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Part 9 This is the next submission in an ongoing story. For author's notes and disclaimers and to be fully up to speed, please read the previous first. Readers be aware that this material contains lifestyles and sexual acts that may be a turn on for some may also be offensive others.

I am my own editor so please forgive me for any typos. ******************************************************************* After Jen left, July was a long month for me especially coming home to Jen's bed, TV, and A/C but no Jen.

Her remaining personal items were there as well awaiting shipment to her new residence. On top of everything else, I decided to use the money Jen gave me to pay off my new Mustang.

The payoff took all of it plus nearly everything I had in the bank so I was effectively broke. I even borrowed some from Dean.

As the end of the month approached, things seemed to further decline. After I got paid on the last Thursday of the month, money was a little better. I repaid my loan to Dean plus had next months rent when he announced that he was losing the place as early as the August 20. He said pay only a half month as he charged me a half months rent in May when Jen and I were there only 10 days.

That part was good except that I now needed to find something else. On top of all that, Pat from my old job wanted me to stop by the shop saying that the office manager wanted to see me. She had some cash for me from a saving bond program. It wasn't much but was still nice. Then came to bad news, there was a letter for me addressed to the shop. It had been mailed last spring and had just reached there due to an address error. I opened it.

It was from Mary. I guess Bill gave her the wrong address. She wanted to let me know she had been accepted to a four year school and was leaving for another state. She was probably there by now.

I wrote her a letter explaining why it took so long to reply and sent it to her old address hoping it would forward. I never got it back but never heard back from her. Jen and I wrote weekly. On top of that she called on Thursday evenings late at least for her.

It had been the high point of the month for me. Tonight, however, she announced that she had found a place to live and had an address for me to ship her stuff to. The high point, at least to her, was it was fully furnished thanks to her new roommate and lover. She told me she could not wait to see me Labor Day and her girlfriend was excited as well. I tried to act excited even though I was hoping to have her all to myself and wasn't even sure I could afford to go.

I was off the following Friday with not a whole lot to do, mainly writing that long letter to Mary that she probably never received. I was reading Dean's newspaper looking for places when he asked what I was doing that evening. I said "looking for places". He asked if I wanted to play hearts with his girlfriend and her sister. He knew that I knew about him and her from Jen. I initially said no but he said "we really need four" so I said "okay".

He said his girlfriend's name is Amy and her sister was Allie. We got into his subcompact and headed over. I knew from Jen it was near her old house and soon we drove past it. I looked at it smirking thinking about our last fuck there. Soon, we were turning into Amy's driveway. He pressed a button and the garage door rose. We drove in and he immediately shut it. The little car barely fit to the point I had to crawl out on his side. He said she was still being cautious due to her ex and the car was for this.

Otherwise, he had a nice truck to drive. We went in and I was politely greeted by Amy. She was quite cute and petite but a little chubby.

I then was introduced to Allie. She was taller with tight shorts and and quite full in the breast department. Both were attractive brunettes. Allie was attractive but in a more sultry way and seemed to have some built up anger inside. It was still early as Amy's ex was taking the kids on a weekend trip and left early. We began playing hearts. I had not played in a while so Dean made me his partner in case I messed up. Instead, we won decisively in a quite short game.

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This made Allie mad. When Dean began reshuffling, she said "let's play poker instead, Amy get out the change jar".

I rode over with Dean and did not bring my wallet so I was broke and I excused myself. Allie said "no excuses, play with your clothes". We had all removed our shoes before coming into the house so I again excused myself saying "I only have three items of clothing on".

Dean immediately loaned me two dollars and said "that will keep your clothes on for a bit" followed by "we are playing penny ante only with a five dollar maximum loss".

Allie was miffed but said "okay but at least nickel ante" to which all agreed.

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Cards went well for me and soon I had enough cash to repay Dean. Allie was definitely the best player and had taken most of Dean and Amy's table money. I had taken small bets and was winning on two pairs and three of a kind mostly but it was working with small wins with minimal losses.

I could tell that Dean and Amy both wanted to bow out but Allie was having none of it. She began betting big taking more of their money as I putted along with my small wins. Then in one round, she bet big. I had a full house and raised her. She raised me and I called. She had the same hand but mine was higher. This took most of her winnings and she was mad. She said "one more" so I said "okay". I had house money and didn't mind losing some of it in order to keep the peace.

Allie again bet big as Dean and Amy were tapped out. We raised each other until she was all in but for some small change. She had four aces but I had a straight flush. She exploded saying "another round, I have a right to win this back". I told her "look you can have it back, this is for fun". We were doing some drinking during this and she chugged her beer and said "no, I will win it back".

The next round was just her and I. We anted up and she went all in. I raised her hoping to end this nonsense when as said "you borrowed, so can I".

I asked "so you want to borrow from me" as the others were done. She paused and said "no I am offering you my clothes instead, what do you want?". I said "your bra and panties". She huffed into the bathroom and came out still in her top and shorts but with her bra and panties in her hand. She handed them to me but seemed more humbled softly saying "here".

I wrapped the bra strap around my neck and pulled one leg of her panties over my head sniffing the crotch as I pulled it over my face.

Dean and Amy giggled and Allie said "you think you're smart don't you" showing a smirky smile. I checked out her sagging boobs though her top. I had two pair and was assuming she would beat it when she threw in saying "you win". I threw in and reached for her hand and kissed it. It was starting to get late and Dean and Amy wanted some private time. Dean asked "when do you want to go back home". I said "whenever" which he assumed meant after they had sex so they disappeared.

I led Allie back to the nearby loveseat and sat next to her in a chair. She said "you might as well sit next to me, you are wearing my undergarments". She then asked "do I get them back?". I said "maybe the bra but I am keeping the panties". I placed my arm around her and began rubbing her sagging boobs.

She said "these are old boobs, are you sure that you want them?". I raised her blouse and began licking and sucking them. She asked "do you know how old I am?". I said "no but I am guessing 25 maybe less" but actually thinking she was probably older.

She said "no, I am 30 with a nearly teenage son plus three more". I said nothing and continued sucking her tits while unbuttoning her shorts. It had been nearly a month since I had been with Jen and the heat of the evening was building. I removed the bra from my neck still leaving her panties and began kissing her. She pulled back and started laughing and said "you're crazy". She then kissed me.

We kissed for several minutes and the essence of her crotch near our faces seemed to turn her on. It certainly did me. I then rolled over in front of her on my knees, grabbed her shorts from the sides and pulled them off throwing them behind me. I began moving towards her crotch when she said "off with yours as well". I removed my shirt leaving her panties around my neck and undid my jeans. Then I thought "what is she going to think about my shaved crotch?". I kept it shaved for Jen in anticipation of Labor Day weekend.

I pulled them off with my boner springing into attention. She got up, grabbed me by my cock and led me to the daybed just off the rec room. In the dim light, she rubbed my bare cock and balls and, shaking her head and giggling, she said "kids today".

I pulled her top off truly revealing how her big tits sagged. She started to say something but I dove right into them thinking "this is what I can expect to suck when I get older, get used to it now". These were definitely well used boobs and I wanted to use them some more. As I continued sucking, she asked "are you going to keep wearing those panties around your neck?". I sniffed and licked the crotch and said "yes, until I can lick the real thing".

She replied "you will be wearing them a while, I am not into oral or anal". I thought "well maybe she would have a few less kids with some variety".

So I asked "so you won't suck my cock?". She said "no, put it where it needs to be". She laid back and spread her legs.

I climbed on top of her and rubbed my cock head against her wet entrance. She said "fuck me good". I stuck my cock inside her and suddenly I felt her pussy clamp against it. I wasn't expecting that from a well used vagina and had never felt that before from anyone. I was sure I would pop immediately inside her but somehow her grip kept me from cumming.

I fucked her for several minutes when she said "my turn, roll on your back". I rolled over and she climbed on sliding my cock inside her. She squeezed her pussy again and rode me until she climaxed.

She came down quickly and began fucking again with the same vise action. Then, she seemed to release my cock from her vise and began alternating first squeezing then releasing until my load began to build. She then expertly squeezed my cock controlling my orgasm. The feeling was like nothing I felt before. It seemed that I was cumming in slow motion.

After several minutes in paradise, we came together. She screamed as I shot what felt like the biggest load ever into her constricted hole. She released my softening cock from her vise and still on top of me giggled said "you don't suck nipples very well".

Then, she aimed both tits at my face and began milking herself shooting streams at me. I said "mmm, do it some more". Stream after stream she sprayed until my face, neck, and chest were soaked and milk was running off onto the sheet.

She said "open wide" and with alternating nipples fed me her milk. Her aim was good with very little running off my face. My cock regained its form and her pussy began squeezing it again. Soon, she was riding me hard constricting my cock in her tight hole. She continued shooting her tittie milk as she fuck me.


She controlled the rhythm and soon she alternated squeezing and releasing my cock as her own orgasm built. I do not know how she did it but she made us come together again.

I was laying there in awe and she kissed me then began licking her milk from my chest. We fell to sleep and I awoke to Dean and Amy yelling for us to get up that Dean needed to go. Allie awoke with me and began cussing "she is so afraid of that fucking asshole ex of hers". I kissed her and said "maybe again?". She smiled and said "I hope so". Dean and Amy had turned on the entrance light to the rec room and could easily see the clothing trail that lead back to the day bed.

We still had a bit of privacy but not much. I rolled over on top of her and she said "I thought you meant another time together". I said "I meant both now and later" and slid my cock in. I fucked her for what I thought would be a quickie but she controlled that. We went at it several minutes until her orgasm built. This time she came before me but let me ride mine out. She made me cum with it feeling like the first load the night before. I kissed her deeply with my cock still inside her when Amy turned on the light above the game table and walked over beside the bed.

She said "come on guys, get up". Allie laughed and said "we're not decent yet". She stood there and would not leave until she saw me pulling out of Allie. We got up and I cleaned up a bit in the bath off the rec room. When I came out, Allie was dressed in her top and shorts. She had my clothes laid out on the loveseat.

As I walked towards the loveseat still naked, she grabbed me and kissed me saying "how about this afternoon?" to which I said "sure". I got dressed and we walked into the main house towards the garage where Dean and Amy were waiting.

Dean and I put our shoes on and headed out. Allie walked up to me handing me her panties and whispered "can I come by your place later?". I said "sure, do you know the address?". She said "I will get it from Amy". I said "don't bother with panties, I already have them".

She kissed me and smiled. We crawled into the little car and headed home seemingly in stealth mode. Dean did not say a lot except "I wasn't looking for you and Allie to., I mean I think that you made Allie happier than I have ever seen her, anyway thanks for playing along". He then said "she can be a real bitch but you put her in her place". I kind of smiled and nodded and he asked "so she is coming over?".

I said "yes and I am looking forward to it". By the time we got home, the sun was on the horizon. Luckily I fell to sleep before daylight and got good sleep. I guess I overslept because Dean woke me up saying "phone". I answered my extension and it was Allie. She asked "how about 2:00".

I said "sure, see you then". I cleaned up and did laundry getting home about 1:30. After I finishing folding clothes, Allie knocked at the kitchen door. I invited her in. She was again dressed in tight shorts and a top with no bra.

I reached around her kissing her before rubbing her soft breasts. I said "no bra huh". She replied "I lost the last one I had on" and laughed. She then apologized for her early actions during cards and thanked me for putting up with her.

She looked around the room seeing her panties on the corner bedpost and smiled. She commented "nice waterbed". I said "thanks". Then she saw Jen's packed boxes awaiting addressing and shipment. I said "they are not mine, neither is the waterbed". She replied "Amy had told me a little about you and Jen.

I have met Jen and her parents in the past". I said "yeah it was short and sweet". She asked "is it over?". I replied "I don't know". She asked "do you love her?". I told her "Jen and I agreed that our relationship could not be more than major lust at this point". I said "and besides now she has a girlfriend in Cali". Allie asked "where are you in that picture?". I told her "I am invited out Labor Day weekend mainly for sex but also to see where we are going in the future".

As soon as I said that, I wondered how Allie would react. She giggled and asked "threesome?". I said "that was her plan". She said "I heard Jen was a dyke". I would have took offense but Jen called herself that. I asked "how well did you know her". She said "not very, just neighbors to Amy and Jen was at school mostly". I hugged her and kissed her and said "let's talk about us".

She said "okay but I like hearing about this as well". I said "you like hearing about my old girlfriends?". She said "sorta". She then said "look, I am almost 31 and you are probably 19".

I thought "well still 18 for a bit yet". She then said "I have four kids, three exes, saggy tits, and until last night I hadn't been fucked in three months. The last guy I was with is an asshole. I may seem to you like more than that but that's about it.

I like hearing about people, especially young people that are in love or lust as you put it. I would love to hear more if you are willing to talk. I am going home to my kids but otherwise loneliness.

That is probably why I seem bitter much of the time like I was last night.". I hugged her again and commented "I have never had tittie milk during sex". She asked "but oral and anal, you like that?". I said "mostly oral but anal on occasion". She asked "shaved cock and balls, is that for Jen?". I said "yeah, she likes period sex and thought that shaved genitalia worked better for cleanup". She asked "you had planned period sex?". I said "yep she was mainly light but still commented that the waterbed mattress looked like a crime scene afterward".

Allie commented "you are kinky". I said "maybe so but you made me feel like I have never felt before with no kink last night, maybe except for that tittie milk". She giggled saying "that is a little kinky and it turns some guys off". I said "off?". She said "yeah, I was expecting it to rile you a bit, sorta revenge for beating me at cards and taking my underwear". I said "wow, it was a turn on but riling me was your intent?".

She said "just a little, I was going to stop but I kept doing it because you liked it, I work to keep these boobies wet even though I am done breastfeeding, at least to my kids anyway".

I then asked "so what about you and me?". She said "I hope it is the best weekend fling I have ever had". She then told me she was moving to the east coast and wanted to visit Amy before she moved.

She said "what you get from me this weekend will likely be it unless you want to tag along". I began undressing her, first her top and then her shorts. I stripped myself and laid her down on the bed spreading her legs saying "you gave me something last night I never had in the way you fucked me, I want to give you something".

With that, I dived into her pussy licking and sucking her pussy, clit and ass. I felt her hands try to push my head away but I persisted. After a few seconds, I felt her hands pull me in.

I licked and sucked her until she screamed. I let her come down licking her asshole. I climbed up beside her not knowing what was next. She looked at me and surprisingly kissed me and said "the reason I hate oral sex is I don't get off that way, at least until now".

She then grabbed my cock and began sucking it which also surprised me. Her mouth worked it the same way her vagina did only she sucked me off quickly, consuming my load, and licking me clean. She immediately began french kissing me, still tasting of my load.

I pushed my tongue into her mouth then withdrawing it allowing her to do the same to me. After a few minutes, she pulled away and said "you did it, you french kissed me after I sucked you off".

I said "yeah?". She then said "every guy I suck off won't kiss me afterwards, it's another reason I hate oral sex". I kissed her gently and we continued our tongue play for a bit.

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Allie then reached for her shorts. She had worn panties underneath and pulled them out of her shorts. I said "I thought I said don't bother with panties" to which she replied "they are for you". She then slipped them on me. They fit a little loose but actually quite nice. She then grabbed the pair off the bedpost and placed them around my neck. She said "there, two things to remember me by".

I said "what if I want to tag along as you put it". She laughed saying that was impossible as she was moving back to be with her youngest two kids dad. I asked "so you think you will be lonely with him?". She had a sad look that told me to shut up and all she said was "financial security". I kissed her some more while rubbing the crotch of her panties between our noses. As we kissed, we fondled each other. I felt her pussy getting wet and my cock get hard.

She rolled me on my back, slid down the panties she had put on me, and began riding my cock. The movement of the waterbed increased the action. She clamped her pussy on my cock and rode me to the hilt. The waterbed flow drove me deeper inside her. She rode me for several minutes before releasing my cock from her grip then gripping it again.

Soon I shot a load inside her and she rolled off but not cumming. She laid on her side and said "I'm beat, those muscles are sore". I kissed her saying "you didn't get off" and she replied "I am too sore to get off that way". Sliding the panties off my legs, I rolled over on top of her and climbed up her until my cock reached her tits. I began cleaning my cock of our juices with her big saggy tits. At the same time, I began milking her nipples shooting milk on my cock and balls.

She giggled saying "I am not sure what you are doing but it looks hot". I worked back down her body dragging my cock down her stomach then across her still dripping pussy. As I worked downward, I sucked her cum and milk coated tits and nipples then continued to her navel until I reached her pussy.

I fingered her wet clit and pussy coating my fingers. I then dove my tongue and lips onto her clit while fingering her pussy. Cum ran out and down her ass. I lubed more fingers and began fingering her pussy and ass.

She began moving in rhythm with my fingering motion until she came hard squirting all over my face and hand. I climbed back up to her face and began kissing her.

She opened her mouth and sucked my tongue in deep. She then released it and said "I need to rethink this oral thing". The panties around my neck were coated in her juices from my oral as was my chin and neck. She pulled the panties from around my neck and tossed them and began licking the cum from my face, neck, and chest.

After she cleaned me, she french kissed me and said "you and Jen do stuff like this?". Before I could reply, she said "I guess if you were having period sex, this would be pretty tame".

I thanked her for pussy fucking me the way she did and told her I hope that she wasn't too sore from it. She smiled and replied "I will have time to recover" then her smile faded away.

She grabbed the alarm clock and said "oh shit, I need to go". I asked "go where, back to Amy's". She said "no Amy's working afternoons now, I was supposed to go back home when she left for work but wanted to see you again". I knew Amy worked alternating shifts but assumed that Allie was here for the weekend. She said her mom was watching the kids and knew Amy was working so she will be wondering where I am.

I squeezed her nipples drawing some milk and said "call her and tell her you are making dinner for a friend". She climbed on top of me and began squeezing her nipples shooting milk into my mouth and onto my neck and chest. She then went down on my cock sucking it to a quick eruption. She kissed me then went to the bathroom to clean up.

When she came out, I was wearing a pair of her panties and had placed the other pair around the bedpost. She asked "are you going to walk me out?" I slipped some shorts on and saw her to her car. We kissed and she said "I do hope to see you again" and I replied "we will if it was meant to be".

We kissed again and she left. Part 10 August was a much better month for me to which I attributed to having my good luck charms, Allie's panties. I had a pair on each bedpost and had them there until I moved. The first bit of good fortune was that I was to transfer to the new job site after Labor Day so no more house hunting here as the new job was about 10 hours away. Jen had me ship her boxes to her new place and I asked about her remaining stuff.

She would have a friend take it as she still wasn't speaking with family. Another good fortune, Dean told me we would have the place until the end of the month. Soon, the month was up and things were happening fast. I had my plane ticket to Cali flying from Chicago as it was a close midpoint to the next job site and had good connections.

My old friend Al was working with me on the current job and was moving to the same place I was going. He gave me his address and told me I could have a temporary room there if I needed it.

Dean offered to oversee the pickup of Jen's remaining stuff so I was off to Chicago then flying to Jen's. The Thursday flight was good and Jen picked me up at the airport.

We had a four day weekend. At the airport, Jen was like the Jen of old and after a long kiss in the parking garage, I thought that she was going to do me right there in the car. We then settled to chit chat about her new job and mine and drove home. Soon, we were at her or their place.

It was a beautiful studio with a little den or office like partition off to the side and an outside patio area. I saw a picture of Jen and her new girlfriend. She grabbed it and told me her name was Nina and they were both looking forward to me being there. After some additional kissing and fondling, I asked her for a shave.

I did my best to shave myself but had some hard to reach areas around my balls and perineum that were itchy. Plus I wanted to be presentable to her and Nina. She pulled the covers back on the bed and threw some towels down and said "get undressed". I stripped tossing my clothes on the floor along the side of the bed.

She came from the bath, completely naked and already fully shaven, with a razor, shave cream, and a bowl of warm water. Having her shave me felt so good and my cock rose to the occasion. She grabbed it, kissed it, and then began applying cream to my crotch and ass areas.

Gently she shaved me completely bald from my waist to my mid thighs. She cleaned me up and was rubbing my smooth cock and balls with lotion when Nina walked in. She walked up to us, first kissing Jen then simultaneously shaking my hand and saying hello then kissing my cock. She replied "I am way overdressed and began stripping. Nina was shorter than Jen and was a curly brunette. She had a nice figure. As she stripped, she proudly displayed her shaved crotch and a small baby bump like belly.

Her tits were perky and smaller than Jen's. She seemed very feminine. She wore expensive clothes and unlike me placed them over the sofa arm as to not wrinkle as much. Jen had cut her hair but not to the butch style she once wore. Nina's longer locks hung over her soft shoulders nicely. Nina walked over and kissed me then kissed Jen who was orally massaging my cock and balls. They began alternating licking and sucking me.

Jen then rubbed my balls and told Nina "he has a load he needs to shoot". Jen then looked at me and said "I hope you found someone to relieve your balls since we were last together". I sort of nodded yes not wanting to reveal anything more unless asked. I heard them whispering about who was going to do what.

Then, Nina lay down beside me in a side by side 69 and began sucking my cock. As I reached to lick her pussy, I felt my legs spread and Jen was licking my freshly shaved balls, ass and perineum.

I began licking Nina's clit and she expertly sucked my cock while squeezing and rubbing my balls. Jen began tongue fucking my ass. I knew I couldn't possibly last long but this felt so good I did not want it to end. I focused my mind of Nina's clit hoping to both get her off and hold off my own orgasm. After a few minutes, Nina began bucking and came in my face without losing pace on my cock. Jen hearing that rolled me on my back and raising my legs and expertly pushed her tongue into my ass and back out.

She pushed it back in deep and held it there as Nina sucked me to the edge. She grabbed my cock and aimed it allowing my first shot to hit me on my neck and chest followed by a second on my chest and stomach. She then took the remainder in her mouth. Jen came up from my ass and began french kissing Nina and swapping my cum between them. Nina then cleaned my cock while Jen began french kissing me. Nina then began cleaning me from my stomach upward while Jen cleaned me on my chin and neck.

As Nina cleaned me upward they met at my chest. They each licked a tit and their tongues met where my cum had pooled on my chest. They kissed again and each crawled up and laid to my side, Jen on the left and Nina on the right. Jen said "Ronnie, I missed you". Nina laughed then said to me "she is not lying, I don't know how many times I heard her say that". We chatted a bit and they told me they met at the hotel they were staying at. Nina and Jen were both on corporate housing before getting this studio together.

I kissed Jen and then asked Nina "so what do you do?". She replied "I am a corporate paralegal working on my JD". I gave Nina a gentle kiss thanking her for sucking me off and letting me get her off. She smiled and said "someone still needs to get off" and climbed over me and into Jen's crotch.

I kissed Jen and massaged her tits as Nina gently licked and ate her. Nina was good and within seconds Jen was cumming in her face.

Nina came up from Jen's crotch and kissed her. Jen began rubbing my cock and Nina's pussy and maneuvered Nina into position and stuck my cock inside her. Her pussy was hot and as Jen pushed her into me, my cock pushed deep into her. We eventually worked into a position where we were on our sides and I was fucking Nina's pussy from behind.

Jen crawled into a sideways 69 with Nina and was licking her clit along with my cock and I stroked in and out of her pussy. Nina got Jen off again while Jen continued to lick and suck Nina's clit. Feeling Jen's face near my cock seemed to make me harder and I fucked Nina deep. Soon she began bucking and Jen brought her to orgasm. I continued to fuck Nina deep and shot deep inside her as Jen rubbed my balls.

As I pulled my cock out of Nina, Jen kissed and licked the length of it. I rolled over on my back intending to rest a bit but fell into deep sleep. I awoke the next day completely uncovered above my feet. Jen and Nina were beside me cuddling and whispering. As I awoke, Nina said "we must have worn you out, you were out like a light".

I said "well I am still on Eastern time I guess". Nina said "wow, I didn't think about that". Jen then replied "plus he drove to Chicago before boarding a plane here". Nina said "let's plan our day".

I said "may I have a little additional sleep first but I need something from Jen". Jen saw my boner and climbed on top. She rode me like a cowboy until I shot my load inside her. I said "thanks sweetie" and rolled back over. I heard them get up chatting as I dosed back off. After a nap, I got up and went over the kitchen area where they were having coffee.

Jen offered me a sip. We were all standing there naked when Jen said "Dean told me my waterbed and other stuff was picked up ahead of him moving out". I said "good, so where is he going?". She said "Amy found him a room near her house since he sneaks over there anyway". I smiled thinking of the little car sneaking into the garage. She then said "he told me you went over with him to Amy's to play cards once".

Wondering why he said that and where this was going I said "yep, we had a nice night". She said "he said something about Allie being there".

I said "yep they needed four to play hearts". Jen more targeting Nina than me said "I didn't know Allie very well but she was built like a brick shithouse back in the day". I thought without saying "yep, some of the bricks slipped a bit but she was still hot". Continuing she said "she got around a bit in town even though she wasn't from there".

Jen then asked me "what did you think of Allie?". I said "she started out a little bitchy about stuff but came around and was real nice afterwards". Jen then said "so you did fuck her". I asked "what makes you think that?". Jen said "from what little I knew her, she was a bitch". I asked "and?". She said "that is how you cure a bitch, fuck it out of her". She continued "when I asked Dean about you and he mentioned you going over there, he seemed shifty and hesitant and I figured that was what happened".

I replied "well, at least it wasn't Kay". She giggled and kissed me then teasingly said "at least Kay was something we had together". I pushed Jen against the kitchen island and began kissing her neck and started fucking her.

Nina watched for a bit then said she was heading to the shower. I fucked her slowly and she teased me about Allie. She said "you at least have to tell me about it". I continued fucking her and said "if tell me your trysts as well" as I continued pumping her. She said "deal". I emptied my cock in her kissing her deeply. She grabbed my hand as we headed for the shower. Nina was out and we went in together.

Just shooting a load, we spent our shower time cleaning each other and kissing. After showering, we dressed and met Nina at a small sex boutique down the street. We walked in and Nina came towards us saying "ready to go".

Jen asked "are you done in here?" to which Nina smiled and nodded. It was Friday and the girls had the day planned in San Francisco. We drove there and saw about everything there was to see and spent all day and well into the evening there. Getting back to their place, Nina announced she was beat and crashed on the bed leaving Jen and I to ourselves. We sat on the sofa and Jen immediately said "so let's hear about Allie". I replied "first, I want to hear about your encounters".

Her smile faded as she began "my first love here was crying my self to sleep after fingering myself off". She shed a tear continuing "I was so lonely.

I missed you so much. I made love to myself just so I could sleep. Then I met Nina on a day we rode the shuttle together to and from work". Basically, their relationship going forward grew to what it is today based on Nina's car being in the shop and them meeting on the hotel shuttle.

As their temporary lodging stipend ended, Nina kept her room and invited Jen to stay with her. They then found the place they have now. Jen went on "Nina has been so good to me and I am madly in love with her but I love you as well. You are the only guy who ever treated me nice or cared about me.

And yours is only the second cock that has ever been in me". She went on that guys treated her badly in high school due to her height and looked at her as a freaky sex object. She had slipped into friendly then more intimate relationships with girls and by college was mostly into lesbian relationships.

Her encounters with guys seemed to always be a guy wanting to fuck a lesbian. She allowed it once and the guy once done pumping her got up and said "thanks, now let your lezzie girlfriend clean up the mess" and left. She had left Sally because, on top of school ending, Sally liked the variety with guys and she did not.

I asked "so only two cocks, how did you learn to treat a cock the way you do, you are an expert?". She giggled saying "actually there was one other". She went on saying the she hooked up with an girl before Sally. It was long term and she was bi. Her fiance was in the service and during leave they had threesomes. This went on until she got pregnant and the two moved on and Jen went to Sally. Jen did say that she didn't actually get much cock during that affair, actually just twice, but had a front row seat to their action.

She said "I sucked him off a couple of times and he fucked me twice but I learned a lot just watching them". "So there you have it" Jen said as she kissed me and began rubbing my cock. She undid my jeans and began stroking my cock saying "so did you stroke him a lot while we were apart?".

I said "no". She said "so Allie was enough?". I didn't know what to say as I really wasn't into jacking off that much after my encounters with Edie but did not want to even go there.

I said "yep, she took care of me" as I kissed her. She got on her knees and began sucking me. It was slow and gentle but soon I shot my load to which she consumed and finished by licking and sucking me slowly. I was tired from the travel and time zone difference and began nodding off. Jen pulled my pants the rest of the way off and led me to bed. She climbed over me between Nina and I and snuggled me closely.

I awoke first on Saturday around daylight. As the night had progressed, Jen had rolled over and was snuggling with Nina with her ass pushing against me. Nina had her panties on and me my shirt. Jen was completely naked. I removed my shirt and began kissing Jen down her back to her bum and pussy and began licking and tonguing her. Soon, both Jen and Nina were awake. Jen began sucking Nina's tits and I licked and sucked her pussy and ass.

I moved my head between Jen and Nina and began eating Jen from the front. Above me, I could hear them kissing and playing with each other's tits. I licked and sucked Jen's clit to a squirting orgasm. After bringing her orgasm down, I turned over and began attacking Nina's pussy licking and sucking her. Her clit grew as I continued sucking it and soon it was fully engorged looking like a small cock.

I continued licking and sucking her until she came in a screaming orgasm. They both laid there a bit when I heard giggling and Nina said "we are going to make you an honorary lesbian". Jen then said "what did you think of Nina's little cock?". I replied "it is the only kind of cock I am going to suck". They both laughed and Nina muttered something about hoping the afternoon show was as good.

Jen reached for my boner and said "stick it in Nina, I want to watch my boyfriend fuck my girlfriend". Without hesitation, I mounted Nina and began riding her. Jen began rubbing my balls and playing with my ass causing me to shoot my load deep inside Nina. As I pulled out, Jen licked and suck my cock before diving into Nina's well fucked hole. Within minutes, Nina was having her second orgasm of the morning. Jen crawled up her and kissed her deeply.

Jen rolled over between us and Nina spoke "Ron, do you like sex shows?". I replied "sure" actually never having been to one and wondering how could one not.

She announced she had three tickets to a live one from her visit to the sex shop yesterday. Nina headed for the shower first leaving Jen and I alone. "So what kind of show is this?" I asked Jen. She replied "dunno, we will find out together" as she kissed me. Jen and I cleaned up and got dressed. Nina asked "ready?". We nodded and she said "let's go". We headed back to San Francisco and Nina parked in a garage near a party district. After bar hopping a while, she then led us to an even more seedy area, even in mid afternoon.

I had no idea where we where and asked Nina if she did. She replied "oh yeah, been here a lot". Jen then told me that Nina transferred here from back east because she liked the lifestyle here better. Nina led us into an inconspicuous building with an unmarked entrance. We reached another door and she rang the buzzer. The person asked for tickets.

We showed them are were buzzed in to the room. Nina filled out something on half of each ticket and gave it to the doorman. It was dark and bar like and resembled a speakeasy as portrayed in old movies. We continued past the long bar and into another room. I am thinking firetrap but kept walking.

This room was an open corridor leading to small rooms with no doors or the doors open with nearly everything sexual happening. Nina said "anything goes here except closing the doors". Some rooms had orgies while some were small groups and a few couples.

People walked around with cum dripping off their cocks or from their pussies. Nearly all had some some form of male or female bisexual activity happening. I looked at Jen and she seemed a bit uncomfortable so I squeezed her hand.

She smiled uneasily. We then reached another room which seemed to be a sex shop with peep shows and people in varied states of dress looking for a hookup.

We milled around a bit looking at sex toys and magazines. Finally, "Nina says "it's about time". Several people were waiting at a center door that was past the peep shows. As it opened, we entered a simple black box style theater.

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Seating for about 30 was arranged in front of a simple stage riser. A guy announced that the winning choice of today's act was, by narrow margin, a cuckold husband sex act. Nina clapped and said "good mine won". I sat between Jen and Nina and we sipped some drinks she bought us. She then offered us a pill to "enhance" the experience. We both declined as we all three already took one and we had been drinking.

We watched Nina pop hers chasing it with a drink. She was almost giddy saying that her ex turned that way after swinging.

She divorced him before moving here but was still excited about a man doing that at least in a play act. Jen did not say anything and I only nodded. I wasn't sure where this was going but the sheer magnitude of the sexual atmosphere of the place gave me a boner.

It seemed from my brief glances into the sex rooms, this was a common lifestyle here. Nina continued sipping her drink and said the actors draw straws as to what role they play.

They may play the bull or the cuckold and that it was a credit to their acting to be diverse. The lights dimmed and the cheap stage curtain opened to a married or attached couple chatting.

She was in charge announcing his role for the night to his dismay. He was in a silly wimp outfit with her in black lace bra and panties. There was a knock and the guy answered the door to another lady and two studs who all entered together. The ladies began kissing and undressing each other. As they worked themselves into a 69, the wife told her mate to get the boys ready.

He unzipped their pants and began alternately sucking them to full erection. I looked at Jen who seemed a bit disgusted with the whole thing.

Looking at Nina, she was mesmerized. The wife then ordered her mate to get below her in the 69. She then told the girl to bring her a cock. She told her mate to lick it at it entered and exited her which he did. The first guy continued fucking the wife until he shot a load inside her. She ordered her mate to eat it and get her off. She went through a convulsion that seemed like a fake orgasm then got up and had the other gal lie down where she was.

She led the second guy to the gals pussy telling her mate to lick his cock as it entered her. Again, he did it and the guy popped his load fairly quickly. I looked at Nina and she was into it. I reached for her crotch and it was drenched. The wife then had her mate suck the first stud. The other lady began stroking the second stud and soon had him erect again.

The wife then told the second to enter her mate's ass. He began pumping the hubby guy while he sucked the other. Nina began squirming so I reached my right arm around her and began pinching her right tit while working my left hand into her soaked pussy and stroking her swollen clit.

I brought her to a noisy, at least for a theater, orgasm just as the male orgy was completing onstage with the wimp jacking off and the cock pulling from his ass. I looked at Jen and she said "let's get the hell out of here". Nina seemed to be in a trance and needed help getting up. Together, we helped Nina to her feet and walked her to the sex shop where we sat her down. She handed her keys to Jen and said "you gotta drive, I can't".

We worked our way through all of the rooms finally reaching the first entrance. Jen asked "can you find the car?". I said "I think so, give me a bit".

She gave me the keys and waited with Nina. After a time, I found the car and we loaded Nina in the back. Jen drove us back in near silence. We helped Nina to bed as she still seemed out of it and we stepped into the kitchen where Jen kissed me and said "I am not sure what happened". I said "we're done, we"re back, let's just forget it". I asked Jen if she enjoyed any of the act. She said "no, your cock is the only one I want to see". Just the sheer enormity of pills, booze, and the sex made both of us horny.

Nina was passed out and sprawled on the bed at an angle so we went to the sofa near the open den. We sat down and she began rubbing my cock just like last night saying "so tell me about Allie". I said "really?". She said "yes, I want to hear about your cock fucking another girl, kind of the reverse of what Nina took us to". I said "well, the sex, it started out like this on Amy's rec room sofa".

I told her I had won all Allie's money plus her underwear in poker and that seemed to take the bitch out of her which made her horny. Jen asked "so did you fuck on the sofa?".

I said "no, there was a daybed in the corner by the outside glass doors. Jen said she sort of remembered that room's layout from when they had neighborhood pool parties. Our buzz continued and luckily she seemed to have heard enough about Allie. Her crotch was wet and soaked though her white shorts. We undressed each other and she 69d me on the sofa, me diving into her wet cunt while she sucked my boner. Soon, she was cumming in my face.

She rotated and mounted my cock. Her freshly eaten pussy felt so good grinding my cock. I soon felt a load and, grabbing her ass, shot deep inside her. My shaved cock and balls were coated. She got off and ran to the bathroom bringing towels to clean up the mess. She cleaned me up as to not leave a cum stain on the sofa. I teased her saying "you like leaving cum stains".


She laughed so I told her about driving past her old house going to Amy's. I could see people in the dining room and chuckled "if they only knew". Jen then burst into laughter that ended in another tear shed. She said somewhat sadly "we had a lot of fun then". Then perking up, she said "let's have some more".

She brought out another towel and threw it on the floor below the sofa arm. She said "Nina likes to fuck my ass with a strap on, I want the real thing". She began sucking my cock bringing it back to full erection. I worked our remaining cum from her pussy into her bum and began fingering her. I asked her "do you have any lube?". She replied "I want to feel it tight". She had my cock coated in her saliva so, as she bent over, I pushed it into her from behind. As I fucked her, she made sounds ranging from pain to ecstasy but she kept telling me to pump her harder.

Just getting off a few minutes before, my cock pumped inside her for nearly 20 minutes. She said "give it to me" which was my cue from her to cum. As she fingered her clit and pussy, she began convulsing, coinciding with me unloading deep inside her. As we came down, I pulled out of her. My cock looked clean but a glob of brown cum dripped from her ass onto the towel. She turned around and kissed me deeply her tits rubbing mine.

She whispered "you might have earned some brown racing stripes". I replied "I know I did" and kissed her again. She grabbed Kleenexes and cleaned my cock saying "yep". She grabbed my hand and led me to the shower. Afterward, we adjusted Nina on the bed to make room and climbed in together. Jen kissed me and said "I hope Nina is okay". I awoke the next morning, and after a hard sleep, found myself alone in bed. I did not hear anything and, after searching around the studio, assumed the girls were on the small outside patio off the room.

The sun was barely up so I stepped outside only to find an empty deck. The neighbor lady across the way whistled and waved making me realize I was standing outside naked. I gave her a quick wave and went back inside. About then, the phone rang. It was Jen saying Nina had some adverse reaction to that drug she took and was in the hospital. She said she would be back in a while to clean up before going back. About an hour later, she came home, gave me a quick kiss, and headed for the shower.

I had cleaned up and wondered what was next. Jen said she had to get back. I asked "can I help?". She replied "no, I just need to be there for her" and left.

I turned on the TV and after a couple of hours the phone rang.

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Jen said she would be okay but that she would spend the rest of the day there and be back in the evening. As I did not know how bad the situation was, I decided it was best to leave if I could change my flight from Wednesday to tomorrow. Back then, it was a cheap and simple effort assuming flights were available.

As tomorrow was Labor Day, plenty of seats were available in the morning so I changed. Jen finally got back about sunset. She apologized and I told her I had changed my flight.


She kissed me and said thanks for understanding. We went to bed and she said "I need your cock". I fucked her three times before we drifted off to sleep. She seemed to be silently saying "this will be my last cock" during sex and it seemed mechanical and she seemed distant. I woke first the next morning and found her on her side. I snuggled beside her and slid my morning boner into her from behind.

I grabbed her and kissed her as I slowly stroked her. She said good morning as I slowly fucked her still creamy pussy. She met my rhythm and forced me deep inside her where I shot my load.

I maintained my erection and squeezed her tight while kissing her neck and ear. She reached behind me and grabbed my ass pushing me deeper. I began fucking her again and having just cum lasted about 15 minutes before popping another load inside her. I rolled onto my back and she snuggled up against me. We both dozed off and later I heard her get up. She took a shower and I followed. I finished packing and she came over for what seemed to be a final embrace with a deep kiss.

She ran me to the airport before going back to the hospital. She dropped me at the curb, and after a quick kiss, she was gone. I had a good flight back and, after picking up my car, drove several hours to the new job site area. I met Al at the trailer park where he was staying which was also my temporary home as well.