Loni sanders u0026 lisa deleeuw in zehn Tage Urlaub voller Film

Loni sanders u0026 lisa deleeuw in zehn Tage Urlaub voller Film
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Hey I know messed up the first time but I edit it and hopefully make it better leave positive or negative comments doesn't matter I just hope you like it Teddy came home upset over her fight with spencer at school. Spencer kept complaining on how bad Teddy was at on giving blow jobs and about how she cant give good on riding him.

Teddy thought that maybe if she could practice on someone then maybe she could get better. Once she walked in the house she notice it was completely empty "Mom?

Dad? PJ? Gabe? Charlie? Anyone home?" no one answer then she thought that sense she had the whole house to herself maybe she could watch porn and see how good the porn star girls do on sex. She went to her room to get her laptop and the she ran and sat on the couch in the living room right when she was about to watch some porn Gabed walked in the house from his school.

So Teddy quickly closed her laptop and try to hide the porn screen from him but he notice on the couch "Hey Teddy what you are you doing?" Gabe asked. "Oh nothing just some stuff from school and now I got to go. and now. I will finish. this in my room. oh and don't disturb me I need to study for a test ok bye" Teddy left quick after that and so Gabe was left alone.

As soon as Gabe got bored of watching T.V and eating over three sandwitches he decided to go mess with Teddy because he love messing with her, deep down inside he love teddy and she is his favorite sibling so he went down stairs to Teddy's room.

Once he got close to her room he heard noises like moaning and gasping. He saw a gap on Teddy's door and looked inside and his eyes widen in shock.

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He saw his older sister naked watching porn and masterbating. Gabe felt his cock twitch and move inside his pants and he never felt that way before. He saw his sisters 36c breast and her nipples were hard, he also notice her pussy all wet and her fingers where inside her making her squirm a lot. She was panting and breathing hard. Gabe ran to his room with a image of his sister naked in his head and repeating the same scene again and agin and for some reason he laid down on his bed he pulled his cock out and started pumping his cock and moaning Teddy's name over and over.

After Teddy finish looking at porn even though she never have an orgasm (teddy didnt now how one felt even with spencer) she decided to go look after Gabe sense they're both home alone and she is the older sister so she has to look after him, so she got dress and went to find Gabe in his room and ask him if he was hungry then she notice his door was half way open and she heard some noises in his room so looked inside and saw him masturbating and notice his 8inch cock which is bigger then Spencer sense he's only 4inches.

Her pussy started getting wet just looking at her brothers big cock and then she thought, maybe she can use Gabe for her sex practice but then she thought "what am I thinking Gabe is my little brother, not only will I be arrested but I will be committing incest which is wrong" then she heard Gabe say her name and listen carefully. "oohh Teddy your ass feels good touching and so does your breast mmmmm".

Teddy was shocked hearing her brother say that but she thought maybe Gabe can help her improve her sex life with Spencer. That's when she got an idea on how to seduce her little brother, after her plot came in her head she saw Gabe cummed and man did he cum like a volcano.

After seeing that Teddy put her plan into action and went to her room but before she can make it there, her mom and brother pj walked in with Charlie asleep in moms arms "Hey Teddy what you doing?" asked amy her mom "oh nothing just checking on Gabe to see if he was hungry" said Teddy.

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"Oh ok well we got dinner here it will be ready in an hour and a half, oh your dad is going to be late because his work is making him stay longer" said Amy "Oh ok well I'll just be in my room and put some comfy clothes on" Teddy ran to her room to put something sexy to seduce Gabe with and left her mom and PJ all confused. After she put Charlie to in her nursery she started putting groshory away and then asked PJ to help her cook sense he's a better cook then her.

"PJ dear can you help me cook!" she yelled out "coming I'll be right there I'm in the bathroom!" said pj masturbating on naked mature woman. He always had a thing for older woman especially blonde woman.

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After he finish and unloaded he still had a hard on but maybe his mom won't notice if just put his cock to the side in his pants "I'm here mom anything I can help you with?" ask pj still with his hard on almost noticeable "Yea can you help me put these pots away by opening the cabinet oh and watch the floors I just mopped so they're slippery" PJ help his but as soon as she try to put some pots in the cabinant she slipped backwords but PJ grabbed her quickly from behind and Amy's ass was against his erection and she could feel how hard it was and it kinda turned her on.

After Charlie was born Bob hadn't touched her or wanted anything to with sex for a while but amy love sex so much she needed some cock even if it was from her own son after all she isn't afraid to go that far with her kids. So she worked her magic "oh PJ honey thank you for catching me" Amy said and she spun around and faced her son "I think you got excited catching mama didnt you" she grabbed her son's cock and PJ gasp "relax honey I'll fix you up" She went down and slowly unzipped and unbutton his pants and took out his 10inch cock and she was amazed.

"Oh my gosh honey your bigger then your father he's like a 6inch". Pj was amazed his mother was doing this, he also was turned on but concern his brother and sister might walk in "mom are sure about this I mean we'll be committing incest and Teddy and Gabe can come in any minute on us" PJ said "Well I guess we better get started".

Amy started licking his shaft up and down slowly while caressing his balls. "Oh mom your amazing god your good" PJ moan "Yea you like mommy sucking your cock hmm" Amy said in a slutty tone "Fuck yea mommy, can I see your breast please mom?" asked PJ. Amy slowly took off her shirt and unbutton her lacey bra from behind and showed pj her 34DD breast. PJ was amazed on how they look so beautiful he slowly touched them and pinched her nipples a bit making Amy moan.

Amy's nipples are so sensitive but she continued sucking on pj's cock by licking it faster making his cock sloppier and wetter, then she started bobbing her head up and down his shaft fast making PJ moan with pleasure "Aww mom I'm about to cum" PJ moaned out loud then grabbed her hair.

"Not yet sweetie" said Amy as she stood up and started to unbutton her pants and slowly pull them down like a stripper and showing PJ her purple G-string. Once she had her pants off she slowly removed her G-string then smacked her well shaped round ass in front of her oldest son.

The she turned slowly and showed PJ her trimmed pubic hair pussy. For the first time pj saw his mom in whole new way, a sexual way. "Damn mom you look smoking hot" said PJ staring at her with lust in his eyes "why thank you honey, do you want to fuck mommy now?" Amy asked and pj just nodded.

Amy turned over and lifted one leg up on the table counter then left her other leg to hold her up then she spread her ass cheek revealing her open ass and pussy. PJ quickly moved without haste and grabbed her ass just feeling her ass cheeks and slapped it hard he then bend down and slowly started licking her ass. Amy started moaning and gasping, just knowing her son in eating her ass is turning her on soo much "Oh God. Pj mmm. Lick mummy's. pussy please. ah ah oh oh my mmm".


Pj kept licking her ass then slowly started licking her pussy, he loved how she taste and smelled. "Oh Yes lick your mothers pussy make nice and wet for you big fat cock ooohhh!".


After he tasted his mother PJ stood up and slowly inserted his dick in his mother pussy. He realized how tight his mother was and slowly go inside his mother inch by inch "OH FUCK YOUR REALLY BIG!!! AAAGGGHH!!!" after going in all the way he let his dick stay in her while waiting for her pussy to get use to his cock, after about 5 minutes he started fucking her "AH! YES FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD!!!!

FUCK YOUR MOTHER HARD PJ UUUUGGHH!!!!" Amy moan "oh mom you feel so amazing, god I wished I fucked you sooner, dad is soo lucky". Pj kept pounding away at his mothers pussy making her moan louder and louder.

He grabbed a fist full of her hair from behind and yanked it a little hard, making Amy scream "Oh fuck yea baby treat my like your slut I want to be your slut baby mmm fuck!" Pj got even more exciting hearing his mom say that made him go wild on her. "OH FUCK YEA BITCH YOU LIKE IT ROUGH HUH YOU SLUT YOU LIKE IT WHEN I RAM MY BIG DICK IN YOUR PUSSY" Pj said in harsh tone, "OH FUCK YES BABY CALL ME YOUR BITCH MAKE ME SCREAM IN PAIN AND PLEASURE UH UH UH UH!!!!" Pj went nut and so he pull her hair and head up and kissed her lips with aggression and passion.

He slide in his toung in his mothers mouth and she did the same his his. Pj pulled back and flipped her over and slammed her on her back making her lied down on her back on the counter table Amy was in pain but she was loving it then she wrapped her legs around pjs waist.

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Pj kept fucking his mother more harder and faster making his balls slapped against her ass then he looked down in her eyes and he bent down and kissed her lips more aggressively. They started making out as lovers and their saliva got caught in pj's mouth as he traveled down from her mouth to her neck, and then to Amy's breast and nipples.

"Oh pj honey mummy's about to cum" "oh mom me too" Pj kept slamming his cock even harder and faster on his mom making her moan louder and louder until they both couldn't take it and they both came making the table counter a mess. Pj laid on his mother both panting and really tired then pj got off his mother. "Oh. Mom. that was. Amazing." pj said in between pants. "Yes sweetie.

It was. Come help me up. We have to make. Dinner" Amy said.


"ok but can we do it again?" pj asked, Amy smiled and said yes. They cleaned up the mess they made and put their cloths on after that they started dinner "Hey mom can we will do this again right?" pj asked while whispering "I'll be in your room tonight ok?" Amy whisper back and Pj smiled and set up the plates for dinner. Mean while Teddy was in her room think of a way to seduce her little brother. Right now she was wearing a white tank top and pink underwear.

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She looked in the mirror and saw how hot she was, she had 36c breast and a small but round apple butt and great curves. Now she realized why Gabe was fantasizing about her body, she looked really hot. Then she thought of wearing something more revealing and sexy for her plan to go to work but she needs to find a way to get Gabe alone with her. Then she thought of a perfect plan to get him alone but during all her plotting Teddy started getting excited from the idea of having Gabe fuck her.

With all the excitement Teddy's pussy started getting wet and her body began getting hotter and hotter then her fingers started sliding down to her pussy so she went to her bed and lie down and began masturbating. She began moan her brother's name over and over again "Gabe fuck me Gabe fuck your older sister good" for some reason her fingers started going in and out of faster and her body started to sweat and then the image of Gabes cock popped into her head and her eyes popped open and her body arched, then she screamed "AAAAGGGHH FUUCK GAAABE!!!!!!!" she had a huge orgasm that made her body tensed and shivered.

"Oh fuck! Mmm Gabe!" this was her first real orgasm she never had one before not even with spencer or with porn movies. This made her think of her idea that maybe it's because she thought of fucking and younger boy or maybe its because its her brother and incest is forbidden or it could be just his big cock either way Teddy can't wait to seduce her little brother.