Hermosa chica en tanga blanca

Hermosa chica en tanga blanca
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Heather remained perched on me long after my cock had softened and slipped out. We laid in relative silence. Only our steady breathing and the sound of my hands moving over her skin dared to cut through the quiet.

I stared deep into her eyes, and her into mine. Every so often, Heather would lean down enough so that I could kiss her. It was a feeling like I'd never had before.

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Every other time I'd had sex, I'd take a little break and want to go at it again. This time, I had a smokin' hot chick naked on top of my own naked body and it never even crossed my mind. She had truly satisfied me. I was totally content just being there with her. After awhile, Heather rolled off of me and laid next to me. It was getting late. After saying our "I love you"'s and "Good night"'s, Heather simply pulled a sheet over us and we both went to sleep.

I slept like a baby. The next morning, I woke in a panic. At the time, falling asleep with Heather just seemed natural. Now that it was morning, others in the house would be up. I had enough sense to know there was no hiding it. One look outside at my truck would be enough to tip them off. I had always had a good relationship with Heathers parents. From what I knew, they liked me. I wasn't sure how they felt about me once Heather told them we broke up. Oh well. I knew I was going to find out.

Unfortunately, I found out sooner than I'd liked. Heather and I were still naked in bed when the door swung open to Heathers mother. "Heather, why is Bret's truck." she stopped. "Oh. Bret." We were caught. I was almost positive Heathers mom knew that her daughter and I had been having sex while we were dating. Mothers just know. Heather was already awake and still laying in bed when I had woken up. "What, mom?" Heather asked. "Nothing, dear. I just wondered why Brets truck was outside." she said.

"Oh. Yeah. Bret stayed the night." Heather said. She didn't seem embarassed at all. I wanted to die. "Oh. Well, hello, dear." She said. "How ya doin?" I asked. "You kids get dressed and come get some breakfast." she ordered. "Alright, mom." Heather answered. Heathers mom closed the door.

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"Oh my God." I said. "What?" Heather asked, confused. "Your mom fucking caught us." I said. "Yeah?" Heather answered. "Yeah!" I said. "It's not a big deal, Bret. I'm 18." Heather said. I couldn't believe it. "I don't know. I guess it just surprised me." I said. Heather laughed. She was much more comfortable with this than I was. Heather and I laid there for a few more moments. "Ah. Well, come on." She said. Heather sat up and pulled the covers off of us, exposing our bodies to the morning light.

"I can't.I'm so embarassed." I said. "Oh, come on." Heather said. "Do it for me." Heather climbed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her body and we kissed hard.

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The door opened again. Perfect timing. "Now, come on. Your breakfast is gonna be cold.


You kids have all day." Heathers mom said. She shut the door again. This time, Heather broke out into hysterics. She rolled off of me and put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. I pulled on my clothes and thought about sneaking out the window. But I loved Heather. So I followed her out of her room and sat down at her table. Heathers mom knew how to make you feel awkward without even trying.

"So, when did this happen?" She asked. "What, mom?" Heather asked. "You two. Back together." Her mother said. "Why?" Heather questioned. "It's just a question, dear." She said. "I was just surprised to see him, that's all." "Oh." Heather answered. I kept my vision focused on the plate below me.

I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone. "I'm sorry if I scared you, Bret." Heathers mom laughed. "Oh, no. That's ok." I answered. "I wasn't interrupting anything, was I?" She asked.

"No, ma'am." I answered. "Mom!" Heather yelled. "What? I was never young? I know how you kids are." She said. "Enough, mom." Heather demanded. "Oh, calm down." Her mother ordered. "I'd rather have it going on in my house than in the street somewhere. At least here you're safe." Heather dropped her head into her hands. Honestly, I thought it was pretty cool. I knew Heather had told her mother a lot of things, but I think she was just embarassed that her mother was talking like that in front of me.

Heather got up and went to her room. Talk about awkward, I was left sitting alone with her mother, who had just earlier saw our naked bodies rubbing together. "Well, what got into her?" she asked. I just sat there silent, eating my breakfast. "She really missed you, you know?" She asked. "I missed her a lot." I said, looking down. "You mean a lot to her." She said.

"Well, she means a lot to me." I said, glancing at her. "Listen, Bret. I didn't mean to embarass you or anything. What am I supposed to do? Heather is 18. She's old enough to make her own decisions. I can't stop that. If she wants to be with you, she wants to be with you. All I can do is be supportive. But I meant what I said.

I would rather it be here than in the street somewhere. At least here, I know she's safe." She said. I just nodded my head like I understood. "All I can do is be supportive and hope you two take care of each other." she said. "I really love your daughter." I said. "Heather said she loved me too. I think it'll be ok." I said. I half expected her to shoot down all of this "love" nonsense. But I was surprised.

"I know you do. That's why I allow it." She said. She let out a long sigh. "Well, I've got some errands to run. You better go see what's wrong with your girlfriend." She said. I didn't hesitate. I made a beeline for Heathers room. I shut the door and flipped the lock. Heather was laying on her bed, eyes closed. "Hey, pooky." I said. "Bret, I'm so sorry about that." she said. "Oh, it's ok." I said, laying down next to her. "She's just being a mother." Heather turned to her side and stared at me.

I bent down and kissed her forehead. We sat there quietly for awhile. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I decided it was safe to turn it back on. In the time my phone had been off, Kay had taken the liberty to flood my inbox with hate messages. Several of them included her disbelief of me fucking Brianna. I didn't bother to read all of them completely. I knew Kay hated me now. The ones I skimmed through had the same basic outline: -I fucking hate you -I fucking loved you -You told me you loved me -How could you be such a pig -How could you fuck my little sister I didn't care.

She could hate me if she wanted. She did love me. I did tell her I loved her. I was a hormone-ravaged teen. Brianna tricked me the first time. "Well look at Mr. Popular." Heather teased. She didn't know what the messages said. "Yeah, yeah." I said. "Who's in love with you?" She asked, actually asking who had text me. "Just you." I said, avoiding the question. "Who is it?" She asked. I let out a long sigh.

If was gonna tell this girl I loved her, I had to be honest with her. "Heather.I know this is probably the worst possible time to tell you this since we just got back together.but there are some things you need to know." I said. Heathers face went from being playful to scared. "Alright." she answered. "Uh." I said, trying to find the right words. "I lost my virginity to my neighbor, Kay." "Ok." Heather said. "Kay and I just knew each other for a long time. I'm not gonna lie, I did tell her I loved her a few times and I did have sex with her a few more times before you and I started dating." I said.

"So.you fucked her after you fucked me the first time?" She asked. "Yes. And I hope you can forgive me, but I did have sex with her the first time we were dating.

Many times." I said. Heather dropped her head down. She raised her lips as if smiling. But it wasn't a smile. It's that face that comes on before you cry. "I'm so sorry, Heather." I said. "I don't know what my problem was. She was just my first, you know? I couldn't help it. Then you left me and she was all I had. I missed you so much, though.

I only wanted to be with you. Now, that's still all I want. I want to be with you and you only." Heather looked down silently for a long time.

"Well." she said. "That's not so bad.as long as it's over." "Wait." I said. "Theres more." Heathers head shot down again and I saw tears well up in her eyes. "I had sex with Brianna, too." I said. "That wasn't my fault, though. She tricked me. I can't really explain how, but I thought it was Kay.

You were gone and I thought Kay was back early.it just happened. She didn't mean a thing to me, Heather. I did fuck her again, though.but I was so damn lonely. But all that's over. It's dead.

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If you'll have it that way, It's just me and you." For whatever reason, I felt like I could cry too. "I love you, Heather." I said. "I really do." "I love you, Bret." Heather answered. "I can't change what happened. I can only hope you'll be mine alone now." "That's all I want." I said. I leaned down and kissed Heather. Her eyes were read from tears and her cheeks were wet. We stayed kissing for a long time.

I broke our kiss. "So what do you want to do?" I asked. "I dunno. What do you wanna do?" She asked. "Well." I smiled. "Your mom did say she'd rather everything happen here." "Yes. Yes she did." Heather answered. I yanked at the bottom of Heathers t shirt. Her breasts bounced out. I took off my own shirt and decided to just go ahead and get naked. Heather decided it was a good idea and slipped her shorts off. She spread her legs slightly and I lowered my head to her beautiful snatch.

How I'd missed her particular aroma. I ran my tongue up and down her slit. What a great taste. I shot my tongue in and out. I brought my finger up to rub the top of her pussy while my tongue shot in and out. I licked every bit of her pussy I could reach. This belonged to me. As I licked, I noticed my tongue hit a little nub. As my tongue slid over it, Heathers body shook. Ding, Ding! I focused all my attention on that little nub.

The clit. I attacked it with my tongue and sucked it. Heathers breathing increased and her body went wild. Soon enough, my face was being hit with hot fluid. Heathers body shook. What an orgasm. I licked all the juices I could find. I stood up and wiped my mouth.

"How was that?" I asked. "Oh my God." She said. "Now what?" I asked. "Oh.I know." She said with a smile. Heather got on all fours. She reached back with her right hand and used her middle finger to rub her asshole. Now that's what I was talking about. She'd been the one that introduced me to it. I jumped at the opportunity. Literally. I hopped on the bed and ran my fingers down and shoved them into her pussy. I moved them around a little and brought them back up and rubbed them over her asshole.

I had to get a little lubrication. I shoved the head of my cock right up to her asshole and rubbed it around slowly. "Ready?" I asked. "Been ready." She answered. With that, I eased myself in. "Ahh. Fuck yeah." I said. I pumped my hips slowly back and forth. Finally, I sped up my movements until I was running on all cylinders. "Ah. Fuck yeah. Fuck me." She moaned.

"Ah. God. I'm fuckin' you good.

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Ah. Fuck yeah." I said. My hips were slamming against her ass. My balls were slamming against her slit. My hands were running down the length of her back. I stopped pumping long enough to turn Heather over onto her back. I lifted her legs and took off again. Now I had access to her face and tits. I took advantage of both. With our lips touching, we started our talk again. "You're so damn sexy, baby." I said.

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"Ah, just keep fucking me." She said. "I am, baby. I'm fuckin' you good." I said. With that, I continued to slam my cock into her ass. "Ah. I'm gonna fucking cum, Heather." I said. "Cum in me, baby. Fucking cum in me!" she instructed.

"Ah shit! I'm cumming. I'm cumming!" I said. I wasn't lying. My cock erupted inside of Heather. My boiling hot cum coated the inside of her ass. We were both breathing heavy. I pumped my cock a few more times and then pulled out. We laid on the bed until we caught our breath. "That was great." I said. "Mhmm." Heather answered. "Well.I need to get home. Parents probably think I'm dead. I'll be back later." I said. Heather and I sat up. I put on my shirt. I grabbed my boxers and pants.

I planned on just getting dressed in the living room. Heather didn't bother to put anything on. I unlocked her door and opened it. I looked back at Heather, who walked over to me and put her arms around my neck.

We kissed. Somehow, God only knows, my cock began to grow again. It was poking at her pussy. Heather giggled. "He'll just have to wait." She said.


"Oh yeah?" I said with a smile. I grabbed her legs and lifted her up. My cock went inside her and I started to thrust my hips in and out. "Can't you at least close the door?" I heard. What the hell? Surprised, Heather and I both turned. There stood Heathers mother, looking down and shielding her eyes.

I quickly let go of Heather and slipped my boxers on. This woman was going to kill me.