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Enormous dildo fucking amateur slut
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She kept distracting me from the game. Ill bet she never even knew I was looking. I vowed to change that one day. All I could focus on was her thick white thighs.

They looked so tempting and so mouth watering I was practically drooling right before the football that was just kicked caught me in the left temple. It didn't really hurt me as much as I made it seembut I wanted to use it as an excuse to sit out of the game, and next to her. It didn't matter what they wanted to call me because of it.

I never would have guessed how intoxicating her smell would be. Who knew a Marine could smell so sweet. Sitting there on the PT field, my bald head swirled not just from the recent impact, but also from the intensity of the moment and the anxiety of being so close to someone I secretly desired so much. Whilst Marines were yelling and cheering for their respective teams, I couldn't help but let my eyes trail up her long legs as we sat next to each other in the grassy field.

I was gettig lost in the milkyness of her sweet looking thighs. I was in a daze.she spoke first. "Are u alright?" Completely caught off guard by what seemed to be a simple opening greeting I blinked my way to her eyes: each time memorizing every curve and crevice that came into view. "Yeah, Im fine." responding nonchauntly. "ill be okay sooner than later" "Good ," she said "ide hate to think u made a living of fighting terrorist but couldn't recover from a simple football." "Recover?" I said defensivly, "I only sat out cause im bored of the game.

"Really u look tired to me." she said teasingly. "pleaseI could go all day," suggestively. "Lets see," she said as she jogges to the road and bent over to stretch, giving me an awesome view of her legs. Intrigues and engaged I followed preparing to make her eat my dust. "Ready?" she said, "On your mark, get set." "Go!!! " I yelled. Off down the trail, suprisingly she kept good pace with me. Guess it was because of those long gorgeous legs she had.

Each stride she made I couldn't help but glance down at her jiggling thighs, and tight calves. I caught myself slowing down just to steal glances at her smooth figure.

No wonder she kept pace. Each and every impact of her small feet sent ripple after ripple up her cute curvy butt. Each and every extension of her legs ephasized her thick, sexy quads. Each and every breath she took, took me with her.

Before I knew it I was intoxicated by her aura. Drafting behind her, I stopped being concerned with winning and lost all abandonment and thought. She noticed tho. A couple miles into the run, heavy sweat built up on both of our heated bodies.

She slowed down.noticibly. I.still lost in her essence. slowed with. Then she made a comment that almost made me cum to a complete stop. "Are u enjoying yourself back there?" "Huh.what?, " still trying to pry myself from her image. She gently slowed, came to a stop, and turned around. "You heard me." She smiled slyly. Puzzled, I looked up to see her breathing heavily and slightly biting her lip. Its something about a woman biting her lip that sends me into over drive.

I don't know if it was the slow way her juicy bottom lip pulled from her teeth to gently bounce ito place. I don't kow if it was how plump and thick her pink lips were or how they pursed and quivered.

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All I know is that when I saw that. everything kicked into drive. I walked up to her to increase the tension between us. Far enough to not to touch but close enough to taste her pheramones. Challeging her with my eyes I let a smirk rise across my face.

We could feel each others breath and hear each others heart beats. She bit her lip again, smiled flirtatuously and moaned."What?" I moved closer.

Still not touching. Centimeters if not millimeters from her lips. Her body pulled forward as if sucked into mine. I reacted and our first kiss collided with the kinetic impact of all that was held back previously. Our bodies faded away from the road.


.just behind the tree line. Our world faded away. .in an awesome crescendo of lust and emotion. Our restraint and reluctance faded away. Our inhibitions and insecurities faded away. Our passion. .faded in. I scooped her up in my armsall 5'7 and 150 pounds of her athletically curvy frame.

She wrapped her arms around my neck. My hands palmed her butt as her PT shorts and shirt clung tightly to her already sweaty body. They slid smoothly over her soft thighs and under the lining of those shorts. They placed her gently in a grass field.


slowly leaving her body. stroking her skin down to her inner thigh. streaking across her calves.and moving past her toes, taking with them the shorts that once covered her pale body. Man o' man were her legs smooth. No hair what so ever on her lower body. "I'm going to enjoy this." Kneeling next to her, I gently lifted her feet into the air. The light glistening off her skin. Gently grabbing her ankles and holding em high, I split her legs just enough to get my head between them.

My lips kissed and caressed all the way down to her thighs. She moaned and cooed gazing into the sky like a new born babe.

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When I got close to her clean shaven mound she was havin a hard time keeping still. Her squirming and moving qued me into to every one of her spots. Taking my time I tantilized and teased over every inch of evey one of them. She was on the brink of exploding when I took a moment to take in her sweet scent. Mouth watering to say the least. I dove in nose first.

She was like heaven. Trapped between two of the softest thighs I've ever felt. Every drop of every lick tasted sweet as honey. I curled my toungue in as far as it would go, making sure I stroked her g spot every time I pulled out. she thrust her hips into my face. "mmm nnmm ungh " I let my toungue cirlce her sex button.

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She bucked and shook, cumming violently as she pinned my head between her soft thighs. I had to fight hard from cumming my self.

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The stimulation from the aromas and tastes alone were almost enough to put me over. I rose to my knees when she finnally let me go. continuing to play in the juices of her pink pussy with my fingers.

I told her to slowly strip her soaked shirt. As she platfully raised the bottom, I could see her plump sweaty stomach. she had her navel pierced with a simple rose pearl. It accented her skin perfectly. She lifted it a little further and I began to see the rise of her breast underneath her sports bra. By this time my cock was throbbing, begging, and pleading to be freed from my shorts. A simple jerk of my shorts to the side, and all seven inches of my member came into view.

She licked her lips again and kept pulling her shirt up. she was just hitting the peak of her crest when it happened. .she bit her lip. mmmm, back in full drive again I quickly mounted her and ripped her shirt and bra all the way over her short haired head. We aggressively french kissed as she welcomed me with open arms and spread legs.

As her hands rubbed my back she pulled my shirt off fully and stroked my glistening back. I tenderly rubbed and twisted her nipples with my left hand while supporting myself on my other elbow.

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I could feel her lips quiver everytime I pulled her cute little nipples. I could hear her moans as they tried to escape our kiss. I could see her eyes squeez together with passion as my dick rubbed against her exposed clit. She broke our kiss to utter those three magic word. "Please fuck me!?", in a way that sounded as much as a command as it did a request.

Not skipping a beat I thrust my well aimed cock deep inside her wanting pussy.

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My balls slammed against her tight anus. and there I rested to savor in the ripples of pleasure I caused. Her gasp of air was sharp and staccattoed, and the moan that followed was quite the opposite. Deeply smiling within I continued my assault on her pussy.

Her soft folds slurping each time my cock rose out. Her nails biting each time I came back down. I pounded away untill I could feel her thighs begin to tremble once more.twice more.

I aim to please, and she was loving every inch.every stroke. Her body began to writhe in an undescribable manner.

Her hands were grasping and clawing unto every inch of my back. At her peak she dug them into my butt.

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I don't fully understand why but that drove me over the edge. I tightened my grip on her plump hips and started pumping like a mad man.

I came in floods and so did she. We laid there in exctasy. I could feel her heart beating strongly against my chest as I laid on top of her. I could smell the musk of her sex as it wafted in the air. I could hear her soft panting as she recovered from our experince. Coming back to the reality of the situation, we withdrew from our embrace and began to gather our senses and belongings.

Her PT outfit, as well as mine, still clung to our bodies, but this time for a lot more enjoyable reason than just running. As we made our way back to our destination we couldn't help but steal glances at each other, and occasional gropes. It was hard not staring round 2, but we held our course knowing we were already pushing our time limits.

To this day I still hate running. but ill certainly make an exception for her anytime.