Gay clip of Josh has a stiffy that is at attention almost all the

Gay clip of Josh has a stiffy that is at attention almost all the
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XVI - GETTING A LITTLE KINKY… Candlelight lit the bathroom with a soft yellow glow while Mary relaxed in the tub. Four days had elapsed since John left on business and she'd had nobody to sleep with, the house to herself.

The Toys were both busy with work, couldn't come over in the middle of the week. Actually, she didn't mind, since she had determined to go a couple of days if I can! without sex. This is the longest time in the past two months I've been by myself here, she thought. AND the longest time without sex. I'm perfectly capable of enjoying my own body now.

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I've got toys when I want them, triple-X DVDs, and my computer has hundreds of websites for anything I want to see. Or learn from. In the past, her need for sex always outstripped John's, which eventually drove a wedge of strained communication between them&hellip.

which led to that degrading scene of her begging for sex about every three weeks when the hormones built up. No more! Now, things were different between them, thanks to her cute little bitch-friend Kelly who started it all with her Christmas party joke, and her new Toy James, and their new way of thinking. But I've been amply rewarded by her, and so has John, too. That pretty cunt had no idea what she was starting.

My god, I still can't believe the things I've done with her, let alone with James' dick. And I can't believe I'm actually thinking of terms of calling a dear friend a cunt! James is the first one to see me naked since, like, forever, other than John. And John is just freaking me out now with how sensual this has made him. It's so cool to be with him now, even more than the first few years we were married. Wow, I can't even believe I'm thinking in words like bitch and cunt!

I know this turns John on, so it ain't gonna stop! Mr. Big Dick has two cunts at his beck-and-call now, two bitches to play with. That was so scary and so fun teasing James in the living room by showing him my boobs and he didn't think I knew it&hellip. then stripping on the bed that first time with him standing right there watching.

What a thrill to strip for a new man. Maybe I'm an exhibitionist at heart …maybe I'm a lesbo too?! I think I'm gonna have to really give Kelly a good time the next chance I get. She astounds me. She remembered the honeymoon, when he had taken her four times during the night. Or four times that she had taken him.

They had planned together to "fuck our brains out" and were pleased to wake up the next morning and find out they still had a semblance of cognition. John was due home any minute.

She was horny and deliberately had avoided masturbating for two nights in a row. She tipped up the second bottle of Rolling Rock as she lounged in the tub, toying idly with her pink aureolas, trying to make them pop up, and imagining the scene a couple weeks ago when John had her lie on Kelly and he fucked them both over and over, the girl sucking her tits.

Oh, gotta stop this or I'm gonna jack off&hellip. She heard the door open downstairs, the noisy entrance as John yelled his corny "Honey, I'm home!" He's such a goofy freak.

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Fingers tightened on her nipples and the pain flowed to her kegel muscles. Ummmm. Her husband came into the bathroom with two Rolling Rocks, took a big swig as he looked down at her. "I missed you," he said, glancing from her eyes to her breasts as she focused his attention there, deliberately cupped them and rolled fingers over the erect nipples.

She looked up at him "and parts of me have missed you," she said with a smile as her hand strayed from her nipple to the water covering her waist. John leaned down to kiss her, tasted beer and wet lips. "You've been drinking. Here, have another, let's get drunk." "Wanta join me?" "If the Queen wants a hot stud in the tub with her, then I think that's what she'll get," smiling his wide Cheshire Cat grin.

He knew she always found new ways to spice up sex between them now, and it was about time to get a piece of ass, since he'd been gone for almost a week. The Queen knew what to do. She raised the bottle to her lips and downed a good third, slid her open mouth down over the bottle.

Pursed her lips tight, paused at the top and sucked her cheeks in. Opened her mouth, extended her tongue and licked the top of the bottle. Mary tipped the bottle and drank deeply, taking in another third. If I get drunk enough, and quickly, I think I'm gonna get real kinky. John watched in awe as she gulped and play-sucked the Rolling Rock. He drank up, too. "Get me another beer and then I'll give you a treat," she taunted. This is just too terrific, he thought, she's naked, drunk and wants more beer.

And I'm horny as hell. He finished his beer on the way to the kitchen, opened another and chugged half of it by the time he got back to the bathroom. John handed another bottle to his wife. "C'mon, be my Bitch, show me what you got," she slurred as her tongue ran over her teeth and she took another long drink.

She was working on her fourth, and normally three got her a little wild. He finished his second bottle in record time. Coat and tie stripped off, pants dropped in record time, his manhood standing out gloriously as she watched with gleaming eyes. He climbed into the tub and Mary noticed a drop of pre-come already on his slit. She recalled a video she'd viewed as she surfed the porn websites last night, something about glory holes. It seems that some adult bookstores have holes in the wall between the private video booths, called "glory holes".

Some booths are marked Women, some Men. Guys can stick their cock through the hole, and if the woman in the next booth wishes, she'll give this anonymous dick a blowjob.

Mary was astonished to come across this while surfing&hellip.found a few more sites that showed women getting naked in their booth, even spreading themselves to the cock sticking out of the hole in the wall they called it "barebacking". And girls sucking black cocks. And sometimes two girls in the booth both working on the guy as well as playing with each other.

She recalled this in a flash as John settled naked opposite her with his beer. John drank deeply as he adjusted his legs over hers, his hard erection completely out of the water.

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""Like what you see? I know what a first-class slut who hasn't been fucked in a week would do with this empty bottle," he teased, putting it underwater. "And what might that be?" she teased back, goofy from the beer and wanting so hard to lean forward and suck up that cock, wanting his cock inside her, wanting his fingers plunging in her.

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"Why don't we shift positions and I'll show you. &hellip.I haven't seen that pretty pink pussy of yours for almost a week now." She pulled her legs out from under his, laid them atop his legs, which brought her outer lips fully into his view, the butterfly was spread and the pink in full flower. John lifted the bottle, poured the water over her stomach, pointed at her and then slowly began inserting the neck into her vagina.

"You're my drunk and naked slut, aren't you? You want something hard in you now, don't you?" Anything, anything at all! She pushed against it to drive it into her. "Oh you bastard, fucking me with a beer bottle!" Fake chiding as she pushed hard.

"I'll get you for this!" He continued to push, had to stop when the bottle's neck widened. "Oh god, that feels great," as she humped against it with eyes closed. Shortly she whispered, "Why don't you do it right&hellip. The Queen says turn it around." Getting wild now that he was home and naked and in her bathtub fucking her with a beer bottle. The three beers she'd already had were working their magic. She lifted the rest of her beer and drank it off, pointed at the bottle protruding from her and said, "My new favorite lover," and giggled.

"Mr. Bud Fucking Weisenheimer." Turned on as always by her dirty taunting, he slid it out, sucked the bottle and stuck his tongue inside it, then followed his Queen's orders. Her pussy gaped open now as she pulled the lips far apart and he put the end of the bottle to it.

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A soft push, and another, she wiggled and shifted, and suddenly it popped inside the widened opening and she gasped. "Ooooh! I didn't think it'd do it! Oh baby do it! That's better than a fucking cucumber any day! Drive it in me, you bastard, but remember you're gonna pay for violating my fabulous cunt like this." He knew she had something planned, but he didn't care at this point. And anyway, he'd love it, whatever it was. What a lovely sight. The Queen never disappoints. John slid the bottle end in farther, slowly, as she shifted her hips to accommodate.

Deep, and then shallow, fucking her with it, and he could see she was in ecstasy. Her pussy lips stretched wider than he thought possible. He had the beer bottle halfway inside her. She took his hand away and fucked herself with it as he watched. "Oh baby, this is so hot," she croaked.

"It's like fucking a telephone pole." She pulled it out inch by inch, and he marveled at how wide the hole was as it popped out. My god, he thought, what else can we fit inside that juicy little hole? He said, "jeezus, babe, your pussy was so wide!" "I know no telling what I could fit in there.

Hey I know. Next time my Toy is here with you and me, I want his cock in my pussy and yours too! I know they'll fit. God! Both of you coming in my cunt at the same time! John, please!" Her eyes were wild, he couldn't tell if she was way drunk, serious, or just super-horny. "Whatever you say, babe you're the Queen." She looked in his eyes.

Serious. "John, pee on me." "WHAT? What did you say?" "I said pee on me, baby. I want you to stand up and piss on me." Shocked! Is she teasing me? "What?! Why? That's so degrading." "No it's not," and she suddenly realized she wasn't as drunk as she thought. In fact, her porn surfing brought this new thought to mind, and she knew she was just kinky and horny enough right now to go for it. "At least I don't THINK it is… I saw on some websites that people do it and it's erotic or something.

I want to find out. Baby, you've been gone for a week," she pleaded, "and I didn't masturbate for two days in a row so I could give you a good time, and then you come in looking so hot and sexy and your cock is so big and you fuck me so neat with a beer bottle, the big end even, how kinky is that? And I am majorly kinky right now! Have you ever seen me fuck a beer bottle before?" Her words slurred a bit, the beer taking effect. John's dick suddenly was limp, he couldn't imagine such a thing and he found it hard to make eye-contact.

She saw the doubt and disbelief. She reached out to stroke and fondle his rapidly-deflating penis and said, "There's one website that's a Pissing Club. I think it's over in Denmark or Sweden, one of those countries where sex is okay. People pay to get in, it's a bar, but in the middle of the room is a big rubber raft-thing, like a kid's swimming pool. Girls volunteer to get in there naked very pretty girls!

and when guys want to pee, they come over to the edge of it where the girls are kneeling and they pee right on them. In their mouth! On their back or their ass. Some are laying down and getting it on their pussy. It's incredible, John, they are smiling and seem to enjoy it all." He didn't believe it.

"Oh, they must pay them to do this, big bucks," he said. "And there's other sites, maybe they do pay them…" she said. "But I want to know if it's hot, or what…And with you gone for so long now, baby, I'm just ready for anything and I told you you're gonna pay for fucking me with Mr. Bud, so give me some of that beer you've got in you. Go ahead, piss on my tits, I've gotta see what this is like! C'mon, piss on me, baby!" John saw the craziness and lust in her eyes as she said this, knew it was going to happen one way or the other.

Oh hell, why not. We're in a freakin' bathtub. And he knew he had no choice in the deal. She'd gotten him so hot…and he did want to do this, just for the kinky hell of it. "Okay. You've convinced me it might be a fun thing for you. Get ready for it." He stood up in the tub, hovered over her as she raised to a sitting position, neatly-formed breasts still fabulous and nipples hard as marbles.

She bent her head back in a receiving position, opened her mouth wide. This is crazy, peeing into my wife's mouth. Three quick Bud Lites were ready to come out now. He took hold of his penis, aimed it at her chest, and let loose a stream. "Ohhhh, it's called a Golden Shower, honey," she cooed as she watched the liquid hit her breasts and splash. "Oh! STOP! STOP!" she cried. He instantly squeezed his sphincter. "What?! What?! Did I hurt you?" "No&, it just felt like I was gonna come, it was so warm…and sexy splashing out of you and all over my skin!

My insides squeezed just like before an orgasm! Oh god, that stream coming at me, and then when it splashed on me, it was some kind of warm electric charge, I can't explain it! Wait shoot it in my mouth.


C'mon, do it to me." She opened her mouth wide, looked up at him as he gaped, astonished. Why not? She's drunk, she's crazy, she's horny. John aimed and let it fly. Her tongue was stuck out over her lower lip, one sexy sight in itself, and now he really was turned on.

Okay, if she wants it, she's got it. The shower struck her tongue, the hard stream poured directly into her mouth. She gasped, closed and opened and the piss spurted out and more splashed her face, opened again for more. It filled her mouth and poured out down her tongue and chin, onto her breasts, a gusher as his bladder emptied into his wife's open mouth.

Her eyes watched his, then shifted back to the strong stream of clear piss still pouring out. More gushed from her mouth. He saw her body tremble and shake. She closed her eyes and reached out, directing the stream over her face.

"Oh holy fucking shit," she said as the liquid streamed over her face, and pulled his dick toward her and into her mouth as the last dribbles came out, sucking. He saw her swallow. Her firm hand squeezed his dick hard and stroked it as she sucked with all her might on the head. Holy cripes, he thought, she really loves this. I can't believe it&hellip.this is some sexy shit. What a whore, what a neat fucking whore! "Baby, I just came! A god damn fucking orgasm from you pissing on me!

I can't believe it, oh fuck, I'm gonna do this to you, you've gotta try it, too! I wanta piss on your face, too, and you owe me, you beer-bottle-fucker…My first orgasm in three days, and from being PISSED ON!

I can't believe it! They were right!" She stood up. NO was not an answer, and he knew it. And frankly, he was so hot right now he was willing to give this kinky thing a try, especially since it worked for her. She pushed him down, straddled his head as he lay prone in the tub, his head on the back-slant of the tub. Her shaven pussy barely six inches from his face, he saw the pink inside as she pulled the outer lips apart.

"I've got so much beer in me, this is gonna be a fuckin' gusher, are you ready?" He tilted his head and opened his mouth, ready for whatever from his Queen. "Piss on me, you dirty whore." He was just slightly loopy from the three beers he'd quickly downed; it was time for whatever she wanted him to do.

She drenched him. A hard stream hissed out and hit directly in his mouth. John gasped at the slight ammonia taste, let it flow out of his mouth as more filled it. "Close your eyes, lover," she said, and aimed higher to shower his entire face, turning to spray it over everything.

He opened his mouth again and she continued to pee, filling it and watching the liquid gush out of his mouth onto his chest. As her bladder emptied and she felt the fullness give way inside her, she pressed closer to his face and forced her pussy on his mouth.

"Fuck it, baby, eat me…" He did. Sucked the lips of her pussy, stuck his tongue inside and fucked her with it, sucked her clit, and then "I'm coming, John, oh keep it, I'm coming!" And she bucked herself hard against his face as her second orgasm took over and she hung on his shoulders to keep herself from falling.

They lay back in the tub, exhausted. "You taste like piss, baby," said John. "So do you," she said, licking her lips and kissing him. "I think I'm gonna have to brush my teeth a couple dozen times," he said. "Well, yeah, me too, and let's shower first, okay?" They coupled as they showered, a plain old-fashioned take-me-from-behind- welcome home, and both replayed the scenes in their mind of their kinkiest sex-play yet.

Much later, lying in bed almost asleep, Mary asked him what he thought about it. "Umm, truthfully hon, I didn't think all that much about it. The THOUGHT of your pussy in front of me pouring your piss into my mouth is hot…and I was shocked at how warm it was, and how forcefully it shot out…but I didn't think much of that ammonia taste.

Maybe if we do this again, drink a gallon of water first, okay?" "John, you can't imagine how sexy it was when you did it to me. When it hit my chest, all warm and just pouring on me, straight out of your big cock, it was like when you eat me out…I just felt so fucking completely "intimate" with you, like never before…and then when you doused my face and my mouth, god, I just came like a ton of bricks!

What a rush! I don't think those girls in the rubber pool were faking it or just doing it for the money. I wish we had taped that whole thing. I'd go crazy watching it all on video. I just lost it." "Well, I suppose you could do it to me again, but I'm not real enthusiastic. If it gives you a real thrill, then go ahead, I'll live." She said, "Maybe I'm one of those piss-craving maniacs I saw on some of those websites! They can't all be paid bimbos, can they? That was so cool to do, and I didn't mind the taste or anything.

It was too fucking kinky and you just wasted me, baby. What a wonderful welcome home." "John honey, do you think we could do this with our Toys sometime?" "Whew, I don't know, babe. It may be too far out and freaky for them. It almost is for ME!

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If I hadn't been away almost a whole week and hadn't been so fucking horny for some hot pussy, I don't know if I'd have done that." "You say the nicest things, you big strong cocksucker.

You know, I like calling you that one of the best times we've had together lately is that night when I had James here and you and I sucked him off together. That was SO erotic of you to do that with me, and I love you so much for doing that. It doesn't make you a queer at all you did it for me. I was totally thrilled watching his come shoot in your mouth, and then you sucking him off like you did. I don't know why, but I really loved loved LOVED watching you suck his cock." "Well," said John, "I suppose I could see eating Kelly out and having that cute pussy of hers start pissing on my face.

Imagine that! Wouldn't that shock her if I told her to do that?


Do you think she would?" Mary thought for one whole second. "Oh you silly man, she'd blast you instantly -- if you'd thought ahead and pushed three beers on her." John thought a moment and said, "And you know what? It gets me really wild watching you do things to Kelly, her doing things to you. I know you're not a lesbian…but maybe you could do more of that, too." Mary's mind meandered drowsily, almost asleep.

"John, maybe I could get James to pee on me in the tub, just like you did. Maybe you could be doing it, too. I'd certainly come hard then! Hey, maybe we could even get Kelly in on it. Do you think that's too kinky?" "Umm, it's something we'd have to work up to with them, I think. But then, just about anything the Queen wants to do seems to be okay with them&hellip.and me, too, you know.

You are still my favorite sexy whore, even when you piss on me…" "I'll tell you what, hon when you made me lay naked on Kelly while you fucked us both, I liked that. I really did. She's so squiggly and cute. Getting reamed out by you with her wiggling below me turned me on, and she DOES know how to suck a nipple good.

I don't see anything wrong now with girls having sex with each other. I wouldn't have said that a couple months ago that's just lesbian. But now, I'd let her do me anytime, and I hope you're there to watch!

I'd come so hard knowing you're watching. And here's something new now since tonight, I've got this idea that just hit me that I'd love to get Kelly in a sixty-nine and then piss in her mouth and have her do that to me, too. Geez, can you imagine that!" "Holy cripes, babe. You have the most active imagination ever!" John gaped at his wife, and leaned over to pull her head to his chest. "I suppose that if you can imagine it, then it's gonna happen sooner or later…Do we get to watch?" "Oh honey, you're my favorite audience.

I wouldn't dream of doing anything like that without you watching…And what would be your favorite thing to do, that we haven't done yet?" He thought, hard.

God, we've done just about everything people could be doing together sexually. I've even given another guy a blowjob! "I really can't say, darling. You're the imaginative one, you know." "Well maybe I can come up with something astounding that agrees with you. We've had a pretty good couple months so far, haven't we?" "Ohhh. God! You know, I guess I wouldn't mind it if Kelly did the same thing to me that you did tonight.

I can imagine that…" "Maybe she could do it to BOTH of us together!" "And then we could do it to HER!" "Here's an idea," said Mary, "You fuck me while darling Kelly's standing over me pissing into my mouth! Jesus, I'd probably have an orgasm heart attack!!" "How about if your Toy fucks you while Kelly and I both piss on you? Or Kelly sucks me off while she pisses in your mouth and James fucks you?" "John, you just thrill me sometimes&, do me." Mary rolled over on her side, pulled her leg up and opened.

"Baby, put it in me and let's go to sleep&hellip.maybe we'll dream about it…"