Maria y raquel nos vestimos en lenceria de puton y nos follamos a estos dos

Maria y raquel nos vestimos en lenceria de puton y nos follamos a estos dos
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Building# 1369 By Blueheatt …It was a small building among the many in the industrial part of town. No windows. One keypad entry locked door in the front, and one in the back. I work out of here.

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…I'm a male escort. I go by Morgan. My boss had a special lady who wanted a guy my height, weight and build. She wanted to come to our 'S', or 'Special' room. This room is all blacked out inside. The lady's come there and enter thru a private entrance. When they are all ready, they turn out the lights in the plush room. A green light comes on outside the room and only then the escort enters. They never see each other. They both know the layout of the room and meet at the bed.

Some like to undress the guy, some like to be undressed or they undress each other. Some just want to be naked and fuck. We never see them and most never speak, or just maybe a whisper or a moan. …I had a call to be at the room at 10pm that night with 'Lady L'. When the out side indicator light went green, I went in,… in total darkness. I walked over and stood by the bed. I felt arms go around me from behind feeling me all up.

I smelled an expensive perfume. 'Lady L' started to undress me and took my hand to start undressing her. No words were spoken. She felt hot and she was breathing heavy. I felt some nice full tits and a nice body. I guessed around 40ish in age. As we continued we both got aroused and the kissing started. She moaned a little, very sexy.

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We sat on the bed and laid back on it. Now it got hot and heavy as she got on top of me and felt my chest, hair and felt my erection. She slid down and started kissing my erection and licking it. Then she turned and put her damp pussy in my face for me to lick. She was ready as just a few licks of her clit and she was humping my face. She gave a wonderful suck on me, taking my dick all the way in her mouth and jacking it. I tried to make it last but with her pussy fucking my face and her nice tits on my chest, I was going to cum.

She jacked faster and sucked and moaned. Her legs went stiff, she trembled and climaxed a wet one on my face. I couldn't hold back and shot cum hard in the back of her mouth. She held her mouth on my dick and moaned with each burst of cum. She got most of it and swallowed it down.

She kept working her mouth up and down on my dick and moaning. She made the coolest little moaning sounds of joy I'd ever heard. This was one satisfied lady.

She turned and lay beside me… …Next I see a little orange glow and smell a cigarette. She takes my hand and put the cigarette in it. She knew I smoked. I see a second glow and she joins me as we lay side by side, her snuggled up to me. No words were spoken. She kept feeling my body. Chest, legs, hair and face. She was getting tuned on again I could tell by her breathing. She took the ashtray away.

She pulled me on top of her and we were at it again. Her hands were all over me as we tongue kissed and I felt her sexy full tits. I went down and started in on her pussy. She squirmed and moaned as I was getting her hot again. She then pulled me up and put my dick in her wet pussy.

She acted like she hadn't had one in her in a long time, and she was tight. Damn she felt good and she pulled me into her deeper. We fucked for while letting it build up to a panting, moaning and fucking fury.

She let out a beautiful moan as I shot again deep in her. She pushed her pussy down on my dick and shook as she climaxed again. This woman could fuck good. I lifted her legs up some and kept fucking her…she yelled with the good feeling. She squirmed and kept feeling my body over and over……… &hellip.The next day I stopped by the office and my boss smiled.

He handed me a note. It said: "I want #12 (me) twice a week, no others will do. Lady L." He handed me the money and a very big tip. He said you may have a problem. Lady L's friends are calling and wanting your service, you schedule is full as of now. …I had Lady L and some of her friends going and all was going well.

I was left a note that 'L' wanted a double session. I wondered what she was up to. I waited outside the blacked out room and the green light went on as usual.

I entered and was greeted by L's arms around me. She was already hot and breathing hard. She took my hand and lead me to the bed. I heard whispering.

She was whispering to another female voice in the room. Two women? This was a first and sounded exciting. I felt her take my hand and place a very small female hand in it. She had brought in a small girl in with her? …My mind flashed back to my first sex with a girl and how exciting that was. This small hand started feeling her way around me as I guess 'L' was showing her the procedure.

I could feel 'L's hand guiding the small hand. They proceeded to undress me. 'L's hand guided mine to this small girls body and her buttons and zippers. I began to undress the girl as I heard her take deep breaths. …I had no idea who the small girl was but I sure wasn't complaining. I knew that in some country's young girls and guys are taken to a pro with experience for their first sex.

Could I be so lucky as to get a young girl to fuck for her first time…she felt like she was a very young teen.

I was liking this, but the risk and jail factor gave me an added excitement I'd never felt before. &hellip.I didn't say a word as per 'L's written instructions not to talk. 'L's big hand guided mine and the girls hand to feel each other, which we gladly did. She had pointy tits and a little pubic hair. As I felt her I got a big hardon instantly. This was no older feeling body and I was turned on.

She laid me on the bed on top of the small girl. 'L' guided me to suck on her tits. The girl liked that and squirmed underneath me.

She held the sides of my face and guided me from one tit, then to the next. I heard 'L' and her giggling and whispering something. …I felt 'L' getting in the bed also and she started feeling my body. They rolled me over slowly and I felt four hands feeling my hardon.


More giggling and whispering. 'L' guided the small hands all over and then I just felt the small hands feeling me. Soon I felt both of their breath's on my hardon and then two tongues slowly licking me. The small hands jacked me and 'L's hands helped. I felt two small lips on the tip of my hard on&hellip. …'L' thought&hellip. …I bet #12 is sure surprised at this. A girl that feels like a very, very young girl and he getting to feel her.

She'll give him a very unexpected thrill. This will be her first time at this and I know he will be gentle with her. I hope he doesn't mind…but…I like to feel her and him at the same time. I get to feel them getting at it. How many women get to feel that. He knows how to please me, so a little 'small' girl will be my gift to him. I can tell by his breathing he's hot for her and very turned on&hellip.

&hellip.Morgan&hellip.(#12) &hellip.Whoever and whatever was going on, I was getting extremely aroused. I couldn't help but think about the first girl I had ever had sex with. We both were awkward and fumbled around to get our pants down and fuck. I was my cousin in the back woods by my house.

She had sex once before, so my dick went all the way in. It was a great feeling and a guy never forgets the very first time. …I wondered…hmmm.maybe 'L' is letting this girl have her first sex&hellip.

supervised?…all I knew I wanted to fuck her bad now. They both sucked on my dick and jacked it. They stopped and I felt the girl move up on me. She started kissing me and holding my face. My hardon was right between her legs. I felt 'L's hand guiding my dick into the girls tight pussy.

The girl was squirming on me and worked her hips to line up my dick in her. …In it went&hellip.tight, warm and wet.

I let her set the pace as she breathing right in my ear now. I hear her faintly whisper: (.".oh.oh…that feels so good 'twelve,'… hold me tight.") She now had the rhythm she wanted and was fucking deeper. I felt 'L's hand feeling my balls as we fucked.

The girl whispered faintly again: (…"oh god twelve…oh god.")& she was up to her full speed now …I had to cum. …It was a glorious thing to cum in her, I thrusted high as my dick shot hard in her. She was kissing me with multiple kisses at high speed. She lock on my lips and moaned in my mouth. Our bodies shook as we peaked together.

She broke for air, then right back to her kisses on me. I kept shooting in her as she kept fucking and pushed in deep. She then stuck her lips in my ear and whispered: ("…oh…my…god…twelve…oh god…your so beautiful&hellip.oh…my god."). She locked on me and held me tight. We were very hot now and both gasp for air&hellip.we felt 'L's hands rubbing us both. I think she was as excited as we were.

She took my hand and had me rub her wet pussy …Who was this girl?…and would she return? I was hot for her now and wanted a lot more of her. ----------------------------------- …Slowly they got off of me and got dressed.

I was in a daze&hellip. and got dressed. I left, and closed the door. The green light went out as they left. I sat there in a daze of a beautiful feelings that just kept on coming&hellip. &hellip.She didn't return…yet.


Two weeks later I was walking out to my car when a girl approached me. She was very pretty but looked about 13 yrs old. She had on a dress and her hair was in a braid. She smiled at me and simply said: "Number #12?".

She didn't look like a cop, so I said: "Yes?" &hellip.How old was she?&hellip. I never ask and she never said as we talked. She said I was her first as her mom had set it up for her.

(Did she say 'mom'?).so this was the girl 'L' had brought in the room with her. &hellip.I could imagine the feel of handcuffs and being jerked into a police car now. …'L'&hellip. &hellip. Sitting in my car parked down a ways from where they are standing and talking is fun. I wanted her first to be a beautiful time.

I knew #twelve would be gentle and do it right. I was right. Looking at them now&hellip. she is so happy, she wants to be with him more. He'll take good care of her……I love watching them as they walk arm and arm back to the small building. …Morgan. … &hellip.I told her my name was 'Morgan'. She said hers was 'Mia'. I gave her the code to get in the special room, as I went in the front door. The special room was empty for that evening&hellip.until we 'borrowed' it for the night.

I waited. I watched the green light go 'on'. I went in to the pitch black room. A small hand touched mine. I felt a small girl hugging me.


I felt the clothes of a small girl, the little dress and I felt the braid of her hair. Now I knew who she was and what she looked like. I started undressing this little girl. There was no way I could not think I was tapping into a taboo, underage forbidden world. I let my hands take off her small clothes.

Piece by piece I got her down to her little bra and panties. She then started in undressing me as well. &hellip.Our hands did the seeing as we felt us all over for while. We were both so turned on our hearts beat hard.

I was her new toy and she was mine&hellip.a sex driven toy that was real. I unhooked her bra and we both inched down or shorts and panties.

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I just had to pick her sweet little body up and place her on the big bed. We had all night to play. We turned every which way and kissed and licked us. She was on top once and whispered: (…"you feel so good, Morgan, I'm putting you in my toy box.") I said back: ("I'd like that Mia…sorry.looks like your stuck with me little girl.") We both quietly giggled and wrapped our arms around each other&hellip.

…How do you describe what it feels like to have a girl like this on top of you? Her flawless smooth body…just blooming into a young teen…yet acts like a woman who wants sex bad.

Does she feel the risky feeling I do? She's so light weight I can move her around like a doll.

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I love her slim smooth legs squatting on me and her rocking on my hardon with her little pussy. I loved her little breathing as she got herself so turned on she moaned with her tiny voice. …Mia's thoughts&hellip. &hellip.he has still never asked how old I am. I bet he thinks he's fucking a 13yr old and is just not going to ask.

All I know is I'm so hot for him and I want to keep him around. If he finds out I'm older, he may want to back out of being with me. I can't let that happen. I'll just let him enjoy thinking he's getting to fuck an underage girl. I'll dress and act the part for now.

I've been branded a freak and a weirdo by everyone because my body never grew past the age of thirteen. So…Morgan… meet what you 'think' is a 13 year old girl, and I want to be with a man and have the hot sex I've been denied for years.

Finally my 'SGS'…('Stunted Growth Syndrome') has given me the man I've always been looking for. I can pose as his 13 year old 'daughter' or whatever perfectly, and no one will know my true age. …Morgan… …I couldn't get enough of feeling her little body.

If I was going to jail, I was first going to get all I could get from feeling her and then having the sex guys only fantasized about. I felt her put my hardon in her little pussy. It sure was tight and felt so damn good. She was on top and rocked on me. She could control the depth and pressure now and I let her work up at her own pace. I was in a guy's heaven as she got hotter and hotter.

She rolled me over and put her legs up. The feeling I got laying on top of her was awesome. I put her little legs on my chest and we started in. Here was the forbidden fruit, the no, no, the taboo again and yet it seemed so natural to us. We slow fucked for while as I loved to hear her little voice moan as she kissed me so hot.

Her little tongue now was darting in my mouth as she gasp for breath. I seemed to into dreamland with all the good feelings. She began to moan louder and fuck me deeper. For a 13yr old pussy…it felt perfect. She liked to squirm it around my hardon as to get all the feeling she could&hellip. …Mia… &hellip.this was the best ever. Our first sex I was so nervous, but not now. I loved feeling him on top of me.

His hardon filled my pussy tight and it was now coming alive with exciting joy. Mom had sheltered me from guys knowing no guy wanted a freak who would never grow up into a full size woman.

All I got was to feel myself and put my little hairbrush handle in my pussy. I had discovered about rubbing my clit along with fucking my hairbrush and that was all the sex I got. I had secretly watch porn and now I had so many things I wanted to try. I had to let him know.

We continued to slow fuck and enjoy the super aroused feelings of it all. I was in my own heaven of euphoria. We both began to fuck faster as it built up in us. I held him so tight as the super high began. We let it go to it's max. I had to yell out as he moaned with me.

I felt it. …His hot blast of cum filling my small pussy. It gushed everywhere as we peaked together. I was lost in feelings as we both felt like we were floating. He was cuming and cuming as my mind floated away…somewhere…spasms that shocked us as we shook&hellip.we were one now and I was going to never let go of him&hellip.

…Morgan… …I had found the ultimate for me. We spent the whole night doing all the things she and I wanted to do. She now knew what it was like to be licked into a climax. She knew now how it felt to have hot cum shooting in her mouth …while having her little pussy licked&hellip. ---- &hellip.I got a knock on my door.

There stood two cops. It seems a 'neighbor' had seen us on my back patio and spotted me groping an underage girls pussy and tits.

They reported me and the cops had to respond. I smiled and invited them in. I told them to have seat on the couch. I yelled real loud: "MIA" The cops both jumped a little. She came skipping down the stairs smiling. She had on her tiny little shorts, a tiny tube top and long pig tails. "Was this the girl." I said in a gruff fatherly voice? They said that fit the description they were given. I looked at Mia and pointed to her purse. She hippity hopped across the room.

She hippity hopped back and showed them her Photo I.D. drivers license. It showed: &hellip." Age - 25". &hellip.They looked at the license and back at her about 10 times. Mia walked over and hung on my arm. She fiddled with her rings. She said in her little girls voice: …"Did my husband do something wrong?"

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