Two hot chicks get rammed in thier asshole

Two hot chicks get rammed in thier asshole
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It was Friday night and had struck out at the pub, thinking I wake up in someone else's bed the next morning. I lived with my parents and two sister Stacy who's 23 36d,24,34 (perfect figure) and Susie 15 34,24,34.Susie kind of reminds me of the model Josie Maran (those who don't know who she is then look her up on the internet, you wont be disappointed, She dated that prick magician David Blaine and featured in Van Helsing) Stacy is regarded as the catch of the town, she could have any man she wanted, which she practically did, my mates would often say "I know what I would do if she was my sister" or "can I come round and fuck your sister" being defensive towards my sister, these words would generally be followed being decked.

I have always been protective towards my two sisters, especially Stacy since she brought a dated back when she was 18, she had brought him back and things got nasty as he started to raped her.

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I was in my room when I heard her screaming, I ran down the stairs to find the arsehole had torn her dress and bra off and was proceeding to rip her knickers off and getting his cock out, when I rugby tackled him to the ground and started beating the crap out of him,( I was only 14 at the time, but I'm into martial arts in a big way) I came to my senses and let him get away, I've never seen anyone move so fast as he was running out of the door (more like fall out of the door).

Mum, Dad and Susie were at our grandparents house for the week, so Stacy and I had house to ourselves, I had mock exams this week, so couldn't go and Stacy had work. I turned towards Stacy to see the shock on her face, I could keep my eyes off her beautiful tit, I mean they were perfect, they weren't too big and not too small they were just right, her areolas were the size of a ten pence piece and her nipples, when erect you could hang a wet raincoat on them, they were the circumference of a normal pencil and almost a centimetre long.

I was hypnotized by the beauty of them, but the whimper of Stacy snapped me out of it. So I knelt in front of her and put my arms round her, she started to scream, but stopped when she realized it was me, after ten minutes of crying on my shoulder, she pulled away and said "Thank you for saving me, don't tell anyone about this. I don't think I can bring myself to re-enact this again" she started to get angry "Why do you men always think it is okay to fuck women when you feel like it." She then hugged me again, but more tightly.

With instinct I just said "Shhh not all men are that arsehole and wont tell a sole about what happened tonight." She moved her face from my shoulder to directly in front of my face and whispered "Thank You.

My hero brother" and kissed me fully on the lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Being 14 I didn't know what to do, so I mirrored what she was doing. To my surprise she took my right hand and put it on to her left tit. Until that point I had never seen a bare tits in the flesh, apart from the one's you see in magazines and sometimes on the beach, but to have one in hand was a whole different ball game.

I started to get hard, but the feeling of Stacy still shaking brought me round from this incestuous moment. I stopped what I was doing and said to Stacy "This is probably not the best thing should be doing, especially after your ordeal" which she replied with a loving smile "For someone your age, thinking like that, your already grown up.

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I proud of you." She kissed me on the lips again, but this was just a peck this time. She got up and started to walked towards the stairs, when she turned round and said "You know what?

Your gonna be a good catch when your get older, your gonna make some girl a terrific husband. It's a shame I can never have you." She then ran upstairs and into the bathroom and got in the shower, she must have shower for a good hour, so I knocked on the door to see she was alright, she replied "Yeah, I still smell of arsehole." I asked her if she wanted me to sleep with her that night, to keep her company, she replied by turning the shower off opened the bathroom door and said "I'd like that, would you mind." "Why should I mind, you're my big sister." "Go and get ready for bed, whilst I dry off and get ready myself." That night, she fell asleep in my arms as we cuddled in my bed, I secretly thought "Here is my beautiful sister, the girl all my mates would like to lose the cherry to and I've got her in my bed, what's to stop us continuing what we started down stairs" but, I knew we could go there, who could I tell that lost my cherry to my sister.

So, we ended up just sleeping. That was 5 years ago, since then both of have had partners, Stacy still brings home the mandatory Friday night fuck, but she's a bit more choosy about who she brings home.

Well this one after I came home from the pub, I wasn't well and truly mullered, but I was a little bit drunk to point I still knew what day it was etc…Mum and Dad had gone on holiday for a fortnight, but were due back Saturday afternoon, so the lights were off. I thought Stacy must have pulled again and went to his place and Susie must have gone to bed. I got in went straight for the fridge and got a beer out, sat down in front of the T.V.

and watched some crap film and drunk my beer, then I got the urge to have a wank. I finished my beer and turned the T.V. off and the lights and went upstairs and into my bedroom got out my favourite porn flick and fast forward to the best sequence, when I heard a moaning sound coming from Susie's room, I thought "That little slut has brought home a bloke&hellip.fair play to you girl" having not got any for weeks.

I got to the scene on the porn I wanted and started to choke the chicken, when I heard more moaning coming from Susie's room, it dawned on me that the moan wasn't Susie's, it was another girls, an evil grin came over me, thinking that my younger sister was a bean flicker, I immediately thought "This is to good to miss" I put my robe on and stealthily move to outside her door and quietly turned the door handle and opened the door, remembering that the door squeaked and the only way to stop it squeaking was to lift it up slightly and did so and there to my amazement, my sister Susie was in there with another girl and giving her pleasure, the other girl was Stacy.


Susie head was in between Stacy's legs and Stacy's hands were working her nipples. I thought what a sight, and sat on her dressing table stool, drooling, my cocking was at its hardest, I started slowly stroking myself, I thought I was going to shoot when I heard Stacy moan loudly "Sis. You lick pussy good." I could tell by Stacy's face that she was about to have an orgasm.

She then put her hands on Susie's head and push down and gasp "Cumming!


Cumming! Cumming!!!!!" She opened her eyes looked down at Susie and said panting "don't stop, I can feel another on the way" then I saw the shock in her eyes, she slowly looked over to me and her eyes widened when she saw me playing with my cock, she mouthed "Wow!!!" and "Come here" and with here index finger beckoned me over to her, which I did.

I slowly walked towards Stacey, she looked at my 8 inch long, 6inch circumference cock and whispered "I think your our big brother now" took my cock in her left hand and said "So thick, I'm gonna enjoy this" and leaned towards it and pulled it towards her at the same time and kissed the tip and licked the entire length up and down, then on the final up, plunged her mouth all the way down, taking all 8 inches inwith her bottom lip kissing my balls and slowly moving her mouth up my cock and sucking at the same time, then straight back down again.

I immediately thought "the rumours are true she does suck cock good." She's got the reputation of giving good head down the pub and my mates, I didn't believe it, but now I'm being given a real treat.

I thought I was going blow there and then, but she's experience enough to stop thatshe felt my balls were tightening with her bottom lip and withdrew and pinched it, she knew exactly where, then gave me a wink. I then knelt on the floor and locked my lips on hers and Frenched herI then worked my way to her left tit, where 5 years previous I was only playing with, but now I was going to suck it, so I went to work on it by sucking, licking and lightly biting, she became rigid as a another and moaned very loudly "ah!!!!, best orgasm ever had." She leaned to whisper in my ear "Go behind Susie and fuck her, she complained early that no guy will take her virginity, so who better than my hero brother." I stopped sucking her tits and kissed her on the lips and said "Anything for you dear sis" and gave her a wink.

I moved round the bed a got behind Susie where her arse was in the air and took hold of it and got my cock ready to enter when I heard Stacy say to her "Don't stop, gonna cum again" which she did, as I saw Stacy give me a wink then closed her eyes and placed her hands on Susie's head again.

I took that as my cue and slowly entered my little sister as not hurt her too much, then I was Stacy push Susie's face further into her pussy at the same time I pushed through her hemen then I was through the barrier, I heard her scream in pain in Stacy's pussy and Stacy saying her "Don't worry it's always painful the first, the feeling goes after a while" I paused for a minute whilst Susie relaxed, when she eventually did I slowly withdrew my cock to its head then back in again, I did this for about 10 minutes then she started to enjoy it, then I picked up the speed, by this point Susie stopped working on Stacy and concentrated being fucked by me, but not knowing it was me.

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Stacy started to finger herself watching her young siblings gong at it like rabbit's. I could feel Susie's pussy tightened up for her first cock filled pussy orgasm then it happenedI felt her walls vibrate uncontrollably as she began to push back to my rhythm. Stacy looked like she wanted some action and got underneath Susie, and began fondle her tits and I felt kiss and suck my balls as well as licking Susie's clit.

Susie's head just disappeared downwards and started to munch on Stacy pussy again.

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I glanced over at the mirror and could Stacy's hands on Susie's tits and her head between our legs and Susie's head bobbing up and down on Stacy's pussy, I thought that's it and went into overdrive and started pumping furiously into Susie's pussy I felt balls tighten I think Stacy felt them tighten as she put her arms around our legs and grab my arse and helping me thrust in and out of our sister and digging her nails in as she reach another orgasm.

That was it couldn't take no more and unloaded my balls in to Susie, all that pent up sexual frustration flooded Susie's pussy, I could feel her cum again as I kept cumming in her, it was the longest orgasm I have ever had. Eventually, my pussy cum cover cock popped out and flopped into Stacy's mouth as she sucked it clean, once she was finished, she patted me on the arse I moved away as Susie collapsed on to Stacy and you could hear was a deafening slurping sound coming from both ends, I just watched in satisfaction as Stacy licked all my hard earned cum out of Susie in the classic 69, they at it for a good half an hour, I kept thinking have they forgotten about me, when both of them in unison let out an orgasmic cry as they succumbed to yet another orgasm.

They both panted their orgasm away, after which Susie got up in a daze and laid with her head at the top of the bed, looked at me and gave a contented sigh, brushed her hair with her right hand and let out "That was good!!! brother" patted the middle of the bed, which I obliged and sat next to her, she grabbed my face said "Thank You" and kissed me passionatelywe stopped she then gave me a satisfactory smile.

I looked down at Stacy watching us and said "Ah!! How sweet" and then laid the other side of me. So there I was laying naked between my also naked beautiful sisters, I thought it couldn't get any better than this. I looked over at Susie to see that she had fallen asleep and thought "I guess I wont be getting another threesome tonight then." I looked over at Stacy and with my eyes told her look at Susie, she said "You knackered her out, slamming your big fat cock in her" which I promptly said "Don't play innocent with me, it was me who saw you two having a lesbian moment.

Besides would you like the same." she nodded and lightly bit the corner of her lip, parted hers and said "I've been wanting this for 5 years, so regard this as a belated thank you." and pulled me on top of her, and pulled my head towards hers kissed like we did five years ago, I moved my cock into position and found her wet experienced hole and gently entered her and moved to the rhythm of the clock in the room, it was very sensuous. This wasn't hardcore sex anymore, this was love making at its finest, all the women I have had sex with from the mini affair with my French teacher Mrs Barbeau to now, this was going to be something special, I was slowly going in and out of my own sister, now and again moved my head suck her nipples for a while, then back up to lock our lips together.

I picked up a bit of speed, with which she mirrored, but not so fast and furious to wake Susie. We had both lost ourselves in thought and time all we cared about was what we doing, we didn't care that we were brother and sister all we cared about was that we were two people making love. As she normal says "nobody makes love anymore, its just a case of bang bang thank you mam." but tonight was different we moved in unison, I felt I go on all-night and further and I think she felt the same, you could smell the incestuous air in the room, after a long time, she whispered in my ear "I want to remember this for a long time&hellip.cum in me, make me a mother." I changed my speed into top gear, she felt the changed and grabbed my arse again and with every thrust she would pull me further in, it wasn't going to be long before my orgasm erupted, this went on for 40 minutes I felt her walls tighten around my cock as she reached her final orgasm, I then felt her walls ripple uncontrollably up and down my cock, I couldn't contain myself any longer as I felt my balls tighten and released their load into my sister.

With one last shudder I was spent and collapsed on top of her, we both said at the same time (panting) "That was excellent" Stacy finished the sentence with "lets stay like this for ever" then we heard Susie say "don't I get to have some then." both Stacy and I sniggered and I said "You can join anytime you little sis" gave both a kiss on the lips as we all lay there, each one of us dropping of f to sleep.

I woke up the next morning thinking it must have been a dream, as both Stacy and Susie weren't in my arms, I was still in a daze and disorientated thinking "what did I drink last night" then I felt a sensation on my cock, then quickly realised that I was being giving a blowjob, I looked down and saw Stacy working her magic and said "it wasn't a dream then" looked around saw that I was in Susie's room, but no Susie I continued "Where's Susie?" Stacy stopped looked and said "Morning, Susie's making breakfast and no it wasn't a dream, you fucked both of you sisters, you naughty boy." she gave naughty cheeky grin and continued her work with my cock.

It was best way to wake up, she was doing her technique of slowly taking it all in and kissing my ball with her bottom lip, It was fantastic, here was a girl who really knows how give a proper blowjob, after about five minutes of this, she put her hand on my cock and as she was slowly going doing she had her hand all around my cock going down and when getting to my balls she'd cup them and either tickle with her nails or massage the technique would change after each stroke it was fabulous and whilst my cock was two thirds of the way in, she would use her tongue on my bell end.

After a good ten minutes of this technique I couldn't hold on any longer. As she had got to the bottom of my cock I shot my load down her throat, she quickly moved her mouth up my cock until the bell end and began sucking it and swallowing my entire load, it felt like a gallon, but she swallowed it all, once she had swallowed all that could be swallowed, she licked it clean, then looked at me and said "You taste good, bro.

That was present for not only last night but for that time five years ago" I smiled and said "After that performance, I think I now owe you." She was about kiss me, when the phone rang. She looked at me as if to say "Fuck" then we heard Susie answer it, we both listened in to see who it was, when we heard Susie shriek "Mom where are you, when are you coming home&hellip."she paused "really your at the airport, to you want me to send Michael or Stacy to pick you up?" another pause "You've already got a taxi, how long" Stacy and I looked at each other knowing what Susie was doing for our benefit.

Then we heard Susie say "You'll be home in a hour&hellip.great…those two their still in bed, but I'll let them know to expect you, that'll get them up…bye mom" she put the phone down, next we heard her run (more like sprint) up the stairs and burst into the room and said "Mom and Dad will be home in an hour." I said "Fuck…we wont be able what started." Susie then replied "I want more sex with my brother and sister" which I said "we can't, it's smells like a brothel in here, if they come in as the house smells as it does and find only the three of us, they'll figure it out and kick Stacy and I out and you'd be grounded until you walk down the aisle or until your old and wrinkly." which she replied "good point." We ran around the house opening all the window's and stuck all the fans on full blast to get the smell out, it was like something out of a comedy sketch the way we flew around the house opening the windows and cleaning the house, we managed to get it clean and smelling fresh.

We then closed all the windows. Just in time when mom and dad turned up jet lagged and tiredwell dad looked jetlagged and tired, mom just looked stunning, you could tell which side of the family Stacy and Susie get their looks from, she's a spitting image of Mimi Rogers as she said later that night she asked so many times for her autograph.

Anyway she got out of the taxi, leaving dad to settle the bill, Susie ran to give mom a hug, mom said "Susie, you've perked up since we left(before they went Susie was a moody bitch for what ever reason.) you obviously missed us." I gave mom a hug and went and helped dad with the luggage, something was wrong with mom as she walked in house, my sisters and I looked at each other as if to say "We've been rumbled" mom just shook her head and continued inside and said "it's good to be home." Then after an hour of them telling us about their holiday and given us our presents, Susie decided out for a bit to her Friends house she said wont be back for a while and asked what time would dinner be, which I piped up "How about we order a Chinese for tonight, my treat, say 7 o'clock" Susie replied "Ok, later" Stacy said she was going up to bed and said she a bit hung over, dad was absolutely shattered and so headed off to bed himself.

So it was just mom and I left in the living room, I said jokingly "Something I said?" she laughed as well. She went upstairs and showered and changed and came back down with just her robe and went into the conservatory. I was fixing us a drink, I got her a glass of wine, I had a beer, gave her the drink and sat opposite her we started talking about what went on here over the last three weeks, I said nothing major went on. There was a long pause, then she let me have it.

"Do give me that, I know what you've been doing all three of you" I replied as calmly as I could "Nothing, we've been good. I went out last night had a few drinks with guys and come home, that's about as much excitement I've had in weeks" she gave me stern look "I'm not stupid you know, what with Susan a changed person, and Stacy feeling tired, to me that's abnormal……you fucked them didn't you, I could smell it when I walked in." I went to reply "I…" she stopped me before I went on "Stacy gave you her trademark blowjob" I was astounded to hear these words from my mothers mouth.

She went on "I taught her thatsounds like she's perfected it." my mouth flopped open "and as for Susan, before we went away she was a nightmare, which is why we went on holiday, then to come home to find her as nice as pie, it doesn't take a genius to work that out." she put her glass down "what are we going to do with you?" looked back at me.

I said "mom, what can I say, but your imagination is getting the better of you." trying to be smart, you could tell by her face that didn't believe me. "Come here!!" she demanded, I thought I'm gonna get arse kicked here. I did as I was told, the next she did surprised the fuck out me.

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"I'm gonna show you what I taught Stacy" with that grabbed my short and yanked them down to my ankles then my boxers went as well, grabbed my cock and did what Stacy did earlier that morning, here I was again inside the mouth of another family member. She exactly the same, but kissed my balls a bit longer, the did this for about 5 minutes, she then opened her robe to reveal her gorgeous body no ounce of fat on her, her tits were the same as Stacy's, but a little bit bigger and her pussy was freshly shaven, she stopped sucking me, then lifted her legs either side of arms of the chair and ordered "eat your mothers pussy" with no second invitation needed I dropped to my knees, played with her pussy lips, then started lick them from the bottom right up to the clitoris, I could feel she was getting wet, I pushed my tongue into her hole, then out again, I then began suck her clitoris and inserted my index and middle fingers, found her g-spot with my index finger and my middle finger was a little higher, which sent her through the roofexploded into orgasm, she tried not moan too loudly.

I wasn't satisfied with giving her just one orgasm I just kept going until she begged me to stop. I kept going for another 10 minutes, when she had another orgasm, I thought this is easy, I looked at her face, she looked as though she'd had just ran a marathon.

I thought she'd had enough and began to put clothes back on, when she demanded "Where you going? You haven't finished yet. I want your cock in me" with that she reached for my cock, put to the entrance of where I came out of and with her legs wrapped them around my waist and pulled me in her, she felt so good, then with her hands grabbed my head pulled me closer and kissed like no mother and son should, I was very turned on, I pumped her hard and fastshe screaming in my mouth as I brought her to another orgasm, I thought this is it I can't turn back and began to produce my own orgasm, I stopped kissing her and asked "Where do you want it?" she replied forcefully "In me&hellip.motherfucker" with that, I shot my load back from where I came.

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We kissed until my hard-on subsided I got off, put my clothes back on when she said "No wonder Susan's happy, she got to have her brothers big fat cock. From now on your not to masturbate in this house, if you get the urge, come find one of us and fuck our brains out" She got up straightened herself up, kissing me on the lips and said "That was fucking excellent, no wonder your French grades were high. Yes I know about you and Mrs Barbeau, yet who doesn't, it's gone round the whole school and neighbourhood, why do you think she doesn't live round here anymore." with that she slapped me lightly on the cheek.

I not only got to fuck my mother and two sisters, but no and then I get to fuck all three of them in the same room, we have an order of who fucks who, they take it in turns. We continued fucking each other for a good few years. The end of the first year mom got pregnant, she took great pleasure in telling me that it was mine, as Dad hadn't fucked her for two years, then two months later Stacy became pregnant, which left only Susie to fuck, but after 16th birthday she announced she was pregnant.

They all had healthy babies, despite all this doctors saying incest brings deformity in babies. Dad was none of the wiser that all the girls in his family were made pregnant by me. Mom had a son Ethan, Stacy had twins Heather and Jason and Susie had boy and named him Michael.

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5years later mom found out that Dad had cheated on her for 10years and kicked him out when she caught fucking the babysitter who was 18. Stacy found a decent guy married him and had two more kids Amy and George, and Susie met a guy a college and plans to marry him, as for me, mom and I moved out of the family home to somewhere nobody knows that were mother and son, and posed as husband and wife, went to Vegas got married, came back had more kids, around public holidays or now and then Stacy and Susie come round for good old fashioned family fuck.