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Bryan Quincy yawned widely as he drove home from the afternoon shift at the nearby plant. It was the dead of night, and he was the only one on the highway, his windows down in the summer heat letting the whir of the tires against the pavement into the cab of his truck. Far behind him, the lights of Boise, Idaho shone off of the sparse cloud cover, and in front of the glow of his headlights was nothing but mile road markers and more highway.

Suddenly, without warning, every system on his pickup died abruptly. His headlights and dashlights dimmed and disappeared, the engine sputtered and died, and Bryan had to fight the lack of power steering to keep the truck from plowing into the ditch. He clicked the transmission into neutral and drifted to a stop, dark and frustrated thoughts going through his tired mind.

He threw the trans into park when he stopped on the side of the road and tried to engage his hazard lights, but they didn't function. So with a sigh, Bryan got out of his truck into the equally black surroundings, reached down in the cab for the hood release, and walked round to the front of his old truck. Before he could access the engine however, a buzzing sound became louder and louder until Bryan almost wanted to cover his ears, although he could see nothing in the dark of night.

A blinding light flashed on, the beam was cast down on him from above; he could see a dark blob of his shadow pooling around his feet. With an arm cast above his face, Bryan attempted to peer up at the source of the light, but he could distinguish nothing more than a circle of white light. He was levitating up into the air before the thought of running ever even crossed his mind. His eyes widened and he gasped in terror as he wheeled his arms to try and maintain balance that he no longer could control.

Up, up he floated, the disc of light above him growing larger and larger, and he tried to breathe as normal as possible. The buzzing in his ears turned slowly into a thrumming tone, and finally into a whine that made the human clap his palms against his ears and grit his teeth in pain. His last thought before being consumed by the light was that he wished he had taken his keys out of the trucks ignition. Bryan Quincy awoke abruptly; his eyes snapping open with surprise.

He had no idea how long he was unconscious, but the way that he floated in midair, not held up by cables nor tables, immediately gave him the impression that he was no longer in Idaho. The walls were dark because of lack of lighting; they looked to be the greyish color of granite, and curved overhead as a dome which rested on four-cornered walls that descended to a nonde floor.

He tried to move, but only found that when he moved his arm, his body rotated the opposite way. He seemed to be held in place by unknown means, while suspended in midair. His bodily movements denied by unknown means, Bryan had to stop everything and focus on controlling his breathing; he felt panic rising in his chest that threatened to overwhelm him. He closed his eyes and blocked out his surroundings while he breathed. After a minute he felt more stable, so he opened his eyes again and studied his surroundings.

Imbedded in the ceiling and the floor were disc-shaped crenellations, from which exuded faint light that reached toward Bryan's limbs; the hazy faint light reminded the human of dust motes drifting through a beam of light from a window.

He flexed his arms and legs and determined that he was held by his ankles and wrists. The faintest of hums could be heard when straining his ears, although he couldn't tell what the source was. It sounded like the air circulation system of a hazardous materials plant. All of a sudden, the wall in front of Quincy disappeared as though it were never there. He gasped as a tall, exceedingly thin being strode into his room.

The poor lighting didn't allow Bryan to make out much detail about the figure in front of him, but it drifted forward on its feet as though it were actually floating.

About five feet tall, it looked human, mostly, although certain lines hinted at non-human attributes, like the legs were barely thinner than a human woman's, and the shoulders were only about twelve inches across.

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There was also something unknown and strange about the figure's skin, which didn't reflect any of the tiny amount of obscure lighting that came from the mounts in the floor and ceiling, and from elsewhere. The figure stopped a couple feet in front of Quincy's face, and he could barely make out the depressions in its head from where its eyes peered out.

They flickered, as though blinking with eyelids. Bryan shut his mouth and breathed through his nose as he waited in trepidation for some sort of explanation. The wall reappeared behind the figure, and they were alone in the domed room. Bryan glanced around and tried his restraints again, but to no avail.

Frustrated and scared, he confronted the motionless figure in front of him. "Who are you?? Why have you done this to me?" As though his voice had triggered it, seeming daylight flooded the room, causing Bryan to wince away and gasp at the sudden onslaught of light. It was yellow-white light like the sun on a clear day. He blinked and squinted to regain the use of his eyes, but it just elicited a horrified, wordless vocalization from him as he laid eyes on the figure that had joined him.

It was humanoid, but not human. The frame of the thing was far too narrow, with shoulders and hips that were no more than a foot wide, with limbs that were thin, but proportioned properly to a human's anatomy. It's head was slightly thinner than the average human's as well, but it wore an expressive face with a mouth and nose and sad eyes with blue irises.

The most astounding aspect of the alien's appearance was that its flesh was translucent, almost in completion. Within the slim torso, Bryan could see internal organs of dull colors of tan and dark blue and brown pressed against each other and occasionally moving of their own accord, as Bryan knew his own guts did at intervals.

Seeing everything within the being was disconcerting at first, but it was primarily because Bryan Quincy had never seen an alien before. After gawking at the being for a moment, he expressed what he was thinking. "You're an alien, aren't you?" The blue eyes blinked and the expression shifted to one that looked like amusement; the thin lips curved up at the edges and the corners of its eyes crinkled.

Its mouth opened, revealing straight white teeth, and it spoke to him in a soft voice. "I would be alien to you, yes." Quincy was surprised that it spoke English, but also that it sounded distinctly gendered. "You're a female?" The smile spread to a grin and the being nodded.

She seemed innocent enough, with no malicious intent that Quincy could determine. A feeling of incredulity passed through him and he shook his head and tried not to burst out laughing. The alien leaned forward, its grin fading and a look of concern flitting across its translucent features. Bryan noticed that her face was more opaque than any other part of her body, probably because of her changing expressions.

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"Are you all right, human?" Bryan managed to keep his mirth to a giggle, and looked up at his captor. "I'm tied up in an alien spacecraft and am talking to something alien to humans." He wiggled his fingers, and the alien glanced up at them, "I'd say that I'm not doing so well." The alien returned to her straight-backed pose and her eyes turned sad again.

"I apologize, but I was unsure as to whether you would be hostile. The ties are for my protection." "What do you need a human for anyway? Can't you guys fly through space?" Her blue eyes turned sadder somehow, and her shoulders drooped distinctly.

Bryan noticed that where a human woman would have breasts, there was transparency, but beneath he could see ribcage bones and a pulsing purple organ that had to be her heart, surrounded by expanding and deflating lungs. But in front of that, Bryan could barely see the outlines of transparent breasts that fit her body's proportions perfectly. The alien woman looked at him with eyes that glinted in the sunlight around them. "Almost two life cycles ago, my people developed a debilitating genetic disease that affected intelligence and physical growth.

I am one of the few remaining who show no genetic defects. We few have been sent across the stars." Bryan blinked at this short and incomplete explanation. "Sent for what?" The alien woman produced a small contraption from behind her that extended a tiny needle.

She stepped up to Bryan, close enough to where her scent could flood his nostrils, and pressed the needle into his shoulder. He winced at the pain and watched his tissue being drawn into the alien hypodermic.

"Sent for genes." The alien withdrew the needle and stepped back, her face still sad. "We will not survive otherwise." Bryan Quincy frowned at the explanation, but didn't comment on it.

If they captured him, took him from his planet, then they surely have more planned for him than a simple blood sample. He decided on a warning. "If you knew enough to capture me, you must know that humans don't like being imprisoned. I'm going to do all I can to escape." The alien regarded him for a moment, then looked down at the floor.

The smooth stone-like material flashed into transparency, showing only black space with twinkling stars. Bryan held his breath involuntarily, his feet and hands tingling at hanging over such a vast expanse. The alien turned her gaze back on the human and the floor returned to its original setting. "Even if you could escape these bonds and overpower me, there is nowhere to go. We are far from your planet, and the controls of my vessel will be incomprehensible to you." She let the words sink in, and then leaned forward again, putting her hands on her thighs.

"But I mean you no harm. You must believe this. All I seek is a way to save my own species." Bryan craned his neck forward as close to her face as he could. He noticed that he wasn't repulsed by this alien any longer, in fact the lines of her figure moved him in ways that only human females had before. His cock stirred slightly in his pants.

"So when you are finished with me, you will return me to Earth?" She nodded sagely, "Yes, I will." Bryan scoffed and leaned back into his bonds and looked away from his captor.

She returned to her regular posture and sighed, a smaller sigh than a human. "If I remove you from your bonds, will you promise not to hurt me?" Bryan looked back at her and considered. He didn't want to hurt anybody, much less an alien he knew nothing about. Plus he believed what she said about being trapped away from Earth, so hurting this fragile-looking alien would gain him nothing.

He decided to cooperate. "I promise I won't hurt you." Upon his oath, the bonds disappeared, and he fell the couple feet to the floor. He landed on his feet but tottered against the wall behind him where he caught his balance. He rubbed his wrists and looked over at his alien captor, who regarded him with reservation, as though poised to run. He drew himself up to his full height and looked down at her.

Fear flitted across her face and she took a half step back. "My name is Bryan Quincy.

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What can I call you?" She blinked a couple of times and met his eyes squarely. "You may call me Fay." Bryan slowly and gently put his hand on her transparent shoulder and thanked her for freeing him. Her skin felt smooth and supple, although he could see partially through it to the wall behind her.

Fay looked surprised at his touch but smiled at him and nodded her head. "Please, follow me." She turned around, and Bryan got a look at her in profile, barely managing to make out an outline of sizeable breasts that jiggled slightly with her gait. He followed her out of his cell; the hallway outside was made of the same dull stone material, and continued on for quite a ways, ending at a bright rectangle that could only be another room.

The human returned his gaze to the alien woman who strode ahead of him; her exceedingly thin body with transparent skin and muscles. Her bones and internal organs seemed to be less transparent, but still mostly see-through. Her face was the most opaque, but he couldn't see it through the back of her head for some reason. They traversed the hallway, which took a couple moments. "Where are all the other aliens?" Bryan asked.

Fay glanced over her shoulder as she floated forward. "I am the only occupant of this vessel." "You're all alone here? How long have you been travelling?" "To put it in human terms, I have travelled for more than two years through space before arriving at your planet and studying humans for a little less than three years." "You've been alone for more than five years?" Fay nodded and stepped up to the side of the wall of light.

She placed her hands against the wall and the rectangle darkened and disappeared, leaving a space through which to walk. Inside was a plethora of what looked like computer banks and terminals, equipment and mechanisms of all kinds.

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There were tables in the middle of the room, all with alien equivalents of microscopes and readout screens, all indicative of a scientist's life work. Fey went straight to the far wall and put her strange syringe in a tray, which folded up into the wall.

Immediately a bank of lights came on and flickered, and Fay moved over to a readout, where flowing lines of multicolored graphs wiggled and snaked before her eyes. Bryan stood fascinated at the display of technology. He was only a maintenance worker, working with metals and plastics and putting things together and keeping them functional. This was scientist level stuff though, so he was way beyond his element.

"All of this is for analyzing genetics?" Fay nodded as she turned away from the screen and went to one of the tables, peering through the alien microscope. "Yes, for the past two years I have been studying your species to find an answer to our own problem.

Your genes may hold the answer to solving our own problems." Her blue eyes came up and locked into his eyes, sadness creeping into them again.

"Hopefully you will yield a solution before my species dies completely." Bryan nodded sagely. Now that he was unbound, sympathy was creeping into him for this little alien far from her home, all alone except for her experiments and analysis.

He genuinely wanted to help her now.


"How can I help you find the answers you want?" Fay looked at him strangely for a moment, "Whether you can help or not will be determined soon. This is the final series of analyses of my time here." It was a strange statement.

What could someone like Bryan do even if the answer to Fay's problems was found in the human genome? She stepped away from the station and touched a pad on the wall, then returned her gaze to Bryan. "The battery of tests has been set up. It will take at least an Earth-day for my shipboard systems to complete its analysis." She hesitated before continuing, "I am afraid that you must remain with me until it is complete." Bryan nodded, resigned; he had expected this.

"I won't argue. I'm sure my reason for being here will be revealed in time." Fay's little shoulders sagged in apparent relief. She glided between the tables and came up to Bryan, looked up into his eyes, then wrapped her arms around his midsection and squeezed, laying her head against his chest.

He froze, surprised at first, but then felt warmth spread through him at the realization of just how glad Fay was at his desire to cooperate with her. So, he returned the hug, putting one hand on her back and the other against the back of her head. He was surprised to find that she had a head of ethereal hair, unnoticeable by sight, but his fingers slid around thin fibers that felt like hair growing out of her head. Despite this woman being an alien, Bryan was impressed by her vulnerability; how she melted into his arms to seemingly draw strength from his embrace while she sobbed some.

What relief she must be feeling. After a while, Fay drew away from the embrace. She wiped transparent tears from her eyes. "Thank you, Bryan. This means a lot to me." Bryan smiled at her, "I'm happy to help however I can. Although I wish you would have just asked instead of beaming me up." Fay looked up at him, saw his smile, and laughed between her tears; a light, fragile sound that Bryan found that he adored.

For a moment, while Fay's tears dried, there was silence between the two of them, an awkward moment where Bryan alternated between looking around at the technology and stealing glances at Fay, and where Fay visually examined Bryan when she thought he wasn't looking at her; she pretended to be working away at a console. Finally, Bryan mentioned that he was hungry. Fay looked relieved at the awkward silence was broken, and hurried over to the other side of the room, where the wall melted away to reveal a niche room.

Bryan was struck by just how human this alien girl was behaving. He mentioned as much to her as she pressed buttons above a square indent in the wall. "I have studied humans for two of your years, remember?" "Yeah, but that doesn't explain your mannerisms." She handed Bryan a plate of small cubes of different colors.

He looked at them, then back at Fay from under raised eyebrows. She smiled, saying they were processed nutrients as they went and sat at a table with the least amount of clutter.

"You didn't answer my question, I noticed." Fay built a little tower with her nutrient cubes before answering. "I lived as a human for four of your months. The time before that I was studying and watching, learning and memorizing.

And for four months I emulated human behavior in my daily routine, all for three days of walking among you, being one of you, down on your planet." Bryan, as he finished his plate of nutrients, frowned at her.

"I can understand why you would need to learn about our genome, but why the intensive study of our society and culture?" "For the catalogue." Her answers seemed to become more and more vague, seemingly intentionally. "You don't have to answer me you know; I am still your prisoner." She looked up at him in indignation and opened her mouth to say something, but her words died before they left her. She got up and walked aimlessly away from him, stopping in front of a computer, where she clasped her hands behind her back and looked at her feet.

Bryan waited, sensing a complete explanation in the offing. "When my species first realized that our genes were corrupting, our society offered boons for those who produced multiple offspring, to widen the gene pool as much as possible and thus have a better chance of creating a gene combination resistant to the degradation of our genome. This failed. Our final potential solution was to seek out alien races with similar physiology and combine our genome with theirs." Her eyes lifted and sought out Bryan's.

"I am part of that potential final solution." Bryan pondered, and then inquired, "But if your genetics were combined with an alien's genetics, wouldn't that create a new species altogether? You wouldn't be advancing your own species, you would be evolving." Fay nodded, her sad smile showing her gladness at his understanding. "Our species decided that evolution was better than extinction. So here I am." Bryan nodded, "Here you are." For a moment, they just stared at one another.

After speaking with this alien woman for a while, Bryan began to understand more about her. She had been all alone for a terribly long time, and had been working to find a way to save her species for almost as long. Such a solitary existence; she probably hadn't smiled for months before Bryan expressed his willingness to cooperate with her.

As crazy as it sounded to him, he found that he could be attracted to this half-visible being from space. Fay was still looking at him, her lips barely parted. She blinked and began to speak. "Bryan, I—" At that moment the computer that she had plugged Bryan's blood sample into made a complex noise, making Bryan flinch. Fay spun around and pressed a button, staring at the screen where the winding text of her species scrolled.

After a moment, she leaned forward, peering intently at the screen. Finally she gasped and turned around, her eyes staring at nothing. Bryan frowned, alarm seeping into him. "What's wrong?" Fay blinked and looked over at him, a grin breaking across her face. "Nothing's wrong! Humans and my people have 19 base pairs of chromosomes in common!" Bryan nodded slowly, waiting for more information.

Fay provided it with an excited bounce. "That means that not only are our species' genomes compatible, so are our physiologies! Why, we could practically—" Fay froze in midsentence, and a rose color bloomed in each of her cheeks while she averted her eyes.

Bryan watched her face; the flushing granting further detail to her facial contours. He tried to remember the way her cheekbones rose, the way her nose gently swooped down to give way to her sensual lips. She recovered from her embarrassment over what she had almost said, and grinned again, the color in her face slowly fading.

"My species can continue! I cannot believe I have succeeded so wondrously! It's as though I've worried for nothing for so long!" Bryan smiled at her joy, and felt glad that his blood paved the way to the continuation of another species. But he was melancholy; this meant that he would probably have to leave soon.

"So what happens now?" Fay rushed over to a different computer and tapped in a bunch of commands. She then returned to the first computer and flipped a switch before turning toward him. "Well, um," she said haltingly, "I need another… …sample." Bryan began rolling up his sleeve, but Fay shook her head.

"No, not a blood sample." "A saliva sample?" Bryan asked. "No." Fay replied. Her cheeks began to flush again, and she looked around the room as if looking for an escape.

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Bryan finally understood why she was blushing so much. "Ah. You need a semen sample." Fay nodded her head from side to side, her eyes falling slowly from the ceiling back to Bryan's gaze. "Somewhat, yes. I require your semen." Bryan cocked an eyebrow while Fay leaned back against a table, waiting for an explanation.

"When we were chosen for our missions, we were chosen for our genetic integrity. Not only am I of a wide variety of genes, but I am uncorrupted. We were sent to the corners of the galaxy to find and study other sentient life, and if they proved compatible…" Fay fidgeted with her fingers, not meeting Bryan's gaze.

"I must mate with you, and take your semen into me. My child will be the template for the new era of my people." Bryan's jaw dropped, even though he was unwinding the mystery in his head almost as fast as Fay was explaining it.

"So, that must mean that we are biologically capable of mating, not just physiologically capable." The alien nodded and met his eyes. "From what I've studied of human anatomy, yes it would work, although it might be a little uncomfortable for me and for you at certain points in the process." Bryan glanced at her exceedingly thin form and nodded his head in agreement.

"But you still want to do it." Fay glided towards him, stopping a couple feet away. "Whether I wish to or not is beside the point; this is primarily for my species, not for myself." She took another step towards him and reached out, placing a hand on his chest. "But I must admit, you have been kind and compassionate to me after you realized I was more than simply a captor.


The way you are, who you are as a thinking being is attractive to me. I would be glad to have your child." Bryan was flattered, to be sure, and sought an appropriate answer. "Since you've released me, I've been fascinated by you, and by how attractive you have become to me.

When I woke up this morning, I never would have thought that I'd be fathering an alien race." He reached over and caressed her semi-visible cheek, and she leaned into his hand. "But I can't think of any alien I would want to do it with more than you." Fay's eyes closed and her mouth smiled at his joke.

She stepped closer and pressed the length of her lithe body against him and laid her hands on his chest. Her breath mingled with Bryan's. "I've studied human mating techniques," she whispered to him, "they are very similar to ours. I believe you will enjoy yourself." Instead of answering, Bryan leaned down and pressed his lips against hers.

She met his kiss and returned it, her small breaths whooshing in and out of her nose. Bryan moved his hands to her upper back and felt her contours, her shoulder blades and ribs being thinner variants of a human's bones. Her body was supple and smooth, and apparently completely unclothed, not that she needed much due to her translucent skin. They broke apart, breathless.

Fay worked to catch her breath; her eyes glazed by unmistakable arousal. She looked down to see the bulge in Bryan's pants and her eyes widened. "Bryan, from my studies of humans, males seem to have variations on penis size. How big are you?" As an answer, Bryan undid his fly and pushed down his pants, and then his shorts.

His mostly hard cock flopped out, almost seven inches in length. Fay gasped and put her transparent hands over her mouth in surprise, glancing up at Bryan with a tinge of fear, but immediately returning her gaze to his cock. "By Space, your penis is larger than the average! Much larger!" "Is it going to work?

Or will it be too large?" Fay crouched to the floor and used her hand to move Bryan's cock around before answering; grasping it in her small hand to get a feel for it.

"It is sizeable; none of my species' males ever get this large, but I believe I can take both the length and girth." She stood up and took his hand, her eyes intent. "Follow me." Bryan followed her through another wall and into a smaller room that was obviously Fay's sleeping area. The bed was small to fit her frame. She turned around and sat on the bed, and leaned back against the wall, spreading her legs. Bryan for the first time laid eyes on her alien pussy, which he couldn't really see too well.

It was like her breasts, transparent, but he could barely make out outlines. Fay brought a hand to her mouth and stuck a couple fingers in, and used that lubrication to play with her entrance. "It's time," Fay said, "but please, go slowly. If you don't allow time for me to accommodate you, I could be hurt." Bryan nodded, and lowered himself so that his cock lined up with her pussy. He gently felt around with his fingers, making Fay's breathing irregular, and found that she was set up, at least on the outside, like a human woman.

So, he used his saliva to wet his cock, moreso toward the end, and touched her pussy lips with it. Fay squeaked as he pressed against her opening, and held her breath as the head of his cock slipped inside of her. She was well lubricated, but exceptionally tight; Bryan felt her pinching his cock head with her vaginal muscles.

He pushed more, and began to spread her open with his rock-hard cock. Fay gasped and gripped the bed with her small hands as her tissues were forced apart by Bryan's member intruding where no human has gone before. When there was enough of him inside her to where he wouldn't be just pushed out by her tightness, Bryan sighed and stopped his pressure, just remaining where he was within her until her tissues got used to him. Fay's eyes were squeezed closed, and Bryan could see her little lungs pulsating in her chest as she panted at his intrusion.

Bryan reached up over her chest and grasped her breasts, feeling her roundness and brushing over the hard tips of her nipples. After a moment, Fay opened her eyes and looked down herself at where he had entered her. "You can continue now; I believe I'm acclimating." "Yes ma'am." Bryan pressed against her again, and he slid inside of her a couple more inches, causing her to hold her breath again.

He looked down at where he was working, and was astonished to see through her crotch area, and see his muscular cock held within her transparent folds. He could see the vague outline of what he presumed to be her vagina sheathing his cock, and he watched as he pushed in; whatever tissues were around her vagina moved to allow him access to her innermost folds.

A groan escaped Fay's chest as he came up fast at the end of her track. He could both feel and see his cock head smash against the end of her tunnel, but beyond it was more tissue, which Bryan took to be her equivalent of a uterus. "Wow… Bryan, you're completely filling my vagina!" "Yeah… wow is right… you're very very tight." "Only because you're so large!

I can feel you stretching me. You can thrust inside me now." Bryan complied and began moving his hips, mesmerized as he watched his muscled cock move within this alien woman. Despite her tightness, she was just as warm and wet as any human, and Bryan found himself carried away with his lust. He bent over Fay and kissed her while he fucked her, careful not to plunge too deeply.

Every thrust there was a concordant grunt from Fay, whose eyes were wide open when they weren't squeezed closed. He sucked up every moan and other noises that came from her mouth, and reveled in the pleasure that glowed in her eyes. Soon enough he felt the familiar feeling in his balls. "Ohh Fay, I'm going to-" "WAIT!" Bryan jerked to a stop at her shout.

"What?" She got her elbows underneath her and steadied her breaths before replying. "This is pivotal. Don't explode until I've opened myself." Bryan frowned in confusion until he saw Fay close her eyes as if in concentration. He felt movement near the head of his cock, and looked down through her transparent abdomen.

He saw tissues spread and muscles flex near the end of her vaginal canal, and he felt a shift in the tissues his cock was buried in. "What're you doing?" With her eyes still closed, Fay answered, "I've opened my reservoir. You must ejaculate your semen into there, or this will not work." Bryan looked back down and pushed in, finding no resistance to his cock at the end of her canal.

He could push in another couple inches before coming up fast again. "Am I there?" Fay nodded slowly, "There. Do it there." Bryan backed out and began thrusting again, this time at a pace that was filled with intent.

He felt his orgasm building again and gripped Fay's skinny hips in his big human hands, bucking his hips roughly against Fay. "Here I cum!" As he pushed as far in as he could, his cock swelled and the fluids began to rush through him. Fay reached for him and pulled his lips down to hers as he shot his first rope of human cum inside her, his spasm vibrating every inch of Fay's body. She sensually kissed and licked his lips as he ground himself against her end, his cum filling up the reservoir within her body.

As he drained his balls, he felt Fay's body clench at the base of his cock head, creating a seal so that his semen couldn't leak out. She continued to plant kisses on his face and neck as his orgasm fell off. "Thank you." She whispered into his ear before licking his earlobe. "My pleasure." Bryan returned, and tried to pull out of her, but his cock was still pretty hard, and her muscles were gripping him too tightly. He couldn't move. "Uhh, Fay?" Her voice, breathy and ethereal came back.

"Yes?" "Why can't I pull myself out of you?" She kissed his chin and replied, "You will be small enough to slip back through my cervix when your penis shrivels back to unaroused size." Bryan ran one hand up her rib cage to rest on her breast and realized that that wasn't going to happen any time soon; the situation was just too erotic. "I think I'm going to be here for a moment, Fay." She leaned back and looked down and through herself at him.

His cock was still very hard and his cockhead was trapped by her muscular cervix, which had opened for him to push inside and leave his semen, which could be seen flooding her reservoir. "Well," she said, examining the situation, "The males of my species usually can slip out even if they're still hard.

You're… bigger." Bryan nodded, "So what do we do? I want my cock back you know." Fay giggled at him, "Let's lay you back on my bed. We have to move together though, careful." The managed to shift so that Bryan lay back on her bed and she was straddling him like a horse. She put her hands on his chest and moved on him, short quick movements that allowed his cock to be stimulated, but kept his cockhead secured in her reservoir.

She seemed to be working herself into a fervor, indicated by the flushing of her cheeks and chest area and the frown on her brows that increased the more she was stimulated. Finally she burst, her entire body snapping like a whip and clenching down on his cock.

Bryan groaned and winced as her muscles clamped down on him, but as she moved he was properly stimulated, causing another load of semen to shoot through him and burst out into her reservoir. She felt it jet against her interior, and she smiled, caressing the skin that housed her reproductive organs. She leaned forward, flipping her entirely transparent hair over her head and kissed Bryan again; he felt her hair pooling around his head and on his face as they shared a passionate kiss.

Finally he felt his dick begin to shrivel, and with a pop his cock was freed, and he slipped out of her. Her reservoir, a small hollow organ usually, was now almost completely filled with his seed, which he could see sloshing around inside her as she got off of him. His dick was very slick, but there was absolutely no trace of any of his cum outside of Fay's body.

He looked at his alien lover, who met his eyes and stared, both of her hands cupping her slim midsection. "I can feel how full I am now. I've never been filled before." Bryan smiled through his haze of pleasure, "I'm glad to oblige you!" Fay laughed energetically, then ran forward and leapt into Bryan's arms, wrapping her legs around him, and kissing him most enthusiastically. He returned her kiss, gripping her skinny legs in both hands. For a while they both reveled in each other's bodies, lost in the joy of being with another being.


Bryan loved the feeling of her skin against his, her lips against his, and knew that she felt the same by the way her body responded to him.

Reluctantly, he let her down, and drew away from her with a sucking sound. Fay caressed her abdomen again, and grinned widely. Bryan pressed his own hand against her midsection and smiled with her. "You know Bryan, I could also use some samples to take with me, for study and comparison." Bryan blew his breath out and laughed. "I'm sure you could, but I'm pretty well spent right now." Fay bit her transparent lip and rolled her eyes.

"You could spend the sleep cycle with me and give the samples to me tomorrow if you want." Bryan agreed, and they both curled up on her bed, there being just enough room for the both of them, and they fell asleep cradling her midsection. When Bryan awoke, he smiled, for he felt the warmth of Fay's body against him.

Her little ass was pressed against his crotch, and he felt that his cock was already somewhat hard. So, he leaned around and kissed the little alien's ear and neck, and she moaned as she woke up. "Mmmm, good morning Bryan." "Good morning, my alien." She giggled and wiggled her ass against him, causing his dick to flex and become fully hard. "Now, about those samples…" She hummed in her throat and lifted her top leg until she caught it with her arm. She craned her neck and looked back at him.

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"Go ahead Bryan, I'm already well lubricated." Bryan growled and positioned his dick with one hand, pressing against her folds until they gave and he plunged into her. She sucked in her breath and squeaked as he pushed her insides around, making room for his throbbing cock.

Deeper and deeper he pushed until he came up against her back wall, now fully closed to hold his cum from yesterday within her. Her insides seemed to be hotter than usual, a veritable fiery cauldron of slick vagina. "Mmm, you're warm today, Fay." "Yes, my body is processing your semen… Ugh… mmm…" He thrust into her for a while at a measured pace, feeling her body respond positively to his cock.

She let her leg down and pushed her ass against him every time he bucked into her. Her breaths were irregular and spiked with groans of pleasure and little yips whenever he pressed against the entrance to her reservoir. When he slowed his thrusts to catch his breath, he looked through her at her organs, only to find her reservoir to be nearly empty. "Hey. Where'd my semen go?" She looked at herself and replied breathlessly, "It's been taken into my uterus to bond with my ova.

The process will take some time." Bryan nibbled on her ear and asked, "Want to open up for me?" She nodded, "Yes, I want another dose of you." She closed her eyes and concentrated, and Bryan felt her cervix iris open, and he pushed in the last couple inches.

He groaned as he picked the pace back up, pushing and thrusting into her deepest interior, intent on blasting her full of his seed once more. Her little grunts and yips increased in rapidity and tone until she squealed in pleasure, all her transparent muscles flexing as she had her alien orgasm on his cock. That was plenty to drive him over the edge, so he thrust harder and faster through her orgasm and discharged his load deep inside her.

He strained against the end of her reservoir, feeling his cum shoot past his cockhead to pool within her. Her cervix slammed shut on him, keeping him within her as the last few shots painted her interior walls white. They both sighed at the same time, drawing breaths in tandem as they both smiled. Bryan reached around and grasped her transparent breasts as she arched her back and shivered under his touch.

She craned her neck to try and access his face, so he moved to kiss her, their lips moving between and around each other. Fay moaned contentedly against Bryan's teeth and grinned when they parted lips. "Something about your seed makes me just so very happy, Bryan. Thank you. Thank you, thank you so much for what you're doing for me!" Bryan couldn't think of much more to say than, "You're very welcome!" Fay got her hands between their joined hips and pushed, attempting to dislodge his trapped cock.

He gritted his teeth as his cock was pulled by her closed cervix muscles, and then he suddenly popped loose, slipping out of her as she rolled to her feet beside the bed. She stood up straight and looked through herself, seeing her reservoir filled again she resumed her grin and rubbed her belly.

Her eyes met his again and she crept forward, planting a series of kisses on his face. "Wait right here. I'll be back with something." She left the room and Bryan put his hands behind his head, his cock still semi-hard and slick. He wondered just what it was that she was going to get. He didn't have to wait long though, she came back with a clear plastic-like sheath that looked surprisingly like a condom.

She leaned over him and placed it on his twitching cock, rolling it down to cover it completely. "This," Fay said, "will catch your semen as you ejaculate. I will separate it into samples later." "Very efficient." Bryan said, his cock growing now to its full size, straining against the clear material as it struggled to stay enveloping his member. "So what's the plan now?" Fay considered, a finger resting on her lower lip. She turned around and presented her semi-transparent ass to him, her pussy lips now flushing pink from previous stimulations so that Bryan could see his target.

She looked around herself back at him with hooded eyes. "In my studies of your race, I've found such an expansive lexicon on the act of sexual reproduction. It was only when I've found that you humans do it for pleasure more than you do it to actually reproduce that I understood completely the amount of content on your planet that offers to enhance the experience." She collapsed her arms beneath her chest and laid her head on the padding of the bed, arching her back and allowing more of her pink pussy to peek through her skinny thighs.

"I researched Earth's customs on this subject. I believe this pose is pleasurable for males?" Bryan looked at the beautiful sight in front of him; a semi-transparent ass offering her tunnel up to him to ravage. A human woman's ass is beautiful enough when she is bent over away from you, and this alien woman's offering only enhanced the exotic feeling of the situation.

So, Bryan moved up behind her and took his plastic-clad cock in his hand, guiding it slowly into her vagina. After acclimating, Fay began to move back and forth on it with expressive breaths telling the story of her pleasure. He couldn't see her face, but her groans spoke of great enjoyment. They combined thrusts; Bryan pushing forward and Fay pushing back against him in unison, working together to create an orgasm for each other.

Bryan soon had Fay coming to the brink of an orgasm again. Her breaths came quicker, her moans increased in pitch until she shrieked and screamed, mouth wide open and eyes shut tight. Bryan never stopped, fucking her pussy insatiably while the skinny alien clung to the bed as waves of pleasure rolled over her. He could feel her muscles clenching and unclenching on his member as he plunged into her over and over again, wet squelching noises coming from her pussy.

Finally he got winded and backed off a bit, allowing both of them a little break. He slowly pulled out until his cock head was the only thing inside her, then pushed in slowly until he was filling her entire vagina. He held himself there, allowing both of them to catch their respective breaths.

Fay turned her head and laid it back down on the bed sideways, and looked back at him with one eye, which was clouded from the wash of pleasure she just endured. Soon enough she was rocking back and forth on him again, and he could see his cum from earlier sloshing around inside her reservoir. He didn't move, allowing Fay to milk his cock while his leg and torso muscles regained strength. It wasn't too long though until a familiar tingling in his balls started him thrusting again.

Fay must have intuited his closeness, as she spoke some encouragement to her human lover pounding her from behind. "Give it to me. Give me all your semen, human." Bryan, unable to stop himself even if he wanted to, groaned at the ceiling and shot his burning hot cum up into her burning hot body, the plastic cum-catcher retaining the semen.

He pulsed inside her four, five, six times until he shuddered and groaned again, pulling back away from her and laying on his back. She moaned as he left her for the last time, her pussy gaping open for a moment until it slowly closed back up to its regular size. Slowly, as though attempting to move while underwater, Fay turned around on her hands and knees and retrieved the condom-like plastic from his shrinking cock.

She wrapped the cum-filled plastic-like material up into a neat retaining bubble with his cum in the middle and set it on the table near the door. She crawled up on him and laid on him, pressing her breasts against his chest and covering his face with smooches and licks.

He reveled in her presence, wrapping his arms around her thin torso, never wanting to let her go, and he said as much between affections. Fay's eyes became sad again, breaking through the haze of pleasure. "We don't have to yet. I have what I need to save my species. But they can wait a while yet. Just lay with me, talk with me, touch me. I want to remember the human who helped save us." So for two more hours they laid together on Fay's bed caressing each other, talking about anything that came to mind, and staring into each other's eyes.

Bryan was loathe to leave, and he almost didn't. But his life slowly returned to his mind, and he reluctantly realized that the vacation had to end. On the side of a darkened highway somewhere in the continental U.S., a bright light and a sharp noise broke the night's stillness, and two figures appeared next to an abandoned pickup truck on the side of the road. One figure was obviously human, but the other was transparent in most places, obviously alien. Bryan embraced the smoldering body of his new friend Fay and gave her a passionate kiss.

Fay wrapped her hands around the back of his neck and returned the kiss. She hung off of him and drew back, meeting his eyes with a sad smile. "I don't want you to go," Fay said to him. Bryan reached down and caressed her belly as gently as he could. Fay took an arm off of him and pressed his hand against her. "Neither do I. But I do have a life here." Fay smiled sadly.

"Can you return to Earth? To visit?" Fay shook her head, "Most likely not, Bryan. My home is a long way distant." They kissed again, and when they reluctantly drew apart, Fay was breathless. "I'll see you in my dreams." Bryan said with a thick voice. Fay grinned at her lover and stepped back, the grin fading almost as quickly as it had come on, but a smile lingered in its place. She stepped back further and a bright cone of light snapped on, bathing her in brightness, and making her tears glitter as they cascaded down her face.

Bryan waved goodbye until she disappeared from view and the buzzing noise retreated into the sky. He stared at the sky in wonder, the pinpricks of light stretching across the black veil of space. Finally he shook his head with a sniff and got in his truck, which started up on the first turn of the key.