Sexy babe Victoria gets fucked by her doctor in doggystyle position

Sexy babe Victoria gets fucked by her doctor in doggystyle position
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It was the night of the ball for Evangeline's birthday. As well as the first night the young queen appeared in public with her half wolf lover. Her kingdom knew her husband and her no longer shared a bed, but they had not ever seen her with anyone else. Her husband had a mistress of his own and they were there together. When she entered the room all eyes were on her. Dressed in an elegant silk ball gown that fitted her body like a glove showing off each and every one of her curves.

Her mate had never been one of her balls and she knew he was in store for a bit of a surprise. "So I bet you think there is going to be instrumental music and such tonight?" she asked and giggled. "You would be completely wrong." she said and laughed. "It's the modern age baby and we dance to what ever is hot these days" she giggled once more. Kristopher eyes had widened as he heard his mate whisper towards him that it was going to be like a modern dance.

"Dance with me?" she asked Kristopher as a hip hop song came on. He looked towards his mate and smirked when she asked him to dance. She giggled and took his hand and led him to the dance floor. He allowed her to led him onto the dance floor and lifted her dress slightly so it hung differently to make it easier for her to dance.

She began to move her hips to the beat of the music as everyone else joined pushing their bodies together she began to grind against him. He placed his hands gently against her waist, dancing against her as fast and as slow as the beat would allow. He raised her hands above their heads so they would come down to rest around his neck. He leaned into her neck and sniffed her tantalizing scent. He shuddered in repressed pleasure as he continued to dance with her faster and faster as the tempo of the music picked up considerably.

He pressed his lips against hers tenderly, love flowing from it. Evangeline wrapped her arms around her mate's neck pressing her body to his as she continued to move. She returned the kiss eagerly not caring who saw.

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She smiled at him and pulled away slightly as the song ended and pulled him away from the floor. Evangeline's eyes fell to an enchanting red headed vampire that stood across the room. The girl winked at her and made her way quickly to her. They had known each other for years. Abby pulled Evangeline too her, their body's pressed together as they began grinding on each other. It was no secret to her people that at one time they had been lovers. Up until she had first come home with Kristopher.

The two whispered to each other in Russian as they rubbed their body's together. Their hands grazing against each others perky breasts and asses. They finished off the dance and Abby left a soft kiss on her neck as they parted. The party broke up several hours later. She made her way quickly up to her room with Abby telling her lady in waiting to distract Kristopher.

The two girls raced up stairs giggling and undressed each other and put the gowns away in the closet. They removed all their jewelry and put that away as well as they slid into tight fitting sports bras and tight fitting work out pants. "Why hello" there she said and smiled at him as he entered. Kristopher's eyes widened slowly after he saw what they were wearing.

His lips parted and he started breath heavily. If he was in his wolf form, his tail would be wagging hard enough to break tree trunks. He smirked and walked towards them slowly with lust in his eyes. He slowly tore the rest of his shirt off, leaving him entirely shirtless; his muscled torso bulging as he slowly began to remove his belt. "I brought you a present my love.


Isn't she just.edible?" she giggled slightly as she looked at Abby. "I thought we could play with her." she said stepping towards him her finger against his bare chest as she spoke. "Or at the very least. Watch us play. But I do hope you join in." she said as she made another step towards her mate and kissed him hungrily on the lips.

"I thought I could get you warmed up first." she said waiting for him to finish undressing till he stood in nothing but his boxers. She took his hand and led him to the bed room and pressed him in to the chair she had pushed beside the bed.

She straddled his hips pressing herself to him as she kissed him roughly. "I'm going to need your full attention my love" she said and kissed his nose as she slid off his lap and moved to the bed where Abby had made her self comfortable. She reached for her, and lifted her to kneel in front of her.

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Her hands reached out into the sultry Russian's red hair and pulled on it like she knew she loved. She kissed her old lover full on her pouty red lips. Her tongue probing against hers as the Russian vampire let out a soft moan.

Abby's hands wound around her waist pressing her body to hers, kissing her harder as she groped at her ass. Evangeline groaned softly wanting to feel Kristopher's hands on her as she made out with the beautiful vampire, her hands found their way to Abby's breast and massaged them roughly through the sports bra then held them captive.

They quickly undressed each other in a matter of minutes and grinded their bare bodies against one another. Krisopher made his way towards the bed unable to just sit and watch.

He slowly leaned down and had Evangeline wrap her beautiful long thighs around his head as he slowly pressed his lips against her pussy. He kissed all along the outer edges of her pussy, his tongue tracing figure 8t's around her clit.

He slowly spread apart her pussy lips as his tongue dove into her, exploring like an angry snake with a mind of its own. He ran his hands up her stomach, gripping her breasts, fondling them roughly.

He nodded towards Abby and the vampire smirked as she slowly squatted over Evangeline, gently grinding her tight pussy against the Queen's tongue. Evangeline's body moved where her Alpha wanted it. She let out a soft purr as she felt his tongue touch her sensitive bud. Causing her hips to buck as her legs shook against his head.

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her eyes fell shut as she felt his long and warm tongue enter her causing her hips to rock against it breathing hard as he did. She giggled slightly as she found Abby straddling her mouth.

Instantly her mouth was over her clit pulling and licking at it gently at first before becoming rougher knowing Abby enjoyed pain. She moaned softly as she tasted her warm juices in her mouth.

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Her tongue rolling around up and inside her as Abby rocked her hips on top of her. He had Abby lay down on the bed, and he buried his mate's face into Abby's pussy as he slowly slid his enormous manhood straight into his mate's tight pussy. He gripped her ass, and started to slam in and out of her at an extremely rough speed.

He growled softly as he leaned down to make out with Abby as he plowed the living hell out of Evangeline. He held onto his mate's hair as she continued to eat out the vampire.

Evangeline was turned on by her mate's rough behavior. She obediently began to lap at Abby's pussy savoring the sweet taste once again.

She buried her face deep into her pussy her tongue flicking at every inch of it the taste driving her wild. Her hands gripped Abby's thighs tight digging her nails into the them as her lover pounded her from behind causing her to yelp with pleasure. She looked up and moaned as she saw her lovers kissing. The thought of it turning her on she couldn't look away. In this room they all three could be lover but once behind that door he was hers and only hers.

She groaned slightly as she continued to suck at her. Pulling on her clit with her teeth before attacking it with her tongue. She dug three fingers in her vampire lover right up to the knuckle and finger fucked her hard loving the mix of her moans with Kristopher's. Meanwhile, Kristopher's tongue which was still coated with Evangeline's juices explored Abby's mouth as the female vampire sucked the juices off of Kristopher's tongue and out of his mouth He reached underneath Evangeline and gripped her full beautiful breasts, fondling her roughly as he continued to make hot rough love to his mate, his enormous length sliding almost all the way out then would slam back into her with incredible force, He growled into Abby's mouth as his cock went harder and harder into Evangeline, causing her pussy to turn a raw reddish color from the friction.

Her body trembled as she tried to fight back another orgasm. She knew for a moment after her body wouldn't be able to handle much more she wanted to keep going but her body had other plans. Kristopher could tell that Evangeline was spurred on by his roughness and that only caused him to go harder.

He could feel her beautiful walls tighten around him slower and slower until she released her beautiful juice all over his shaft. With one mighty thrust, Kristopher plunged his cock deep into his Mate's pussy from behind and let his seed burst forth into her nether region, entirely coating her walls and causing their combination of love juices to leak slowly from her beautiful slit.

Her body tilted forward and screamed slightly into Abby's pussy as she orgasmed her body quivering hard as she hit her peak and dug her teeth into her flesh that only made Abby orgasm as well from the pleasure of her teeth.

She groaned and fell forward her mate slipping out of her as she kneeled there breathing hard her face still in her vampire lovers pussy.


He roared in pleasure as the crashing of his orgasm came upon her. He slowly pulled out of Evangeline, leaning against her perfect ass, gasping for breath. He had realized that in his insane pleasure, of pounding his mate's pussy that his fangs had come forth, long and jagged. Their mother of pearl sheen reflected the moonlight that was coming in from the small window on the ceiling. He lay against her back, running his fingers up and down her waist.

He slowly collapsed beside the two beautiful women on the bed, panting slowly his muscular chest heaving with post pleasure.

He smirked and brought both of them down to him by their hair gently with a tinge of roughness as he started kissing them both at the same time. He suckled at both their lower lips and their tongues before falling back against the pillows once more. He was by no means done pleasuring them both but even the strongest of lovers needed a breather every now and then.

His enormous length was still hard as steel and stood erect throbbing in the cold air, not used to not having his mate's tight little pussy wrapped around it.

He reached out and stroked Evangeline's thigh seductively and lovingly. Evangeline and Abby kissed him hard moaning softly as they both curled up against him. They both laid there breathing hard. She closed her eyes as Abby moved over Kristopher to her. She spread her legs and Evangeline watched as her vampire lover sucked up her mates cum licking her dry.

She moaned as she watched her. She sat up and kissed Kristopher long and hard before sitting up she reached for Abby and kissed her hard on the mouth biting and sucking on her tongue as her nails dug into the vampires perky breasts.

She leaned forward and captured one of her rosy nipples in her mouth and bit and sucked on that as well as her other hand massaged the other. She let out a slight growl as she did. She whispered something to Abby a minute later and the two took positions on either side of her lover's shaft.

The two leaned forward taking each a side for them selves.

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The sucked on him hard rolling their tongues across him. Their tongues touching as they did starring into each others eyes.


Both their hands working his shaft. Abby slid the tip in her mouth and sucked him hard before releasing him to allow Evangeline a turn she flicked her tongue against him as she sucked him hard. Should I continue?

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