Twink movie Not being able to hold back anymore he began to shoot his

Twink movie Not being able to hold back anymore he began to shoot his
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It was getting close the weekend; I had taken the day off just to get a break. My children went out for the day so I was home alone. I spent sometime in the pool then I decided to lay out for awhile. "Hey Katie, are you back there?" At first I did not recognize the voice, I called back that I was. My brother came through the gate around the side of my house to the backyard where I was laying out by the pool.

My brother is 6'2" and is built. We make an odd brother and sister combo when standing next to each other, I am about 5'1", petite body. My brother had stopped by, unexpectedly, his girlfriend and him were supposed to have gone out for lunch but she had to postpone it for a couple of hours.


We talked for awhile, I was laying on a beach towel, my brother kept standing there, I told him to sit down several times but he kept saying he was fine. We both had sunglasses on and soon I noticed my brother must be checking me out and enjoying what he saw. I noticed a sizeable bulge in his shorts and his hand was in his pocket. My brother was doing his best to subtly adjust his cock so I could not see.

So I decided to have a little fun with my brother, to get him more excited. I would sit up, stretch so I would thrust my large tits out, and my nipples were clearly hard and very clearly showing through my bikini top. I sat up, spreading my legs so he could get a look at my barely covered pussy. It was working quite well, I could tell how my brother moved around he was trying desperately to get his hard cock pointing straight up along his stomach, in line with his zipper, so I could not really see it.

My brother then excused himself to go use the bathroom. I gave my brother a few minutes then I quietly snuck into my house to find him. I had feeling he may be jacking off. I found him in the down stairs bathroom.


I quietly crept up to the door, luckily it was an older home and the door did not fit closely to the floor. I very quietly laid down on the floor and put my ear to the bottom of the door, it was almost a half an inch space.

I was right, I could hear my brother stroking his cock and he was thinking about me, his sister. I have no idea for how long I just listened to my brother moaning and groaning. Every now and then he would moan out my name or just sister.

Sometimes I would hear him say about me sucking his cock, my big tits or just how good of a fuck I am. Listening to my brother was really turning me on. Without even realizing it, I had slid one hand down my bikini bottom and I was already fingering my wet pussy. My other hand was instinctively playing with my tits. I knocked on the door, "Mark, are you ok? You have been in there for a while." I still kept playing with my pussy.

My brother yelled out, "Katie I am fine! I'll be out in a bit!" "Sorry, I was just worried about you. I will be back outside by the pool." Which was a lie, I was going to stay right there and get myself off while listening to my brother do the same. My brother was silent for a few minutes, which gave me time to keep playing with my clit. Then I heard my brother start back in with jacking himself off. He sounded more aggressive, I guess interrupted him close to getting off.

"Damn Katie! I was about to fucking cum. Just like my sister, always talking when she should be quiet. I got a solution to that, my big fucking cock in her mouth. If only Katie wasn't my sister, I would fuck her brains out!" He moaned and grunted a bit louder then I heard him say, "Fuck it!

I would fuck my sister anyway, just once.

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She is so damn hot! Shit those tits are so big and her nipples! I would love to suck on them and fuck her big tits!" I wanted to open the door right then and there and fuck my brother but I was enjoying listening to him as I finger fucked myself.

I was getting close to getting off, what sucked was I had to be quiet, I didn't want my brother to know I was out there, maybe not yet. I figured Mark was close to cumming as well, just by listening to him and his grunting I could tell he was going to cum.

I had pulled my tits out of my top and I was pulling on my nipples as I drove my fingers deep into my pussy. I could not hold back anymore and several waves of lustful orgasms rocked my body. I grabbed one of tits, held it up to mouth and sucked on my nipple as I came. I did my best not make any noise of the incredible orgasm I was having, thanks to listening to my brother jacking off. I heard Mark start to moan, louder and louder. "Oh shit, oh fuck I'm gonna cum Katie. Yeah fuck I'm gonna cum sis, all over your tits, your face and in your fucking pussy!

Oh fuck, fuck…fuck yes!" At that point I could only picture my brother cumming, his cock spurting out his load of cum, derived from his incestuous thoughts of me. It sounded like my brother had a huge load from what he was lustful groaning out; "Oh shit Katie…oh fuck you are making me cum! Shit sis, I'm still cumming! Oh fuck, yes! Fuck this is great!" It made me smile with a lustful, deep seeded feeling knowing I was giving my brother the best orgasm of his life.

When I thought he was done, I quickly put my tits back into my top and quietly ran back outside to the pool to act like nothing had happened. I got into the pool, I needed to make my bottom wet to hide the wet stain I had made from my orgasm. My brother came out a couple of minutes later, I asked him if he was ok and he said he yes, he was doing good. Mark flashed me a smile, which really turned me on because I knew what he was thinking but he had no idea I knew what he just did.

I swam around for a bit as we talked about my kids, his relationship. I glanced at his shorts and I could see another bulge developing! He noticed it too as he tried once again to adjust himself so I could not see it.

This was becoming a sexual torture to the both of us. The dark thoughts I had were nearly over flowing in me and by looking at my brother, I could see it was at the same level too. I got out of the pool; my nipples were nearly thrusting through my now wet, skintight bikini top. I saw my brother glance down at my tits, focusing on my nipples; I couldn't take it anymore I had to do something. "What are you staring at Mark?" My brother turned red embarrassed that I caught him looking at my tits.

"Nothing Katie…um nothing." "Bullshit! You were checking me out! You were staring at my fucking tits! Weren't you? Damn it, answer me Mark, you were, weren't you!" "Yes Katie…I couldn't help it…you are so attractive…I am so sorry." I thought I would have some fun now with my brother.

"You fucking perv! I am your sister! Oh shit, look at you Mark. You have a fucking hard on! You little incestuous pervert! I am your sister and you are getting hard-on looking at me!" My brother didn't know what to say, I had busted him cold. "Get the fuck out of here and into the house you fucking pervert!" My brother just stood there, totally in shock. "Go on Mark, get the fuck out of my sight!" I pointed to the door. "Get your fucking perverted ass downstairs.

Do it now or I will call mom and tell her what a pervert, incestuous son you are!" I knew that since I caught my brother off guard, he would do what I said and not even realize I had just told him to go downstairs and not to leave my house. He went into the house just like I told him to, I quickly dried myself off and went in after him. Mark had done exactly what I said; he had gone downstairs.

I came down the stairs and there was my brother standing by the pool table looking very nervous. "Katie…why did you want me to come down here?" "Shut the fuck up Mark!

What the fuck is your problem, looking at my tits? Staring at my big nipples too? So, your sister has big tits and nipples. So fucking what! You are not supposed to get a fucking lustful hard-on over your own sister!" As I yelled at my brother I backed him up against the pool table.

I could see that my brother no longer had a hard-on, which made me disappointed. I pushed my brother back on to the pool table, he sat down on it, and his legs were hanging over the edge.

"Katie, stop. I am sorry. You are blowing this way out of proportion." "Oh really Mark! I don't fucking think I am.

I heard you in the bathroom, jacking off and thinking about me! I'm your fucking sister and you were jacking off to me!" My brother turned almost white, he was completely speechless. Then he spoke up, "Oh god Katie…I…I don't know what to say. Oh shit I am sorry, I am so embarrassed." "You should be you fucking pervert." I caught my brother looking at my tits again.

"Damn it Mark, there you go again, looking at my tits!" "I…I'm sorry…I…" "You wanna see my tits, fine look at my tits!" I took my top off, letting my tits bounce free, my nipples were very erect, hard and pointing right at my brother. Mark just stared right at them.

I held my tits in my hands, pushing them up a bit. "There Mark, take a good fucking long look at your sisters tits! Do you wanna know how big my tits are?

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Do you?" My brother stammered out a yes, still in shock that I took my top off. I massaged my tits a bit more before I answered. "They are 36C, not too hard, not to soft, nicely round. Look at my nice big areola and my long nipples." I pulled on my nipples and then ran circles around my dark areola. I watched my brother almost begin to salivate, I glanced down at his shorts and his cock was creating a nice tent in them.

"I bet you want to touch them, don't you Mark?" My brother just sat there not knowing what to do. "Well you fucking pervert! You were jacking off in the bathroom, saying about my tits, fucking them, sucking on them, squeezing them. Do it you fucking perv! Come on, feel up your sister!" My brother reached out very slowly with his hands, I let my tits go and my brother lightly touched them at first.

When I did not protest, he began to play with my nipples. He worked his fingers all over my tits with a gentle touch, then he clasped his hands around my tits and began to lustfully squeeze them. I let my brother play with my tits for a minute or two before I stopped him.

I yanked his hands off my tits and I began to yell at him again. "I can't fucking believe you just felt me up! Shit, you pervert! I am your fucking sister and you just went ahead and felt me up!" "Katie, you said I could." "I was just fucking testing you Mark! I should call mom right now and tell her what the fuck you just did to your sister!" "Oh no Katie, please don't!

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I am so sorry. Please Katie, I beg you, I am so deeply sorry." I couldn't take it anymore, I felt so bad for putting my brother through this. I decided it was time I made it up to my brother. Not to mention all this yelling was causing his cock to go limp again. I pushed my brother back down on to the pool table, "Lay down you fucking pervert!" At first my brother wouldn't do what I said, so I yelled at him again. "I said lay down Mark!" My brother laid down; he raised his head up to see what I was doing.

I began to undo his shorts as quickly as I could, "Katie what…what are you doing?" "You got to see my tits, I want to see your cock." I pulled my brother's shorts off and boy did I get a surprise! I never knew my brother had such a big cock! I let out a gasp when I saw it, then I immediately grabbed it. I just had to hold it my hand. "Oh my god Mark! Fuck, your cock is huge!" My brother gave me a little wicked smile. I held it in my hand, it felt so hard, hot and heavy. I just stared in amazement at my brothers' cock like he stared at my tits.

Mark's cock went completely hard in my hand, growing another inch and becoming even thicker. "How big is your cock Mark?" "Who's the pervert now Katie?" "I told you how big my tits are." "It's about 9' or so." He smiled proudly at me. I began to stroke my brother's huge cock; pre-cum was coming out of his piss slit like I had never seen.

"Wow! I bet your girlfriend loves sucking your cock!" I kept looking into my brothers' eyes; I could see the taboo lust building in them, like it was in mine.

"Yeah right Katie. Laura does not like giving blowjob's. Once in awhile, only if she is drunk enough will she suck my cock.

Even then she won't do it for long and never lets me cum in her mouth." "Oh you poor baby. Having such a big cock and nobody to suck it. Maybe your sister can help you out." I bent my head down and slowly ran my tongue up my brother's huge prick. I started at his balls and very slowly ran my tongue up the underside of his pre-cum covered cock. He tasted so good and I moaned my pleasure as I licked up his pre-cum.

When I got his prick head, I flicked my tongue just under his piss slit, lapping up his pre-cum as it oozed out of it. My brother grabbed his cock at the base and lightly smacked it on my face. First he smacked it against my cheek, then my chin, my lips and then my tongue when I stuck it out.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. "I thought you were going to call mom and tell her I felt you up." "I changed my mind Mark. I hope you don't mind." I gave my brother's cock head a good going over with my tongue.

He moaned with such lust and told me to keep doing it. "Oh yeah Katie, my girlfriend does not even do that! This is so wrong, so dirty but it feels so good." I grabbed my brother's cock, running his pre-cum covered prick head over my wet lips. "Mark, I won't tell if you don't" Before my brother could answer I opened my mouth wide and slid his cock into it. My brother let out a loud moan of pent up pleasure as he watched his cock being devoured by his sister.

I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth, running my tongue all over it. I slowly slid it out, sucking hard and long on every inch of my brother's prick. Then I slowly bobbed my head up and down on it slowly at first, speeding up just a bit. My brother moaned, "Oh yeah Katie! Oh shit you are the best cocksucker ever! Who would have thought my very sister is such a great cock sucker!" I slid my brother's prick out of my mouth; slowly my I wrapped my lips around his huge, throbbing prick head.

I pulled my head away, pre-cum dripping off of my lips, "Who would have thought my brother would have such a big cock!" I began to bob my head up and down Mark's prick, the part I could not take into my mouth I stroked as fast I could.

As I sucked my brother's cock, I noticed how much my mouth was salivating. I was really enjoying giving my brother a blowjob. I think in part because it was so dirty, so wrong, his long, thick prick and the fact his girlfriend won't suck his cock; all of that brought out even more taboo passion in me.

I kept on giving my brother a great blowjob. My brother kept watching me, enjoying the site of his blonde haired, big tit sister sucking on his prick. "Oh shit Katie, keep sucking! Wow, I never thought I would be getting my cock sucked by my sister!" I ran my lips up and down my brother's cock, and then I began to stroke his prick as I talked to him.

"Mark, you haven't asked me if I will let you cum in my mouth." My brother grinned lustfully at me. "Well sis, can I blow my load in your pretty little mouth?" "Is that what you want to do Mark?

You wanna see your sister swallow your cum? You wanna see me with your cum all over my face and in my mouth?" "Fuck yeah Katie! I wanna see my sister with her brother's hot cum load on her tongue and lips!" I sucked on my brothers' cock for another minute or two before I answered him. I stuck my tongue out, running his huge cock head all over it, coating my tongue with my brother's pre cum.

"I love the taste of hot, sticky, thick cum! Just tell me when you are ready to cum. I be a good sister and drop to my knees so you can jack-off into my mouth." "Stop talking and keep sucking Katie. I wanna cum in your sweet, wet mouth!" I kept sucking and stroking marks nice big prick. My brother started to moan and breathe heavier and faster.

I could feel his prick swelling, I knew he was getting closer and closer to cumming. I bobbed my head even faster up and down his cock; my cock sucking and slurping noises filled the room. "Don't stop Katie! Oh fuck yes you are going to make me cum! I'm getting close sis. Oh fuck yes sis I getting closer.fuck.Katie.I'm ready to cum!" I slid my brothers' cock out of my mouth and dropped right down onto my knees.

My brother jumped off the pool table, his wet, bright red prick in his hand. "Open your mouth Katie and stick out your tongue!" I did exactly what my brother told me too, he looked so happy, over come by lust. "Get ready sis here it comes! Open wider! I'm cumming!" My brother's huge cock erupted like a volcano, cum exploded out of his piss slit. My brother kept stroking his cock as he sent his wad of sticky jizm into my mouth.

Mark came in my mouth; he covered my tongue with his tasty cum. "Swallow it Katie!" I began to swallow as much of my brothers cum as I could and as fast as I could. My brother had the biggest load I had ever seen.

As I closed my mouth to swallow, my brother sent another huge surge of cum onto my lips. Cum dripped down my chin, falling onto my tits. I quickly opened my mouth again for my brother. Mark let out a scream, "Oh fuck Katie! I'm still cumming!" My brother's cock kept spurting out cum, a few large spurts and few small ones.

I had never had a man cum as much as what my brother was doing! I really must have turned him on. Mark covered my lips and chin with cum, my mouth and tongue were filled with cum as well. I had my brothers hot, sticky cum dripping down the sides of my face, neck and on my tits. Finally my brother stopped, I grabbed his prick and used it to push his cum into my mouth and deep down my throat.

I spent the next five minutes sucking his cock dry and cleaning off all of his cum from my face. When I was done with that, I held my tits up and licked them clean all the time with my brother watching me and saying "Yeah that's it Katie. Be a good sister and eat all of my cum. Make all gone with your brothers cum load. Look at how much you made me cum!" After I had cleaned up all of my brothers' cum I stayed on my knees with his cock in my hand.

"Was it as good as you fantasized? Did you like having me give you a blowjob, a nice sister to brother blowjob?" "Fuck yes Katie!

It was incredible! You give great head!" I noticed Marks' cock was still hard, red and throbbing. "Are you that horny Mark? Your cock is still hard as steel." "Well Katie, after I jacked off, a friend of mine gave me some of those boner pills. I took one because I was going to leave, go see my girlfriend and fuck the hell out of her." I smiled at my brother, as I held his cock I slowly ran it all over my tits and gently slid it between my tits.

"Were you going to pretend it was me you were fucking when you fucked Laura?" My brother got a very wicked smile on his face.

"Yeah, I was. I was going to pretend she was my fucking hot sister." He smiled again at me. I kissed the head of his prick and then stood up; I gazed into Mark's eyes. "Would you like to go and fuck Laura, pretending it is me? Or would you like to just fuck me instead?" Mark's eyes bugged out, his cock twitched and stuck straight out.

I took that as a yes even before he said anything. Mark grabbed his cock with one hand, with the other he pulled me close to him. His hot, throbbing cock felt so good pressed up against my body. "Katie, are you serious? You would really let me fuck you?" "I want you to fuck me good Mark!

Make me scream with pleasure. I want to see your big cock thrusting into my pussy. I want to feel my brother big cock deep inside me, cumming deep in my pussy. I want you to pleasure yourself with me, fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me up the ass, fuck my tits, cum all over me.

Do what you want to me! Fuck me with dirty, pure forbidden desire; the kind only a brother and his sister could share." I could feel my brother's cock oozing pre-cum as I talked to him, my stomach was becoming sticky with it. I stepped back from Mark and untied my bikini bottom. It fell to the floor; my brothers' eyes lustfully took in the site of my bald, glistening wet pussy.

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I looked at my brother and said in a sweet, innocent voice, "Do you wanna fuck your sister or not?" Mark picked my up and put me on the pool table, "My turn now Katie!" His mouth went right for my tits, as did one of his hands. My brother took his other hand and with two big fingers, slid them into my waiting pussy. Marked attacked my tit's and nipples with his wet tongue, lips and hands. I let out such a loud moan of delight, then when he worked his two fingers deep into my pussy I screamed out, "Oh yes Mark, ravage me!

Suck my tits! Play with my pussy! Make your sister squirm and beg for more!" "Fuck your pussy is so tight sis!" He slid his two fingers out and licked them clean.

"Wow Katie, your pussy juice tastes so fucking good. I can't wait to eat out my own sister." He went back to his attack on my large tit's and nipples. My brother's mouth went from one nipple to the other, sucking and licking each one wildly. He began to finger fuck me like I had never experienced before.

As he kept sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy, hard and fast. As he did that, my brother also twisted them around, giving me an all-new experience in forbidden delight.

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I kept moaning and screaming with pleasure. My brother would smile at me and ask me if I liked having my tit's sucked on by my brother and if I liked his finger's in my pussy. I would moan back a lustful yes and then I would groan don't stop. The more I begged for my brother not to stop the more pleasurable it became.

I didn't last long, maybe five minutes before my pussy clenched down on his fingers and I coated them with my sweet and sticky pussy juice. My brother kept fucking me with his fingers, making me have several orgasms before I couldn't cum anymore.

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Before I could say a word Mark pushed my legs wide and lowered his head right down to my very wet pussy. I felt the tip of his tongue lapping up all of my pussy juice. He didn't thrust it in; he just ran it up and down my pussy lips as fast as he could.

Then he ran his tongue around my clit, sucking on it as well. I kept writhing around in immense pleasure, which only made my brother lick my pussy more. Then I felt him pull my pussy lips apart and he drove his tongue deep into my waiting pussy. I could not believe how lustfully my brother licked and sucked at my pussy and clit.

He would raise his head up and tell me how good my pussy tastes and for how long he has wanted to lick his sister's pussy. My brother drove his tongue deep into my honey slit, lapping and sucking away. He sucked hard on my clit, nearly making me cum right then and there. Mark ran his tongue up and down my sweet, wet pussy lips. He drove me wild with his lustful, insatiable appetite for his sisters' sweet pussy. My brother placed his lips onto my pussy lips, sucking hard on my clit.

He dug his tongue deep into my pussy, this time I could not hold back my impending orgasm. I arched my back as I grabbed my brothers' head forcing it against my pussy. I ground my hot, wet pussy into his face and tongue, writhing and screaming as loud as could with pure delight as I covered his mouth and chin with my sweet glaze pussy juice. My brother wildly lapped up my screaming orgasm as it came out of my pussy onto his hungry tongue.

My brother raised his face up from my pussy, he had a nice glistening shine from my orgasm. He licked his lips, savoring my taste. "Damn Katie, you taste so fucking good, nice and sweet. I would never have thought my sister's pussy would taste so fucking good." Mark grabbed his huge cock, holding it at the base.

He smacked it on my pussy and clit a couple of times. "Are you ready Katie? Ready to get fucked by your brother and his big cock?" " it Mark! I want that big cock of yours inside me." "Open wide dear sister and say ah." He flashed me a wicked smiled and pushed the head of his fat cock into my waiting pussy.

I had never been fucked by a prick as big as my brothers' and I couldn't wait. He pressed the first inch into my pussy; we both let out moans of extreme pleasure.

I loved the feeling of my brothers' big cock inside of me and my brother loved the feeling of my tight pussy wrapped around his cock.

Slowly my brother pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy. It was incredible having such a big cock in me; I watched it lustfully as it disappeared into me. "Oh fuck Katie! You are so fucking tight and wet! I'm gonna love fucking you." "I love your big cock inside me. Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast!" Mark held me by m waist and began to pound his huge, fat cock in and out of my tight, wet pussy.

His balls slapped loudly against me. I hadn't felt pleasure quite like this before and I let my brother know. I screamed with delight, moaning and writhing around the pool table in pure incestuous pleasure. My brother loved making my tits bounce around as he fucked me faster and faster. "Look at your tits! I wanna fuck them too! Shit you are so hot sis. I just wanna fuck every part of you!" I grabbed my tits, massaging them at first, then I held them up to my mouth and I began to suck on my nipples and lick them with my tongue.

"Ooo yeah Mark. That's it, fuck me harder, faster, faster mark. Fuck me, fuck your sister! I would love to have your hard cock between my tits. I could suck on your cock head every time you thrust it between my tits. Would you cum all over my tits? Would you spew cum all over my chin and face to as you fucked my tits?" "Oh shit bet I would. I would cum all over your fucking big tits; I would cum all over your beautiful face.

Oh fuck sis, you are so hot. I'm gonna fuck you so good!" My brother pounded me like a wild man; I couldn't believe the insatiable passion my brother had for me. He reached down and grabbed my tits, he squeezed the hard as he hips pounded his big prick deep into my pussy. My brother's huge cock was a pleasure I had not experienced before and needless to say I did not last long under the pounding his fat cock was giving me. "Mark.don't stop.oh yes! Oh fuck I.I.I'm gonna cum all.over your.cock!" I arched my back letting out a very loud scream of delight as my body shuddered with an incredible orgasm.

Wave after wave hit my body and I wildly writhed around on the felt pool table. I kept screaming with incredible delight, my brother fucked me harder and harder. His pace increased to wild pace, he started to pant with an animalistic enthusiasm.

As my pussy milked his cock, I could feel his cock swelling and in my lustful haze I still could tell my brother was about to release his cum load.

"Fuck me mark! Fuck me! Cum in my pussy! Do it now, I wanna feel your hot cum inside me! Fill my pussy with your brotherly cum! Cum all over me, be a lustful brother and treat me like a slutty sister!" My brother fucked me faster and faster, he grabbed my legs at my upper thighs, I looked at my brother and he was lost in a lustful, incestuous haze. "Oh.oh yeah Katie.Oh fuck I'm gonna cum in your pussy! Oh shit I'm.gonna blow my load all over you!

You are such a slutty sister.I'm gonna teach.teach you a lesson!" My brother knew he could cum in my pussy all he wanted, there was no concern with getting me pregnant; and cum he did. With one big, hard thrust, as his balls slapped against me, I felt his cock swell, his balls tensed up and a huge spurt of cum rocketed up deep into my pussy. My brother gave my pussy another couple of pumps with his long, fat cock, sending spurts of his tasty cum into my pussy.

Mark kept saying "Oooh yeah.oh shit Katie.yeah take it.take my cum!" Then my brother pulled his large prick out of my tight pussy. He put one foot up on the pool table as I watched him jack himself off. His nice hard, fat cock spewed out spurts of thick, white cum. Mark did what I told him to do, he came all over me and I loved it! I watched as his white, hot sticky cum load landed on my stomach, on my pussy and on my tits. I sat up on my elbows, opening my mouth; my brother sent his last spurt of cum right into my waiting mouth.

I was so horny, overcome with wild forbidden thoughts I didn't even take the time to clean myself off. "Mark, get down on the floor! Fucking do it now!" My brother just stood there looking at me, his hard prick in his hand.

"Get the fuck down on the ground or I will call mom and tell her you fucked me." Mark moved back and got down on the floor. I jumped off the pool table and yelled at him to lie down on his back. His hot sticky cum slowly ran down my body. My brother laid down on the floor, his prick standing straight up in the air. I dropped to the ground between his legs and attacked his cock with my mouth. I licked and sucked his cock, savoring the flavor of his cum and my pussy juice.

Then I got up, straddled his body, I grabbed his cock and lowered myself onto his big, fat shaft. I impaled myself on my brothers' prick; he slid so easily into my pussy. I began to ride his cock, bouncing up and down. I grabbed my tits, licking off the cum as I wildly rode Marks' cock. Some of his cum flew off my body and landed on his chest, I slowed my pace, leaned forward and licked his cum off of his chest. I sucked and licked on my brothers' nipples, he grabbed my ass, running his fingers up and down between them.

"You like your sisters ass? Do you mark? Would you like it better with your fat cock in it?" "Your ass is great! Hot and sexy like you! I know it will look better with my cock in it!" I leaned back up and began my wild ride on my Marks' cock.

"Too fucking bad mark! You will have to wait; I wanna fuck your cock so more. My pussy is hungry for you big fat prick." My brother watched me with increasing lustful pleasure. He watched my tits bouncing around, after a bit he began to fondle them, squeezing them and playing with my very erect, hard nipples. I moaned and breathed heavily with pleasure. I fucked the hell out of my brother, I didn't care if he got off or not, I just wanted to cum again. I began to rub my clit as I rode my brothers' cock.

Mark was blown away by my uncontrollable lust. I fucked him for a bit until I came again, my brother held me by my waist as I squirmed around and then collapsed on his chest.

I slid off of his prick after a minute or so and gave his huge prick another good licking and sucking. My brother pushed my off of his prick.

"No you fucking don't sis. You are not going to suck me off! I'm gonna fuck that nice ass of yours!" He stood up and then picked me up. Mark turned me around and grabbed my long hair like the reigns on a horse. He pulled my head back gently, kissing my neck. "So Katie, you like to listen to your brother jacking off in the bathroom.

I think your brother should fuck his sister up the ass in there." He led me into the bathroom; I was filled with excitement thinking about his fat cock being up my ass. "Face the sink and bend over Katie." I did just as he said I was looking at myself in the mirror and I could see my brother behind me.

He rubbed my ass, smacking each cheek with his big prick. He ran his other hand down my back down to my ass.

Then he reached over to the counter and grabbed a tube of Vaseline that was there. "You know Katie, I used this to get myself off when I was thinking about you. Who would have thought I would be using it again to fuck my sister up her ass." I watched him squeeze out some Vaseline; I could see my brother stroking his cock with it.

Then he rubbed some on my tight asshole. "Ready sis?" I turned around looking over my shoulder at my brother, "Oh yes baby. Fuck my ass good." Mark took his time sliding his fat cock into my very tight ass. At first I couldn't breathe from the feeling but I quickly got use to having his cock in my ass and that is when the pleasure set in. Very slowly mark began to fuck my ass, being a very loving, good brother. As I got used to his huge cock I told him to speed up. "Fuck your ass feels so good.

Not even my girlfriend will let me fuck her ass." I looked at my brother in the mirror. I moaned out my response. "Mmm Mark, what's a slutty sister for, if not to give her brother pleasure." Then mark saw my tattoos. "Nice tattoo's sis, I like where you have them." "Do you Mark? The boys call them cum targets!" Suddenly it hit me what I said, I hoped my brother didn't catch it but he did. "The boys?? Who are you talking about Katie." I thought fast, as fast as I could as I enjoyed my brother fucking my ass.

"I meant the guys for have fucked me." I didn't know if my brother believed me or not, I could only hope. "Look at me Katie, in the mirror." I looked up at my brother in the mirror. "You know I will have to cum all over your ass and your tattoo's." He gave me such a wicked smile, I smiled back lustfully and said, "Do whatever gives you pleasure. If you want to cum on my ass, do it! If you want to blow your load all over my back onto my tattoos, do it!

I love the feel of your hot, sticky cum on me." I then told Mark to fuck me harder and faster which he happily did. He placed one hand under me, fingering my pussy and his other hand held on to my ass. I brother finger fucked me to the rhythm of his ass fucking. He watched my tits bouncing in the mirror as he listened to my moans.

"Katie, I love watching your tits bounce around. Your tits are so fucking big!" I just smiled and moaned my approval.

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My brother was speeding up his pace as he fucked my tight ass. I writhed around as best as I could then he slowed down. "Mark.don't stop.please." " is this the only time I get know, fuck you?" I let my passion speak for me. "Do you want to fuck me again mark? Is that what you are asking? You want to know if you can fuck your sister again, any day you want? You want to know if I will suck on your nice big, fat cock?


You wanna have your sister giving you blowjob's?" "Yeah sis, is this the only time?" I looked over my shoulder at my brother and answered him, "Mark anytime you want a blowjob, just let me know.

I will be a good sister and drop to my knees for your cock anytime! I love having your prick in my mouth and I love your tasty cum. Anytime you wanna fuck your sister, just say so.

You are the only big, fat cock I have and I don't want to give that up!" "Great Katie! Anytime you wanna suck on my cock or ride my cock just tell me. I will come over or you can come over to my place. That is what brother's with big prick's are for." Mark then went back to fucking me hard and fast. I braced myself against the sink, as my brother's ass pounding was so strong.

I was getting close to cumming when my brother stopped fingering me. I begged him to let me cum but he just smiled and said no.

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He held my waist with both hands so I knew he was getting close to cumming himself. His pace quickened as did his grunting and breathing. "Katie, here it cums. I'm gonna cum all over you! Oh shit." At that moment I felt a spurt of cum surge up into my ass, I guess my brother came sooner than he thought. He quickly pulled his cock out of my ass, as he did another spurt of cum surged out of his piss slit and landed on my ass.

I could feel the heat of his cum on my ass and I loved it. Then I could see my brother stroking his cock as it erupted like a cum fire hose.

I looked over my shoulder to watch the cum spurting out of my brothers' cock and landing all over my back. He did what he said; he came all over the tattoo on the small of my back and then sent an arching cum stream splattering cum on the tattoo up between my shoulder blades.

His final spurts of cum he used to coat both of my ass cheeks equally. "Turn around Katie and get up on the sink!" I did just as he said, cum running down my back. Mark spread my legs, told me to brace my feet on each side of the wall. As I did that my brother knelt down and buried his face in my pussy. It only took a minute of licking before I happily came in my brothers' face.

My brother stood up and I reached behind myself to collect as much of his cum as I could as it ran down my back. I coated my fingers and slid them into my mouth as my brother watched me. I moaned with delight, "Mmm, your cum tastes so good Mark.

It must be because you are my brother and this is so dirty and incestuous." "Just like your pussy Katie." "Well we better get dressed, my kids will be home soon and we wouldn't want them to find their mother and uncle fucking in the bathroom. They might get some idea's and decide to do some fucking of their own." We got dressed and just in time my kids came home about ten minutes later.

I said goodbye to my brother and whispered in his ear to let me know when he needed another blowjob; he smiled back and said he would.