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Japes babe xxxx 10 yes
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* * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 6 - Raping Rico * * * * * Rico woke up very woozy, and not quite all there. But at least he could feel his consciousness slowly filling in the previous void. He found himself lying flat on his back, buck naked, on top of a large metal table.

He couldn't move his arms or legs, because they were tautly bound, and pulled apart from his body in a spread-eagle fashion. It looked just like he was being prepared to get drawn and quartered.

Upon further inspection, Rico realized that he had been tied up with four different pairs of pantyhose, one tied around each wrist, and one tied around each ankle. The four elongated pantyhose "ropes" were each tied to the nearest table leg at each corner of the industrial-quality, metal table that he was lying on top of.

The metal table itself reminded Rico of the embalmers tables that one might find at a morgue.

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He had seen his share of those special "death tables" in the movies. And Rico was in a large room of an old, abandoned warehouse, somewhere in a rundown part of town.


He couldn't tell where. Rico immediately started screaming for help. But no one came to help him after several minutes, and his voice started getting horse. And so he eventually stopped calling out, like that. "What's the matter, Sweetie?" Sally's voice called out from somewhere else in the large warehouse room. "Cat got your tongue?" "What the fuck are you doin' to me?" Rico demanded loudly.

"Relax. I'm just gettin' ready to have some fun. That's all. Just like you had with my older sister in the bathroom, while I was asleep." "I didn't know she was your sister. I swear," Rico yelled back to Sally. "Oh, so you thought that since she was just my friend--and not my sister--that if would be okay if you raped her in the bathroom at knife point?" "It's not what you think.

She was wanting it that night," Rico tried to defend himself. "Oh yeah? Hey, Sis, were you wanting Rico to rape you that night?" Sally's voice asked out loud. "No. Definitely not!" Cindy's voice answered, in no uncertain terms, as Sally finally approached the metal table, to stand at Rico's right side. "I made her cum, and everything, esé," Rico said to Sally. "I was good to her that night, and I didn't do nothin' to hurt her. So why are you all up in my face right now?" "Because you pulled a knife on my older sister, and made her have freaky sex with you, against her will.

That's why," Sally answered. "And now it's time to pay for your past transgressions." "What do you mean by that?" Rico asked Sally, very concerned. "I'm talking about all those other women and girls that you raped in the past. I did a little research on you. And I actually met with several of those women you raped. They all hate you for what you did to them, and they all have nightmares because of it. But they're all too scared to do anything about it.

On the other hand, I'm not. And neither is my sister." "How did I get here?" Rico asked. "I roofied you at the night club, while we were out dancing. And then, once you were unconscious, I had Carl and Jerry help us bring you over here, and tie you up. Carl wanted to use rope. But the pantyhose were my idea." "Well, Rico, are you ready for the 'fun and games' to begin?" Cindy's voice said, as she was approaching the metal table, to stand at Rico's left side.

"Fun and games? What the hell are you talkin' about, Chica?" Rico asked Cindy. "My name's Cindy! Not Chica!" Cindy screamed full-force, right in Rico's face. "And that one's really gonna cost you," Cindy calmly and quietly warned Rico, before she called out loudly over her shoulder. "Carl would you mind giving Rico here a little bit of your 'special champagne,' so that he can toast with us, before we get started?" "Coming right up," I replied, as I was sauntering over, to stand at the end of the metal table, between Rico's spread legs.

Cindy handed me an empty plastic champagne glass. Then she picked up a champagne bottle off the floor beside her, popped the cork out of the bottle, and then began pouring half-full plastic glasses of champagne. She gave the first glass to Sally, and then gave the second glass to her Uncle Jerry, who was still positioned where Rico couldn't actually see him.

Then she gave me the third glass of champagne, which I immediately sat down on the metal table, between Rico's spread ankles, as I continued holding the empty glass that Cindy had already given to me. And of course, the fourth glass of champagne she poured for herself, and then lifting it upward into air, she said, "Okay, everybody.

It's almost time to toast. Just as soon as Rico gets his champagne." I unzipped my pants, pulled out my penis, and began urinating into the plastic champagne glass, making sure that Rico could see everything that I was doing, until I had managed to fill the plastic cup almost to the rim. Then I moved around the metal table, to where Rico's head was, and I lifted the cup up over Rico's head, towards his mouth, and said to him, "Okay, Rico.

It's time for you to toast with us. Are you ready?" Rico began freaking out like crazy, and struggling against his bound wrists and ankles, jerking his head from side-to-side, as he said, "You don't expect me to drink your piss, do you?" "Yes, Rico. I do, as a matter of fact," I sternly replied. "I expect you to drink every last drop of it." "Well, fuck you, you son of a bitch!" Rico screamed out at me, in pure defiance.

"No, Rico. You've got it all wrong," I corrected him. "You're the one who's about to get fucked here. Actually, 'raped' is a much more appropriate term for it. Now open up your fucking mouth, and drink my 'special champagne,' as Cindy likes to call it." "No way, man!

You can't make me do that," Rico insisted. "I may not be able to. But Cindy definitely can," I calmly replied. "Either you drink that wonderful glass of urine that Carl personally 'poured' for you, or I'm gonna cut your dick off with your own switchblade, while you watch," Cindy warned, as she flashed Rico's switchblade in front of his face, and pushed the little button to release the spring-loaded blade, so that it could fly out of the handle, and then lock into position.

"You wouldn't actually do that. Would you?" Rico asked, with a very worried look on his face. "Just try me, Mother Fucker! I've been wantin' to bobbitize you, ever since that night you raped me in the bathroom. Now open up your fucking mouth, and drink the God damn urine already!" Rico didn't know what the word "bobbitize" meant.

And so he simply assumed that Cindy has just pronounced the word "baptize" in a very strange way. But he was very familiar with the word "urine." And consequently, he was still refusing to open his mouth, keeping his lips pressed tightly together. And so Cindy teasingly ran the tip of the knife blade down the middle of Rico's six-pack abs and lower abdomen, through his thick patch of dark-brown pubic hair, and then stopped just short of his penis. "Okay, okay.

I'll cooperate," Rico finally said, as he opened his mouth, and closed his eyes at the same time. "Down the hatch," I said sarcastically, as I slowly-but-steadily poured my still-warm urine from the champagne glass directly into Rico's wide-open mouth. Rico start gagging on the horrible-tasting urine. And I stopped pouring for just a moment to warn him, "I'd drink every bit of it, if I were you. Cindy's not in a very good mood right now.

And you really don't want to piss her off, with that knife right up against your dick, do you?" Rico forced himself to swallow, gulp-after-gulp, until I was letting the last few drops of urine drip down onto Rico's tongue.

"That's a good boy," I praised Rico, as if he were a pet dog, and then raised my own glass of real champagne up into the air, to make the toast, "Here's to Rico!

May he suffer greatly, but not die!" And the other three participants in this bizarre "game" quickly lifted their own champagne glasses up high, chanting in unison, "Here, here!" Then we all took small sips of our champagne, before putting our respective plastic glasses back down, being careful to move them out of the way, so that they wouldn't interfere with the evening's planned "festivities." "Jerry," I said, "Would you come over here, and kick things off for us?" "Why I'd be honored," Jerry said, as he walked over to the side of the metal table, standing right next to Sally, and then motioned for Cindy to remove her knife from Rico's crotch, so that he could reach over, and begin playing with and feeling out Rico's limp dick, and his balls.

"Hang on. I've got to get a video of this," Sally told Jerry, as she went and got her cell phone from her purse, then came back to the side of the metal table, and began creating a digital video recording of everything that Jerry was doing to Rico.

Rico was totally disgusted by the very idea of having sex with another man. He viewed himself as being purely heterosexual. But, unfortunately for Rico, Jerry had been around the block a few times, and knew exactly how to handle another man's dick and balls, as if they were his own. "Oh shit! God damn it!" Rico said to himself, under his breath, in reaction to the fact that his own penis was betraying him, as it was automatically starting to become erect, thanks to Jerry's adept manipulation of it.

And of course, Rico realized that all of this was being captured live, on Sally's cell phone. "We'll get that 'little son of a bitch' hard yet," Jerry remarked, as he swooped down onto Rico's penis, to wrap his mouth around the head of it, and then suck on it. "Fuck! This just isn't right!" Rico complained loudly. "Neither was raping me in the bathroom that night, you piece of shit!" Cindy jumped in, screaming at the top of her lungs, right into Rico's face.

And then Cindy stopped to take a deep breath, before she calmed herself back down, and told Rico in a low-key, measured voice, talking just like a prosecutor who was giving her closing arguments at a trial, "But you still went ahead and did it anyway.

Didn't you?" Cindy waited a couple of seconds for an answer from Rico, but none came. He just glared at her. So Cindy finally prodded him, still playing the prosecutor, "Well, didn't you?" "Yes. But this is different. I'm not a fucking queer," Rico explained to Cindy. "Well, it sure looks to me like you are," Cindy said to Rico, gesturing down towards his now-fully-erect penis. Then Cindy leaned over to the side of Rico's face, acting like he was whispering something directly in his ear, before she stood back up and announced, "Hey, Jerry.

Rico just told to me that he wants to fuck you in the ass." Jerry pulled his mouth up off of Rico's dick-head, and replied, "Well, it's about time! His little dick's nice and wet right now. It'll go in real easy." Jerry got naked from the waist down. And then he got up on top of the metal table, and squatted down over Rico's blood-engorged penis, with his backside towards Rico's face.

And Rico was totally disgusted and grossed out by what he was now experiencing first-hand.

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He could plainly see Jerry's large scarred-up butt-cheeks, and his hairy shoulder blades, as he slowly lowered his pelvic area down onto Rico's dick, while he was holding Rico's dick-shaft in his hand, and carefully guiding it, to make sure that it reached its "target" on the very first try. Then Jerry dropped his large, overweight body down onto Rico's pelvis, making Rico scream out in surprise, as his dick plunged all the way up into Jerry's rectum.

And after a short pause, Jerry began thrusting away at Rico's penis, to slide in and out of his well-worn rectum. Rico was in tears at this point. He was in total shock, and could barely believe what was happening to him. And he knew that there was absolutely nothing that he could do about it. All he could really do, was to endure Jerry's unwanted sexual abuse, just like the women that he had raped in the past had done with him.

After a couple of minutes had passed, Cindy asked sarcastically, "So, Rico, are you ready to cum yet? 'Cuz I need you to warn me, before you do." "Why's that?" Rico asked, very confused by what Cindy has just said to him. "Because you're not supposed to cum inside my Uncle Jerry's ass.

That's why," Cindy answered. "If you do, then he's gonna beat the living shit out you afterwards. He can't stand to have sperm in his ass. Comprende?" Of course, that was a total lie on Cindy's part, because Jerry absolutely loved getting his rectum "fertilized" by another man. However, he had agreed to play along with Cindy, for the sake of the "bigger picture" that was quickly unfolding.

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"Okay, okay," Rico said frantically to Jerry. "Get up off my dick, esé. Or I'm gonna cum in your ass." "Sure, Rico.

Whatever you want," Jerry said, as he ever-so-slowly unmounted Rico's penis, raising himself up just a little bit at a time. Then he jumped down off the metal table, leaned over the side of the table, and picked up a filthy, old rag off the concrete floor. Jerry quickly--and very roughly--wiped all the little flecks of shit off the shaft and head of Rico's dick, dropped the filthy rag back down onto the floor, and then began jacking Rico off, right in front of everyone.

"Come on, Rico," Sally said, "Let's see how 'macho' you really are. Show us how much sperm you can squirt out." "Jerry, I think you need to pump a little bit faster," Sally said to her uncle. "Oh, fuuuuuuuck!" Rico cried out, as he orgasmed, and began squirting sperm up into the air, and getting it all over his abdomen and chest. "Yeah, that's it," Jerry patronized Rico, and then added the obviously-memorized line, "I knew I could make you cum.

Now it's your turn to make me cum." Rico realized that line sounded very familiar. He had used a very similar line on Cindy in the bathroom that night at the hotel.

"What do you mean by that?" Rico asked Jerry, even thought he was afraid to hear the answer. Jerry busted out laughing, and then finally told Rico, "Oh, you'll find out soon enough, Boy." "Wait a minute, Uncle Jerry," Cindy said, "I want to see Rico do something else first." Rico was horrified by the way that Cindy was talking about him, as if he were a pet dog, that was doing tricks to amuse its master.

"And what's that, Sweetie?" Jerry asked his niece. "I wanna watch him pee," Cindy said to her uncle. "I know you guys always like to do that, after you cum." "You heard the young lady," Jerry said to Rico.

"I'd start peein', if I were you." "Yeah, Rico," Cindy said, placing the sharp blade of Rico's double-edged knife right up across the topside of Rico's dick-shaft, and making a slicing motion with it, as she added, "You'd better start peeing right now, or I'm gonna chop it off.

I swear!" "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" was all Rico keep saying over and over again, while he was desperately struggling to start urinating through his still-partially-erect penis, but only managing to leak out a few drops from the tip of his piss-hole slit. "I warned you," Cindy said sternly to Rico, as she playfully and repeatedly poked the sharp tip of the knife blade up against various locations on the head of his penis, accidentally drawing a tiny droplet of blood, in the process.

"No!" Rico screamed out in sheer terror.

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"Don't you dare do that, you fucking bitch!" "Who's the fucking bitch here? I'd say you're my bitch right now, Rico," Cindy said. "And you'd better start performing, if you want to keep your manhood intact." "God damn it! Shit! I can't piss right now, with everyone watching me," Rico complained. "That's funny. You didn't seem to have any problem with making me piss in front of you in the bathroom that night." "But that was different," Rico said.

"I was only playing games with you." "Well, right now, I'm only playing games with you, too," Cindy explained. "But this game is dead-serious. And it could cost you your dick, if you don't play nice. So fucking piss already, God damn it!" "Okay, okay," Rico said, and then breathed a big sigh of relief, when he discovered that, thanks in part to Cindy's repeated poking at his dick-head with the sharp tip of the switchblade, his penis had finally softened up enough to allow him to urinate.

And that's exactly what he did. Rico pissed all over himself. The urine stream flew out, and made an arc in the air, landing on his chest, and his abdomen. Some of Rico's urine even landed right on his face and mouth. Meanwhile, everyone else in the room was laughing out loud, and making rude comments about Rico peeing himself. By the time that Rico had nearly finished emptying his bladder, and was releasing his last few sporadic squirts of urine, Cindy leaned over, and said to him in a patronizing manner, treating him as if he were a small child, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

I mean, you're used to this kind of stuff, aren't you? At least, that's what your mother told me, when I was talking to her on the phone the other day.

She said you used to wet the bed all the time, back when you were a kid.


And she told me that you used to just sleep in that puddle of urine all night long, and that you didn't stop wetting the bed until you were almost a teenager." "I'll fucking kill you, Bitch!" Rico threatened Cindy, finally playing his hidden ace.

His last ditch effort at defiance. "Oh, I don't think you will, Rico," Cindy calmly replied, slowly shaking her head from side-to-side.

"You see, if anything bad happens to me, or to anyone else that I love, and I find out that you're responsible for it, the video that Sally's been busy making on her cell phone will be shared out on the Internet, for all the world to see. And it should go viral pretty fast." "And I'll make sure of that," Sally chimed in, supporting her sister's statement. "Then one of us is gonna hunt you down, like the animal that you truly are.


And I guarantee you that person will chop off your dick, stick it in your mouth, gag you, and bury you alive!" Upon finishing her verbal threat, Sally gave Rico a forced, evil-looking mad scientist smile, just to emphasize that she was dead serious about everything that she had just told him.

"So are you gonna play nice, and cooperate with us?" Cindy asked, holding the tip of the switchblade up against Rico's scrotum now. "Yes, yes. I'll cooperate with you. I promise.

Just don't cut my dick off. Okay?" Rico pleaded. "That's all up to you. Not me. The future of your dick is in your own hands," Cindy said to Rico, and then turned to the two men and said, "Okay, you can go ahead and flip him over now." Using Rico's precious switchblade, Cindy cut through the pantyhose that were bound around his ankles.

And then Jerry and I each took a leg and forcibly twisted Rico's naked body around 180 degrees, so that his butt was now up in the air, with his torso twisted at the waist, in a very uncomfortable position. Then Jerry and I each re-tied the pantyhose around Rico's ankles again, with the opposite ends of the pantyhose still left tied around the legs of the metal table.

Rico was screaming out, in obvious pain, when the Jerry and I moved to the head of the table, and then Cindy cut off the pantyhose that were tied around Rico's right wrist. Jerry immediately slapped a pair of police regulation handcuffs over Rico's right wrist, and held on tightly to the other, still-open handcuff.

Cindy cut off the pantyhose from Rico's left wrist, and Jerry quickly swooped down to lock the open handcuff down on Rico's left wrist, so that his wrists were now handcuffed together in front of him. "Get up on your knees, Boy!" Jerry ordered. "Why? What are you gonna do to me?" Rico asked. "Remember how I told you that it's your turn to make me cum?" "Yeah. And?" Rico said, being a smart-ass. "Well, since we can't risk letting you jack me off, or suck my dick, we just turned you over, so I can fuck you in the butt with my big, fat dick," Jerry said, gesturing towards his bare crotch.

Rico was freaking out at that point. His heart was racing, and he could barely catch his breath. "Don't worry. It'll only hurt for a few moments, when it first goes in.

But then I think you'll really take a liking to it," Jerry sarcastically assured Rico, as he began fondling his own dick, to get it fully-erect. "God damn it, Sally! I thought you loved me!" Rico pleaded with Sally, as she was watching the numerous beads of sweat that were running down his temples and cheeks.

"That's great, Rico. You're one hell of an actor. You know it? And yes, I do love you," Sally affirmed. "And that's why I have to do this to you. Maybe someday you'll understand.

But it really doesn't matter. Just as long as you quit raping and degrading women. And I'm pretty sure we're gonna cure you of that sickness tonight. So now it's time to man up, Rico, and take your medicine." "But his dick's gigantic!" Rico said to Sally, with his eyes bugged out, at the sight of Jerry fully-erect penis.

"Yeah, I know. I've had that 'human beer can' of his in my butt many times. And so has Cindy. And now it's your turn. So get up on your knees, and relax as much as you can. Or it's really gonna hurt!" That wasn't what Rico wanted to hear, as he was hesitantly raising himself up on his knees, with his butt stuck up in the air.

And he definitely freaked out when Jerry climbed up onto the metal table behind him, and began poking his short, fat dick up against Rico's butt-crack, and slapping Rico's butt-cheeks hard with the open palms of his hands. "Why don't you go ahead and 'do it' already? Let's just get this over with," Rico said to Jerry.

"Can't a fellow have a little bit of fun at your expense? I mean, you're always having fun at the expense of the women you rape," Jerry said, as he was spitting into the palm of his right hand, and rubbing the saliva all over the head of his penis, to get it lubricated.

Rico turned towards Cindy and said, "You promised me you wouldn't tell anyone about what happened in that bathroom between us that night." "Yeah. Well, I lied," Cindy admitted.

"And I really like to lie. Especially when it benefits me.

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And I can't begin to tell you how much joy I'm getting out of this right now. Seeing a perverted rapist like you get his just reward.

Man, there's nothing better on this planet, as far as I'm concerned! Except for maybe getting to chop off your dick." And when Rico heard the word "dick" come out of Cindy's mouth, Jerry was busy steadily pushing and forcing the giant head of his own fat, stiff penis up into Rico's rectum.

"Oh shit! Shit! Shit! It hurts, God damn it!" Rico screamed out, crying like a little baby. "Don't worry," Jerry said, "You'll get used to it in a minute or two." "Yeah, it'll start feelin' pretty good after that," Sally chimed in.

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"Who the fuck are you people?" Rico remarked. "Well, I was hoping that I would become your wife," Sally confessed. "But that's not gonna happen now. And I was really hoping that you would be a good father for our baby." "What baby?" Rico asked, very confused, and still wincing a little on each of Jerry's inward anal thrusts.

"The one that's growing inside me right now," Sally said, placing the palms of both hands on her lower abdomen. "The one that you made with me that night in our hotel room. It happened the very first time that you fucked me that night. You know? While I was bent over the bed, and you were fucking me from behind. You got me pregnant, Rico." "But how do you know that it's not Henry's baby.

Or Carl's. They fucked you that night, just like I did." "But they didn't get me pregnant, Rico. You did. I've always been able to sense that kind of stuff.

And you may think I'm crazy, but I felt it when your little sperm cells quickly swam their way up my uterus, and one of them entered into my egg cell. And that happened before Henry ever started fucking me. Don't you remember right after you finished fucking me that night, and I was begging Carl to help me get your sperm out of my pussy?" "Yeah, I thought you were just acting crazy," Rico said to Sally, as he was starting to enjoy the feeling of having his prostate massaged by Jerry's firm, fat dick-head.

"I was. But there was a damn good reason for it. I knew that you had just gotten me pregnant. And you were the last person in that room that night that I wanted to have a baby with." "Is that what this is all about?" Rico asked. "You're mad because I got you pregnant?" "No. You still don't get it. Do you? I love you, Rico! Remember when we made love the rest of that night?

Well, I don't know how you felt about it, but that was real for me. And that's why I've been dating you all this time, and hoping that you would be happy to become my husband, and a father to our child. "But now, there's no way I want you to ever be around my baby.


And yes, you just heard me right. I said 'my baby.' And that's 'cuz it's not your baby anymore. You're nothin' but a fucking low-life rapist, who gets pleasure out of degrading women, just like Jerry's degrading you right now, to give you a small taste of your own medicine.

"The ironic thing is, you're really startin' to enjoy gettin' butt-fucked, aren't you? I mean, you're gettin' another hard-on, for Christ's sake." "I can't help it," Rico admitted, feeling totally emasculated. "It feels really good, just like you said it would." "Carl," Sally called out, "Would you please come over here, and jack off this young man, so he can get some relief." "Sure. I'd be more than happy to oblige," I said, stepping over to the side of the metal table, and reaching across to grab hold of Rico's blood-engorged dick-shaft, so that I could begin hand-pumping up and down on it, while Jerry continued to relentlessly pound away at Rico's rectum with his super-wide penis.

Oh fuck! I'm gettin' ready to cum!" Jerry proudly announced to everyone. "Hold on tight there, Rico. This bronco's about to buck!" And then Rico felt the warm jets of Jerry's sperm inside his rectum, and the pulsating head of Jerry penis throbbing up against his prostate gland.

And with Jerry riding his butt like a bucking bronco, and me jacking him off at the same time, Rico just couldn't take it anymore. And he began squirting his sperm all over the metal table top underneath him. Sally moved the still-recording cell phone in for a close-up shot of Rico's ejaculating penis, and then panned the phone away to show Jerry's penis finally being pulled out of Rico's butt-hole, and then she moved the cell phone in again for a close-up of Jerry's sperm that was oozing out of Rico's still-relaxed, and stretched-wide-open asshole.

Jerry jumped off the metal table, and said, "Boy, you were one hell of a fuck! I'll give you that. And it was my privilege to rape you just now. I love my nieces. And I'll do anything for 'em. Even if it means fucking a low-life like you in the ass." "Well, Rico," Cindy said. "I hope you've learned something from all this today." "I have," Rico said, feeling thoroughly degraded and used. "Good!" Cindy said, closing Rico's switchblade knife back up, and then throwing it at him from just a couple feet away, as hard as she could, hitting him right in the dick with it, and making him scream out in pain.

Then Cindy turned around, with a huge smile on her face, and walked away. As Sally was following her older sister out of the abandoned warehouse, she glanced back over her shoulder, and called out to Rico, "Good riddance, Pendejo!" as she stooped down to Rico's level for just a moment to call him an "asshole" in Spanish, as the very last word that he would ever hear coming out of her mouth.

Jerry and I each took our time, cutting off one of the pantyhose bindings from Rico's ankles (using our own pocket knives, that we had brought along with us), and then left the dilapidated warehouse, to join the girls who were already sitting out in the car. On the way out, the Jerry and I were chatting away like magpies. We were both very excited, because we had big plans for the night.

And best part was that both Cindy and Sally were already on board with everything. Basically, Jerry was going to fuck Sally, while I was having sex with Cindy at the same time, in the same bed. And then, both sisters had agreed to put on a lesbian "sex show" for us men, during our refractory periods; after which I was going to have "sloppy seconds" with his own wife, Sally, while Jerry was busy doing the same thing with Cindy.

I jumped into the car's driver seat, with Cindy in the front seat beside me. And Jerry climbed into the back seat, to sit next to Sally. "So are you guys ready to go have some more fun now?" I asked everyone in the car. "Hell yes!" Jerry said loudly. "But I want some pussy this time." "Don't worry, Sweetie," Sally said, gently squeezing Jerry's hand in hers, "My pussy's all yours tonight." "Hey, that's no fair!" I quickly piped up.

"You're supposed to share your pussy with both of us tonight. Remember?" "Yeah. But Jerry's got first dibs on it. So why don't you quit worryin' about me, and focus on that hot little ginger, sittin' next to you? You prefer her pussy over mine, anyway." "Is it that obvious?" I asked.

"Well, duh!" Sally sarcastically replied. "All you ever seem to want to do lately is watch other men fuck me." And then she leaned over to give her Uncle Jerry a long, passionate French-kiss.

"Well, so what? You prefer Jerry's dick over mine," I shot back. "You're damn right I do!" Sally enthusiastically agreed, "But at least, I'm not afraid to admit it." And then Sally went right back to French-kissing Jerry, while she was reaching down into his crotch with her hand, and grabbing hold of the perpetual bulge at the front of his pants.

Jerry pulled away from her mouth just long enough to say, "Whoa there, Little Lady! Not so fast. I've gotta get cleaned up first." "Tell ya what. I'll go back inside, and get that dirty old rag for you," Sally said with a straight face, and then they both broke out laughing at her witty remark. "Like hell you will!" Jerry chided her, still chuckling a little, and then quickly resumed trading saliva with Sally in the back seat of the car. Cindy reached over, took my right hand, and placed it between her legs, right onto her pants-covered vulva, saying to me, "Babe, I've got your pussy right here.

And I'm so horny right now, I can't see straight. So what are we waitin' for? Let's get out of here." Upon hearing that, I stomped on the accelerator pedal, squealing the car's tires in the process, as the 4-door sedan lurched out onto the road, heading straight for Jerry's apartment.

Meanwhile, Rico was still on top of the metal table, buck naked, covered in urine and semen, with both hands securely handcuffed together, as he heard the car drive away outside the warehouse, when I'm sure the horrible realization had to have hit him like a rock, that he was going to have to get himself out of this unsavory predicament somehow.

* * * * *

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