Slutty whore gets her ass slapped red whilst being bounded

Slutty whore gets her ass slapped red whilst being bounded
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After a couple of minutes, Tina released Marline and slid off the bed. "Whew!" I could use a drink. How about you, Hun?" Marline responded, "Water, as long as I don't have to get up." Tina laughed and said, "Okay, okay, I'll be your fucking servant." And she walked out of the bedroom. After having a few drinks from the bottle of water, Marline said to Tina in a raspy voice, "I want more." "Water?" Tina asked with a chuckle, knowing full well, her friend hadn't finished half of what she had.

"No, not water. Don't be a bitch.


I want more cock." Tina looked at me, and seeing that my cock was still hard and waving in the air, she cocked her head toward Marline, "Well, stud, you heard her. What are you waiting for?" Marline scooted down on the bed and spread her legs, "Right here, baby." She said, teasing her splayed pussy with her fingers. This was all just really, really foreign to me, but I obediently crawled onto the bed and positioned myself between Marline's legs.

She reached down and guided my cock into her sopping pussy. The minute I was fully inside her, Tina sat her drink aside and crawled onto the bed.

She began kissing her friend and playing with her nipples. And then she looked at me, and said in a sexy voice, "Fuck her good, baby." And then she got off the bed, took up her glass and moved to the chair I'd been sitting in.

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I'm not sure if it was the amount of fucking I'd already done, or the alcohol, or whatever, but my cock seemed a little numb. I knew there was no danger of me cumming. Armed with that confidence, I pinned Marline's knees as high as they would go and began giving her everything I had. Over the next fifteen minutes, Marline whimpered and grunted three or four times, bathing my cock with a fresh batch of slick cum each time.

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My back was giving out. I didn't know how much longer I could keep up that pace. Fortunately, Marline grunted one more time and then put her hands on my shoulders and began pushing me away.

When I crawled off the bed, Marline was still laying there gasping and whimpering. I was breathing so hard, I was afraid my heart would jump out of my chest. Tina got up, but before letting me sit, she gave me a warm kiss, and whispered in my ear, "Wow! That was very hot. You did great. . really, really great." Understandably, I was very proud of myself. * * * Tina only let me rest for three or four minutes.

"Lay down on your back." I did as she instructed, happy that my back was going to get more rest. A minute later, Tina was easing her pussy down onto my still rigid cock. Marline, having recovered from the fucking I'd just given her, rolled over and began kissing me passionately. She teased my nipples with her fingernails and pinched them roughly. Soon, Tina urged her out of the way so she could lean down and begin fucking me in earnest.

I reached up with one hand and began kneading one of Tina's breasts. Marline reached over and did the same to the other one. But after four or five minutes, Marline began pulling on Tina's nipple and pinching it so hard, Tina's face contorted and she groaned out, "Argggggg, that's too, arggggg." That didn't dissuade, Marline.

If anything, she pulled on Tina's nipple even harder, stretching it out to a degree I knew had to be very painful. "Oh my God!" Tina gasped, but Marline didn't let up.

Seconds later, Tina was thrashing on me so violently, I was afraid she'd fall off.

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Her body was flailing in all directions. "Fuck! Fuck! Oh, that's. . fuck!" And then Tina straightened up, and grunted loudly, "Fuck, argggggggg". It wasn't until then that Marline released her nipple. My cock was still buried inside Tina's pussy when her expression turned to normal. Her body hadn't. It was still quivering, her cum running down my cock and onto my balls. Finally, she looked over at Marline, "C'mear, you sadistic fucking bitch." Marline moved up to her, chuckling.

And when she was in reach, Tina grabbed a hand full of her hair and yanked her in for a passionate kiss. I was blown away. * * * After several minutes of no action, my boner finally began to fade. We had a quick sandwich for dinner, and while we were eating, Tina asked me straight out, and right in front of Marline, "Jake, you didn't cum the last time.

Marli and I have had enough fun for one day, but if you need to cum before we go to sleep, we won't mind helping you with that." "Nah, I'm okay." I said honestly. Marline chirped in, "Are you sure, Honey? We don't mind, really." "No, honestly, I'm fine. I've had more fun today than I've had in my life. It's been an incredible time. I'll remember it for the rest of my life." Tina put her hand on my arm, "If you change your mind, don't be shy about letting us know. Okay?" "I will, but I'm fine." "Okay, but I'll ask you again in the morning." I just nodded.

I thought it was very sweet of both of them to ask. * * * Not unlike the previous week, I woke up in bed alone. This time though, there were two naked beauties in the pool. I joined them for a few minutes, and then the three of us enjoyed a crowed but otherwise normal shower. After a light breakfast, it was time for Marline and I to leave Tina to her studies.

Tina excused herself to the bathroom while Marline and I went to the front door to get dressed. "Do you want your goodbye kiss before or after we get dressed?" Marline asked me. I pretended to ponder her question, and then answered with a chuckle, "Before. I'm not an idiot." And with that, she moved in and gave me a full body hug that culminated in a very passionate kiss. When we separated, Tina was standing a few feet away smiling.

I felt a twinge of guilt. That was the first time Marline and I had done anything together without Tina being right there encouraging it. My fears were alleviated when Tina walked up and kissed Marline in the same manner I just had. When Marline and I were both dressed, Marline left, telling Tina "Call me, babe." Tina held me back, and when Marline was gone, and I was dressed, she kissed me passionately for a long while.

"I'm really, really proud of you, Jake." "For what, hanging in there last night until you were both satisfied?" Tina laughed out loud, "Well yes, that too, but that's not what I'm talking about. I meant because you just rolled with things without freaking out." "Oh that?" I deadpanned, "I had fun." "I'm glad" she said, "I had fun too. And if you just keep rolling with the flow, I can guarantee you there is a lot more fun in our future." "I like that sound of that." I told her honestly.

Tina gave me one more passionate kiss and then shooed me out the door. "I'll see you at lunch tomorrow." * * * It wasn't until lunch on Wednesday that Tina laid a bombshell on me. She didn't just come right out with it though. We were having our lunch in the shade of our favorite large tree, when she asked me, "How do you think it made me feel to watch you fucking Marli?" I didn't know how to answer that, but after thinking about it for a few seconds, I responded, "Well, I don't think it made you feel jealous.

Otherwise you wouldn't have insisted I do it." "You're right, of course. So, what if the shoe was on the other foot?


How would that make you feel?" "I'm not sure." I answered honestly. "Why?" "Marli is coming over again Saturday. Would you like to join us?" I didn't have to think about my answer, "Of course, but I don't under--" "She's bringing her boyfriend." Wow!

I almost gagged on the bite of sandwich I'd just taken. I realized the implication immediately. "So you want to. . you know?" She became more blunt, "Yes, Jake.

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I will fuck him. In fact, I have several times, just like you fucked Marli. The three of us get together sometimes." I could feel her stare. She was scrutinizing me for a reaction. My brain was whirling and my body stiffened. I was afraid I might throw up. "I. . I don't know what to say to that." "I would like for you to be there with me, but if you'd rather not.

. it's just recreational sex, Jake. It's not emotional. I'm totally committed to you emotionally. It's just sex, no different than you fucking Marli—just physical fun." "And if I choose not to see it?" I asked her. "I'll be very disappointed. I warned you that being with me would be a wild ride. I'm bringing it up now because I want you to have time to think about it.

You don't have to give me an answer right now. I want you to be sure." "Thank you. I do need some time to sort through my feelings." "I know" she said, "I'm very familiar with the double standard." * * * Wow! I couldn't concentrate during my afternoon classes, and I couldn't sleep that night. I kept going over and over it in my mind.

I kept imagining being there, watching another guy fuck my girlfriend. How would that make me feel? Number one, I knew I would be jealous as hell. There was no doubt in my mind about that. But I made every attempt to look at the situation from all sides. When I looked at it rationally, I kept coming back to one thing; I didn't have feelings for Marline.

I thought she was very nice and very sexy, but I didn't have any emotional feelings for her—still, I had fucked her, and I had enjoyed it. Number two; having sex with someone—Marline—that kind of purely recreational sex didn't hurt me. It didn't hurt Marline. It didn't change my feelings for Tina, and it apparently didn't change Tina's feelings for me. That was a true revelation. Number three; Tina had come right out and told me she'd fucked Marline's boyfriend before, and yet she still cared about me.

She still wanted to be with me. . for us to be a couple. Number four; Tina was going to fuck him if I was there or not. She'd made that blatantly clear. How would I feel sitting in my dorm room and knowing she was at her home fucking Marline's boyfriend? And lastly, number five; If I wasn't strong enough or open-minded enough to work through my hang-ups, my jealously, and go along with it, Tina would probably start shopping for someone more open-minded than me who could adapt to her chosen lifestyle.

At lunch the next day, I didn't wait for her to ask, "I'm all in." I told her. "It won't be easy at first, but I'll get over it." "You're sure?" She questioned me. "Totally." Tina crawled over to me and gave me a warm kiss.

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"You won't be sorry. I promise. We're going to have more fun than you can ever imagine. This is just a hurdle we need to get over before we can be free to explore an exciting life together. It wasn't until we were gathering up our picnic things and walking them to her car that Tina asked me, "Do you know what, other than money, is the death of most relationships—marriages even?" "Boredom, jealousy, and cheating." I answered after thinking about it for only a few seconds.

"Bingo!" She said. "And the great part is; we're not going to have to worry about any of those things. We're going to be above.

. way above those things." * * * When I showed up at Tina's home at eleven on Saturday, the VW was already in the driveway, but there was another small car there too, a silver Honda that I didn't recognize. I naturally assumed it belonged to Marline's boyfriend. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. It didn't surprise me when Tina came to the door totally naked.

After greeting me with a passionate kiss, and then waiting for me to undress, Tina said, "I have two presents for you." "Oh?" I asked. She reached for my hand and turned it palm up in front of me. And then she placed a key in my hand. "That fits all three doors. I'll give you the code to the alarm before you leave." I was blown away.

I could feel my eyes growing puffy with emotion. I didn't know what to say other than, "Thank you." "Are you ready for your second present?" "Sure" I responded, not having a clue what it might be. "Close your eyes and promise you won't peek until I tell you to open them." "Okay" I chuckled. And then I heard her call out, "Marli, will you bring Jake's present out here?" A few seconds passed, and then Tina said, "Okay, open your eyes." When I was able to focus, there was a cute petite brunette standing naked a few feet in front of me.

She had a red ribbon draped over her shoulder and across her body between her pert breasts. There was a large red bow in the front. "Jake, this is Vicky. She's yours for today and tonight to do with as you please—just a little gift from me to make sure you don't get bored.

She gives a mean blowjob, and she loves to fuck. Of course, this doesn't mean you can ignore me and Marli. We expect to get a fair amount of your attention too." "Wh. . what?" I asked, my brain struggling to comprehend what I was being told.

. what it all meant. "Hi Jake." Vicky said with a wide smile. And then she closed the distance between us and put her arms around my neck. "I've heard a lot about you. I'm sure we're going to get along famously." And with that, she kissed me on the lips. "I would appreciate it if you'd take this damn ribbon off me now though. It's scratching the hell out of me." "Go ahead" Tina told me.

"Unwrap your present." * * * With Vicky on one side of me and Tina on the other, they escorted me into the den. A guy was sitting on the sofa by himself.

He got to his feet and Tina said, "Jake, this is Rick." Rick stepped forward and extended his hand.

He was ruggedly handsome, a bit shorter than me, very fit, and he had tattoos covering most of both arms. I shook his hand, "Glad to meet you, Rick." "You too. I've heard a lot about you." "All lies" I said with a forced chuckle. After all, I was finally standing there face to face with the guy who was going to fuck my girlfriend—who already had who knows how many times.

Tina knew it was an awkward moment, so she piped in, "Why don't you two sit out under the umbrella and get to know each other while we girls have a quick swim before lunch?" And then she turned to Vicky and said, "Hun, go make Jake a drink and then join us in the pool." Turning back to me, she added, "Don't worry, she knows how you like your drink." Tina and Marline escorted the two of us outside.

The chairs under the umbrella were already covered with towels. Once we were seated, the girls dove into the water. The minute the girls were out of earshot, Rick said to me, "It's awkward as shit, isn't it?" "Uh, yeah, you might say that." He chuckled, "Don't worry, Jake. You'll get used to it soon enough. It took me a while too. It's like a dream you never want to wake up from. With these girls, you just have to check your jealousy at the door and enjoy yourself." "Easier said than done." I said honestly.

He acknowledged my statement with a nod. "Hell, I was the same way, but I got over it quickly. Marli and I have been together for six months, and we're totally committed to each other.

The sex is just sex. It has nothing to do with how we feel about each other. If anything, it makes us closer. Just remember that Tina thinks the world of you, or you wouldn't be here.

You're the first guy she's latched onto since I've known her. And Marli speaks very highly of you as well. I trust their judgment, and so should you." Vicky came out and sat my drink on the round table. After giving me a warm kiss on the cheek, she headed off to join the other girls in the pool. Rick chuckled, "I'm a little jealous of you, Jake. Vicky is a lot of fun, and when she teams up with either of the other two, or both, it's hot as fuck.

One hint; don't be shy with her. She's very submissive and loves being controlled. She also likes it rough, if you know what I mean." "I'm not sure I'd be any good at that." I confessed. "So, just tell her that. She'll help you. The other girls will help you too. Just relax and enjoy yourself. There aren't any rules, and zero expectations. Just have fun." "Okay, thanks.

I appreciate the heads up." The drink Vicky had made me was very weak. I drained it quickly, but I needed more to settle my nerves.

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"I'm going inside for another drink." I told Rick, "Do you want one?" "You'll hurt Vicky's feelings if you go get your own. Just walk over to the pool and tell her you're ready for another one. Tell her, don't ask." If that was the part I was supposed to play, I was determined to do things right for Tina's sake.

I took a deep breath and walked over to the pool, "Vicky, I'm ready for another drink." "Yes, Sir." Vicky called back to me, and she immediately began crawling out of the pool. When she'd dried herself a bit, she hurried over and took up my glass.

"Make this one a little stronger." I instructed her in a firm but kind voice. "Yes, Sir." She said, and then disappeared into the house. "Perfect." Rick said to me. "I know it's awkward at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Just remember that she really gets off on it. You're doing her a favor. Knowing that makes it easier. Oh, and don't tell her thank you." Rick seemed to be a really nice guy, and I appreciated his advice. I could see what the girls saw in him.

He wasn't talking down to me or treating me like the naïve newbie I was. Instead, he was genuinely trying to help me. When Vicky returned with my drink, she said, "I hope this one is more to your liking, Sir." I tasted the drink and then nodded to her.

"Much better." I had to catch myself to keep from saying "Thank you." "Anything else, Sir?" "Go join the other girls." "Yes, Sir." And she went back to the pool and dove in. * * * The girls finally got out of the pool and dried off. Tina told me and Rick, "We're going to take a quick shower and then fix lunch." Vicky came up on the other side of me, "Is there anything I can get you before I join them in the shower, Sir?" "No, I'm good.

You go on." "Yes, Sir." Rick and I stayed outside and got to know each other better. The more I got to know him, the more I liked him. I remember thinking at one point, "If it has to be someone, I'm glad it's him." Before long, Vicky appeared, her hair still wet, "Sir, and Rick, lunch is ready.

Leave your drink, Sir. I'll bring it." When Rick and I were seated in the dining room, the girls brought out our food. Vicky was charged with serving both Rick and I, but after our plates were in front of us, Vicky stood beside me even after the other girls were seated and eating. I looked up at her, "Sit down and eat, Vicky." "Yes, Sir." I was growing tired of the whole submissive thing.

I looked at Rick, "She has to do whatever I tell her, right?" "Absolutely. Without question or hesitation." He responded. Tina added, "If she doesn't, she must be punished." "Great", then I looked at Vicky, "From now on, stop fussing over me. If I want something, I'll tell you.

Do you understand?" Tina and Marline both laughed, and Marline said, "I wondered how long that was going to take." "Yes, Sir." Vicky answered. And then, just to add a little humor into the situation, I said, "You can keep calling me Sir though. I like that. It wouldn't hurt for that to rub off on the other girls." There was a collective groan and all eyes turned to Tina. She shot me warning look, "Don't press your luck, mister." "Yes, Ma'am" I responded, and everyone burst out laughing.

* * * After lunch, Rick and I were sitting on the sofa while the girls cleaned up. When finished, they joined us in the den and immediately pulled us both to our feet. They had us stand side by side, with only a couple of feet between our shoulders.

Obviously, this was all planned in advance. Vicky got on her knees in front of me, and Marline did the same in front of Rick. Tina knelt between them and said, "Okay, girls, it's time for dessert." And with that, Vicky began licking and sucking my flaccid cock. Marline did the same to Rick, while Tina just took turns watching each of them.

When Rick and I were both fully hard, Tina leaned in and began helping Vicky lick and suck me. But after a couple of minutes, she turned and started helping Marline lick and suck Rick's hard cock.

I must admit it didn't bother me as much as I'd feared. Of course it helped my ego that Rick's cock was substantially smaller than mine, six inches tops. After another couple of minutes, Tina turned again and began helping Vicky on my cock. She had probably gone back and forth between us a half dozen times when Marline asked her, "Can I trade places with you?" Without answering, Tina moved around her and Marline began helping Vicky lick and suck me. I tried not to watch Tina, who was now alone taking all of Rick's shorter cock into her mouth, but I couldn't help myself.

Of course, it's a little difficult to get too jealous with two sexy girls sharing your cock. Just as Tina had done, Marline moved from my cock to Rick's and then back to mine. It wasn't long though, before Marline told Vicky to move aside, and she took over sole responsibility for sucking my cock.

I was right on the edge of cumming when Rick grunted and began shooting his cum down my girlfriend's throat. I was too close to cumming to care, and no more than thirty seconds later, my own cock exploded into Marline's mouth. When I was drained, Tina and Marline met in the middle and kissed passionately.

They were sharing our cum. Did it really matter who took who's originally? Rick and I collapsed onto the sofa, and he put up his hand for a high five. When I slapped his hand, he said, "How lucky are we? We have three champion cock suckers all to ourselves." The girls broke their kiss and laughed. Marline looked up at Rick and asked, "And just who are you calling a cock sucker?" "You, why?" "Just checking." She responded, and we all laughed.

* * * Rick and I headed to the pool. "Vicky, bring me and Rick fresh drinks, but we want them in the pool, so put them in plastic glasses." "Yes, Sir." When we were alone in the pool, Rick asked me, "That wasn't so terrible, was it?" "Nah" I answered honestly. "I think that was good icebreaker." He chuckled, "I'm sure you don't think they started that way by accident." "No, I'm not that naïve.

I figured they had it all choreographed." "Oh, trust me, they did. But just so you know, they don't let me in on their plans.

Whatever happens will be as much a surprise to me as it is you." "That's good to know. Thanks." Vicky brought our drinks and then walked over and sat under the umbrella. She was at the ready in case we needed anything else. "She's pretty hot." I told Rick. He chuckled, "You have no idea. . yet, but you'll find out before the night is over." "Oh, can you give me a hint." "I would, but it'll be a lot more fun for you to find out for yourself." * * * It wasn't long before the girls called us inside.

Marline told us, "You two grab a shower." And then she giggled, "If you need a chaperone to make sure you don't go gay on each other, take Vicky.


I just got my hair dry." "Very funny." Rick shot back, giving her a hard slap on her ass. And then he turned to Vicky, "C'mon, girl." Rick got under the water first to get himself wet all over, and then we switched places.

I began shampooing my hair while Vicky washed the rest of me. After I rinsed, I stepped out and Vicky followed to dry me. I called in to Rick, "do you need Vicky in there?" "No, go ahead. She's yours today. I've got this." I left Vicky to dry herself and went to look for the other girls. I found them sitting in the den having a drink.

When Vicky came in, Marline, who was sitting in the stuffed chair, pulled her knees up and said, "Jake, please tell Vicky that my pussy needs some attention." Vicky was half way to her before I could get a word out.

She immediately dropped to her knees and began eating Marline's pussy. I didn't know what to do with myself, so I walked over and sat on the sofa beside Tina.

She immediately snuggled up to me, and we kissed passionately. Between kisses, she asked me, "Are you okay?" "Sure" She raised an eyebrow, "Really?" "Yes, really." I assured her. "Good. I knew you could handle it. But we're just getting started, you know." "Yeah, I know." She showed me a warm smile, "Good.

I knew you'd be okay." When Marline saw Rick emerge from the hallway, she announced, "Time to head to the bedroom." When we got there, Marline stacked two pillows at the foot of the bed, and then she lay down on her back with her head on the pillows. Tina turned loose of my hand and got on her knees with her pussy hovering over Marline's face. Her knees were barely on the bed. Tina pulled a pillow onto Marline's abs, and then lowered her pussy onto Marline's mouth. She put her head on the pillow in front of her and stuck her ass in the air.

Without looking around, Tina said, "Jake, tell Vicky my ass needs attention." I barely got out "Vicky" before she was behind Tina. She spread Tina's cheeks and immediately began tonguing her asshole. I pulled up a chair and sat in a position to get the best view. Marline was lapping at Tina's pussy and clit while Vicky hungrily tongued her ass.

"Ummmmm," Tina moaned. "Oh yeah". Vicky, fuck my ass now." Vicky immediately began working her tongue into my girlfriend's asshole. Soon, she had her whole tongue in Tina's ass. "Hell, yeah!" Tina moaned again. And then she asked, "Are you taking notes, Jake?" "Absolutely!" I answered with a chuckle. It must have been fifteen minutes before Tina's body began to quiver and convulse. She moaned louder, "Oh fuck yeah!" And then "Ugggggggg", and I knew she was cumming.

When she recovered a little, Tina instructed Vicky, "Get Rick ready for me." A pang of jealousy hit me, but I fought it back. If I was reading the situation correctly, I was going to be sitting right there, two feet from my girlfriend's pussy, and I was about to watch Rick fuck her.

No more than thirty seconds later, Vicky announced, "He's ready." Tina responded immediately, "Rick, fuck me now. I need to be fucked good." Rick stepped into place, and after inserting two fingers into Tina's pussy to make sure she was wet, he poised the head of his cock at her opening. Without delay, he pressed forward and buried his cock in her to the hilt. Tina responded with a gasp, and then said in a sexy voice, "That's it. Fuck my pussy, baby. Fuck me hard." A few seconds later, Rick was slamming his cock into my girlfriend's pussy.

I was shocked when I realized that my own cock was standing up proudly. What does that say about me? I thought. After only five minutes or so, Tina's head began flailing from side to side and I could hear her gasping for air. And then, "Oh fuck!

Oh fuck! I'm. . Oh fuck! Arggggggggg." Almost simultaneously, Rick grabbed Tina's hips tightly and pulled her back, thrusting into her with a loud grunt. I knew he was cumming in her pussy. I'd almost forgotten about Marline until Rick pulled out and I could see his cum running out of Tina's pussy and down onto Marline's forehead. Rick turned to Vicky and pointed to his shriveling cock. She instantly hit her knees and began cleaning him up.

When she was finished, he pointed toward Tina's pussy. Vicky understood. She moved over and began lapping Rick's cum from her. She inserted her fingers and scooped out more, and then more until she was satisfied there was no more to be had. Finally, Tina rolled over on her back. "Jake. I need my Jake." I got up and moved around the bed. Tina held her arms out to me, so I lowered myself to her. She put a hand on each side of my face and looked into my eyes. "Are you okay, baby?" "I'm fine." I assured her.

Hearing that, she pulled my head down and kissed me passionately. * * * Tina said to Marline, "Jake's all yours." But Marline shook her head, "Not yet." which made Tina giggle. I wondered if there was some inside joke I was missing, until Tina said to me, "She remembers how you were last week after you'd already cum a few times.

She wants to wait for more of that." And then she looked over at Vicky, "You're up, girl. Jake, get on your back." Tina reached into her bedside drawer and took out a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between them. She took my hand and opened one of the clamps, letting it close on my little finger. "Ouch!" I yelled. Everyone laughed, and Tina said, "That's just to let you know how harsh they are.

She waited until Vicky had straddled me and worked my throbbing cock inside her to the hilt. And then she put a clamp onto one of Vicky's nipples, which caused her to scream out "Fuck!" When Tina put the other clamp in place, Vicky replicated her reaction "Oh Fuck!" I could have sworn I saw Vicky's eyes roll back in her head, but at the same time, she began moving up and down on my cock.

I never saw coming what happened next. I heard a loud *Smack*, and then Rick showed me the ping pong paddle. Vicky started going crazy. She was ramming my cock into her petite body. *Smack*, *Smack*, *Smack*. I was shocked at the fierceness of the swats Rick was bestowing on Vicky's ass. Still, Vicky only increased her mad thrusting on my cock. Soon, Vicky straightened up and began bouncing up and down on my cock. It seemed she couldn't slam down on me hard enough to satisfy her. "Now!" Tina almost yelled at me.

Pull on her chain now." Pull on her chain? Weren't the clamps harsh enough without pulling on the chain? But Tina insisted, "She needs it, Jake.

She wants it. Do it for her." So I reached up and put my fingers around the middle of the chain and tugged on it tentatively. "No, Jake." Tina scolded. "Fucking pull on it.

Pull hard! She needs it." And she put her hand on mine and forced me to pull very hard on the chain. Vicky screamed out "Fuck!" but the fierceness of her thrusting only increased.

"Pull it again." Tina ordered, so I did. "Oh fuck!" Vicky screamed out again. All of a sudden, Marline was on her knees on the bed beside Vicky. She grabbed a handful of Vicky's hair and began yanking her head back and forth violently. I couldn't believe what was happening. I'd never seen anything like that in my life. But Vicky never missed a beat. She kept bouncing up and down on my cock.

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"Pull" Tina ordered again. But this time, when I pulled firmly on the chain, Vicky began chanting, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" "She's almost there" Tina told me, "Pull and don't let up. Pull hard." When I complied, Vicky went limp. She collapsed onto my chest, panting and whimpering. I looked over at Tina for guidance.

She grinned and said, "You can't tell when she's cumming until she hits the big one. She probably came twenty times just now. Her pussy cums like a fucking machine gun. She just needs a lot of pain to hit the big one. She can't get to that one without it." It took Vicky almost five minutes to fully recover. When she did, she sat back up on my cock and removed the clamps from her nipples.

She grinned down at me, "It's your turn, Sir." She leaned forward, bracing herself on her hands and began slowly fucking me. Now that all the violence was over, I began really enjoying the feel of Vicky's pussy sliding up and down on my cock. She looked over at Tina and said, "Oh my God! He has a wonderful cock." "I'm close." I warned her. "Do you want to shoot in my pussy, my ass, or my mouth, Sir?" "Just keep doing what you're doing." I told her.

"Don't speed up. Don't slow down, just what you're doing." Tina moved close and purred in my ear. "That's it, baby. Shoot your hot cum in her slut pussy. I want to lick your cum out of her." That's all it took.

I grunted and shot my load inside Vicky's pussy. When I was finished, I pulled Vicky off me, and true to her word, Tina dove between her legs and began hungrily lapping up my cum that was spilling out of her pussy.

All I could think was "That's the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life." * * * End of Part 3 Please don't forget to vote and leave a comment.