Meaty wang penetrates deep inside the wet pussy hole

Meaty wang penetrates deep inside the wet pussy hole
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My cell phone rang as I was leaving the office and climbing into my car. I pulled it from the clip and flipped it open, saw it was Alexiandra a attractive 27 year old woman, who is seperated from her husband.

I have not seen or heard from her in two months. I smiled as I spoke into the phone. " Hello there." " Hi." A soft voice answered. " Are you on your way home?" " I am. Where are you?" " I'm already home." " You are? Did you leave early?" I asked as I started the car and guided it out of the parking lot towards the street. " I wrapped up things and decided to come home early.

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Do some things, clean, laundry." she trailed off. " I see. And are you calling to see if I want take you to dinner?" I joked. I heard her laugh in response and smiled. " No, I wasn't calling for that. I was calling to ask a favor." " Oh, and what's the favor?" I asked, as I turned the car onto the next street.

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" Well as she said, I'm doing laundry." " Yes." " And well, if I do all the laundry, I won't have anything to wear, and I was wondering." I smiled at the image of her not wearing anything. " What were you wondering', baby?" " Would you mind if I wore your shirt. I found it in my closet.just while I do the laundry?" she said softly. " Please?" I groan, and put pressure on the accelerator of the car.

I cleared my throat and switched the phone to my other hand. " You want to wear one of my shirts." " While I do the laundry." She affirmed. " One of your button down ones. maybe your blue jean one? I like that one." " The blue jean one." I repeated, hoping like hell I wasn't going to pass a cop on the way to her place. " Yes. I really like that one. It's soft and worn, and feels nice." Her voice seduced me while she talked. "I mean, I won't have anything on underneath, and it feels comfortable against my skin." I shifted in my seat, feeling pressure in my pants as I imagined her in my shirt with nothing on underneath.

I took a cursory glance around and groaned in frustration as someone pulled out in front of me. " So." I turned on my turn signal and blew past three cars and pushed on the accelerator even more.

" I know you're if you have to hang up." she trailed off. "'m ok." I reassured her. " So.if I know you, you've already got that shirt on and are just asking me to let me know you're wearing it." I chuckled softly. " Oh now, why would you think that?" She laughed. " Because I know you." I shot back.

" Well, I thought maybe you'd want to know I found it at my case you had somewhere to be and wanted to wear it. could not find it." " Mmmm, and you just had to call and ask, didn't you?" I murmured, seeing her road up ahead and accelerating faster. " I wanted to be fair." She whispered.

" Fair?" I chuckled. " You think it's fair to call me and tell me on my way home, behind the wheel of a car, that you're home early, in one of my shirts, with nothing on underneath?" " I bet you get here in record time." She whispered. " I'm almost there." I murmured, as I flew down the road.


" you have it on?" " Mmmm.well yes. I do." She answered. " Is that ok? I could take it off." " don't take it off." I groaned. " Just." "Yes?" " Do you have it buttoned all the way?" I asked, torturing myself as I saw her house in the distance.


" Not all of them." I shifted again in my seat and pulled into her driveway. " Alexiandra?" " Yes?" " Meet me at the door." He bit my lip as I threw off my seat belt, turned off the car and climbed out.

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I shut my phone and practically ran up the steps to the door. I saw the door open, and she stepped out and leaned against the door frame. I look her up and down from her long brown hair, over her face, down the blue denim shirt, and her bare legs. I saw her smile at me as her hand trailed her fingers in the opening of the shirt just at her breasts and smiled at me. I stepped up to her just close enough to touch. " Hi." She whispered.

" Hi." My gaze is hypnotizing, piercing and she feels herself melt as I look into them, her own reflection looking back at me from the beautiful orbs. Her inner thighs are trembling, quivering with the need to be touched, kissed, and spread. I came towards her. She is frozen to the spot.

My hand reaches out, my thumb and forefinger taking her chin between them before I tilted her head back so I could really gaze into her deep chocolate brown eyes. " Mon cher, you are so beautiful." My voice is thickened with a momentary French accent and she feels the chill run down her spine.

When my minted breath skimmed across her lips she found herself lured and captured in the trap I had set. My hands cupped her neck, and before she can think to say thank you to the compliment I had provided her, my mouth had taken her, hostage. My tongue came forward, licking over the protrusion of her bottom lip, relenting only to lower my mouth and kiss at her collarbone.

Her bare shoulder became a kissable canvas for me to adore with soft licks and kisses, the occasional bites causing my mouth and tongue to become the brush that painted the soft purple marks on her pale skin. She had realized just how hungry she is for me until my hands slid up the back of her skirt, feeling her bare skin. She feel my fingers scrape against her skin, my thumbs digging into waist before I drag them slowly down her hips, over the firm cheeks of her ass and down her thighs.

I pull away from the marking of her skin just long enough to close the door, my hand rubbing her pussy, then bringing my hand up for a deep inhale of her nectar.

A groan rumbled in my chest that sounded comparable to thunder as my tongue came out to lick through the creamy residue on my fingers and I smirked at her. I wrap my arms around her waist, I lifted her in the air getting her legs to wrap around my hips and her arms around my neck. The cold tough texture of the wall behind her, scraped against her shoulder and back. Again I captured her into a kiss, devouring her to her soul as my tongue slides over her lips, teeth, tongue, just tasting her as if the kiss would let me taste just how ready she is for me.

The clink of metal echoed in her ear, followed by the soft scrape of a zipper being undone. Warm, hard, flesh pressed between her folds, a thick cock ready to sink inside her and she feels a trickle of her excitement leave her creamy hole and move down, just to drip onto my cock head. I smirked against her lips, heated breath skimming against her, and she knew it was time.

As I pull from the kiss, I look down at her so I can watch her face.

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My hips press forward, pushing the thickened rod with intense pressure. Pushing, pushing causing the tiny hole of her slit to finally widen enough so that with a sharp - POP! - my cock head pushes into her cunt. Slowly my hips push forward, stretching the velvet heat of her walls so my engorged cock can sink in deeper and deeper. Then I hit the gold mine - the hard yet pliable wall of her cervix. She purrs for this, urging this contact and I growl my response.

The moment my entire cock had settled inside of her, her first orgasm ripples through her, soaking my cock with creamy juice. This made it easier for my cock to penetrate her, my hips pulling back only to press back in with a heated rhythm.

Her heavy breaths turning into groans as I begin to buck against her. Each thrust causing her chest and shoulders to scrape against the wall, and she knew that she will have marks there for days to remind her of this night. My hands move from her waist to her hips, grasping the handles of her body to allow my thrusts to move faster, and deeper.

With her body pinned between me and the wall, her hips wiggled, squirmed, desperately trying to urge me to continue taking her. Her orgasms keep coming one after anotherher vaginal walls grasping around me tightly each one causing her to grow tighter around me.

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She feels my cock thicken, my mouth is salivating against her neck. I dipped my mouth, forcing her head to tilt to the side as I bit her neck harder, the once small marks becoming bigger and more sensitive. Her hands reaching back grabbing my waist, where her fingers curled, her nails pressing down biting through the cloth to the skin. Mine! Mine! Be MINE! One arm wrapped around her waist, my fingers gripping her left side as the other hand slams against the wall. I'm practically screaming in her ear at this point, my moans escalating into a primal snarl, " Fuck your cunt feels so good, milking my cock like this, I knew I picked a good one." I laughed, I bit my shoulder and then she feels my cock swell inside her.

It thickened as it filled, the veins around my shaft becoming bloated, and my hips thrust at a faster pace, she didn't know was possible. SLAM! My last thrust pinning my body against her, as my orgasm slams into her. Shot after shot of my seed erupted in the depths of her cunt, pooling in her inner back walls being sucked into her womb with the steady pulse of her walls.

Blinding white light surged in her head, biting her lip to suppress her screams. We came down together, my body still pinned to her and slowly I lower my hand off the wall, and with a laugh, I pull my body back to look down at her, my hand clasping her throat.

" I'm not done with you yet, you're going to take another load inside this slutty little fuck-hole." She can't help but groan, her eyes rolling back in her head at my words. Dirty talk made her entire being just melt, and her pussy clamping around me again, milking my cock again.

My hand around her throat squeezed for a moment, cutting off all breath from her lungs for just a few seconds before I release her throat, my arms wrapping around her to carry her - still impaled on my cock.

" My dirty fuck-slut, I'm going to wreck you." I pull my cock out of her. Alexiandra got on her hands and knees as she offered up her fucked cunt to me again. She took my big hard cock and rubs it up and down her wet slit as she opens her swollen lips to better feel my cock as she rubs it over her cunt. She is so wet and her bare pussy is on fire as she feels my big cock head entering her again.

She is ready for it as she took my slimy cock and guided it to her pussy. When my cock sank into her again, she almost past out from the pure enjoyment she is feeling! It had been so long since she had my cock in her and she never knew just how much she missed it until now.

She feels the hot heat from my cock as it slides so deep in her, filling her pussy again, as I slam it all the way into her. The friction my cock is so hot in her!

She reaches back and pulls her pussy lips wider as I begin to rapidly thrust my hot cock into her. She feels every inch of my cock as it slams into her, she lays there with her head in the pillows as I ram relentlessly into her tight pussy.

My hands are on her hips as she feels my cock swell up inside her again. I have my knot against her pussy, " Alexiandra, I'm going to show you how a real man claims a woman and wrecks her." then she feels it spreading her so wide!

My baseball size knot then slams her pussy. She bites the pillow to keep from screaming as the excruciating pain ripples through her. The thick knot is inside her as my cock head slams against her cervix, filling her so full of that big cock.

She took my knot and pushed back to receive all of my huge cock inside of her.


She has never been fucked by a man with a huge cock and knot in her life. This is the first time she has ever been knotted with a man, My God! It is so GOOD! As I held her tight to my cock with my hands, I begin to thrust fast into her as she begins to cum each time I slam my cock as it hammers her womb, deep inside her.

She is now my bitch and she is loving it! I'm fucking her so hard and fast, she feels my cock start throbbing inside her. She knew I'm ready to fill her with my hot cum. Then she feels me begin to erupt, filling her pussy with my cum again. It is so hot as it splashes against her cervix so deep in her convulsing pussy.

We stop when my knot went down and she released my soft cock from her wet pussy. She is dripping cum as she got up and cleaned my cum from her well fucked pussy. I had fucked her so hard that her cunt will be sore for three days. She had never been fucked like that and she enjoyed every minute of it. From the fucking I gave her, she knew I fucked other women the same way.