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Brad licks and eats kagney linn karters milf pussy pornstars big dick
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Her Brother-In-Law's Revenge by rutger5 ( An original story-Copyright 2011 ) "I'm telling you sis I don't know why you put up with his shit. You have the gold ring and you're the mother of his kids so you don't have to take it." "It's not that easy Kim.

What you've said is true but I do love him and to just cut him off like that with no proof or warning…" Kathy said before her younger sister interrupted. "Honey he goes to strip clubs and gets lap dances and proudly admits it. Every bimbo who works in his office probably sucked his dick to get their job and most of them look as if they're not smart enough to read English let alone do any work.

I may not have proof but I'm sure he's cheating on you Kathy." "I don't know about that last part. Yes the women who work in the office are young and attractive and he is familiar with them but it's just his way.

It doesn't prove anything." Kim rolled her eyes at her sister's response and wondered if Kathy was really so blind or just pretended to be in order to keep the peace and not let any cracks show in her façade of a perfect, happy family. The two women sat in Kathy's luxuriously decorated kitchen sipping margaritas as Maria, Kathy's housekeeper, bustled about setting thing in their proper order.

Putting her glass down on the granite countertop Kim thought to herself about how she could force her sister to accept the truth. It took another margarita before inspiration struck Kim.

She smiled to herself as a plan took shape in her mind. No sense saying anything to Kathy yet, at best she would be against the idea and at worst she could blow it up, unwittingly or not.

For her part Kathy was just glad that Kim had stopped harping on Frank. She loved having her beloved younger sister living with them but she desired serenity and peace in her life. She couldn't understand why Kim didn't comprehend that especially since they'd grown up in a home filled with such turmoil and dissension.

Kathy just desired to live a placid existence and for her children to grow up in a home free from fighting all the time. "Are you having dinner with us tonight Kim? Its family pizza night." "No sorry sis not tonight. I'm meeting Gabrielle for drinks and we'll probably grab a bite to eat. That reminds me Kathy, any way that you can lend me a little money?" Kathy sighed to herself as she opened her Coach bag and removed her wallet.

She slid a number of bills from it and handed the money to her sister before returning the wallet. "Thanks big sister" Kim mumbled as she slipped the money in her jean pocket. In the background Maria shook her head sadly before making the sign of the cross furtively. "Now Kim, promise me you won't drink too much especially if you're on your medication." "You worry too much sis.

If I'm drinking a lot I will just skip my pills tonight. They are only for anxiety and if I'm drunk what do I have to be anxious about? Thanks again Kathy." _____________________________________________________________________________________ An hour later Kim and Gabrielle were on their third drink and deep in conversation.

They were ensconced at their favorite booth at TGIF's, located right near the bar and a stone's throw from the ladies room. "I'm sure my sister would do it but why do you even care Kim? It isn't hurting you any so why bother, that's my motto. If there was something in it for you I could understand." "No you're missing the point Gaby; if it hurts my sister then it hurts me.

I'm not gonna let the bastard get away with pulling a fast one on her." "Your sister doesn't seem to care about what he's up to." "Kathy looked out for me when I was young and now's my chance to return the favor. She's just in denial, once she is confronted with the truth things will change.

Then if she's smart and files for divorce with all his money she'll be set for life." "Doesn't he make his money owning and running a private carting/waste removal business? I doubt that's the kind of guy you can take to the cleaners, more likely she'll be wearing cement shoes if she tries." "No he's not like that Gaby, he wouldn't hurt my sister. If you crossed him in business that is one thing, but not family.

She's the mother of his kids, fuhgedaboudit." "Okay I'll call Chloe and have her meet us here. Now let's order some food to soak up some of the booze. Do you know what you want to order? That cheeseburger is calling my name." "I'm not sure yet but nothing too fattening for me. I don't want to say anything Gaby, but maybe you should skip the burger and order cottage cheese instead. You've been looking a little bloated lately." Gabrielle shot daggers at her companion before ruefully inspecting her soft and expanding waist and hips.

Maybe tomorrow she would go for a nice walk after work to burn off some calories she thought. _____________________________________________________________________________________ "Really Kim what is your hurry today. We have plenty of time before I have to get the kids" Kathy told her sister as the younger woman practically dragged her by the arm off the elevator in her haste.

Kim didn't even answer her she as was so intent on getting there quickly. Once she'd received the text from Chloe she knew the clock was ticking. They had to arrive while Frank was compromised but before Chloe would be forced to do more than she wanted or even worse before he became suspicious. Especially since she wasn't sure how much loyalty the hundred dollars she paid Chloe would buy.

The two sisters walked down the carpeted hallway of the apartment complex toward Gabrielle's unit. Once they reached the door Kim turned to her sister. "Listen Kathy, you're going to see something here that you won't like but don't kill the messenger, okay?" Kim said right before she opened the door.

Kathy glared at her sister before pushing past her and entering the apartment. She was certainly not prepared for the scene that awaited her. There on the couch not ten feet away was her husband Frank with no shirt on but he did have a scantily clad young twenty something woman perched on his lap and his hands were all over her.

"Frank!" Kathy wailed, the pain evident in her voice. Without another word she turned and fled past her sister from the direction she came. Frank had leapt to his feet on seeing and hearing his wife sending Chloe tumbling to the floor. He grabbed his shirt and started after his fleeing spouse slowing only long enough to give a smirking Kim a venomous look before continuing the pursuit of his wife. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Since the incident that afternoon Kim had been keeping a low profile.

She shared a couple of drinks with Chloe, using them to wash down two Xanax pills as she was feeling quite anxious. When she got back to the house in the early evening the mood was unsettled to say the least. Though it appeared calm it was the kind right before the storm broke. The only people she saw were Maria and her brother Manuel, who served as the gardener and handyman for the household.

He was always a quiet man who said little but it was obvious that they knew something was wrong which made them even more reticent then usual. Kim had tried calling Kathy numerous times but only got her voice mail. She had left a couple of messages but as of yet had gotten no replies. She saw that both Kathy and Frank's vehicles were parked in the garage so she assumed they were home by now. Kim really wanted to know what the results of her scheme were but she figured she would find out tomorrow.

After liberating a bottle of vodka from the well stocked home bar in the basement and some OJ from the kitchen Kim decided to chill out that night. It was a couple of hours later and Kim was feeling no pain.

Slowly she took another toke on the joint, filling her lungs with the mood altering smoke. When she exhaled it looked to be in the shape of a dragon which made her giggle with delight. After a final hit Kim dropped the partially smoked joint into the ashtray on her nearby bedside table before lighting her Parliament cigarette.

Suddenly the door to her room flew open and her brother-in-law's bulky figure filled the doorway. He paused only a few seconds while he surveyed the room, taking in the sight of Kim sprawled across the bed in her tiny girly tee and silk boy shorts smoking her cigarette. He strode into the room on a mission and nothing would stand in his way. The first thing he did was yank the cigarette from her hand and crush it out in the ashtray. "What the hell Frank…" she managed to get out before he cut her off.

"Shut your mouth Kim, I've had enough of your bullshit to last a lifetime and today was the final straw." Kim had never seen Frank in this mood before and if she hadn't been so wasted she probably would be scared or nervous at the least. It was obvious that he was angry but it was a cold anger. He was in total control over both his emotions and actions. "You want to come between your sister and me and think that I'll stand for that under my roof then you're crazier than I thought." "It's your cheating that is the problem, not me" Kim fired back as she staggered to her feet.

Frank towered over her and she took a step back, stumbling in the process although she managed to stay on her feet. "You stupid bitch" he snarled " no doubt you'll be happy to learn that Kathy is refusing to fulfill her wifely duties due to your setup." Kim couldn't help but smiling on hearing that news. Her sister had confided in her long ago that not only did he have a bull-like physique and endowment but that he expected sex every day and always more than once. "It serves you right that she cut you off Frank, disrespecting your wife like that" Kim couldn't help but replying.

"Well I hope you enjoy your victory while you're sleeping on the street because from this point on you are persona non grata with me. I'm not even waiting until tomorrow to throw your ass on the street." "You wouldn't dare, besides Kathy won't stand for that." "Whether she would or not doesn't matter because I own this house, it's my name on the deed not your sister's.

She has no say in this, now are you going to go quietly or do I need to call the police. They might also be interested in what you choose to smoke." "You're bluffing" she slurred "there's no way you'd throw me out in the middle of the night. Besides where would I go now? I don't have any money." "You should have thought of that before sticking your nose where it didn't belong.

As far as money I can assure you that I will do what it takes to prevent Kathy from funneling you any more of my money. You can turn tricks on the boulevard for all I care, and if what I heard from Kathy is true and she does know you best, you may have experience with that already." "You bastard" she replied.

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Without thinking Kim then slapped her brother-in-law in the face before instantly regretting it. She took a half step backwards but he ignored the blow and just shook his head. "Good way to change my mind dumbass." "I'm sorry Frank, about everything. I'll talk to Kathy tomorrow and straighten things out, I promise. Just don't kick me out with nothing, I'm begging you, please." "Nice to see a tiny bit of humility from you but it's much too little, too late.

Now let's get going if I'm going to get some sleep tonight. Your choice if you want to leave on your own or be escorted out by John Q Law." Realizing that he was dead serious Kim decided to turn on the waterworks in a last ditch effort to change his mind. She grabbed at his arm while she started sobbing at the same time. Frank seemed uncomfortable with his wailing sister-in-law clinging to him with tears streaming down her pretty face so he simply took a step back while pulling his arm free of her grasp.

Losing any last shred of dignity Kim fell to her knees and clutched at his pajama covered leg as the histrionics continued. "Please Frank I'm begging you not to do this" she pleaded. He looked down at her blubbering and he felt a part of him moved by the spectacle. Unfortunately for Kim it wasn't his heart that was moved to pity but rather his neglected cock twitching in his pants. He had long had a thing for his wife's younger sister and truth be told she was a younger, fitter, sexier version of his wife.

He had never hit on her previously because she was family and he didn't normally believe in shitting where he lived. However this situation had created possibilities that his quick mind recognized and he decided to act on them.

The fact that he hadn't had sex that day certainly factored in his considerations but he still kept his head in spite of that. "Listen Kim you can stay tonight but on one condition, okay" he told her gruffly. Choking back a sob Kim's blue eyes looked up at his but Frank's face was impassive and she couldn't read what he was thinking.

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"Really Frank, I can stay?" "Just for tonight Kim and only on one condition." "Sure whatever and then we can discuss it tomorrow, right?" Kim was already scheming but in her condition she didn't notice his expression and still thought she could end up on top.

Now he had her where he wanted her and Frank intended on dropping the hammer - hard. "You can stay for the night if…" he told her as he unbuttoned and pushed his pajama bottoms to the floor freeing his wide and hardening cock.

Once free it sprang up, shocking Kim with both its thickness and the fact that it was now inches from her face. She instantly recoiled but Frank reached out and easily prevented her from moving further away. His other hand began to stroke the growing length, running up and down the rigid tube.

A drop of clear fluid seeped from the hole and was followed by more of the liquid as his juices began to flow. Kim was torn between attempting to flee from her hated brother-in-law while another part of her, the slutty horny part that usually showed its face when she was wasted fought to take control. His hand gently stroked her silky, black hair and that tipped the balance. Kim reached a tentative hand out and grasped his rampant erection which caused it to twitch and the flow of pre-cum increased.

"Suck it Kim" he told her in a voice rough with pent up desire. Slowly, haltingly she leaned forward, her eyes fixated on the throbbing meat she held.

While Kim stared another drop of pre-cum oozed from the hole and without thinking her tongue flicked out and licked it up making Frank moan loudly. Opening her mouth wide she took the knob in her mouth and proceeded to slide her lips down the shaft, swallowing it as deep as she could handle.

Both his hands took Kim by her hair and he started to guide her head back and forth on his swollen prick. Kim bobbed up and down the thick cock, her mouth stretched to its limit in accommodating the impressive girth.

It showed in her cheek as the meat slid in and out of her mouth. Frank removed one hand from her hair though his other continued in directing her. He then unbuttoned his top and dropped it.

Kim was really giving it her best and he realized if things continued much longer he wouldn't be able to prevent orgasm. In order to forestall that he used a thumb and finger to pinch Kim's nose. Immediately she tried pulling her mouth off him but his hand in her hair prevented that.

Already starting to panic her wild eyes looked up at him desperately. First he winked but he then released her nose and pulled her hair back pulling her from his prick. She gasped and coughed for a few seconds but she was alright. "Stand up Kim" he demanded of her and she scrambled to her feet quickly.

Frank smiled at her fast response as he realized she was well on her way to being tamed by him. He pushed her back up against the wall where his large hands grasped the top of her tee shirt and ripped. The material was no match for his strength and tore roughly down the middle exposing her smooth, soft skin. Her pert B-cup breasts were revealed in all their beauty, perfectly shaped and topped by red, erect nipples.

He smirked on seeing the evidence that she was already aroused. "You dirty little slut" he told her as his thumb and forefinger squeezed one hard enough to give Kim an equal amount of pain with the pleasure. Frank's mouth soon replaced his fingers and once his teeth and tongue found her breast it was Kim's turn to moan.

He would have smiled if his mouth wasn't otherwise occupied in feasting on her. One of his hands now started to rub the delta between her thighs, moving up and down over the silky material. Her legs parted wider involuntarily as Frank's large hand moved faster against her vulva.

He could feel her wetness even through the panties which were becoming damp from her juices. Not wishing to wait longer he brought his hand up high enough that it could slip under the waistband. As it slid down he felt her tiny landing strip of hair before he reached his objective. He brushed past her clit as his middle finger sought, then found her dripping opening between her plump lips.

Frank pushed the tip of his thick finger into her causing her legs to spread wider to give him greater access.

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He took instant advantage, working deeper in Kim's tight cunny while also bringing his palm in contact with her engorged clitoris. By now he had worked his finger past his second knuckle into her canal and was wiggling it with the intention of loosening her enough to fit his much larger cock there.

His mouth had switched between her sweet breasts multiple times by now and each nipple stood proudly at attention from the stimulation they had received. In fact Kim was actually cradling Frank's head as it suckled at her bosom, encouraging him in his efforts. Suddenly he pulled his mouth from her causing a sigh of disappointment to escape her lips. Not pausing a moment Frank crouched before Kim while managing to keep his finger embedded in her wet pussy. His other hand tugged at the waistband of her boy shorts, sliding them down her toned legs until they reached the carpeted floor.

He removed his digit and greedily sucked her juices from it with a slurping sound. "Your pussy juice tastes so good that I want to have some more. Do you mind if I lick you?" he asked her. "No go ahead" she answered, her lust overruling any hesitation she felt under the circumstances. Frank's thick fingers spread her lips wide, opening her pussy like the petals of a flower.

Her nectar glinted on her womanhood like stars in the evening sky. He leaned forward and inhaled the bouquet of aroused pussy before his tongue ran the length of it. Frank started at the top and worked his way downward slowly, savoring the taste and texture of Kim's vagina. She gasped as he probed the depths of her wetness, his tongue searching out and exploring every crevice and fold it could reach.

She tasted delightful and he became even harder from her scent and taste. Kim began to roll her hips in an effort to bring his tongue together with her clit as he had deliberately ignored it. Frank immediately realized what she was trying and after one final lap of his tongue he stopped licking her altogether. Kim's blue eyes, which had been almost closed from pleasure opened wider with disappointment.

"What's the matter Kim; you didn't want me to stop?" "No baby, it felt so good" she replied with lust in her voice. Frank chuckled then without warning he slapped her cunt with an open hand. She cried out from the pain at which time he followed with two more stinging blows to her vulva before standing and grabbing her hair with a hand.

"This isn't about it feeling good for you slut and don't you forget it. You are being taught a lesson as well as I'm going to get my rocks off. Understand?" "Yes, I'm sorry Frank" she sobbed with tears rolling down her cheek.

"Good now that we're clear on that Kim I want you to face the wall and bend over. Now move." He released her hair and watched as she turned toward the wall and bent at the waist.

In spite of his anger he was frozen a minute as he looked at her exposed peach between her supple thighs. The lips were wet and swollen while the juicy insides were dripping a clear, sticky fluid and he had to resist the urge to again smother it with his mouth.

Breaking free of the spell her pussy had cast on him Frank slapped her full, round buttocks a couple of times. They were nice and firm and barely jiggled from his blows. He stepped forward so that his jutting cock slid between her taut thighs and pressed against the outside of her puss. "Put your hands flat against the wall" he directed her. Kim quickly complied with his order and as soon as she was braced he guided the large, mushroom head to her opening.

He grunted as he started to split her tender treat but even with all the natural lubrication there it was extremely slow going. He pulled his hips back to reposition himself, then holding her hip with one hand and his thick shaft with the other he drove forward with all his power.

Frank sank halfway into her wet folds making Kim cry out. He then seized her other hip and pushed forward again. Slowly, reluctantly, her tight pussy opened to his assault and soon his battering ram was totally within her gates. For her part Kim was filled like she couldn't remember being before and though there was some discomfort it was also stimulating all the sensitive nerves located in her pinkness.

"Fuck that is one tight cunt you have Kim. It's squeezing my cock like crazy. What's the matter, all your pretty boys have needle dicks?" he taunted, knowing she had the tendency of dating only good looking guys. She just grunted in reply as with the feelings she was getting from her pussy speaking wasn't an option right then. Frank started to pull back and watched as her pussy lips clung to him like a glove as he withdrew.

When just his head was in her Frank reversed direction and drove balls deep again. That was enough to push her overwrought body straight to orgasm. Stifling a cry Kim's body shuddered from the force of her climax.

He tried to ignore her clenching muscles and continue his thrusting but her internal pressure proved too great. As his neglected balls signaled their imminent release Frank managed to withdraw his erection just in time. Seconds later he exploded with his first shot landing in Kim's hair and the next landing with a splat on her back. He stroked his cock fast now shooting the rest against her firm ass and the outside of her cunny.

He then slapped his hard cock against her butt cheeks to force the last bit of cum out before driving into her womanly depths again. Now that she had adjusted and opened to him he began to pound her sweet treat as hard and fast as he was able.

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The room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping flesh and the heady aroma of sex. In combination with her intoxicated state, the hard fucking Frank was giving her made it hard for Kim to remain standing. Her leg muscles trembled each time his hairy legs slapped into hers as he drove deep. His large hands gripped her hips tightly, the thick, powerful fingers digging into Kim's tender flesh. He was in his element now, fucking hard and fast and under control since his first orgasm took the edge off.

Frank looked down and watched as he slid in and out of Kim's sticky treat, her lips clinging to his meat as he worked her over. The sight of her divine buttocks inspired him to occasionally deliver a sharp smack but after a particularly hard one it made Kim lose her balance.

Though his other hand kept her from falling it was enough to cause his cock to slip from her as she stumbled. Kim turned and looked at him almost apologetically at him. "Sorry" she mumbled "but I'm having problems staying on my feet for some reason." "I think the answer is in that bottle and the ashtray" Frank replied his eyes scanning the vodka and marijuana.

"Don't worry about it, just lay on the floor Kim." Frank assisted her down to the floor where Kim lay on her back. She spread her legs wide with her knees bent and her pretty feet flat on the carpet. As he removed a pillow from her bed Frank's eyes took in what was waiting for him and grinned. She might have personality issues but Kim was incredibly sexy. Her lustrous black hair cascaded across her shoulders and to the floor below while her firm perky breasts rose and fell with each breath.

He gazed lower as he positioned the pillow between her open legs. Her miniscule landing strip pointed the way to her aroused womanhood which was topped by her partially hooded clit.

Once Frank knelt on the pillow he slapped her waiting lips a couple of times before angling the head to her opening. The tip slipped between her opened lips sending shivers up Kim's spine which only intensified as the rest of the head followed by the thick shaft worked its way in.

Her walls clamped on him but Frank persevered until he was deep in Kim's channel. "Damn that tight cunt of yours is squeezing me" he grunted as he started to make short, slow thrusts. Kim took a hold of her legs and pulled them into the air allowing Frank's schlong to slip deeper in her greedy pussy. He leaned forward while supporting himself on his hands which also assisted in getting more of his thick shaft in her.

He increased the tempo of his pumping as he continued forcing Kim to moan from the feeling of being filled to the brim. His hips rose and fell like a well oiled machine, sinking to her depths before retreating only to go deep again.

She wrapped her legs around his waist allowing her now free hands to grab hold of his hairy ass cheeks and attempt to pull him deeper. Frank now repositioned himself on his elbows bringing their torsos together where his hairy chest tickled her sensitive nipples. Feeling himself nearing the final stretch Frank drove his length as fast as he was able and as his pubic bone collided with Kim's hard little clit with each thrust.

It was too much for her overwrought senses and her teeth found his burly shoulder as she saw stars. Barely feeling the bite his cock swelled and stiffened as orgasm approached. He groaned with pleasure as he came deep inside Kim, coating and filling her welcoming hole with his sperm.

They remained motionless for a few minutes as their spent bodies slowly returned to normal from their orgasmic high. As her trembling legs slid from his back to the floor he pushed his torso to an upright position before pulling his still dripping prick out of her. He crawled forward trapping her arms beneath his knees and fed her his cock covered with their mingled fluids. Though tired Kim's natural cocksucking ability kicked in and she eagerly slurped their juices off it as she sucked the softening member.

When it was clean he moved to the side of her before standing. For her part Kim crawled to her bed and dragged herself onto the welcoming mattress. As soon as her head hit the pillow she knew no more. When Kim awoke the next morning the first thing she felt was her pounding head followed by her dry mouth. Once she opened her baby blues the bright light sent pain straight to her brain until her hand shielded her sensitive eyes.

Laying there she also realized that she had to pee badly and that her pussy ached. It wasn't a dream Kim thought to herself, she had really had sex with her brother-in-law.

Staggering to her feet Kim was conflicted in what she felt about the situation. Though she had always disliked Frank she had to admit that her sister was right about his sexual prowess. In fact if anything Kathy had undersold his ability as not only did he have great stamina but his endowment was equally impressive.

Kim quickly pulled a t-shirt on to cover her nakedness, then shuffled to the door. Her hand turned the knob and she pushed but the door wouldn't budge. Frustrated she tried with both hands but she had no more luck. Kim stamped her foot impatiently and when she did her eyes caught a glimpse of something sticking under the door.

Leaning down Kim observed a tiny wedge of wood protruding from the other side which was effectively locking her in. "Hello" Kim called out as her hand knocked against the door "can anyone hear me? Please I'm locked in and I have to use the bathroom." She was met by silence and it started becoming very uncomfortable for her.

Kim's bladder was full and needed relief badly. Her body shifted from foot to foot as she did her version of the pee pee dance. It was almost to the point that she could no longer hold it when she heard voices followed by the sound of footsteps approaching. Kim redoubled her efforts, increasing her knocking and shouting when she heard a familiar voice. "Hold your horses, I'm coming. No need to break down the door" Frank said before guffawing.

She watched as the wood was pulled back and seconds later the door was pulled open from the hall. Standing there with a wooden wedge in his hand was Frank and standing behind him was Manuel who had a hand truck filled with large plastic containers.

Frank quickly stepped into the doorway preventing Kim from leaving. "Please Frank let me out, I really have to go" she pleaded. "I bet you do slut" he answered calmly. "Okay let's go." Saying that he took her firmly by the arm and led her walking so fast she almost had to run to keep up.

They passed the bathroom without pausing and though Kim turned to it he dragged her past and continued until they reached the side door to the house. Frank opened it and pulled her out into the bright sunlight almost blinding her. Closing the door behind them he leaned his massive frame against the door. "Well Kim I thought you had to go so badly. You have the choice of anywhere in the whole yard to go" he said indicating the well manicured lawn on the side and back of the house.

Shooting him a dirty look but knowing better than saying something she cast her eyes around for where she might have a little privacy. There was a shed against the fence where the gardening supplies and tools were stored and it provided Kim with at least some cover.

Not being able to wait any longer once Kim was in the shadow of the shed she squatted down while raising her shirt up a bit and let it go.

As the golden stream was absorbed by the grass she breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly Frank said "Cheese!" and when Kim looked up she saw his phone pointed her way as he took a candid shot. There was nothing she could do under the circumstance but turn her face so that at least it didn't appear in anymore shots.

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When she finished she stood while pulling her shirt down as far as she could to cover up. "Sorry about that Kim but I figure I'm doing you a favor.

You'll have to be doing a lot of that since you will be living on the street starting today" he told her with an evil grin.

"Wait Frank, you're not really throwing me out are you, after last night?" "I told you last night that you could stay the night and you did. Now its time to go.

Don't worry Manuel will pack up all your stuff and what you can't carry I will allow you to store here, at least for a while." She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at him.

Kim felt like she had been punched in the gut at that moment and worse she realized she didn't have much in the way of options. Her only hope was that she might be able to crash with a friend at least temporarily.

"Okay" she said, her voice small, "can I at least make a few calls first?" He stood still as if he was considering her request before he answered. "That's fine Kim but remember that I'm not going to pay your cell bill anymore either." They went back in the house and headed to what had been her room. Manuel had already removed much of her clothing from her drawers and piled it on her bed.

The plastic containers were open and scattered on the floor. With trembling fingers Kim picked up the receiver and dialed Gabrielle. Once she answered Kim breathlessly whispered to her, asking if she could crash on her couch for a little while until things settled. Shockingly she was told no. "Sorry Kim but my boyfriend will be staying for a little while and you would just cramp our style.

I'm sure you understand. I'm at work, got to go." With that Kim heard a click on the other end of the line. She made another couple of calls but in both cases her "friends" were unable or unwilling to help. After the last call she slammed down the receiver as she started to panic. Frantically she searched the now disordered room until she found her bottle of Xanax.


Popping the top she shook a pill out and put it on her tongue. She swallowed it down with the remaining now warm orange juice. "Yeah it really takes a crisis to show who your true friends are. Seems that maybe you aren't as popular as you thought when you were picking up the tab with my money" Frank told her with a smug expression on his swarthy face. Suddenly Kim realized that she had no where to turn except maybe Kathy. However if Frank put his foot down he could thwart that as well if he wanted to.


Though she tried to stop it she felt her eyes welling with tears. "Feeling sorry for yourself Kim? Don't worry you still have your looks going for you. With any luck you can find some guy to let you sleep at his place, that is if you are willing to use your sexy body in return." Her body now wracked by sobs she turned to him and managed to speak.

"Frank I know I'm not your favorite person but for my sister, who you love, can't you forgive me?" "That's rich coming from you but I'm not really such a bad guy, well not that bad.

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I tell you what - you and me can make a deal so listen up. It's either take it or leave it with no negotiating. I'll continue to let you stay and I'll even give you an allowance. On top of that I'll stop sleeping around with the random bimbo but only on certain conditions. First you are going to have to cut down on the drinking and drugging and never think of coming between me and Kathy. Since I'm giving up most of my extra curricular activities you will have to pick up the slack if you catch my meaning." His message was obvious for as he said this his eyes greedily drank in her beauty.

"And I mean you will meet whatever demands I have and never refuse anything I ask. If you do the deal is off and we're back to square one. Do you agree?" "Yes Frank" she said quietly. "You will get your first chance now so behave and obey." Frank then turned to Manuel who had been standing there silently. "My sister-in-law is good lucking, eh Manuel." "Yes sir, she is a very beautiful woman." "She's also very sexy and knows how to please a man, I can tell you that.

How would you like her to give you a blowjob now." "I would like that a lot sir" Manuel replied. "You heard him Kim, get on your knees and get busy." "Wait Frank we didn't agree to…" was all she said before he cut her off. "I said whatever demands I had. I never told you it was only me you had to service. You will do whatever I say with whomever I say or you can get out now." Knowing she was beaten at least for now Kim sank to her knees with a sigh.

Manuel had already pulled down his zipper and as soon as he pulled his hardening erection out he stepped before her.

She reached out and took his mocha colored cock in her hand and then swallowed the head. He groaned in delight as her tongue swirled around the head before it probed his pee hole. Kim began to bob her head up and down the shaft, taking him to the back of her mouth.

She kept her eyes shut to at least prevent having to see what she was doing when she felt Frank's hand pushing at the back of her head. At the same time Manuel thrust forward and the combination forced his head down her throat. She started to cough and saliva spilled out of Kim's mouth but Frank refused to let her move her head back. Manuel thrust forward a number of times rapidly and his eyes soon glazed over.

Without warning his dick swelled up and with a cry he unloaded his cum straight down her throat. Kim managed to keep from gagging as Manuel used her for his pleasure. He remained buried until he was done cumming and his erection began to shrink. After he pulled out Manuel tucked himself into his trousers with a sigh of satisfaction.

Frank released Kim now that it was over. His hand stroked her hair as if she was a pet for a minute before stopping suddenly. Startled by his action Kim looked up at him.

Amazing gay scene His heart is hitting fast  as he is more than

"Good girl, you passed your first test. Now go take a shower and clean up. Don't forget to wash your mouth out. Hurry up because we're going shopping when you're done." She rose to her feet and as she turned to leave Frank couldn't resist slapping her supple ass.

When she reached for her robe he stopped her with a word. "No need for a robe Kim. Around me there is no reason to cover up. Now get going." Without looking back she walked out of the room. FIN By rutger5 (An original story - copyright 2011) As always readers I thank you for choosing to read my story.

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