Long Beach Yajaira giving me a sloppy blowjob

Long Beach Yajaira giving me a sloppy blowjob
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Readers who are offended by mature/young gay sex are advised not to read this.

Warm and Snug in the Hills. The Saga of Ajay and Raja continues. Part 2.

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I woke up in the morning to find Ajay cradled in my arms, sleeping spoon fashion, my stiffening cock was pressing into the crack of his ass and his cock, also showing some signs of standing again was gripped in my fist. Raja was pressed against my back, with his arm draped over me and resting on Ajay's chest. I extricated myself from between them without their waking up and went to make some coffee.

After I completed my ablutions and had made a full pot of coffee, I went to wake them up, only to find them both still in a deep sleep but now snuggled up together face to face. I let them sleep for a while longer and around 9 am eventually roused them with a few gentle kisses and some petting of cock and ass.


Both had definite erections when they finally became conscious and aware their surroundings. I expected some show of shyness from them as would have been usual with any boy or boys of their background. But neither of them showed any signs of self consciousness at being buck naked and having an almost stranger wake them up by playing with their pricks and backsides.

They were ready and eager to continue the games of the previous night and tried to pull me down with them on the rumpled nest of blankets that had served as our bed.

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Not permitting my own desire to take hold, I firmly told them to get up as they had certain duties to perform. Neither showed any desire to cover their nakedness and happily downed the cups of coffee I had brought with me. I asked them to immediately phone their respective parents and inform them that they were both safe and sound.

Of course, though they did so somewhat reluctantly and there was quite a few minutes spent on explanations for their actions with a lot of recrimination from the parent's side, it was eventually agreed that they could remain in the town and catch the 4 pm bus back down the hill to their homes.

Their jubilation at being able to spend a few more hours with me was so great they started to dance around me, cocks sticking straight out from their bodies and balls flapping up and down with their gyrations. I ushered them into the bathroom and told them to bathe and wash off the crusts and stains the previous nights revels had left on their slim sleek bodies.

Although I longed to join them under the shower I was content to just watch them. With much giggles and laughter and copious use of shampoo and soap, lots of hugging and rubbing of cocks on ass and between thighs they eventually emerged shining fresh and clean. They pointedly refused to get dressed, saying they both preferred to remain naked and wanted to start playing with me again despite being hungry.

I forestalled them and told them that anticipation would make for better performance later.


I cooked a large breakfast which was bolted down with remarkable speed. With a second cup of coffee finished and the dirty dishes of last night and this morning's breakfast cleaned away, we tidied up the sitting room replacing the blankets in the bedrooms and the rugs where they belonged.

Doing their fair share of all the chores but still dressed only in their birthday suits, the boys made a game of the whole business. Often coming up behind me and giving me a bear hug, stroking my cock through the fabric of my trousers or planting themselves in my way and refusing to move unless I "paid" with a kiss, either to lips, nipples or semi erect cock head, or pretending to grab and force the other to bend, one would make a mock attempt to fuck the prominently backward thrust ass.

I noticed that it was more often, that Ajay bent Raja over and pretend to fuck him than the other way around. Yet eventually it turned out that Ajay was easier to fuck and preferred to play the bottom role. He liked to get fucked rather than to fuck, while Raja would more often than not play the dominant role and seek to fuck Ajay.

Raja's own ass remained a little tight right up to the last time I had the chance to play these games with him. Raja always was the better kisser and sucker and liked nothing better than to have my cock fill his mouth with creamy cum.

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But I am getting ahead of myself. These details come later in this story. After the house was tidied all three of us were more than ready to start playing in earnest, we moved to the main bedroom, which had a bed, big enough to hold us with ease and give us room for any position we were inclined to try.

The boys did not allow me to remain dressed for long and swiftly removed my trousers, allowing my pent up cock to expand to its full length, which it was extremely willing to do, after my having to bear the sight of two naked, nubile, sexy bodies with cocks and asses being flashed at me all morning. I had been in the state of semi erection from the time I had got them out of bed.

Watching them bathe and having them so often stroke my cock or kiss my nipples had been an added torture. I was now more than ready to begin and so were they. When two boys of a similar age are seen fully clothed it is not easy to spot too many differences between them, but seen naked the differences become more apparent. Ajay had bigger more pendulous balls but his cock was thinner and slightly longer than Rajas.

It was also better looking. Raja had a stockier, thicker cock that had a slight bend and smaller round balls tucked tight underneath.

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His cock was also slightly lighter in colour than Ajay's but lacked the rosy head that graced Ajay's shaft. Raja had a slighter body than Ajay, with better defined pectorals and darker nipples that got very hard when kissed or sucked. Ajay was less muscled and darker toned of skin but his cock, and its rosy pink head that peeped out of the foreskin, with inviting allure, was the more handsome.

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Both boys were ready learners and soon began experimenting with deeper French kissing and a lot of other oral sexual activities, rimming, sucking, licking balls and legs, the list of what they learned and did both to me and to each other is long and very comprehensive.

We spent much of the morning and right up to lunch time playing these oral games. Both boys showed no reluctance to use mouth, lips, and tongue on any part of the body. They as readily would rim as get rimmed. Would suck and give their own cocks to be sucked.

We did it, round robin, with Raja sucking me and me sucking Ajay while Ajay had Raja in his mouth. Then would change around till we lost all count of who had sucked who and had been sucked by whom. Raja seemed fond of playing in cum. He would ejaculate over my cock and balls and use his cum as a lubricant to bring me to climax and get me to spurt over Ajay.

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He would get Ajay to shoot his cum as well and then proceed to paint his face and body with it. They were ready to do all and try all. I discovered that I could drive Ajay crazy simply by flipping him on his back, and pushing his legs towards his shoulders so his ass was spread wide before me. I then only had to lick or run my tongue down the exposed strip of skin from the base of his balls to his ass hole. Doing this two or three times was a sure and certain way to bring him to the verge of ejaculating.

Even just lightly blowing on this area was enough to make his cock stand at full attention. Raja also learned very fast that his tongue, if used on the underside of my exposed glans would induce a harder stand to my cock was no sluggard in using this method to revive what I often thought was the last possible erecton I could produce for that time.

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After lunch and as the afternoon approached both began to pester me to enter them from the back. Their asses were so tight that even my finger had been causing them some slight pain though I had lubricated their holes well. Despite this they badly wanted me to fuck them. It was only late in the day when I was able to do it to Ajay first and not till our second meeting that Raja was able to accommodate my length and thickness.

After lunch we were tired out with all our excesses and longed to sleep again as we had the previous night, but the time for them to leave was fast approaching.

We were lying in almost the same position that we had woken up in, Ajay cradled in my arms and Raja pressed up to my back, his left arm over my hips gripping my not quite asleep cock. Raja's almost unconscious movements induced a nice erection on me and Ajay's body was invitingly relaxed.

I slid a bit forward and allowed my cock to spread his ass cheeks apart and find the entrance to the tunnel of pleasure that lay before it. Though Ajay was also half asleep he seemed to realise what was going on and pressed his body backward, while still maintaining the curve of his hips. He was so relaxed and combatable with my presence that my cock slid smoothly and easily into his back passage and buried itself full length in the waiting hole.

With very slow rocking movements I began to fuck Ajay. The passage of time was hardly noticed as the languid movements brought us to the verge of sleep. The shrilling of the alarm brought us all back to the present and then with a few quick and fast strokes I had climaxed in his ass while a few movements of my hand on his cock also brought him to emission. Raja also needed only a few quick strokes to his cock to explode all over my back.

Then it was indeed time to have another bath and get ready for the bus. I took them to the bus stand and put them on the 4 pm bus they had promised their parents to catch. They were loath to leave and promised to return as soon as they were able. It was a full month till I saw them again.

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