Private foojob session with Ana Monte Real

Private foojob session with Ana Monte Real
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She opened the gift box from Justin and found a layer of pastel wrappings around a football sized gift. When she peeled back the colored tissues the first thing she saw was a pair of black shiny eyes peering at her. She ripped off the rest of the paper and lifted a cute, cuddly stuffed toy from the box. She loved stuffed toys and this one was as cute as any of those that populated her bedroom. She wasn't sure what it was, not a teddy bear, not a stuffed puppy or kitten, it was more alien, like Marvin the Martin only fuzzy with reddish orange fur.

She loved it! The girl jumped off the sofa, handed her newest friend to her mother then hugged her stepbrother "Thank you, he's so cute!" "Happy Birthday Ellen, I knew he was perfect as soon as I saw him." Ellen formally introduced her new roommate to all of her roommates, "Allie, this is everybody, everybody, this is Allie the Alien." She found him a spot between Dweeb the Bear and Smokey her Guardian Dragon.

The three occupied a shelf over the dresser at the end of her bed. Ellen felt safe in her room with the trio gazing down on her while she slept. Justin sat at his laptop watching the girl as she slumbered.

He was logged on to a web-cam that offered a view of her bedroom. He could control the camera lens from the laptop so he slowly panned the camera horizontally then vertically to gauge the limits of the view. He centered on the sleeping figure under the blanket then zoomed until her profile on the pillow filled the screen, 15-year-old Ellen was cute in her sleep and he couldn't wait for her to rouse so he could check out her body too.

She woke at 6:17am to get ready for school. She followed her morning ritual by first stripping her night wear, then while standing in front of a five-foot-tall closet door mirror she stretched and twisted the sleep from her tight young body. She liked watching her image change as she grew through puberty. The large cloth sewing measure taped to the side of the mirror showed her height as 5'4. Just two months earlier it was 5'3".

The formless generic body shape of a younger child was transforming as curves and features she knew boys furtively watched. She was beginning to enjoy having boys check her out, looking at her developing breasts, her firm rounded butt.

She smoothed the fingers of her left hand down the skin of her midriff, through the thatch of soft dark curls then over the tender swells of her pussy. The girl stroked her sex three times before turning away to shower. Even as she stepped away the lips of her pussy tingled, a feeling caused by her own hand. What would it feel like if it were a boy's hand that touched her that way?

It was a fleeting but pleasant thought. The stepbrother sat, agitated, his distended cock causing his shorts to tent over his groin. He had a hand between his legs, firmly squeezing his erection as the girl displayed in front of her mirror. After she moved from view he forced himself from the monitor to prepare for his own day. He saw when she came back to her room with a large towel wrapped around her body, held in place by a tuck over her breasts. A second, smaller towel covered her wet hair.

She stepped back to the mirror, took the towel from her head, picked up a hand dryer then began to blow the wetness from her hair. She raised her arms, one to fluff her hair, the other held the dryer.

When she did the towel around her body came loose then with a shake of her hips it fell to her feet. Again she was naked, displaying for the camera hidden in the eyes of Allie the Alien. Her stepbrother had paid a considerable amount for the toy with the wireless spy camera behind the right button eye.

When she aimed the warmed stream of air from the blower at her pubic hair, he knew it was money well spent. The only drawback to the camera was its limited battery life. It was necessary to pull Allie the Alien from the shelf and plug a charger cable into his ass.

Justin did this twice until he noticed an unused power outlet on the wall just behind Dweeb the Bear.


He plugged the charger into the outlet which would eliminate the necessity of recharging every two days. It quickly became a ritual, watching the girl disrobing for bed then readying for the day each morning. He masturbated often over the next several months as she morphed even more into a tantalizing young woman. The only thing he couldn't see was what transpired in her room after the lights went out. She rearranged her bedroom one Saturday, he wasn't watching but that evening when he logged onto the wireless camera he was momentarily disoriented by the location of the bed and furniture.

At first he thought she had moved Allie but quickly realized he was still on the shelf in his normal place. The bedroom furniture had changed, not his point of view.

When she rearranged her room, she turned the bed horizontal to the camera, the view was from the side, not the end as before.

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A new nightstand stood close to the bed, a small reading lamp on the table. She had inadvertently provided the camera enough light to capture her even after she was in bed. He spent several nights watching her soft curves as she slept. His 18th birthday was a day of celebration with his friends, his girlfriend stroked him until he erupted in her hand.

She couldn't let him that day so she placated him with her mouth and fingers. That evening was spent with his family. He received a cool new earring from Ellen, one he would wear the next day. But an earring wasn't the only gift she gave him that night. She stripped to panties then moved to her mirror.

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She began to caress her body, smoothing her hands over her skin from face to neck to breasts then legs. Softly, sensuously, eyes closed with lips partially open for quickened breaths, she fondled herself. She caressed her body for a few minutes then pulled her panties off, put both hands between her wide spread thighs and started rubbing her sex. Even from his theater seat two rooms away he could tell she was turning herself on, getting hot. Her body moved then began to undulate as she stroked the top of her pussy.

His hard-on was massive, swollen as never before watching his stepsister fulfill one of his fantasies. This is why he bought the voyeur toy, this was the moment he had been waiting for since he gave her Allie several months earlier. She moved from the mirror to the bed then went to her back. Her breasts stood proudly, gravity couldn't pull them flat. Her hands resumed the exploration of her own body, one to her breasts, the other between her legs.

He pulled his clothes off then lay on his stomach with the laptop in front of him while he watched his stepsister, the pressure of his erection against the mattress felt good. She pulled and twisted pubic hair with fingers while the other hand went again to her sex. She straightened two fingers the pressed them into the hole between her legs.

She rolled to her side facing Allie, lifted and bent the top leg at the knee, giving him an even better view of what she was doing. She started plunging deeper into herself, her hips began to roll in sync with the fingers. She moved the other hand to her breasts then pinched and rolled the nipples between thumb and forefinger. He was fucking the bed he lay on; her eyes were closed but her face betrayed the pleasure of her own ministrations.

Her entire body jerked, she convulsed as busy fingers rapidly rubbed over her sweet spot. He reacted to the alluring 15-year-old girl as she vibrated and moaned by ejaculating urgently on his bed.

She had inadvertently granted him his most ardent wish on his birthday. She lay quiet for several long moments, the rapid rise and fall her chest being the only movement he could detect. Gradually she reached to turn the bedside lamp off. Just before the room darkened Ellen smiled at Allie then sent a kiss floating across the room directly to the camera.

He was shocked to stillness, had his stepsister just sent him a message or was she saying good night to the stuffed toys? He was embarrassed to sit with her the next morning at breakfast. He didn't want to be next to her while thinking she knew his secret. Not knowing if she knew about the camera caused his stomach to churn with angst. But if she knew, she didn't confront him or run in fright to their parents. As the days passed his anxiety began to wane.

She acted no differently toward him, her relationship with him was at it had been for 11 years, since her mother married his father. He didn't tune in to Allie's signals for almost a week. For some reason he thought if he did he would be found out. He even went so far as to attempt to remove the camera from the toy but could not do so without tearing it open, he returned Allie to the shelf.

The night he returned to observing his stepsister he was rewarded with a long period of her nakedness while she prepared for a night out with her boyfriend.


He watched her fix her face, fashion her hair then slowly dress. He stroked his rigid cock watching her select then slide a set of red lace panties up her long smooth legs, matching bra followed. As he watched he wondered if she had yet given herself to the boy. He was her first steady and had been seeing him for 4 months, time enough to move from tentative first kiss to bed.

It was 11:15 when she returned to her room after her date. He came home minutes later then turned on his laptop while preparing for bed. When the screen lit up he saw her lying on the bed sideways, her knees bent over the edge, she was still wearing shoes which allowed her feet to rest on the floor.

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But nothing else. Her legs were spread, her pussy exposed to the camera. The pressure in his cock began to increase while his heart rate climbed as she extended her long finger then began to slide it up and down the length of her lips. She hooked a finger then put the tip of it into the hole between her legs then rotated her hand to push as far in as she could.

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She was finger fucking herself and he was slamming his hard-on. Just as his nut pressure started to hurt, she pulled the finger from her then put it in her mouth and licked it clean. It was as if she knew the exact right moment and act to cause him to climax. He had to leave the monitor and stepsister to clean his discharge from his hand and the bed. When he returned he saw she had donned a long flannel sleep gown and was lying on her stomach with her own Mac Book open before her.

She wasn't doing anything just then to keep his interest so he opened Facebook to catch up with some friends. Maybe two minutes later his IM icon blinked. He opened to find a note from Ellen. "You still awake?" "Ya" "Can I show you something?" He snickered to himself, she had already shown him plenty but he responded "What?" "Something, come here but don't wake mom and dad." Instantly his prick warmed with desire, half filled with blood.

It was only natural that he would be quiet sneaking past his parents' room to Ellen's but that she cautioned him made her invitation totally clandestine, secretive and promising. He slipped on a pair of sweat pants and a T. She was sitting on the side of the bed when he cautiously opened her door.

She glanced up at him then patted the bed beside her, an invitation to sit with her. His cock gained more weight. He quietly clicked the door closed then went to sit beside his stepsister. When he settled next to her there was a small gap between them but he could feel her warmth, smell her cologne, "What's up?" he asked. She looked at him tentatively as if she was not sure what to do or say next. He looked into her eyes just as they filled with resolve.

She nudged closer to her stepbrother until their thighs were pressed together then set her laptop across both their legs to give him a straight on view of the screen. She booted her computer and in seconds he was watching himself sitting beside her on the bed, looking at her screen.

"I found the camera in Allie" she whispered. "It took me a while to figure out what it was and why it was there but now I know. You've been watching me since my birthday." It was a statement, not a question, she knew what he had been doing. Panic gripped him, he was ready to flee from her room but she didn't act like she was preparing to scream for her mother. He sat beside her trying to think of anything to say or do that could erase past few months.


He looked at the screen again then realized he was seeing what Allie was viewing in real time. Curiosity overcame fear, "How did you get that on your laptop?" "When I rearranged my room I found the charger for Allie. When I figured out it was for a spy camera in his head I got really pissed. It freaked me out and I have to tell you I was going to tell mom and dad." "But you didn't?" "You got lucky, they weren't home so I had about three hours to think and get over my shock.

After I killed you six times I got curious and went to your room and found the software disk then loaded the program on my Mac Book. I can see everything Allie sees, just the same as you." His head was buzzing, tight with worry but he focused on her revelation, "You found this weeks ago? Why didn't you say something then?" With a flash of awareness he realized she had been showing and performing for the camera, for him, since she rearranged the room.

"You knew but still did all the stuff you did, letting me watch?" His half hard cock grew harder. Her eyes rose to his, they grew softer, she did not answer the question but said as a whisper "Watch the screen now." She set the laptop to his side so the screen was visible to them, got off the bed then went to her knees between his.

She hooked her fingers into the band of his sweats then pulled them off his hips, he raised his butt so they could slide down his legs. When his pants were bunched on his feet she gripped his erection, bent over it then slipped her mouth over him. He turned to look at the monitor beside him to see her on her knees, the back of her head bobbing over his lap. As his 15-year-old stepsister suckled his erection he could only sit stunned. What she was doing was so far beyond any of his fantasies, he had to think hard to know this was not a dream.

She had a strong lip lock on him when she raised her right hand, she held a condom in two fingers. He took it from her and stripped open the package. She kissed the end of his hard-on goodbye then stood. He rolled the latex down his cock then she lifted her gown to reveal she wore no panties. She stepped across his legs and while he held it in place, she lowered slowly on him.

When her ass was sitting on his thighs they began to rock in unison. He slipped his hands under the flannel gown and held her ass. She leaned forward, her tits were mashed on his chest, her arms around his neck.

It took only a couple of minutes before his stepsister gasped deeply and began to climax. She slapped a hand over her mouth to keep her cries of rapture from alerting their parents. She ground her hot flowing cunt down on him which set his balls in motion. He surged repeatedly into the condom, filling the end to overflow.

Cum leaked around the seal but did not enter her. He pushed the computer aside then rolled Ellen off to the bed. They twisted around until they were face to face, they kissed tenderly, the first time their lips had ever met for passion. No words were said but she rose up on an elbow then pulled the flooded rubber off his still hard cock. She flopped to her back, tied off the end of the sheath then dropped it to the floor.

She again focused her attention on his unyielding erection, she leaned over him and used her tongue to clean the residue of his discharge from it. When she was done she rolled up over him, she was lying full length on her stepbrother. She put her lips to his ear "After I found the camera I kind of got turned on and started doing things for you. It was fun. I hope I made your nuts hurt." He slid his hands under her gown again and cradled her ass with them.

He squeezed her cheeks, "As much fun as this?" His cock was strong with youthful vigor, he pressed it against her crotch. She used both hands to pull the gown up so she could feel his throbbing erection on her. He jostled around until it rose strong between her thighs then rocked his ass until the end of it slipped into her warm, wet hole.

Justin rolled up and into Ellen then they settled into a slow rhythmic fuck. She kissed him again then rested her head on his chest and enjoyed what he was doing between her legs. As they coupled tenderly for several minutes, both he and she were building a strong internal pressure, both climbing to orgasms. She tipped first, her stomach cramped, her womb convulsed then she bit her own hand to keep from voicing her rapture.

He reacted to her; his balls clenched, his cock swelled even more then before the end of his cock blew apart, he pulled from her.

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The head of his erection slipped up from her pussy and lodged in the crack of her butt. Ellen felt him caressing her nether hole and it excited her even more. She reached behind, gripped the stiff muscle and held him against her anus. Justin pushed against her, gently entering her until the tip of his erection was encased by her ass. She whispered to him "Now." He groaned sharply as his balls drained into the tight hole.

They parted slowly, fondly. He crept back to his room, his mind full of what had transpired in the last hour. When he looked at his monitor he saw her lying nude on her side, looking at the camera.

He had to suppress an urge to go back and kiss her tits. Just before she turned off the bedside light she blew a kiss across the room then with a large smile flipped Allie the finger.