Superlatively guten Porno in der Öffentlichkeit

Superlatively guten Porno in der Öffentlichkeit
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Jenna threw her overnight bag over her shoulder. " be back tomorrow mom" she yelled up the stairs. "Like she cares" Jenna said to herself when she hadn't heard a response. She grew up with her mom ,and she used the title lightly. Ever since she could remember it was her for herself.

She met her best friend Liz in the third grade and rather spend time with her and her "normal" family anyday. Jenna slammed the door behind her as she made her way over to Liz's house four blocks over. When she finally arrived she was greeted by her best friends dad.

"O hiya Jenna, didn't know you were joining us this evening." he said with a warm grin while he stepped out of the doorway. " Hi Mr. Malloyhope you don't mind." She said as she crossed the threshold. "Of course not your welcome anytime, you know that, you are like a second daughter to me.

Liz is up in her room." "Thanx" Jenna yelled over her shoulder as she jogged up the stairs making her way to her home away from home,Liz's room. Mr. Malloy watched followed her with his eyes until she was out of sight. She didnt knock when she found the room. When the light wooden door flew open Liz was sprawled out on the bed wearing nothing but the towel on her head. Jenna paused before closing the door behind herself. She was weirdly turned on.

This isn't the first time either of the girls saw each other nude, they dress in front of one another all the time. So she couldn't explain the feelings she was now feeling while she stared at her best friends erect nipples. "Why are you looking at me like that J?" Liz asked as she stood and walked over to her dresser. "I agh umm I don't know" she stammered.

"Geesh like u never seen me naked" Liz giggled. Jenna let out a little uncomfortable laugh and sat on the bed. Liz spun around and unexpectingly asked "hey J have u ever thought about it?" "Huh? About what?" "You knowwww, being with a girl?" "Umm no not really I guess" "Well do you think you would?" " no I couldn't I mean I don't think so" she said a she felt her face getting red.

" O come on we all have" Liz encouraged. " I mean we have been friends forever and neither of us have even kissed a boy yet!" Liz exclaimed as she sat next to jenna on the bed. "Well so what we are going into high school this year I'm sure we will." Jenna tried to defend herself. "J I think we should practice." "What,with who?!" "Each other silly" "O I don't know if I cou" she wasn't able to finish her sentence before Liz covered her mouth with hers.

Jenna didn't protest as Liz parted her mouth with hers. When she stuck her tongue into Jennas mouth Jenna actually let it tangle with hers. Before she knew it Liz had her hand under her 34B bra. "mmmm" she moaned as her nipples sprung to life.

Liz pushed Jennas body onto the bed and straddled her waste. Jenna did little to resist. It felt so good to her when Liz cupped both of her small breasts under her bra.

She leaned in and licked her left nipple akwardly. "does that feel good?" Jenna shook her head up and down unable to speak. "How about this?" She asked before sucking on her right nipple and squeezing the left. "Ummm huh" Liz lifted Jennas shirt and bra over her head and slid her skirt over her slim hips. "Do u want to practice on me now?" Liz asked grinning while she laid on her back next to her.

Jenna got up and reversed roles as she copied what her best friend had just done to her. She licked her left nipple and then sucked her right one. Liz seemed much more pleased as she let out a series of small cries. Jenna was so turned on she let her mouth explore the rest of Lizs body. She kissed her flat stomach and circled her belly button with her tongue.

She paused when she got to the hairless mound between her legs. She didn't know what she was doing but she knew she wanted to learn.

Liz grabbed Jennas head and aimed it right at her tight slit. Jenna closed her eyes and stuck out her tounge. She began to lick Liz's clit up and down. Liz squirmed around and Jenna began making circles on the small pearl.

Liz held her head and cried out " ohhh goshhh what are you doing to me?" Jenna felt a warm sticky liquid cover her tongue. It shocked her but she liked it so she sucked with her lips until her bestie stopped shaking.

Jenna felt a warm trickle down her own thighs, she was soaking wet. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. She was about to climb off of her when the thin bedroom door flew open. "Hey girls do you want some pizza. What in the world??"! Mr. Malloys eyes were huge in shock. Both girls jumped up and tried to cover as much of themselves as they could. "We agh we agh" Jenna stumbled. "Truth is dad we were just practicing" Liz confessed. "Exactly wth were you practicing!"."Well we just wanted to know how it feels to you know kiss someone that's all dad" Liz explained.


Malloy stepped in the room and shut the door. "Oh hunny if y wanted to practice all you had to do was ask me". Jenna looked at Liz and shrugged her shoulders a bit confused as Mr. Malloy put his arm around her shoulder. Don't be shy Jenna he said looking at the stream of liquid that had not yet dried on her thigh. "O I don't know dad this is wrong" Liz said as she looked at her father with his hand between Jennas thigh.

"Well you wouldn't want either of your mothers to find out about this would you?" he asked with raised eyebrows. "Daddy you wouldn't!" "Baby come sit next to daddy" Liz hesitated but she knew he would tell so she made her way. "Now I want you two to relax and I'm going to teach you everything okay?" Mr. Malloy started with Jenna. He layed her back on the bed and spread her legs. Standing up he eagerly pushed his pajamas bottoms down around his ankles.

His cock sprung free.


He strocked it as he looked at the virgin pussy before him. "Now Jenna I want you to take your hand and play with your pussy." Jenna did as she was told and covered her mound with her palm. "No use your middle finger and rub your clit" he demanded. "Mmmm" She moaned as soon as she did. "Now Liz hunny I want you to kneel down in front of daddy okay." Liz was hesitant but she did. "Take both hands and hold daddys big cock".

Liz slowly reached up and grabbed her fathers cock with her tiny hands. Mr. Malloy almost lost it has he watched his daughters best friend play with her young pussy while his daughter strocked his cock.

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"Oh baby that feels great. Jenna come over here next to Liz." Jenna slid down to the edge of the bed and kneeled next to her. "Now kiss it" jenna puckered her lips and planted a peck on the tip. " no with your tongue" he corrected her."Liz hunny grab daddys balls and massage them". The girls did as they were told and actually seemed like they enjoyed it. Mr.

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Malloy watched in amazment as his cock was being licked on and his balls were being fondled by two virgins. He felt the bubble in his balls and knew he needed to get the first load out the way. "Oh girls you are both doing such a good job. You two switch so you can both learn how to suck cock." He said but he really just wanted to cum in Liz's mouth. "Mmm you are a natural babygirl oh just like that." Liz swirled her tongue around the head and then put the cock in her mouth as far as it would go.

She gagged a little. "Oohhh my god I'm gonna cum, do you want to taste daddies cum?" Mr. Malloy asked now breathing heavy. He didn't wait for her to answer he just pulled his cock out and told her to leave her mouth open. "Arghhhhh aaa OoO" one thick long stream of cum fell on her pink tongue.

Liz jumped in suprise and then giggled as she looked at Jenna." Oh good girl now kiss each other with your tongues. Jenna was interested in how the thick white stuff tasted so she leaned in and kissed her friend.

It almost tasted better then the sticky stuff she just licked from between Liz's legs.

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"Hmmm" Jenna moaned. Mr. Malloy stroked his still hard cock as he watched the girls cum swap his preload. He was just getting started. "Now that you girls learned how to suck a cock in gonna teach you how to take a cock. Both of you go lay on the bed." The girls now eager to learn hopped on the bed and layed down. He walked over to Jennas side and lightly layed on top of her.

"Now since this is your first time it might hurt for a few seconds okay" "Alright" she said softly.

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Mr. Malloy spit on his fingers and spread it around her sealed shut opening to give it extra lube. He guided his thick head to the opening and rubbed it around.

He slightly pushed and she flinched. "Shhh stay still okay" he said as he pushed some more. He still wasn't in so he gave a little more force and popped her open "Oooowwwww owwwww owww" Jenna cried out. "Sshhhhh I'm gonna make it feel better now" he talked her through it. He humped her until his cock went all the way in and he held it deep inside her.

"Liz I want you to rub your pussy like I showed Jenna, that will make it nice and wet for daddy alright." He looked over and made sure she did as she was told before he started humping Jennas tight pussy hole.

It was the tightest he felt, so tight it almost hurt his cock. Jenna actually moaned so he took advantage and pounded her like she was a woman. "Ugahahhhhh hmmm ooohh " Jenna let out. He picked her legs up and put them on his shoulders. He let his cock slide out of her a couple more times before he pulled out. "Dam you have a good pussy Jenna." He removed his daughters hand and replaced it with his. "Do you like when daddy touches it" he didn't wait for an answer before he rolled her onto her stomach.

He rubbed her perfect little ass and made Jenna suck the juices off his cock. "Umm yes just like I dreamt about." He said while he parted his daughters ass cheeks. " "Now baby what were about to do may hurt but its the best practice out there." He staddled the back of her thighs. He had day dreams of fucking Liz in the ass many of times and was going to make it reality. " Jenna come here and spit on my cock. "Jenna gathered a wad of saliva and spit it on the head of his throbbing cock.

He pulled Liz's ass cheeks apart."Now spit on her ass". Once again Jenna did as she was instucted.


He guided himself to her forbidden hole."No matter what you have to relax alright darling." Liz nodded and he thrusted forward. "Oww daddy no please no I don't want to practice anymore." He pushed another inch in and she screamed louder. "Sshh relax you don't want me to tell you mother do you?" He asked as he slid another inch in. Liz nodded no as a tear came out. "Jenna go lay in front of Liz's face so she can practice on you." He slid another inch in as he watched jenna put her stretched pussy in his daughters face." Go head hunny lick her pussy and be a good girl.

Liz licked Jennas pussy like she had done hers earlier. Jenna moaned and threw her head back. Mr. Malloy was so turned on he pushed the remaining four inches into his daughters virgin ass. Liz was about to lift her head and scream but he pushed her face deep into Jennas pussy. He pulled his cock out and pushed back in. He pulled it out again and pushed back in.

"Grab your boobs and squeeze your nipples Jenna." Sweat dripped off his forehead onto her ass as he continued to push his cock in and out of her ass.

He felt the bubble in his balls again and knew he wouldn't last any longer as he watched his daughter suck her best friends pussy and his own cock sliding out his daughters perfect ass.

"Ooh fuck oh fuck" he yelled. Jenna had her head back and moaned "right there Liz please don't stop!" Her left leg shook and her face twisted up.

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Mr. Malloy pushed his dick all the way in her ass and let his river of hot cum invade her ass."FUCKKKKK" he yelled as he pulled his limp cock out and rolled on his back. Liz layed on her stomach with her ass and her tongue dripping with both sexes cum. Mr. Malloy looked at both girls and said " PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!".