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Huge cock bigdick big cock tube porn
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Fbailey story number 511 My Sister Can Drive The day my sister Kitty turned sixteen she got her Learner's Permit and took her written test along with her road test and got her license. The people at the Department of Motor Vehicles were impressed. The truth be known Mom and Dad were just as impressed even though they had been coaching her for several months. Her first assignment two days later was to drive our younger sister and I up to the cabin for the week.

Dad had been up there most of the last month getting things ready. The cabinets were all stocked up and plenty of firewood had been stacked.

Mom and Dad would be up later that day. However, they never showed up. A phone call later said that they had car trouble and that Dad really wanted to get it fixed. They promised to be up in a couple of days. Kitty is the oldest of us three kids. At sixteen she is not only pretty but sometimes too smart for her own age. I am the only boy at fifteen and our younger sister Mildred is fourteen years old. She is generally the sensible one. I guess I am lucky to have two very beautiful sisters.

At least that's what all my friends keep telling me. Kitty started to look through the cupboards to find something for us to eat.

She found a whole lot of wine bottles. There must have been twenty or thirty of them. Mom and Dad must have stocked up for the Forth of July party that they always have. Mildred found some hotdogs in the fridge and started a pot of water to boil them in. Kitty found some hotdog rolls and a bag of potato chips to eat with our hotdogs.

I got out three plates along with the ketchup, mustard, and sweet relish. Mildred wanted cheese on her hotdogs so I cut some off a big chunk that I found. Surprisingly we seemed to get along and work together better without our parents around. After we ate up the eight hotdogs and devoured half a bag of chips Kitty said that she was thirsty. That was when she got out a bottle of wine.

It took the three of us to figure out how to get the cork out of the bottle. Those things are really stuck in there.

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Finally she filled three glasses and emptied the bottle. They were big glasses too. Well Kitty wanted to show us how grown up she was and drank hers down like it was chocolate milk or something.

Mildred tried to keep up her but I just sipped at mine.

I didn't really like the taste all that much. Kitty opened a second bottle and the two girls emptied that one too. By then I was about half way through my glass. Kitty grabbed it and drank it down. That started a fight. I pushed her and she pushed me back. The next time I pushed her she fell onto the floor so I jumped on top of her and started tickling her, she squirmed, and I tickled her even more.

When she said that she had to pee I said 'too bad' and tickled her some more. Eventually she screamed at me, broke free, and then held her crotch as she ran to the outhouse. Mildred laughed and said, "She peed her pants." Sure enough when Kitty came back in the whole front of her blue jeans was wet but she didn't seem to notice or care.

The wine had finally gotten to her and to Mildred too.

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I watched as Kitty said that it was hot in the cabin and then slithered out of her wet jeans and threw off her shirt. She sat down in her bra and panties. Her wet panties allowed me to see the fancy hair cut on her pussy. It was just a landing strip above her slit.

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She sat very unlady like with her legs spread. The wet panties were plastered against her pussy outline and I finally saw my first camel toe that all the boys talked about, but I actually saw one, they hadn't. Mildred said that she was hot too and removed her top and jeans only she wasn't wearing a bra. For a fourteen-year-old she had nice tits, so I told her so. Well Kitty jumped up and removed her bra telling me that her tits were better.

They were but then I thought I'd have some fun with her in her drunken state. Since Mildred was drunk too I just made it known that Mildred had a nicer pussy. Well that did it Kitty practically tore her panties off to prove that she had the better pussy.

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Then she made Mildred remove her panties so that I could judge. I made them sit on the edge of the bed so that I could look at them better. I had them lift their knees and spread them for me.

Soon I was holding their pussy lips open and looking right inside them. I used my fingers to feel around inside their holes and then I found their clits. That did it, both girls started to moan in pleasure and to ask me not to stop. I had no intentions of stopping. After I had given Mildred two orgasms and Kitty three I finally did stop. Kitty was very still, so I slipped my cock into her and started fucking her.

Mildred sat up and watched what I was doing. When I got really excited I was slamming into her when Kitty opened her eyes and asked me what the fuck I was doing. Mildred just laughed and said that I was fucking her. It didn't matter because I had finished cumming in her before she could break free.

Kitty bitched me out, got under the covers, and fell asleep. Mildred asked me how it had felt and I told her that it had felt wonderful. She said that both her and Kitty had been virgins but now she was the only virgin left. I told her that I had been a virgin too. Then she asked me to fuck her. She wanted to know what it felt like.


She got on my bed and opened herself up for me. I was hard again so I slipped my cock into her pussy. Mildred liked the feel of my cock in her and said that it felt a lot better than Mom's old dildo. Apparently she and Kitty had been fucking themselves with a rubber cock that Mom had given them. Mildred wasn't as drunk as Kitty and she was awake so I had a much better experience with her than I had with Kitty.

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The feeling was nice and she cooperated with my movements. We got into a very nice rhythm that gave us both a very good feeling. She thrust up against me as I thrust down into her. The results were double the pressure, double the feeling, and too much to withstand. I was cumming into my younger sister with a force unknown to me before. Mildred was twice the fuck that Kitty was and if I played my cards right Kitty would want me to fuck her again just so she could prove to me that she was the better fuck.

That night I pulled Mildred into bed with me and we cuddled all night long. In the morning both girls had headaches but Kitty had the worst one.

Mildred started rubbing it in right away that I had fucked her and that I had told her that she was better than Kitty had been. Of course I had to confirm it. Well as expected Kitty demanded that I fuck her again to prove it. That time it did feel better but only on my part, Kitty was still to hung over to do her part.

I laughed and told her that we needed to do it again when her headache had gone away. It was well into the afternoon when Kitty told me that she was ready to fuck me again.

I told her to get on top and do all the work because I was tired of it. The view was fantastic. I loved watching her tits jiggle around as she bounced on my cock. She managed to get herself off and she too confirmed that I was a lot better than Mom's dildo. When I shot my cum up inside her I had to admit that she was good but that Mildred had a better technique and feel to her during sex. Kitty and Mildred took turns letting me fuck them whenever I wanted too for the next three days.

It was the best five days of my life. Then Mom and Dad had to show up and spoil it. A couple of days later Kitty took me outside and said, "I had a talk with Mom, I told her about the bottles of wine, and I told her that your cock felt better than her dildo. She laughed and said that she had found that out years ago with her brother too. She said that Mildred and I could take turns sleeping in your bed with you.

She said that she would fix it with Dad. She also said that we could do it during the day too if we wanted. She hopes that it gets Dad so excited that he will fuck her more. If not you might have three girls to take of." I smiled thinking about fucking my own mother. Fucking both of my sisters was great but to fuck an older woman was even better. Kitty and I went right inside and crawled into my bed.

Mildred came right over and we told her what was going on. Then Kitty and I made love. Dad kept a close eye on us but never said a word. I saw Mom trying to get him to take her to bed but he wouldn't. However, he did take her outside. Kitty and I finished and Mildred crawled in with us to wait for Mom to come back.

It wasn't long before she came in and told us that it had worked. Dad had taken her outside and fucked her in the grass. Kitty asked Mom if she had remembered to bring their birth control pills, she had not.

In fact Mom had forgotten hers too. Together they agreed to take the chances on getting pregnant. Wow, I could knock up both of my sisters that summer and the thought of doing that made me even hornier. Dad only had one week off and had to get back to work, but Mom stayed with us. While he was gone I got to fuck Mom almost every day. When Dad showed up for the weekends we had to cool it but my sisters more than made up for it. In fact it was common for all three of them to walk around naked in front of Dad and I just to get us hard.

Fucking became a contest between Dad and I to see who could get hard more often, who could make the girl cum first, and who could make them cry out the loudest. I was ahead in the first two categories but Mom was a real screamer.

When the Forth of July rolled around we had to stay dressed. Dad had invited six of his buddies from work along with their wives for a weekend of drinking and celebrating. The wine flowed and the women got loose. The men were drinking beers and shots and telling stories to one another. They moved out to the big campfire while the women curled up inside the cabin with us kids. Eventually the women forgot that we were even there and started telling stories of their own.

They compared how they had lost their virginity, how they had met their husbands, and then they talked about their boyfriends both before and after marriage. Kitty, Mildred, and I took notes. They gave names, dates, and places of their affairs.

Even Mom had more than her share of boyfriends…then she told them about me. I just about died but they were interested in how good of a lover I was. Mom called me out of my bed in the corner to show me off. She called my two sisters out too. Then she told them that I fuck all three of them several times a day when Dad is at work.

When she volunteered my services to them, one lady spread her legs and told me to take her. She looked horrified when I dropped my pants and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. I pushed her back and stuck my cock in as the other women cheered us on. It didn't take her very long to get into the swing of things. Soon her arms and legs were wrapped around me and she was thrusting up at me like an animal.

Then she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out her orgasm.


Afterwards she said that it had been the best ever. Her husband was right outside, all of her friends had been watching, and she had never fucked a fifteen-year-old before, not even when she was thirteen.

I had not cum, so another woman took me back to my bed and crawled in with me. She didn't want an audience. She just wanted to try me out for herself. She sure enjoyed it. The men drank themselves to sleep but the women had stopped drinking so that they could enjoy me.

I had my hands full with six women but fortunately I outlasted a second woman too so I had to cum in only four of them. I slept like a baby that night. The next day was Saturday and the men started drinking heavily again and never noticed me walking off into the forest with a different woman every hour or so.

They loved doing it in the great outdoors where they could run around naked and free then have sex anywhere they wanted. One wanted to do it next to a babbling brook, one next to a small waterfall, and another one wanted to do it under an apple tree. The rest were happy with doing it in the tall grass. They sure kept me busy that day. Then on Sunday morning the men were not getting around very well at all but a couple of the women catered to their needs while the rest kept their eyes on me.

For some reason one of them wanted to see me fucking my mother and sisters. She had wondered if she had been set up to let me fuck her. Mom laughed at her and pulled me right into her pussy as the woman was telling the rest that I had never actually fucked my mother.

The other women laughed at her and watched us as we fucked better than any of them had. I attributed it the fact that we had been fucking for a few weeks and had grown to know the others desires sexually.

After I had cum in Mom I went right on to Kitty and then on to Mildred who absolutely loved being third. She knew that before I could cum again that she could cum two or three times. She loved to cum. There was no doubt in any of the women's minds that I had fucked my mother and sisters before. When I asked for a group photo of my nine women in the order of sex they laughed and got in position for me. They were semi dressed in the first two, totally nude in the next two, and fully dressed in the last two.

I could hardly believe that those adult women would let me take nude pictures of them. When I asked for individual pictures they told me that I would have to come to their houses, make love to them one on one and then they would be happy to pose nude for me.

Unfortunately it would have to wait until school started up again, as I was going to be at camp all summer. Then Mom suggested that they take turns coming back to camp and pose in the great outdoors for pictures. They all seemed to like the idea. When it was time to say goodbye and leave I got a big hug, a big kiss, and I got to slip my fingers into each of their pussies before they left. Dad left too in hopes of getting some well-needed rest before going to work in the morning. We rested too that day and slept soundly in our separate beds for the first time in weeks.

The following day was Monday and one of the ladies arrived after breakfast for her day with me. She didn't seem to mind having Mom and my two sisters hanging around as long she had me all to herself for a few hours. After sex all five of us walked naked out into the forest so that I could take pictures of my older girlfriend.

Mom sure had a lot of good suggestions, she knew exactly what background would look best, and she got the woman to fully expose her inner pussy for me. Mom had me get in the pictures and suck on the woman's nipples, lick her pussy, and kiss her asshole. Then the woman sucked my cock, licked my balls, and kissed my asshole too. Mom then took a bunch of pictures of me fucking the woman on the shore of the brook and of her on top.

I liked her on top because the view was so nice. Mom jokingly said, "Okay Sylvia now I have plenty of evidence to blackmail you whenever I need too." Sylvia replied, "You bitch!" Then she laughed and said, "You can have a lot more too because I'm coming back again this summer. He is just too good to stop fucking. Have any of you given him anal yet?" Mom replied, "No." To which Sylvia quickly asked, "Can I be his first?

Please!" Shortly she was on her hands and knees and my cock was sticking into her tight asshole. It was sexy and it was dirty…I loved it. Kitty's mouth and pussy were my first oral and vaginal but Sylvia was my first anal sex. Mildred was the first one that I had given oral sex to and Mom was my first older woman.

Sylvia also had the very first asshole that I had kissed. I was surrounded with all of my firsts. Just as I started to cum in Sylvia's rectum I leaned over and held onto her tits as I pounded into her full ass with my hips.

It was great, especially when Sylvia sucked my dirty cock into her mouth to clean it off with her tongue. The four women posed for me in all sorts of positions that afternoon before it was time to say goodbye to Sylvia.

I had pictures of her sucking every nipple, kissing every set of lips both up and down below, and licking the others from their assholes to their clits.

Mildred enjoyed being nipple to nipple to the other women. After Sylvia left our photo session continued with me and my sisters. Mom was a very good photographer. The End My Sister Can Drive 511