Cute Asian doggy styled in the locker room hard

Cute Asian doggy styled in the locker room hard
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First off I'd like to say that everything here is 100% true and this story begins when im 14 and ends last weekend ( I'm now 15 years old).


Sorry for the mistakes in grammar and other parts of my writing. Hope you enjoy. Just to give you some info on the characters: Me. My names Sean, Im 15, about 5'9, with an athletic build (130 lbs). Had long brown hair to about my eyes and if your wondering about a 6 inch penis.

The Girls name is Jamie. Shes about 5'1 ( very short), shes maybe 100 lbs. B cub boobs with a bit of sag and somewhat large nipples. She has long black hair and has kind of an emo look to her. Ok now for the story Living in the suburbs in the mountains of New York made life boring and slow. My main past time up until 7th grade was riding quads and dirt bikes.

I was pretty good at it and would whip around on my Yamaha YZ80 and my dad would follow from behind making sure I was safe on his Quad-runner 400cc quad.

This was all the relationship me and my dad had though because he worked until about 6 and when he did get home everything was focused on my sister because she had to have it her way. She was constantly calling the cops and causing a scene anytime my mom( another bitch) wouldn't let her go out with her friends.

So soon as my dad would come home he would drink and sit outside with his lantern watching bugs fly in and burn up and i would go to my room and play video-games until my mom and sister decided to stop the yelling for the night.

I was always a funny kid who had a lot of friends. Come 7th grade though my dad died about 2 weeks after school started back up from a heart attack and I didnt wanna talk to anyone. I stayed quite and most of my friends slowly disappeared.

Except for 2 good neighbors but they were both older then me. One was 2 years older and the other was 3 years older. The only friend i had left that was in my grade was a kid named Timmy who moved and another named Tristan.

Tristan was a little weird but he was funny and i had been friends with him since 5th grade. He was also an extreme pothead. He made movie stereo-types look sober. Smoking 3 times a grade since 7th grade he as always high and was very good at convincing me to smoke with him. I kept smoking with him all the time. During the middle of 8th grade i was a very quiet kid who had played hockey since I didn't have anyone to ride dirtbikes with anymore. Me playing hockey was partly because i loved the game and now that im a bit older it basically controls my life but at the time i was hoping it would get girls to notice me because i was so nervous and had shitty self-esteem.

Hockey didn't get a girl to notice me but a girl would. I came home from practice one night and went on facebook.

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I had a message from a girl name Jamie who was pretty ( maybe a 7/10) and a bit weird. It said " Im going to fuck you till you pass out you sexy beast." I said "what?" and it turns out that Tristan and her were smoking together and she had told him that she had a crush on me. So Tristan took the liberty to send the message to break the ice for her.

I was a little shocked and had no feelings for Jamie at all but i was a little desperate for a girl. I hadn't had a kiss or hung around girls because i became so awkward since I isolated myself. Including turning down one of the hottest girls in my school when she asked me to hang out because I was so afraid( worst mistake of my life).

After talking to Jamie for about an hour she said that Tristan, Jamie and her friend Arielle had a plan and they wanted me in it. The plan was that Jamie and Arielle were 2 girls who were single and very horny. Arielle was the hotter one of the group with huge tits and a somewhat toned ass but she had the hots for Tristan and Jamie to me. They wanted to have a hook up thing going on where we would all hang out, get high and make-out( Tristan and I wouldn't do anything gay and the girls were open to switching guys but the hot part was they were open to doing stuff with each other.

Even though it never happened it was still a crazy idea for me being a sheltered virgin child. I agreed to this and we all hung out the next weekend. Tristan and I met up at his house waiting for them but it turns out Jamie's mom who was driving was going to be late.

So they got here about 3 hours after the agreed time and I had to go home in about a half hour so we couldn't smoke. So we all hung out in Tristan's room and nobody made the move to start anything sexual because Tristan was waiting for me and I was waiting for him to take Arielle somewhere because I was nervous. So it was a fun time but nothing happened for me.

That was the only time all 4 of us hung out together. Tristan and Arielle hung out a couple times before Jamie and I got around to hanging out. Tristan had told me he was already at 3rd with Arielle before I'd even kissed Jamie.

This had to change I made plans to hang out with Jamie on a Sunday afternoon. I had practice early that morning for hockey so i decided to stay up all night and texted her since I hate waking up early.

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Around 2am she made the conversation very open about tomorrow for me and I started tested my limits with her. Jamie: You want to do anything fun tomorrow? Me: What do you mean by fun? Jamie: What do you think I mean by fun ;) ? Me: Well i was hoping we could make out actually Jamie: Good.

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Do you think you're going to feel me up and rub my ass or my tits? Me: Well I was going to see where things went( trying to play it safe) Jamie: I'd like it if you did. A lot.

Thats all im gunna say because I dont wanna bore the readers. We met up tomorrow at the local strip mall and walked into the woods nearby. We found a clear spot in the woods where nobody would find us an just sat down waiting for the other to do something.

I said " Ok fuck this." and leaned over pulled her to me and kissed her. Her lips were so soft and she pushed me over on my back while she got on top of me.

We kissed lightly and slowly started to use our tongues. I eventually got the nerve to move over and grab her ass. I moved down her back slowly and took a strong grasp of her right cheek. She instantly moaned and began kissing me very passionately. I rubbed her ass for a few minutes until I wanted to move up.

I slid my hand up her shirt and rubbed her through her bra while were still kissing and then she got off me and slid her bra down but left her shirt on. i leaned her up against a tree and rubbed and pinched her tits as I kissed her neck. Then i was going to try to slide my hand down her pants when my phone rang. It was my mom saying I had to go.

We made out for an hour and a half. I texted her about a few months later saying we should hang out again. She had a boyfriend now but I was urging for a girl.

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This was also after she moved to a nearby but different high school and I was now a popular kid since I had come out of my shell when I went to a new school.

She said she wanted to go farther this time though. I asked how far and she said 4th base. I asked her if she meant sex and she said yes. I was excited to say the least. It was December and cold. She came over near my house one weekend and we walked about a mile into the woods to an old abandoned pump-house.

She was ahead of me and she walked over onto the balcony of the pump-house and i grabbed her by the waist, leaned over and kissed her neck. I did this for about 2 minutes because she said its a huge turn-on. She said she couldn't take it anymore and turned around. She was leaning against me when she kissed me with her silky lips.

Our tongues danced together hopping from mouth to mouth. I wasn't wasting time on foreplay this time though. I took her shirt off and threw her bra.

I moved down her body by kissing her neck, collar bone, chest and around her breasts. I began licking her right tit and rubbed the other one with my hand. I them moved down and unbuttoned her pants. i slid down her red lacy thong and saw a perfectly shaved little pussy. I licked all around her lips to tease her and then i slid my tongue up her pussy and started devouring her clit. She started yelling and moaning out of joy.

I kept licking and began fingering her. After looking up a video online the night before i was a pro at finding her G-spot.

She came very quickly and her juices were all over my face. She said we could go farther now. I went to take off my pants when she moved my hands and slid down my jeans. Then she pulled down my pants and my hard cock popped out and hit her in the cheek.


She said it was bigger than her boyfriends and the biggest she'd had out of 3 different guys she had been with. I was having trouble finding a good position because I was much taller than her. I eventually laid down and told her to ride me.


She was having trouble because i was so wide and not as hard as I should be to penetrate her. The cold wind was killing my hard on. She eventually got on top of it and slid it into her. She started to bounce up and down. It was incredible. She was warm and tighter than my hand but nice and wet. After about 10 times of her moving up and down she bounced off and couldn't get back in.

I was a little mad and I think she could tell. She immediately said its ok and then started sucking my cock like it was a lollypop. I could tell she had done this before and I came after about 4 minutes. We stood there and kissed a bit and then she went home. Now that the weathers warmer she decided to try it again. She came over and said its going to be better now. took a log brought a blanket so i made a makeshift bed that she could lay down and i could fuck her that way.

She sat on my lap and we kissed and rubbed and licked to get some foreplay for about a half hour. then she got up stripped down and then i took my clothes off. We were standing there naked and she moved for me to lay down and got on top of me in a 69 position. We did this just to get warmed up though. I picked her up and kissed her once then i put her on her back. I fingered her a bit to stretch out then i slid into her.

She was just as tight as before and I had her as my own fuck doll for the day. I pounded into her as hard as I could and her tits began to smack her in the face and she was yelling over the pleasure. I was in sexual bliss.

I realized that i was about to cum and i didn't have a condom on. I pulled out and she got up and shoved my cock into her mouth and she licked the head of my dick and i lost all control. I came and came and came into her mouth and she swallowed it all like it was candy. She kept sucking till i was hard again and she got on top and rode me for about 20 minutes( After i cum it takes a while for me to finish a second time.) I was loving having my dick get to spend about a half hour inside a nice tight pussy.

I pulled out and barely came on her tits and put her bra back on and got dressed and we walked out of the woods and she went home again.

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Thank you to all you readers and Im sure this isn't anywhere near the best story you've read but its all true and I wanted to see what people thought. If you want me to continue the story. Shes coming over with her friend Sophia this week and i'd love to tell you all about it. Thank You