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Schüchterne Rotschopf Streifen
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I was just now eleven years old. I felt older but was for the most part still treated like a "little kid". As I was going to find out, this is not always a bad thing. Whenever we had family gatherings the kids all ate at a separate table and when the gathering included overnight stays, the kids all slept in the same room. The remaining bedrooms were given to the adults.

This Thanksgiving was no different except that when it came time to go to bed I had a problem. I was the youngest boy and was kicked out of the boys' room because all the space was taken.

My mom said "Don't worry about it, just go sleep with the girls, they have plenty of room." Ordinarily this would not have bothered me, my dick stirred at the thought of it, but the other boys started making fun of me. My mom blew it off but my aunt could see that it really bothered me. She said "You can have my room. I will sleep with the girls". (My aunt and uncle had gotten divorced a few years ago) "Thanks a lot" my cousin Jenny hissed to me, "that just ruins our night." I went into her room, took off my clothes down to my boxers and crawled into her king size bed.

Through the slightly ajar bedroom door I could hear the guys occasionally making noises and could occasionally hear one of the adults tell them to be quiet. I could not sleep I wanted to be having fun with the other guys. I just lay there tossing and turning. About fifteen minutes later I heard the door slowly creak open.

Aunt Carol quietly slipped in and closed the door behind her. She came up to the bed and whispered "are you awake?". "Yes" "Well, I am going to sleep in here also. I don't want the girls to feel put out by my presence. I know what it was like when I was a kid. Adults spoil all the fun.

I did not intend on sleeping in their room but I did not want the boys to give you a hard time about sleeping with "auntie"." With that she removed her robe, pulled back the covers and slipped into bed. There was a very bright moon out that night.

It shone down through the windows and it reflected off the snow covered ground up into the room. This made the room come alive with a surprisingly bright, bluish glow. It certainly allowed me to plainly see my aunt as she removed her robe just before slipping under the covers.

She had on a pair of light colored panties and a darker bra which did not do much to cover her ample tits. We both fell asleep but I could not stay asleep for long. I was at the age when normal boys become very curious. But I was not normal I had actually had sex before.

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So, I was not just curious, but down-right horny! I had only one thing on my mind my aunt! More precisely, her nearly naked body which was just a little ways away from me! I turned onto my side facing her and slowly peeled the covers back. I kept pushing them down until I had her ass uncovered.

She lay there, breathing softly on her right side with her back toward me. I used my feet to push the covers all the way to the foot of the bed. Her right arm was curled up under her pillow and her left leg was bent at the knee and pulled about a third of the way up toward her tummy, her left foot laying on top of her right knee, her left inner thigh was halfway over her right one. This gave me a magnificent view of her fine ass! Even though it was a 41 year old ass, it was fantastic.

It had not gotten all flabby, nor had the rest of her body. She was not a body-builder type, but was put together very nicely, very shapely, very desirable.

She looked warm and inviting yummy. I slowly pushed my boxers down as I lay there staring at her round, panty covered ass. My young cock was rapidly filling with blood. By the time I had them off, my 5", very thick cock was fully hard. It curved up like a banana from my groin. The other boys were always talking about all the hot chicks they knew. Well, if they only knew this!

Here I was, completely naked and laying next to a sizzling hot woman! I grasped my aching dick and began to stroke it as I tugged at my balls with my other hand. My eyes remained glued to her ass as the pace of my strokes quickened. This was so tempting.

I wanted to touch her. The urge to do so soon became overwhelming. I tentatively reached out and lightly touched her ass. An electric shock went through my fingers as they trailed across her ass. I squeezed my cock hard to keep from cumming. By having one hand on her ass and the other on my cock it was as if my cock was indirectly touching her ass. Then, and idea started to form in my young head. What if my cock really did touch her ass? My fingers are not awakening her so maybe my cock would not.

I continued stroking my cock while looking at and touching her hot body. A thought went through my mind a "little kid" would just lie here and jack off but a real guy would do more.

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I very slowly inched over closer to her. Still lying on my side I arched my back, thrusting my hips out toward her. My cock head rubbed against the smooth flesh of her round ass that was not covered by her panties. I resumed stroking my cock. Her warm flesh felt really good against my knob. My mind was swimming in desire as I picked up the pace of my strokes. I looked down and watched as my knob pressed deeply into her ass cheek!

I almost came!

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I also noticed a slick trail of pre-cum on her ass cheek that was marking everywhere my knob had been. This gave me a scare, but then I thought it will dry before morning. I slowed my stroking, occasionally stopping and just rubbing my cock all over her ass.

As my knob would pass from bare flesh to panty covered flesh it would catch on the hem of her panties slightly. As this continued I thought about sticking my cock between her nice legs. Actually I wanted to stick it in her pussy but knew that was not going to happen without waking her up.

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Then I thought sliding it between her legs, but that would probably wake her up also. I wanted more, but figured cumming on her ass would be pretty good and started jacking off again as I kept the head of my cock pushed into her fleshy ass cheek.

I got bolder; I cautiously scooted even closer to her body. She did not stir.

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My upper chest was against her shoulders, my lower torso angling slightly away from her to give me room to get my hand between us and stroke my cock. As I was rubbing my knob against her ass I rolled slightly toward her which caused my cock to slip between her ass cheeks. Ohhhhh, Holy Fuck that felt good! The warmth of her flesh against my cock. I did not move, waiting to see if she moved. Nothing. I slowly started stroking my cock again with my knob nestled between her cheeks, the tip of it rubbing against her panty covered asshole.

Pre-cum was flowing out of my cock and making a slick mess of her ass. I could not continue jacking off without my body rolling over towards hers so I got another idea. I put my hand on her hip for support and slowly started pumping my hips using tiny little strokes, just enough to cause her ass to create some friction on my cock head. Soon this was not enough. I wanted to feel the warmth of her flesh along the entire length of my cock!

I moved my hand down from her hip and cupped the bottom of her left ass cheek. I lifted it enough to slip my dick all the way between her cheeks, and, Ohhh Holy Fuck again! I could feel the heat of her panty covered pussy warming the top of my cock head. Ohh Jesus!

Shit, that feels good, I'm gonna' cum! Shit! I bit my tongue, held my breath and remained motionless. One tiny little squirt of cum came out of my cock as I used every ounce of my being to stop my orgasm. Finally, it began to subside. My whole body had little shivers passing through it.

Now, as I got my wits back, I really began to savor this. I looked down at my cock disappearing between my hot aunt's ass cheeks. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have my cock nestled against a pussy. Even a panty covered one, even though it was my aunt!

The heat radiating from her panty clad pussy was exciting me beyond my limits. I realized that if I did not pull away soon, I would be shooting my cum all over her panties. I was experienced enough to know that it would be much better to shoot it inside her, but that did not appear to be an option. I also knew that if I shot it on her panties there would be no denying it in the morning.

Still, I did not want to withdraw from the lovely embrace of her smooth ass cheeks. I wanted to slip my cock into her pussy can I do it without waking her up? No. That would be taking too much of a chance.

But, I want more, so what about touching her titties? Yes that would be nice. To feel her warm tits in my hands. I would really like to see her tits naked! Maybe even suck on her nipples! I bet she has big ones! Ohhhh they would feel soo good.

I slowly slipped my cock out from between her ass cheeks feeling a deep longing for her pussy well up inside me as my cock lost contact with her flesh. But, I thought this would be best. I did not to cum so soon and did not want to make a mess on her that I could not deny come morning. I eased away from her a little and slowly brought myself into a sitting/kneeling position behind her and leaned in for a closer look at her bra strap.

I gingerly reached out for the center of the strap. I could see where the hooks were but could not get them undone. There were three of them across the width of the strap and I was afraid I would wake her if I tried to get enough slack in the material to unhook them.

I rose up a little to glance over her shoulder at those magnificent orbs. As I did so all my weight was concentrated on my knees which were just a few inches away from her back. This increased pressure caused the bed to sink down thereby making a depression adjacent to her back. Her weight shifted toward the depression slightly and I thought she was going to roll over against me.

I held my breath and waited for a second. I then started to scoot back away from her. As I inched back she must have been uncomfortable due to her slight lean toward me because she stretched her legs out and slowly rolled over toward me. I quickly scooted further back just in time to keep her from hitting me! Wow! Now she lay there before me, her nice tits slowly moving with her breathing. They exposed flesh of her orbs took on a milky glow in the moonlight.

I started slowly stroking my cock again as I stared at her tits. I wanted to see more. My stiff cock was making me reckless, brave, whatever you want to call it. I stopped jacking off and got up on my knees beside her left shoulder. I leaned over and closely examined her shoulder strap. There appeared to be just the slightest amount of slack in it where it crossed from the top of her shoulder to her collar bone??

I gently stuck the tip of my right index finger under it. She did not stir. I started to slowly tug at it, moving it incrementally closer to the edge of her shoulder.

It stretched slightly as I did so. Finally I got it over the crown of her shoulder and it slackened. I pushed it a little further down her arm until it tightened up again. I placed my right hand on the bed next to her left shoulder for support as I leaned over and repeated that painfully slow process with her right bra strap. Now, with both straps off her shoulder I noticed that the cups were a little loose. Oh yes! Getting closer!

I then slipped the tip of my left index finger under the upper edge of her right bra cup, just below where I though her nipple would be, and did the same with my other hand on her left bra cup.

I gently tugged and felt the bra start to move down. Oh Yes! I started quivering with excitement. Impossibly, my young cock seemed to swell more and get even harder as her bra slowly moved down, revealing more of that milky flesh! I almost came when I saw her fantastic nipples peek out from under the bra. I more excited at the sight of them and pulled a little faster until the material got snug again.

At this point her bra was bunched up just under the lower portion of her tits, fortunately for me, exposing all of her nipple area! I lay back down beside her and started jacking off again as I stared hungrily at her tits. My god they were beautiful. I think they were the most beautiful ones I had yet seen in my young life. I stared intently but was not sure……are her nipples hard? I slowly reached over and lightly touched her left nipple with the tip of my left index finger as my right hand stroked my cock.

It felt firm, but is that how it always feels? I rotated it slightly, like a little joystick. It did not fold over or bend in the middle. It was quite firm and big, like a big grade school pencil eraser. I remember the guys talking about how hard a girl's nipples get when she is excited&hellip.was Aunt Carol excited?

Maybe she was having a hot dream? Without thinking about it I started massaging her tit, squeezing it rather firmly in my hand, feeling her hard nipple press into my palm. My right hand started flying up and down my dick I was just about to cum! Suddenly Aunt Carol rolled back onto her right side which startled me and broke my concentration as her tit slipped out of my hand.

The fear of impending discovery stopped my looming orgasm as my hand froze in place. She positioned herself like she was before except this time her left leg, with bent knee, was pulled almost all the way up against her tummy which spread her ass wide open to my gaze, almost, in my mind, like an invitation to me. I could see the outline of her panty clad pussy quite clearly. Oh my god!&hellip.there was a large dark, wet spot (from my wet pre-cum?) centered on the panty material over her fat lips.

I figured that since there was already a mess on her panties that I might as well go ahead and get off on them. After all, her panty clad pussy rubbing against my cock would feel much better than my hand!

I scooted back toward her until my belly was against her hot ass. I slipped my cock back where it had been just a few minutes ago. I pressed it right up against her warm pussy and could feel the dampness of her panties.

I pressed a little harder this time and could feel her thick lips bulging under the head of my cock. I started moving my hips back and forth feeling her flesh roll around as I moved. Man this feels soo good. Won't be long now I thought. Then I thought I heard something. I paused for a moment but did not hear any more so I resumed my tiny strokes. I definitely heard something this time! It was a soft, barely audible, sighing "Yessssssss" escaping from her lips!

I stopped again.


This time I felt her actually push back against me! Much harder than I had been pushing against her! Oh God that's it! I started pumping cum all over her panties! My hips started quivering as my cock jerked with each shot of cum that squirted out of my slit. I could not tell if it was her or me, but there was just enough movement, just enough friction on my cock to send my mind reeling as my orgasm tore through my body!

As my body settled down I could hear the faintest moaning sound coming from deep within Aunt Carol. Had I awoken her? What now? I let my hand slide off her hip and started to slowly withdraw my cock from between her ass cheeks.

Suddenly her ass cheeks constricted against my cock! 'What are you doing!" she hissed at me. I suddenly had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and my cock started wilting.

", I'm sor. I mean, I didn't…it just sort of happened, you know…I saw your butt,……I…" came trembling out of my lips followed by a deep sigh. "Oh, don't be sorry young man." She whispered to me.

"It is understandable. It is wrong, but understandable. I have been so long without it I am as needy as you. Not a virgin, but needy just the same. I imagine I could not have contained myself either if were in your position." "You mean you are not going to tell my mom?" I hopefully asked of her. "No, I think this should remain between us" she said, then chuckled as if she made a joke.

Suddenly I realized what she meant. My cock was still between us, firmly gripped by her ass cheeks! This turn of events washed away all my fears and allowed the blood to flow rapidly back into my cock. "I am really flattered that you find me so desirable as old as I am" she continued "since this has went as far as it has we might as well continue." "What do you mean Aunt Carol?" "Well, as long as this has happened, and as long as it never leaves this room, AND as long as we be very quite we may as well have some more fun." "It has been quite a while for me.

And, since you never have, I might as well show you a few things." With that she relaxed her ass cheeks and pushed me over onto my back. By this time my cock was fully engorged again, rising up at a 45 degree angle from my groin, pulsing with each beat of my heart. She rolled over onto her side facing me and slightly propped herself up on one elbow. "Oooooh, that is a real cock you have young man" she excitedly whispered to me. "It is not as long as your uncle's was, but it is thicker!" she said as her hand reached for it.

"I can not believe it" she breathed out as her hand wrapped around my cock. The 5" length made the head of it protrude slightly above her fist, the thickness of it was such that her thumb just slightly overlapped the tip of her index finger. I was elated! She, a full grown woman, had just told me I had a man size cock. I had heard comments like this before, but it is always good to hear. For some reason, coming from Aunt Carol, it seemed much better. Her hand began to lazily slide up and down my shaft.

Her fingers would slide up past my knob, squeeze closed, then slowly her fist would open up as it slid back down my shaft. Her soft hand was working wonders on my cock. "Mmmmmmm, this is really nice" she whispered as she continued to stroke me. I looked up at her and I could see the tip of her tongue sliding back and forth across her lips. She was staring at my cock as she jacked it.

She stated to lean over my tummy. As she did, her tits slipped completely out of her bra. My god, they were incredible. I wanted them in my mouth so bad! I watched as she slowly leaned down toward me, her eyes not leaving my cock, mine not leaving her tits. I watched as her nipple got closer to my tummy, watched as it barely grazed my skin! I felt a pulse of energy erupt from the point that her nipple made contact with my tummy, felt more pressure as she leaned further down, then, I nearly exploded off the bed when I felt her wet tongue bathe the head of my cock!

I had not seen this coming as I had been so mesmerized by her tits! "Oh God" she whispered "that is so good. I need it so bad" she whispered again as she continued to stroke my cock. I shuddered each time her fist slid up over my saliva slicked knob. Suddenly she stopped stroking my cock and got up on her knees beside me.

I lay there and watched her swiftly reach back and unhook her bra and fling it to the floor. She then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down over her hips. She leaned over for balance me as she shifted her weight from each knee sequentially as she slid her panties completely off and dropped them over the edge of the bed.

She then rose back up on her knees and looked down at me. "So, so nice, so young" she murmured. "The sight of that, plus what you did earlier, has made my pussy very wet" she whispered as she reached down to my hand and guided my fingers to her cunt lips.

She pressed my fingers against her hot lips and rotated her hand, grinding my fingers into her flesh. "Yes" she muttered. "It makes my mouth water…mmmmm…" she breathed out and added "I am going to kiss your fat little cock again baby" ……"is that OK?" she purred.

"Yes" almost silently made its way out of my lips as she bent down and took my cock fully into her mouth. She started rubbing my fingers much faster and harder against her pussy. A squishy sound was quietly coming up from her meaty cunt lips and combining with my moans as she kissed the shiny head of my dick. As far as I was concerned, Aunt Carol could do anything she wanted to me as long as it involved my cock!

She let go of my hand, placed her left hand on the bed beside me for support and grasped the base of my cock with her thumb and index finger of her right hand and aimed it straight up as she greedily sucked it all the way into her mouth.

I sucked in a deep gulp of air as her warm mouth enveloped my cock, causing me to arch up off the bed as every muscle in my body to contracted. She paused at the bottom and snaked her tongue out to my ball sack and flicked it lightly.

She pulled back up, all the way off it and looked at me and whispered "Your fat little cock tastes good& you like it when I taste you cock?". "Ohh yes Aunt Carol" was my hushed reply "Put it back in your mouth&hellip.Suck it&hellip." "Awfully demanding for such a young boy" she whispered as she looked at me with a gleam in her eye. While saying this she waved my young cock back and forth and let her tongue fall out of her mouth and barely strike my knob as she wagged it back and forth.

I nearly erupted all over her. Silently, but while keeping eye contact with me, she engulfed the head of my cock. Her tongue began to expertly work my knob, lapping up the pre-cum oozing out of my peehole. Her left hand lay flat against my tummy, her index fingertip lightly tracing tiny circles on my flesh. Her right hand wrapped around my shaft, her thumb and index finger encircling my cock while her other fingers trailed down over my ball sack gently rolling my nuts around.

She continued this for a few moments before I whispered "Aunt Carol, you better stop doing that or else…" In response she looked deep into my moonlit eyes, nodded her head, and sank her mouth all the way back down my shaft! I watched my shaft appear and disappear into her warm mouth as she bobbed her head up and down. My body began to quiver as my orgasm approached.

I had warned her so whatever happened now was just going to happen. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I arched my back up again as the edge approached. Aunt Carol began to bob her head faster while tugging firmly on my balls. I began to hump my hips firmly into her face, she applied pressure on my tummy with her left hand to stifle my movements. She shifted her weight slightly causing her nipples to drag against my thigh. That added sensation and the wonderful view of my cock in her mouth combined to push me over the edge!

I swallowed a scream as my young cock puffed up and began to pump cum into her mouth! She gulped slightly and started breathing very hard through her nose as she greedily sucked me dry. She kept tonguing the head of my sensitive cock well after the cum stopped squirting out which sent uncontrollable shudders throughout my body. "I did not expect that so soon" she whispered. "You just did that a few minutes ago. I hope you have more for me." She added as she lazily stroked my tummy.

"Oh yes Aunt Carol. I have more." She continued to stroke my semi-hard shaft with her soft hand as she licked my tummy. As she continued to stroke my cock she moved up, sliding the tip of her tongue from my belly button all the way up to my left nipple. She nibbled on it and ran her tongue around it sending tingling sensations through to my core. She continued up, dragging her nipples across my skin. As one of them passed over my lips I hungrily sucked it into my mouth.

She let a small moan escape her lips as I worked on her nipple. My hands came up and started squeezing the sides of her tit as I sucked on her hard nipple.

She began to rub her body up and down against mine as much as her tit in my mouth would allow. She pulled her tit from my mouth and moved back down to my cock. She sucked my balls into her mouth and slowly rolled them around on her tongue as her hand pumped my shaft. She let my balls slip out of her mouth as the tip of her tongue trailed down across my tiny asshole!

This caused resurgence in my cock as it started to harden again. This was so hot. She was very good at this, plus it was even better because it was "nasty wrong", taboo, something to be kept secret. A few more minutes of these amazing sensations as her tongue and fingers expertly worked my cock and ass and my cock was rock hard again. She looked up at me and smiled as she seductively ran her tongue from the base of my shaft to the tip of my knob.

She got to her knees and straddled my hips and smiled down at me. "You have never been with a woman have you?" "No, not really." I softly lied to her. She seemed to swell up with this and huskily whispered to me "Your first time is very special, I will make sure you really enjoy it.

You will get to put your cock where only men have before." "It has already been special Aunt Carol, it has been great." "But, it gets better." She replied as she reached down between her legs and guided my fat young cock toward her wet box. She rubbed the head of my cock back and forth a couple times between her hot cunt lips then aimed it at her hole and slowly sank down on it.

She let out a long sigh as my young cock split her cunt lips and penetrated her slick tunnel. I gasped with pleasure I couldn't believe how tight it felt. I thought she would be looser since she was older. She put all her weight on me, pushing her wonderful ass cheeks firmly against my balls. She began to undulate her body making a wavelike movement which caused her ass cheeks to roll my nuts around. As she rocked back and forth in my lap she would roll her hips forward and lean slightly toward me grinding her pubic bone firmly against me.

I put my hands on her smooth hips and began to time my movements with hers. "Ohhhh my goodness" she purred. A soft "yes, yes, yes&hellip.mmm…uh" started escaping her lips as we continued our movements. She increased the pace, her tits were swaying enticingly in front of me. I was glad I had cum before or there was no way I could watch this magnificent woman fuck me and not blow my nuts immediately. "It feels great Aunt Carol" I whispered to her as I strained upward, trying to get one of her tits into my mouth.

A couple minutes later I clutched at her mature body, moving my hands further up her back to leverage myself closer to her ripe tits. This put more pressure on my cock and ball as she continued to grind rapidly against me. I vaguely felt a familiar tingle start deep in my groin as my mouth clamped onto one of her solid nipples.

As soon as my tongue began to roll her nipple around in my mouth Aunt Carol began to jerk her hips back and forth quite rapidly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and almost suffocated me as she squeezed very tightly. My face was mashed deeply into her sweaty tit. She began to groan, squeezed me even tighter as her hips rocketed back and forth in my lap painfully mashing my nuts against her ass.

Suddenly she tensed up, the jerking movements of her hips turned into a high frequency quiver and her breathing stopped! Then she started an up and down bouncing movement on my lap as she swallowed a deep groan. I felt her cunt muscles contracting around my cock and that put me over the edge. My tummy muscles contracted violently as my hard young cock began to squirt my boy cum inside her hot pussy.

That tight tunnel massaging my sensitive cock head as I shot into her nearly made me cry out with pleasure. She held onto me tightly, occasionally jerking her hips back and forth. I turned my head slightly and sucked in a deep breath of air. She was panting heavily as she relaxed her grip on me a little but still held me up against her sweaty body. It felt like she was on fire, inside and out. If a boy could love a woman, then at that moment I loved my Aunt Carol. She lowered me back onto the bed and leaned over me with her hands on the bed beside my shoulders.

Our breathing had almost returned to normal but my deflating cock would still occasionally twitch inside her pussy which was followed immediately by her contracting her cunt muscles around it. She bent her elbows and lowered her face to mine. She grazed her soft lips across mine, lightly kissing me, then moved her lips next to my ear.

"When you have had time to recover, we will fuck again my sweet boy." She whispered to me. "But, I guess I should not call you a boy anymore. You are a man now." She added. "We will just have this one night, so we must make the best of it." She rose slightly and let my cock slip from her pussy as she moved to lie beside me propped up on her left arm.

I was overwhelmed with emotion and desire even though I had already had very satisfying orgasms. I could not keep my hands off of her or my cock.

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I tugged at my dick as I reached across my chest with my left hand and played with her titties. My fingers trailed back and forth between her nipples, pinching, pulling, massaging. She lay back flat on her back. I rolled onto my side as I continued to tug my cock and play with her titties. I let my fingers trail up from her tits to her mouth. I loved the feel of her soft lips. She pursed them and sucked my fingers into her mouth. The feel of her amazing tongue on my flesh was fantastic. That and my insistent tugging on my cock got my blood flowing again.

She grasped my wrist, removed my fingers from her mouth and guided them down to her pussy again. As she did this I had to roll more towards her to be able to reach her cunt. I pulled my right arm from between us as she dipped my fingers into her cunt.

I slid my right arm behind her neck and leaned down and began to worship those wonderful tits with my mouth. As I did this my stiff again cock pressed into her side. "It looks like you are ready to go again young man" she excitedly whispered to me. "This time I want you to get on top, between my legs and fuck me like a man!" she hissed. I did not have to be told twice. I scrambled up between her legs and lowered myself toward her as she guided me into position.

"Be a man for me, fuck me hard&hellip." She pleadingly whispered as she guided my cock head between her juicy lips. Her talking to me was igniting something deep with me I had not felt before. It was almost like the first time as my cock sank fully into her hot cunt! My upper body pressed down against hers, her hard nipples bore into my little chest as her ample tits supported my weight!

My arms curled around behind her neck as I started to frantically pump my cock into her. She spread her legs and raised them up off the bed as I kept pounding her cunt. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me hard" she whispered as my little balls slapped against her ass. Our sweaty stomachs started making a sticky smacking sound as I kept pounding into her. "Oh yes, give it to me, fuck me with that thick, hard cock of yours" she whispered into my ear.

She reached down and grabbed my ass as I started to fuck her harder. That warm, wet tightness peaked my desire and I pounded into her cunt as hard as I could, as if I were trying to tear her apart. Soon she was bucking up to meet me as I thrust my dick deep into her. I knew I was about to explode deep inside of her. She pulled my face down to her breast and I took one of her hard nipples into my mouth and began to suck it very hard. Each time I thrust my hips, driving my cock as deep as possible into her cunt, it caused my head to pull back, straining my neck muscles and elongating her tit as I kept my lips clamped onto her nipple.

This seemed to go on forever. I did not want it to end. My pace became even more frantic as my orgasm began to build. I started taking longer strokes and just as my orgasm began to ramp up I accidentally pulled to far back and my cock slipped out of her cunt and slid up her tummy.


She frantically grabbed it and out it back inside her and I resumed my hectic thrusting as I chewed hard on her nipples. She began bucking her hips again, harder this time. Once again as I was pulling back she bucked up and my cock popped out. Her hips were making fucking motions in the air as my cock slid up her tummy again.

"St.St…Stop a sec." she panted as she grabbed my cock and slipped it back into her hot tunnel. "This will work better" she said as she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me up off her chest. This put more of my weight on my lower body to keep her from bucking me out of her cunt again. I began relentlessly driving my cock into her time and time again. I grabbed one tit in each hand and squeezed them unmercifully as much for something to hold onto as to feel those sweet orbs in my hands.

The flesh of her tits bulged up between my fingers as my cock bore into her cunt.


"Yess! Ram my pussy, squeeze my tits, pinch my nipples…" she panted.

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It was all I could do to keep going and keep concentrating on all the wonderful parts of her body. I just wanted to collapse onto her and hump her cunt until I came again. My eyes were overwhelmed with the sight of her wonderful body beneath me. For several more minutes I pumped her hot cunt and mauled her tits. I got close to cumming several times but just could not get there.

Suddenly Aunt Carol wrapped her legs around my small waist jamming her heels into my back as she rose up off the bed causing me to lose my balance and my upper body to collapse onto her sweaty tits. She humped frantically, roughly using her legs for leverage as her arms sank into the bed beside her.

My knees were supporting all our weight, I could not move as she held me tightly with her legs and continued to hump hard against me. She squealed with passion as her pussy clamped onto my cock. I felt a flood of fluid as her juice ran out around my cock! That was the trigger I needed to cum again, and cum again I did!! This was the most intense orgasm of the night! I do not know how much cum I pumped into her pussy but my cock pumped 7 or 8 times before settling down.

Each time my cock pumped she squealed again and shivered and humped hard against me. I tired to be as quiet as possible but the intensity of my orgasm would not fully allow it. The she went limp, fell back onto the bed and her legs splayed out beside us. I lay on top of her panting hard. I weakly raised my head and looked into her liquid eyes.

Her hair was matted against her sweaty forehead. She put her hands on my cheeks and pulled my lips to hers and kissed me deeply, swirling her tongue around my inside my mouth. I then lay my head down on her shoulder and drifted off to sleep as I felt my softening cock slowly slip out of her as our copious juices ran out around my cock.

I awoke the next morning to an empty bed. Apparently Aunt Carol had gotten up before everyone else and was making breakfast. Apparently she did not want anyone to see her coming out of her bedroom, giving away the fact that she had slept with me?

I really did not care. Did not care if the older kids teased me for sleeping with "Auntie". After breakfast the other boys were acting a little odd towards me. Did they know? Did they assume something? I do not know, never did find out, and do not care. It was one of the most wonderful nights of my life so far.