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Sp 7616278 nodol3 tube porn
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Cyber fantasies can cum true. Mike had been surfing online sex sites for years always looking for extreme role play fantasies with kinky women, he had found a handful of women who let him do anything he wanted to them, telling them all the sick things he would do to them and how he would rape degrade and humiliate them over and over. One black chick from U.S.A. even let him call on the phone once in a while and let him jerk off as he told her how much he hated her and wanted to hurt her and make her cry.

So sitting in front of his computer after work he thought that today would be the same as any other day and if he got lucky he would find some new slut to be mean to. There was a new girl just as he hoped, her screen name was cumdumpster4u and her profile stated that she was a no limit whore anything goes.

Just my type Mike thought to himself as he copied his generic pick up line, saying that he is a hot hard and horny 34 yr old looking for extreme rp fantasy and that he enjoys rape degradation and humiliation, she responded quickly which surprised him because he usually has to send out a hundred msgs to get one back, she asked him what he would do to her if he could.

He said quickly that he would get her naked tie her up and start eating her cunt and asshole, she asks if he would hurt her and he responded that he would hurt and degrade her all night long relentlessly, she asked if he would do it in real life if he could he says yes.

The next message he sent changed both of their lives forever. She said, the reason that I'm even talking to you tonight is because I noticed you are near to Vancouver Canada and I want to get raped really really bad, will you do that to me? The thought of something similar to this happening had crossed his mind so he quickly jumped on the opportunity saying to her, I will make you wish you were dead, I will cross every boundary and push every limit.


Is that what you really want? After waiting for a couple long seconds her message appears on the screen, I've been with the same boring man for ten years, I don't cheat on him and he is so straight edge that he won't even let me suck his cock. I've been fantasizing about getting raped forever and I will let you do anything you want to me, you can pinch me slap me pull my hair piss on me shit on me make me eat it, rape my ass with dildos humiliate me over and over as long as I feel like a fucking cum bucket when I'm done.

Ill give you my address and you can be at my house from 5:30am until 4:45pm raping me as hard as you can. You can have the cell phone that bI'm using to make this conversation and I will sign anything and say in video that everything happening is consensual. I hope you don't use it to blackmail me by threatening to show it to my husband but that is the risk I'm willing to take.


Mike is smiling and actually shaking in excitement. Give me your fucking address!!

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She replies 726 Roderick avenue coquitlam. See you in the morning. He spent all night preparing and at exactly 5:30 he knocked on the front door of a nice white house. A late 30s white girl about 5'9" and 140 pounds blond hair and curves but a bit of a tummy answered in a white gown. He stepped inside saying take me to your bedroom. She hands him the cell phone as they enter the room, mike reaches in between the two mattresses running 2 lengths of rope and tells her to get naked.

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He lays her on her back and ties her ankles and wrists wide apart so she is tied spread eagles to her bed. He quickly gets naked and jumps on top 69 style licking her cunt deep and hard lifting her ass up so he can tongue her asshole, rubbing his hard dick against her face humping her as he licks. When he is almost about to cum he stops and gets off for a second repositioning so that he is laying on top of her missionary style. His face is an inch away from hers and she can feel him shaking excitedly as his rock hard chest presses against her tits.

I'm going to fuck you up bad stupid bitch. He quickly finds socks and pulls out tape, if you start screaming or telling me to stop you were not serious I'm just going to tape your mouth and keep hurting you understand?

She shakes her head and says do your worst I am your rape victim ill take everything you have. He starts spitting on her face again and again, he holds her head still so she is forced to look into his eyes. I'm going to start squeezing your ass and tits and pinching you and slapping you and pulling your hair because I want you to be crying in hysterics, you fucking whore, I slap her face hard 3 times making her scream out, her left side of her face is instantly bright red, shut up bitch he says covering her mouth as he lands a punch to her stomach making her gasp for air, does it feel good you fucking moron?

I grab her hair bouncing her head off the bed 4 or 5 times and start slapping her face and the back of her head. Then he punches her in each shoulder with full swings.

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Her mouth is wide open in agony as she wiggles underneath him in pain, tears running down her face as she sobs trying to cry quietly. Mike is still spitting on her face telling her that he hates her. Then he slaps her face a couple times and asks her if she is still going to do anything or is it already to hard for her, after a couple breaths she says she will do anything.

I untie her right arm and lay on the bed so that her face is against my dick, I tell her to jack me off against her face as she tells me the worst parts of her life and tells me the things that she hopes I won't do to her, she grabs his dick with a shaky hand as he tells her that she has to keep it pressed against her face the whole time and she starts talking, the worst part is I have no life no friends no kids nothing my husband is controlling and boring I feel like such a waste of a life no one wants to be around me, I deserve to get raped I'm a piece of shit, I hope you do worse to me, I'm not afraid of you doing anything to me, ill let you beat me all day long ill do anything.

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As Mike starts getting closer and closer to cumming he starts calling her names, you stupid goof victim fat pig I want to hurt you so you never forget. I love watching you cry. Just then his hot load sprays all over her face. He tells her that she has to tongue is asshole the entire time until his dick is hard againtry and get your tongue inside my ass you dirty whore don't stop licking. He laid on his side out of breath beside her in shock as she went crazy licking his ass pushing his face between his ass cheeks he reached back grabbing the back of her head and pushed making her struggle for air as he rubbed his ass up and down her face harder and harder.

Finally giving her an inch to get air he was amazed that he instantly felt the flick of her tongue pushing against his hole. Fuck you really want this don't you? I guess ill have to go all the way and try my hardest to rape you. She says between ragged breaths rape me as brutally as you can.

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He grabs her by the hair throwing her back and gets on top. He reties her wrists wide apart and tells her that he is going to beat her for a bit while he thinks of a way to leave evidence to her husband that she has been fucked. She looks worried for a second but soon her face turns to pain as he starts pinching and squeezing her tits, punching them like punching bags and slapping them turning them into red melons, she is crying loudly so he chokes her so hard she almost passes out warning her to quiet down.

He goes back to pinching her legs and slapping her, slapping her face hard until he notices her left eye starting to swell up. Then he completely unties her telling her that if she leaves the bed he will leave her tied up until he comes home. All of a sudden he realizes how much damage he's inflicted on her, she is facing away from him crying and sobbing her whole body rocking with each breath.

The more he sees her pain the more excited he gets. He tells her to get on her hands and knees and keeps slapping her and repeating it until she complies he then makes her lay her face down and ass up spreading her asscheeks for him. He pushes against her and starts humping slamming into her.

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U stupid cunt whore loser I fucking hate you he swears feeding left and right hooks to her ribs. I wish I could rape you to death you fucking cumbucket but your man will be home soon. Ramming her harder and harder until he came inside her ass. He puts on his clothes. Pulls out his cell phone taking pics of her pussy ass and crying face. Here's something to remember me by Mike says shoving her down making her spread her cheeks again, quickly and violently he shoves her electronic Mercedes key and chain up her ass as deep as he can.

Smacking the back of her head until she starts screaming in hysterics he runs out the front door. I wonder who will be online tonight he thinks.