Horny Granny Gets Her Pussy Eaten

Horny Granny Gets Her Pussy Eaten
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Fbailey story number 829 Retirement Group Sex This is a story of three couples Jan and Dean, Alice and Ted, and my wife and I. I am sixty-five and retired like everyone else in this story. My wife is sixty-two. My sister Jan is sixty-one and married to Dean, who is sixty-three.

My wife's brother is Ted, age sixty-four. Ted is married to Alice, who is sixty. We all have grown children that are married and have children of their own. Retirement has startled us all. We have entirely too much time on our hands and have turned to sex as our relief. One day after having great sex with my wife I confessed to loosing my virginity to my sister, Jan when she was thirteen and I was seventeen.

I was the oldest virgin I knew.

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My wife confessed to loosing her virginity when she was thirteen but to her fifteen-year-old brother Ted. So I confessed to having a crush on Alice and my wife said that she had a crush on Dean.


We agreed that if we were to act on our desires then the circle would be complete and that our three couples would become one large sex group. Of course my wife then asked if I thought that Jan and Ted would like to have sex together. I said, "I know that Ted would because he told me so once. He thinks Jan has a nice personality along with a righteous booty." My wife said, "Jan told me that about Ted, so I don't see a problem.

Alice told Jan that Ted likes licking her pussy before he fucks her. I didn't think that I should tell them that it was me that got him started on that." I said, "Then all we have to do is get Dean and Alice to help us push them two together." She agreed. After talking to Dean and Alice they said that they would help but that the six of us should go somewhere isolated together.

I suggested the old summer camp that my grandfather had run for city kids back in the forties and fifties. It had been abandoned for over fifty years but I still owned the land, over a thousand acres of it. I decided to build a big retirement cabin right in the middle of it, where the old mess hall used to be. I invited Dean and Ted and their wives to move in with us permanently.

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We had a long discussion as to the sleeping arrangements. They were both very interested in moving in. Their wives were too. I just knew that things would work out well. It is nice to have relatives. I was a carpenter slash contractor, Dean was a master electrician, and Ted was a licensed plumber.

We had it all covered from our end. My wife was an accountant and bank manager, Jan owned a landscaping business and a floral shop, and Alice was a chef and owned two restaurants.

They had it all covered on their end too. Together the six of us could do anything that we put our minds to. Well things moved along very quickly just as soon as the snow melted. The long driveway got a fresh coat of gravel on in, a new underground electric cable was installed, and a big ass block of concrete had been poured. In fact several big ass blocks had been poured. One was for the house, one for the garage, and one for a patio.

Dean and Ted helped me build the house. It only had three rooms, if you can call the bathroom a room. The bathroom contained three toilet stalls, two urinals, and four hand bowls. It also had a big walk in shower and a bathtub that could hold each six people. The whole wall over the sinks was a mirror. Closets were full of towels, washcloths, and toilet paper. The cabinets under the sink contained drawers that the women could fill with makeup, creams, and soaps.

The bedroom contained three king-sized beds and lots and lots of big closets and chests of drawers. The main room was a kitchen, dining room, and living room all rolled into one.

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There was a big fireplace at one end. Outside was lots of cut, split, and stacked firewood to more than last through two winters. The garage could hold six cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and the garden tractor as well as the pickup truck that served as a snowplow. We all moved in on the Forth of July. The women had prepared themselves for the one multiple bedroom. They had moved in just about everything beforehand except the car full of stuff that they brought with them. That first day we set off most of our illegal fireworks after dark.

Before that we had a barbecue and a lot to drink.

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My wife had purchased a case of twelve bottles of wine. She opened one and poured it into six glasses. She had been the first to finish off her drink. She stood up and removed her blouse. It was then a game of strip drinking. One by one we each drank our glass empty and removed an article of clothing. The women removed their shoes, the men removed their shirts, while my wife and I went straight for the gusto. I removed my pants.

The next bottle was opened, poured, and drank. Shirts and blouses were removed but my wife removed her bra and I removed my underwear. Things really sped up after that. Six bottles of wine later and we were all naked and feeling pretty good. The women had talked it over and my wife Linda went to Dean, Jan went to Ted, and Alice came to me. We ate dinner and then took walks in opposite directions.

I put my arm around Alice's shoulder and held her breast as we walked. She held my cock. We talked about her apprehension of living with three husbands. When I asked about the "three husband" remark she giggled and said, "Linda said that we would swap every day and have a new husband to be with, to kiss, and to sleep with.

Today I'm your wife." I turned her to me, pulled her bare breasts into my bare chest, and I kissed her. I held her soft ass and kissed her deeply. My hard cock was pressed against her belly as my tongue entered her mouth. Alice placed her head on my shoulder and said, "I feel like I'm on a date." I asked, "Is that a good thing?" Alice replied, "Yes, a very good thing. It has been years since I had a date and butterflies in my stomach. I'm scared about being in bed with you tonight and having my husband in the bed next to us with Jan.

What if he hears you fuck me?" I asked, "What if you hear him fucking?" She kissed me and said, "That would help me a lot. Then I wouldn't feel as if I was a little girl have sex in the bed next to my parents." So I asked her all sorts of intimate questions.

How did she loose her virginity? How did she meet her husband? Has she had sex with another woman? Has she created on Ted?

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Does she like oral, anal, exhibitionism, bondage, or double penetration? Surprisingly Alice said, "On the days that you are my husband, you can do anything to me that you would like too." I smiled and she said, "Anything." I asked, "Do you want to make your husband jealous?" She said, "Maybe.

Ted has wanted to fuck Jan for a long time. Sometimes when we are having sex he has me pretend to be her. I know it was only roll playing but it still hurt to know that he was serious about it." As the sun sat in the west, Alice was sitting on a towel between my legs.

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I was in a chair and her head was back on my cock. I reached down, pinched both of her nipples, and announced, "Time for bed, Alice." I helped her up to her feet and holding her hand, I walked her into the house.

Before the others joined us I put an abundance of lubricant in her pussy and in her ass to keep the friction to a minimum so that I would last longer. She giggled knowing what I was doing. Just as I held her ankles to her ears and entered her pussy the rest came into the bedroom.

My wife Linda said, "Be good to her honey." Her husband Ted said, "Sock it to her, buddy." I just lowered myself deep into her pussy pressing my balls against her asshole. I was in no hurry what so ever. As I slowly fucked into her I heard the other couples slapping skin hard and fast.

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I pulled out of Alice, turned her onto her side and slipped it back in. Ted came before Jan did and she told him so…in no uncertain words. Poor guy. Alice giggled softly. I pulled out, rolled her onto her belly and slipped it back in.

Dean said, "Linda you are great." Linda replied. "So I've been told." That is what I always tell her after sex too. In a soft voice that was just loud enough for everyone to hear I said, "Up on your knees, I want anal now." I saw Ted get up on one elbow and watch as his wife got up on her knees and let me slip it into her very well lubricated asshole. I did it slowly and she cooed. I may have caused her some pain but she didn't let either her husband of me know it. The pressure was more because her anal muscle was stronger and of course that hole was tighter.

In a few more minutes I had jammed my cock deeply into her ass and I was cumming. I held it in her until it softened and fell out. Meanwhile, I was massaging her breasts and tweaking her nipples. I rolled to one side of her and she immediately went to my cock and started sucking. She did a very nice job of cleaning my cock.

Alice said, "That was my first time to do anal. Thank you for being so kind." I said, "Thank you for sucking it afterwards. Not many women will do that." My wife said, "I wouldn't suck it after it was in my ass." Jan said, "Me neither." She continued to suck me until I was hard. Then she said, "Please cum in my pussy this time. I like the feel of your cock inside of me." I did cum in her but it took over a half-hour.

Alice said, "Oh my God, that felt wonderful." My wife said, "You can enjoy that every three days from now on." Jan said, "I can hardly wait until tomorrow when he is my husband." Alice said, "You are going to love it." I felt like the world's best lover.

I cuddled her to me, closed my eyes, and fell asleep." Jan was sitting on my cock when I woke up in the morning. She said, "You are my husband today and I didn't want to waste a minute of it." I humped up into her and caused her to say, "Oh!

Oh my!" Her husband Dean said, "She must really like it." Alice said, "Hey Dean, I'm fucking you now…concentrate before you go limp on me." Jan said, "Sometimes I have had a hard time keeping him up too." Linda said, "I didn't seem to have that problem last night." Jan said, "Oh!


Oh! Oh God!" That was enough to set me off. Our new living arrangement was going to work out very nicely…very nicely indeed. The End Retirement Group Sex 829