Hot babe uses toys to cum on cam

Hot babe uses toys to cum on cam
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Space Voyeurs The USF George S. Patton Jr. hurtled through space at incredible speeds. Silent and seemingly lifeless, it rotated slowly, a giant drum on four spindles and a central stem of polished steel. The stem was composed of mostly engine, with a rotating bridge at the front of the ship, and round thin fins at the rear. The drum was composed of sleeping and working quarters.

It spun at a slow rate to maintain gravity on the long trip ahead of it. The four spindles looked delicate from the front or rear, but a side view showed them to be massive, and structurally sound, like the conning tower on a nuclear submarine.

The spindles attached the drum to the central ship. The ship itself could detach from the drum for planetary landings, or in case of emergencies, make the rotating drum a safe rotating satellite which could maintain itself indefinitely. Areas like the bridge used an artificial gravity, but the energy required to maintain such gravity was enormous. So such gravity was limited to the bridge itself and a few critical areas such as laboratories and the medical unit.

All other areas were subject to spinning gravity or weightlessness. This made frame 35-475-0-Athe hold of the ship, one of the most popular places on the ship. It was an excellent place for weightless basketball, weightless football passing, and weightless sex.

It seemed that the only one who didn't know this was Jack Martin, captain of the Patton. The Patton was en route to Wolf 359, a planet 7.7 light-years from Earth. The Patton had been en route to Wolf for over six years.

At just under the speed of light, they had three more years until they reached it if they stayed on course. The Captain wanted to make sure they did.

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Ensign Clark was a navigator, the best on the Patton, in the Captain's opinion. Of course her firm breast and long red hair had something to do with his opinion. "Ship, I need to see Ensign Clark please." "Aye, Captain," the computer said.

An image of Ensign Clark suddenly appeared on the large view screen at the front of the bridge. She was facing the nearest camera. She looked like a magnificent Medusa, with her red hair straying out in all directions, as she slowly rotated in front of the camera.

Her knees were pulled up beneath her. Her naked breast bounced as a man fucked her from behind. They were both floating far above the hold deck. Wooden crates and plastic stasis packs littered the area below. Captain Martin blinked several times, then gasped as what he saw imprinted itself on his mind.

"Computer, end transmission," he said hurriedly. Only Dr. Carrie Dillion remained on watch. She blinked at the screen slowly, then turned, giving him a sensuous smile. "You did ask to see her," Carrie giggled.

"Yes, I know," Captain Martin said in a tired voice.

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"Sometimes I feel so damn old." "Fifty isn't old. You have a lot of admirers on the ship," Carrie said. "Like Doctor Ramstein, the oldest living scientist on your team. Hell, the oldest in space anywhere." "No, I was thinking of somebody a little younger. Thirty perhaps." "Who the hell would that be. . you?" he asked nervously.

"Yes, actually." "You can't be serious. Why look at me and look at you. I'm a wrinkled old coot. You're a goddess." "Oh, that does it," she said, leaping to her feet. "I'm fucking you right here on the bridge," she hurried to his chair.

He looked at her with wide eyes, too frightened to move. "Computer, show the image of Ensign Clark again, and lock down the bridge," she said as she approached the Captain. "I don't. . I. . My god," he said as Dr. Dillion opened her blouse and dropped it on the deck. Her beautiful bulging breasts were magnificent in her lacy white bra. She reached behind herself and released the bra. Captain Martin ogled her breasts for a moment, then his eyes went to the front of the bridge.

That was no better. He now had a magnificent view of Ensign Clark slowly rotating forward in space. He was viewing her back and ass. A young man was pumping his long cock into her pussy with great vigor, while holding her hips in a firm grip so she wouldn't fly away.

Her ass was forced out of shape momentarily, then jiggled back into shape before he slammed his hips back into her ass again. "Zero gravity does horrible things to a woman's figure," Captain Martin mumbled. "Yes it does, especially over a long period of time," Dr. Dillion said as she unzipped his jumpsuit.

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He looked down to find her completely naked. He averted his eyes for a moment, then took a closer look. She was beautiful. Not just her face, she was beautiful everywhere. "My god," he whispered in awe. "Help me with this thing," she said angrily. He stood and she pulled the zipper all the way down. Before he could sit, she yanked his jumpsuit down around his ankles. She yanked open his shorts and claimed his throbbing cock in her warm, greedy hands. With a smile of anticipation, she sank her head into his lap and clamped her lips over his cock.

He hissed and came up off the chair. His eyes went back to Ensign Clark on the view screen. He was seeing her from below now. She was holding her knees up beneath her abdomen. He could clearly see the man's cock sliding in and out of Ensign Clark's pussy.


She had a large pussy with a fringe of brown hair. "Oh, oh, Ohhhh," he moaned as her exquisite lips slid up and down his cock. Was there a better feeling in the entire universe? It had been so long since he had felt lips like those on his cock. "That feels like heaven," he said in a whisper.

Her eyes lit up as she looked up at him. He had never realized that her eyes were so blue. A Captain got little sex on a trip, and not all that much between trips. Only a woman who liked her privacy would marry a ship's captain.

A woman who loved things, rather than men. Like his wife, the ice queen. She collected stuff, his stuff and her stuff.

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It was all bought with his Captain's pay. If she was lucky he would die a horrible death and provide her with a large life insurance policy. "Fucking bitch," he growled. "What!" Dr. Dillion was outraged.

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"Not you, my wife," he said with a laugh. "You, my dear, are absolutely perfect. In fact I just decided to get a divorce." "That's good news," she said with a smile before closing her lips over his cock once more. She bobbed up and down on his cock, spreading fire between his legs. This was the first trip with civilians in the crew.

There was a law against a captain fraternizing with officers who worked for him. On a ship that was the only kind of officers he met. But civilians were open territory. He planned on spending a lot of time going through their ranks after today. "Let's make love," he whispered. She climbed to her feet. She sank her naked ass down onto his lap. "Oh yes," he gasped as her hot pussy slid down over his throbbing manhood.

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Inch by inch was encased in her hot, moist flesh. An ungodly heat enthused his loins as she sank completely over his throbbing penis. She settled with a little wiggle of her ass, and just sat enjoying the feeling of his throbbing flesh filling her hungry pussy. "Bridge, turn off the artificial gravity," Dr. Dillion spoke softly. "Yes, doctor." They felt the difference immediately. Like a car speeding over a sharp hill, their hair lifted and the blood rushed to their heads.

They began drifting out of the chair, as Dr. Dillion gently rose and fell in his lap. He clasped his hands around her waist and drove her back down on his penis as she rose. In a moment their actions blended into one easy, gentle movement.

Neither had to strain as she bounced on his lap. Once again Captain Martin's eyes went to Ensign Clark on the screen. They were now doing a 69 as they slowly rotated in space. "I hope he didn't cum in her before he started that," Captain Martin whispered. "Some men don't care. Some men like the taste of their own sperm." "You're kidding," Captain Martin made a face. "No, not at all. And I've never met a woman who didn't like her own flavor." He slid his hand between her legs, then raised it to her face.

She moved to engulf his finger with her greedy lips. She sucked her juices, then smacked her lips. "That is so fucking sexy," he whispered. His cock rentered her sweltering vagina, sliding all the way inside her very slowly.

She slid his cock out, also slowly, then sank back down again. Once his cock was fully inserted, she sat for a moment, then slowly began sliding forward and back on his cock.

This was perfect. It was more stimulation for her, and less for him. Anything else would have caused him to orgasm instantly. He laid back and let her control their lovemaking. She was very good at it. Her pussy was extremely wet, and so hot he could hardly stand it.

He had fucked a woman with a fever once, and Dr. Dillion's was similar.

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The heat and moisture were just incredible. Her pussy made a wet, swishing sound as it slid on his cock. Her almost hairless pubes felt good against his pelvis. And those breasts! How could a woman be so perfect? As Dr. Dillion began whimpering, he knew she was having an orgasm. He gasped in alarm. In desperation he tried to lift and lower her on his cock, but it was too late. She came with a shudder and a scream. With her back arched and head thrown back, she shuddered and cried until her orgasm abated.

He sat watching in awe and disappointment. "I don't know any man who doesn't like a hot, tight ass," she smiled. "This is all for you," she mumbled over her shoulder. She lifted her pussy off his throbbing cock and grabbed his cock as she sank back down.

He felt his head pressed against her anus. His eyes widened hopefully.


He saw the look of pain cross her eyes as his cock penetrated her ass. She held her body still until her ass widened enough to let him in. With a hiss of pain, she drove her ass down on his cock, then squealed and paused, waiting.

Just feeling her hot ass on his cock was almost enough to make him cum. But he held off through sheer will. He wanted to feel that hot anus bouncing on his cock. He wanted to feel it shooting thick cum up into her ass. "Oh," she said uncertainly as she began riding up and down on his cock. He watched that perfect ass between his hands. Captain Martin knew his cock was filling her virgin ass to the breaking point. He couldn't believe she was doing this for him, and he appreciated the gesture.

"Oh, I kind of like that," she said, turning her head slightly. "It feels kind of warm inside me," she admitted. He watched the gentle sway of that mane of blonde hair. He watched the perfectly formed rounded globes of her ass, and felt the intense heat of her ass enveloping his stiff cock.

It was the best fuck of his life. Suddenly it was all too much. His balls clenched, filled with fire, and exploded. He pumped his load of hot cum into her ass and she cooed like a baby. She arched her back and leaned back against him. He inhaled the fragrance of golden hair and soft skin. He touched her body, then moved his hands to her breasts. He suddenly realized, by her movements on top of him, that her fingers were circulating in her pussy. It didn't take long for her to gain another orgasm.

She lay panting for a moment, then pulled off his flaccid cock. "Oh that was good," she smiled and kissed him. He wished that he could take the credit, but she had done all the work. She sat looking down at him and he realized that she actually glowed, kind of like an angel. He also realized that he was he was floating up near the ceiling.

So was every pen, piece of paper, electronic equipment, clothing, wrenches, and hair clips on the bridge. "Oh god," Dr. Dillion laughed. "Computer, contact maintenance about a gravity malfunction on the bridge," Captain Martin said as he retrieved his clothing.

They were both fully clothed and dressed before maintenance arrived.