Perfect ass blonde fucking in public

Perfect ass blonde fucking in public
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What the hell guys? Rate better, come on! We walked until it was dark enough out, and I was having a great time. John was getting teased the fuck out of him by the girls and I just watched at how pathetic he was. Paige and I walked holding hands, this was the best summer ever. We walked by a lifeguard shack, but I turned back and hid in front. I waved everyone over to sit so no one on the boardwalk could see us chill here.

John started to smoke and Paige wanted to make out, so I obliged. Her tongue was so nice, swirling around. She was near ferocious; I couldn't keep up. "You good John?" "Yeah this weed makes my skin feel like shit." Obviously his skin didn't mix well with bud, but if he wanted to hang happy later we could snag some brews.

Maria was in shock over the drugs and I was trying to chill her out. "Suck in the smoke and inhale through your nose. Hold it in as long as you can." Maria coughed her face off the first three shots, but she got into it. Paige snagged a drag and I took a couple of hits. We were all feeling real good. John wanted action.

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Janey felt ready too, so she got on his lap and made out with him. I gave Maria the pipe to fire away, and then I started to kiss Paige again. We were going at it longer than usual. I don't think she was comfortable for anything past making out on the beach. John was getting a hidden handy from Janey.

"You guys wanna stay here?" I asked everyone but Paige. They disregarded me, I helped up Paige, and we walked.

She was perfect.

Everything going on with the beach and the night sky and everything was perfect. And she was smoking hot. We made it back to our family's place. The younger kids were about gone, so it was my uncles, aunts, my Dad, and us two.

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Dad tossed my a bottle, and I handed it to Paige. We sat down behind the main seating around the grilling shit and lay down. She put her head on me and we chilled, and we just talked. She put her arm around me, and we were in a half asleep phase from the smoke. My dad woke me up to start packing shit away, but Paige stayed asleep. I saw John, Janey, and Maria 20 feet away passed out on the ground. I laughed, took the trash and threw it in the public bin.

I got Paige up, tossed her the shorts in my car and my school jacket, and he snug into the front seat of my car. John dragged himself over into the back, and Maria and Janey found their way over. We got home at midnight, and we went to sleep early.


My dad and uncles went to play golf the next morning, so we were alone after the kids and mom went to the pool near the water. There was a pizza waiting on the table since it was 1230. I grabbed a slice, went to the couch, and sat there watching tv. I watched some crappy comedy movie until Paige came over after a half hour and lay down next to me, head on my chest.

"Sup." "Hey. You hungry?" "I had a slice already." "Cool." She ate, and we started to make out again. I wanted to start this time.

I pulled down her shorts as she relaxed back, and I licked at her pussy. She squealed, then hummed a bit in pleasure. I licked inside her and around as she moved around a lot. She couldn't stay still, so it got hard to lick. "Shit- shit that's good. Keep going." I went nuts with my tongue and she screamed.

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I got hard from all the crazy screaming and noises she made. I stuck a finger in her and she spazzed out for a sec.


"Oh my god! Fuck." She hadn't said anything about cumming, so I pulled off my shorts and boxers, pulled her legs forward, and rubbed on her front. "Just do it alreadyyy" I guess I did a good job, she was real easy to get in.

I got in, and slowly built pace. She put her feet around me, and went in to kiss her. She was signing in bliss as I kissed her, and I went at it.

I loved it too, and I played with her right nipple as we made out. I alternated speeds, slowed down, and exploded. She came a minute later. As she finished, she looked deep into my eyes, and had a moment. I pulled out, layed across the couch, and we made out. "You tasted real good." I said. "I guess I did; you really went at it." I walked into the kitchen still bare, and she followed. I opened the fridge, poured some water, and when I looked over to see her still without shorts grabbing a glass next to the sink, the sight of her ass blew me away.

"Fuck it." I shot. I briskly walked over, put her against the counter, and as she bent over, and I put myself at her pussy, and went at it. Her ass was glorious, the curviness and shape went awe striking. The jiggle brought me on edge. "I hope you don't mind." I whispered.

"OHH!" I believe she didn't, she was liking it more than me. I move my hands up and down her sides, fucked away, and blew my load explosively. She panted as I stopped, and kissed me her body still facing the counter. "Wow! That was crazy." We looked to see Maria clapping for us at the edge of the table, slightly hidden by the corner of the wall. I was furious. "Seriously Maria? What the fuck." "How do you guys do that?" "Get John.

He'll violate you even better." "Fuck no. He tried to get me last night at the beach and I said no. Janey doesn't even like him." "What do you want then?" "Do that to me." "Will you be cool if I do?" "Oh yes yes yes!" I looked at Paige, and looked like she didn't care. She probably wouldn't mind watching me help my step sister either.

Maria took a more upright position against the counter, and pulled off her pajama pants.

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Her cute ass looked pretty good. I pushed at her slit, pushing her body down a bit to help myself, and hit her hymen. "Just do it quick!" I did it quick- and she screamed a bit.

"Shh- it's okay. You'll love everything past that." Paige consoled her. "Thanks." She replied. I went slowly at first and built speed, going and going.

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She was incredibly tight, and her hot snatch was a different experience from Janey or Paige. She layed her chest against the microwave with a straight back, which looked amazingly hot. I pumped and pumped, and saw in my peripheral vision Paige fingering herself, and gave her a look from the side. Maria whined as she climaxed, and the rush of fluids brought me close.

I didn't know if she was safe, so I pulled out and came on her back. "That was crazy. Thanks bro." She gave a peck on the cheek and walked into the shower. I got some napkins, wiped me and Paige off, put our clothes on, and we layed back down on the couch to chill.