Tattooed black jock solo tugging huge dong

Tattooed black jock solo tugging huge dong
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I pulled up in the driveway. Jake and Caitlin were already at home and my mom was inside the unit, waiting for me inside. My grandparents were semi-wealthy; this little beach house acted as their escape every now and again. Today, it would be my mother's.

Their daughter's. I felt like this was a turning point in my life. Ever since the blowjob this morning, I thought about everything around me, and how what I'd just experienced would change things. Suddenly the girls at my school that I was interested in a day ago weren't so interesting anymore.

Suffice to say, it had been a hard day for me. Long and exhausting having to wait for the afternoon to come, as well as literally. You'd have sworn that I overdosed on Viagra.

I jerked off into the toilets at recess and felt the urge to on the way over here. Going around the back, I lifted up the Welcome mat and swiped the house key. What an ignorant, clich?lace to "hide" it. That was my grandad for you. I turned the key in the lock and the door creaked open with not even a push.

It was a pretty shoddy house out the back. The front was flash - and most of the interior was, too - but this back section and the little corrugated-iron shed close by looked a century old. I don't know. It was just bizarre.

Stepping inside, I had a boner just thinking about Mom. What she'd be wearing. What she'd say to me.


If she'd talk dirty. My memory served me well and I'd kept a clear picture in my mind of what she looked like sporting a facial. I felt like I could nut right here and now if I wanted to. But I'd save that for Mom's greedy hands. Or tonsils. hehe.

"Is that you, Patrick?" I heard her but couldn't see her. "Yeah, mom." "I'm in the master bedroom, sweety." So, duh, I headed right there. Sure enough, Mom was dressed in sexy-as-fuck lingerie and lying on the bed.

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"Break out the condoms, young man." I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the couple condom packets I'd stashed in there this morning. "Take those jeans off, Patrick. Quickly. I want to see that cock." "You want to see it?" I teased. "Mm.

Yes, honey," she bit her lip and rubbed herself through the material. "I dunno. You show me yours, I'll show you mine." "In due time, Patrick.


Listen to your mother, please. I can see you it just wants to breathe a little," she eyed off my massive bulge. With that, I dropped my jeans and brief. My hard-on pointing directly at her to say, "At your service, m'lady". "Good. Now, I have a surprise for you," she grinned, sitting up. This sounded promising. Mom opened the bedside drawer and all I could think about was her pulling out some sex toy.

"I want you to cum all over this for me." Jerk off onto something? Sounded kinky. She took out a frame, but I couldn't quite see the picture inside, 'til she held it up for me. It was a photo of my mom from her and dad's wedding 18 years ago; a close-up of her pretty face. Goddamn, she looked good. "Put those condoms down and come here, my big, strong boy." I done just that in a heartbeat - my boner inches from her face and I could see her fight back the urge to suck it.

"Look me in the eyes, Patrick. Now stoke your cock." I did and she looked crazy horny. "You dirty boy, wanting to fuck your mother." "Dad's not going to like this, is he," I grinned. "Me and your father are two of the same people." I didn't know what that meant but I sure as hell wasn't going to stop and inquire. Pre-cum was rushing from my dick and Mom knew it - glancing down every so often.

"Now look at my picture, Patrick. Don't you think mommy's so pretty." "You still are." "Mmm. You're so strong and handsome, Patrick." She touched my biceps; my abs. Mom yearned to fuck her own flesh and blood, and I loved her for it. "Agghh. Fuck yeah," I groaned. "I'm close, Mom." Her smiling 2D face was about to be plastered with spunk.

She was just a year older than me when the photo was taken, and had the face of an angel. "CUM FOR ME. Cum ALL OVER me," Mom gritted her teeth.

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Aiming my cock at the picture as spunk rocketed over it. "You fuckin' like that, Mom?" I looked at her and she looked at me with a glimmer in her eyes I'd never seen before. Genuine happiness. Something that wedding day photo didn't even have. So I lunged at Mom, cock-slapped her nose, and unloaded the remainder of jizz on her face.

It was a nice surprise and one she thoroughly deserved.

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Like a woman, Mom shrieked for a second, but giggled like crazy after that. "Oh, Patrick!" she moaned. "Blow your load all over your mother." It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had, and understandably so.

"Holy shit," I sighed at the sensation - my fire now slowly dying down. "Oh my, Patrick," she exclaimed, smiling. My seed covered the majority of her flawless face. "Lie down," I said with unforseen authority. "Excuse me, mister?" Mom grinned. "I said lie down," I grabbed her by the hips and jerked her to the ground. My superior strength had her tumbling and where I wanted her in no time. "OOO, YES, PATRICK!

USE ME!" She fucking loved it. "Fuck your Mother. Fuck Mommy!" I could acknowledge how fucked up a situation this was, but honestly couldn't care less. I never lusted for a woman anywhere near as much as I lusted for mom. Ask me 24 hours ago and I would have gagged at the thought of anything even remotely sexual with her. But now that I knew she wanted me, I wanted mom to be the one gagging.

on my cock. Seeing her face riddled with jizz, I wanted her so badly. She took off her ungodly sexy lingerie and threw it onto the bed.

It was then I realized how degrading this would be - to fuck her on the dusty wooden floor. Perfect. "Turn over," I slapped her thighs, ordering her. "Yes, Patrick. Fuck me from behind." As soon as mom's ass got in the air, I knelt down and glided my dick where it needed to go. Her pussy was tight. Way tighter than I imagined it to be.

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Tighter than (my girlfriend) Celine's. "FUCK ME, PATRICK," she asserted. Screw the condoms. She was too horny to have remembered about them, and I'd never done it plastic-free before. Celine was incessant about the damn things, even though I've never once cum into any while inside her. Besides, I was eager to dump my load on my mom's, and I knew my limits. I'd know when I was about to explode and I'd get out of there with haste, so there'd be nothing to worry about.

I steadied myself; my hands shaking with excitement as I brushed the head of my cock against Mom's labia. She was in for it. I was going to pound her so hard and fast that she'd forget about Dad in a heartbeat. "Pull my hair," she asked of me, and I giddily obliged. It didn't get much more insane than fucking the hot piece of ass that gave birth to you doggystyle. I edge my dick inside her and Mom moaned like the horny slut she is. "Fuck your mother with young, hard cock." Let me tell you, I was close to blowing my seed already.

To be groping her ass and getting sexy talk. I had never been more thrilled about anything in my life. With one hand on that nice booty to keep me stable and cop a feel, I pushed myself as deep inside her as I could. Now I pulled her hair even harder as I drew myself out, and back in. She felt incredible. "Harder!" she beckoned. So I done just that and sweated it out. I built up to a ferocious pace, banging the living daylights out of her.

Her groaning and moaning ever-increasing the closer she got to climax. But I beat her to that. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum," I grunted, pulling out and eager to jack off between her cheeks. "Cum in me!" she howled. "What?" I questioned, frantically. Surely I had heard her wrongly. "CUMIN ME!" I could feel myself about to erupt like Mount Vesuvius, and didn't have enough time to hesitate or talk this thing through.

She wanted my spunk gushing inside her, and that's exactly what Mom was going to get. Slamming my cock back in her, my man seed unloaded itself and she was more than pleased. "Ohhhh, yeahhhhh." I grunted as string after string of my cum made itself right at home deep inside her. "That's it, honey. Fill me." This was hands down the greatest experience any messed up mother and son could have.

The inner-walls of her 'baby maker' were drench in my spunk. I yanked Mom's hair harder and lunged myself forward, whispering "whore" into her ear. We both stayed in position for a few seconds, taking this all in. "You had no intention of using the condoms, did you?" I asked with a grin - certain of knowing the answer already. "My boy's smart." She turned over, onto her back, before suggesting I sit on her tits as she sucked my flaccid dick dry.

Brilliant idea. I watched intently as Mom wrapped her flush lips around my drooping member. After a bug nut like that, my cock was tired. which only seemed to turn Mom on all the more.

"Grab my phone outta my jeans for me, would you, Patrick?" I stretched over to the end of bed dick and grabbed my mom's denims while she still played with my dick. Finding her phone, I looked at it front and back, noting the camera. "This is a Kodak moment, what we've got going on here," I chuckled, and Mom grinned mischievously. "Something like that." Hmm. What exactly did that mean. Putting the mobile in her grasp, she got right on to fiddling with it, then pointing it in my direction.

"I'm video calling Julie." What?! "Are you crazy? No!" "Patrick: trust me." The other line picked up and Julie's voice came through. "Hello?" the call set on loudspeaker. "Julie, it's me. Look at your phone. I think you'll like this," Mom had the camera square bam on my face.

"Oh, hi, Patrick," she greeted. "Hey, Mrs. Wheeler," I tried acting normal, unsure of what to make of my mother's intentions.

"Patrick's been a bad young man," Mom told, and my heart raced. I must have froze momentarily from how sexually insinuating that sounded, because before I knew it, the little camera on Mom's phone was now revealing the true nature here.

"Well, it's about time," Julie said, and I could audibly hear her giggling. Mom had the phone directed at her face with my dick planted on it. "Oh my gosh!" she gasped. "He came on your face everything?" Blotches of my seed still tarnished her face from before, yes.

"Patrick wants you now, Jules.

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Don't you, Patrick?" Mom smirked, once more putting the camera on my face, of which was blank and a bit gobsmacked. "He's just nervous. Get your ass over here, girl!" Mom turned the phone her way and blew a kiss into ending, before ending the call.

I didn't hear another word from Julie, and neither did I know if Mom was serious about Julie actually coming here. Until. "We have a visitor!" she told me, cheerily. "Julie's been waiting a very long time for you, Patrick." My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe this. But I was wanting it so much. "Did you tell her we were here and not at home?" "Like I said, honey: she's been waiting a long time for this. We've talked about getting alone like this for weeks now.

She knows," Mom smiled. Holy crap, she was such an amazing chick. "So you better build up some more of that hot spunk for our guest, mister." This day felt like it was hand-made by the gods. It was un-fucking-believable how things just got better and better.