Chums step daughter dick faking out your father

Chums step daughter dick faking out your father
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About a month had passed since that night at Mike and Sue's. I had gone to another free clinic and had a sonogram which confirmed my pregnancy. It was a very young and inexperienced technician. I was told there was one embryo implanted with a strong heartbeat. I asked to please be sure there was only one and I was told they were pretty sure only one was in there.

In a couple of months I should come back and they would be able to tell more. I didn't ask anymore questions not wanting to raise suspicions. I still didn't know if it was a baby or a puppy. Of course if I stayed pregnant for a couple of more months then I would be sure I was carrying Mikes child. Should I be honest with my husband? How would Sue deal with it? It was a Saturday afternoon when I saw Sue's car leave her house.

My husband was playing golf and wouldn't be home all afternoon. I decided to go see if Mike was home. I wanted to reassure him that if I was pregnant with his baby I wouldn't hold him responsible.

I had on a ribbed tank top and some running shorts. I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was still damp. I had looked in the mirror and of course with my tight abs there was no bump or sign of anything different.

I doubted I would show anything until the last couple of months. I knocked on the door to their house. The front door opened and there was Mike. When he saw it was me he smiled and invited me in. I entered and asked where Sue had gone.

He said she had gone to pick up her Mother and they were going to some antique place to shop. He wasn't sure when they would be back but more then likely a few hours. I nodded and then asked him if we could sit down and talk. He smiled and said of course and offered us to sit on the couch in the den.

As we sat down I kicked off my sandals and put my feet under me and turned toward him. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and looked like he was about to do yard work. He turned toward me and asked me what was on my mind. I didn't know quite where to start and looking at him made my heart start beating fast.

I think he saw that I was a little nervous and he reached out and took my hand. When he did that I felt a warmth spread from my tits to my pussy. I told him I had been to the doctor and the pregnancy was confirmed.

I told him I was pretty sure he was the father even though I wasn't completely convinced yet. I wanted him to know that he shouldn't worry. I didn't hold him responsible and I would decide soon what to tell my husband. I admitted to him that I was worried about Sue and how she would deal with her neighbor giving birth to her husband's child. He said they had not discussed it, that the one time he brought it up she said she didn't want to talk about it.

I sighed and looked down. He told me not to worry about it. He laughed a little and asked how I was, had I been out on any nighttime adventures? I smiled and said no, that since I didn't ovulate this month I didn't have the need for that. Besides, I said, it wouldn't be as much fun without him and Sue. He told me Sue had mated with their male Doberman a few times since our night.

He let her do it alone and didn't participate.

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He asked me if I was feeling alright. I said yes, then said I did have one problem. I was still producing milk and my breasts ached really bad sometimes. I said I could use my breast pump, but that was so cold and mechanical.

I missed the warmth and contact of a living thing. He looked at me and asked me if they were full right now. I said yes and that they were so swollen I couldn't even wear a bra today.

I saw him look down at my chest. I knew my big nipples were hard beneath the ribbed fabric of the tight tank.

He swallowed hard and looked back up at me and asked if he could help me with my problem. I kept a straight face and looked at him and asked how?

He said that night we were together and he had sucked on my breasts and drank my milk was one of the sexiest things he had ever done. He had been dreaming about the possibility of doing it again and now if it would benefit my condition he would offer his services. I smiled and said are you asking me if you can nurse on my milk again? He could barely get the word out, but managed to say yes. I said, OK, where? He looked around and said how about right here on the couch?

I smiled then reached for the bottom of my tank top and peeled it off. My big breasts came free and stood out proud from my chest. My nipples were very hard and my areolas were swollen. I leaned back on the couch and told him to have his way with me. He leaned forward and hefted on of my big boobs in his hand. He smiled and said that yes the felt very full.

He leaned down and gently took my nipple into his mouth. His tongue swirled around it and I bit my lower lip. He adjusted his position on the couch to where he could lay down with his head facing me. Getting comfortable he began to suck more of me into his mouth. My milk started to flow and I held his head against my breast. He was actually very good at this.

It was a nice rhythm he was keeping and I could feel the pressure start to ease in the breast he was working on.

The pressure in my crotch was not easing however and I could tell I was getting wet there. He would switch back and forth between breasts making sure they got equal attention. I didn't expect him to drain them because that was a lot of milk to drink.

I just wanted them to be less full and to have a warm mouth do it. I had my head back with my eyes closed stroking his head. This felt wonderful and the excitement of knowing he was my friend's husband and I was letting him do this was making me wetter. This was such an intimate act, but we had been very intimate before. My mind drifted back to that night and I pictured his big cock entering my pussy. It felt so good I forgot to tell him to pull out.

I was unprotected and he was very potent. Had I really forgotten or was my desire to have him fill me up too great? He let go of my nipple and rolled off the couch. I guess he had his fill of my milk. I still had my head back and my eyes closed. I felt his hands on the waistband of my shorts. He slowly pulled them down and off. I wasn't wearing any panties so I was now completely naked on Mike and Sue's couch. I opened my eyes and looked at him. I could see the desire in them and I could also see the desire in his cock which was hard in his shorts.

I asked him what he was doing. He said earlier I had told him he could have his way with me. I smiled and asked him if that was what he really wanted? He just nodded. I asked him what about Sue his wife? He said not to worry about her and after all he and I were going to have a baby. We wouldn't have to worry about protection.

I opened my arms and legs to him. He quickly took off his shirt and shorts. His big cock was very hard and pointed straight out. The huge head was swollen and wet.

He leaned forward and kissed me. Our tongues swirled and I could taste my sweet milk. Breaking the passionate kiss he made his way down between my breasts to my belly. He lingered there kissing it and tracing the outlines of my muscles. He finally got to my lower belly.


Normally when I was in heat and after male dogs I left things natural down there, but since I had go to the doctor I had trimmed things back. There was a strip down to where my lips started and they were bare. He followed that path and soon I felt his warm breath on my swollen lips.

He kissed them and ran his tongue between them. I whimpered as he did this. I was breathing hard and my stomach was clenching. He used his fingers to spread me open and he licked all around my soaking wet entrance.

Having a dog lick me there felt great, but this was heaven. He knew exactly what he was doing. Finally his mouth found my clit and sucked it in. I hadn't had sex in almost six weeks and I shuddered with my first orgasm. I bucked off the couch some and he held on to my hips. He knew not to linger too long there because my big clit was hyper sensitive.

As I was catching my breath he stood up and flipped me over the couch. My ass and wet pussy was now presented to him and I knew what he was going to do. He moved in close behind me and rubbed his swollen head across my pussy lips wetting it. I had opened up like a flower and he pressed his cock into my core. Slowly he went in taking his time.

He didn't want to hurt me by thrusting to fast. I would let him know if I wanted that. His fat cock was stretching me and it felt so good. He started a slow in and out motion getting gradually deeper. When he hit bottom he asked me if I was OK.


I told him yes and how good his big cock felt inside me. Guys like to hear that stuff and I swear I felt his cock get even bigger. He was using longer strokes now and I was pushing back into him. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit.

Those same balls had produced the seed that was now part of the baby inside of me.


He was an accomplished lover. Even though his big cock was inside a hot tight pussy he was lasting a long time. I felt him grab my legs and turn me over. I was now on my back on his couch and he did this without pulling out.

I wrapped my legs around him and watched his muscular chest above me. I could tell he was concentrating wanting to please me. Neither of us wanted this to end, but we knew it would soon.

I reached up with my hands and pulled him down to me. His chest smashed my big breasts between us. I pulled his mouth to mine and when he kissed me I moved my hands down his back to his ass urging him on.

It felt so different in this position. This was much more personal the doggie style. Our bodies were as one.

We were as close as two people could get. He was now making love to me and I was to him. This had gone way beyond just casual sex, I could tell. I broke our kiss and I told him I didn't know how I would be able to stop doing this with him. He looked me in the eye and told me he never wanted to stop doing this with me.

I pulled him down to kiss me again. My nipples were rubbing across his hairy chest. His huge fat cock was plowing my hot pussy. He broke our kiss and raised up over me. From the look on his face I could tell he was close and so was I. He looked to be almost in pain as he stroked faster. He grabbing my hips he pulled himself deep within me and I felt it.

His huge cock was spasming inside me. I felt his hot cum shoot out of it in a huge eruption. I quickly was overtaken by my own eruption. My vagina fluttered and squeezed him. As I gave into it my whole body thrashed about. I couldn't help it. He hung onto me and finished draining himself into my pussy.

We both finally slowed down and he collapsed forward onto my chest. He held me and I held on to him as his cock stayed inside me, not wanting to leave. My cunt muscles gripped and squeezed him, milking every drop out of him. Finally I tapped his shoulder and told him he was heavy. He raised up and smiled, slowly pulling his magnificent cock out of me.

When the big head popped out I actually felt empty. He helped me stand up and naked we held each other again. He asked me if I wanted to take a shower and I told him no that this had been risky enough. He laughed and said it wasn't risky, that I couldn't get pregnant.

I told him that's not what I meant, I meant that we could get caught. Just as I said that we both heard a noise in the kitchen. We both looked and there in the kitchen stood Sue. She was looking at us standing there naked in each others arms.

She had a questioning look on her face of disbelief. I tried to say it wasn't what she thought. She said it was exactly what she thought, her husband and next door neighbor had just had sex in her den.

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Mike and I both tried to find the words to explain but couldn't. Sue continued and said that this looked like it had gone way beyond some swinging casual sex. It looked like we were doing this behind her back. I tried to say something, but she just walked past us and went in her bedroom, closing the door. I sighed and picked up my clothes and got dressed. I walked to the front door and turned back to Mike and whispered that I was sorry. He looked at me and smiled and said he wasn't.

I walked out and went back home. Another month went by and I was still pregnant. I wasn't showing at all though I knew I had gained a couple of pounds. I hadn't talked to Mike or Sue since she caught us. Mike had called the house a couple of times but I didn't answer. I was 2 ½ months pregnant and I had decided to tell my husband the truth. If he loved me he would stand by me. If he didn't then I would be on my own. I was going to tell him everything. All about the dogs, Mike, everything.

He would be home later this evening from a business trip and that's when I would tell him. Knowing I had made this decision made me feel better. I was smiling to myself and I place my hand on my stomach.

I felt something move in there. It moved again and I felt a cramp. Another one hit and I felt a wetness between my legs. I went to the bathroom and removed my shorts. This wasn't like the other times. My water had broken and I was in labor.

My labor pains were getting stronger and closer together. I got into the bathtub naked. I decided not to call for help and do this myself. What ever was going to happen I couldn't stop it. My cervix had quickly dilated and something large was dropping down. It was really stretching me passing through my canal. I had to bear down and push when the cramps hit. When it reached the exit it got stuck.

I was sweating and breathing hard. Another big cramp hit and I pushed with all my might. The opening to my pussy stretched some more and slowly I gave birth. I looked down between my legs and couldn't believe my eyes. It was a puppy. A very large Rottweiler puppy.

I was in shock and hesitated doing anything. I came to my senses and grabbed a towel to clean him off. Yes it was a him. I used the towel and some warm water and cleaned all the goo from him. Luckily I was in the tub to contain the mess. I dried him off and he was squirming in my arms.

He seemed to be physically normal and breathing on his own. I set him down in a warm towel on the floor and finished cleaning myself up. The cramps had stopped and I guess there were no more puppies inside me. I put some clean clothes on and cleaned up the bathroom. I picked up my newborn puppy and sat down in a rocking chair and held him close. This was the biggest newborn puppy I had ever seen. Rotty's were a big breed and his daddy was big. He was going to be huge.

I was in awe watching him whimper and squirm in my arms when I realized what he wanted. I lifted my shirt up exposing my large breasts. My nipples were already hard and drops were forming at the tips. I brought him close to nuzzle against them and get a scent of me. He opened his mouth and licked once then latched on to me. My milk flowed and he drank.

Yes I was his Mother and it was a miracle. The Rotty's sperm had fertilized my egg. It had been in competition with Mike's to reach it first. Maybe that's why I was able to take this puppy to term. The Rotty's gene's were very dominant and made sure I had his puppy. I smiled as I stroked his head. My son was nursing from me and nobody was ever going to take him away from me.

I had my head back and my eyes closed enjoying the moment when I heard a noise. I looked up and saw my husband standing in the doorway. He looked down and saw the puppy nursing from my breast. He said that wow that is a big one and asked when I got him. I made up a story about seeing a sign in a yard in the neighborhood. The female dog had a litter and rejected it. He was the only one to make it from the litter and was very special.

My husband didn't question me and seeing me nurse the puppy didn't phase him. When the puppy had his fill I got some pillows and I laid down on the floor with him snuggled up against the warmth of my naked breasts.

We both drifted off to sleep there, Mother and Son. Over the next few weeks I did little else then spend time with my puppy. He was always hungry and growing fast. I let him nurse whenever he wanted and even slept with him. One afternoon I was out in the front yard letting him play in the grass. His eyes were open and he was just being a puppy. I looked up and saw Mike walking toward me.

Mike stopped and asked how I was. I stood up and smiled at him and said he didn't have anything to worry about anymore that I wasn't pregnant. I saw a look come over his face. It was almost sadness, but then he smiled and said well he thought that might be for the best.

I walked over to him and stood close laying my hand on his chest. I told him to not be too disappointed. I told him I would have loved to have his baby, but it would have complicated his and Sue's life.

He said that was already complicated enough. All Sue wanted to do was fuck the male Doberman. She was doing it once or twice a day, every day. He suggested some counseling, but she wasn't interested. We both felt the puppy sniffing and rolling around at or feet. He looked down and made a comment on how big he was and asked when I got him. I almost told him the truth, but hesitated the told him the same story as the one I told my husband.

Mike said he had to go and he was glad I was feeling well and that I looked great. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me close for a hug. He held me tightly for a moment and whispered in my ear that he loved me. I took his face in my hands and looked him in the eye and told him that I loved him to. I then told him to go back home and work on it with Sue. He reluctantly let go of me and nodded then turned and walked back home. I picked my big boy up and went inside my house. He was hungry again of course.

About 8 months had gone by since that day. My husband was traveling a lot so when I told him I was keeping the dog for protection he agreed. I had weaned him off my milk at about 3 months.

It was tough and I made the decision to let my breasts dry up. I had been lactating for years and felt it was time to stop. My big boy was almost 180 lbs. The vet couldn't believe he was that big for his age, but said it was all muscle and he was in perfect health. He asked me if I was going to get him fixed or was I going to breed him? That got me tongue tied for a moment and I said I would make that decision soon.

On the drive back home from the vets I wondered what I should do. I hadn't been with a dog in almost a year. His father was the last one. Thinking about sex with his father made me very wet. When we got home I was still daydreaming about that as we went inside. We were alone in the house when I bent over to pick something up and he stuck his big head in my ass and sniffed.

I stood up quickly and turned to look at him. He was sitting there with a curious look on his face. He came back over to me and sniffed my crotch from the front. I tried to walk away from him but he followed me. Finally I gave up and decided to just let him satisfy his curiosity.

I sat on the couch and opened my legs to let him smell me.

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He came over and stuck his large head there and took deep breaths while nuzzling into my pussy. I couldn't help myself and just got wetter. After a few minutes of this I guess he wanted more because he grabbed the material of my shorts in his teeth and pulled. He was pulling harder now obviously wanting to take my shorts off. He was smart enough to know the shorts were in the way of the source of my scent.

I could have stopped him there, or at least I think I could have, but I didn't. I helped him peel my shorts and panties off over my hips and then off completely.

I spread my legs again totally exposed and hope that would be enough. He gave his Mother a couple of sniffs to confirm he was at the source and then proceeded to lick me. It felt so good and since I hadn't had sex in awhile I was getting into it. He kept trying to shove his hot tongue up inside me and was taking little nips of my clit too. The lust inside me had risen up to the point where I didn't care if this was my Son doing this to me. If I had been a female dog this would have been perfectly normal.

Mothers are bred to their Son's all the time. I pulled my shirt off and rubbed my tits as he continued to lick me. My breasts had dried up but the nipples had stayed long and sensitive. They also had not gotten any smaller. I wore a 34DD to a 34E depending on the bra. I was having little mini orgasms as he licked me. I wondered if he would stop or go farther. Did I want him to go farther? I soon found out as he jumped up on the couch with his forepaws.

I looked between my legs and saw it. He wanted to fuck me. His huge cock was poised there dripping with precum. I couldn't believe the size of it.

Not thinking twice about it I let go of my breasts and reached down to help guide him into me. The tip touched my wet, hot opening and he started to hunch his hips. The head of his cock was very large and I was having trouble getting it in my tight pussy.

I was sure it was bigger then his fathers. I angled my hips a little different and slowly I stretched enough for him to enter. He was huge and it hurt some.

I had to hold on to his cock with my hands because my Son was impatient and wanted to shove his entire cock in his Mother. I was able to get the widest part in and then let go to let him plow me.

He was a virgin and I was glad I was his first. Soon he had forced his fat cock all the way in me and I knew for sure he was bigger then his father. My pussy was stretching and molding itself to be able to take him.

He was rapidly thrusting with abandon. Like all young guys he couldn't control himself when he was in a tight hot pussy. I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to complete the task when I felt his hard knot bang into my lips. Was my boy going to be able to tie with me? From the size I knew his cock was I had to guess his knot was huge. We were fucking belly to belly on the couch and he was trying to push it into me. Sex with a dog can be risky, but my lust took over and I wanted him all the way in me.

I wrapped my legs around his ass and pushed him forward. He seemed to get the message and he pressed his knot into my entrance stretching me more. I bore down and pushed him forward more. My pussy opened up and like a big vacuum sucked his knot inside. OMG it was so big and it hadn't even swelled to maximum size.

Would I be able to get it back out? Right now I didn't care. I just loved the feeling of having my Son's big cock deep inside me. I felt something. He was cumming. My Son was cumming inside me. I was so much in love with him.

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I stroked his fur and told him that. Then I realized something. I still wasn't on the pill and he was mature enough to be very virile. My Son could get me pregnant like his father did. Did I want that to happen now that I knew it was possible? I counted the days since my last period and knew I probably wasn't ovulating yet, but there still was a chance.

I hugged him close and enjoyed the warmth spread in my pussy as he filled me up with his seed. We had been locked up together for about ten minutes when he decided he wanted to turn around on me.

I helped him slide off me to one side and flip his leg over. His huge knot was still very much lodged in my pussy. I felt very full of his cock and his load. He trued to pull out a little but it wasn't happening. I was trying to hold him still until he went down some more when I heard it.

The door to the garage opened and in walked my husband. He was home from his business trip early. He walked into the den and took in the scene before him.

There I was on my back on the couch naked with my legs spread wide. My dog was standing there with his ass backed up to my pussy because his huge cock was still locked up inside my pussy. There really wasn't much for me to say so I just waited for my husband's reaction. My dog had a reaction though.

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He looked at my husband and growled really deep and menacing. He wanted to make sure my husband knew I was his since he had just claimed me. My husband stood there in disbelief for a moment longer.

He then got this strange look on his face and said that he was glad he had caught me and that this would just make things easier. He told me that one of the reasons he had been traveling so much lately was it gave him a chance to spend more time with one of his co-workers.

It was a woman in his dept who he was having an affair with. He had gotten tired of me not wanting sex and making him wear a condom so one night at a work party he had hooked up with her and they had been fucking ever since. He was going to tell me this weekend that he wanted a divorce, but now since he knew about this he was sure I would grant him one.

He would let me keep the house and the mortgage but as of tonight he was moving out. He did have one question for me. He asked me why on earth I was fucking a dog? Just at that moment my Son pulled hard and his huge knot emerged from my pussy followed by a foot of fat dog cock. It was truly a magnificent sight. His huge load poured out of me. I looked back at my husband with a knowing look. The dogs cock was four times the size of his cock.

I just smiled and said, that's why. I told him to hurry up and get out. My divorce was final. I had to go back to work to be able to pay the mortgage, but was still struggling. I figured I would have to sell the house soon. One evening there was a knock at my door.

I went to open it and there stood Mike. I smiled at him and invited him in. My heartbeat sped up and I felt warm. I hadn't seen much of him and wondered if he and Sue had worked things out. We sat down and he asked me where my husband was. I told him the story of him catching me and then his moving out.

When I said our divorce was recently final Mike's eyes lit up. I asked him how Sue was and he said that her obsession with fucking the dog had not eased up. One day when he came home Sue, her things and the two dogs were gone. She left him a note explaining that she didn't love him anymore and only wanted to be with the dog from now on. She left him some divorce papers to sign as well. So here we sat, two newly single adults. I think the reality of the situation was setting in with both of us.

We looked into each others eyes and smiled. I looked deeply into his eyes and I knew he loved me and I loved him too. He reached for me, pulling me close and I didn't resist. He kissed me long and deep. I took him by the hand and led him into my bedroom. Undressing each other we climbed up on the bed.

I could feel his hard cock between us pressing in my belly. I rolled him on his back and climbed up on top. I raised up and guided his swollen tool to my entrance. Slowly I lowered myself as he squeezed into me. I had to back off and stop then continue to get him in. I was fully impaled on him and I knew that I wanted to do this forever. I started to ride his cock and he reached up to play with my tits. He rolled me over on my back and made love to me.

He told me I was the one for him. He loved me and wanted to marry me. I smiled and told him I loved him too. I closed my eyes when I felt him cumming inside me. His desire for me almost made me cry. I knew I would have this man's babies. I held him close and we drifted off to sleep.

When we woke in the morning we made love again. It was slow and caring. He wanted to make sure he please me and he sure did. After our shower I told him how I was going to have to sell my house. I wasn't sure where I was going to live yet. He took my hand and said I could move in with him so we could be together. We could stay in his house or sell it too and buy a place of our own, maybe even in the country. That's just what we did.

We sold both homes and bought a small farm with a big old house just right for a family.

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I did have Mike's babies. We have two son's and a baby daughter. We took my dog too and we all live the country life now. I never have told Mike exactly how I got my dog. Maybe someday I will. Mike's big cock keeps me very satisfied. Sometimes though I find myself looking at the dog and remembering.

We also recently got a pony for the kids. It's a male stallion. I wonder. The End