lips were enclosed around his dickhead and she was swallowing the piss fast enough.

Her belly was a little bit swollen by the urine. Fuck, the urine on her pale white skin looked so slick and shiny. It made her skin yellowish white, more glowing. I called her over and she crawled to me. I took her by her hair and pushed her down the slope in the drain. "Get your fat cunt mouth over the drain and suck all the water up. Her fat slab got up and she adjusted herself so that everyone could see her body laid face down on the long slope with her mouth over the filthy drain.

She basically drank it all up unblocking the drain first then remained there for the rest of the ablution period. Her whole body covered the length of five taps and young men fought to use the taps where she was laying face down.

The total number of taps were twelve but the popular bit was near the drain. The men happily made ablution, taking their sweet time. The dirty greasy water, after its been washed, would fall on Becky. The snot was a vital part of the ablution as the men loved to clean their nose audibly making strange noises then deposit the snot on the slope.

In this case, Becky got it but the water quickly washed it off. Still, large amount of the liquid went in her mouth and down her throat. Soon I noticed the water started to gather up so I shoved the mop head on the back of her head pushing it down in the water.

"Speed it up bitch, these men don't like watching their own filth gather up down there." Then she started drinking the filthy liquid until she had control over it.

"Keep it up, that's it. Be a good gutter for these pious Muslim men." The young men laughed at my remark as they all happily took their time washing their hands, mouth, nose, face, arms, the back of their necks and finally their feet. They also played a game by filling their mouths and spraying the water on her.

Whoever gets his spray right on her ass wins the round and after the prayer, he'll get to throat fuck her. They young ones were having too much fun that I had to remind them to go do the prayer. Though I was enjoying the attention too myself. But there was another problem. The bin was overloaded with used paper towels.

This was another big fucking problem. Whenever it was full, I had to press it down to make more space only for it to be filled up again. This annoyed me the most so I decided to use the fucking fat gutter who was still down in the drain. I called her up. The fat while struggled to get up the slippery slope. She managed to get up finally after I told her that time was short and she should get her fat body here as soon as possible. Her belly was clearly swollen and her face looked puffy and drunk as if it was about to burst up like a hot balloon.

When she came near, I slapped her wet face hard with my hand. Her head sprung back to me and I grabbed her by the waist and with the help of two boys, I threw her in the filled bin. She went ass down in the bin compressing all the used tissue towels.

Then I opened a new pack of paper towels and gave them to the boys. The boys dried their hands, face and arms and threw the towels on her. A couple of tissues fell on the ground. I picked them up. "Not like this. Put it in her fucking mouth." I shoved the wet paper towel in her mouth and forced it down her throat. She gagged a little bit but managed to swallow it. Then the boys fed her paper towels till their body parts were all dry. It came to the point where she could not swallow more and water started dripping down her cheeks.

Her throat was swollen and she was making burping sounds as if she couldn't breathe. I helped her out from the bin and placed her right next to it. "We still have late comers to come. Don't worry, you make sure you beg for their piss because you need to wash these towels down, right?" She nodded slowly, looking up at him, her mouth slightly open.

She was having difficulty breathing. I just hoped someone came and pissed in her mouth to help her clear her air way. Anyway I needed to get to the prayer so I instructed her to serve the late comers with respect and obey everything they said. It took around half an hour for the prayer to conclude. Usually people left after ten minutes of the main prayer but they lingered on talking about the new addition to the mosque.

When I went back to the wudhu khana, the boy who had won the game earlier had his hard cock jammed down her throat. Becky's eyes were wide open and she was pushing him back.

The gang of boys were all around her watching the winner take the prize. "What the fuck," I said out aloud but it was too late. I heard her retch so hard and she vomited everything out on the boy and the floor. It came out hard and heavy.

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The boy furiously kicked her with his foot and muttered foul words to her. "Get the fuck out, all of you," I said pushing everyone out and closing the door. I looked back to see her laying down in the pool of her own vomit, a mixture of piss and paper towels. Her hair and face was covered with it. She had made quite a mess. She was still conscious and looking up at him with half closed red puffy eyes. "Quite a mess you made," I said to her.

"Fuck me, please, I beg you," she said in a small soft voice. Her voice was begging and full of plea. "I want you to fuck me in my own vomit." I thought about it.

"You're not fucking worth it. Your only purpose is to be the mosque's toilet, drain and dustbin. This floor needs to be cleaned." I hooked my fingers in her mouth and held her jaw then I started mopping the floor with her hair all over. This was my ultimate cleaning kit and I loved it.