Golden shower fetish piss orgy

Golden shower fetish piss orgy
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It started out as me my sister and her friend going to the beach. My sisters name is Mary and her friends name is crystal.

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My sister is a dirty blond blue eyes and has c cup tits. Her friend is light dirty blond blue eyes and b cup boobs. My name is Jacob and I have brown eyes and dark brown hair and a 7 inch dick.

We were headed to the beach and got lost and ended up going to a nudist beach but didn't know it at the time. It was my fault though cause I forgot the map. Crystal was calling me a fucking idiot and all kinds of shit and Mary was telling her to leave me alone and crystal told her it isn't her fault he is a loser and I told her its better then being a lonely bitch and Mary told us to knock it off because we are suppose to be having fun.

We both said fine. We finally got to the beach and were shocked to see all these naked people I was getting a boner and the girls both looked and said we should leave and I told them we should stay cause it a 5 hour drive home and it be to dark to drive home.


My sister said I don't want to be naked around these people or my own brother. Crystal said ya and there's no way in hell your going to see me naked loser. I told them both we can stay and have fun and keep our clothes on but a red headed girl over heard us and said read the sign.

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We looked over and the sign said naked people only no exceptions! The girls turned red and were scared. I gave my sister a hug and crystal gave me a face that read I will kill u if u touch me. Mary said thanks.

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The read headed girl came back and said there's a room u all can change in and stay in till your used to be naked around everyone. The girls said OK I guess we can give it a try.

I told them to go first. They both said ok and walked off. I was just walking around enjoying all the naked ladies. My dick was as hard as a rock and the read headed girl came to me and said her name was Idalis.


She has brown eyes and almost c cup breast and a very nice smooth pussy. She said u can use the life gaurd tower to change if u want. I said OK thank you and headed to the tower. Once inside I got butt naked and was about to go out when Idalis came from under a desk and said wow that's a nice cock u have I jumped and screamed WHAT THE FUCK?! She said to calm down I'm going to take care of that problem for you and that you wouldn't want your friends to see it like that.

I was just frozen. And she bent down and started to slowly jack me off. I moaned and she said oh ya your do just nice and then started to deep through me. I was moaning even louder. Then she stopped and asked if I wanted to taste her I said hell yes and I pushed her to the ground and started to eat her pussy like crazy.

She was screaming in pleasure. This lasted for 15 minutes and then she started to cum. When she was done she pushed me to the ground and put my dick in her pussy. We both moaned from pleasure and because her pussy was so wet and tight. We started to speed up and I was about to come but then she got off and said I'm not on the pill and I said oh with a sad face.

She smiled and said u can cum in my ass though if u want. My dick got even harder and she took that as a yes. She got on all fours. I put the tip of my dick at her asshole and slowly pushed it in. She yelped in pain and said sorry it been a while I apologized and started to push in til I was all the way in her ass. She moaned and I started to speed up. Pounding her ass. It only lasted 2 minutes though cause I was already close. I came at least 7 to 8 shots deep in her ass. I pulled out and she went to the door and said u can fuck me anytime u want.

I said fuck yes and she left. I grabbed my shorts to use as a towel to clean my dick and went backoutside. I was shaking a little bit but soon got used to the naked people on the beach and went in the water and waited for mary and crystal.

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Mary and crystal were in the changing and both really nerves and crystal said we can do this we are both women and best friends. Mary said I know and that's fine I'm just nerves to be naked around strangers and around my brother.

Crystal said I know I am to but we can get used to it and we came to have fun and we can make this fun. How about I go first? Will that help you out mary? Mary shook her head yes. Crystal said well here we go.

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She took off her shirt and then her pants. She put her hands to the straps of her bra but froze. She ssaid mary this is hard and I'm to nervese. I know this is weirld but can u do the rest for me and I do it for u. Mary blushed and said I guess and it does seem easier and striped to her bra and panties.

Mary went behind and crystal and unhooked her bra. Crystal did a small scream and let it fall to the ground. Her b cup breast just hanging there all free. Mary blushed and said they were nice.


Crystal blushed and said thanks. Then mary pulled down her friends panties and then just waited for crystal to make her naked to. Crystal was bright red and started to unhook her friends bra. Mary let it fall to the ground. She looked and dam mary your tits are huge and then fastly yanked her panties down. They both blushes and looked at each other blushing and saw some towels and mary said we can use these til we are ready to be naked around everyone.

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Crystal said ya that's a good for now. And put them on and just walked out all nerves.