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Cuckold in Awe of Black Men
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Another Good Night- Part III It had only been a few nights since Jason had started pestering her but already his disgusting attacks were starting to feel like a steady routine.

Hannah was already home and sitting at the table eating her evening meal when their brother got back home from work. Sarah sat at the table too, her small meal already finished. Hannah had noticed that her sister was zoned out as hell. She'd been talking to her about how school went but Sarah had just sat the whole time staring into the mid-distance. She couldn't tell anyone the things she was thinking- they'd lose Hannah if she did- the courts wouldn't allow her to stay with a sex offender and where else could she go.

That's what this was. Sexual abuse. And Sarah had no idea when Jason was going to ramp in up and take her virginity. The thought of her brother making her do that made her stomach roll. He had come in carrying a white box which he left by the door. He took off his tie, putting it on the hooks, and strolled into the kitchenette like a king. He was such a smug asshole.

Sarah couldn't even look at him. He sat down at the table. "Get me something to eat." He ordered. Sarah got up and drifted like a ghost to the oven. She produced the dinner she'd been keeping warm for him and put it down at his place setting. "And a beer." He said. She fetched him a bottle of Bud. He just sat there and fed himself with the roast strips of chicken; washing it all down with gulps of cold beer.

He looked so content and Hannah could hardly believe he'd not snapped at her or called her a name yet. Her big brother was not her favourite person. As soon as she'd finished her dinner though Jason eyed her. "You got homework?" He asked. "Some sums," Hannah answered. "Why don't you go to your room and get on that," he said, "want you doing well at school, don't we?" "I suppose," Hannah moaned, getting to her feet and grabbing her schoolbag from the door.

She trailed off wearily to her little room to start her homework. At nine years old she could hardly dream why Jason was always sending her to her room these days. "Get me another beer, Sarah," Jason ordered. Sarah got up and moved again to the fridge. She grabbed a beer and took it back to him.

This time she handed him the bottle. Not missing a beat Jason grabbed her hand and held it in his own. She was way too tired to fight with him and so she just let him hold her. "How was your day?" He smiled. Sarah just stared at him helplessly.

He kept on smiling then he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. "I've been thinking about you, sweetheart," he crooned, "I've been thinking about these nice soft hands." "Hannah's going to hear." Sarah frowned. "You're right," Jason said, "we should save this for tonight." He put Sarah's fingers in his mouth and started sucking on them.

Sarah looked away; keeping her arm outstretched and letting him suck on her fingers. Finally he let go of her hand. "Okay clean this place up," he said, opening his second beer, "get the dishes done. I'm going to watch some TV." He went over to the living area and sat down on the couch. Flicking mindlessly through the cable channels.

Evening waned into night in just that way; Jason watching TV and Sarah cleaning away the dishes. By the time she'd finished it was round nine thirty and Jason was getting restless. "Sarah, get your ass over here," he shouted at last.

Sarah heard his voice from where she was standing, at the sink, and it wasn't long before she reacted. He was really wearing her down with his constant attention.

She walked over to where he was sitting. He patted the couch next to him and she sat down uncomfortably close. Then, to her surprise, Jason shouted Hannah in from her bedroom.

When Hannah came through Jason had her sit near them on the couch. "You finished your homework?" he said. "Yes," Hannah replied. "Good girl," Jason said, "look Hannah. I wanna talk to you about how I used to hit you and Sarah." Hannah's eyes went dim with the recent memory.

"I was a real asshole, huh," Jason smiled, "look Hannah. I'm not gonna do that anymore. okay. it wasn't even about you.

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it was about Sarah." Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was he actually justifying himself to their nine year old sister? "See," he continued, "Sarah's seventeen now. so she's a grown-up like me in the family. you see. and sometimes grown-ups fall out and that makes life hard for the kids.

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you get it. but me and Sarah have been talking and we're gonna try to get on and start liking one another a little and that'll make life a lot easier for you, honey. no more hitting. you want that, right?" "U-hu," Hannah nodded. "Cool," Jason smiled, "but listen. for grown-ups to get on the way they need to they need some alone time. okay. just some time to chill-out together and do some grown-up stuff.

so if you want everything to be cool with our little family you gotta go to bed early every night. you get me. give me and Sarah a chance to show each other how much we love each other." Hannah looked at Sarah's glassy eyes. Was her sister getting ready to cry? "Okay," she said confusedly. Sarah didn't look like she loved Jason at all, "okay, I'll go to bed." "Good girl," Jason smiled, "go on then. Get ready." Hannah left the room. Going to the bathroom first and brushing her teeth.

Then she got her PJs, showered and got ready for bed. Jason watched every step like a shark; restless to start the 'grown-up stuff' with his hot fox of a sister.

Finally Hannah was finished and she went into her room. Closing the door and switching off the light. "I meant what I just told her Sarah," Jason held the nape of Sarah's neck softly in his hand, rubbing at the skin with his thumb, "I wasn't bullshitting her. if I'm gonna be a decent guy to you and Hannah you gotta keep me happy at night.

I love you so much, darlin', and if you don't let me show you how much I love you it's gonna come out in other ways. like me hitting you guys." Jason pulled her face close to his. "Christ you smell good, darlin'" he whispered, "you smell so goddamn nice.

tell me I smell good." Sarah cringed. Jason tugged hard at her hair. "Tell me I smell good, Sarah!" "You smell good," she winced. "Make me fucking believe it, bitch!" He twisted her hair painfully in his fist. "You do. you smell good Jason," she whimpered, "please!" His hand loosened on her hair and became affectionate again.

His other hand started to caress her bare stomach under her sweater. "I can't believe you're mine, darlin'" he breathed, "such a hot little seventeen year old pussy." His tongue lolled out and he pressed his wet mouth roughly against her lips. She opened her mouth instinctively for his probing tongue and let him make out with her in that disgusting way he'd developed over the years; rolling his long, wet tongue in and out.

After about five minutes he pulled back. She could taste him in her mouth. "You've made out with guys right?" He asked. Sarah nodded. The shame and the disgust of the whole thing was nearly too much to take. "How many?" "Four." Sarah's voice shook and she lowered her eyes. Jason put his hand softly on her chin and tilted her head up so she was facing him again. "Make out with me like you did with them," he said.

Sarah started crying. "Don't cry honey," he stroked her hair, "don't cry." "Please Jason," she sobbed, "I don't want to." "Come on honey," he stroked her face, wiping away tears, "I love you more than any of those fucking assholes. make out with me." "Your my brother, Jason," she cried, "please. this is killing me." He grabbed the nape of her neck and drew her firmly closer.

"Listen darlin'," he said, "I don't wanna fucking blackmail you or shit. but what I said to Hannah still stands. you're gonna start treating me like your man or I'm gonna start treating you two a lot worse round here." He twisted a hand in her soft hair like before.

"Now I'll start off. every time I stick my tongue in you do the same. do what you did with those other guys." Sarah cried but there was no time to plead with him again. He was on her already sucking at her lips and pushing his tongue into her mouth. A short sharp tug on her hair made her react; pushing her own tongue back and into her brother's warm mouth.

"Mmmmm," Jason moaned. Sarah cried. He forced his tongue in and again Sarah was forced to respond licking the inside of his mouth as quickly as she could before having her tongue forced back into her own mouth again by his wet probing. All this and with the disgusting factor of the spit that was rolling between them; Sarah was sure Jason was manufacturing more saliva just for the occasion. "Put your hands on my chest, babe.

that's it. like I'm your man." he said. Then he got back to kissing her. His hand was still lost in her thick hair and he was still pulling at it roughly; so rough that strands were being pulled from the scalp. Sarah was forced to pull back from the forced kissing session. "Stop pulling my hair, Jason," she said, "I'm doing it." Jason just laughed and continued to tug violently at her hair.

"Stop it!" She winced. "Come on, babe," he laughed again, "has a guy never got rough with you?" "Please!" She cried. "Aw, honey," he smiled, "I said I wouldn't hit you anymore.

I never said I wasn't gonna get rough with you in the sack." Sarah put her hand on his hand as he pulled at her hair some more; forcing their faces together and licking her out. She just had to tolerate him pulling her hair out and laughing while he did it.

"Okay babe," he pulled her away, keeping hold of her hair. She felt another heavy wave of revulsion as he started to quickly undo his belt. "Time for a nice, sloppy blowjob." A tear ran down the whole length of her face as Jason finished undoing his belt and then pulled his jeans and boxer shorts down to his knees.

His long, hard prick stood out arrogantly in the air; full of raging, horny blood and his full nuts lay heavily on the couch between his legs. She didn't even have time to take it all in as Jason tugged and pulled her roughly onto his hardon. "Open!" She just cried. "Come on, bitch!" he thrust his hips into her face, "suck on it." He reached down and prised open her jaw; forcing his thing into her warm mouth.

"Awww, shit!" he moaned, "take that cock. Give me a blowjob, babe! Nice fucking sloppy blowjob." He twisted her hair more roughly in his hands and forced his dick so far into her mouth that the head stuck in her throat. Sarah coughed violently and pulled away; she couldn't help up spit on him which only seemed to turn Jason on more. "Awww, yeah, darlin', I knew you'd get used to it." He tried to forced her mouth back onto his dick; she tried to lever herself away from him with her hands on his thighs.

"Please, Jason," she gasped, needing to breathe, "what if Hannah gets up?" Jason's strong hands slackened on Sarah's head and he glanced at Hannah's door. "Fuck," he laughed, "you're right, babe. Let's take this to the bedroom." *** He got up from the couch, butt-naked from the waist down and started dragging Sarah by the hair. He took her over to the front door first and retrieved the parcel he'd brought back from work.

Then he forced her over to his bedroom and threw her inside. He locked the door. "There," he smiled, "more privacy for my sweet little cock-sucker." He grabbed the collar of her sweater roughly and tore it violently right down the front.

Sarah gave a strangled scream but Jason just kept coming at her. He grabbed the material again- tore again. It came away from her body as a tattered red rag then he started in on her bra; pulling it off and breaking the strap.

He pushed her down hard on his bed and then attacked her again; undoing the button on her jeans and pulling them clean off in one wild movement. She could see a bobbing string of precum swinging this way and that and staining the bedsheets as he moved like an animal.

Finally he grabbed the elastic on her panties and tore them off too. She was panting and crying when he finally snatched at her hair again. He dragged her round and sat his ass down on the precum covered bed; positioning her on her knees between his. He held her face close to his cock and then Sarah nearly threw up when he let a long white strand of spit fall out of his mouth; aiming it directly for his dick. It landed heavy and wet on his hardon and then his insistent hands started pulling her mouth onto his thing again.

It was slick and covered in her spit and his and Sarah thought she'd go crazy if she had to take it in her mouth again.

"Jason," she tried to pull away, she was snivelling and trying to make him take pity, "Jason. can I. can I do something else?. please. I can't put it in my mouth." Jason laughed. "I want a blowjob, darlin'" he said, "don't worry. you're gonna get used to giving head. I'm gonna get you to suck it every morning and every night." Sarah cried. "Please," she whispered, "it's horrible." "Do it, babe!" He pulled her hair so hard she couldn't believe the pain, "suck!" He forced her mouth onto his erection.

The bulbous head of his long dick felt so disgusting on her tongue and the wet precum and spit made her feel like she would throw up.

But the worst was when he pushed it into her throat; making her choke. "Please!" She pulled back from his dick, choking.

"Come on, sweetheart," Jason smiled in ecstasy, "gagging on dick is part of giving head." "Jason, please!" He forced his cock back inside and rammed it home in her throat; holding her head down into his lap with his strong arms. Sarah struggled and tried to get away. She was choking to death. Jason just laughed and watched her hitting his thighs. "Relax, honey," he laughed, "I got you in a hold. no way your getting away from that dick. just breathe through your nose and learn to love it." He laughed again and in time Sarah stopped fighting; on her knees there, with her brother's thing heavy on her throat, eyes open and crying.

"Okay, babe," Jason crooned, "I'm gonna pull out and let you lick the head a bit. then I'll push back in all the way. you're gonna have to learn to get a rhythm going." He pulled his dick out on her mouth. "Lick my piss-slit," he moaned. Sarah cringed but allowed her tongue to work on his disgusting knob.


Then he grabbed her again and forced his dick down her throat. She gagged. Jason kept up the rhythm pulling out and pushing in more times than Sarah could count. "Awww!! Awww!! Lick me, honey!!" He was in total bliss, "Suck that dick! Suck on that shit, babe! You give a mean fucking blowjob, Sarah!" He pulled her away at one point.

"We need some more lube, babe," he breathed, and then he spat another few strands of white spit onto his slime-coated cock, "Okay honey, suck it." He made her give head like that for another fifteen minutes.

Sarah just tried her best not to choke or to taste the multiplying strands of his disgusting juices; that or hear him laughing and telling her how good she was or how much of a slut she looked with a guy's cock-head in her mouth.

Finally he shifted position; laying Sarah's head down at the end of the bed and coming at her mouth again with his cock. "What are you doing?" She turned her face away. "I'm getting close to shooting, darlin'" he said, "I wanna facefuck." "No, please." She turned her head away as far as it would go only to have him force it back round and shove his hardon back into her mouth.

This time he set the rhythm with his hips. Pounding his slim ass back and forward and pounding his massive dick into her unprotected throat. Sarah thought she was going to pass out but nothing was more revolting than hearing Jason announce his orgasm. "Awww! Shit!" He shouted, "nice warm fucking mouth! I love facefucking sluts! I love pounding your sweet mouth, baby!

Sarah! Aw, Sarah! I love you, honey! Aww! Aww! I'm gonna blow! Aw! I'm so fucking close to emptying these fucking nuts!!


Aw! Take my cum, babe! Take my fucking c. uh! uh! uh!" Sarah screamed as she felt him pull back from her throat and let go inside her mouth. His revolting seed swamped her in there and she could taste the unclean, salty taste of her brother's spent load. She cried in abject pain and humiliation. "Aw! Jesus!" Jason pulled his now softening cock out of Sarah's warm mouth and the girl tried at once to get up and spit the white corruption out onto the floor.

But Jason was quick to react. He grabbed her and forced her facedown onto the bed; clamping a hand over her mouth so she couldn't spit. She went crazy, the stuff in her mouth was so completely disgusting she couldn't bare to have it in there a moment more and here was Jason forcing her to experience it, she kicked and fought and tried to scream.

"Shhh! Shhh!" He was stroking her shoulder blades lovingly from where he lay half-naked ontop of her, "relax honey. I'm not gonna make you swallow. It's okay. Just keep it in your mouth a minute. I want you to get used to how I taste." A tear ran down the length of her face as again she was forced to calm down before Jason would stop what he was doing to her.

"That's it honey," he kissed her bare back, and touched her naked ass cheeks with his free hand, "your being such a good girl tonight. just keep that spunk in your mouth a few more minutes. think about what that shit tastes like, darlin'. your gonna be eating it every night." He laughed. Kissing her again. Sarah just lay there and watched the minutes pass on Jason's alarm clock; trying not to swallow.

Then, finally, he let go of her mouth and cupped his hand under her chin. "Okay, babe," he said, "spit that shit out onto my hand." She spat out immediately and Jason's white slime pooled in the hallow of his hand.

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"Lovely, babe," he smiled, kissing her back, "you're so nice. Turn around." He bodily turned her so she was on her back then he settled his hips between her naked thighs; his soft wet cock touched her down there. Sarah had the most revolted expression on her face he'd ever seen from a girl.

He was a good looking guy and girls mostly wanted him; though he'd never done this shit with a girlfriend. "Can I get a glass of water?" Sarah asked, obviously in mental torture. "No, honey," Jason smiled at her, "I'm not finished with your hot little mouth yet." Sarah's lip quivered.

"You look so cute when you're getting ready to cry babe," Jason said, then he hovered his hand over her chest tipping his palm and slowly, and deliberately, pouring his cum into the hallow of her sex solar-plexus; it pooled up in there so gorgeously.

She turned away.

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Crying. "Okay, honey," he forced her face back, "time for you to show me what a slutty little girl you really are." "What?" "We're gonna have a little cum-kiss, darlin'" Sarah went crazy trying to push at his shoulders. "Please, Jason, not that! Please!" He ignored her; dipping his tongue into the deep cum on her solar-plexus and then trying to put it into her mouth.

Sarah went crazy pushing him as hard as she could until her had to move. Then he leapt up from the bed and ran nude out into the hall and into the bathroom. She lifted the lid of the toilet in there and vomited hard into the basin. She coughed and spluttered and cried thinking of what Jason wanted her to do.

Jason just followed calmly behind her; slowly undoing his shirt and getting totally naked just like his sister. He strode into the bathroom and crouched down behind her; rubbing her back comfortingly. "That's right," he said, "get it up." She spat again. "Please Jason," she cried, "please." He hooked his strong arm under her knees, the other on her back, and carried her like she didn't weigh anything.

Picking her up and placing her firm, little ass on the sink unit. He ran the cold tap and let some cool water pool in his hand. He put it to her lips. "Take a drink, darlin'" he said kindly, she drank. Then he reached back behind her and grabbed some mouthwash from the cabinet.

He unscrewed the cap and pushed the nozzle up against her lips. "Open." She did and he poured in the mouthwash. He made her swill it round her mouth then he lead her head down and made her spit into the sink.

He ran the tap again; washing away what came out. "Please Jason," she was distraught, "I can't do that." Jason just smiled lovingly. "Sure you can, honey," he said. Then he started pushing what was left of his cum up from where it had dribbled down her fine body and up towards the pert shapes of her breasts. He leant into her again and licked a long strand of his cum off off her skin. Then, like before, he presented his cum-covered tongue for her to suck on.

"God, please." She turned away. He pressed his tongue to her cheek and let the white slime strand off on her. He did it a few more times like trying to nudge her into making out with him that way. Then, after awhile, he lost patience. He grabbed her face and forced it round with all his might; forcing his face against hers and wedging his wet tongue and slick cum into her hot mouth.

She screamed and tried to get away again but it was no use. He was fully making out with her; pushing his cum into her mouth. "Please Jason!" She screamed the first time he pulled away. But he'd only withdrawn to gather even more of his stuff on his tongue.

He pushed it back into her mouth and then hooked it back out with his tongue; sometimes licking cum onto her lips and face. "I love a sweet cum kiss, darlin'" he said, licking more off of her tits and feeding it to her, "nice cummy fucking kiss." Sarah made a retching sound as her mouth started to get full of cum again. He'd pushed so much back in. "You need to throw up again, baby," Jason said. Sarah nodded.

Jason put out his hand. "Spit out my cum," he said. She spat in back into his hand for the second time that night and then he took her back to the toilet. He forced her head over the basin.

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"Okay, darlin'" he said, "you can throw up." She retched but there was nothing in her stomach. Jason gave her a minute just to make sure then he dragged her head back up to face him. He licked a mouthful of the cum back off his hand and started making out with her again. "Use your tongue, slut," he said, "push that shit back into my mouth.

show me what a slut my girl is." He had to grab her throat pretty hard to make her comply but in the end the pain was too great and she was forced to stick her tongue out; swapping back her brother's stuff and having it recycled again back into her mouth.

"Aw!" He moaned into her mouth, "fucking slut. so fucking slutty." In the end he just started giving her little pecks on the lips letting little soft strings of his stuff form and break off between their kissing mouths.

Then, at last, he stood up. He looked down at her; crouching, humiliated in their bathroom with her lips wet with sweet cum. "I love you, Sarah," he said, "get showered now and come to bed, babe.

I wanna give that pussy some attention." He grabbed her hair from where she knelt and forced her face up against his naked cock and balls. He started humping and grinding into her sweet face. "See baby. See how hard I am already. That's for your fucking little pussy, darlin'" He ground up on her for another thirty seconds then he let her go. "Take a shower," he said, "I'll be waiting in bed." *** After Sarah had finished showering; crouched against the corner of the shower, crying and trying to get the smell of Jason off of her, she went back to his bedroom.

Sure enough he was waiting for her; stroking his long dick to keep it hard. He'd opened the parcel he brought in from work and there, laying on the bed, was the sluttiest lingerie Sarah had seen.

A white suspensor belt and bra- no panties. She let another tear fall. "Put them on," Jason ordered thumbing his dick-head and digging down into his balls with the other hand, "from now on your only gonna wear the sexiest things, darlin'" She came slowly to the bed and Jason watched in mouth-watering arousal as this absolute model of a girl pulled on that sexy lace belt and put on a bra that pushed her already amazingly firm titties into a little slight cleavage that jut made you want to have three hands.

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When she'd finished dressing for him he got up suddenly and grabbed her arm pulling her violently down onto the bed. He climbed on top, naked, and started tonguing between her pushed-together tits. He forced her legs apart; exposing her cute pink pussy. "It drives me wild you're a virgin, Sarah," he breathed, crazy with lust, "drives me wild that I'm gonna be the first guy to tap this shit." He started kissing her and she couldn't believe the fear as she felt him cup her sex; starting to push his fingers ever so slowly inside her.

He nuzzled on her neck; continuing to finger her gently and shallowly. Then she gasped as he groped at his dick with his hand; starting so slowly to rub his raging cockhead up and down on her tiny teenage slit. "Please," she winced as he bit down softly at her ear, "please Jason. don't rape me." "Shh, honey," Jason whispered, "all girls are scared their first time." She felt him try to push his cock inside. "Please!" She reached down and pushed his dick away, "please.

Jason!. please. I'll. I'll do something else. I'll use my mouth again, Jason.

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please. I'll suck you. please. don't rape me. please." She was squirming and trying to edge away up the bed. Jason grabbed onto her shoulders; pulling her back; insisting.

He tried again, lining up his cockhead. "No!" She screamed; reaching down again and pushing him away. "Fuck slut!" Jason punched his sister full in the face. He did it so hard her lip burst and the bedspread spattered red with her blood.

"Fuck," he swore, "see what you fucking made me do now, bitch." She held her bleeding face in one trembling hand and looked away at the dark wall. Jason shook off the guilt. All he knew was she was fucking amazingly hot and his cock wanted serviced.

He grabbed her hips and positioned them to fuck. "Keep your fucking hips there," he snarled, "I fucking pay for everything. I pay for the fucking clothes you wear, bitch. and you won't even let me have fucking pussy. no fucking way, Sarah." He pushed his cockhead up against her opening again and this time Sarah didn't have the strength or the courage to fight him as she felt the spongey, wet bulb pushing up into her pussy. He moved his hips backwards and forwards in a slow steady rhythm; keeping just that spongey cockhead at the door of her cunt.

Then he grabbed her shoulders and forced his entire weight into one massive push. His hand covered her mouth and she stifled a scream as his entire, massive erection tore into her pussy; breaking her hymen and causing blood to flow inside her.

"Awwww! Fuck!" He couldn't believe how sweet and tight that pussy was, "aw! Fucking virgin pussy!" He rocked his hips against her; pounding his dick home in her pussy. Sarah was screaming and crying at the same time but Jason just took it as moaning against his firm hand. He buried his face in her titties picking his ass up off the bed with every grinding thrust. "Keep your legs open, slut!" He ordered, "keep taking that dick!

Aw, I love you! Aw, Sarah, I love you!" After awhile he started trying to impress her; showing her all the moves he'd learned with old girlfriends in the past; sometimes fucking her real fast and other times rotating his hips in circles so his cock screwed into her.

Then, after about what seemed forever solidly fucking, Jason felt that familiar tingle in his balls. "Aw!" He licked her tits, "I'm gonna cum in your pussy." "I don't want to get pregnant." She cried to herself. "Huh?" "I don't want to get pregnant!" She cried louder. "Aw! Aw!" He was on cloud nine, barely hearing her, "I just wanna do it this once, babe. I'll buy condoms tomorrow. I'm just gonna. ah! ah!. I'm just gonna cum. once in your.

ah! beautiful hot pussy!" She just lay there, lip burst, legs spread like a slut, with this asshole rutting on top of her; ready to cum whether she wanted him to or not.

Then she closed her eyes as she felt her brother spasm out of all control. "I'm. ah! I'm fucking cumming!" He blew a hot sticky load deep inside her pussy and then another few strands spurted out afterwards before he finally lay his hot sweating body down on her amazing svelte frame.

He continued to kiss and lick at her tits, cock still inside her, as he tried to regain his breath. "Aw, fucking awesome," he breathed hard. Then he pulled his wet cock out of her and fell down exhausted on the bed next to his gorgeous sister. Sarah looked down at her wet, cum-filled and bleeding pussy. "You're gonna make me an amazing girlfriend, Sarah," Jason breathed out. "Go to hell, Jason," she whispered. Jason looked at her.

Then he just laughed. "You got attitude now, slut," he said, "but you'll get used to how things are gonna be." He started stroking at her luscious thigh. "Soon you won't even question it anymore," he crooned, "you'll just come to bed and open your sweet little pussy up for me to go at like a jackhammer." "You're disgusting." She sobbed in pain. "Maybe," he shrugged, then he pulled her towards him, forcing her firm ass up against his wet cock; spooning her, "but I'm the first guy you let into this sweet pussy.

I'm your fucking boyfriend now, Sarah." He laughed; reaching round and fingering her sore pussy. "You're gonna have to get used to me." He continued to finger her then he tugged off her sexy lace bra; reaching round with the other hand and feeling her pert little breasts.

He pushed one finger as far up her pussy as it would go. She reached down and tried to push him out; she was so painful down there. He just pushed against her. "Don't you fucking push my fingers out," he shouted, "from now on I get to do whatever the fuck I like with this pussy. you've been a cocktease to me for too fucking long.

now try to get some sleep, darlin', you'll be sucking on my dick before I go to work tomorrow."