Black guy and girl bf adult foking story

Black guy and girl bf adult foking story
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She dropped down beside me as I tried catching my breath, ''Wait, what?'' was all I could muster in terms of a response.

She giggled as she lay beside me, ''I knew when your Mother told me how much happier she was at home, and that she was getting the best sex of her life, I knew it was you giving it to her.'' she told me. ''But how? I mean, the whole Mother and Son thing is.

well, I'm pretty sure it's illegal.'' I exclaimed. ''How did you reach that conclusion?'' I asked. She placed her hand on my chest and began making circles with her finger, ''True it's illegal, your Mother could get a fair few years in prison if it ever came out. In New Zealand it's illegal even if it's your step-child.'' she told me.

My heart began to race, was this going to end with her black mailing me? ''Fact is that I've known what a dirt-bag your Father was for a very long time. But I also always figured you as the perfect little gentleman. You would do anything for your Mom, and she would do anything for you.'' she said. ''But that still doesn't explain how you jumped to the conclusion that Mom and me are having sex.'' I told her. ''I knew from the minute you laid eyes on her, I knew from the minute that she received a text from you earlier tonight and her face lit up.'' she said kissing me on the shoulder.

''I also knew that I was going to have to risk some prison time to try you out for myself. Sister's share everything you know.'' ''So what happens now?'' I asked, ''In the morning are we all going to get up to have a big family orgy?'' She laughed again, ''God, no.'' she replied, ''I'm fully fine with parading around in front of her naked while I get dressed, but sex with my sister is just too weird.'' she told me, causing me to instantly think of Bobbie.

''What happens now is simple,'' she began, ''Tomorrow we act like nothing ever happened, and nothing will ever happen again. I know how happy you make your Mommy, I'm not going to fuck that up for you or her.'' I turned my head and smiled at her, I thought about kissing her on the forehead but her words stayed with me, nothing will happen again. She looked into my eyes and smiled from the corner of her mouth, ''With your Dad out of the way, it makes you free now.

You know that right?'' she asked. I hadn't thought about it that way, but she was right. I stared up at the ceiling and smiled to myself, permanent freedom. That's what we had now. Freedom to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Aunt Layla rolled off of the bed and began collecting her clothes, ''I'm getting into Bobbie's bed before you ask,'' she said, ''I wouldn't want anything to slip into me during the night Doc.'' she added with a hand on my leg.

I continued to stare up at the ceiling thinking about what the future could hold for us as a family. I wondered what Mom would say if she found out about her sister and I, also wondering if she knew that Layla had figured it out that I was Mom's secret lover.

As my mind began shutting down for the night a disturbing thought occurred to me, if my family and I were now indeed free of our Father, so was Faye. I woke up to the sunlight blazing through my window, I normally close the curtains before bed but I had other things on my mind last night.

Mostly it was the incredible sex I had with my Aunt. I knew I was nowhere near ready to get up, so I tried to go back. But there was no chance of that because I began feeling someone else on my bed. I glanced down through semi-closed eyes and saw Bobbie making her way toward me, she peeled away the duvet and smiled at the sight of my morning erection. I had to hide my own smile at the sight of her trying to keep from disturbing me.

She lightly took hold of my cock and began lowering her mouth to it, she was still wearing her nightie and slippers but even in that she was looking like a teenage version of Mom.

Her tongue rolled out of her mouth and she began flicking my helmet, I saw her lick her lips and reach the obvious conclusion that I had sex last night. This seemed to spark her ignition, as she leaned in and took half of my length in her mouth. I let out a slight groan as she began working me with her tongue. She ran her tongue up and down my cock before again trying to take as much of it as she could. She slowly jerked me off as every residual trace of her Auntie's cum was now in her mouth.

I watched her from the corner of my eye as she reached between her legs and began playing with herself, at the rate she was going I was going to shoot my load down her throat and have to 'wake up'. I began to wonder if Mom was telling the truth about her being on her period, the way he hand was jolting between her legs I would say that did indeed tell me a little white lie. I began to let out little moans as she brought me closer to my climax, if my Aunt walked in now I was sure that she would rethink her stand on not reporting our family to the authorities.

Bobbie continued to play with herself while satisfying me, I was sure that she knew how close I was getting by the sound of my moans. She then stopped what she was doing and pulled her nightie up and over her head. Revealing her perfect little breasts and puffy nipples, she then straddled me and began guiding my long rod into her warm wet vagina.

''Oh my god, oh my god,'' she started whispering, ''It's so big, so big,'' she was panting now as my helmet popped into her. It took every ounce of her strength to keep from losing her footing and bringing herself right down on it. She came forward and was leaning over me, settling on the amount of cock that she had inside of her as an acceptable amount she began bringing her hips backward and forward.

''Ohhh, yes,'' she let out in a long gasping whisper. She brought her tight little pussy up and down my cock as I struggled to keep my eyes closed, every now and then I caught a glimpse of her breasts just inches from my face.

I couldn't keep it going any longer and snapped awake, grabbing hold of her ass I began fucking her. She cried out in a mixture of shock, surprise and joy as I took her nipple in between my lips. I began fucking her with a controlled rhythm, careful to not go balls deep and break her cervix or something. Her panting became cries of pleasure, she was getting louder as she came closer to orgasming all over my cock. ''Cum all over my cock little sister,'' I grunted into her ear.

She couldn't reply, couldn't even speak, all she did was look into my eyes and moan. ''I want you to, cum all over my cock right now.'' I told her. She nodded her head and managed to say ''Okay,'' as I brushed the hair out of her face and looked into her round eyes, I kissed her lips as I slipped my length in and out of her.

''I'm going to, I'm going to right--'' she stopped talking as she braced herself, her body went rigid as a long cry of relief came flooding from her mouth. I felt her vagina clamp around my cock as she came, just when I thought she couldn't get any tighter she did, and the semen came shooting out of me and into my little sister.

I felt each stream leave my urethra as it flooded her, I leaked and dripped down my shaft as she squirmed on top of me. She froze on top of me, locked in position as the nerves in her body tingled. She shivered for a moment as a small string of saliva hung from her mouth.

She had never looked more beautiful than she did in this moment. She dropped down next to me in bed as the semen turned cold between her legs, ''They sent me up here to tell you, that breakfast is ready.'' she stuttered.

I glanced down the bed and saw that through it all she had somehow managed to keep her slippers on her feet, I thought that was cute. I kissed her a couple of times before slowly getting out of bed.

''Think I should shower now, or later?'' I asked her. She was huddled in a pile, still numb from her orgasm. ''Later,'' she said. I smiled as I pulled on a pair of shorts and left the bedroom, heading down the landing and to the stairs where the smell of waffles hit my nostrils. I entered the kitchen and Mom smiled at me the moment our eyes met, she was wearing her silky pink nightgown and by the looks of it; nothing else.

''Good morning beautiful.'' I told her, she walked over to me and kissed me. ''Morning.'' she replied. Before I could ask where Aunt Layla was she appeared from the back door, ''I thought you only smoked when you drank.'' I said.

She flashed me a smile, ''I always drink.'' she replied. She greeted me with a hug and kiss on the cheek before presenting me with a plate of waffles, ''Need to pee.'' she stated before leaving the kitchen.

''She only ever used to cook waffles whenever she got some,'' Mom told me looking at me with a sly smile on her face. ''I don't know what to tell you Mom,'' I replied, ''Except for, I think you told me a fib when you said Bobbie was on her period.'' Mom smiled and reddened, ''Well, that's what she told me anyway.

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Did she wake you up?'' she asked. I nodded my head, ''Oh yeah, she did that. Though I think somebody now needs to go and wake her up.'' I told her.


''Oh my god Doc, you're terrible. I hope you're going to show your dear old Mother a little bit of love later.'' she said taking a sip of her tea. ''Don't worry,'' I replied shoving a pile of waffle into my mouth, ''You're my priority.'' After eating I sent out a text to Faye, asking her when it would be best to go over and see her.

It was a few minutes before I got the reply, ''Out at the minute, will text you when I'm back and you can come over ;) xx'' I jumped in the shower and got dressed, Bobbie had left my room and was now back in her favourite spot in front of the television. Mom and Layla were getting ready to go out clothes shopping as Layla said ''It's what your Mother needs right now.'' As I gave Mom a hug and kiss before she left, I whispered into her ear, ''If you see anything sexy, buy it and we'll ruin it later.'' it wasn't the best of my chat up lines, but it worked on Mom and that was the main thing.

It was a little after midday when I got the text from Faye that she was home, I was anxious to see how her and her Mom were doing in the wake of what happened so I hurried across the road telling Bobbie where I was going. I made my way up the drive and let myself in, already there were bunches of flowers gathering in the driveways of both our houses. I figured that the names of the victims must have been released this morning.

''Hello?'' I called as I closed the front door behind me. There was no reply as I made my way through to check the kitchen, but nobody was insight. I then came out and headed up the stairs. Her Mother's bedroom door was closed but Faye's was slightly ajar, I pushed it open lightly and my eyes were not prepared for the wonders that they saw.

Faye was sitting on the edge of her bed, she was wearing nothing but her bright blue underwear. Her legs were crossed and she was smiling from out of the corner of her mouth. She had been expecting me. Her cleavage looked incredible as she got to her feet and slowly began making her way towards me. I had to mentally check with myself to see if I was dreaming, she came closer and kissed me.

Nope, definitely not dreaming. ''What's going on?'' I asked her quietly, she kissed me again and then whispered into my ear, ''Haven't you heard?'' she asked, ''I'm supposed to be grieving.'' she told me as she began pulling at the waistband of my shorts. She dropped down to her knees and exposed my hardening member, she smiled to herself as she glanced back up at me.

She took my penis in her hand and placed my helmet on her tongue, she began to slowly jerk me off as her mouth took in about a third of my length. I leaned back against the frame of the door as she pleasured me, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. My dream girl had my cock in-between her lips and it couldn't have felt any better. I couldn't believe it was finally happening and I had to keep my mind focussed, not wanting it to end early I reached down and smoothed her hair.

She began working me like a popsicle, taking in as much as she could before withdrawing and working the length from a different angle. She cradled my balls while running her tongue from base to tip.

It was an image I will never forget, she began slowly jerking me again and I wasn't sure if she was looking for a quick finish.


I knew though that this was the part where I had to take control, and so I reached down and pulled her up to her feet. I kissed her hard on the mouth and got a taste of warm saliva, it may have been cock saliva but at least it was my own. I began kissing her neck as I slowly kissed my way down to her chest.

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I couldn't let this event go with it so I unclipped her bra, it popped open and came down her shoulder. Her breasts were on display for the first time and I almost took too long admiring them, they must have been somewhere in the D-cup range, her soft white breasts hung from her chest like two amazing pillows.

Her ghostly pale nipples were standing on end after grabbing a handful of breast, I sucked up a nipple and took to it like a baby would. I heard a faint sigh of pleasure from her as worked over both nipples, her breasts were not as perky as Mom's but they were about the same size, they just hung a little lower. I continued to kiss my way down her body and passed her flat stomach, planting an extra kiss on her navel as I began peeling down her panties.

I was greeted by a patch of shiny red hair as her panties dropped to the floor. I glanced up at her smiling as she looked down at me, I lifted her leg up and rested it on my shoulder. I planted multiple kisses along her though before getting to her vagina. Her fingers ran through my hair as I began sliding my tongue along her slit. Her juices began to seep onto my tongue, she tasted sweeter than almost anything I had ever tasted. She gripped my hair and pulled me to my feet, ''Fuck me, Doc.'' she told me softly.

I had wanted to take my time, this had been a fantasy of mine for as long as I could remember. But for her I guess she needed the release. ''What about your Mom?'' I asked, ''She's sleeping.'' she quickly replied as she lifted her leg up, I held her thigh as she guided my cock in. ''Oh, god,'' she gasped as I slipped inside of her. She nuzzled into my neck as I began moving backward and forward, ''Yes,'' she said, ''Yes, right there.'' I was now cupping her ass as she came up off the floor, I held her up against the door frame as she began bouncing herself up and down on me.

She cupped her breast and fed me her nipple as all kinds of pleasure ran through my body. The moment I had waited so long for was almost bitter sweet, I had pictured her spread across a bed as I pumped her, but instead we were standing in the doorway of her bedroom fucking up against the frame of her door. I decided to carry her over to her bed, I dropped her down onto it and her arms went up above her head, her breasts stretched out and were almost invisible aside from her hard ghostly nipples.

Her freckled nose wrinkled slightly as I raised her legs and pushed into her, going deeper than before I felt my cock bump her cervix. ''You're too big,'' she moaned, ''Don't stop,'' she quickly added. I held her by her ankles as I slid into her, my balls brushed her anus as she brought her head up off the bed to moan, I began picking up the pace and watched as her nipples began bouncing up and down her chest, her blonde hair was spread across the bed as I took in the sight.

She looked like a goddess. I felt my balls begin to tighten, I was almost too carried away in the moment and had to do something. I stopped thrusting and rolled her onto her side, her legs were closed together as I lay a hand on her round ass.

I put one knee on the bed and began pushing back into her, she was tighter with her legs closed. She tried to open her legs to give me more room but I pushed her leg back down, I trust my entire cock into her and began fucking her hard and fast. ''Oh my god, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me Doc.'' she cried, I slapped her on the ass cheek as she brought her own breast up to her mouth, she licked her nipple as I continued to slam my hips into her.

I was ready to shoot my load but didn't want to, there was so much more to do. I pulled out of her again and without prompt she moved onto her knees, pointing her ass at me as if to welcome me in. ''God you're perfect.'' I told her as I climbed up onto the bed, I spread her ass cheeks apart and began eating her out from behind.

I even lashed her anus with my tongue a few times, she didn't complain though so I kept doing it. I positioned my self behind her and slipped back into her. She thrust her head back and caused her hair to flick over her head.

Her shoulder blades popped through her skin and once again I was treated to an image I won't ever forget. ''Fuck me like the naughty little girl I am.'' she told me. I held her firmly by her hips and began firing my pelvis back and fourth, I fucked her as hard as I could, as hard as I had ever fucked anyone.

She cried and moaned at the top of her voice, loving every second of it. I couldn't hold it back any more. I was going to cum. I tried reminding myself that she hadn't cum yet, and there was no way I was going to finish with her here when she had yet to cum.

''Babe,'' I started, before I could finish the sentence she turned around and took my cock in her hand. She pulled herself up on her side as she jerked me off, she spread her legs wide open and began rubbing her clitoris.

''You wanna cum all over me? You wanna cum all over my face?'' she asked me. I was lost for words and couldn't think of a thing to say, I just moaned out loud as a wave of semen fired out of me. She brought her face close and turned slightly, so the cum would spray across her cheek. Jets of my man milk washed over her face as her tongue rolled out of her mouth, I reached down and began rubbing the tip of her clit with my middle finger.

''Cum,'' I told her, ''I wanna taste your cum.'' I furiously began jiggling her as she threw her head back, ''Oh my god, no, no, no!'' she cried out, her back was arched and that was the sign for me to dip down bury my tongue into her.

Her hips shot up off the bed and my gaping mouth met her pussy, as a flood of fluid began spraying out of her vagina. She quickly massaged her clit as the spray of salted liquid filled my mouth and splashed against my face.


''Fuck!'' she shouted violently. She dropped down to the bed in a twitching mess. I was stood shell-shocked for a moment as she quivered in a ball on her duvet. ''Why did you do that?'' she asked me. I finally found the strength to say something, ''I knew you were the one.'' I told her. Her head popped up from the bed and she wore a look of surprise.

''What?'' she asked. I dropped down onto the edge of the bed and smiled, ''I love you so much right now.'' I told her. ''That, that didn't freak you out?'' she asked as she started to stop her legs twitching.

''Are you insane?'' I asked her, ''I've been waiting for this moment for a very long time. The fact that you're a squirter is something that, well, I never thought I'd find one to be honest.'' I told her.

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''It's disgusting. Happens every time I have an intense orgasm.

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I can cum like a normal girl, but when it gets really intense, I spray.'' she told me. ''And what feels better?'' I asked. She looked at me with unease. ''Spraying practically paralyses me.'' she said.

''But.'' I started her off, ''But it's the most insane feeling in the world.'' she said smiling. I returned the smile, leaning forward I kissed her on the lips and then on each of her nipples.

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We shared a few more kisses before laying together in a beautiful embrace. This was it, I thought to myself. This was the end of my odyssey. What started as a boring day sitting in my bedroom, ended with me wrapped up in the arms of the love of my life.

Along the way I had found a new love for my Mother and Sister, a love that was sure to last forever. No love was stronger than the love I shared with my family, I was one hundred percent sure that when I went home I was going to enjoy the embrace of my Mother. We had opened a door that neither of us wanted to close. As for Bobbie, she was a growing girl that had a lot of life yet to experience.

And I was going to be there every step of the way. I looked again into the eyes of Faye, my dream girl. She smiled at me and we kissed, lightly at first but then it got a little heavier as our tongues began exploring one another's mouths.

My hand slipped down her arm and found its way to her breast. Though I knew what would be happening when I got home, I knew that I wasn't going home any time soon.