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Ninfeta Metendo o Enorme Consolo na Buceta
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Chapter eleven: Going Bare Back for first time W/Lisa Midway point of my senior year High School. (2002) When Stephanie didn't return my call as she said she would it became very evident that no matter how bad things were with Barry and her then boyfriend. That she couldn't bring herself to leave him.

So I guess I was stuck with Lisa, Now don't get me wrong here I loved the woman but she was like of crazy in some way but aren't all women crazy in one way or another I mean during time that Lisa and I had been dating we had broken up at least three time. Mostly due to her immaturity and some other factors.

Our break up never last more than a few days before one of us calling the other begging for other to take other back and at this point we just had came off one of those break up. let me just tell you at this point it had been well over a year and half since i had deflowered Jackie in back seat of my car and my sexual frustration was starting to eat at me big time. I mean blow jobs and hand job that I got from Christy the year earlier helped ease the frustration a little but I need some PUSSY in worse way possible!

I knew that Lisa was staying with a friend of her in down town Roanoke city due when I called her moms house she had told me Lisa wasn't staying there at moment so her mom give me Lisa cell number and after hanging up with Lisa mom I dialed Lisa Cell phone after about three ring she finally pick up the phone " Hey Sexy how you doing ?" Lisa said " I'm doing fine how are you baby?" I replied "'Nothing just chilling how about you?" She said " I'm good I tried to reach you at the house a few minutes ago and your mom told me you were staying with a friend of yours .

why didn't you tell me Lisa?" There was long silence on her end of phone. "'Well it more like she kick me out for few days" Lisa said "What did you do this time Lisa?" I said in stern tone of voice " We had one of our many fights about how I was living my life and you know how that always turns out babe" Lisa Said " Sure do with you blowing your lid and telling her either Go Fuck yourselves or worse?"'I said "Well Scott I'm not child anymore i shouldn't have listen to that shit anymore I mean wouldn't you do same things if your parents tried to run your life like my does?" Lisa said "I totally understand that Lisa hell one time when I was dating a girl name Jennifer who had broken up with me months earlier which sent me into deep depression called me out of blue one day asking me if I would take her back after one her friends told her that I had dedicated a song to her the night before and she confessed that she only told me half the song behind the break up.

When I told my mom I was going back out with her she flipped her lid!" I said " How did that turned for you Baby?"Lisa said "Well she tried to tell me I couldn't go back out with her and I snapped back at her tell her Listen ok I old enough to make those decisions on my own and I will DATE WHO THE FUCK I WANTED WHEN I WANTED AND THERE NOT FUCKING thing you can do about.

Unless I ask for you to get involved in my relationship stay out!" I told her " well now you understand thing with my mom and I baby!" Lisa said "I guess I can relate some what." I told her "Now Scott I know that not what you wanted talk about what up?" Lisa said " Well Lisa you know me far to well. But now you not at your mom house we could finally get do something that we had been wanting to do for while" I said " Oh like what baby" Lisa said in a seductive tone of voice " Well Lisa you still have make up for the time you said I could stay at your mom house.

It been almost an year and half since I last time I got laid" I told her " Oh I totally all most forgot about that Scott I guess we can do something to remedy that year and half of pen up sexual frustration of your and maybe it will help you forgot that War your having with your ex girlfriend Christy!" Lisa said " It will help remedy the sexual frustration but the issue with Christy that different subjects all together baby!" I told her " well baby I'm sure once we get done you won't even give her second thought" Lisa said " How that Lisa?" I asked " Very simple baby I'm going fuck her right out of you?" Lisa said "One thing wouldn't your friend have an issue with us fucking.

and Lisa remember what I told you last time would happen if you lied to me again!" I said " Don't worry about that baby she won't mind" Lisa said " For your same she best not Lisa" I said So we made plan to meet up the next day at a local Walmart store.

Then we would take Valley metro bus over to her friends house. So the next day I met her at Walmart and I bought some condoms along with me. Plans were my parents dropped me off at Walmart and my stepdad would pick me up later when we were done. I was nervous as hell when i step out my mom van.

I hadn't seen Lisa in good long time and it had been over year and half since I last got laid. All I had on my mind was getting to her friends place and fucking Lisa brain out. Well true to her word Lisa was waiting for me outside of the Walmart store.

And after setting time for my stepdad pick me up from her friends apartment. Once Lisa give my stepfather the address he look up at me through the van passenger side window and he motion for me lean in for moment " yeah what up Ed?" I ask as lend inwards the passenger side window " son your going tap that ass tonight aren't you?" Ed said in soft tone of voice.

" Ed it been over year and half since I got laid by Jackie so you better believe I'm going to tap that ass today!" I said to him in soft tone of voice so Lisa wouldn't over hear it "Well have fun son and I give you call later on when I leave house and be smart please Scott" Ed said " Oh I will Ed see you at ten thirty." I told him as pull my head out of van window moments later Ed drove off and when back over to where Lisa was standing.

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Damn Lisa was look fucking hot in that outfit she had been wearing even for woman of her size damn that outfit made her 40 DD stand out. But the trust be told has good as she looked in that outfit.

I couldn't hardly wait get to her friends apartment and get her out of it. Moments later Lisa and I made our way to Valley metro bus stop. We both lite up an cigarette as we wait for bus to come. " So babe is this really the first time you ever rode the bus?" Lise ask me as she ran her finger slowly down front of my shirt. I took draw off my cigarette and blow out the smoke " sure is baby. Remember I live in the country and bus don't run in country.

So yes this well be my first time." I told her as she lend in for a quick kiss. " well you did remember to bring a dollar fifty right for the bus?" Lisa said as took drag of her cigarette.

I give her his really look " How else am going ride the bus babe yes I got it don't you remember reminding me of it earlier Lisa?" I said to her as we wait for bus to arrive " Good just want to make sure you had it." Lisa said So about fifteen minutes later the bus arrive we quickly finish up our cigarette and toss them butts on ground and walk up and get on bus. Thank God they give us an transfer. If not I would been screwed. So we head down town to bus station and transfer to bus that When towards Lise friends apartment.

Which It was short ride from the station. We get off in front of this three floor brick apartments building which look a little ran down if you ask me but hey what you expected it SE Roanoke city ghetto central So we walk across the street and head into the building .once in side you definitely tell who ever owned this apartment building was a slum lord at best.

Now her friend apartment was on third floor last one on the right I can't remember what the apartment number was. Lisa and I knocked on door Lisa didn't have used her key because her friend was home. Lisa friend heather opens the door and damn she was very good looking heavy set but she had nice set of boobs. " So Scott are you hungry.?" Heather ask I looked at Lisa a grin " sure am Heather what you cooking?

I ask heather all long I was hungry as hell but not for food I want Lisa in worse kind of way. " well Scott we going to be having cheese burger hamburgers helper and mashed potatoes and corn." Heather said " sound good to me how long until it done heather?" I ask as Lisa and I made our way to the couch and took a seat on it "Oh it going to be about twenty or thirty minutes before everything is ready so make yourself at home Scott" heather said as she give Lisa a wink.

I move closer towards Lisa on the couch and ran my right hand gently across her left thigh. Lisa turned her head toward me and give me this really Now look.

I just nodded my head in return. I wanted Lisa it worse possible way at that moment. At that moment Lisa slide her left hand down my pants leg towards my crotch. Oh Jesus I started to sweat little when my dick started to harden quickly when Lisa starts to gently rub her thumb over my crotch of my pants.

Before I know it my dick was standing at full attention, and was seriously starting to tent the crotch of my pants. I didn't know if she was intentionally trying to torture me either way the pain was starting get unbearable. Luckily for us Lisa friend was too busy fixing dinner to notice. I turn my head towards Lisa look at her in eyes and quickly lower my eyes towards my crotch.

She laughed and keep rubbing my crotch. I look at her a said " oh two can play this game!" As I slide my hands down into her pant And started to slowly and gently rub my finger over her clit. It didn't take that long for her to want me to do more than just rub her clit and she let out very muffled moan and slowly buck her hip slightly. I removed my hand from her pant and I lend in close to her and told her "Lisa don't tease it if your not going please it woman.if it wasn't for this being your best friends apartment and her being here I would be ripping your clothes off your body at this very moment and banging the holy shit out of you right here on this couch." I told Lisa which I thought I said softly enough not to be heard by her friend Boy was I wrong Lisa friend Heather spun around and saw the massive bulge in my pants.

Both Lisa and I were scared shitless how was her friend going to react to seeing me sitting in her living room with massive hard on. " Guys why you let me stand in way of you to love birds getting your groove on. Just due me a favor and if you're going have sex let me know so I can give guys so privacy!" Heather smiled turn back to the stove. Hearing this both Lisa and I locked lips both of our tongues were invading each other mouths.

Damn I wanted her so bad. While we were french kissing I slide my hand up Lisa shirt and grab ahold of her right breast with my hand and damn her 36DD breast felt damn good in my hand. I Slowly trace every inch of her right breast with my fingers working my way to her extreme harden nipple. Lisa let out a muffed moan As her eyes seem to roll up back into her skull for moment and her breathing deep. As Lisa toss her leg cross my lap and straddled me and lower herself full cloth on to my lap starting Move her body backwards forward on my crotch "oh Goddamn Scott I want you suck on my nipples.

Damn it I want you now but we going have waited until later Heather going to run out for bit after dinner.You ok with that baby." Lisa said as she retched down grab ahold of her shirt and pull it off of her and her big Beautiful 36DD breast spring free right in front of my face.

I buried my face in her tits as she was grinding her crotch over my. Damn I only was wish she didn't have her bottoms on.

I ran my tongue over her extremely hard and inflamed nipples and Lisa tossed her head Back and let a loud moan " ooooh Goddamned it Scott that feel so fucking good" Lisa moan for next fifteen minutes I completely drenched both of her breast in thick lever of my Saliva.

I kiss every inch of her breast and each time I would either flick my tongue over her nipples she grind even harder About fifteen minutes later Lisa body tense up and I know she was about cum. So I whispered into her ear " Cum for me baby! Completely soak those panties of your with your juice" I said has I thrusted my hip and very tip on disk touch her crotch of her pant I saw the crotch area on her pants darkened and and her body started to Quack as she came.

After she came she slide off my lap. Our lips lips locked once more as she put her shirt back on. Damn I was so hard and the pain was starting because unable. I need a release of my own or I going have serious case of blue ball. I lean over "Lisa baby Can go into bathroom you give me an blow job i really need blow my load please!" I ask Lisa "Umm Scott if you can wait until after we eat heather going go out so we do our thing.

If you can wait just little bit ill make worth your while" Lisa said has ran her tongue across her lips. " Ok I guess Lisa but remember you promise me that you would make up for last time" I said to her as head to bathroom to pee and wash up for dinner. " Oh don't you worry Scott I will take care of that very soon"Lisa call after me as I ahead toward bathroom. One I had manage get my raging hard on go down by peeing my ball started to ack. I thought to myself dinner need to quick because has hell because I really need to blow my load sooner than later or there goes hell to pay if I get another case of the blue ball.

So I finished washing up and head Back on to dining room to eat. I was very surprised how good Heather cooking was. But all I had in on my mind was banging shit out Lisa. About forty five minutes later we all had finished our meals and Lisa and I help Heather with dish. My thought was the quicker we get done with dinner mess the quicker Heather could leave and sooner Lisa and would be alone and the sooner I would be making hot passion love to Lisa.

Lisa came over to me and whispered into my ear " I'm going go ahead change into my PJ while you two finished up with dinner dish if that ok with you baby?" " Hell yeah we just about done. You do know I'm going put a hurting on you tonight right.?" I told Lisa?" " oh I know you are I most likely won't be able walk straight once we done?" Lisa replied " You know baby now hurry along change!" I told Lisa as I swatted her on ass with my hand as she turn walked out of kitchen toward the bed room.

As soon as Lisa walked into her and Heather room Heather turned toward me " You know Scott When Lisa ask me if it was ok for two use my apartment. I was at first kind hesitant but after she explained to what happened last time you were going make love and didn't get to and how upset she had been that she mislead you the first time.

That she had make things right. I was sure just do me favor don't get to wild break anything!" Heather said " Why in world is she still kicking herself over that I forgave her heather?" I said this when Heather walk over closer to me " Scott she afraid your going leave her! Scott Lisa has had lot of bad relationship in pass where the men mostly used her get a piece quick ass move on to next woman. But Lisa know your not one of guy who just want her body and she want to please you and make you happy.

I haven't seen act this way in long time. She truly love you Scott." Heather said I walk over edge of Kitchen and look back at heather for moment " Heather it been almost a year and after since I last got laid. But I sure you if I have my way soon she'll be my wife. I love her with all my heart and soul; wouldn't ever just use her for her body. I'm not that know kind of man Heather." I told heather as the door to bed room started reopen " ok that my Qua that it time for me head out.( as she walked over to table and picked up her key to leave.

Lisa walk back into room with giant smile on her face as made her way over to me) ok you two the place is your until 10:00 have fun for love of God don't break anything please!" Heather said as open the door of her apartment "Oh heather we promise not get to wild" I said as I grin at Lisa standing beside me. " ok you two have fun call if you need anything?" Heather said as slide out the door and closed firmly behind her.

Lisa walk up to the door lock it before she made her way over to me. Our lips locked tightly together and our tongues invaded each other mouth.

We passionately french kiss as we made our way over her friends couches. Where Lisa broke our kiss as she literally shoved me backwards on couch as she quickly removed my shirt and undid my belt on my pants pulled them over my ankles feet toss them and boxers over in corners before she lowered herself to floor at my feet she retch up and started slide her hand up and down my Rock hard erection.

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I toss my head Back let out moan as Lisa lips part and she slide the tip of my dick between her lips "Oh Goddamn Lisa you have no idea how good that feel it been far to long ooooh damn!" I said to Lisa as I retch down pull her mouth away long enough to pull her night gown over her head and tossed it over with my clothes all Lisa had on at moment was her panties.

" Scott you have no idea how long I been wanting to do this so sit back and enjoy it we have all time in world." Lisa said as pushed back against the couch once again second before she rolled her lips and once again took my edge hard cock in her mouth this time I felt tip of dick make contact with back of her throat.

I throw my head back started moan as started deep throat my dick. " Oh shit I Never had a woman deep throat me before" I yell out as she started to Bob her head up and down my dick at fast pace stopping only long enough run her tongue up and back down my full in long gated shift of my dick.

" That because Scott you been messing with unexperienced girls before me. Damn your cock taste so damn good.

so hard and firm." Lisa said as she took my dick once again into her mouth. This time though she pick up the pace of her sucking. All I could do was sit there and watch in total aww has Lisa mouth slide up back down my cock.

I let out loud moan as I start to thrust my hips trying match her paces and she tighten her mouth muscles around my dick.when all suddenly I started feeling the muscles in my nuts start to tighten and the pressure started to build. I retch down pull her off for moment " you better stop I'm about shoot a massive load cum down your throat!"I told her. Lisa removed my dick from her mouth for moment and look up at me as ran her tongue over very tip on dick love basically licking the pre cum off my tip dick before lean up toward me and our lips lock and I could taste the favor of my own pre cum in my mouth.

When she broke our kiss she look at me " Scott I want you to shoot your massive of scorching hot cum down back of my throat you got it?(As our lips connect once again Before she gave my nuts quick squeeze ) I'm not coming up again until you have blow your load into my stomach you feel me Scott" Lisa said as she gently released her grip on my nuts" I feel you but just remember turn around fair game when I get ahold of yours!" I told Lisa as she lower herself once more to her knees and took me in mouth once more this she basically clamp down muscles of her mouth on my dick.

She pick up pace ten fold and she was tightening her muscles in her mouth has when. I retch down took ahold on her head force her go faster as I basically started thrust my hip with more strength. When suddenly my the muscles in my nuts and my dick started to convulses rapidly push the massive load scorching hot white cum the length of my shift of my dick " Ready or not here comes Lisa .

Immmmm going cumin !" I yelled out as my massive load of white cum erupted like an volcano from end of my dick and slammed hard into back oh Lisa throat and slide down back of her throat and flowed like molten lava into her stomach. True to word she took every last drop. Once my dick had stop pumping seed into her mouth. I retch down and pulled Lisa up off her knees and slung her on to her back on couch and I retch down and ripped her panties clear off her body and slung them in floor with rest of our clothing.

I stood hovering over her with this crazy look in my eyes. "Oh Goddamn it Scott those were my favor panties you just ripped off! Jesus H Christ did have be that rough getting me onto couch?" Lise Said as she tried slow her breathing ."remember when I told that turn around was fair game Lisa." I said has move closer to her.


Her eyes wide " Oh my God baby please be gentle please !" Lisa said "I'll be gentle all right I promise I won't hurt you ( as I slide my index finger into her sloppy wet pussy and bought to my mouth and licked her pussy juice from my finger) " Now Lise this what going to happen I'm going to ravage your pussy with both my mouth and my tongue until you cover my face with your scorching vaginal fluid do you understand stand me?"I said to Lisa " Baby!" Lisa said protesting slightly " No baby me Lisa you got your way now it my turn!" I said.

I bend down ran my tongue over her extreme hard and inflamed nipples Lisa tossed her head Back let an moan " Oh my God Scott ooooh mmmmmmmm fuck please suck on my nipples they feel like their on fire" Lisa moan out.

I bend my head down took her right nipple in my mouth sucking on them so slightly and did the same with other.

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Lisa buck her hip wildly "Oh Goddamn it Scott Now my pussy feel like on fire. Damn you wasn't kidding it had been over year and half. Yep I'm not going be waking straight once we finish"Lisa moan I ran my sloppy my wet tongue down her belly once I made to her thighs I position my self right in center of couch I retch up pull Lisa leg close towards me cause her flat out on couch.

I part her thighs with my hand and ran my long wet tongue down both side of inner thigh which cause her buck her hips " Goddamn it Scott eat me all ready your torture me oh damn fuck that feel good!" Lisa yell out.

I just smile as move right a very edge of her mount a blow out some scorching hot breath over her mount. Just heat off my breathe on her swollen inflamed pussy lips cause Lisa to start beg and pled with eat her. I gently flick my tongue over her swollen and highly inflamed lips. Enjoying the taste of her juices. I bend down plant my face into her inflamed lips and Lisa started bucking her hip wildly and moan spend about ten alone on eating her before I flick my tongue over her g spot and slide my tongue deep inside of her cunt and begin slide in and out quickly " Oh Jesus Christ .Goddamn it that fucking feels good.

That right baby tongue fuck me oh shit faster faster faster.oh fuck deeper deeper deeper" Lisa moaning and yell as push down my head. Hearing this I drive my tongue in her cunt quicker and harder. "Oh fuck Scott I'm about to blow !" Lisa yell out. " Cum for me baby that right Lisa cover my face with your scorching juice !" I yell out " Oh shit I'm cumin"Lisa yells out as her body Tenses up as hard as board. I know she about to blow at any moment so drive my tongue even harder and deeper I want send her soaring into sub space.

" OH SHIT IM CUMIN!" Lisa Yell out as her thunderous orgasm rip though her body sending her flying in sub space. She dug both her hand deep into my scalp. I heard what sounded like loud rumbling sound followed by a sound of rushing water coming from her pussy as first wave of her orgasm hit. Second later like an volcanic explosion a massive stream of her sticky scorching vaginal fluid explode forward from cunt from between her extremely inflamed pussy.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could. Her justice slammed hard into back of my throat and I allow it slide back of throat in my stomach. The rest coat my face in fine coat of her juice.

by the time her second wave of her orgasm had finished my belly was full and my face was dipping in her vaginal fluid. This When Lisa started come down from her Sub Space orgasmic highLise sat up on couch as I tried find something I could wipe face off with." Need a towel?" Lisa asked laughing her ass off. "Maybe for place I can't get with my tongue. Lisa please go grab a towel and come back because we really need to discuss how we are going to proceed from here." I said to Lisa as she ran to bathroom get me a towel.

Moments later she returns and hands to and set cleansing up my face. Lisa took a seat by me on the couch and grab ahold of my dick and start to stroke it gently. "What the hell you mean by we need to discuss how we going to proceeded from here Mr. (Pocking me in the chest with her pointer finger)what going happen here Scott is this ok your going take this of your dick that I have in my hand and your going bury it deep inside of my pussy and bang the holy hell out of me Got it Scott?" Lisa said as give my dick a little squeeze "Ouch Lisa that hurt damn it.

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I never said we weren't going make love! Would you mind stop squeezing my dick it kind hurt a little" I said in a stern tone of voice Lisa loose us her grip on my dick " Ok then what Scott?" Lisa said I stood up from couch made my over way toward my bag and pull out an condom packet and return to couch to sit by her. I look up at Lisa; "So Lisa which way would like to proceed?" I said to her while holding the condom pack in my hands "What do you mean Scott how would I like to proceed.

Scott your not making any sense here?" I tossed the condom packet on the coffee table and turned to face Lisa "Well we have choice to make here Lisa that could effect both of our life's going forward." I said to Lisa before she rudely interrupted me " Goddamn it Scott stop beating around the fucking bush here get to damn point already damn it I thought we're going make love!" I took deep breath and let it out.

" We are going to make love but if you going to put that way Lisa! Which way do you want to do it Lisa with or without a condom?" I said looking at Lise An stunned look came across Lisa face for a moment. She clear her throat " It doesn't matter to me either way Scott as long as your clean " Lisa said as stokes my dick " Well I know I'm clean because all the woman I been with before you I had wore a condom because of their ages.

are you clean Lisa?" I told Lisa as I slide a finger up into her pussy started to sliding in and out of her pussy. " oh Scott damn that feels good I can't wait for that to be your throbbing rock hard dick.mmmmm so your telling me Scott you never when Bare back with a woman before?" Lisa moan Loudly.


" Well unless a you count a condom coming off in side of Christine pussy when I was pulling out of her s after I had blow my load in it the condom going bare back? Then no I have never gone Bare Back.But Thankful since you're of age I may get that change But it up to you whether we want to start trying to have a baby or not." I told Lisa as lend in to kiss her.

But Lisa stop me"Wait a minute Scott are you tell me that I'm going to pop your Bare back cherry?" Lisa said " Well Lisa you can't take my Virginity but yes Lisa you will be one who take my Bare back cherry as you call it. So do you want to have my baby Lisa?" I ask a giant smile appeared on Lisa face " Hell Yeah Scott I have your baby . fuck them condoms Scott I want you pump your seed deep into my fertile womb and put a baby in me!.

trust me once you go Bare back you won't ever want wear another condom. Get over here Scott put a baby in me" Lisa said as retch with both hand and grab ahold of me and pull me over towards her.Our lips locked as we fell backwards on the couch. Our tongues were going wild each other mouths. After a few moments I broke the seal and gently pushed her back on couch and started to make may way down her body like I had before when we given each other oral sex a few minutes before.

" oh shit not this again Scott Ahhhh fuck . Scott Goddamn it if you don't plunge that dick in me right this minute I swear to fucking God I'm going fuck rape your ass. ahhhhh fuck you I love it how run your tongue over my thighs." Lisa moan and yell out as I ran my scorching hot Saliva rich tongue along her thighs as I parted her thighs with my hand as I positioned myself between her childbearing hip. Once I retch the entrance of her mount a grab ahold of my dick a gently rub my tip of cock over her swollen G spot and inflamed her clit torturing her as she had me over the the pass months Lisa buck her hip wildly " Oh God Damn it Scott push it into me already oh damn it I can't take this torment anymore!" Lisa begged "Lisa it been over a year and half since I last made love to a woman please let enjoy it and Oh this paycheck for all the damn the time you left me hang high dry and I got blue balls" I said as I bend down I ran my tongue over her extremely inflamed clit and blow a shot of my scorching hot breath over Lisa inflamed lips.

Lisa sat up grab ahold my head lifting up to met her at face level" I swear to God Scott I will rape your ass!!!" Lisa said in heavy breathing tone of voice I just laughed " Lisa listen to me very closely ok I need to know that you're hundred percent sure you want me go Bare back! The time is now change your mind I wouldn't be upset if change your mind? I said as place tip of my dick against her inflamed pussy lips that just lead to her cunt canal I could feel the heat radiating out from her pussy I look down on Lisa laying under me and I knew I was tormenting the hell out of her " I'm never been more sure of anything in my life Scott I want you inside me" Lisa moan " Ok if you're totally sure !

I'm sorry I know I'm torturing the hell out you but Lisa I have to ask you just for Legal reason I may I enter you?" I ask her " YES ENTER ME ALREADY GOD DAMN IT" Lisa wrapped her legs and her thighs around my waist as I grab ahold of my extremely hard and throbbing dick and line it up with her cunt canal and I thrusted my hip and the lead edge of my dick slide gently between her swollen and inflamed pussy lip and Lisa let out loud moan " Oh God Damn it Finally I get to have your extremely large and hard and throbbing dick inside me" Lisa moan as she tighten her leg are my waist pushing me deeper inside her her pussy.

As sank deeper inside of her pussy I was rather surprised to find that she was as tight as she was knowing that Lisa had many be partners before me. I thought I would find her be looser than she was. The more I thrust my hip the more the muscles of her cunt canal tighten around my dick drawing me deeper inside her.

" oh my God I can't believe your so fucking tight Lisa" I grunted as I put all my weight behind my thrust finally after a few moments I felt my dick bottom out and felt a slight pop as I broke though Lisa cervix wall and into her fertile womb " OH SHIT SCOTT! YOU JUST BROKEN THOUGH MY FUCKING CERVIX WALL!

OH FUCK THAT HURTS. YOU'ER IN MY FUCKING WOMB . YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT SCOTT DON'T YOU? I keep pounding away as I look down at the shock look on Lisa face as she just realized I now was fucking her directly in her fertile womb " Sure do Lisa I had break to your cervix to get to your fertile womb so I could plant my seed deep in you we have baby to make!" I grunted as I pound away at her womb " Oh shit Scott I never had an guy this deep before .


HARDER HARDER SCOTT fuck my hungry womb like no man has before . PUNISH ME FOR LIEING TO YOU ABOUT TELLING YOU THAT MY MOM SAID YOU COULD STAY THE NIGHT WHEN I KNEW SHE WONT! Oh God Damn it Scott Jackie didn't lie when she told me that you were going to rock my fucking world!" Lisa yell out loud as I continued my assault on her fertile womb Lisa breathing became shallower and I start to feel her muscles of her pussy starting to clamp down on around my dick I knew it could only matter of time before her Orgasm hit.

Lisa whole body tense up lifting her back of cough! " Oh Baby are you Close please tell me you about to cum I can't while it much longer" Lisa pled with all her soul for me flooded her fertile womb with my scorching hot seed. " I'm getting there if you love me your keep holding it I want us cum together you understand me Lisa." I told her as once again put all my weight in my thrusting "I am trying baby it getting very hard it feel like my body going to explode at any moment please hurry me!" I Lisa pledged even harder.

" baby I putting all my weight into it any harder I may seriously hurt you. Oh God I can start feeling the building baby it wouldn't be much longer now I promise you!" I grunted " please hurry baby it feels like my womb is on fire I can't hold it much longer please hurry please" Lisa once again pledge with for her release.

I keep pounding away with all my might for another five minutes or so then Lisa did something I never thought in million year she would do. She retch around to my ass slide her finger into my ass. As her finger sank deeper in my as I suddenly felt the muscles in my testicles tight and pressure started to greatly increase in my dick. I felt her finger hit my colon and the more she slide her finger in and out of my ass the greater the pressure build " Lisa!" I grunt loudly " Yes baby?" Lisa moan " No matter how unnatural that may feel for me have your finger stuck in my ass may be ; but slide it harder and faster I'm just about flood your womb with my seed!" I grunt at Lisa.

Lisa slide her finger in and out of my ass quicker and by now I could just start to feel my Scorching hot seed start to be squeezed up out of my nuts the muscles in the shift of dick started to convulse rapidly pushing my seed through tinny tub that run the length of my shift of my dick " Cum!" I yell out as my seed reach tip of dick moments later I feel the muscles in my testicles draw up tight as my Scorching hot seed erupted forth from my dick like an a volcano erupting " oh God I'm coming" Lisa and I both yell as our thunderous orgasm hit as my seed slam hard against sides of her womb flooding her fertile womb.I felt Lisa body release as well as my seed was flooding her womb it the first wave of Lise woman ejaculation juice start spray out from her pussy coating my crotch all the pressure in dick start to build again and I flood her fertile womb with another massive load of my seed and same another wave Lisa woman ejaculation sprayed out from her pussy.

After my third load of cum finish up pumping into Lisa womb .I collapsed down on top her. Lisa is once again tighten her muscles of her pussy around my dick not letting it slide out just yet she want to stay right where it was for more minutes i felt some my seed start to flow back out of her. I stay inside her until my dick soften to point it pop out of her pussy I sat up on couch and immediately noticed we really should put down a towel because her friend couch was cover in both of our ejaculation.

Lisa was still flying high in sub space " Lisa baby come back to please we have hell of mess to clean up before heather get back" I whisper in Lisa ear.

Moments later Lisa returns from sub space also immediately notices the mess we made " God Damn it we got be quick get this clean up or Heather going have both of ass! But baby got quick jump in shower and clean yourself while clean up these mess" Lisa said we both stood up from the couch and our lips locked for moments " I love you Lisa and pray one seed find it way to you egg and turn into a baby" I said as we broke our kiss " I love you too Scott and the amount of cum that you put up in side of me I highly believe it possible that very soon a new life will be forming not quick shower" lisa said as she swat me on the ass as I grab my clothes off floor ahead take quick shower.

While she started to clean up our mess. I took real quick shower and as was coming out of bathroom Lisa was spraying some kind of cleaner on couch trying her hards cleanup our mess we made I walk up behind her and took her by arm lead over to one chair in living room there we cuddled.

I place Lisa in my lap and ran my hand through her dark brown hair. "So be honest with me Lisa how was it?" She pat her bloated belly. Our lips lock again for moment " To be honest I thought you were going be a Dud one of them five second men.

But God Damn if I wasn't wrong about you? I have been fuck my many men but never of them had took me to limit like you did Scott .

( I slide my finger down between her leg and she slap it away) hey now no more play for you tonight mister I'm raw as hell down there and my fucking womb still feel like it on fire" Lisa said i bust out laughing " Hey your the one who told me not hold anything back ; and I do believe I'm just as raw as you are down there." I laugh Lise lay her head on my shoulder " So what going to become of us is if I do end up pregnant Scott?" Lisa asks I look at her with weird look " Lisa let me be clear and up front with you here Ok if I didn't want a child I would have wore an condom so if you do end up getting pregnant your be changed your last name to Cline!

You understand me Lise?" "Really you would Marry me Scott just like that ?most guy I know would leave or demand that I have abortion." Lise said I give her very stern look " Lisa one I'm highly against abortion. It murder! So there well no be an Abortion you understand me Lisa! So if you choose go that route you would lose me forever. Second I'm not like other men baby.

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I believe that take responsibility for you acts and I would take you as my wife!" I said Lisa struggles closer in to me " but you're still in school Scott and I won't want you have drop out!" Lisa said " Woman I would have been graduated by the time the baby is due and I have Job and if had find full time Job I would but let not worry about that just yet ok Lisa I love you." I said say kiss her on lips " and I love you to Scott I wish this night never had to end" Lisa said " me neither but it about time my ride to come so you walking me out?" I ask Lisa as I stand up and look at couch so does Lisa " yeah Heather going be pissed when she see the couch !" As we were leaving heather was just arriving back at apartment and with some male friend of her and Lisa seemed to be in hurry get away From coming storm.

We both known that Heather would flip her lid when she saw couch .We just made to bottom floor when an very angry Heather poke her head over top floor railing " What the hell did you two do God Damn it the couch is soaked with both your ejaculation juice Lisa your going finish cleaning that shit up!" Heather yelled at Lisa I look up at Heather " I'm sorry about the mess on couch but that what happen when a year and half sexual frustration is unleashed Little did I know that would be last time I would have sex I would have for next five years To be continued in pregnancy scare