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My name is Adrian I am from Australia I went to USA until I finish college. I was 18 years old and straight. I was well build so I tried joining the football team after try outs the coach called me and john to his office. He said I don't think you deserve to be on the team but you might be able to convince me he stood up from behind the desk and we could see a big gulp in his shorts. Then he stood behind us and said "you needed to be taught about team work, and you should show commitment to the team" I thought that everybody experiments in college so I could experiment to good use at least at the end I'll be in the team and hey this one cock could lead to tons of pussies before I could finish my idea he pulled up his dick and stuck it out in the middle and said "go on" I looked at john and then closed my eyes and leant to kissing his dick and licking it.

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His penis wasn't long but it was freakishly thick I forgot to mention that the coach is black the cock was a little bit salty and warm when I opened my eyes john was licking the other side it was thick enough for both of us. I used my tongue to massage it up and down while licking and sucking it several times my tongue met with john's tongue and I could taste his kissable juicy lips I was sucking a cock I couldn't complain if my tongue touched another dude's.

the coach than took off his shorts and slept on the desk and said "one to lick, one to rim" we stayed put maybe a minute too long because he then yelled "can't you do simple instructions you suck you rim" I got picked to suck.

I know how this thing was going to end; it won't be over until he cums so I gave him the blowjob I always wanted to get; I put the head in my mouth and started to deep throat myself I couldn't get it all in just the head and a small part but the sound of me shocking and the spit all over his dick turned him on because I could hear loud moans then I put his balls in my out and started massaging his balls and tossing them in mouth afterwards I licked him from his balls all the way over to the head I could see that he enjoyed it and then put my tongue slightly under the head and started going up and down I could hear him moan and groan and telling me "your good" "best blowjob" then I started blowing it again my jaw was tired so I closed it a little bit and he could feel my teeth on his dick not just my lips and mouth, he was cut so I bit his head for a while putting my tongue in the crack of his penis and tacking it in and out I felt a wave on my lower lip I wanted to pull my head to see what was happening but he pushed my head back again and said "swallow it You little slut" and then started cumming in my mouth I couldn't keep it all in so part of it started dripping on my chin and then spit the whole thing out well actually I swallowed a little bit I was curious I wanted to know how it taste.

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Afterwards he grabbed my ass and said welcome to the team. And I went out.


We started to practice with the team and two weeks later we had a friendly game with another university the coach was really excited about it and two days before the game he was giving us a pep talk "you are playing like little girls they'll kick your asses" "what do you want me to do?

What do I have to do to motivate you? You're just happy to be on the team to get the girls you don't want to play. Well, girls don't like losers, after the game you'll go hit on girls and tell them I couldn't score on the game can I score with you" one of the guys said "it's not a big deal it's just a friendly game as for the girls we can always rent whores" the coach said "I'll make you a deal the best player gets the best blowjob of his life."The whole team was excited and starting blabbing out stuff.

I stayed quite hoping that he wasn't talking about me.

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After the showers the coach called me to his office he said "Boy if you give a blowjob I'm willing to let you play on this game" I was a little bit hesitated but I thought what's the point of being on the team if you don't play and said to the coach "ok" The team played pretty good they were excited about the coach's idea we ended up winning. At the end of the game he said well Tom and Gary you get the blowjob you were the best players.

They loved the idea they didn't even want to shower they said to the coach they'll do it immediately he told them to go to his office he blindfolded their eyes and handcuffed their hands and told them "trust you're better off not seeing this" I sneaked in to his office just as he asked me I was happy to see them blindfolded I didn't want them to know me. They were still in uniforms I lowered their pants down and started sucking Tom while rubbing on Gary's cup.

The taste was different it was saltier and you can smell sweat. It wasn't a few seconds they were both totally rock hard tom was about 8 inches and a bit thick not like the coach and he was uncut I blew him like I have blown the coach at first but he was different he was uncut first I pushed the flesh down and started twisting my tongue around his head then I pushed the flesh up and started spitting on him and then licked the inside of the flesh and bit it nice or twice he liked it because he moaned a lot and said "the coach was right it is the best" I was capable of making him cum In two minutes and shifted.

I was now sucking Gary's and playing with Tom's.

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Gary was smaller he was about 6 inches I was able to deep throat him and I could feel his bush on my nose and chin I would keep it in there for like 5 seconds and then choke on it while in my mouth I would lick all the way from down he had a vain popping out that I could feel and I followed it up and down I guess it was such a turn on for him because I felt waves of cum and I tried to pull away but most of them got on my face I washed my face in the bathroom and went out to the showers most of the guys were showering so I joined them and told them that I was talking on the phone after two minutes Tom and Gary went in the team started saying "back so soon I guess the coach was bluffing" they answered "he wasn't she was amazing I don't care how ugly this chick is I will marry her" and then went on telling them how great it was and describing every detail I could notice everybody having in erection and then went on showering after a while there was a few of us left they told me they were going to a party afterwards and asked me to join I said "sure" john said "ok" one players said "wow wait a minute this party is for players not bench warmers Adrian played so he can come" upset john shouted "he only joined the team and played because he's the one giving out blowjobs." And stormed out.

I was left alone with 6 guys who were getting horny they were all muscular most biceps are as big as my thighs I can see them closing in on me.

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I can see 6 half aroused penises 12 balls and 36 packs. Tom and Gary were the most excited because they could imagine what was coming. Chad a big black guy came to me and said "how about one for the team we all did good and we promise you it would be as wonderful as before." I said "I'm not gay I just did it to get in the game it's a onetime thing" "you wanna play, you have 6 dicks to play with or it's not enough for you?" I didn't know what to answer another one came and said we're horny and we wanna get through it so either in your ass or in your mouth no other option as I tried to escape they grabbed me and said ok in the ass.

I said "no! mouth mouth" I thought I already had it in my mouth and it'll hurt like hell to have it in my ass.


I was on knees and took out Chad's well he was black so obviously he had a big one he wasn't comfortable in this position so he put on a bench and began to face fuck me "suck it you little bitch" "you know you want it suck it" "oh yeah" he was deepthroating me most of the time and I choke on it until Tom told him to stop and to let me work my magic and I did I licked it all the way up and down there wasn't any inch of those long nine inch covered in water it was all covered with my saliva this turned him on even more he was moaning like a ghost he then spat in my mouth I felt like a dirty bitch while licking his balls and juggling them in my mouth he came all over me he shot 5 or 6 strings on my body he then tried to put the head of his dick in mouth for me to wipe it clean I heard Tom yell "yeah let him eat it he didn't eat mine earlier" as I was telling him I don't like to swallow he shoved it right in and said now you do.

Another dick came directly to my mouth I couldn't even see the face I could tell that they were getting bored of waiting because I could feel their dicks on my body everywhere and then I felt a finger around my ass circling my hole I took the penis out of my mouth "we didn't agree on that" and tighten my hole they said either you get your ass fucked here or on the field in the next game you're not wearing enough protection to protect yourself from us and them they felt my ass loosen up and I felt the finger poking it even harder I don't know why but I could feel my cock getting harder "he's liking it" ooooooooohhhhhhhh a second finger and they're twisting them and a third one it feels like burning but it's good pain not bad it's wonderful pain I started moving my crotch in a circular motion and I was unable to concentrate on giving head.

the fingers are gone. but it's a dick now.

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I stopped everything to enjoy this moment and I could feel my ass torn apart with a smile on my face and precum on my penis and now it's all in going in and in and out in and out slowly at first but then the rhythm was faster and my thrill was bigger with a dick in my ass and another in my mouth things were more exciting they were so surprised that I was enjoying but they didn't know what they were missing but one of the did and he started blowing me the others were chocked he said " it seems great he's enjoying it" after a few seconds another one asked him "well is it?"he said yes it is and pretty soon I wasn't the only one fucking and sucking they all did it and they liked it