Muscle white guys have gay sex first time Sergio Valen and Gage

Muscle white guys have gay sex first time Sergio Valen and Gage
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1. Wine Tasting The next evening was much the same as the last, except that Linda left the suite not expecting to see it again until the next morning. If she was going to do this thing with having sex with potential clients, she may as well give it her best try. She had gone to the spa with her mother and gotten all their beauty treatments, and she was wearing her sluttiest dress.

She had been surprised when her mother had agreed to buy it for her, but now she knew why. "Mum, who do you think I should talk to tonight?" Never one to miss a chance to get her daughter used to more and more touching, Yvette slipped her arm around her daughter's waist. "I'll introduce you to someone. Are you sure you want to do this?" "Yes Mum.

I've never made so much money so easily." The evening was much the same as the night before. She had talked to someone for a while, he had suggested dinner, and she had ended up in his room, naked, lying on her back with his face between her thighs. In a few minutes she would be sucking on his cock. She was thinking about whether to make him cum in her mouth, or in her vagina.

Mouth first, then her pussy.

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She wondered if he had been with her mother. Almost certainly she thought. He had dealt with Mum before. And he had probably been with Kate too. She wondered what Kate was doing now. Probably much the same as her. Linda had underestimated Kate. She was lying naked on someone's bed, but she had her face buried between the thighs of a potential client, sucking on her clitoris, and the cock of another potential client buried inside her vagina.

The threesome made her think of the threesome with Yvette and Andrew, and how she hadn't had the threesome with her husband and Andrew that Yvette had promised. There was also Linda. What about getting Linda during this trip, then she would have had sex with the whole family. Maybe even a threesome with Yvette and Linda. A mother and daughter threesome, to go with the mother and son threesome, and the husband and wife threesome.

Yvette was contributing as well. Her mouth was wrapped around the guy's cock. She wasn't sure who he was, but he was part of a group that had taken her back to one of their rooms. She was giving them blow jobs. She had a reputation for giving particularly good blow jobs, because she could take even the longest cocks all the way in her mouth and down her throat. She put it down to her scientific knowledge of physiology, and that meant she could manage her gag reflex.

Her particular trick was to get them to cum straight in her throat so she could swallow it without getting the cum in her mouth. She had been told the sensation of her swallowing with a cock in her throat was particularly intense. 2. A Planning Meeting Yvette was already sitting on the balcony having breakfast when Linda finally got back. "Hi Mum," called out Linda as she went into her room to shower and change. "Hi Linda, did you have a good night?" Yvette called out. "Yes Mum." Yvette returned to reading her emails and eating breakfast.

Her jaw still felt a bit tired from all her cock sucking exploits the night before. Linda reappeared wearing a bikini and sun hat. "Wow, sexy," said Yvette as Linda sat down. She evaluated her daughter's body.

Not as good rack as hers, but nice all the same. Slim waist, nice ass and legs. Yes, very sexy. "I'm going to get a sun tan while I'm here," she said to her mother in reply. "I don't remember that bikini from before." "I went shopping yesterday to celebrate the contract. Anything else this morning?" "No job offers yet. They don't always come in so quickly as it did the first time, and sometimes they don't come at all.

Then you just have to put the sex up to experience." "Do you have any particular plans for today Mum?" "I have my presentation after lunch, and the conference dinner tonight. That's part of the accompanying persons package, so you should come to that too." "Accompanying persons?" "Normally it's for wives that come along to conferences to make sure that their husbands don't get up to mischief." "I think Dad needs to come along with you." "It would get in the way of me building up client relationships.

I'm sure he prefers it when my business is making money." She paused and took a sip of coffee. "After the conference dinner I'm going to invite some people back here for a party." "Will Kate come to?" "She sure will.

These parties tend to get pretty wild. How would you feel about it if you saw me with a guy?" "You mean fucking?" "Yes, fucking. Or would you prefer that I make sure we go into my room." "No, Mum. Whatever you normally do is fine. You never know, I might pick up some ideas from you." 3. After Dinner When they left the dinner they had to almost carry Kate. She had gotten very drunk, and was very unsteady on her feet.

Linda had been quite surprised how forward she had gotten, making it very clear to the people around her that she was available. Of course, the clothes she was wearing gave people a good idea what was on her mind. Her top was plunging and see through, and her underwear was barely there. Her nipples were clearly visible, and in the cold of the dining room, they were rock hard.

Linda couldn't help but stare, and one time Kate caught her looking and gave her a smile, then licked her lips at Linda in a suggestive way. That surprised her a lot. She never thought of Kate with women. Her mother had invited about a dozen men back to the apartment, and Linda was wondering how they would manage. Would everyone take turns with the women? Or would it be some sort of group thing. She hadn't tried that before and wasn't sure how it would work out logistically.

What about double penetration? She hadn't tried anal, let alone something like that. However, when they opened the door to their suite she saw that her mother was well organised as usual. Waiting in the room were four Thai women. They were holding trays of drinks, but from what little they were wearing she was sure they would end up on the end of some dicks too. That made it all a bit easier.

Each woman would only have about two guys to look after. The guy that had helped her get Kate back to the room took her over to the couch, where he put her down, before sitting down beside her. Kate's hand immediately went on to the inside of his thigh, and she drunkenly said to him "Thanks for that, maybe I can do something for you in return." Linda watched Kate's hand slide up his thigh and on to his crotch.

"I'm sure you can," he replied as he leant across and kissed her on the mouth, putting a hand on her waist, and letting it work its way up to Kate's breast as their kiss continued. Kate seemed to be setting the pace for the evening, thought Linda, before she glanced over to her mother. She had taken off the jacket she had worn all evening and now Linda could see why. It was obvious she didn't have a bra on, and her nipples were very hard, clearly pushing out the cloth of her silky dress. A man put his hand on to her ass and used the other to wave over one of the waitresses so Yvette and he could take drinks.

It didn't look like mum wouldn't be far behind Kate. A guy came over to her with a drink. She didn't know his name, but she took the drink and gave him a kiss by way of thanks. She didn't want to be shown up by her mother. Soon Kate's blouse was undone, and the guy's hand was cupping her breast, tweaking her nipples through her bra.

One of the straps on her mother's dress had slipped down, showing more of her breasts than normal. A man moved to her other side and slipped the second strap off her shoulder, and the dress dropped even lower, showing off even more of her breasts. When her mother took a sip of her drink, as she lowered her arm the dress slipped even lower exposing her nipples. Some of the men were standing around watching the display, while others had paired up with the Thai hookers, and had their tongues in their mouths, and hands wandering all over their slim Asian bodies.

Linda knew she had to take action. She was going too slowly, so she put her hand behind the man she had just kissed, and drew him back down to kiss him again, and while she was doing that, she started grinding her crotch against him. She felt his cock get hard. "I want you to fuck me," she whispered. "Here, now." She led him over to the table, put down her glass, and pulled her skirt up as she sat down.

Linda didn't hesitate for a moment, and unbuckled his belt, and undid his trousers. She pulled down his clothes, and his hard cock stood in front of her. She imagined it inside her, and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. He got the message, and within a few seconds the tip of his cock was inside her. He wasn't sure who she was. Someone said it was Yvette's daughter.

Like mother, like daughter he thought. Linda glanced around the room and was delighted to see that she was the first to get a cock in her. Her mother was standing there with her dress around her feet, two guys sucking on her nipples. She looked very pleased with herself, and when she saw Linda looking at her she gave her a quick wink. She saw that Kate was being undressed. She already had her blouse and bra off. Nice tits, thought Linda, as she watched the guy undo her skirt and pull it off.

Linda was glad she hadn't bothered to get undressed first, as she might not have beaten Kate. The Thai hookers took their cue from the other women, and knelt in front of their men, and took their penises out of their pants so they could suck them. As the man was fucking her he undressed her, taking off her top. He pulled out of her, and repositioned her so she was standing bent forward over the table.

She felt him re-enter her. He put his hands on her hips so he could really give her a pounding. God this is fun, thought Linda, this has to be the easiest way to make money. The man's pace increased, she figured that he was close to ejaculating in her, so she started to moan, and then said "Cum in me, I want you to cum in me." It was enough.

She felt him thrust into her, and when he was at his deepest, he paused, then shot his load in her. She turned back to look at him, and he leant down and kissed her. "Thanks, I needed that," he said. "I hope we'll meet at another conference." He pulled back and slipped from her. Linda stood up and turned round. Her mother was sitting in a lounge chair now, one man between her thighs, fucking her, another standing beside her, his cock in her mouth.

Kate was bouncing up and down on her man's lap. Good, thought Linda, first cock inside her, first load of cum. She looked at the hookers. They were still only giving blow jobs, but it meant that there were plenty of men with hard, wet cocks for her.

"Who's next?" she called out, and watched one of the men disengage from the mouth of a slim Asian woman. Pretty, thought Linda, nice ass, and perky little breasts. It didn't take long for Linda's vagina to be filled with another cock, and soon after another load of sperm. As she was fucked, she tried to keep track of Kate's and her mother's progress, but it was too difficult.

When she was bent forward over the table she couldn't see the men cum and then go from her mother and Kate. Sometimes it was hard to keep track on where she was up to, as men would shoot off inside her, pull out, and in a moment another would be inside her.

As the night continued the fucking got more intense. The men had all cum at least once, so they took longer to finish in her. Soon she found herself with a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy at the same time. Slowly the night drew to a close. One by one the men dressed and slipped out the door. Soon it was down to the last few, and she found herself sitting on the couch, with her mother on one side, Kate on the other, and a man between her legs.

She turned to her mother, who smiled at her. "Did you have a good time Linda?" "Oh, yes," she said, and then felt her mother's hand on her thigh, giving it a squeeze. When finally the last of the men left, Linda found herself with her mother, Kate and the four hookers. Her mother and Kate were both naked, with semen running down their thighs, evidence of the men they had just taken.

No doubt her legs looked the same. The hookers still had some clothes on, and Linda didn't think they'd been fucking, just sucking. "Linda dear," said her mother, "they're paid for all night. Feel free to try one if you'd like. Why not, thought Linda, after all that cock, who could blame her for trying one of these hookers.

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She picked out the one she had noticed earlier, went over and took her by her hand and led her to her room. She wasn't sure what she would do to her, but she would definitely have some fun.

4. Recovery What a night thought Linda when she woke the next morning. Fortunately the Thai hooker had left, so all she had to do was face her mother, and maybe Kate. She took a long shower to wash herself clean, and then got into her bikini again. Lying in the sun was about all she could imagine this morning. When she ventured into the living room she saw her mother and Kate sitting on the balcony enjoying breakfast. "Good morning sleepyhead," called out Kate. "Good morning Linda," called out her mother.

"Good morning you two. What a night," replied Linda. "You get used to it after a while," replied Kate. "Did you have fun with your girlfriend?" "I never thought about doing anything like that, but yes, it was fun. She licked my pussy clean." "I'm glad to hear that," added her mother.

"What did you two do?" asked Linda.

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"Well, there were three left over, so we decided it was better to do them all together," said Yvette. "And I haven't done Yvette for a while," added Kate, "so I wanted to do her." "So all five of us screwed. They licked us clean then Kate and I had fun together." "Hopefully it leads to a good outcome," replied Linda.

"Hopefully one of those guys will come through." "Oh, yes," said Yvette. "That was more the signing celebration. We have a nice big contract from them. Last night was the signing bonus." "So would you do it with a woman again," asked Yvette.

"Oh yes. Definitely," replied Linda. Good, thought Yvette. I'm going to end up screwing her, and I'll be able to pair her up with some of the women clients. Good, thought Kate. I'm going to get between those thighs sometime soon. "What about when we get home?" asked Linda. "What happens then?" "What do you mean darling?" asked Yvette. "How do we tell everyone I'm part of the business now?" "That's not such a big thing. They're all screwing for the business anyway, so it won't seem so strange to them.

But there are some other things." Kate smiled to herself. This was going to be interesting. Persuading her daughter to prostitute herself wasn't as big a thing as getting her to have sex with her family. "You see Linda, the sex with customers is only a part of it," replied her mother.

"There is also sex inside the business." "What, like with Kate?" Having seen her body last night it was easy for Linda to imagine her brothers, and her father, wanting to bang her.

She was planning on doing it sometime soon. "Well, yes," replied Kate. "I've had sex with them all, and Yvette too." She squeezed Yvette's thigh, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "But I imagine you guessed about your mum and me last night." "I wasn't sure if you were going to take one of the hookers back to your room or not. But seeing you out here this morning wearing Mum's clothes says you stayed. So I'm not surprised." "You see, it's more than just Kate involved," added Yvette.

"You've got someone else in the business? I didn't know that." "No, darling," Yvette replied, "it's just Kate and me." "What? Like you and Dad? Of course I know about that." "Not just me and Andrew. You've got to know. It's me and your brothers too." "You and Steve and Ben.

I don't believe you." "Yes darling.

It's only really recently that I've started doing it with them. When you aren't home I have sex with them." There was a real look of shock on Linda's face, imagining her mother having sex with her brothers.

It hadn't been too strange when she watched her mother get fucked by a group of strangers last night. But now she had to imagine her mother with her brothers. Her mother's mouth sucking on their cocks, them sucking on her nipples, licking her pussy, and fucking her. Then they would cum in her. "I need a while to think," said Linda as she got up and headed out the door. "I'm going for a walk." All Linda could think about was her mother and her brothers. How did she seduce them?

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Why did she seduce them? And what about Kate, and all the other women they had for the business. She decided she needed to work through it step by step, and so she went back to the suite. Yvette and Kate were sitting there going through their business plans.

The sex helped get the contracts, but they still needed some sort of report to be generated, and that took more work. Fortunately they could outsource a lot of that work. When she walked in she started undoing her bikini top and said "Okay, I've decided. I'm going to have sex with you." "Okay," said Kate, "I'll leave you two alone." "No, both of you.

If everyone else has sex with you, I'm going to as well." Linda pulled her bikini top over her head and dropped it on the floor, then undid the knot holding up her bikini bottoms, and let them fall to the ground. "Then I'll decide what next." Yvette stood up and as she walked toward Linda she slipped the straps of her sun dress offer shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

She stepped out of the pile of clothes on the floor, then slipped the straps of her bathing suit off her shoulders, and pulled down the top revealing her breasts.

Her nipples were already hard. She paused about a metre from her daughter and pulled the swimsuit off completely. Linda gazed at her mother's body. Her eyes moving down from her wonderful breasts, with their hard brown nipples, to the patch of pubic hair, with the labia protruding slightly. She stepped forward and hugged her mother, feeling her skin against her own, then they kissed.

It was long and passionate. The passion had been building in Yvette for a long time, and now the expression of her love for her daughter was finally becoming real.

Linda hadn't imagined anything like today, but her experiences over the last few days had changed her concept of sexuality. She found she was much more pragmatic, and if her brothers were having turns with their mother, why shouldn't she.

Kate had undressed as she watched the two other women, and knew a fantasy was coming true. She was going to have Yvette and Linda together. She walked over to join the two other women, putting one arm around Linda, and the other around Yvette.

"Can I get some love too?" Kate asked.

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The two other women broke their kiss, and turned their attention to Kate, Linda kissing her lips, Yvette kissing her neck and working her way down to her breasts. She kissed one of Kate's hard pink nipples, sucking it, and gently biting it. Linda led her mother and Kate into her bedroom, and got onto the bed, taking her mother with her, kissing all the time. She rolled on top of her mother and straddled her thigh so she could grind her clitoris against her mother's body. Kate stood there watching for a few moments, masturbating herself at the sight of the passion between the two women.

Then she got on the bed, positioning herself so she could grind herself against Yvette's other leg, and suck on one of her nipples too. She had always loved playing with those breasts whenever she had gotten the chance. Linda decided to join Kate in paying attention to her mother's breasts, moving her lips progressively down her mother's body until she was tracing her tongue around the nipple.

She kept going, across her mother's stomach until she reached her mother's pubic hair. Kate's legs were wrapped around her mother's, so Kate could masturbate herself against her mother's body. It didn't matter to Linda. This was exactly what she had imagined, exactly what she had hoped for, that they would be sharing each other simultaneously. Her tongue found her way through her mother's pubic hair until she got to her first objective. She paused and enjoyed the sight of her mother's clitoris, then she started licking and sucking, before working down to suck on her labia, and then finally her tongue entering her mother's vagina.

She loved the taste of her mother. Kate decided to move up to Yvette's mouth, wanting to kiss those lips. When she moved up she paused for a moment, looking at Yvette's face. They smiled at each other before starting a long passionate kiss, their tongues inside each other's mouths.

Kate was grinding herself against Yvette's hip, which was making her wetter. The feeling of her daughter's tongue inside her vagina was wonderful, and Kate's body against her always felt so good. She wasn't sure if she should hold back or not. Her daughter's tongue was working her to a peak. She decided to lie back and enjoy it. Clearly Linda meant to give her an orgasm, so she moved one hand down to press against the back of Linda's head, and the other onto Kate's ass to press her against Kate even more firmly to her thigh and encourage her masturbation.

"Keep going darling," said Yvette. "That's so good." Linda slid a finger into her mother's vagina and started working it back and forth.


She knew it felt good when guys did it to her, and she found that special spot to rub. The combination of her tongue on her mother's clitoris and her finger inside her did what she wanted, and she saw her mother orgasm, her body convulsing, her back arching, her hand pressing her head even more firmly into her groin.

When she had finished Linda licked her finger and started working her way up her mother's body. When she finally reached her mother's lips she kissed them and then her mother said "Thank you for that darling. It was incredible." Kate kept grind herself against Yvette, knowing that Linda had given Yvette an orgasm was even more exciting. She moved more on top of Yvette so that she could grind herself against Yvette's hip bone.

It worked better than Yvette's thigh and soon enough she was bucking with her first orgasm of the day. Yvette rubbed Kate's ass after she had felt her orgasm, and whispered "Good?" "Oh yes," replied Kate. "Good." "There's one of us that hasn't cum yet," said Yvette.

"It's your turn Linda. What do you want to do?" "I want to scissor you Mum," said Linda. She had seen it on the internet, and knew that it was something she wanted to try.

Her pussy against her mother's seemed so sexy to her. "What's that," said Yvette. "Sort of like what Kate just did on your leg, but we rub our pussies together. I want it so we both get off together." "Okay darling. Let's give Kate a moment to recover." She kissed Kate and then kissed Linda. "Don't wait for me," said Kate. "Get started and I'll join in soon." She was still straddling Yvette's hip, so she rolled off Yvette to give Linda easier access to her mother.

Linda got between her mother's legs, pressed her crotch against her mother's and started to grind herself in slow circles, masturbating herself against her mother. "That feels so nice," said Yvette, enjoying the sensation of her daughter's genitals against her own, and enjoying the sense of intimacy between her and her daughter.

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Kate moved so she could kiss Linda and fondle her breasts. They were lovely she thought, small and perky. After a few minutes she moved her mouth from Linda's lips to her breasts, starting to lick and suck those lovely hard nipples. The dream of a threesome with Yvette and Linda had come true. She felt Linda's fingers slide inside her vagina, and her thumb against her clitoris.


She got even more excited, gently biting Linda's nipple in response to the stimulation. The grinding of Yvette and Linda grew more frantic as they got closer to orgasming, with Yvette moving the angle of her body so she could more strongly grind her clitoris against the pubis of her daughter.

Linda came first, crying out as she orgasmed "Oh Mum, I love you!" "I love you Linda," replied her mother, getting herself off moments after her daughter. Kate worked down Linda's body until she was at the point where her crotch pressed against her mother's. Kate enjoyed the sight, and smell, of the two women, then started to lick them to enjoy the taste. After lying locked together for a few minutes to recover from the experience, Linda unlocked herself from the grasp of her mother's thighs and crawled up beside her mother so she could cuddle and kiss her.

"I'll never forget this day Mum." 5. Homeward Bound Since it was the last day of the conference, the sessions finished early to let people start their travel home. Yvette and Kate had to leave Linda lying in her mother's bed while they made an appearance at the conference.

Overall it had been a very successful conference for Yvette. She had given her presentation, but more importantly, she had confirmed a couple of new contracts, and started negotiations on a couple more. Even better, she now had Linda's help in looking after the clients.

She was young, attractive, and sexually adventurous. Once people became aware of her availability and abilities, Yvette was sure even more business would come their way.

The last session of the conference was the way these things always are quick farewells, and promises to meet up some time soon to discuss business opportunities. Kate ended up with her skirt around her waist being fucked by James who hadn't had the opportunity to fuck her earlier in the conference.

He didn't want to miss out on fucking Kate in light of the contract the company he worked for had just given to her and Yvette. Considering what she had been through with other clients, getting fucked in a disabled toilet seemed a pretty small price to pay for a nice little contract. Though it would mean she would have a sticky pussy until she managed to find a shower somewhere. Linda lay in bed thinking about her experiences, and was surprised by the cleaner.

It hadn't taken much money for Linda to persuade her to give her pussy a thorough clean up instead of the room. She was really getting a taste for sex with women, and really liked a transactional approach to sex. It was so much better than having to get to know someone and pretend you liked them.

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6. Sitting in the Lobby They were waiting for the airport transfer shuttle to pick them up, enjoying a last drink to celebrate the success of the conference visit. "I've decided what I want to do," announced Linda.

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"When we get home." "What's that dear?" replied Yvette. "I want to do it with Dad, Ben and Steve. I want to have sex with them. When we get home I'm going to have sex with Dad, and then I'm going to do it with Ben and Steve." "What about us?" asked Yvette.

"Yes, us too," replied Linda. "I want them to know about us too." "Do you want to do more work for the company?" asked Kate. "Deal with more clients." "Yes. It's too much fun to miss out on. And it's easy money.