Geiler paerchentausch mit viel hartem sex teil 1

Geiler paerchentausch mit viel hartem sex  teil 1
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Prologue: Thane was self-conscious about his body, exponentially more than the average teenager. He was average in every physical aspect besides height, where he was a good chunk shorter than his peers. Years of teasing and jokes only lowered his self-esteem.

He stood 5'6 and weighed roughly 120 pounds, unimpressive by all standards. Thane was also an introvert that had a mild case of social anxiety, hindering his ability to partake in any social gathering. The time spent alone was not wasted however, Thane had an ability that very few people had. Thane had a skill for lying, he could make up a life story within a few minutes.

The only problem was that his memory was never supported him, he would often get caught in his own web of lies. One day he buys hourglass from an antique shop unsure of why he even bought it. Unlike all the other artifacts the hourglass is covered with dust, the sand is barely visible.

For some reason Thane is drawn to it and eventually buys it with his savings. Once at home, he cleans it and out comes a voice. The voice states that Thane is allowed two wishes in exchange for freeing the being inside of it. Freaked, Thane puts the lamp deep within his closet and attempts to forget the entire experience.

After days of hearing the voice within his head he hesitantly accepts the offer in order to keep his sanity. The deal was simple, gain two wishes and in return free the being inside of it. Thane contemplates on what would make his life truly unique and finally decides on two wishes. The first wish was that he had a debit card that never expired connected to a bank account that never ran out of funds.

Also his finances would never be questioned by anyone and when he went into the bank to withdraw any amount of money he wouldn't have any problems, the person would simply give him the money as soon as he asked. The voice complimented him on the very specific wish and asked for the second wish. The second wish Thane made was to be able to heal from anything and never age. The voice laughed menacingly and stated that the deal was made, right afterwards the hourglass disappeared. Thane saw the debit card on his night stand.

Even though his wishes were made something didn't feel right. He was home alone since his parents went out to celebrate their anniversary.

It was getting late and he knew they would be coming home soon so he turned on the news to help him get to sleep. What happened next would change his life forever. He received a phone call from his uncle that he should get to Bellemoore hospital as quick as he could. Seconds later his phone became flooded with messages and calls from relatives saying they were so sorry.

Upon reaching the hospital he saw that his parents were gone. His dad had a heart attack while driving and ran into the highway separator at an alarming speed, they were pronounced Dead on Arrival. His uncle told him not to worry as he would take care of everything, soon Thane learned that even that was a lie. His parents life assurance paid the monthly maintenance on the apartment but his uncle kept the remainder as his share of taking care of Thane.

He was left alone in the apartment and his aunt stopped bothering to bring him food stating that he was old enough to take care of himself. Thane had no idea whether the accident was due to the being in the hourglass or a mere coincidence. Regardless he fell into a deep state of despair and needed psychological counseling.

Due to his poor attendance at school he failed every class and had to repeat junior year. It took months for Thane to get over his parents death and the duplicity of "family" but he persevered. He spent the remainder of the year coping with his loss and was finally ready to move on. Chapter 1: Acceptance Thane didn't want see that building again but he knew if he wanted to get out of it he had to go.

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He sighed heavily and put on his old jeans and a wrinkled up white t-shirt. Once he was presentable he grabbed his wallet and left. As soon as he grabbed his wallet a metallic black debit card fell out.


What the fuck? He thought as he picked it up and examined it. Shorty after he realized it's worth, he had completely forgot about the card as well as the hourglass. All this time he was angry at his relatives for not helping out when he had the solution with him all along. Idiot. As he walked out of his building he loss all interest in school. I have all the money I need, why the fuck do I even need to go? He kept thinking of reasons as to why he actually needed to go to school and he couldn't come up with much.

He was an immortal that had an unlimited amount of funds to spend, he didn't see how school fit into the equation.


Instantly he reversed direction and went back into his apartment where he booted up his computer. As the OS loaded he thought about his wishes and wondered if they were indeed the best he could've made. Once the OS loaded up he began to read articles upon articles on bodybuilding and dieting. Thane came to terms that he was never going to get taller so he decided to improve himself in other ways.

What Thane found was as helpful as the erasers that claim to remove ink. Articles often contradicted each other, what was essential in one article was harmful in the other. After an hour of getting nowhere Thane found a website where fully meals are delivered to your door. The meals were low in fat, high in protein and had moderate carbs. Thane didn't bother looking at the price since it didn't affect him. He ordered a 4 month supply and ordered protein powder along with other supplements to compliment his new regimen.

Once that was done he went over to the gym in his neighborhood and bought a membership, something he would only dream of doing before. Without the need of managing finances it was incredibly easy to lead a fulfilling life. Thane signed up for boxing, kick boxing as well as Tai-kwan do to supplement his newly found healthy lifestyle. If the school even bothered to contact him he figured that he could easily just buy his grades. It was a month before he started significant results, his body was starting to show the V shape.

The skinny fat he had collected over the years was finally withering away. Day by day his self-esteem was increasing, albeit at a snails pace. Thane still nervously smiled when the attendant greeted him but slowly he was getting better. Thanks to his immortality soreness was never an issue, Thane could completely tear his muscles and they would be perfectly fine minutes later.

It was a great month all in all but then the phone calls started. What started as a weekly call quickly became a daily occurrence, the school had threatened to terminate him if he kept missing school.

Even though he had no reason to attend school Thane wasn't brave enough to cross any type of authority, a reason why he never confronted his uncle. The next day he put on a pair of sweats and a v-neck dry-fit t-shirt and headed to school.

He didn't bother taking notes since he had to repeat the year, he knew the lesson plan and had the previous assignments still saved in his computer. The only thing Thane really had to do at this point was show up and get counted.

When he walked into the school he was expecting some sort of commotion or at least a couple of gasps. Unfortunately the people didn't even notice that he walked in, he was surprised the school even noticed he was missing. Time to get this over with. He dragged his feet to this first class and somehow made it through the day.

Thane knew that he could easily buy a sports car and become the face of the school but he knew the risks associated with it. After his last class he ran to the train station and rode it back home, eagerly waiting to let out his frustration in the iron jungle.

Can't make it obvious he thought to himself in between sets. Thane wanted to tell someone of his fortune but his fears weren't letting him. He was immortal yet he still second guessed every action. Its too risky he debated in his mind. He wanted the benefit of doing whatever he wanted without the consequences associated with it.

"What have you to lose?" A familiar voice stated. "The fuck?" Thane responded instinctively as he dropped the barbell he was curling. He looked around to find a body for the voice but there was no one in sight. What the hell? He looked around once more before going back to his set. Thane attributed the incident to stress getting to him.

"Walk among the gods" The voice stated again. Now Thane started panicking. He dropped the barbell and walked out the gym. I'm imagining this shit.

"Thane, don't you wish greatness?" "Who is that?" He stated looking around. Thane was drawing attention now. Seeing that he was creating a scene he ran home. "Such a good use of your wishes Thane. Wishes you haven't even begun to use yet." His eyes widened as he realized who the voice belonged to.

The voice began to resonate once again, forcing Thane to confront his demons. "You're weak!" The voice bellowed. "I put you in a separate universe and all you could do is go on a diet!?" "wha.what?" Thane questioned. He didn't remember getting teleported to a new universe or see anything that would make him think that. "When you freed me I sent you to my universe.

I didn't know your parents would die however. That was the deal, I take your spot and I send you to mine." "WHAT!? THAT WAS NOT THE DEAL!" Thane screamed into the air. "The deal was two wishes for freeing you not trading places". "I must have not been clear. That is my mistake." "MISTAKE?" Thanes words were dripping with anger.

"YOU RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE!" "I gave you what you asked. No matter I merely am here to tell you that all portals out of and into your universe are closing.

Once they close all communication betwee…" "between what?" he asked. The voice didn't reply. Thane tried calling out countless time but still no answer.

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Fucking idiot. Thane spent a few hours loathing himself for succumbing to this greed. After the temporary state of mild depression Thane attempted to think about his situation from another perspective. He pieced together that the being was pretty much saying that Thane was stranded in this universe.

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Thane had two options on how to proceed, either stick to his old lifestyle where he remained in the background or actively get himself known. Thane the means of doing whatever he wanted on top of the fact that he couldn't die. The more Thane thought about the aspect of doing anything the darker the alleys of his thoughts became.

Holy shit I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me. The fact had just dawned on him that he was above the others. He had the greatest asset in the world, money. He couldn't be harmed so why did he need to fear anything. I can't die, holy shit I can't die. Realization was coming at him like a hurricane. As he realized what he was capable of, a devilish grin arose on his face. He soaked himself under the shower thinking over and over again, My turn.

Still maintaining his original routine Thane had remodeled the entire apartment with over 300,000 dollars of furnishings. Thane bought the latest gadgets and limited edition furniture throughout the entire house.

Wall mirrors decorated the bathrooms along with marble countertops and obsidian cabinets. He replaced all the bed sets with Kluft mattresses and wall mounted 50" 4K TVs. He had an interior designer come in and decorate the apartment to give off an image that screamed luxury. All he had on his mind was watching his uncle squirm underneath his feet. "Hey umm uncle Luke, you guys wanna come over tonight? Pizza's on me." Thane's uncle didn't even hesitate in accepting the invitation.

Luke was a man who would jump on any opportunity for a chance at a free meal. The mere fact that Thane was buying was even more satisfying. Thane had always been the sheep in the family, always keeping his mouth shut and saying yes to anything that was asked of him. Tonight however it would change. Thane buzzed his uncle and aunt up before waiting eagerly at the door. They met in the hallway where he greeted both his relatives and invited them inside. The only sound he heard was gasps.

"Oh yea I renovated." When his uncle asked where he got the money he simply replied that he found a job. Thane knew that nobody could question him about the money so his uncle didn't ask anymore questions. He could feel the jealousy emanating from his body, the greed in Luke's eyes clearly visible.

"Hey so I bought pizza come on sit down." He led them to the living room where they faced a TV that spanned an entire wall with speakers built in the ceiling and the floors. Luke and Jane remained shut as they quietly sat in their seats. Normally Luke wouldn't give the other person a chance to talk but today he was quiet as a mouse. The meekness of his uncle only fueled more dominance in Thane. "Hey what's up why you guys so quiet?" Thane didn't took every chance he could to strike a nerve in the couple.

"Oh nothing, your apartment is nice" Janestated as he put on a fake smile a toddler could identify. Just then his uncle had new found love and care for his favorite nephew. "You know Thane, it always bothered me how you stay here all alone.

I mean you're just a kid. You need someone to watch over you, you know." Words could not describe how much of a bastard Luke was. Thane knew that it was his uncle's decision to let Thane live by himself since he was already a grown man and had to understand responsibility. "Oh no its all right I'm fine by myself, I'm a grown man remember." That comment definitely hit a nerve as Luke stayed silent for a few moments.

This was the chance to drive a stake through his ego. "Oh man my friend ran into a huge financial situation last week. His family was about to lose the house, they weren't making payments. So I gave him like 200 grand to cover the mortgage, I mean it was lying around so why not use it for some good." Luke practically had an erection when he heard about the 200 grand that Thane just gave away. Jane was also looking to cash in on behalf of Thane. "Speaking of financial troubles, didn't you tell me something about our mortgage honey?" Luke completely understood her intentions and supported her like the good husband he was.

"Yes, you were telling me about how you were barely making the payments remember hun?" He nodded his head and told Thane about he was getting less and less hours at work. "I don't know how we're going to make the next payment." "Oh shit that sucks man" Thane responded knowing what Jane was getting at. "I hear you, jobs are crazy tough these days. Its crazy." Thane left to get sodas from the fridge, a smirk cemented on his face.

That's right bitch, you're gonna beg me for the money. He brought the sodas and resumed the movie that was playing. Luke and Jane kept glancing over at Thane expecting him initiate the conversation about the money but his focus remained glued to the TV. "Thane like I was saying, we're on thin ice here man. I mean my pay doesn't even cover it anymore. I mean groceries, the bills, the car payments and on top of that the mortgage. It's killing us man." Thane had learned a lot from his uncle, especially the skill of lying.

One of his better talents was spotting his uncle's lies. "Yea it's tough man" Thane replied seemingly uninterested. Luke nudged Jane to pitch in and get Thane to cough up some cash. "Thane you know that we're family right." "Nah, family's dead" he interrupted. His statement put a halt on the entire speech she prepared.

"Thane don't talk like that" she consoled. "Telling it like it is. Family dead, I moved on." Thane spoke in a matter of fact tone that angered Luke. He preyed on emotions, he couldn't come up with lies if the other person wasn't giving off an emotion. After several failed attempts of getting Thane to share his fortune Luke decided it was time to ask him straight forward. "Thane I need money man." It was more of a demand than a request. "Luke I need to have a one on one with you before I give you the money." Luke signaled Jane to leave them alone.

She obeyed and went inside the bedroom, closing the door to give the men some privacy. Thane whispered to Luke, "I'll give you as much money as you want on one condition." Luke eagerly listened.

"What would you do for half a million dollars?" Luke's mouth began to water upon hearing the insane amount. "I guess that's not enough, what would you do for 1 million?" Luke instantly let out, "anything." "Would you leave your wife for it?" Thane asked him with a straight face. Luke couldn't believe Thane would utter such a phrase.

"Think about it, you could pay off your mortgage and have more than enough left over to pretty much do whatever you like." Luke's instinct was to punch his nephew square in the jaw but the fast track to wealth was making him second guess.

"I.I can't do that" he mumbled. "Fine keep your wife and your mortgage" he responded with a smile. Thane leaned in and whispered, "I'll get you the best lawyer in the city, you'll keep everything." Luke was all ears. He began to contemplate on the possibility of actually accepting the offer. His thoughts swam around his marriage mostly. Was he really happy in the marriage? Was Angie worth giving up a million dollars?

"Last offer Luke, 2 million." "Done" he responded. He didn't care about the lawyer or if he kept the house, he wanted his two million dollars and that was it. "Go home with Jane and break the news. Make up a story so I'm not in the picture.

If I get involved in the story you don't get the money." "How am I going to convince her I left without any help from you?" Thane smiled, "You're a good liar, you taught me all I know. Its child's play for you, now get the fuck out." Luke grabbed his stuff and left with Jane.

Thane ate the rest of the pizza before sleeping comfortably in his bed. The next morning Luke was at Thane's apartment bright and early. " Okay so I broke the news but the divorce is going split everything in half. You were talking about a lawyer last night?" Thane chuckled at the sheer greed of the man. He reminded Luke that he himself stated that he didn't care about the house or anything as long as he got the money. "But I'm going to have to pay her." "So what?" Thane responded.

"You get 2 million she gets the damn house. Go out of state and buy another house or something, you have two fucking million dollars." Thane was relishing every opportunity to be dominant, seeing Luke in a submissive light gave him happiness that knew no bounds.

Luke still tried getting Thane to change his decision but it was of no use. "You got two options, take the deal or leave it." Lukes eyes refused to stay still.

He kept looking around, debating with himself about his next course of action. Thane just sat back and enjoyed the sight of his troubled relative. Looking down unable to meet Thane's eyes, Luke meekly replied, "Fine." "Congrats. When the divorce is passed lemme know and you can come pick up your reward.

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Till then the door is over there." He let his uncle out and hailed a taxi to school. The entire day he had a smile plastered on his face. Within a few weeks his uncle would be out of the picture and his aunt a sobbing mess barely being able to buy groceries. Thane simply viewed money as a neccessity to buy things but it was now that he understood the true power of it.

Money without end and a life without end gave him the option to pursue anything he wanted. He could become the next emperor if he wished or kingpin. The roads he could take seemed endless. It's too easy. Thane wanted to be engulfed in a shroud of superiority but something within him kept making him second guess. Thane admitted he had a cheat code for his life but he still couldn't say that he had god mode activated. The entire situation was like a dessert that was sweeter than it was supposed to be.

The radiant smile simmered down to a blank expression real quick. Nah, something is definitely up. The main question was why did the being want to leave this place and enter his universe? From Thane's point of view the only logical reason was to escape. Questions brought upon even more questions. Why did a powerful being like him need to escape? Was he running from something? Is this universe really that dangerous? The more questions Thane asked the more his sense of superiority deteriorated.

"Thane!" A voice bellowed, breaking his descent into the lair of fear. "If you don't mind, would you mind reading the passage?" The voice belonged to Ms. Fitzgerald, his English teacher. She a plump woman with most of the mass going to her mammaries. She had pale white skin that was utterly free of blemishes.

A thin pointed nose and above it radiant blue eyes. Her straight brown hair dropped down to her shoulders framing her face perfectly. "That's it, go to the principals office." "Wha?" he replied breaking out of his trance like state. "The principal's office…GO" she replied, clearly agitated with his behavior. Thane obeyed her directions and made his way to the principals office.

He already knew the procedure. The principal, Mrs. Jeanne Keller, would give him a lecture on the importance of school and then follow up by granting detention. Detention surprisingly turned out to be a good thing. Having nothing else to do Thane's only option was to assess the situation he put in.

If Thane was teleported here, it was reasonable to suspect that others were also teleported into this place. They also may have made wishes in order to get sent here, wishes far more destructive than his.

For the meantime it was best to leave the kingpin and other extravagant dreams on hold until he had better knowledge of what this place actually held. However that didn't mean he was going to put a hold on his teenage urges as well as a complete defamation of his so called relatives. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It took a month for the divorce ruling to be finalized, dissolving his uncle's marriage in the eyes of the government.

As soon as it was finalized Luke raced over to Thane's apartment to collect his earnings. To further assert his dominance Thane threw the briefcase at him.

Like a puppy playing fetch Luke retrieved it. Thane was actually impressed that his uncle was able to convince Jane the divorce was his decision alone. He could only imagine what his aunt was going through, the mere thought of her left all alone without any support eased his mind. Eye for an Eye, he thought before heading into the shower. Thane waited a couple of days before heading over to his aunts house.

He wanted to make sure that she was desperate and in need of money before proceeding. On a sunny Saturday afternoon he made his way to her abode to express his sympathy for her new situation.

It took three doorbell rings for her to open the door. As soon as she opened the door he could see the dried tears.

She stood about 5'2 and had also put on a couple of pounds. She was in the chubby criteria with ample amount of mass going towards all her assets. She had straight black hair down to her hips. Her lips were full and were usually the first thing people noticed about her. "Hey aunt Jane I heard the news, I'm so sorry." He gave her a soft hug relishing the moment. It was a minor step in the right direction however. If Thane played his cards right, Jane would depend on him for everything, effectively making him his bitch.

He took a seat on the couch as she brought back some water and asked him about school. After the generic back and forth he cut to the chase and asked her about her financial situation now that Luke was gone. "I know that uncle Luke, well ex-uncle Luke used to pay all the bills. What about now? I mean did you get any spousal support from the divorce?" She began to sob quietly, quickly wiping away the lone tear running down her cheek.

"No all I got was this house. I mean how am I supposed to pay for everything? The cable bill is due, the cellphone bill and the mortgage.

I spent all my savings to pay the utility bill" she managed to get out in between sobs. "Did you try to find a job?" Thane replied in a feint attempt to suppress his joy. She burst into tears stating that nobody would hire a high school dropout. The only job she could afford was the bag lady position which would pay a quarter of her monthly mortgage at best.

She was clearly desperate for a solution, the fact that she had such a low education only added to his chances of success. "You know I could help you out if you wanted." She wiped the tears from her eyes and gave him a quizzical look. "You know of a place that will hire me?" She asked with the faintest glimmer of hope in her eyes.

"Look aunty, you're a high school dropout and we both know that's not gonna get you much. Most fast food restaurants want someone who's completed high school." The hope completely shattered once he uttered those words. Tears began to flow once more. "You can get a GED but I'm guessing that you don't want to do that." She nodded, eyes still glued to the ground. "There is one way but I don't think you'll be up for it." "What?

What way?" The desperation on her face was blatantly obvious. "Listen aunt Jane I'm going to be completely honest with you, after I'm done you can accept or deny it." She nodded allowing him to continue. "I can pay for all your bills, your clothes, food pretty much all your expenses no questions asked." Her mouth fell agape, partly smiling partly shocked.

"r.really? Oh my god Thane thank you so much!" she replied in utter shock, unable to believe her food fortune. "There's a condition though" he went on. "What condition?" she eagerly questioned still not understanding the gravity of the situation.

"Simple aunt Jane. I get to use you whenever and wherever I want and in return you won't have to pay for a thing in your life." Stunned by his audacity she stared him down before mouthing "get out." "Fine it's your choice. You're gonna be begging soon for your next meal You know how much relatives help out when someone's in need right." Thane put the glass on the coffee table and proceeded to leave.

Jane couldn't possible agree to such an arrangement, especially with her nephew. She wasn't as blinded with greed as her ex-husband but the offer of never having an expense was so tempting.

She felt a onslaught of shame for even thinking about accepting it. When she looked he was already at the door. Thane turned back to give her one last look before exiting the premises.


He had a feeling she would say no but he saw her battling every urge to accept. With her situation it wouldn't take long for her to give in, after all she could have anything in the world. Thane barely made it to the fence when she stopped him. Standing in the doorway with eyes still glued to the floor she accepted. Thane closed the gap between them just to make sure that he heard right.

"So you're saying I can use you whenever and wherever I want?" A few more tears dropped before she submitted and whispered, "Yes." Trying to regain some of her control, she attempted to put up conditions. "if I do this nobody can find out okay?" "Whenever and wherever I want" he repeated, snatching the small bits of control she thought she had left. She merely nodded. "So let's start now." She nodded and whispered, "What do you want me to do?" He thought of the most demeaning and humiliating scenarios and after a few seconds of thought came up with a fairly pleasurable one.

He lead her into the bedroom and instructed her to take her top off. She was hesitant at first but when she saw him moving towards the door she assured him she'd listen and took it off. She had a boring beige bra from Walmart. "Now the bra." She took it off with ease and this time no hesitation. The magnificent melons were out for the world to enjoy. Thane had to fight every urge to take her right then and there.

"Now go and get some lipstick." She gave him a quizzical look before she went in her bedroom to get what he asked. She knew asking questions were of no use since the deal could drop at any moment. She came back with dark burgundy lipstick causing a sinister smile to emerge on his face.

His dick was rock hard by this time. He unzipped his pants and let the python out. He closed the distance between them, as did his dick. He leaned down and kissed her ferociously proving that she was his to use however he wanted. Thane took the lipstick from her and opened the cap revealing a dark red finger. He held her by the chin and tilted her face to the left and wrote on her right cheek "SLUT." He then repeated the process on the left cheek before smearing the lipstick all over her lips and around them.

Finally he wrote "WHORE" on her forehead. "Now get down and suck." Tears were flowing like rivers from her eyes but she got on her knees and allowed safe passage for his member into her mouth. She could got half way before her gag reflex kicked in. He grabbed her by the ponytail and forced his entire length down her throat causing her push back with full force. She began to cough violently as saliva poured out her mouth.

Once her coughing came to a halt he took her again by the ponytail and repeated the process. After the sixth time she had a puddle of saliva resting between her thighs and some lone strands connected to her tits. Her lipstick painted his member a dark color which only made him hornier. As soon as he grabbed her ponytail she began to whimper knowing what happens next. She hesitantly opened her mouth allowing him to feed her his cock. "Look up" he instructed as he took a picture after picture of her sucking his rod.

"Hold on" he stated as he took his cock out of her mouth. He placed on her cheek and told her to smile. She reluctantly obeyed showing the spit foaming up behind her lips. "hmm that's nice, might make that your contact photo." Completely degraded she went back to sucking his cock. Pressure had begun to build within his balls, he was close. Tears had completely coated her face when was about to cum. He thrust all the way in till her mouth was buried in his pubes and shot his load down her throat.

It was the biggest load he released. Once his cock stopped spasming he pulled out causing her to cough violently once again. She was on all fours sobbing. "Just bring me all your bills and they'll be taken care of" He stated before leaving her abode.

Thane walked with a sense of arrogance until there was a great bit of distance between him and her house. Afterwards he ran to his apartment still baffled that his extremely stupid idea even worked. Holy shit that actually worked. He stepped into the shower and simply stared at his lipstick covered member still not willing to believe the incident actually happened. The unbelievable pleasure he experienced was second to none.

As the water rained down him from all sides he knew he couldn't go back, it was worth the risk. Even if he was jailed for 100 years it wouldn't matter, he'd walk out looking the same as he did walking in.

Whether there were others like him or not it didn't matter, he was taking his piece of the pie. I will be king, he kept repeating.