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Blonde slumber party and big ass milf doggy style horny youthful nurses brunette and shaved
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Assignment #4 Interrupted by Chloe I have some very unique talents and am very discrete which is why he hired me. He pays very, very well per assignment; six figures, never starting at less than $150,000. Sometimes the assignments can be distasteful, but not enough to make me give up the money.

The boss is usually very specific on what he wants done so much that he provides written details of some very specific things he wants accomplished, in specific manners. We discussed the assignment; although there were some details I was not totally comfortable with, I put my personal feelings and likes/dislikes aside as soon as he put half the cash in my hand.

I am not going to explain the details of the assignment before I describe how I carried out the assignment. I think the gist of the assignment will become apparent as I relate the details I had my assignment from Hardwick and was on my way to do a final reconnoiter in preparation for next week's work.

It is about 11:30PM as I sat at a stoplight next to a banquet hall. I am dressed in para-military, dark woodland green camo pants and shirt to aid my endeavors later this night. I glanced around the interior of the Hummer to make sure I had everything ropes, lights, cameras, etc.

I glanced out my left window and was stunned by who I saw; Chloe! I watched her walk toward her Explorer, noticing she seems to be slightly drunk.

The benefit party had gone on a bit too long, and everyone had been congratulating her on her outstanding volunteer work and she just let the drinks get to her.


A couple of the male board members had even made suggestive comments to her regarding "another kind of "celebration", but as always, she fended them off, diplomatically, and left them with their tongues hanging out. She is wearing a pleated black and white striped skirt, a ruffled white shirt with a string tie and a black blazer, none of which hide her figure; instead, they hint at more.

Her long brunette hair and perfect lips also heighten the subtle sexuality. However, she keeps her sensuality under control. It is a secret weapon, but she never gives in to temptation even though her husband is lacking in the art of lovemaking. Fortunately, she has another outlet. Since their home invasion almost two years ago, my Assignment #2, she discovered a mail order place that she can purchase various toys and devices to indulge her fantasies in the privacy of her home to her heart's content.

And she does have fantasies; some even bizarre, but all are her closely kept secrets. She rarely has time, anymore, but when she does, she plays with herself for hours, often getting right to the point of orgasm, then backing off and starting all over again. When she does climax it is often a thunderous one and releases wave after wave of spasms until she can hardly breathe. She is thinking about such a session as she backs her Explorer out of its parking spot and starts down the street.

I think, and she knows, she shouldn't be driving. I am kind of horny, it has been a couple days. I can not help myself and follow her, giving up on my planned activities for this evening. I notice that she takes a back way that she seldom uses. Most of that is on country roads that have little traffic. Just an old military installation and a few houses are along the road. I stay close behind her, my lights illuminating the interior of her vehicle. She appears to watch the road carefully and make certain her speed is just below the limit, while she peers intently into the darkness and the unfamiliar surroundings trying to find the road to turn onto.

I am familiar with this route from my previous investigations and know exactly where she needs to turn. Suddenly she makes a quick right turn. This is not the road she should have turned onto.

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I let her drive a mile or so and watch her search for anything vaguely familiar while I formed a plan. I put the red and blue bubble light on the dash, activate it and shine the bright spotlight in her back window.

I see her look in the rear view mirror to see flashing red and blue lights behind her. She panics a little causing her suv to swerve slightly before she corrects it and pulls onto the dirt shoulder of the road. She is in a near panic; she can't be arrested for DUI; her position on the various boards and volunteer groups as well as your reputation would be ruined and her husband would be embarrassed when he had to explain.

I knock on her window, and as she lowers it, she sees what she thinks is a military officer standing there. She is stunned! She has not recognized me yet. I will keep up the charade as long as she cooperates. I am sure as soon as she recognizes me then I will have to resort to force to get what I want.

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"Maam, may I see your driver's license and registration, please?" "Yyy.yes officer. I have it right here" she stammers as she frantically looks for the documents. Finally, she finds her driver's license and starts to hand it to me through the window when I say " Maam, would you step out of the car, please?" "W…why, officer?

Is something wrong?" she is almost in a panic. "Just step out of the car, Maam" I say, firmly. She opens the door and swings her legs out, her skirt riding above her knees. She sways as she stands and I grasp her arm. "Have you been drinking, tonight, Maam?" I ask. I really don't care, as I am not a cop, but this could be fun I think to myself as I push her back against the side of her Explorer. "I had one drink at a benefit party, but I'm not drunk." She so predictably said.

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I lean close and sniff her breath, but really use this as a ploy to get close enough to smell her scent, then shine my flashlight into her eyes, and then back and forth across them, trying to be convincing.

"Maam, I think you've had more than one drink, and I'm going to have to take you downtown for a breathalyzer test". I wonder where this will go. It will depend upon how she responds.

"Oh, no.please…you can't. I'll do anything…only I can't be arrested…not tonight…oh, please" she cries, almost in full panic. Oh YES, that is what I wanted to hear, now I really can have some fun! "Sorry, Maam, but I have to do something. I can't let you just drive around like this.*" I respond firmly. I grasp her arm and start to lead her toward my black Hummer.

She pulls away, slightly, and says "Please officer, isn't there something you can do…please…I just can't be arrested…" she cries.

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I feel a twinge of sorrow for her. I grasp her arm more firmly and turn her around and push her forward, toward the hood of my Hummer.

"Put your hands on the bumper and spread your legs, NOW!*" I order and make her assume the classic arrest pose. Her weight is on her hands and her feet are spread just wider than her shoulders. I position myself behind and to one side, one of my feet just inside her closest foot, so I can kick it out from under her if she resists. With my left hand on the back of her neck I begin to "frisk" her with the other hand.

She is pleading…begging…to be let go. She doesn't even notice my hand when it unbuttons her jacket and slides over her full breast. She is wearing a thin lace bra and her nipples show right through.

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My hand continues exploring her chest and upper body, all while she is begging to be let go. At some point she starts to come out of her panic and becomes aware that I have been fondling her for a bit and that she is getting turned on.

One minute, she was sure she was going to jail, and the next, her body is responding to sexual stimuli and she is completely surprised! She hears herself say "What are you doing?", but my hand just continues to explore. She almost starts to complain, then thinks that if she does so she will certainly go to jail. I move my hand down to her leg, just below her knee, then start up the inside of her leg.

She can feel a slickness on her left labia. She doesn't want this…no, that isn't quite true…it IS similar to one of her masturbation fantasies, but this is frightening. She has no control at all over this situation, very much like the time a couple years ago when that man broke into her home.

My hand is on the inner part of her thigh and then I feel my fingers bump against the panty hose that cover her pussy and that causes her to jump and cry out. "Don't move, Maam" I order and continue to run my hand up under her skirt, finally finding the band of her pantyhose.

I run my fingers around this band, from one side to the other, then grab the front and pull them down. I continue tugging and working around her waist until I have them down around her knees. She is breathing hard now, part in fear and part in sexual arousal.

She doesn't want this, in one part of your brain, but the other part is shouting "YES!!!" My 9" cock is straining against the buttons of my camo pants. I can barely wait to get some of this exquisite ass and pussy again.

She has no panties beneath the panty hose. My hand moves between her legs from behind and moves toward her moist slit. Almost unconsciously she tries to spread her legs and push her ass back toward my probing fingers.

My hand on the back of her neck presses her forward and bends her over at a ninety degree angle. My fingers find her moist opening and I urgently whisper, in a hoarse voice, "You want this don't you! You really want to feel my stiff cock in your sweet pussy don't you?" My belt buckle rattles as I undo it and drop my pants and underwear.

I grasp her succulent ass cheeks and spread them apart.

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I glance down. Because she is wearing high heels, her ass is "cocked" at such an angle that her pussy is exposed from the rear for perfect entry.

I let her feel the spongy, warm head of my cock slipping into you from behind. I wiggle it around between her lips. "Tell me you want it! Ask for me to slide my hard cock into your pussy!" As my cock works its way into her opening she becomes aware that it is very nice sized and very warm and pulsing. In fact, she has NEVER felt a cock quite this size and nice, except……!

Thank God she is wet, because my thick cock is forcing her wider and wider, and the restriction of her panty hose bunched around her knees is keeping her from opening herself any wider.

"Oh yes, your pussy is so hot and so wet for my cock! And it looks so good, you should see this. My cock is spreading open those meaty like that?" I rotate my hips, screwing my cockhead around just a couple inches inside her opening.

"Wait" she throatily says, "let me lower these" and she reaches down and begins pushing at the panty hose, finally getting them below her knees. She still can't get them off…I'm not waiting, but start pumping, getting deeper into her pussy with each thrust. My hands are powerful and they lift her hips up until her feet leave the ground and she is leaning on her hands on the bumper and riding on my big steely cock as I slide all 9" into her.

"Oh…&…&hellip.god., that is big!" she groans out. "I have never had a bigger one." "Oh baby! Your soft ass feels so fucking good against me!" I exclaim as I drive my cock all the way into her. Before I even realize it, she starts to climax! Her cunt squeezes my cock in a rhythmical series of contractions. She thinks I will cum right away, as well…her husband doesn't last this long, but as soon as her spasms start to slow, I pick up the pace, and began to pump her even faster and harder.

My cock is slamming into her cervix and I am sure she will be sore tomorrow. But it will be a wonderful "sore". I let her feel my finger on her asshole and then feel the tip being inserted.

That sensation sets off another orgasm in her as I knew it would. She loves her ass to be stimulated. The spasms are so strong that her stomach hurts from the contractions, but still I pump in and out of her hot pussy.

I lose track of time…I am only aware of only my relentless pounding into her pussy! I lean over and grasp her left nipple and squeeze and pinch…hard! I let her feel my unshaven chin on her neck as I whisper into her ear "You like my big cock deep in your pussy don't you?" Once again, the additional sensations created by my pinching her nipple and talking dirty to her is enough to set off another set of spasms as she climaxes once again!

She is almost exhausted. "Your voice; sounds fami…" she starts to say then I quickly rise up. I begin to grunt and my thrusting grows harder and then I let her feel…and hear…me start to cum. I grunt LOUDY each time my cock swells and spews its seed inside her hot pussy! "Oh baby, your hot cunt is making me CUM!" "Yes!! Let me have your hot cum! Yessss!" She can feel my hot liquid hit her insides and feel four spurts before I begin to relax.

"Oh god, your cock feels so good baby" Slowly I lower her to the ground and slowly withdraw from her pussy. I feel her kegel muscles work the length of my cock as I slowly extract it from her warm tunnel. As my heavy cock finally slips from her cunt my big knob droops down and drags across her still sensitive clit which cause her body to jerk. She is literally dripping, both from my ejaculation and from her own secretions.


She can only lean against the front of my Hummer and gasp. She hears my buckle being fastened and looks over her shoulder at me. The headlights illuminate my face from below casting shadows upward. I see a small, uncertain look in her sobering eyes. "I said I have never had a cock bigger than that.

But, I have had one as big as that. About two years ago&hellip." she wantonly said. I think she is starting to recognize me.

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I am not sure I want that. I quickly turn away from the light. "Maam, I think that by the time you put yourself back together, you will probably be able to find your way back to the main road and drive the rest of the way home. What do you think?*" I ask her. She is still in a daze. That was the second most fantastic fuck she has ever experienced. But she also knows she has been raped. She should report it…or me, but she doesn't even know who I am.

She stands and turns toward her Explorer and begins to pull her pantyhose up. "Yes, officer…I'll be fine in a little bit. Just let me get straightened up and I'll…" but by then I am back in my Hummer, make a u-turn and drive off down the road. I am sure, after a few more minutes she will definitely make the connection to me, if she has not already figured out that tonight and two years ago are the same guy.

I really hate to leave her, but, I must. For now.