Enfiou o dedo e piscou o cu

Enfiou o dedo e piscou o cu
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It was another boring saturday. Me and my brother Matt were watching a movie, both of us on our own separate area of the living room, covered with quilts from out bedrooms to keep out the chill. The movie we were watching was some generic stupid thing with a lot of sexual comments, gory scenes and hot make-out scenes. Not different then anything we had watched any other time, since we did this at least twice a month. I had come up with the idea, because we had been so close before.but it kind of seemed like we were drifting apart as we got older.

Anyway. It was no different then any other saturday, but for some reason it didn't feel right. It didn't feel like Matt wanted to be there, he kept squirming around and his eyes would constantly stray from the screen.

Usually I wouldn't have minded, but his fidgeting was making the couch squeak and that was making it hard to hear.

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I turned away from the TV, turning the gaze from my green eyes towards him. It was then I realized what he was doing. My older brother was.well.he was.well. It seemed that he was playing with himself. No, I'm no newbie to the world of masturbation. In my 14 years on this earth, I've been making myself 'feel good' for about 4 of them. But.but never in front of someone like he was doing! Sure, I couldn't see anything.

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And maybe I wouldn't have noticed, but still! What, did he get off with the whole 'Fuck, I could totally get caught' kind of thing? Or.or was it.me?

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Because I've read about that. On those porn story sites, like XNXX.you know the stories I'm talking about. Incest. Family members all.getting it on. I'd never really wanted to get into anything like that.

but seeing the blanket that covered him move up and down as my brother pumped his meat.it was a captivating site.

Plus, he hadn't noticed me yet. His brown eyes were shut tightly, and his mouth was forming a sort of 'o' shape. I could see sweat along his brow, and his dirty blonde hair seemed to be a bit damp too.

I leaned forward a bit in my seat, trying to get a better view, wondering what it would be like. to.to feel. NO. No. That's wrong. I'm not attracted to my brother. But why was I still watching then? I don't know, honestly. Suddenly, his eyes opened and a gasp left his lips.

"Amy! What are you.! I.um." and then he just kind of fell silent, the motion beneath the blanket having stopped and a deep blush taking over his normally pale cheeks. "I'm sorry." he said finally. "I couldn't help it. The way you were dressed.and then the one part in the movie, with the girl and that dude. I just.got.horny." His voice had started at normal volume, only to drop to a low mumble as his eyes left mine and looked down to the carpet.

I didn't know what to say, or what to do. All I could feel was this.like.embarrassment.

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And frustration. And.confusion. Not to mention I could feel the wetness beginning between my legs. "It's.fine.I um.I'm just going to.go though.

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You stay and enjoy the rest of the movie, yeah?" I stuttered this out without meeting my brothers (who was two years my elder)eyes and then stood, my curvy body cold without the covering of a blanket over me. Goosebumps were raising as I speed-walked up to my room, but I barely noticed that or the cold.

All I could see was my brother's face and how much he had seemed to be enjoying his little session there.

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and all I could think about was how I wished I could let him see me mess around. 'NO. No. That's wrong.' I thought, biting my lip as I reached the door to my room, opened it, stepped inside and closed the door again. Even if it was wrong, I couldn't help noticing how my nipples were hard.and I couldn't help but notice how my hands started up from my sides, going over my flat stomach and up to my nightgown covered breasts.

I walked slowly over to my full length mirror, enjoying the site of myself in my over sized tee shirt pajamas, both hands on my fleshy orbs and a flush in my cheeks.

"God, Matt. You've got me so fucking hott."I confessed to my reflection, letting a hand drift down my body slowly, caressing myself until I reached my thighs. A moan escaped my lips, and I gently dipped my fingers into the wet area between my legs. My soft digits felt carefully along my outer lips, feeling the moisture that had managed to reach even there.

The white panties I wore were quite soaked too, and without hesitation I pulled them down, lifted a leg and took them off. As soon as I was out of the confines of my undergarment, I put the fragrant fabric to my nose and inhaled, the spicy sweet musk making my head cloud and the fingers of my freehand delve back into my pussy, reaching for my hard and aching clit.

I brushed against the hard nub, and immediately my knees buckled a bit. I was more turned on then ever, and it was all because of my brother!

It was scandalous, but right then I didn't care. I just wanted to get off. I hurried over to my bed, lifting my teeshirt over my head as I went. Laying down on the flower print bed spread, I opened my legs and let myself touch and feel. One hand was on my clit, rubbing quickly across in an almost swiping motion. The other hand was stuffing fingers into my cunt, trying to reach deeper.trying to stretch wider.

Two could reach deeper then three.but it just didn't fill me up as much.


Whatever I did, I couldn't be completely happy. Frustrated, but reaching my erupting point, I started to whisper dirty things to myself: trying to reach my goal. Trying to get there. I just wanted it so fucking badly!

"God, Matt! I want you! Your fucking dick in my pussy. I want you to fuck me, and lick me. I want to feel your cum inside me.I need to! I need to.I want it.please.c'mon." And then it faded into incomprehensible mumblings, as my fingers worked faster my hips started humping up, as if to push my hands more firmly upon myself.

There was nothing more I wanted right then than to be fucked hard, rough. Bite marks, and hard thrusts.I'd never had sex, but I could imagine what it would be like. And I could imagine how it would feel. But imagining just wasn't doing it for me now! And my arms were getting tired. Almost there, but with no way of getting the rest of the way, I gave a half sigh, half whimper and collapsed flat on the bed, my juices leaking slightly and sinking into the sheets.

I sat up, once again able to view myself in the large mirror.


I was pretty enough, especially now. My long, wavy blonde hair was tousled, the ends just covering my 36C cup breasts. My face was heart shaped and innocent, my stomach was flat.


I had smooth, slightly defined legs and my backside was just starting to fill out. I liked what I saw, in short. What I didn't like was how all the things that had used to bring me off weren't working now. "Matt." I whispered angrily, shaking my head sadly. "You've got me in such a mess." It was then that the door opened, and I gasped, stuttering out something similar to what my brother had said when he'd seen that I'd caught him.

"I've got you in a mess?" He asked softly, not bothering to hide the bulge in his shorts. "I suppose it's only fair that I fix that, then." "N-n-no.we.we shouldn't, because." but my words died on my tongue as he continued to stride towards me purposefully, his stride making his organ visibly jiggle.

"Why, baby sister? You want me. I want you. What else is there to it?" He stood in front of my now, my eyes just about level with his crotch.


"Mom and Dad.they'll.hear us." I knew it wasn't true, even as the words left my lips. "They would not, and you know it." With a smug expression, the usually shy boy reached a hand the boxers he was wearing with a teeshirt and tugged them down, revealing a moderately sized circumcised and totally hard cock. "Suck me." He whispered softly. I didn't need to be told twice.