Luscious centerfold presents oversized ass and gets ass hole penetrated

Luscious centerfold presents oversized ass and gets ass hole penetrated
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I'm in my prime or that's what my husband likes to say! I'm 35 years old 5' 1, with blonde hair and brown eyes.


Measurement 38-25-38. I wear a 34 D and according to my husband, 15 year old son and his friends I have the nicest tits. His friends also say I'm a MILF. Which leads me to my story and how having all these teen boys around keeps me wet and horny each and everyday! It started about a year ago with my son's best friend, Channing. I would take them to football camp which was about an hour away.

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We'd cruise, listen to music and talk about the girls at school and how far they had gotten with their girlfriends ect. They'd ask questions about sex and blow jobs and what girls like.

Me wanting to be straight up with them Id tell them all that I know. I caught them one day before we were leaving in my room, looking through my TOY drawer! I told them to get out and that was the end of it or so I thought. It must have turned them on because on the way home from football camp Channing was in the backseat and had his cock out and was jacking off!

I tried really hard to keep my eyes on the road and not look in the rear view mirror, but he was well endowed for a kid his age and he made eye contact with me every time I looked back.

Well lets just say he quietly finished and we dropped him off at home. A half hour later I get a text "So that pink vibrator in your drawer, what do you use it for?" Now being a parent I know this is wrong.but fuck he's jacking off in my back seat and constantly watching every move I make. And he thinks I'm hot, with all the little highschool girls he's around and he thinks this old woman is hot?

It made me wet and horny just thinking about it. So I texted back and said "well I play when I'm alone and use it sometimes during sex!" He says back "Ill help you when you're alone!" And so began our sex texting affair. I'd text him dirty stories and get him all horny and tell him that I'd teach him how to please a woman while giving him the best time of his life.

We kept up like this for about 2 months. Every time he came over to stay the night or hang out it was impossible to keep our hands off of eachother. A grab here a rub got to the point were I thought I was going insane. Wanting to touch him, wanting to fuck him, give him the best blow job he'd ever have! But we were never alone.

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I must say my husband reaped the benefits though, he was getting fucked everynight. My husband had planned a boating trip with his buddies one Saturday and was leaving at 5 a.m.

Channing was staying the night at our house. So that morning I woke him up and led him to my room. I pulled off his boxers and licked and kissed all around his dick not touching it yet. Then I used my tongue and ran it up around his balls and gently sucked one into my mouth lightly humming. He groaned and I looked up and made eye contact with him. He smiled one of those shit eating grins and I thought just wait honey you won't know what hit you.


I licked up his shaft and swirled my tongue around the head and up under the ridge of his penis, then kissed and sucked down the back side of his shaft. His breathing was coming harder. I licked and sucked and kissed the head again before taking him all into my mouth. I slowly moved my mouth up and down while gently stroking his nuts. I knew he was getting close to cuming, so I began moving my mouth faster up and down and then kissing and sucking the head again teasing.


Using my hands and mouth I sucked harder and faster swirling my tongue. Deepthroating him, he was moaning and groaning and fucking my mouth.

I felt his balls tense up and his dick get harder just as he shot his cum into the back of my throat. I swallowed it and licked him clean. He lay there smiling and said " I'll remember that blow job for the rest of my life, it's the best one I've ever had!" I told him"I have so much more to show you, you will remember me for the rest of your life!" I laid down next to him and took off my thong, his eyes about popped out of his head.

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Seeing my bare completely shaved pussy got his dick hard again. I took his hand and ran his middle finger between my pussy lips. Showing him where my clit was. My juices were flowing as I took his middle finger and slid it into me with mine.

"You are tighter than the girls I've been with" he said. I smiled as both our fingers were sliding slowly in and out of my hot wet cunt. I took my finger out and played with my clit while he moved his in and out of me.

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"God you are so wet and warm and tight" he said. I nodded enjoying the feeling of his finger grinding my pussy against his hand. He took his finger out and licked it.

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"Your pussy is so sweet!" Then he shocked me by sticking his tongue between my cunt lips. Licking my clit he stuck his finger back in. I moaned and he hit that special spot with his finger and was sucking on my clit and I started cuming.

I was fucking his face and cuming on his finger, moaning "oh god fuck me now". He got on top of me and I slide his dick into my dripping wet cunt, the head of his cock hit my g spot perfectly and he started fucking me. I could feel his shaft sliding against my clit, I was rising up to meet every thrust. He kept saying " You're so fucking tight it feels so good." The more he talked the more turned on I got.

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We were feverishly fucking and I felt his cock getting harder and the head swelling, my cunt muscles tightened around him as I started to orgasm, my back arched toes curled. He was slamming my pussy and I was in ecstasy. I felt his hot wet sperm shoot into me as he screamed my name.

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We lay there coming down as he went soft inside me. "Channing, we have to do this again sometime. " I said. Hope this was good? My son has 2 other cute friends that have been playing in my fantasies. So more to come!