TBabe Marissa gets satisfied by dudes cock

TBabe Marissa gets satisfied by dudes cock
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That Young Mare I was 15 when I discovered the pleasure of fucking mares. Since then I've had sex with dozens of mares. Twice I've seen a mare orgasm and spew hot liquid everywhere. What an amazing sight that is. And there's nothing like the feeling that comes from mounting a mare, especially when she is in heat, and when I cum inside her the release is incredible.

But enough of all that.let me tell you how it all began: My family owned three horses, a mare and two geldings. We boarded them at a large farm just down the road, and I helped take care of them. My responsibilities included brushing them, cleaning out the stalls, watering them, etc. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it and loved being around the huge creatures. Riding them was challenging, however, as our horses had minds of their own.

I can remember quite a few times when they threw me off! When I entered puberty I went through the changes all boys go through, but my development took an unusual turn.

Although I was attracted to girls, I began noticing the sexual parts of animals and saw that they didn't seem too different from the parts humans have. I knew it was wrong to think about animals in a sexual way, but something in me was curious about them, especially horses.

In my teen years I did the usual rebellious things like sneaking out at night and fumbling my way around with girls, but my sexual experimentation took a surprising turn one night when I was 15. It was a warm summer night and I was in my usual mood to look for trouble. I snuck out of the house and cruised around the neighborhood. The night was quiet, so I didn't find any trouble to be made. I headed down to the barn where our horses were boarded. I usually kept porno magazines there, and thought this would be a good time to jack off or find something else to do.

I often read the Penthouse stories and spurted cum into the hay while the horses watched. The farm was deserted, as the owners were early risers. Entering the barn, I went to say 'hi' to my pals. I petted our horses, fed them some hay, and then noticed there was a new horse in the barn. It was a young mare, probably around one to two years old.

She was not much taller than me. I approached her stall and she came to the edge to greet me. She didn't move away when I reached out to pet her. I spoke softly to her, "What's your name?" She sniffed my hand as I petted her. After a few minutes of petting her and seeing that she was pretty friendly, I entered her stall and petted her back and neck.

She moved closer to me and put her head down, sniffing my feet. As I continued stroking her, she raised her head up and sniffed my crotch. Surprised, I said, " Well, now you know I'm a male!" I continued petting her as she sniffed me. After a few minutes I left the stall and got a brush.

I returned and brushed her thoroughly to rid her of the dirt and tangles in her hair. She stood still as I stroked and brushed her mane and coat. After ten minutes of brushing she was clean and I put the brush back on the shelf. I re-entered her stall and she moved towards me. Suddenly she turned around and widened her stance, leaning back a little on her hind legs. She swayed a little from side to side, and then raised her tail up.

In the dim light I saw the slit of her cunt open up and turn inside out, revealing her pink insides. As she did this a little liquid came squirting out a ways, and it began running down her slit. She did this several times and I said to myself. "I can't believe it, this young one must be in heat!" I'd seen mares do this before being bred with studs, but I had never seen a mare do this in front of me or any other human.

What did it mean? Could it be that the young mare was so horny that she wanted me to mate with her? I thought horses were only attracted to other horses. She knows I'm a male because she sniffed my crotch. Wow! Could a man fuck a mare…is it possible? And what if I tried? Would I be a pervert or freak? And I'm a virgin, do I even know how? I had heard of men having sex with animals before, but never that I might have the chance.

Thoughts of being caught in the act of having sex with an animal raced through my mind, but I finally shook my head and went outside and looked around. The whole area was quiet and it was very late at night. If I tried this, no one would know, would they? I might never have this chance again, I thought.

I had often thought how I would be first introduced to sex, but I never thought it would be with an animal! Now was my chance to try what I had fantasized about.sex, even if it was with a horse! I went back into the barn and entered her stall. She had frozen in place and was still oozing fluid from her slit. I approached her and reached out and touched her.

The slit was hot and wet, and it flared out as my finger brushed it. This is amazing, I thought. A female's cunt! I began stroking it from top to bottom, and each time my fingers reached the bottom her slit would spasm, releasing more hot liquid.

Soon my fingers were drenched with her juices. I gently moved my fingers up and down her hot slit, each time feeling her flare her pussy lips. I could feel my dick growing in my pants as I saw that she wanted me. It strained to spring out of the confining jeans I had on. Then I placed one finger on the entrance and pushed it in. It was tight, hot, and wet. At once it flared and more juices were expelled.


I probed deeper on the bottom of the slit, and with each movement I could feel her clench and grasp my finger with her inner muscles. I moved my finger up and down the slit, savoring her response. She likes it, I thought! I withdrew my finger and put my face close to her slit. Wow, I thought, she actually smells good! Like hay, and not nasty. I began to hatch a plan in my mind. I left the stall and went to the barn bathroom, returning with a soapy rag and some warm water in a cup.

When I entered her stall, she moved towards me. I stroked her head and she seemed to look at me as if to say, 'I'm yours if you want me'. I moved to her rear, raised her tail, and began washing her genital area. I soaped it up good, and then rinsed it down with the warm water.

She continued her flares as I washed her. Finally, I felt comfortable that she was clean.

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I left the stall again and returned with a piece of plank that was about four inches tall and wide enough to stand on. I placed the plank behind the mare and stepped up on it. Too short, I discovered. I left again and returned with a crate that was about eight inches tall. I turned it over and stood on it to test it for strength.

It was solid.


It also put my throbbing dick at the right height to enter the mare's slit. I stepped off the crate and checked outside the barn one more time, then went back into the stall. I stood a short distance from the mare and slowly stripped my shirt off. My nipples hardened as the fabric of my shirt moved over them and the cool air met them. A shiver went through my body as I imagined her wetness enveloping my dick. Next, I slowly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants.

My dick was hard, but off to the side in my shorts. As soon as I released the zipper it sprang up, making my shorts into a tent. I quickly untied my shoes and slipped out of them, continuing to stand on them as I removed my pants.

Again I felt a shiver as the cool air met my bare skin.

Rolling my pants up, I tossed them to the side with my shirt. The young mare had turned and was watching me, her head drooped but her eyes and ears alert.

I brushed my hands across my nipples and relished the feeling of electricity it generated through my body. Finally, it was time to free my dick.

I grasped my shorts and slowly pulled them down. My dick sprang free of the tent and waved in the air. I pulled them down around my feet and stepped out of them, tossing them over to my pants and shirt. I was totally naked! I stepped back into my shoes and tied the laces, thinking I may have to keep them on, just in case.and also because the floor was dirty.

The mare drew near and sniffed my dick. Oh, I thought, this is too unreal! My dick throbbed in response as the whiskers of her nose brushed over it. She put her nose right near my balls and sniffed deeply. I touched the end of my dick and brushed off a little precum, then let her lick it off. I said to her, "There's a lot more of that to come".

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Her ears lay back as she seemed to be calmer because of it. I knew from this that my time was near. I stroked her head for a few minutes, and then moved behind her. She stood perfectly still. Pulling the crate over, I stepped up on it and looked down at her rear end. Her tail was raised and off to one side and I could now see her slit fully. I stroked it and the flares started up again, with a little fluid coming out. Soon my hand was wet again.

Now I inserted two, then three fingers in her, stroking the sides and top of her vagina. Multiple flares resulted. Stepping off the crate again, I bent down and touched my tongue to the slit.

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The taste was incredible, a little salty and a scent of fresh hay. I made my tongue flat and started licking her slit from bottom to top. Flares resulted, and my tongue grew wet with my saliva and her juices. I lapped up from the bottom with slow wide strokes, each one a little firmer.

Soon my tongue was entering the slit and I could feel how hot she was inside. I made my tongue into a penis-shape and tongue-fucked her.

She flared again, and my cheeks felt the insides of her slit. Finally, I could take no more. I stepped back up on the crate. My dick was as hard as I had ever seen it.


I took hold of it and bent it down toward the entrance to her wetness. I rubbed her juices up and down its length. Placing the head of my pulsating member against the slit, I slowly moved my hips forward.

The tip entered her and was engulfed in hot wetness. My body shook as the heat spread up my groin. I moved my hips forward and felt her slit flare as I moved my dick deeper into her vagina. I thought, 'This must be a dream, because I can't believe I'm doing this.' I pushed a little harder as I met resistance from her tight canal.

She was much tighter than I expected.

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Her lips flared again as I struggled to get two, then three inches into her. I let go of my dick, drew back, and looked down at the sight of my dick inside the mare. Her juices were oozing down the shaft. Then I slowly pushed forward and watched the rest of my dick disappear into the mare. As my hips made contact with the mare's rear, my body shuddered again with the sensation of touch.

I was totally inside the mare! My reflections of the moment soon changed as I realized I'd better get moving, so to speak. With that thought, I began slowly pulling my dick out. She immediately flared her slit as the tip reached the entrance, so I pushed it back in, a little quicker this time.

I pushed in and out and the wetness of her juices soon flowed down around my balls. They soon contracted as the sexual excitement began to take over. Each time I pulled out nearly all the way I felt her clench my dick and flare her cunt lips.

It was an indescribable feeling of strength and wetness, and I realized she was enjoying this as much as I was. Soon I was rhythmically thrusting in and out, timing my thrusts with her flares. Within a short time she was flaring on the in-stroke, so there were double flares. This made my dick even harder as the clenching grew stronger. In and out, in and out, flares in between, a rhythm was established and our pleasure began to increase.

Her cunt loosened as I picked up a little speed, each clench followed by a loose wetness, almost a tenting of her vagina. I could feel her respond as my member moved in and out of her. Juices flowed down along the shaft of my penis, adding new and sensuous sensations through my groin. I could feel the tip of my dick rubbing structures inside her vagina that I knew nothing about and had never experienced.

But everything seemed so natural, my dick.and her cunt, connected together. There was an oneness there that I had never felt before. Time stood still as my mind focused completely on fucking the young mare. I began losing awareness of the sounds around me as my concentration was heightened by her response to my mating her. Faster and faster I thrust into the mare, with each minute feeling a steady rising up of the fire in my loins. I picked up the pace and my hips began hitting the mare's rear with each new thrust.

My breathing became heavier as I struggled to fuck her harder. In and out, in and out, each time banging against her harder and harder. Soon I was pounding my hips against her, trying to fuck her faster and faster. I was feeling total lust for this young animal, and didn't care if anyone saw me mating with it. The mare began pressing back against my body, seeming to want me to fuck her harder and deeper. I had to grab onto her hips to prevent myself from falling as she pushed back against me.

I nearly fell off the crate. Finally, I had a firm grip on her hips and continued my consuming lustful act. The fire in my crotch spread up my body with gathering speed as I pounded my dick into her. Her flares massaged my rock-solid member, increasing the sensations, and I furiously thrust in and out of her. Faster and faster, with reckless abandon I crammed my hips against her, forcing my dick deeper into her.

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A tingling sensation crept up my spine and reached the back of my neck, a wave of sensations traveled throughout my body, and the fire in my loins could finally no longer be contained. I thrust forward with all of my strength and exploded my sperm into the mare's vagina. Instantly I could feel her cunt muscles spasm with my release, and they milked my dick furiously as I drained my insides into her. I continued thrusting ahead as wave after wave of contractions in my loins sent my fluids into the mare, mingling with her wetness.

Spots in front of my eyes spread to near blackness as my eyes dimmed. I was unaware of time or space, only sensing the environment around me with dim reflections.

Light flashed before my eyes and I felt a wave of relief wash over me as my body spasmed in ecstasy. I stood crammed against the mare, frozen in orgasm, releasing all the months of pent-up sexual energy.

Gradually I regained my vision and came to my senses. I slowly came down from my high, realizing that I was still thrust forward against the mare. My body relaxed and I collapsed over her, letting arms drape around her midsection. My dick began to shrink, and the senses of barn sounds came back into my ears. I gradually pulled out of her, our juices now joined and oozing out of her slit.

She continued flaring, as she seemed unwilling to let me get soft. Cum dribbled down her slit and plopped to the hay on the floor. I slowly stood up and watched as she continued flaring her cunt. Finally I stepped off the crate and went around to her head, stroking her with gentleness and whispering in her ear. I was completely spent and covered with sweat. I smelled of horse cunt juices and my own semen.

I stroked her head for a few more minutes, then went outside, still naked, and found the hose used for washing the horses. I turned it on and rinsed off the sweat and grime.

Then I took the soap and washed down my entire body. I went back to the stall and used my shirt to dry off, then dressed. The mare had gone off into the corner of the stall to pee, but when I re-entered her stall, she came back to me. I spent some time stroking her mane and face, and talked to her for a while.

Then I realized that I was no longer a virgin. My first had been a horse! What a great feeling it gave me that she had given herself to me so willingly.

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I talked to the mare softly for a few minutes. Before I left her I said to the young mare, "I'm glad you were my first. Thank you. I'll be back again soon." And with that, I headed home on cloud nine.