Babysitter gets seduced by a horny couple

Babysitter gets seduced by a horny couple
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"Ellie! You're not going out in public dressed like that are you?" "Why not daddy?" "Because every young male who sees you will want to fuck you." "Do you want to fuck me daddy?" "Yes Ellie. When I see you so nearly naked, I too want to fuck you. However I am much more mature, and better able to restrain myself than the young men that you will be partying with tonight" Our discussion was cut short by the front door bell.

Ellie opened the door and her boyfriend, Greg, came in. After giving Ellie a passionate kiss, which she returned enthusiastically, he addressed me. "Good evening Mr Smith." "Good evening Greg. If you don't learn to call me Bill, instead of Mr Smith, then you won't get any breakfast tomorrow.

Don't you think that Ellie looks too slutty, the way that she is dressed?" "No, Mr.oops I mean Bill, I think she looks really fuckable, don't you agree?" "That's what I mean. I know that you are going to fuck her tonight, but how will you protect her from all the other randy young men at the party tonight?" For response, Greg and Ellie just grinned at me.

"You mean that you're OK with several pimply youths fucking my darling little daughter?" "Daddy! Calm down! Greg and I have both worked very hard at school all year. We think that we have both done well enough in our exams to get into the university courses that we have selected. Tonight we just want to let off steam after a tough year. If one or two of Greg's mates want to fuck me, I'm all for it. We're not married you know." It was true that they had worked hard.

My wife, Ellie's mother, Mary, had died of breast cancer when Ellie was 15.


Now, 3 years later, Ellie had just finished her final year of school. Tonight was a party of all her school mates to celebrate the end of school. Judging by her previous results and how hard she had worked this year, Ellie's results should be exceptionally good, as should Greg's. Ellie was wearing an extremely short skirt, which showed off her long, tanned legs (she had spent a lot of her study time naked by our backyard pool, working on her tan while she studied her books).

Her legs were further shown off by the high heels that she wore. She had on a thin cotton top with thin shoulder straps. The cotton was so thin that it moulded to her nipples, which were plainly visible as little red bumps in the white cotton. There was a 6" gap between the bottom of her top and the waist-band of her skirt, which showed off her beautifully tanned, beautifully flat abs. As she bent over, facing away from me, to pick up her mobile phone and her keys from a low table I realised that she was not even wearing any panties.

Not only that, but I saw for the first time that she had shaved (or waxed?) her pussy; it was completely smooth. "OK. I tried to bring you up to behave in a lady-like manner. Obviously I have failed dismally. However you are a young woman now. I can't tell you how to behave anymore. Enjoy yourselves tonight. I'll expect you both for breakfast." "Good night daddy." "Good night Bill." "Good night kids." I slept badly that night.

It had been more than three years since I had fucked a woman and the thought of Ellie's wanton partying only served to remind me of the fact. Next morning I woke early, pulled on my running shorts and a singlet and walked down stairs. When I went to bed, last night, her bedroom door had been open, but now it was shut. At the top of the stairs I saw Ellie's tiny skirt where she had abandoned it when she arrived home, sometime after I finally fell asleep after 2am.

At the bottom of the stairs was her skimpy little top, and near the front door I found her high heels.

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Outside, Greg's car was parked in our driveway, so I knew that he was with Ellie. I found my running shoes and a pair of socks where I leave them near the front door and pulled them on. Then I headed out for my morning run. I ran for about 2 hours at a steady jog. I figured that no one would be ready for breakfast too early, and the exercise and the early morning sunshine cleared the cobwebs from my brain. Back at home I enjoyed a long hot shower, then pulled on a fresh pair of shorts, nothing else, and went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

When I thought that Ellie and Greg might be about to surface, I started frying bacon and eggs; I hoped the smell would reach them in her bedroom, and cause them to resurface. Apparently it worked because soon Ellie appeared in the kitchen wearing her tiny skirt and top from last night. Her hair was a mess, her feet were bare, as were mine, and she was not quite her bright bubbly self.

"Good party?" "Great. Everyone was there." "That's good. Where's Greg?" "He and Wendy are having a quick shower. They'll be down in a minute. Can I have a coffee, please?" "Coming up. Who's Wendy?" "She's a school friend. We thought that you might want to fuck her, but you were snoring when we got home, so Greg fucked us both." I had the coffee machine set up ready.

I quickly made us two coffees, and pushed hers in front of her. She gulped it down, then pushed the empty cup toward me. "Can I have another, please?" So I put fresh coffee in the machine and made her a fresh cup, double strength, this time.

Normally I expected her to do things like that for herself, but today I was making allowances for her late night out.

She took her time over the second cup, while I served her and my breakfasts. "So! Do you want to hear about the party?" "I'm not sure that I want to know who fucked you and how, but I suppose that you are going to tell me any way." Just then Greg and Wendy appeared in the kitchen.

They were both naked except for towels wrapped around their bodies. "Wow.


The bacon smells great. I hope there's enough for one extra? Oh! By the way this is our friend Wendy.

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She stayed the night too." For the next few minutes I was flat out, getting extra bacon and eggs out of the fridge (I always keep extra on hand). Putting more bread in the toaster, serving plates of food.

Fortunately Ellie was sufficiently revived, thanks to the double strength coffee, to take over making coffee for Greg and Wendy. Finally I sat down to enjoy my own breakfast. Ellie turned to Greg and Wendy. "I was just about to tell daddy about the party." "I'm not sure that that is a good idea." Wendy blurted out.

"Oh shit!" was all that Greg said. "Don't be silly. I told daddy before I went out that I wanted to get fucked, so now it's just a matter of telling him about how it happened and with whom." "You told him that you wanted to get fucked?" "Yes.

I tell my daddy all the details. I'm hoping that it will get him thinking about sex again. Maybe then he'll get off his backside and find himself a girlfriend or two. Before she died mummy told him to get a girlfriend as soon as possible.

He still hasn't even tried." "Anyway, Daddy. When Greg and I got to the party, every one was outside by the pool or in the pool. Those in the pool were all naked and many of those standing beside the pool were too. There were discarded clothes scattered around, but I did not see one bra amongst them, practically no panties either. There was a bar set up with a keg of bear, cartons of wine, and plenty of nibbles and soft drinks.

The party was at Mary's place; her parents had provided everything and then gone out to dinner. They were going to stay in a motel for the night." "As soon as we got there, Billy, he's in my physics and maths classes, climbed out of the pool and ran toward me with his erect prick bouncing in front. He pressed his wet body against mine while he gave me a passionate kiss, with lots of tongue.

Wendy here came and did the same to Greg." "Because I was wearing heels, I was a bit taller than Billy and so his erection slipped between my bare thighs. While he was still kissing me I reached down between us and lifted his cock so that it was at the entrance to my cunt.

It wasn't a very good angle, but when I bent my knees a bit he slipped about an inch inside me. I think that, as soon as he realised that his cock was inside my cunt, he came, squirting his cum into me. Then he growled 'Oh! Fuck!' and ran back into the pool." "I kicked off my shoes and took off my wet clothes and followed Billy into the pool.

When I managed to corner him at the end of the pool I returned his kiss, then I told him, 'Billy. As soon as you can get it up again, I want you to fuck me again, properly this time. Will you?' 'I'd love to, Ellie, but wont Greg murder me if I do?' 'No. Tonight is Greg's and my party night.

He's going to fuck as many girls as he can, while I'm fucking as many blokes as I can. Afterwards he's coming home to my place and we'll compare notes while we fuck, assuming that he can still get it up.'" "'Shit, Ellie!

I'm ready now.' So we climbed out of the pool together, and found a vacant mattress nearby. I made him eat my cunt first until I had my first orgasm of the evening as he sucked on my clit.

Then he pushed eagerly into me. This time he lasted for about ten strokes before I felt him pulsing inside me, depositing his second load of cum in my cunt.

It was much more satisfying than his first, premature ejaculation. While he was still on top of me, and before his cock slipped out of me he lifted his head and gave me a big grin. 'I'd love to do that again later.' he said." "Then he added, 'My mate, Fred, is too shy to approach a girl, but if you asked him to fuck you, he'd be in seventh heaven. Would you fuck him, Ellie? I'd really like to watch you two fucking.' 'Well, since you asked me so nicely, while your cock is still in my cunt, I can't decently refuse you.

Come with me while I ask him?'. By now Greg and Wendy were fucking on another mattress, as were several other couples. No one seemed to feel the slightest need for privacy." "We found Fred standing by the bar, fully dressed, nursing a beer and watching all the action around him. He looked lonely, until Billy and I, both naked confronted him.

Then he looked as if he might run away, so I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. At first he did not seem to appreciate my forward approach, but after a bit he relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy the kiss. When I finally broke the kiss, Billy explained to Fred, 'Ellie, here wants you to fuck her. Would you like that?' 'Wont I be in trouble with Greg if I do?' 'No! Ellie says that tonight is special. So make the most of it.'" "While this was going on, I had undone and unzipped Fred's jeans, and slipped his jeans and underpants down to his ankles.

He kicked off his thongs (=US & UK flip flops) and stepped out of his jeans. Billy grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head and Fred raised his arms and lost his shirt. His cock was fully erect by the time that we had him naked, so I grabbed his erection and pulled him toward the nearest vacant mattress.

Billy trailed along behind us, with his shaft bobbing up and down because he too was aroused again." At that point I could not take listening to Ellie's, clinical description of her sexploits any longer.

My penis was poking a tent in my shorts, mercifully hidden under the table where we had, by now, finished our breakfast.

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"Fuck, Ellie! Enough already. How am I, a lonely widower, supposed to sit here and listen to your blow by blow description of such wanton sex?" "But that's the point daddy. I think that you should get interested in sex again.

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I want you to be happy again like you were before mummy got sick." "God knows you make me as randy as hell with your sexy behaviour, the sexy way that you dress, and now your description of last night, but who would want to fuck me? I'm certainly not ready to make a commitment to someone new." What happened next really stunned me. Wendy stood up, dropped her towel to the floor and came and pressed her naked body against my face and upper body.

"Lots of women would love to fuck you, but I'm first in line because I'm right here, now." I couldn't say anything because I found that I had her nipple pressed into my mouth, and without realising what I was doing, I was sucking and licking it. "Why don't you push your chair back from the table so that I can sit on your lap?" "Mmmmm!" Once I pushed back from the table Wendy carefully pulled my shorts down my thighs, freeing my erection, then, without any further foreplay, straddled my lap and lowered herself onto my cock.

Apparently Ellie's description of the party had aroused Wendy as much as it had aroused me, because her pussy was so wet that I slid into her cunt smoothly and comfortably. I was so entranced by what Wendy was doing that I completely ignored the fact that we were fucking in front of my daughter, Ellie, and her boyfriend Greg.

Wendy was lifting herself up and down my shaft and I was lifting off my seat each time to meet her. I was desperately trying not to cum too soon, but feared that I would soon lose that battle, when I was delighted to hear Wendy groaning and her cunt squeezing my cock as she came.

Immediately my cum was pumping out of my cock into her pussy. We both collapsed against each other, enjoying the after glow of our orgasms. Then to my horror I heard Ellie and Greg clapping and c hearing.

I was horrified to realise what I had just done in front of them. And yet, far from seeming shocked, they seemed delighted by what had just happened. "Thanks for that, Mr Smith. That was great.

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Can we do it again soon?" "Jesus Christ, Wendy. I've just fucked you and you call me Mr. From now on you call me Bill." "OK Bill.

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But can we do it again soon?" "I'd like that, Wendy, although it worries me to think what your parents would say if they knew what I have already done to their special little girl." "Well!

I'm not going to tell them. Are you?" TO BE CONTINUED