Hot lesbians are sharing wet cracks

Hot lesbians are sharing wet cracks
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. TWO LADIES FROM THE PAST: I happened to find myself at the store that I had worked at during my youth and marriage in Presidential City. It is about forty miles south of Big City where I now reside and work for a very large CPA firm.

I was in town to visit my youngest son, who had gotten himself into somewhat of a problem with his debt. He was single, but living with a woman with four kids, who virtually worshipped him. They had made a number of foolish financial decisions that far exceeded their ability to pay for and were in danger of losing her place that she had a lot of equity in.

So, to help them without encouraging them to repeat their foolishness, I paid off their debts, put some funds in their savings account and took a lien against her house to cover it. I would never foreclose on them, but they didn't know that, and I wasn't about to let them know that, either. And I also sat down with them and worked out a workable budget, taking in account their real income from both of their jobs.

It would allow them to operate on an even keel, and have a bit of fun in the process, but not allow them to be extravagant again. They were somewhat resentful for my insinuation into their financial affairs, but after all, they had no other source of help and if they followed the budget, they would do well.

And after a couple of years of being responsible, I would forgive the loan and withdraw the lien in celebration of their more reasonable approach to life's expenses. However, I did not give them the funds directly, but I accompanied the nice young partner of my son on a whirlwind tour of their debtors and paid each of them off personally.

No use tempting them into further wasteful expenditures. And she was a lot of fun on the tour, also. Before I began the drive home, I stopped at the store that I used to work at and happened to encounter a woman that I had known for years, during my marriage to my exwife.

She had been a fellow member of a certain Christian group, and though we had not been actual social friends with her and her husband of that time, we had been together in serving the interests of the group over the years. Because of my status with the group then, I was cognizant of some of the challenges of their marriage then.

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And was surprised to not see a ring on her finger at this meeting. I had gotten to know their children, because their two girls would stop at our place on the way to middle school, to await it to open, since both of their parents left home much earlier than that and they didn't want them to be alone at home while they were gone. The two girls were very pretty and properly dressed. Evidence of the class that their mother had in her own personal bearing. I had lost contact with that family and all of the others when my wife and I divorced.

So, I was very surprised when she addressed me in the aisle of the store, instead of ignoring me. "Hello, Franklin," she addressed me with a very warm smile, followed by a very warm-hearted hug.

I couldn't remember her ever being that openly affectionate in our previous intersections of our lives. She had always seemed regal to me and though not cold-hearted, at least very strictly proper in her actions. She then backed off and asked how I was doing. I was flustered at what to do about this, because I did not want to have any appearance of interfering with her standing with our group, of which I was under severe censure and restrictions because of my behavior in leading up to the divorce and what happened especially afterwards.

"Should we be talking Sister, since I am under censure by our religion?" "Yes, we should. I know a lot about that now. It came open afterwards with the actions of your exwife.

I am not putting her down, but we soon got to know of what you had silently put up with over the years. I am so sorry about that. As you know, I put up with even worse with Aston, my husband. But, like you, I put up with it until the children were grown and then I kicked him out.

He is living out of state now. I don't even know where. But, he did not contest our divorce, so I am thankful for that. Because of all of this, and a little matter of which I tripped up in, I am also in a censured condition with the congregation." "I see, sorry to hear that. But, you are mistaken that I had to put up with many unpleasantries over the years.

It was only in the last few that things got really bad. Before that I feel that we were rather happy over the years. I still honor those great years and mourn that things went so very badly at the end. And it was mostly due to me that it happened, too." "I know what you were supposed to have done, and I know that some of it was true. But, your ex so overstated your errors, that it helped us to think more carefully about you. After all, many of us Sisters had been in the ministry with you and knew of the extremely proper manner of your addressing and dealing with us.

It was not that you didn't find us attractive, you were just very proper in your handling of it, and all of us admired that very much about you. So, we easily saw through her exaggerations." "Through my daughter, I have heard that she has come to a better accommodation with what happened and taken on at least some of the blame for it." "That is true, but only sometimes. Other times she still reviles you, and exaggerates in doing so." "Well, I know what happened and so I will leave that topic alone.

How are you doing yourself, since Aston isn't around anymore?" "I am fine, but miss having a man about the house. But am not missing him at all." "What would you like to do now that we have met? You know that I have always respected and liked you, of course?" "I know that you live up in Big City, so how about I come up and we can have lunch together sometime and discuss things?" "How about Denny's right off the freeway?

Here I will put my security phone number on your cell and only TEXT you if it is appropriate. It has no name associated with it, so who I am cannot be traced on it. Just TEXT me and let me know when would work out for you." "Will do." And with that she left.

A couple of days later, I got a text from her and we met at that Denny's on a summery Saturday noon. She was all spiffed up in a very proper manner and we sat and enjoyed a pretty good meal there. After a lot of small talk, and the completion of our meal, she asked if she could see my condo that I lived in now. And so I had her follow me home and directed her into a vacant visitor spot and took her by the arm up to my modest condo. When she moved in, I eased her to the lounging chair and asked for her choice in a beverage, she asked for white wine, and it turned out that though I rarely drink, I did have a bottle in the fridge.

I poured it into a frosted glass, and she thanked me for it. She didn't seem all that interested in the condo after a very brief look around, it seemed that I was the center of her attentions.

After finishing her wine, she asked to use the bathroom and withdrew from me for several minutes. I don't usually concern myself about a woman's duties in the bathroom, but when they delay for more than about twenty minutes, I do get a bit concerned about what might be going on. But, when she came out, I noticed right away that some of the bottom of her dress was missing Evidently about a third of it on the bottom was of a nature to allow an easy off action.

Also, her bodice was greatly reduced in covering, and her hair was up in a very attractive do.


Her make-up was considerably more evident and I could detect a very intoxicating perfume permeating the living room air. She just smiled as she moved her glass and herself over to sitting beside me, to my great surprise. And then she looked at me and said, "I am now going to insist on getting what a lot of the ladies we knew wanted from you." And with that, she moved into my arms and took her lips up to mine to start something, and I was sure that I knew what. Her arms moved around my neck and mine moved down to discover hidden treasures that I had only imagined of over the years.

Her breasts, even in bra cups were quite small but solid. Her belly was long and smooth. Her groin was totally shaved and getting wet as I searched its treasures. She soon, took off her dress and loosened her bra, so that I could give them their proper due.

So, after kissing her soundly, I moved down to her nipples and small titties and kissed, nestled and suckled on them like a baby would. She was moaning and smiling at the same time over my attentions.

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Then I lifted her remaining dress lower half and gently removed her panties. With this done, I got a whiff of her pussy and it was very sweet to the nose. When I moved my mouth up to her slit, she was a bit shocked and remarked that Aston would never do that for her and it inhibited her ability to respond to him.

I let her know that she would be getting a lot of this from me, if she wanted it. And then she giggled and said that she surely would. So, my wet and warm tongue found its home in her pussy and stayed at home for some time.

When I was tiring a bit, I had us move to the bed and she then removed the rest of her clothing and assumed the 69 position with me. She had some experience with that, but would need some more lessons to get the most out of it. But, we still got really turned on with what she already knew and then she with a smile on her mouth, moved to her back and opened her legs for me to enjoy her pussy vault.

As I moved into her she let me know that she could no longer get pregnant, so for me to 'shoot away,' as it were. So, I moved up into her pussy vault and she exhorted me to not spare her, but to give it all that I had.

So, I had this regal lady naked and under me, with my dick up into her pussy pounding away. The deion doesn't even come close to the actuality of it, and after a bit, she came and then I emptied up into her and she moaned to me how much she had enjoyed this and wanted more, if I would be up to it.

So, we moved over to our sides facing each other, but on opposite ends and enjoyed some side by side 69 for some time afterward. Afterwards, she inquired about seeing me again, and I said that we could look into that, that I was enthusiastic about it and desirous of introducing her to some other fun sexual things that we could do. She remarked she was up to anything but anal, but I knew from the past that women can have their minds changed over that if it is approached correctly.

So I just nodded and she clung to me all the way to the door, for her to leave. We texted back and forth over the next two weeks and then made a date to see each other again up in Big City.

This time she came right to my condo and joined me there. We settled on doing a Role Play, something that she had never done before.

I discussed several possibilities and because of our backgrounds, she chose the visiting missionary seduced by the local pastor. She was very well dressed for this. She had on a very conservative outer outfit, with a severe hairdo and a face expression to match.

A real man-hating religious zealot on display. Sister Angela had never been of that nature in the time that I had known her, even with a bit of a stiff jerk for a husband. But, with a will to enjoy being fucked by a long desired friendly man, she got into the role very well.

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"Welcome Sister Frigid to our little congregation. It is a pleasure to have you in residence for a while. I see that we have you staying in the home of Sister Old Timer. Are the accommodations satisfactory?" "Well, Pastor, Sister Old Timer is rather crusty in her manners and the rooms are very spare.

But, they will do until something more reflective of my stature in the church can be recognized. She is a good cook." "I see, we will have to look in to that for you.

I wouldn't want you to feel unappreciated during your extended visitation." And then he added, "During our meeting last night, did you see anything that you thought might be up to some improvement within our congregation?" "Not to be unnecessarily critical, but I thought that your sharing with the congregation was a bit spare on the condemnation of sin and the elicitation of the results of flouting God's Law for believers.

And it seemed that the children were a bit too obvious in their presence, instead of lingering in the background as proper Christian Children should. The husbands were somewhat more friendly to the women not of their households than I am used to seeing. I wonder if that has been the genesis of any marital troubles among them. And the women seemed to be dressed much more stylishly than would be proper for reverent women aware of their fallen state before God and Christ." The quite intimidated pastor responded meekly, "Anything else called to your attentions?" "That is enough for now, Pastor." At that he heard the teapot sound off, so invited her to take a seat at the small visitor's dining table in his office at the church.

He arose and brought out the tea service and prepared her cup for her. He then returned with a small plate of scones with melted butter and jam, costs of such victuals being contained against a pastor's financial resources.

But, she was very proper in her manner of partaking of the offerings and used a very splendid little finger upward reach to take up her drink.

As he moved behind her to refresh her cup of tea, he noticed that her very conservative outfit had a flaw. The bodice was too loose with her small breastworks and so puckered up, leaving a very open view of her breast tops from his position. So, he unconsciously reached down to correct the mismatch of her upper outfit with her status as a very proper church woman and accidentally found his hand thrust down inside of her clothing and his hands cupping her nearest breast.

She at first flinched and then under the influence of the feeling generated by this invasion of her private self, relaxed and settled back into her chair to await what further atrocities my delight her.

He delayed moving his hand back out of where it didn't belong and she cooed behind a hiding hand over her mouth as the feelings he was generating traveled all the way down to her nether regions. An area that hadn't been stimulated to this degree since the previous night at the intrusion of her fingers up into her female hole. As she was obviously responding to his touches, he looked down and saw that one of her shoe laces was a bit loose and brought it up to her attention.

She didn't bother to look, but instead moved around in her chair to be pointing face into the room and widened out her feet to enable him to address this concern for her safety and comfort. As he moved down to address the errant shoe tie, he got his glasses entangled in the weave of her dress and so, he reached down to the lower hem and rose the dress up to above her lap to enable him to retie her shoe without any interference to his glasses, again.

When he looked up from taking care of her shoe, he got a full view of some surprisingly sexy underpants. French in style, he surmised. And the odors wafting from them had him spellbound right then.

With his upper brain turned off now, he moved his face up to the gusset of her panties and brought his hot breath and wet tongue to play on them. At this she began to wiggle around on the chair and quickly started to call on him to lick her more strongly.

So, he thinking that she meant for him to move under her filmy panties, lowered them so that he could lick and suck directly on the sensitive tissues underneath. With this she reached down and pulled his lips solidly up to against her pussy slit and slumped her body down in the chair so that he had a better angle at it.

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Soon, his tongue was alternately twiddling her clit and penetrating her pussy hole and she was then wildly asking him to fuck her. So, he moved the tea service away from the front of the table, reached over to lock the door and then guided her up to lean with her head down on the table. Her then naked ass was in view and when he used his fingers to widen out her legs, he could then see her asshole and pussy in full view.

So, he moved his fingers down and used them to stimulate her pussy folds and anal rosette. With this she remarked breathlessly, "Oh Pastor Frank, you naughty boy! Don't you dare stop this until I have cum!" He then got down on his knees and mounted his lips and tongue up to the rear view of her pussy and rosette. It got very wetted around that area, so he rose up and plunged his cock up into the flowering hole presented to him.

She moaned very loudly now and exhorted him to lunge faster and deeper into her. She facilitated this by further widening out of her legs and the rocking back on his cock, to deepen his thrusts. With her fingers reaching down to twiddle her clit, she soon came and he followed soon after with a prodigious dumping into her upper pussy vault.

Then she moved him onto the chair and installed his cock up into her mouth to totally empty it and refresh its cleanliness. Then they arose and took each other into their arms and laughed off this scenario as a total success. The next week when she came up, she introduced the topic of them getting together and sharing an abode. She mentioned that she had no ties to her old house, and with it sold only had to return a third of its proceeds after sale to her former husband.

And so with that available, they could get a really nice house sharing the expenses. I reminded her that I owned this condo and had no desire to sell it, but might consider sharing a place with her and the expenses, while leasing out the condo through a professional outfit that specialized in handling these kinds of arrangements.

But, I didn't want to rush things, but let them develop over some time to see how they might work out. [She read this as to what she would be willing to do for him, sexually, and wasn't far wrong in that.] But, they had a very nice visit together, with nothing new, but all enjoyed to the max.

Before she left, she told him that she had a surprise for him on her next visit. One that he would very much like, she thought. So, with a smile he let her go, to fulminate over what this surprise might be. The next time she visited, she had another lady with her, one that looked like a twenty year younger carbon copy of her. Angela introduced her as Corina and it took a few minutes for me to figure it out, to their observant enjoyment.

And when I connected the dots, there was also a niggling memory spur that tried to connect another dot, to the rest. I couldn't quite get it connected on my own, though. After settling in with Angela sitting next to me on the sofa and Corina in the recliner, Corina spoke up and asked me if the name Celeste meant anything to me.

It seemed to jog a memory, but I still couldn't get the total connection. And so in seeing the puzzlement on my face, she mentioned, 'Bell Town.' Then it all fell into place. "Do you mean an upper story studio condo, with a view of the mountains and a terrifically pretty young woman who was making love with me in the nude and seemed to remind me of someone?" "Exactly!

Didn't you realize who I was at the time? I knew you from the minute that you walked through the door.


And I was excited to have you for my own for a little time." "Oh, I see now. That is why your father accosted me at the Rite Aid store in Cedar town on one of my visits back in town as I drove a cab at the time.

How did he find out about it?" "He was listening in on a conversation that I was having with mom at the time.

He was first of all furious at my being an escort and then exploded when he found out that you had been one of my clients. Later, he mentioned that he was mystified by your apparent confusion about what his accosting you was all about." "Well, I guess I understand a bit more now. Perhaps, he thought that there had been some interaction when you were young and visited my family before going off to school in the morning." "He did ask me about that, and I set him straight, that you had always been very respectful to me and my sister at those times.

He was somewhat mollified by that, but not completely. And then I told him that I had not evidently known who she was when I saw her as an escort. So, that sort of closed the door on all of it." "If you don't mind, Corina. What led you into the escort activity? You had such a very conservative upbringing and the last I heard, you married a fine young Christian man from Twilight City and the both of you were doing fine together." "Well, Frank, it started out great.

He was a fine provider, I only had to work part-time, the congregation welcomed us with open arms and his family was very loving towards me. But, I had wanted to escape some of the harshness of my upbringing, no offense to my mother who was wonderful, but he started to become very demanding in small things, and worst of all, he was very inhibited in bed. It was deadly dull and for him only. Then he lost his job, and I had to work more and even that wasn't enough.

So, through a workmate, I found out about escorting and so entered that life for a few months, in which I met you. By the way, you were a revelation as to men pleasuring a woman. When he found out about my sideline, he immediately divorced me, despite his family's begging him to accept me back. They really loved me. But, he wouldn't listen and so I moved back to be with mom just about the time she sent dad packing and so that is how were are now and have been for several years." "I see, that explains a lot.

And I hope that your mother will forgive me, but you were absolutely the finest lady that I ever met in that environment. You were beautiful and very affectionate." "Mom doesn't mind, really. She told me once, when she found out about it, that she wished that she could have been with you, too.

That you were the man that she most looked up to and couldn't understand why your ex was so bitter towards you even before the breakup and divorce." "I am sorry, but that is a story that I avoid, since she was a fine wife for so many years and the devoted mother of our children. I just hurt when I think of deeply how it went bad, and my part in the burying of it." Then we just sat for a few minutes and thought things over.

Then, Corina got up and faced me. I then noticed that she was adorned very much like on our escort date. She smiled at me and her mother and then told me that she was going to reenact our date for her mother to watch, and she began to carefully and slowly undress before us both.

She slowly removed her shoes and then lifted her formfitting dress to remove her panty hose. Then she straightened up and opened up her blouse one button slowly at a time, looking up to me after each one with a smile.

After removing and folding up her blouse, she moved up to me and asked me to undo the zipper up the back of her dress.

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She could have done it herself, but wanted to get me into interacting with her in her undressing mode. Angela hung back and just watched the process without interfering or commenting at this time. Corina shrugged her body and removed her dress, which was hung up on an available hanger that I produced for her.

This left her in her slip, bra and panties. She at this stage did a little shimmying and sashaying around in front of me to let me get a view of her fine shape under the very thin coverings that she was now wearing. She then invited me up to hug and kiss her and to feel her up over her body. I did so and totally enjoyed this play with her inner clothes still on. As I caressed her body through her clothing she did the same for me and then she invited me to retake my seat.

Then with her hands, she began to massage and caress her individual breasts through her gorgeous bra. Her nipples were very evident through the material and stick out stone hard, just as my cock was progressing to. Then she turned and let me undo her bra, which she lifted up off of her breasts and then sloughed off of her shoulders to be caught in her hands and folded to join her other clothes that were being stacked up.

She seemed to be in no hurry and so she reached down and cuddled her breasts, one in each hand and began to manipulate their now naked beauties. The nipples remained hard and the body of them soft and they were beautiful in my eyes. At this, Angela began to work on her breasts, too.

Then Corina began to let the slip drop to the floor, and as it arrived there, she stepped out of it and retrieved it, too to be stacked with the rest of her things. As she crouched down, she widened her legs, so that her bottom and pussy area was well within my gazing abilities. And while lifting her slip, she looked back at me, smiled and wiggled her hips a bit. With that, her anus also came into direct view and it was opening up in a welcoming stance for me.

She then invited me to get up and help her with her panties. So, I moved up and with my face planted between her breasts, started her panties on their way off.

There was a bit of a hang up, with the waistband getting caught on her lifted up clit, but that was soon mitigated and my mouth gave her clit a glancing blow as I eased her panties down to her feet and off. Then taking my hand and one of her mother's, the other of her mother dragging a chair with her, and led us into my bedroom and up on the bed for the two of us.

Mom took the chair and sat in the corner to observe the festivities. After a very brief exchange of oral delight to each other, we moved to an extended 69 fest and had each other in top condition for what would follow.

She wanted me to take her in 'doggie' this time, so her mom moved up on the bed, lifted up her skirt, moved her thong to the side and then Corina planted her mouth on to her mother's pussy. With this I did some planting myself, with my dick up her pussy from behind and then the race was on.

After only about ten minutes, she had her mother over the hill and she herself came right on to my dick. I held back for the moment, though. Corina sensed this and instinctively knew what I wanted and so moved her mother back to her chair and let me move up into her own anal entry for my pleasure this time. I worked around up into her and she began to show a considerable pleasure at this too, while she worked on her own clit with one of my vibrators. Finally, in order for her mom to get into the actions, she moved to her back and lifted her legs for me to enter her anally in the missionary position.

After enjoying this for a couple of minutes, I went into the office and brought out a four legged stool to mount Angela's belly down over, with her head down by Corina's pussy zone and her feet up towards the head of the bed. This way she would have a ring side seat to watch me fucking her daughter up the backside.

I hoped that it would be inspirational. So, with me reentered into Corina up the ass, and Angela in position to watch, I leaned over Angela's back and used my lips to lick her anus while plowing into her daughter's one.

I was still holding out, despite a tremendous amount of pleasures coursing through my body. Finally, Angela said okay that was enough, and she motioned Corina over to the chair and allowed me to lube herself up with the thick lube and move my dick up her dark side.

Angela was a bit nervous about this, but with some stimulations around her rosette with my dick head doing the stirring up, I eased myself past her sphincter and then smoothly worked my way up into her backside. She was surprised at how easy that it was and also how little discomfort that it involved. But, the real surprise came, when I advised her to use the vibrato on her clit and rotate its usage with her vagina. The feeling between her anal tract and her vagina caused her to strongly climax, something she didn't anticipate.

Corina was smiling at her mom from the chair as she watched the process and bit her tongue to not tell her mom, "I told you so." When Angela's climax was well over, I then turned on the power and soon filled up her bottom with my love juice.

Then we slumped down onto the bed and Corrie joined us for a nap that stretched into the late evening. This caused them to decide to stay the night tightly cuddled up to me to my delight. When they were about to leave, Angie informed me that she was going to look into selling the house in Cedar City whether I wanted into the deal of a house in Big City or not, and I informed her that I would look into the situation for my condo also.

Then with enthusiastic kisses from them both, they took their leave for a fifty mile trip home. That afternoon while I was puttering around the condo in a simulated cleaning mode, I got a mystery call on my cell phone from a restricted number. I don't usually answer them, but did this time since I still didn't know of all of Angie and Corrie's numbers. It was Aston.

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As soon as I recognized the voice, I apologized and told him that I was not supposed to talk to him, and as I moved to cancel the call, I heard a round of very unchristian expressions come over my end. Another reason, I guessed for Angie to cash out and move to somewhere Aston would not know about. Over the next three months, Angie got her house sold at a premium over the usual and asked for price because of an oversold condition of the housing market.

The company that I had leased through before agreed to take on my condo as a lease rental, with me getting a small income from it, while the mortgage payments were being made.

So, I moved in with Angie and Corrie and took over half of the mortgage payment and half of the other expenses of the house. Corrie was unemployed at the time, so we used her as a domestic to mostly take care of the house in lieu of making any payments for it. We worked out a rotation for our beds, too. One night a week, we all slept in the Master bedroom.

Two nights, Corrie slept with me, and two nights I slept with Angela. That left two nights a week for us to sleep alone or do whatever else spurred us that night. I needed the two nights off, though as I was aging.

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After three months of adjustments, our household routine was secure and working. Corrie did not become our slave, because Angela and I each took on some of the duties, too. One of them was that I took on the paying of all of the regular bills and the maintaining the family budget. Angie would give me a check for her half at the beginning of the month and a separate bank account that I maintained got mine, too. Then I paid all of the bills out of it.

I also advanced my share of the food budget to Angie and she took care of that on her own. This all worked out very well and avoided a lot of misunderstandings over the years.

We did attend a few meetings over the years, but never made an effort to completely reunite with our faith. The leaders of the congregation interviewed us on this situation, but eventually accepted us attending and being polite, but not seeking out conversations with the members.

We became familiar sights to the members there. Aston never found out where we lived, and I changed my personal phone number so that he couldn't contact me. Angie and Corrie, also did so. We continued to live together and enjoy ourselves over the years with barely any disturbances at all.