School girl gets fucked at home

School girl gets fucked at home
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I need to write this down when it is still fresh in my mind a experience I encountered that has I can say changed my life for the better. It was a day like everyday nothing out of the ordinary was really going on. It was however THE best day of my entire life. I hadn't totally planned this day out or anything I knew that sex was in the forecast we had talked about it for weeks and had counted down the days.

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I just hadn't expected this. The thought of his genuine touch sends me into quivers as I sit here and type this. The way that he sucks he in as we become one just standing there fully dressed, How does he have this power over me?. Its just so incredible. I can't even begin to try to explain it. That in its own could and probably would take days to get someone to fully understand.Maybe because I don't totally understand I do know however that he loves me for me, and it has nothing to do with getting any from me.

that's just a perk. The way I feel about this man is total and undying love nothing that has been thrown at me over the years has stopped my heart form feeling this way even when we are apart I can feel his presence around me. I have never felt this way for any other person before. Okay enough of thatlets get back to the good stuff.

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I went to get my car fixed, well lets just say that's not all he fixed that day. I arrived about a hour early because I couldn't wait to see him. He hadn't showered yet and was still in his sweats and tee shirt. Looking and smelling great no matter what he wore. At the first sight of him it sent a warm sensation over my entire body and a quiver to my center I wanted to jump in his arms but I am kinda shy about stuff like that.

I just stood there looking at him. " wow, your early. I haven't even showered yet" " that's okay" I say I can wait. walking towards me he wraps his arms around me and gives me one of those amazing hugs that he gives.

Kissing my neck ever so lightly. We don't really say much to each other reading each others desires. Letting go of each other a little we gently kiss. " Matt's still here" he says " I know I say his car here" wanting to know when we will finally be alone I ask" when's he leaving?" " he has to work at 11 today I think " we continue to make small talk.

not really saying anything of importance. He walks over to the front door and asks if I had seen his new project. " what are you doing now" I ask with a little chuckle" you and your projects. I join him at the door and look out at plastic than he has put up to help keep the winters cold from entering the house. he had started yesterday to put plastic up. The whole time we are looking out the door he has his hand on my lower back caressing my back and buttocks with a tenderness that tells me this is really love not lust that we feel.

we step away from the door and gaze into each others eyes for a split second. "I'm going to go take a shower. you can watch TV or play on the computer if you want." " nah, I'll just look at this magazine" pulling the magazine towards me and sitting down at the kitchen table.


He undresses in front of me as he stands in the doorway of the bathroom that sits just off the kitchen." I'll be out in a little while" he says as he shuts the door behind him.

Oh how I wanted to join him but knowing that Matt was just upstairs I knew that really wasn't the best thing to do. I flipped through the magazine not really paying any attention to it. As I listened to him begin to get ready for the day. I hear his trimmer turn on and he trims his mustache and beard.

I soon hear the shower turn on and I hear him step in the whole time wanting to just stand up and open that door so I could join him.

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He emerges a bout 10 minutes later looking and smelling even better than before if that is at all possible. He put on his socks and shoes as we chat about nothing really. Leading the way we finally make it up to the garage. " I need to move the truck out of the garage so we can put your car in why don't you move it over there" as he points to the left side of the garage.

I get in my car and move it over he opens the doors to the garage and pulls the truck out. " okay drive your car in" he says to me " you want me to do that I'll hit something " if you can't make it in here you shouldn't be on the road" he chuckles as do I nervously I drive it into place as he directs me. I get out of the car and he begins to get his things ready. He moves with direst purpose like he has planned out his next move ahead of time. I can't explain this but its a turn on to watch him work.

not only on cars but anything manual that he does. he moves around the garage back and forth to his tool chest and back to the car until the job is done making little sexual remarks back and forth the two of us can make anything into something sexual. as he is finishing up the job Matt comes up to the garage and we chat for a little while " well I am heading to work" " have fun " I joke sweet he is gone I say to myself now I can have him all to myself.

he picks up his tools and I close the hood. "you want to smoke a little" I ask reaching into the car I pull out my back pack and retrieve the bowl that I packed before leaving the house.

we both take a couple hits before he excuses himself to go pee. he returns and he takes another hit. I put it away and we head down to the house leaving the doors to the garage open so if anyone comes to the house they will think we are up there both we enter the house and the warmth from the wood stove gives me shivers. I hadn't realized how cold I was with the heat from our thought filled my body in the garage.we take our shoes off and hold each other caressing each others bodies as the pot slowly begins to take effect.

we let go of each other and walk into the living room I take a seat in the recliner near the wood stove.

he walks over to me and slowly begins to rub my arms and back leaning down to kiss me ever so often I rub his legs and ass through his jeans. he leans down and kisses me I take him in and our tongues intertwine sucking and swirling our tongues in each others mouths.

he kneels down in front of me caressing me every nerve is stand on end in my body and his touch causes waves of pure pleasure to course through out my body. I moan as his hands find my breasts already swollen with desire for him.he rubs them through my shirt moving my shirt up he finds my nipples and tweaks and caresses them through my bra.

he works them over with his hands and mouth with such passion that I can't tell the difference between his hands or mouth he moves his head down kissing my belly as he finds the button to my pants he moves them aside and reaches his hand inside rubbing my crotch through the fabric of my panties. he removes my pants, and leans down to kiss my crotch through the thin layer of fabric that keeps his mouth from totally making contact with my pussy.

the panties soon make there way to the floor near my forgotten pants. he begins to devour me. like he's eating his last meal. its not long before the first orgasm. I groan and whine as it rips through my body he continueslicking and sucking and rubbing his face against my pussy. He know what he is doing and oh my god he does it so well.


He reads me and I never have to say a word. I couldn't say a word if I wanted to because all I could utter were moans and grunts. He knows where to apply pressure where not to when I want it harder or lighter he is a expert at this.

He could write a book. He brings me off again and I lean up and he takes his cue and stands before me I undo his belt and he takes off his pants throwing them on the couch behind him. I want to taste him he has to have the best tasting cock in the world. I guide him to my mouth which is a little hard due to the cotton mouth that has taking over my mouth.

doing the best that I can to achieve some type of moisture I work his cock over sucking and licking him I run my teeth lightly over the head of his cock. as I massage his balls he fills my mouth with his size.he moans with pleasure a sound that sends me over the edge and I suck harder stroking him as he goes in and out of my mouth.

he pulls away as I slow down " go to the bed" he says ' No " I reply " the floor? he asks pointing to the rug behind him. " yes " I say " lay down" he says " no you" he lays down and I straddle him taking his cock in my hand I guide him inside my dripping pussy.

" oh my god " I growl I have wanted this for so long. I stand on my feet and hold on to the chair and couch which are on either side of me. I fuck his cock slowly than hard taking him deep inside me.

I work his cock over with a passion that I have never felt before he makes my whole body quiver and its not long before my body is taken over by yet another orgasm this one even stronger than the first two and my legs sake uncontrollably I fall down on my knees not able to stand anymore. on my knees I ride him up and down front to back. oh no again I cum on his cock as my Clit rubs against him. his hands find my hips and he helps guide me as my body shakes uncontrollably. he meets my strokes with his own.

as his eyes roll I smile knowing that I am causing the love of my life this pleasure. I bring myself back on my feet and ride him again working my hips and legs with passion. I feel another wave begin to roll throughout my body.

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I am able to stay on my feet this time I bring him close over and over again not on purpose. ' Oh you tease" he groans I chuckle a little I ease off him and straddle his right leg my hand caresses him as I lean against the couch. he twitches with every stroke like a earthquake is going off inside of him. I gently run my fingers over his skin. he seems like he is floating.And not totally aware that someone is in the room with him. I stroke his cock working my way down between his legs.

I continue to touch him my hands find his skin so inviting like I can't get enough of him. I run my hands over his body as I work over his cock with my mouth. I reach up and twirl his nipples through my fingers he shudders.

running my other hand along the inside of his legs. I move up and kiss my way to his right nipple which I take between my teeth I nibble lightly and he arches his back I swirl my tongue over it.


I move up and straddle him again feeling his entire pole as I move across him with my pussy. my clit twitching " oh your so hot" I say as I feel the heat from his cock on my cool skin I guide him back inside me again and ride him again .

I cum yet again my mind is a little foggy now.

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I ease off him and he guides me up to the couch I ease back as he eats my pussy again licking and sucking his tongue finds my asshole and he licks it for a few seconds before ravishing me again. I grind myself against him he brings me off again. I can hardly breath he moves himself up between my legs and puts himself inside me.

fucking me hard I meet his thrusts with a passion that has been set free a freedom that I have never felt before. Seeing as I had brought him close way too many times he pulls himself out from me and strokes his cock hard against me.

bringing himself off he cums on my pussy his whole body shakes shaking uncontrollable he cum's for what seems like a whole minute. as his back arches and his body shakes he collapses in my arms and I hold him running my hands over his back and on his head. I love this man so much. that I don't ever want to leave. we finally come to and begin to try to clean up which isn't easy seeing we both have rubber bands for legs.

we are both exhausted and now that we have begun to come out of our sexual bliss and the fog from the experience we cannot believe the experience we both have just shared. we are both speechless as we get dressed.

" wow I really need a drink" I say walking over to the kitchen counter and retrieving my water that I placed there earlier. I take a drink my mouth is so dry not only from the work out but from the cottonmouth.

Clearing my mouth of the cob weds. I am finally able to speak. I look out the kitchen window and he asks if I am hungry. " no I'm fine, but you go ahead and eat he pulls out a hot pocket from the freezer and puts it in the microwave. I am still standing at the sink looking out the window at nothing really. he holds me and asks what's wrong I shake my head for fear that if I try to say anything I will begin to cry. he asks again with a tone that tells me he genuinely wants to know what is wrong again I shake my head nothing I say " no please tell me" I whisper as I clear my throat from the tears " how can something feel so goodbe so wrong?" he pulls me close and steps away "I didn't want to hurt you or cause you any pain" taking the problem on his shoulders yet again " your not " I say " don't worry about it I'll be okay this is not your fault" I put on a smile to let him know everything is okay and we joke around he try's to explain to me that, that was THE best ever in his entire life I agree with him.

he takes his food outside in hopes that the cool air will bring us off of the high that the pot has caused us. finishing his lunch we go back inside. where we talk for a while not really saying anything. going back to the garage he embraces me again and my center comes alive again I say in my head how can this be didn't I get enough.

I guess not as I take the pockets of his jeans and pull him close to me I feel him grow hard through his jeans and he moans. " what do you want me to do" I ask lean over the front of the car. I walk over to the front of the car and undo my pants I pull them down around my ankles as he undoes his jeans pulling out his hard thick cock he enters me again and takes me from behind fucking me with a fury. He holds my hips hard and fast as he brings me off yet again.

I milk his cock with my pussy muscles and he moans. We hear a noise outside and I pull away quickly and pull up my pants I walk outside and look outside there is no one I go back into the garage where he is standing with his hard cock oozing pre cum.

" what are we going to do with this" he asks I get between his legs and suck him off taking him into my mouth yet again. His cock seems bigger now and I love the way it stretches my lips. I stroke and suck his cock, placing his own hand around his cock I leave the head of his cock inside my mouth as he jerks his cock inside my mouth a few minutes later he grunts and I taste his cum pour over my tongue.

oh god I wanted to taste that all day. I suck him dry licking my lips, I smile.its time now for me to leave his father will be over soon. He pulls the car out of the garage and moves the truck back in.

a goodbye hug he says I meet him inside the garage where we can't be seen and we hold each other I don't want to leave him I want to stay in his arms forever but that just isn't possible we say our good byes and love you's and as I pull away as tears run down my cheeks not tears about what we just shared but tears that I had to leave him.