Gay porn dry fuck Each of the guys take turns kissing and draining

Gay porn dry fuck Each of the guys take turns kissing and draining
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The Game (Incest with young girls. Not your thing? Go away.) My blood was up. Hot. My cock swole to bursting. The red colored all I saw. I needed release. But who? The wife couldn't stop this feeling. Amy was useless except she brought me the girls.

Jamie? 7. She was still being taught - choked too much. Kim? 9. She knew what was expected and did it, more or less. Becky.


Fuck - I missed Bec. My fault the cum drowned her. Leena. Now 12, she was into the game. Her pareau was tissue, revealing thigh and thatch with every move. She had no top, her almost grown breasts were twin magnets … Cousin Sissy was over for the night. Her Ma wouldn't care except mebbe for bein' left out. I called 'em in. Jamie in a long tee, sleek legs rising up to a hairless slit. A tight hairless slit and an angelic face framed by mountains of soft brown curls.

I winked, shook my dong at her. She cringed. Kim, damn Kim, could give a man a hard-on at a mile, cutest by a farm mile, but with no sex drive. Sissy, 8, 9 whatever. She din't know much about the game but she had slow eyes that weren't afraid to look at cock. Her dress was some too big, if she leaned to you you could see right down to her knees, past the snug pure white panties.

As I looked, her fingers slid inside her panties, moving in circles. It was way too hot. Shedding my last clothes I stalked amongst the girls, my fucking purple pole damn near pointing at the ceiling, bobbing and waving. 'Amy. Fan me.' She rose uncertainly, picked a fan, crossed to me.

Pointing at my cock, I pulled her blouse off, felt her nipples. 'Unh-nn. Give me taste.' Amy's eyes started, widened, then turned away as her hand went under her mini skirt, moved around, then presented to my mouth. I licked her fingers. 'Still dry. Work yourself.' 'That's 'cause I'm scairt to see you incesting all our daughters.

You ought'n do that.' 'They ain't all our daughters.' Missy, 6 and way cuter than she realized, came in late, started to sit. 'Missy, taste.' 'I don't … ' The slap echoed like a shot as her head snapped around.

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'Wrong. Taste.' Tears flooding, Missy fingered herself, brought me the taste: Pee, girl juice, wet. 'Char outside?' Trembling, Missy nodded. 'You know the rules.

Bring her in.' Char, 7, was Missy's friend, knew a little of what we did. They returned. 'Missy, taste me Char.' Turning to Char, Missy ran her fingers into Char's tiny little slit, then presented them. 'They taste just like you.

Been foolin'?' 'Yes'em.' 'Mebbe Char wants some cum.' 'Dunno.' Freckles, red hair bounced up at my beckon. 'Char, you been tonguing my Missy?' 'Sir.' 'Before you get too good at that, you best have some man meat.

Tongue this.' Char looked confused. Missy leaped up, 'like this Char, take Daddy in your mouth. Like this.' Missy closed on my cock, bent forward taking me down her throat, then her cheeks sunk in as she sucked pulling back.

'Like that. And lick his slit with your tongue.' Char hesitated. Missy pushed her forward roughly. 'Do it. Suck him.


NOW!' I liked this. A young girl needful of training.

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My cock in her mouth, I pulled her head to me. 'Lick it. Suck.' Char choked out a sound, pulled back. Missy shoved her hard but her panties were already ripped off as I tossed her on the couch, ramming into her tight little Missy-tasting pussy.

Char screamed, started to pound on me when I cold cocked her. She'd be no fun to know now, so I settled for running my cock into her pussy a few times, tasting her, running my tongue through her slit, then through Missy's.

Just like Missy. This was taking too long. I could hardly see the red was deepening. Amy still stood, cowering behind me. I knew she dreaded the Game and prepared for it with lots of lube.

Spinning her around, I leaned Amy into the wall, running my cock up her ass in the same motion. Her best part. Still tight and hot. I humped some.

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'Keep fannin'.' The red cleared some but still I sweated somethin' fierce. Amy moaned. My hips were pumping into her right deep, hilting on ev'ry stroke, covering my cock in a sheen of blood. I backed off, popped out of her ass. 'Clean me off, bitch.' Amy's eyes flared but she held her tongue and took me in her mouth, licking the blood from the shaft and the spillage off my balls.

'O.K. Let's start, you all know how to play. You each get to suck some on my boner. The one who sucks best, gets my load. 'The one is worst gets fucked. Hard. All night. 'Let's start.' I took out an old deck of cards and dealt one to each which they turned face up. Sissy had the two of spades the low card. I pointed, motioned. She rose and crossed over, looking calmly from my eyes to my cock and back.

With a great slow inhale she let her mouth surround my cock, hot breath tantalizing, inflaming … The red turned crimson, jism oozed from the crown as the veins throbbed. Tugging Sissy's dress over her head, I pointed at her panties: 'Off!' Naked she had a fine slim body, firm muscles, no breast mounds as yet and her cunny was still without hair.

Lifting her overhead, I licked her out some. I'd get more. And then she was on me, lips alternately sucking and pulling, tongue caressing my slit, lingering over the drooling jism coating my cockhead, moving a little faster with every stroke as her hands closed on my balls … I almost ended the game right there.

Fucking Sissy could blow me right now. Leena wagged her card at me: three of hearts. Next. 'Next!' Leena moved like a cat, every sinew in use as she crossed over, then slowed, stopped. With a shrug her skirt was gone, her fingers disappearing into the glistening slit between her legs … … and presenting them for taste.

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Damn! She was good. I nodded 'begin'. And a warm cream pie descended on, surrounded and began devouring my cock. What was this? Damn, I'd been ready to go the mile with Sissy but this Leena … her mouth was an experience new to me. And I'd had a thousand mouths. Jeezus. The crimson was going black … If I went over the edge … Amy pulled Leena off me just in time.

She shook me, raised a leg and peed in my face, then 'Next'. Slowly I came back to now as Amy ground her sopping wet pussy into my face. I swallowed most of her pee, took a breath.

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I had control back. Jamie had the six of spades. Taking my cock in her hands she whispered 'I guess I'm gonna get fucked tonight.' And took me into someplace where she was trying too hard while knowing too little.

Nips can be a turn-on but hers were just little pains. She looked so lost I said 'you're getting better. Give me a drink.' Leaning back, I lifted her over my mouth and slurped down all her pee. 'Next'. Kim flashed a seven and went down on me, blond locks framing her darling little face. 'Kim, baby, unless you put a little heart into getting me off I'm going to declare you runner-up and fuck your face all day tomorrow until you learn to SUCK COCK!' Kim's cocksucking improved, but it was from fear, not lust.

Still she did better. Safe for now. 'I'm next!' Little Missy came forward. 'I'm prolly not as good as Sissy or Leena, but I really, really want you to cum in my mouth tonight and any time, any time ever. And I'll work real hard to learn what you like. Missy's lips welcomed my cock. They were clumsy but … hot. Hot? Her little head was bobbing up and down, her sucking not quite in sync with her bobbings … but my cock was getting hotter and hotter! 'Missy, kiss me.' Looking a wee bit guilty, she raised her head and kissed my lips.

I pushed my tongue inside. It got hot. 'Missy …?' 'Don't be mad, Please! I wanted to do something special so I sucked on a Habaneros just before I went down on your cock. Did I do wrong?' 'No, baby. You did great. For your extra effort, you come suck me off tomorrow and I'll show you a few more tricks I like.' Beaming, she took her seat.

'Amy, suck my balls while I think on this.' Amy sucked. I thought. Not much. The red was building and building … 'Amy, stay. Leena, start sucking. Char, we be fuckin' all night. You best pay attention. 'And Missy, get rid of the peppers, come by tomorrow we'll 69 and fuck all day.

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Amy, you best study some with Leena and fire up that cold box of yourn or I'll start putting' part of you in the boys' pay checks …' 'Leena, get your lips over here. The rest of you: Dismissed!' Leena was smiling obscenely … There was a fair moon outside. Lifting Leena upside down so she could suck my cock, I buried my face in her beaver and carried her outside.

Velvet lips caged my cock as I laid her on the lawn, snuffling into her cunt, sucking out girl juices as she wove a fantasy of feelings around my cock.

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Who the hell was she? Where did she know these things from? I didn't care. The red turned to froth, the effluvia of volcanoes, as the pressure in my balls climbed beyond any point I'd ever known … the skin on my cock was painfully sensitive, tracking every lick and taste of her tongue on my shaft; at the same time the tastes now streaming from her cunt were blossoming and combining, producing new tastes never before experienced, tastes that took over my mouth, my head, that raced through my body until they collided with the sensations spiraling up from my cock and the synergy of their union exploded my lust into a cosmic climax, suddenly cum was not spurting from my cock but geysing, arcing into huge torrents of steaming sperm and smoking jism that Leena inhaled as though her life depended upon it.

As my balls emptied into Leena's mouth, she rocked back, her spine cracking with the intensity of a climax that shook her frame. She sank her claws, raked my back into bloody furrows, pee erupted from her pussy. We crashed into each other back on the lawn, soaked in sweat, trembling with spent energy, cum still spilling from Leena's lips.

Again she smiled lewdly. 'Can we just count that as practice?' We could. But I'd never forget it. Even if I lived through her next climax. First one. Comments, please.