Mature Woman Getting Her Hairy Pussy Fucked By Young Guy Creampie On The Mattres

Mature Woman Getting Her Hairy Pussy Fucked By Young Guy Creampie On The Mattres
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How it got started. "How it got started" Cindy tells Chris her side of the story. She explained "It started one night Chris, when you and Tom where out of town". "Julie invited me over for dinner".

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They had eaten, and were cleaning up the dishes when Julie spilt something down her top, she then went to change her clothes. "I had thought nothing of it when Julie came back with just a silk robe on" she giggled.

" It wasn't until later that i found out that it was all she had on". Julie made us coffee and we went through to the living room. After chatting for a while we turned on the TV. Flipping through the channels there was nothing that interested either of us, Julie asked "Would you like to watch a movie Cindy?" I said "sure why not".

She looked through a number of video tapes that were stored under the television stand, finding the one she wanted, and putting it into the machine. "We were a couple of minutes into the video when I realized it was a porno tape". "Julie, i didn't know you were into porn? I said. Julie asked "is that okay. Cindy?", not wanting to offend her I said.

"Sure why not, we are both adult's." I smiled. "We were watching intently for a few minutes" when Julie said. "God! I'm so fucking horny and I'm needing some relief, this film is making me even worse!!" I smiled at her knowingly, and looked back at the movie. We were both making comments about what was going on of course, "I was surprised Chris." "The plot was something about a businessman out on the road working, he had picked up some blond big titted woman at a local bar, and was intent on fucking the hell out of her pussy".

This led to further comments about her and Tom and what they had got up to in their sex liaisons. And how her and I where left to fend for ourselves all the time while our husbands were always away on business trips. I said. "I must admit, because of the porn I was getting more than a little aroused myself". I glanced over at Julie, she had her hand inside the robe, caressing her nipples. " I went back to watching the movie".

When I heard a little moan from Julie. "Ohhh." I glanced over at her again, "Her robe Chris, was now completely open, she had nothing but the robe on, her entire naked body was now exposed to my gaze". "Julie"!!! I gasped. "I saw one hand was between her legs rubbing her completely shaved pussy, the other still caressing and pinching her very erect nipples". I really didn't know what to do, or where to look.

I asked "Do you want me to leave you alone Julie, you look as if your busy there"?? She said, "No please stay Cindy, I'm just really soooo horny right now". As she continued to run her fingers up and down her bald pussy, going noticeably deeper and deeper with each stroke. " I tried to keep my concentration on the movie Chris and not watch her. I couldn't". "I kept looking over at her, seeing her masturbating along with the movie". She said "I could tell her breathing was getting heavier.


Her hips were moving in response to her fingers, inside her wet cunt, and the couch was beginning to shake a little, as Julie's orgasm approached". "Chris, i was staring at her now, the film forgotten". Her nipples were hard, her back was arched, and she tensed, rubbing her clit as fast and as hard as she could, she sighed loudly as came, soaking her hand with her juices, leaking out of her spasming vaginal canal, and down her ass crack onto the robe beneath.

Julie collapsed on the couch. I had just watched her cum. It had excited me tremendously. Her head was lying to the side, eyes closed, on her face she had a smile of contentment. Julie opened her eyes looked at me, and said, "Ohhhhhh !!!! I just came". " That felt soooooo good". "My pussy's throbbing." She was squeezing her pussy with her hand, holding it tight between her thighs.

She looked at me questionably, then asked, "Are you going to do it, you must be bursting?" "Do what? masturbate?"I gasped "Cum" she replied. I said, "I don't know!!" With that she followed "I want you to pleasure yourself too." "Do you want me to help you?" I responded again, "I don't know Julie!" "I don't know what to do"?


Looking at her with questions written across my face. I did know that I was aroused and wet between my legs by this whole thing. She just said. "Relax Cindy." I couldn't, and didn't move when she slowly slid over towards me, Julie started to carefully unbutton the front of my blouse. She hesitantly caressed my breasts over my bra, looking at me for a reaction. I could feel my nipples getting hard. She was ever so gently, tracing her fingertips under my bra, I could feel her nails run slowly over my breasts, exciting me even more.

My nipples became like rocks. "Oooooo, your making my nipples hard Julie". Julie ran her thumbs across them, saying, "They are so big!!" She lifted my bra up over my breasts and began gently rolling my nipples between her fingertips it felt so good, my cunt was leaking profusely into my panties.

I lay back. She continued to gently caress my breasts and rubbing my aching nipples. I hardly heard her when Julie asked. "Could i please suck on your hard nipples Cindy?" I don't remember actually saying "Yes." I really didn't think she needed my permission, as i was half undressed already. She sucked and licked each nipple in turn. I didn't notice as she slipped off my blouse and unhooked my bra and removed that also, only a woman could be so skillful. I was sitting there almost upright with her face buried into my breasts.

She went from one nipple to the other and back again. "Ohhhhh." I moaned. "It felt so good", She was gently caressing my breasts as she sucked each of my nipples. At one point she was squeezing my breasts together and sucked both my nipples into her mouth and ran her tongue across their hard tips.

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Julie sat up and turned, while still holding my left nipple in her mouth. With her left hand she spread open my legs. She placed one left leg over mine. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy that was rubbing against my knee through my pantyhose.

Julie then slipped her hand under my skirt to my damp pantyhose covered pussy and lightly began rubbing it up and down, so softly that I didn't notice it at first. As she rubbed me progressively harder, my body began to react to her gentle urgent touch. " I was getting wetter. I moved my hips in response to her touching my crotch". I moaned again. She was still rubbing her wet pussy along my stocking clad leg, leaving the juices from her cunt on my pantyhose nylons, she was pushing down hard.

keeping her clit in contact with the nylon, creating the friction she was looking for.

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Almost fucking my leg, she groaned. "I could feel my clit and cunt lips swelling inside my panties" I said. "If she kept rubbing me like this I think i was going to cum hard into the crotch of my panties". I tried to push her away, not wanting to, but feeling I had to. Julie didn't budge though.

Instead she slid to the floor in front of me, kneeling there with both her legs between mine. Both her hands were now rubbing my pussy, my thighs, my stomach, my legs and slipping under my butt, as she continued to heighten my sexual arousal my nipples were like bullets. I allowed her to continue. It made me feel really good. "Chris, you know I'm not a lesbian, but I couldn't resist her when she unbuttoned my skirt, slipped her hands around my back and slowly began pulling my skirt, pantyhose and panties off".

"My only response was to lift my hips up making it easier for her to undress me completely". As Julie's mouth moved away from my breasts, slowly licking down my chest, down my stomach towards my pussy mound, she pulled me until my butt was half off the couch. I then briefly felt Julie's hot breath on my pussy hair. "i think she was smelling my womanly scent". Julie licked and kissed her way along my inner thighs and then she dove her tongue in between my pussy lips.

" It made me shudder, and moan out loud again and again". She pressed her tongue in between my pussy lips and ran it up and down my ever-widening slit. When her tongue touched against my clit it sent electric shocks through my entire body. " I could feel my cunt lips and clit swelling". " I spread my legs wider, lifting one onto the couch while the other remained on the floor". "With one finger she spread my cunt lips allowing full access to my clit and inner lips".

She licked and sucked my clit and lips. " I then lifted my other leg up onto the couch, now she had access to my entire pussy". Julie went from licking and sucking my clit to pushing her tongue fully into my wet hole. And back again to my clit over and over again. "You know what Chris, let me tell you".

"I was now breathing heavily, moaning, thrashing my head from side to side, while holding her head tightly to my pulsing wet pussy". The response of my hips were to rut against her tongue again and again. When she slipped two fingers into my pussy, she sucked my clit hard, "I couldn't hold back any longer, I pressed my cunt onto her hot mouth.

I just came in her mouth, in one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had". "I had made her face all wet with my juices. It seemed like it lasted forever. I was dazed, I felt weak, I was drained, almost devoid from reality, I wanted more, and more".

Would she continue? "I vaguely remember her taking me to their bedroom". "She took off her silk robe and lay down on the bed. Spreading her long slender legs". She said.

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"Cindy, It's my turn now, i need you to lick me deep in my cunt please!" "But Julie !!!", I exclaimed, "I've never done that to a woman before." She said, "Oh that's okay Cindy, this is only my second time. Don't worry, it will come naturally". "If not then I'll teach you what to do." "She pulled me onto the bed. Laying me down on my back, she then straddled my head and lowered her very wet pussy onto my face". " I could look up her belly all the way to her lovely breasts".

She had a hand on each rubbing them, tweaking each erect nipple in between her fingers."Cindy." She said, "Start kissing up the inside of my thighs working your way towards my pussy." I did as i was instructed.

"Chris, her pussy lips were still wet from her orgasm earlier". "I could taste her pussy scent on my lips, as i started to lick her outer folds, her hips rocked back and forth on my face!". "Deeper", she said. " I stuck my tongue in and licked her pussy lips".

She lowered her body and my tongue pushed its way between her cunt lips. "Yesssssss!" was all she hissed. "I licked up and down her pussy". "Opening my mouth I sucked as much of her pussy into my mouth as I could, while continuing to use my tongue". She became extremely wet, leaning forward, she took one and hand and spread her lips, allowing my tongue full access to her clit.

"Lick my clit hard Cindy", she requested. "I did, as hard and as fast as I could". "Then running circles around it with my tongue". She came on my face. " I could taste the bitter sweetness of her juices", "I liked it. "Now I know Chris, why you like to eat pussy so much". "I thought for sure it was over, but was I ever wrong, as usual". She said. "You did good Cindy,""See you really can suck pussy." and rolled over off my face.

With out saying another word Julie pulled me on top of her again in the 69 position, me on top this time. " My mouth and tongue were tired". " To give them a break I first used my fingers". "First running them up and down her wet slit". She tensed slightly when I slid my nails along her outer lips.

"I then gently spread and held her lips apart, exposing her clit which was obviously swollen and sensitive". "I gently ran my fingertip in circles around it". She reacted almost instantly, Julie was doing to same to mine with her tongue. "I slid my finger into her open pussy". " I could feel her incredible heat and wetness". "I watched her pussy tighten in response to my finger sliding in and out of her". "Everything I did to her, she did to me and everything she did to me, I did to her".

I licked her clit while plunging two fingers into hot wet hole. She asked me. "Cindy slip a finger in my asshole". Hesitating at first, but she insisted." I pushed one finger into her tight puckered asshole". Wet from her juices it slipped in quite easily. She told me to give her a "three-way". I said. "Julie, I didn't know what that was".

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She instructed me. "Cindy, "Put your middle finger in my asshole, your index finger in my pussy and then put your thumb on my clit, then pump and rub me".

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" I did. I could not believe how fast it made her cum. She gushed all over my face. I had no indication of what would happen next".

Julie then tapped me on the arm with something. I stopped pleasuring her cunt and asshole, and looked at it. "Chris, it was a rubber cock, a bloody great black coloured dildo". She said "Fuck my cunt with this Cindy." It was ten inches long and two inches across. "Rub in up and down my slit to get it nice and wet first." " I did just that.

I then started to push it into her open pussy hole". She pushed back, so I took it out. "Again." She gasped. "I pushed it back in again, just past the head.

I didn't think she could actually take it, it was so big". " I slipped it out and back in again a couple of times just enough to bury the head inside her cunt".

"It picked up more of her juices, becoming wetter each time. Her vagina opened a little more each time It entered her pussy hole". "The head started to slip in quite easily now as she opened up. I alternately rubbed her clit with it, and pushed it into her cunt".

She said "Deeper, push it in deeper Cindy" " I obliged by pushing it in deeper and deeper with each stroke". She responded by pushing back with hips, wanting more of it inside her hole. "It was going in about half way. I stopped there, really not wanting to hurt her". Julie wouldn't have it, yelling at me.

"Fuck Me Harder and Deeper. I want it all." "I did as she requested and in two strokes gave her all I could, and still being able to hold on to it".

"Chris i couldn't believe it, she had about 8 inches of black dildo buried in her cunt". " I stoked her cunt about 10 more times when she started to cum".

She almost bucked me off her with her hips.

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Her juice's were flowing from her pussy, almost squirting, there was that much of it coming out of her pussy hole. "I never realized a woman could get that wet or take that much cock into her body".

She requested I hold it up inside her, which I did. She then relaxed and asked me to pull it out give her the rubber cock. "I did". "Chris, I must have been stupid not to realize what she was going to do with it"." My cunt was wet and open".

She had continued to lick and suck at my pussy, but I wasn't big enough to accept that in me. "Was i "? Julie then held my pussy lips open and pressed the huge black cock into my pussy. "Chris, you know that nothing that big has ever been in me before right"? She sensed my uneasiness, and gently worked the head in circles around my vagina opening.

" Then rubbing it up and down my slit length wise, then along catching my clit". " I was really wet when she pushed the head into me". " It went in easier then I thought it might". Julie worked it deeper and deeper with each stroke. "I could feel my juices running from my pussy hole as she pumped it in and out".

"The long gentle strokes felt great, my cunt walls were rippling around the big black shaft nicely!". At about 6 inches I said. "Julie, please its deep enough i think." But she ignored my plea's, then started stroking me faster and deeper. " I was there on my and hands and knees with my back arched downwards allowing it to touch my internal G-spot, while she sucked on my sensitive clit". "Chris, I didn't think I was ever going to stop cumming, i was having three or four rapid orgasms in succession".

"It was the first time I had ever felt an orgasm like that". "I didn't realize until Julie had told me later that, but I had taken at least 8 inches of that big black dildo".

And it was glorious. "I am sorry Chris, but I had done things I had never done before, i had made love with a woman, and enjoyed it immensely". "I really wanted to share it with you, but i didn't know now to tell you". "How could i ask you to do those things to me"? "I felt ashamed and guilty. I left her house that night about 2:00 am. Remember"? I told you I fell asleep at Julie's.

My response was"Mmmm, very nice". "Cindy, what i really wanted to know was how and when Tom first screwed you.