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CHAPTER EIGHTEEN "SLuT Slave" Saturday, December 23rd. Lunchtime. It was lunchtime by the time Dave and Olivia left the bedroom, having completed the first half of their impromptu testing of whether a woman who had been dosed with SLuT9 would secrete Serotoxin, one of the two active ingredients of all the SLuT formulas, and, if so, would it cause a reaction in her partner.

Both Dave and Olivia were relaxed, smiling, and freshly showered. They had already planned to do the second part of their testing where Dave would inject her with SLuT9 later that night if something else didn't come up before then.

Dave and Olivia made their way to the kitchen where the family normally gathered. Only Jennifer and Emily were there. They were making cold cut sandwiches to feed everyone for lunch.

Dave gave Jenn a kiss on the cheek and Emily a kiss on the top of her head. "You two sounded like you were having fun," Jenn said. Dave leaned against the counter. He pulled Olivia to him and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close.

"Jealous?" "By the way, you and I need to talk. Alone." Dave rolled his eyes. "Why is it that people keep telling me that today." "My poor, abused master," Olivia said, snuggling closer to him. "Emily, would you go down and tell the others to come up for lunch?" "Yes, ma'am," Emily said and left the kitchen.

Dave turned to Jenn. "Emily's been like that," she said, "since she came out of her room about thirty minutes ago, offering to do or to help with whatever I was working on. All yes ma'am and no ma'am. A perfectly charming young lady. What did you do to my niece?" "From the sounds of it, I finally got through her thick skull. Give it a while. She'll go back to normal. She's kissing up right now.

I'm gonna go check the weather outside." Dave and Olivia shared a quick kiss. Dave walked to the big window in the living room to look at the snow. "Is there anything I can do to help?" Olivia asked Jennifer.

"Not really. I'm almost done here." Jennifer continued working for another few seconds then turned to Olivia. "I do have a question for you though. You and David said the SLuT9 made you a complete submissive." "I was always submissive, Jennifer.

The SLuT formula's just made me unable to resist in any way." "Is that just for David, or anyone?" Olivia stared at Jennifer for a second, then stepped closer so they were only inches apart.

"Jennifer, I've always found it best to just ask a question. Beating around the bush often doesn't get you whatever information it is you wanna know." "Okay then. Are you interested in spending some time, alone, with me?" Olivia smiled, reached up, wrapped a hand around the back of Jenn's neck and pulled the taller woman down and locked her lips to Jenn's.

Her tongue darted into Jenn's mouth when it opened a little. After sharing a passionate kiss, Olivia pulled away and released Jenn's head. She then stepped back and leaned back against the counter almost right where she had been.

"The SLuT formula makes me submissive to anyone. It isn't person specific in anyway although Dr. Casey was working on creating a formula that would do just that. It's part of the reason I want a master in my life. Someone to protect me. Someone to make decisions for me that otherwise, I might allow a stranger to make for me.

David is my master. I have. sworn myself to him. I love and trust him. As for spending time alone with you.

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I know your mind was a little fuzzy the other night but I don't recall resisting at all when you ordered me to pleasure you." It was now Jennifer's turn. She stood in front of Olivia. "You tell me to ask a straight question and then you give me a round-about answer?" Jennifer pulled Olivia to her, their bodies pressing together. She covered the smaller woman's mouth with her own.

Once again their tongues darted in and out of the others mouth before Jenn pulled away and stepped back. "Now, was that a yes or a no?" Olivia smiled. "If David agrees, I would very much enjoy spending some time with you." Jennifer stared into Olivia's beautiful eyes, nodded, then returned to preparing the last of the sandwiches. A few minutes later, the kitchen was abuzz as the four girls flooded into the room to feed.

Olivia, with assistance from Emily, got drinks for everyone and they all gathered at the table with a heaping pile of cold cut sandwiches on a platter in the middle of the table, a huge bowl of potato chips sat to one side and paper plates were placed before each chair. They all dove in, grabbing handfuls of potato chips and picking their favorite sandwiches. Salt, pepper, mustard, mayo and ketchup were passed around as was a tray of toppings including lettuce, sliced tomato, and pickles.

"Isn't this a little extravagant, Jenn?" Dave asked once everyone was settled with the food and eating. "I mean, it's just sandwiches." "It's not just sandwiches, Dave. This is a family lunch." She smiled and returned her attention back to her food. The four teenaged girls largely dominated the conversation from that point on until everyone had eaten their fill. The four teens all finished, got up from the table, threw away their plates, and carried their drinks with them as they disappeared back down the stairs to the family room.

"David," Jennifer said when it was just her, Olivia and Dave at the table, "I know I've asked this before and you've always said no but this time, I would appreciate it if you would actually think about it seriously." "What?" "Move in with us.

There's plenty of room here. You could keep your entire harem altogether," Jenn teased. "My harem, huh?" "Speaking of your harem. I wanted to talk to you about your latest draftee." "Meg?" Dave asked. Jenn nodded. "Jenn, what could I tell her?

She knows I had sex with Emily. She knows I had sex with you and she knows I had sex with Molly. You told her all that, right?" Jenn nodded, although it was obvious she hated admitting to it. "What was I supposed to tell her, Jenn? That I would fuck her mother, my sister. I would fuck her sister, my niece. And I would fuck her cousin, my daughter, but I won't fuck her? How would that work, Jenn?" "Damn it, Dave, she's my daughter and she's only sixteen. I know it's going to happen.

I knew that yesterday when you told me of your plans for Molly. I knew Meg would eventually find out and want to try it also. But damn it, Dave, what am I supposed to do? You are such a fucking gentleman. You send my daughter to ask my permission? God, Dave, do you know what that makes me look like?

If I say no, I'm a hypocrite because I fucked you and I let Molly fuck you. But what does it mean if I say yes? "David, I knew there was a good chance you were going to end up in bed with Meg but did you need to rub it in my face? If you're going to do it, just do it. I can't make myself say no but I feel horrible when I say yes." "Okay," Dave said, holding his arms up as if surrendering.

"You're right, Jenn. I'm sorry. I didn't think about it. I was flying by the seat of my pants out there and." "Perhaps that's the key to this whole thing," Olivia, who was still seated at the table to Dave's left, said.

"Perhaps you two, maybe all of us, need to get together and lay down the ground rules. "Ever since you got the SLuT9 formula, you've been completely reactive. You've never managed to get ahead of events. You reacted to Emily when she dosed herself.

You reacted to me when I made contact with you. You reacted to my telling you that I was now your slave. You reacted to Emily dosing Jennifer and you reacted to Molly's attempted blackmail. And, I don't believe any of those situations have been fully resolved in your mind, or anyone else's for that matter.

"You blame Emily for dosing herself and for dosing Jennifer and you still feel guilty for both, no matter how many times people have told you not to. You have hinted that you don't intend to send me away but I haven't heard the words actually come from your mouth yet. You yourself said your punishment of Molly went slightly askew and, while you don't feel guilty for having sex with her, you're kicking yourself for not effectively punishing her for blackmailing you." "So what do you recommend, Olivia?" Jennifer asked.

"A conference. David is the obvious Alpha. Even if he wasn't the only male here, he is the one in control of the SLuT formula. Even if one of us managed to gain possession of it, it would do us no good because it won't work on David." Olivia turned to Dave.

"You must accept your place as the head of this harem you have fallen into. You must accept your place because until you do, you are not going to have the peace that you so desire." "What does that mean exactly?" Dave asked. "It means, that right now, you still see yourself as the man you were ten days ago. You are not that man. You are a man who has the power to completely dominate any woman you desire, for any reason. The power is yours, but you feel guilty.

"You have had sexual relations with one of your daughters, one of your nieces, and your own sister. You feel guilty.

"You have me, a completely submissive slave, willing to do anything you ask, and you do nothing. You've made love to me two, maybe three, times in the days I've been here and not once has it been anything but straight sex. Granted, our first time was under unique circumstance but I am your slave.

Yet I've been ordered not to call you Master." Olivia slid out of her chair and onto her knees beside him. "Yet you treat me as your girlfriend or wife. I can be those things to you if that is your wish, but, before all else, I am your devoted slave." "What do you want me to do, Olivia?

Abuse you? Tie you up? What?" "I think that's her point, David. It isn't what she wants. It's about what you want!" Dave looked over to his sister for a minute, obviously still confused. "Okay, fine. I'll show you." Jenn rose from her seat and moved a little away from the table. "Olivia," she said, putting some authority in her voice. "Get over here! Now!" She pointed to the floor at her feet. When Olivia started to rise from where she was kneeling beside Dave, Jenn yelled.

"Don't you stand up. You're my slave now. You crawl! Get on all fours, right now!" Olivia fell to her hands and knees, her eyes on the floor beneath her and crawled until she was at Jenn's feet. Jennifer looked over at Dave. He was watching but she was pretty sure he hadn't fully realized what they were trying to show him. She turned her attention back to Olivia. "You have until I count to ten to get those clothes off, slave!

One. Two." Olivia got up onto her knees and pulled the tee shirt off over her head, it was followed a second later by her bra. "Three. Four." Olivia immediately started working on the button of her jeans. "Five.Six." The button came undone and Olivia hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and the panties beneath and pushed them down over her hips. "Seven. Eight." Olivia fell to the floor and rolled onto her back and kicked off her shoes.

"Nine." Olivia pushed the jeans and panties down her legs but one of the pant legs became entangled at her knees. "Ten! Freeze!" Jennifer shouted loudly. Olivia froze as she was. Her back on the cold floor, her pants and panties still at her knees and white ankle socks covered her feet. Jennifer circled around Olivia, looking down at her. "Okay, we'll try this again, slave. You have until I count to ten to remove your clothes.

One. two." Olivia was naked before Jennifer got to six. She then resumed her position on hands and knees with her eyes to the floor. Without a word, Jennifer walked over to the kitchen cabinets and opened one of the drawers.

She pulled out a plastic spatula, closed the drawer and then returned. "Since it took you an extra six seconds to remove your clothes." She brought the wide end of the spatula down on Olivia's left butt cheek with a loud smack. "You'll receive six swats with the paddle. Count the swats. If you don't count, the swat doesn't count." Jennifer brought the spatula down on Olivia's right butt cheek this time with another loud smack.

"Two, mistress." "That's another three swats for cheating. I didn't hear you count that first swat and I told you, if you don't count it, it doesn't count. Now, begin again and remember, we're going to nine now." "Yes, mistress," Olivia said, still on all fours and never bothering to look up. Dave sat back and watched the show. He was curious how far the two women would go. "Add two more for speaking without permission. That's now eleven," Jenn stated. Olivia didn't speak again. The spatula struck again, once more on Olivia's left butt cheek.

"One, mistress." Jenn brought it down again, once more on Olivia's right butt cheek. "Two, mistress." SMACK! Left butt cheek. "Three, mistress." Dave was pretty sure he could hear tears in Olivia's voice. He started to get up to stop Jenn but a glare from her made him stop where he was. "Sit down!" She stared at him for a second. "Were you going to come over and save your little slave girl, David?" Jennifer laughed. "Slave, do you need saving?" "No, mistress." "Slave, do you like being spanked?" "Yes, mistress." "Slave, am I hurting you too much?" "No, mistress." Jenn turned back to Dave and gave him a look of "I told you so." She turned back and brought the spatula down on Olivia's butt again.

"Four, mistress," Olivia shouted. At seven, Dave stood up and moved so he could see Olivia's butt. Both butt cheeks were bright red and he could almost make out the pattern of the spatula on her skin.

It was only then that it dawned on Dave that he was becoming very aroused at this scene. "Eight, mistress," Olivia shouted as the spatula struck once more. When Jenn's arm came up for number nine, Dave grabbed her wrist and pulled the spatula from her hand. "My turn." At first, Jennifer thought he was going to stop her.

Then he gave her an evil smile, kneeled down on Olivia's left side just beside her hips and knees, and brought the spatula down. Olivia screamed when the spatula struck the back of her left thigh. Dave pulled back the spatula and brought it down again, this time on her right thigh. Again Olivia screamed. "You're not counting, Slave!" Jennifer yelled down at her, standing right over Olivia's head.


"That's okay," Dave said, starting to get into the act. "We can just start all over. Sound good to you, slave?" "Yes, master," Olivia said in obvious pain but with a smile on her face, unseen by either Dave or Jenn. Dave began again. But he varied his strikes, moving from her butt cheeks to her thighs and back to her butt cheeks randomly, not allowing Olivia to guess where the next strike would be, not allowing her to prepare.

Olivia counted each one. When Dave reached seven, he dropped the spatula on the floor and began using his hand. Olivia's arms gave out beneath her at the count of nine and her top half collapsed.

Now on her elbows and knees, Olivia rested her forehead on her lower arms as she continued to smile, cry and count each and every smack. Olivia didn't become aroused from the pain but she knew full well that pain was part of being a slave. She smiled because Dave was finally coming into his role as her master, even if he was just role-playing for the moment. When the count hit nine, Jennifer noted that all four girls were gathered at the kitchen door, watching the scene play out.

All of Dave's attention was on Olivia so he didn't notice. Olivia had her head down and the tears blurred her vision. Jenn chose not to say anything. The four girls stood in the doorway, wide eyed and with mouths hanging open as Dave finished spanking Olivia. When he was done, he stopped and just kneeled there for a moment staring down at Olivia's red butt. "I don't know about you, David," Jennifer said after a moment, "but that got me turned on." Dave just nodded, absently.

"Why don't we take your slave upstairs and have her take care of us both?" Dave looked up at his sister. For a long second their eyes locked. Then Dave smiled and nodded again. He rose from where he had been kneeling on the floor. "Get up, slave!" Dave ordered. Olivia took a few seconds to catch her breath and regain her strength. Then she rose up, first on to her hands and knees, then up on to her knees and there she stopped.

She kept her head down. "All the way up," Dave told her, taking hold of her upper arm and helping her to her feet. Olivia kept her eyes to the floor as Dave turned and noticed the four girls in the doorway.

Dave hesitated for just a second, then forced his chin up, and still holding Olivia's arm, led her towards the door. "Get out of the way, girls," he told them. The four girls moved out from the doorway and Dave led Olivia out of the kitchen, into the hall and down the hall. Jenn followed close behind. As she passed by the girls she scowled at them, making sure they didn't say anything to yank Dave from his role.

They weren't going to say anything. They were all too stunned. Dave led Olivia up the stairs, Jennifer two steps behind them, and led her to the master bedroom. He threw open the door and led her inside. Jennifer closed it behind her once she was inside. She locked the door and immediately began removing her own clothes.

Dave led Olivia over beside the bed and only then did he release his grip on her upper arm. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jenn begin undressing. "Jennifer, stop!" Jenn froze in place, having only undone two buttons of her blouse. "Slave, go undress the mistress." Without a word, Olivia turned and moved in front of Jennifer and began to undress her.

Dave sat down on the edge of the bed after rearranging his hard cock for comfort and watched as Olivia removed all of Jennifer's clothes. "Get in the bed, Jenn," Dave ordered once all of Jenn's clothes were on the floor. Jenn just gave him a nod and climbed into the bed.

She lay in the middle of the bed, her head on the pillows, her knees raised and her legs spread. "Now, undress me," Dave ordered. Olivia moved to stand in front of Dave and quickly undressed him.

Dave helped her only when absolutely necessary, lifting his feet so she could remove his shoes and socks and standing up when she removed his pants. Once naked, Dave ordered Olivia into the bed. "Get between Jennifer's legs and start eating." "Yes, master," Olivia said and quickly scampered onto the bed and between Jenn's legs.

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There was no hesitation on Olivia's part. Once she was settled between Jennifer's legs, she dove in with enthusiasm. Dave climbed onto the bed. He also got between Jenn's wide spread legs, moved in behind Olivia, grabbed Olivia's hips, and pulled her up.

Olivia realized what he wanted and got up onto her knees, her tongue barely losing contact with Jenn's clit.

Dave slid a hand between Olivia's legs and slipped a finger into her slit and felt how wet she was. Once assured he wouldn't hurt her, Dave moved closer, positioned his cock and started pushing into her. "Don't be gentle with her, David," Jenn said. "Fuck her! Use her!" Dave heard what his sister said but ignored her, at least initially. He pushed into Olivia slowly, not wanting to hurt her but once he was fully seated inside her, once his cock was nicely lubricated, he began to fuck her hard and fast.

Dave thrusting into her didn't hurt Olivia but every time his hip or thighs came into contact with her red, welt-covered ass or thighs she felt a sting. She wrapped her arms around Jenn's thighs to keep herself in place as Dave began to hump her faster and harder as she continued to orally pleasure Jennifer. For the next twenty minutes, there was no talking in the bedroom. The only sounds were grunts and groans and moans of pleasure and the sound of skin slapping skin again as Dave rutted in and out of Olivia.

Jennifer had numerous small orgasms and two huge orgasms, screaming out her ecstasy and making Dave remember the night before with Molly. Olivia had so many orgasms she couldn't count them. Not only did she have her face buried in Jenn's pussy but Dave was fucking her hard from behind and she was finally being dominated the way she wanted to be. Any one of those three would have been enough to give her orgasms. When Dave finally buried his cock deep inside Olivia and had his own orgasm, all three were covered in sweat and breathing hard.

Dave pulled his cock out of Olivia and sat back on his heels. "You can stop, Olivia," he said when he realized Olivia was still licking Jennifer's hot twat. Olivia stopped and collapsed to the side, her head coming to rest on Jennifer's thigh. Jennifer felt like she couldn't move and felt more satisfied than she could remember being for many years. Dave had fucked her twice Thursday night, and that was wonderful.

Emily had licked and sucked her pussy, cleaning out Dave's cum, and that had been incredible but there was nothing like having multiple orgasms one right after the other as she had just experienced. Dave crawled up the bed and collapsed beside Jennifer. "Liv, you okay?

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We didn't hurt you with those spankings, did we?" Olivia smiled. "Yes, master, the spankings hurt but there's no permanent damage. I'll recover." Dave nodded and laid his head down and closed his eyes. No one spoke as they all lay there recovering and trying to catch their breath.

"So, do you get into pain, Olivia?" Dave asked, once he was recovered. "I guess this is something we should talk about." "No, master," Olivia reported as she got onto her hands and knees, moved from between Jenn's legs and laid herself down on top of Dave, her head resting on his chest.

"I don't get into pain. I understand that it's part of being a slave and I can live with that." "So, what got you so hot and bothered?" Jenn asked. "You two, mistress. While pain does nothing for me, humiliation gets to me every time. Being naked and then spanked, right there in the kitchen where the girls could walk in at anytime and see it. That got me hot and bothered." "The girls did come in," Jenn stated.

"They watched for a while anyway." "You shouldn't tell me that, mistress. It'll get me hot again and I'm not sure the master can get it up yet." Dave and Jennifer both laughed at that.

"Why are we back to master again?" Olivia got up on her hands and knees again and crawled up until her face was right over Dave's. "You are my master. No matter what I call you. That is what you are.

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Now especially." "I kinda like being called mistress," Jenn reported. "And Livvie, don't worry about getting all hot and bothered again. If your master can't get it up, I think I could return the favor." The two women exchanged smiles, then a quick but friendly kiss. There was a knock at the bedroom door. "Who is it?" Dave called out without thinking. "It's me, Daddy." "Emily," he said quietly so only Jenn and Olivia would hear him.

"Come on in." Jennifer tried to get under the covers but realized that they were laying on them. Emily tried to open the door but found she couldn't. "It's locked." Jennifer rolled out of bed and got to her feet. "I'll get it." She crossed the room, picked up a robe and slipped it on and pulled it shut before unlocking and opening the door. Emily squeezed in through the door as soon as it was open wide enough.

Then Jenn shut and re-locked the door. Emily smiled at her father. "You two look comfortable," she said. "We are. Thank you. Did you need something specific?" "Actually, I need to discuss a couple things." "Do you want some privacy?" Jenn asked. "No, Aunt Jennifer. You might as well stay. Some of this involves you, too. First, I was told to tell you all, that everyone, except Megan, enjoyed your little show downstairs. Personally, I think Megan did enjoy the show, she just won't admit it." Emily and Jennifer both giggled at that.

"Daddy, you got me, Hayley and Molly all hot and bothered." "Ain't gonna happen, Em," Dave said, shaking his head, Olivia still laying on top of him. "Not only am I too tired." "That isn't why I'm here, Daddy. Okay, I hoped but that's not what I was really after." "So what were you after?" Dave asked.

Emily moved around the foot of the bed and sat down beside Dave's feet. Jennifer took a seat on the other side of Dave, leaning back against the headboard.

"Before I tell you I want you to promise no one will get upset." "If you don't tell me what's going on, I'm going to get upset." "We won't get upset by anything you say Emily," Jenn said, giving Dave a scowl. "Just tell us." Emily nodded, took a breath and then spoke. "Molly was wondering if she could have some more of the formula." "Molly asked for it?" Dave asked, surprised. Emily nodded.

"She said that she enjoyed herself. Said the night with you was the most relaxing night of her life, once the horniness wore off anyway. And before anyone asks, I asked her if she was just talking about the sex or if she was talking about the formula and what it does.

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She claims she liked not being in control. She said the sex was wonderful but it isn't why she wants it again." "So why does she want it?" Jennifer beat Dave to the question. Emily shrugged. Olivia suddenly sat up, trapping Dave's still semi-hard cock beneath her nicely rounded ass.

"What's Molly like, mistress? Normally, I mean." "Mistress?" Emily asked but was ignored by all. "In what way?" "Is she a good student?" "Almost all A's. Why?" "Is she a clean freak? Is her bedroom always clean and straight?" "Yes. She's very well organized. Her room, her homework, her book bag, everything.

Meg and I both tease her that she's obsessive." "Does she worry a lot? Is she anxious? Uptight?" "I don't know about uptight, but yes, I'd say she's a bit of a worry wart. Why? What's the point here, Olivia?" "I was the same way, mistress, a clean freak, uptight, Most would say I was anal. A place for everything and everything in it's place. I've got a storage room up in Boston.

I have three huge cardboard boxes full of my college books and papers. Every piece of paper I received or created while in college, is in those boxes.

Everything. I have phone numbers and addresses in my address book, for people I haven't seen or spoken to in twenty years. My dorm, and later my apartment, were always spotless.

My car, my purse, my book bags, my lab where I worked, all of it was spotless. I insisted on it." "What's the point, Olivia?" Jenn asked, becoming irritated. "Being submissive is an escape, mistress." "Again with the mistress," Emily said. Again, she was ignored. "It allows Molly to relax. It takes all of those worries and concerns she always has away and allows her to relax and just enjoy herself.

I'm the same way, or rather, I was until I became a. a. a SLuT slave." Emily, Dave and Jennifer all laughed at the reference. It was fitting but it did sound off somehow. "Are you saying my daughter is a submissive, like you?" "No, mistress. I wanted to be a slave. I wanted to be completely devoted to someone.

For me, it was a life choice. It was just a matter of finding the right someone. For a long time I thought that right someone was Jan Casey.

I got over that three or four years ago and I've been looking for a new someone ever since, until Jan arranged for me to meet Dave." "Molly may, or may not, take that route. She might just use being submissive as an escape. She might get lucky and find someone who can fill the role of her husband and her master at the same time, or she might find a husband who's willing to let her go outside their marriage to a dominatrix or a dominator, depending on what Molly wants. It would be purely recreational.

Where some people go play golf or go fishing or go to a day spa, Molly would become a submissive for a day, for a weekend, whatever," Olivia explained with a final shrug.

Jennifer looked around Olivia. "Is that what Molly wants?" Emily just shrugged. "I have a question," Dave said and looked to Emily.


"Let's just say that I gave you permission to use one of the formulas. First off, which formula would you use?" "Well, she requested the SLuT9 but I told her she might end up horny with no man to please her. She said she still wanted it though." "Okay, next question. Who's going to deal with her while she's under? I just told you that I'm too tired." "I'll be her. mistress," Emily said with a smile at Olivia. "And exactly what would you have her do?" Dave asked. Emily just shrugged.

Dave reached up, pulled Olivia down on top of him, rolled to his left and deposited his slave on the bed on her back. He sat up. Emily's eyes immediately slid down taking in Dave's body and his now flaccid cock then shot right back up to look in his eyes. "Don't just shrug. You don't go into this kind of thing without a plan, Emily. I know you. What were you thinking?" Emily shrugged again. "Well, I told you it got all of us hot and bothered," she said shyly, looking down at the covers of the bed instead into Dave's eyes.

"You were going to make her have sex with you?" Emily didn't speak, she just gave a real quick nod. "Anyone else?" "I'd share if Hayley or Megan wanted." "Damn sweet of you," Jennifer said from her place still leaning against the headboard. Dave shot Jenn a quick look but immediately turned back to Emily. "I didn't think you liked girl-on-girl sex." Emily shrugged yet again.

"I'd never tried it before the other night, Daddy. And it's not like I'd have to go down on her. She'd be my slave. Plus, like they said in that Christina Ricci movie, if you don't think about what you're doing, and breathe through your mouth, you can do anything for ten minutes." "That's gross," Jenn said.

Olivia giggled. "It may be gross but, trust me, it's true." Jenn gave Olivia a questioning look but remained silent. "Well, Daddy, can I? I'm asking." Dave nodded. "Your asking is noted. Let me think about this for a minute." "Are you actually considering it, Dave?" Jenn asked, surprised. Dave pulled a pillow out from behind him and placed it on his lap then slid back and leaned against the headboard beside his sister.

He rubbed his chin and then looked at Jenn. "Can you give me a good reason not to allow it?" Jenn opened her mouth but realized that if she said what she was planning to say, she would sound like a hypocrite. She shut her mouth again and looked down at her lap as she considered that question. Dave, too, considered it further. Meanwhile, Olivia and Emily exchanged smiles. Emily looked over Olivia and couldn't help but notice the small drop of cum just starting to squeeze from between Olivia's thick cunt lips.

Emily licked her lips, subconsciously. "Well, Jenn?" Dave asked after a moment. Obviously having come to his own decision and asking if Jenn had come up with a good reason to deny the request. "What about Emily's punishment?" "This isn't about Emily. This is about Molly. Emily is just going to reap a few benefits from it." It was obvious Jenn didn't like the answer but she didn't say anything else.

She just shook her head. Dave turned back to Emily. "Before I agree or disagree, I wanna talk to Molly. Alone!" Emily nodded. "I'll get her. Should I send her in here?" "Might as well." There was no conversation once Emily left the room. Dave and Jenn were both lost in their own thoughts and Olivia was smart enough to leave them in peace. She curled up with a pillow and rested. When Molly knocked, Dave yelled for her to come in and close the door.

Once Molly was in the room, obviously nervous, Dave waved her around the bed and had her sit down at the foot of the bed near Olivia's feet. "Molly," Jenn said before Dave could say anything.

"why do you want to do this?" "Didn't Emily explain it?" "She tried. I'd like to hear it from you though." Molly took a deep breath and then talked very fast. "The other night, when Uncle Dave used that stuff on me, it was the first night in a long time where I didn't have one of my screwed up dreams.

I didn't lay in bed for hours thinking about how horrible my day was or how I could have done something better or thinking up a better response to something someone said. It was wonderful, Mom." "Couldn't it have been the sex? Maybe having your Uncle sleeping right there beside you?

Holding you?" Molly thought about this for a second. "Yeah, I guess it could have been. There's only one way to find out which it was though." "Molly," Dave said, "you can't use this stuff to cure your insomnia." "Mom may be right.

It may have just been you being there. And if that's the case, then I'll know and I won't want to do it again." "And if it does work?" "There are other ways, master," Olivia stated. "She can learn to put her troubles and concerns away and let someone else shoulder them. Submissives who don't have access to the SLuT formula learn how." "Couldn't you teach her?" "No, mistress, I couldn't.

I never learned how without the SLuT formula but I know it's possible." Dave turned to Jenn and they seemed to have a telepathic conversation for a long moment. Then both turned to Molly. "You understand, right, that this is a one time thing?" "Yes, sir," Molly said. "There are a few other things you need to know. First, I'm not going to be there. As you can see, I'm plum worn out for a while. That means it's going to be Emily, Hayley and or Megan in the room with you.

Do you trust them to not make you do anything you'll hate yourself for later?" "Yes sir. We may fight sometimes but I know all of them love me." Dave nodded.

"Next, are you aware that Emily, at least, is planning to have you do sexual activities with her?" Molly smiled and nodded. "She was joking about it earlier after what happened in the kitchen." Molly blushed, obviously embarrassed at admitting she had been there and seen what her mother and uncle had done.

"That's kind of how it came up in the first place." Dave nodded. "I see. Emily said you wanted SLuT9?" Molly nodded. "You aren't going to get it.

It's too dangerous and you've already had one dose of it. I'm sure Olivia explained what can happen if you get hit with it too many times." Molly and Olivia both nodded.

"I will give you SLuT10 though. It doesn't make you horny but you will still be submissive. Is that acceptable?" "Yes, sir." "Okay then, how long do you want to be under?" "How long can I be under?" Molly asked.

"Each drop of SLuT10 doubles the time. One drop puts you under for an hour, two drops for two hours, three drops for four hours and so forth." Molly sat and thought about that for a moment then asked quietly, "Can I have five drops?" "Five?" Jenn shouted and almost rose up off the bed.

Dave pushed his sister back down and then turned to Molly. "That'll put you out for sixteen hours, Molly. Why do you want to be submissive for so long?" Molly, obviously embarrassed by her mother's outburst, blushed and looked down at the bed.

"I wanna be out longer but six drops would be too long." "Pardon me?" "I don't want to be submissive or whatever on Christmas eve. In case we open presents then." She giggled a little. "Megan would order me to give her all my Christmas presents." A second later both Dave and Olivia burst out laughing. Even Jenn, who was obviously upset, cracked and began to giggle after a moment.

"How about we do this," Dave said after getting some control. "How about I give you three drops, that'll be four hours.

If you want more after that, we can discuss it then. Sound good?" Molly nodded. "Okay, there are a few more things you should know. First off, you realize that it will be almost completely Emily, Hayley and Megan who will be commanding you, for lack of a better term. I probably won't be involved." Molly nodded her understanding. "Molly, one more question, have you ever been with another woman?" Dave asked. Molly shook her head.

"Just Emily the other night." "Excuse me?" Jenn asked, sitting up again. "I didn't know Emily was involved." "She wasn't," Dave assure her. "After you all interrupted us, Emily stuck around for a minute and gave her a kiss.

That's it. Right, Molly?" Molly nodded. "Okay Molly, give me a few minutes to get some clothes on." Molly got up and without another word left the room, closing the door behind her. "I can not believe you're going along with this, Dave." "What should I do, Jenn?

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She knows I have the formula. She knows it's been used on you and Emily. She knows I used it on her the other night. She seems to have thought this through." "It just seems wrong somehow." "Jenn," Dave said as he climbed over Olivia and stood up., "this formula is wrong. I have seriously considered dumping all of it down the drain and being done with it once and for all." "Well, right now seems like a good time to me," Jenn said as she too got up from the bed. Her robe dropped from her shoulders and she began gathering up her clothes and tossing Dave and Olivia's clothes to them.

"Do you mind if I lay here a while?" Olivia asked. "No, go ahead," Jenn said quickly as her and Dave continued dressing. Olivia laid her clothes on the other side of the bed and climbed under the covers and curled up in the bed. Dave kissed her cheek once he was dressed. Then he and Jenn left the bedroom, turning off the lights and closing the door behind them.