Royal blonde goddess in pussy rubbing

Royal blonde goddess in pussy rubbing
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Note: I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the positive comments on the first one, so here is the second one. Still based on a true story.


My phone rang, pissing me the fuck off, but I picked it up anyway. "Hello," I answered. "Jim, this is the NYPD, were on to you, and your under arrest." "FUCK yeah right bitch!" i yelled.

"You can suck my dick when you catch me bitch!" I decided I was going to stand my fucking ground, because no fucking pig cop was going to ruin my fucking day! I left the football field and went into the local hospital to see if there was anybody that was paralyzed that was ripe for the pickings. I sa one hot ass bitch lying up in her room, looking all pathetic and shit. "HEY! ya fucked up bitch!" i said. "You wanna get fucked?" She looked at me and replied, "No! Get away from me! i'm a paraplegic!" "BITCH!

Noone asked that!" I decided the bitch didn't need her legs anyway, so I grabbed a knife and sawed them off. Bitch didn't feel a thing. Then I whipped out my huge monster fucking 11 inch cock and shoved it in. Dumb bitch couldn't feel it, but damnit i could! The bitch was laying there, calling for a nurse and shit, bleeding everywhere, PISSING ME OFF! Anyway, I cummed all over her stomach, and then the door to her room flew open.

"Whats going on in here?!" exclaimed the faggot looking nurse. "I ask the questions mother fucker!" I pulled him to the ground and stomped on his throat until he was coughing up blood. Dumb bastard. I turned back to the girl and she was crying and shit, so I got the knife and pried her eyes out.

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Show her to have fucking tears again. By that time, i heard police sirens everywhere, so I knew they were here. I ran out the dor, down the hall, and was then tackled by 4 fucking cops.

Damn pigs. They drug me to their pig cop car and threw me in. They drove me to the police station and put me in a cell with some huge fucking big gay black guy. The mother fucker looks at me and says, "Your mine tonight boy" "BITCH!" I replied, "I'm gonna fucking kill your ass before you can take another breath!" i grabbed his head and smashed it into the bars and kept doing it until he was bleeding from his mouth, nose, and ears.

Then, i whipped out my 11 inch huge fucking dick and shoved it down his bloody throat. "HOw DO YOU LIKE THAT FAG?!" He didn't reply, because he was dead. A cop came up to the door and was all like what happened here. So I cummed in his eyes and grabbed his keys. I opened the door, took the cops gun, and shot him, and walked out the front door. Jim was free again BITCHES! I go back home and when I get there my Mom runs up to me and hugs me saying, "I'm so glad your ok!" I smacked that bitch to the ground so fast!

"You fucking cunt!" I said. "You didn't come bail me out bitch!

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Now you pay the price!" I took off her shirt and bit her nipples off and spit them in her face. "How do you like that slut?" Then, i took her panties off and took out my fucking huge 11 inch dick and slid it in her pussy.

"A little bigger than Dad's ain't it bitch?!" I said. I fucked her so HARD! I pulled out and cummed all in her face. She was still crying in pain from the nipples, but I didn't care!

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I took her to the back porch and pushed her off the balcony 3 stories down where she fell and broke her neck. Showed that bitch to be MY mom!

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Anyway, i decided i was hungry, so i called up my boy Riko. "RIKO!

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Go buy me some fucking food if you know what's good for you!" "Man, I'm busy with my girl right now." Riko said. "DAMNIT! Bring her with you bitch! Now!" i replied and hung up. The bitch would do what i said, and I would get food and his slut out of it.


A couple of hours later, he rang my doorbell. I opened the door and he had a nice gun in his face waiting on him. "Bitch! You took too fucking long!" I said then shot his ass. I grabbed the food and the bitch and shut and locked the door. I say her at the table and said "Eat bitch! It's gonna be your last meal!" And we ate some Taco Bell. It was yummy in my tummy.

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But I wanted some desert! I saw that cunt, trying to deep throat her god damned taco, wanting my fucking massive monster cock. I wasn't going to disappoint. I knocked the table over and kicked her in the stomach to the floor making her cough violently.

She probably broke some ribs or some shit. Anyway, she started trying to say something, but i didn't wanna hear that bitch, so I grabbed her tounge, and cut it out of her throat.

Dumb cunt. I figured there would be more room for my dick in there now too. So i whipped it out and slammed it in, throat fucking the shit out of her. Before she passed out, I took it out and rolled her over and told her to take her clothes off. She did. I then rammed my fucking massive cock in her ass so hard! Then i slid it back in her mouth so she could taste her own asshole. I put it back in her ass and fucked it so damn hard!

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The bitch couldn't move after i was done. Either from me strangling her to death, or from fucking her too hard, details don't matter. I was still so fucking pissed though!!! Part 3 is coming soon, so leave me some more positive comments =) Thanks guys.