My ideal world big tits and big dick

My ideal world big tits and big dick
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Thirty-Three By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter IX: 10th Grade, Fall 1986 Part 1 - Rings of the Masters (mc, mf) I had made the arrangements with all our teachers so that Joey and I were only in class three days out of five.

On Joey's birthday, three weeks before Halloween, I had also arranged for Joey and I to take the entire day off, and Suzi would join us during the first class period, then stay with us after lunch for the rest of the day. It was her idea to give us some time without her, to have what she called some boy fun. We met in our private room, knowing I was ready to make things happen. "I've put a lot of thinking into all this, and I'm ready to give it a try.

Joey, for your birthday, you and I are going slave hunting, and then the three of us will do some more. "First though, I want to make it clear that even though we will be inspecting their goods without their permission, I'm not willing to make them do anything else unless they have already done it once willingly. If they have though, then I'll give them the push to want to do it with us when ever we ask.

"There are a bunch of other rules and stuff, but I'm not going to get into them right now. You guy's ready to become Master Joey and Mistress Suzi?" "Uhm, Yeah, Master Tim," Joey said. "Tim?" Suzi said. "They're not going to be calling us that all the time are they? I mean, in the halls and stuff?" "Na," I said. "They won't. Well, hang on a sec. Let me give you my presents, then I'll tell you the rest." I had them stand up and extend their right hand out.

Then I slipped both hands into my jeans pockets, then took them out clasped closed. I turned around to get ready, then faced them again. "Close your eyes," I said. "With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Master and Mistress," I announced as I slipped a gold ring with a smooth ruby stone on their ring fingers. They opened their eyes and looked at the rings. "Before you ask, I'll tell you. Anyone who we find and use will go into a kinda trance and do what ever we say after one of us shows them our ring.

And when we are done with them, they go back to being their normal selves. But while they are our, er, slave, they will do everything we ask happily. We won't actually own them, but they will be happy to do whatever we say as long as it isn't against their beliefs or whatever.

Okay?" I answered their questions and talked about some people who would be good to get. We spent a long time talking, mostly about what we could and couldn't do, and what happens if and things like that. We were still talking when the bell rang announcing the first period was over. We walked Suzi to her second period class, then as we walked down the hall, I told Joey what I wanted to do first. "What do you say we start with the girl's locker room," I said.

"I was praying you would say something like that. Come on. Let's get there before the bell rings." We hustled, but didn't make it before the bell. Outside the door, I reached in with my mind and as quickly as possible one by one made everybody believe it was normal for Joey and I to be in the locker room, answer any question we have truthfully, and if we request, to show their body to us.

When I was done, we entered just in time for them to file out to go to the gymnasium. "Shit," we both said at the same time. But then we saw the coach carrying the volleyball. We looked at each other, then took off after them.

With only slight modifications to my previous commands, Joey and I simply walked into the girl's gym and asked for a line up. The coach happily had the girl's form a line, then she left for the locker room to masturbate in a stall. I had snagged the coach's whistle, and now blew it before saying, "All right girls, my name is Coach Tim, and this is Coach Joey.

We're going to ask you a few questions before you start playing volleyball.

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"All right. To start off, how many of you like to masturbate? Hmmmm. Would the girls who don't please step forward. Very good. I want you seven to close your eyes and think about touching yourselves.

That's right. You're thinking about your fingers touching your clit, yes, that's right. Now think about a finger on your other hand wanting to slip inside. yes. Now, I am going to reward you." The seven girls gasped, and their faces turned slight pink as their orgasm passed. "Now please step back. Now, one more time. How many of you girls don't like to masturbate. VERY GOOD! They are all yours, Coach Joey." Joey gave me a look, then said, "Thank you coach Tim.

Okay girls. All those who have lost their cherries, please step forward. Shit, Tim. Looks like we have a lot to choose from. Uhm, okay.

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Those of you that have given blow jobs, raise your hand. Hmmm. Okay. Will the virgins with their hands up please form a group on the left. Will the cherryless dick suckers please form another group on the right. The remaining virgins please go sit down on the bleachers. Those who are left, form a group in the center." Joey came over to me and said, "What now? I mean, we want to see them naked, don't we? But we can't do that in here." "Well, I want to watch them play volleyball for a little while.

I guess dividing them all up wasn't such a great idea after all.

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I've been checking some of the girls on the right out. Let's just let them play for twenty minutes to get them good and sweaty. Then we can take them down to the locker room and have them all take showers. I'm thinking I want to try a few of these blow jobbers out." "Hey, what about the no touch stuff?" "Well, no blows unless they have done it before and liked it." "Cool. 'Cause Lisa, one of the girls on the left group, I really wants to try." We had the girls play, while Joey and I walked around and got a good view of the nice ones in action.

There were only nine girls who we were considering just out of looks. The rest were a little or a lot too heavy, or too small, tall, or their tits just weren't developed enough. One girl was all zits, and two turned us off because of their body odor. We told each girl we selected that they were in the final cut.

Once we had finished the selection process, we had Lisa come over to us by the bleachers while the rest continued to play. "Lisa, tell us about your blow job experiences," Joey asked her. "Well, uhm, I've only done it twice to John Mattison. The first time was in the tunnel of love, and I couldn't like see it. I was kind of nervous you know? And I like accidentally scraped my teeth. Yeah that's what John did. But after I got it back in my mouth, he started to moan. It was neat and all, and I really kind of like having the power over him, sorta, you know?

But he didn't warn me when he was gonna cum, and I was pissed when he shot into my mouth. "The second time was at Jim Durok's party. John was being really sweet, and he really was looking hot at the party. We got like really into making out and stuff? Anyway, I could feel his thingy in his pants, and I wanted to see it.

So I pulled it out. The next thing I know, I'm suckin' on it, and then he came again in my mouth again without warning. The bastard.

He knew I didn't like that. I haven't done it since." "Lisa," I began, "did you like the taste of cum?" "Well, it's okay, I guess. Maybe a little bit more than okay." "So why didn't you want him to cum in your mouth the second time?" Joey asked. "Oh, no. You didn't understand. It wasn't because he came in my mouth. I wanted him to do that. But he didn't warn me after I had told him to." "So, do you like giving blow jobs?" I asked. "It's okay, I guess. I just wish I could find someone I can give a blowjob to that will at least tell me before he shoots.

If I do, I probably will let them take my cherry or something." "Okay, Lisa. Thank you," Joey said. I said, "Hey, it's been over twenty minutes. Let's have them hit the showers.

We only have another twenty-three minutes before we have to let them get dressed for next period." Joey blew the whistle and he yelled, "All right ladies. Those in the final cut, line up here.

The rest of you keep playing." The coach walked in and smiled at us as we handed her the whistle and she took over. We lead the nine sweaty girls down to the locker room and had them line up again. Joey announced, "All right you lovely ladies, this is what we are going to do. First, everybody takes their clothes off and lines up for inspection. Then we're all going to jump in the shower.

You all want to show off you bodies as much as possible. Okay? Good." As the girls began to strip, Joey and I did so too. Before any of the girls had even taken off their bra, Joey and I were finished. We had our hard dicks in our hands, but we were just squeezing, not stroking. As the tits were unveiled, one girl got disqualified due to bra stuffing. Even I had bigger titties than she did. As we watched, we asked about their past sexual experiences. Four were virgins, of those only one had not had any blowjob experience.

That one was disqualified but was told to inform either one of us if the situation changed. She had great tits.


Once we started seeing bush, we were pleased to see they all had nice crotches. One girl had even shaved hers, and that stirred up our curiosity. "What's you name, sexy?" Joey asked her. "Cindy Weatherspoon." "You were the one who likes to suck guys and girls, aren't you?" "Yep. I guess you can say I'm bi." "So Cindy, how many guys have you fucked?" "Just one." "How many times did you fuck?

And was he fucking anyone else at the time?" "Just once, and he was a virgin." "How come you only fucked once, and why do you shave you pussy?" "I got scared when I thought I might have gotten pregnant. I've never had an orgasm. Heather can cum every time, but I can't. That's why I let Ted take my cherry. I hoped he would get me to cum when he did, but he didn't. And I shave myself so it's easier for Ted and Heather to suck me out." I asked Cindy, "What would you be willing to do if we could make you cum?" "I'm not sure.

Probably anything. I've even tried a vibrator. It doesn't do it for me either." "Okay Cindy. Thanks," Joey said. "Okay girls. It's show time. In the showers and be as sexy as possible." "Well, what do you think Joey? I took a look through Cindy's head. She'll do anything we ask of her for orgasms I'm pretty sure. I've already asked her subconscious, and it said yes." "Yeah, she is pretty hot.

But she already has two lovers. I don't know if I would want to spoil that. Why don't you ask all their subconsciouses?" "I've already tried that. Cindy said no until I offered the orgasm thing. We have to find something to offer them that they want real bad." We went around to the other girls asking them questions which they answered. We posed a few like we had seen in Penthouse, but nothing had come out of our inquiries except that Sheryl thought Joey was cute, and Rita liked to play with her dog's dick when it was hard.

No, she only touched the outside skin part. We were just about ready to have Lisa and Cindy give us a blow job after not finding anyone else who seem even partially willing when Joey noticed Sheryl bending over to let her tits dangle.

He said "Hey Sheryl! Looking good! Try that again." Joey walked over and around her a few times. "Yeah. You got really nice tits and an ass to match. Say, Sheryl. Do you like sucking dick? . AAACCCKKK!" Joey said as Sheryl took his into her mouth. "Sheryl stop!" Joey moaned. "Shit! Why did you do that? I only was asking if you like doing it.

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Not to do it. Shit." "I wanted to do it. I haven't done it for. over a year. I'm soo. hot. Please? Can I?" "Sheryl," I called, "why haven't you gotten any. With that body, you could suck any dick you wanted." "Because my brother would kill anybody who gets near to me." "Who's your brother?" Joey asked. "Stan Beckersman." "Shit!" Joey said. "I'm glad I stopped you. That guy could wrestle a bull with one hand tied behind his back." "Stan's a senior right?" I asked.


"Yes," she said. "What grade are you in?" "I'm a sophomore. If I don't get some action before my Junior year, I'll probably go nuts." "Hey, who did your brother kill after they took your cherry?" Joey asked. "No one. The bastard did it himself. I was so. horny I would have done it with anyone. But after that first time, never again.

That's why he won't let anyone get close to me. The fucken prick wants me. But I hate him." "Okay, Joey," I said. "She said yes. And I don't see any reason not to, do you?" "Fuck yeah. One big reason.

Stan." "What?

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For what he did to her, I'll probable make him her slave by the time I'm through with him. Don't worry about Stan. He's as good as fucked himself." "Okay Sheryl, you're in. I guess that means we can leave Cindy alone, but what about Lisa? You said you liked her." "Yeah, but I can wait to find another. I'm not going to force anyone yet. I wonder why Sheryl didn't just tell us that stuff in the first place." "Maybe she was afraid?

I know I would be." "Hmm. I think we need to ask different questions or something. Or maybe it's because they think they're in a dream." "Huh? You mean they all think they're dreaming?" "Yeah. It is the easiest way I could think of getting them to accept what was happening.

But you know how when you're in a dream, you don't really remember everything you normally do like when you're awake?

Maybe that's what's wrong." "Well, we can try some more stuff next hour. Hey Tim, I'm starting to prune up. Lets have some of the girls dry us off, and maybe a quick suck or something before the reject squad gets here." "Okay.

It's your birthday so you're in charge." We were running out of time, so decided to skip the blow jobs. Instead, we each had four naked girls lick us dry. Things didn't turn out the way we planned, however. "Tim.

shit! This is so hot! If I don't fuck one of them, I think I'll explode or something." "Sheryl! You've never been so horny in you life. You want Joey. You want him in you. Go Fuck JOEY!" I yelled as I grabbed Cindy and took her down to the floor of the shower with me. "Cindy, my name is Tim. I'm going to suck you and give you the best and biggest orgasm you ever will have.

If you ever want another, you will have to become my willing slave. You trust me now, totally and completely. You want nothing more than to suck my cock while I eat your hairless puss. Suck it bitch. Yeah that's it." I heard Joey's grunts, as he pounded into Sheryl's cunt. I was making sure we all stayed quiet, and while Cindy shaved pussy rotated to my mouth, I had all the girls turn to face away from us.

They would have trouble remembering it anyway, and the line of asses was kind of neat. Cindy's smooth puss was incredibly erotic. I had her wiggling and twisting, all the while she was taking my dick in and out of her mouth. Her tongue was concentrating on the head more than anything, and I suddenly felt I wanted her to take it deep as my cum started to rise. Her tasty cunt surged with juices as I connected the four of us before our orgasms started. Cindy took it into her throat just as I had asked her to, and she milked it with everything she had while her very first orgasm streamed through her head like my cum down her throat.

I knew she would soon be my slave just to feel that again. Her juices were running down my face as she pulled my cock from deep within her. She slurped while I slurped, and she managed to get me get hard again. I saw she intended to try and get another orgasm out of me, and I was tempted. But the rest of the girls had arrived sometime during our orgasm, and people were stepping over us. "What is going on here?" I heard a female voice say.

I reached out to the person's mind, and flipped on the little dream switch. I pulled Cindy off my cock as I sat up and said, "Just a little fucking and sucking. Why, you want some too?" The girl standing in front of me was not that bad looking.

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She was a Junior, and as I scanned her mind, I found that she was one of the Pom- Pom dance girls. "Julie, look at my dick. Do you like looking at it?" "Sure. Can I play with it?" "Depends. Are you a virgin?" "Shheea right! I haven't been since I was thirteen." "So you like to fuck?" "Fuck, suck, eat, sleep. All at the same time if possible." "Shit, Tim, she's a regular slut," Joey said while Sheryl licked his nipples.

"Yeah, but how would you like to get the Golden Girls to do a little. topless dance." "AAAWWWWEEEESSSOOOOMMMMMEEEE!" He bellowed, making most of the girls turn. "SHut up Joey! Look.

The bell is gonna ring in two minutes. All you girls get dressed and go to class. When you leave the locker room, you won't remember anything but what you usually do during gym. Except Cindy and Sheryl of course. Julie, why were you just walking in before the bell rings?" "I skipped second hour, and I was going to get ready for gym when." "So you have gym third hour?" I asked.

"Yes. Can I hold it? It keeps bouncing up and down with your pulse, and it is really getting me turned on." "Julie, what is your sexual fantasy? What is it you want to do sexually that you really want to do but never could." "That's easy. My Master always promises." "Your MASTER? Stop explain." "My boyfriend, he's twenty-one by the way, and he showed me this movie. It was all about these submissive women who would do anything this guy said because he was their Master.

It got me so hot, I begged him to be my Master. Well, he said yes. He really is good to." "Julie, how would you like to have three Masters. I mean real Masters that could make you cum just by touching you, telling you to do all sorts of sexual stuff, and basically screwing you silly." "Oh God, would I? But leave Billy? I don't know. I don't think I could leave him like that. He really knows how." I began sending her flashes of what I had in mind. "Fuck Billy. Let him find a new submissive.

I'm all yours." The bell rang, and Joey and I hopped out of the showers and got dressed as quickly as we could. "Julie, I'm going to wake you out of your dream.

When I do, you will remember everything we have said and talked about. You trust me completely. Okay. You can wake up." Julie blinked a few times, then smiled and said, "So are you to going to be my Masters?" Then she frowned.

"Hmm, wait. You're just a couple of boys. I don't know. You were kind of small." "Boys?" Joey said. "Girl, I have more passion in my little pinkie than your father had in his entire life. And I may be a little small now, but I make that up with effort." "Besides, do you know of any guys who could be standing here in the middle of the girl's locker room, without one of these girls noticing?

Hey Joey, look. There's Katie. I wonder what she looks like naked. HEY KATIE! Show me your TITS!!" "Holy shit. You two are for real. How are you doing that? That girl doesn't even like changing her pants in here." "That doesn't matter. What does matter is. Wait. I think I missed someone. She's staring at us. Hmmm. Nope. I didn't miss her. But she still is staring at us. I don't get this. LAURA! Come here a sec." As the pretty brunette walked over, her stare never wavered.

She was staring at me. "Hi, Tim," she said as she stopped in front of me. "Hi, Laura. Why are you staring at me?" "Because I like looking at you, silly." "Why do you like looking at me?" "Because I think you're nice to look at. I look at you all the time, ya know." "You do? When do you look at me?" "In class mostly. Sometimes I dream about you like this.

I like you." "Laura, I don't know . Do you, like, love me or something?" "Kind of. Are you gonna to kiss me? I usually get to kiss you before I go. And I have to go to gym now." "Have you ever dreamed of doing more than kissing?" "Once. But you didn't let me do it." "Do what?" "Touch your.

penis." "Would you like to now?" "Yes. Do you want me to?" The bell rang, and I remembered there were other things to do. "Yes, but not yet. Joey, everybody is in dreamville.

I'll make sure anyone who might come in late is too. Why don't you just have all the girls strip and line up in the shower? Then you know what to do. I want to wake Laura and talk to her privately, okay?" "Hey. What about me?" Julie asked. "Oh, sorry. Uhm, look I'm not ready to do anything to you just yet. So, why don't you just do whatever Joey says? When you do you'll have an orgasm. Okay?" "Huh? What do you mean I'll have an orgasm?" Joey smiled, then said, "Julie, repeat after me.

I am Joey's little plaything." "Uhm, okay. I am Joey's little plaything. OHHhhh." Julie said, her eyes snapping shut. Then she opened them and grabbed Joey's arm.

"Okay, Master. Lead on." As Joey yelled for all the girls to strip and get in the shower area, I led Laura over by the doors and we sat down on the bench.

It was secluded as long as no one entered. "Laura, do you still want to touch it?" "I think so. Yes, I'm feeling tingly again." "What do you want to do after you touch it?" "I guess. I think I would like to feel it all over. I've never seen one before." "Shit. Laura, you're too innocent to do this to you.

I'm gonna wake you up in moment. If you still want to see it and touch it, you can. But if you don't, just tell me. I'm not going to hurt you or make you do anything you don't want. Just trust me okay?" "Okay." "All right, wakey wakey." She blinked twice, then her relaxed face became a little concerned. "What did you do?

Oh my God. I told you," her face turning red. "Hey, it's okay. I wish you had said something before. Do you remember what I said?" "Yes. I don't think I should. but. you really would let me look at it?" "Well, I don't think you should until you let me give you a kiss like you wanted." "You. You want to kiss me?" "Sure. More than I want you to touch me there.

Do you still want me to?" She looked in my eyes and said, "Please?" I held her gaze, and closed the gap.

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Our lips touched, and WHAM! I felt the innocence within her hit me like a ton of bricks. Her eyes were still closed when I pulled my lips away. "Sleep time, Laura," I said putting her into dreamland again before she opened her eyes.

I sat there, poking in her thoughts, finding myself saddened by what I was going to miss. Her dreams about me were very romantic, sweet, and completely. well, just not me anymore. Maybe if I had been a normal guy, and never had fallen in love with Suzi, I could have been Laura's dream guy. But she deserved someone as innocent as she was. And I was anything but innocent. So I said, "Laura, I am very flattered you chose me. And I would be honored to become your boyfriend and do all those things with you what you dream of.

But I am not the person you think I am. I am going to give you a hug now. When it is over, you will have found someone who is like you to love instead of me. Now, come 'ere, sweet thing." We hugged, during which I connected her up to my mind, and we began scanning the boys in the building for someone with similar dreams and desires.

She smelled wonderful, and I was very down about giving her up when we found him. "Scott Johnson, you're a lucky guy," I whispered as I replaced my images in her mind with his. I did something similar in Scott's head, and gave him the courage to ask her out. But before I broke my link and had her take a nap, I gave her one more kiss. That one was sweet and without the truckload of bricks falling on me.