Cute Babe Dildo bang her wet pussy

Cute Babe Dildo bang her wet pussy
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Part Five The afternoon at the beach was a mixture of awkwardness and excitement. John and David both laid with me. John tried to be affectionate toward me, stealing kisses, even kissing my nipple through my top when David wasn't looking, but I was always a bit hesitant.

It was almost like I felt bad about doing it in front of David. I went to the water every once and a while, half to escape them and half of the time because I was afraid I was still leaking both their cum. Each put lotion on me, and eventually David left to pursue a skinny girl that was making eyes at John. I was instantly jealous. Later in life, looking back as David and his wife were fucking in the next room during Christmas with the family, this was the moment that would come back to me.

Lying there in bed, I thought back to how I felt, jealous of my brother, again. But that was after a lot of developments in my life, a lot of changes, that happened during that week at the beach. I lay on the beach trying to think about the time I had left at the beach.

So much had happened in such a short space of time. I felt like I was a completely different person, that life had opened up for me. It wasn't only that I had had sex. Walls seem to have been broken down, avenues for my life opened up. All these thoughts and more went through my mind as I lay there, eventually I felt myself falling off to sleep. "Your going to burn if you don't get inside." It was John. I didn't know how long we had been there, but things seemed different.

I looked around and there were several of Johns friends and roommates around. They were all drinking beer and talking. I propped myself up with my hands and felt my left breast sink.

I instinctively reached up and felt my breast exposed. John was starring at me, and smiled. "What the fuck? You didn't tell me." "Thought you enjoyed giving a show. You were quite active in your sleep." "What the hell did I do?" "Well lets just say I like you even more now." "Not cool.

Not cool at all." I stood, only slightly pissed and went up to the house. I was a bit dizzy with the heat and the fact that I had been asleep, and when I opened the sliding door, the cold air was all consuming. Goose bumps instantly formed. My nipples hurt from the sudden hardness.

I went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge. Only beer. The water tasted like shit, so I grabbed a beer and sat down at the table. I began reading my US Weekly, turning through the truly mindless entertainment of people whose lives were completely irrelevant to my existence.

The sliding door opened and John and three of his friends came in. "We're locked out." "Say your sorry and you can stay." "Sorry.

Now can I have one of those beers?" "Sure grab whatever, David bought." They grabbed beers, and then informed me that there were no more left. "Beer run. Whose with me? Kim?" It was John, alpha male at work. "No Ill stay here." "You guys?" They all said no, they wanted to cool off and enjoy beers.

"Alright. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." John left and the guys were pretty quiet. There was a tension in the air that was hard to define.

Phil, I would find out, went to the kitchen and rifled through the cabinets. "Found vodka. Whose up for it?" "Im game I said." I felt like getting drunk. "Fuck-an-A. the lady is in, who else? Ed? Steve?" "Ill take a shot." "Sure." We lined small glasses up and took our turns. By the third, my stomach was on fire. "No more for me." I went to sink and put my mouth under the faucet.

I drank as much as I could of the nasty water and turned around. They were all watching me. "Thought you were going to throw up." "No I'm good.

Might be new, but I'm not that much of a party nerd." "Sweet. So you and John a thing?" It was Phil, second in command it would seem. "A thing?" "You know, yall fucking?" "Is that any of your business?" "So I take that as a yes." "I'm not his, no matter what we do. Just met him." "So your fair game then?" "Fair game? What am I an animal to be hunted." The whole conversation had the air of what I hated in high school.

"Not what I meant at all. Don't get that way, just saying, he doesn't own ya." "No no one owns me. Never will." I was starting to feel the vodka. He stepped closer, almost an inch from my face, looked down at my chest and whispered, "I don't want to own you, but dear fucking lord, I'd love to borrow you for a good hour." I looked him in the eyes and then looked at the other two. They were completely oblivious, taking shots and talking about some girl on the beach they had seen.

"Excuse me, I need to change." I pulled myself out from in front of him, my right breast pushed against him. I stumbled into my bedroom and started to realized just how drunk I was. I hadn't eaten and the alcohol was in full force. I took my top off and tried to put on a bra, but the underwire hurt, so I took it off. I panicked a bit. I put on a tee shirt and then took off my bottoms and slid into some boxer shorts.

I just needed to close my eyes for a few minutes.

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I didn't care they were there. I didn't think about what had happened in the kitchen. When I opened my eyes, he was sitting on the bed.

The room was spinning. I sat up. "Did I invite you in here?" I was slurring my words. The sound every male predator loves to hear. "I saw the show and thought I would come in and take a closer look." "You watched me change?" "It was a nice show, and I see you let the girls out to play." I looked down and saw just how much my tits were sagging down.

I had put on a pretty tight shirt, so while not providing support they clung tight to my breast. My nipples were hard and erect. He reached over and grabbed my right tit.

Sitting on my left, his face was almost to mine. I didn't resist. It felt good. He squeezed and lifted, and I closed my eyes. Then he kissed me. I gave in completely. Our tongues danced as he switched breasts and pushed them around in a circle, pushing in and pulling out, finding my nipple and squeezing it. He kissed me harder, and moved his hand from my chest to my stomach and then between my legs.

I bucked when he reached my opening. He pushed in and rubbed in a circle. I could already feel the boxers getting wet. He came back up my stomach, going under my shirt and cupping my right breast with his hand.

He was lifting my shirt with his wrist and I broke with his mouth and lifted my shirt over my head. My breasts caught the cold air, and I went back to his mouth. Then he left my mouth and I saw him move both his hands to his shorts. He lifted his ass off the bed and pulled his shorts down to reveal his semi hard cock resting against his leg.

I looked him in the eyes and saw he was looking at the doorway. There stood his two companion, looking at us on the bed. I paused for a second, and then I just put my head down in his crotch and took his dick into my mouth. It pushed against the back of my throat and bent. All of his dick was in my mouth, and I paused. My head was spinning. I opened my eyes and pulled off him a bit.


I was over his leg as he sat on the bed and as I moved up and down on his cock, the position began to wear on me. My arm got tired. My shoulders and neck tensed up. About the time he was fully hard, I stood to get a better position. As I stood, I nearly fell on him. He caught my hips and pulled me in front of him. He put his head between my tits and pushed them together with his hands.

He moved them up and down on his face, and what began as pleasurable started to be painful. His five o'clock shadow began to hurt my skin, and I took that as my cue.

I dropped to my knees and put his hard cock back in my mouth. His size was perfect for sucking. It was long but not too big, not to wide, and had a nice head on it. It mushroomed wide, and each time my lips came to its edges my pleasure grew. The soft skin felt amazing on my lips. When it brushed back against my tongue all I could think about was my pussy spreading and him entering me.

I sucked with more force and more speed. I opened my eyes for the first time and saw his skin get closer to me as I went down on him. Out of breathe I took him out of my mouth and put my hand around him only to see him gazing down on me with a smile. It encouraged me. It egged me on. My world was blank, my memory erased. This was all there was. I put my tongue at the base of his dick and licked up. His head flew back. I did it again and realized that he had no pubic hair.

It should have been one of the first things I noticed. When I went back down to the base of his dick, I looked closely at balls for the first time. They were drawn close to his body, but I licked them anyways. Again his head moved back. I took them into my hand, and then licked them harder, finally getting the nerve to put them in my mouth. It was hard to get them into my mouth. The opening wasn't big enough and they wouldn't pull away from his body, but I did what I could.

They felt loose, but as I swirled my tongue, I felt his balls move in his sack. I wanted his dick back in my mouth. No check that, I needed it. I was dripping out of my boxers. "Looks good to me. Can we have a turn?" I didn't hesitate. Standing to my left was Steve, to my right Ed. I went to my left first. He was standing close, but I reached out and pulled him closer.

I pulled his shorts down with one had pull and his soft dick bounced. I grabbed it with my hand, and immediately put it in my mouth. He was smaller than John, but it didn't matter. All I could think about was having dick in my mouth. I moved on him with force.

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I reached out to find Phil, searched more and found his dick. The rhythm was hard to find, moving my head and my hand.

I let go of his dick and reached back to find Ed. He was too far, so I pulled off Steve and got Phil back in my mouth. I reached to the side going to pull Ed's shorts down, but all I felt was his skin. When I pulled off Phil's dick, I looked over to see were Ed's shorts were, but was simply greeted by his naked body. His dick was in his hand, and simply put it was enormous.

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My brother wasn't close to him, and I stopped. I looked up at him. "Dear God. That is huge." "Oh no here it goes. Ed's horse dick takes over." I looked at Phil and laughed. "I'm serious. This is fucking huge." I couldn't get half of him in my mouth.

He was as long as a beer bottle, maybe not as thick, but dear god it was close. My jaw got sore. When he pushed into the back of my throat, I almost threw up. I pulled off him and looked. It was a monument. I looked over and they were jacking off. I put Phil in my mouth, then Steve, then back to Ed. They moved closer to me and I made the rounds again. I felt Ed grab my tit, then Steve grabbed the other. They pulled when they wanted me on their cocks. I kept my hands working on Steve and Ed while I sucked Phil hard.

I wanted him to cum.

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I wanted them all to cum. I sucked and I sucked, and then it seemed I had reached my reward. Phil pull me off Steve's dick and thrust into my mouth, and immediately he started erupting.

A strong shot surged into my mouth and then another. At this point I felt Steve's presence to my side and heard him grunt. Just as Phil was leaking his third spurt, I felt Steve's cum slap against the side of my face.

I felt it slide down my face and I moved harder on Phil's dick. I sucked like I had never sucked before and another huge stream hit my face. I pulled off Phil's dick, to be replaced by his hand, and got Steve's dick in my mouth before another eruption.


What the boy lacked in size, he made up for in volume. His third shot brought more than Phil's first. It filled my mouth and I swallowed. He stopped shooting, but I could still feel more cum leaving him. I let him move his dick into my mouth and felt his cum falling off my face and onto my chest.

"One more…" I flew back to Phil's dick. He came again. There wasn't much cum, but I felt him buck followed by a load moan. He started to get soft, I was out of breath.

I looked around and then down to my chest. His cum was clinging to my tit. Ed looked at me. "I think you missed some." I looked back at my tit and scooped his cum up with my fingers.

"Now eat it." I put his cum in my mouth and swallowed. "Now show me." I opened my mouth and showed him. "Now get on the bed." I was scared shitless. I got on my stomach, faced him, and went to put his dick in my mouth.

"You want this dick don't you?" "Yes. Please." I wanted it bad. "You can have it for a minute." I put it in my mouth. His semi hard dick got hard fast. "Ok that's enough. Turn over." He got on the bed and straddled my hits. His balls dangled between my legs and rested against my pussy. The full length of his dick laid on my stomach. The size was a sight to see.

If he had been inside me, I couldn't believe I could have taken his length. I was sure there wasn't room inside me for it, but I began to prepare for it.

Instead he worked his hips up to my stomach and then his dick was between my tits. He pushed my tits together and pushed forward. When he was all the forward a sizable amount of his dick pocked through. I tried to reach down and lick it, but every time I tried he withdrew. The force of him fucking my tits prevented me from doing much, so I dropped my head down and enjoyed the ride.

Finally he spoke. "Here it comes bitch." He pushed hard against my tits and felt him cum first when I was completely covering him. Then he pushed through and a stream shot up my face.

Then he just took his dick in his hand and started jacking off over me. Cum went up my face, on my tit. He pulled his dick back and leaked cum onto my nipple.

He stood up off the bed and told me to spin around. "I want you to sit up and look at yourself in the mirror." I sat up. Ed and Phil were looking on in the corner, their pants now in place, and in the doorway was John, smiling, and looking me square in the eyes. I looked in the mirror for a second to see what he saw.

Cum was all up my face and into my hair. My boobs were red and cum was dripping off my nipple and between my breasts. I looked back at him. He didn't appear to be mad at all. In fact, he had a huge grin on his face, and he moved closer to me. "I guess its my turn." He moved to me and pulled down his shorts. His dick was fully erect.

I went to put it in my mouth, but he stopped me. "You've been bad doing this with them. Now I have to punish you." He pushed me back onto the bed and with one movement pulled down on my boxers. I helped and they came off with ease.

He didn't waste any time. He slammed into my wet pussy and I bucked backwards. He pulled all the way out and slammed back in again. On the third thrust I came. I thrashed about and he fucked hard but stayed inside me.

My tits flew all over the place, and I tried to find a place on the bed to hold onto. It was violent fucking, and the longer he fucked the more I came. Finally a huge stream of my cum launched into the air and I twisted and forced his dick out of me. I lay on my side and shuttered with the orgasm. "You hit a gusher!" I couldn't tell who it was. I looked down and John was gone. I looked over to find him and he was at my bed side table opening the drawer.

"You have hand lotion?" I could barely speak. "Bathroom." I dropped my head. He returned and told me to get on my knees. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and grabbed my hips. He rubbed the head of his dick on my opening, and I pushed back against him. He entered me, then seemingly surprised, he paused, and then pushed deep.

He pulled out and slapped my ass with his dick. He slammed back into me so hard that I collapsed onto my chest and then he pulled out. He pulled me back to my hands, and then slapped my ass with his hand. I moaned with the impact, but it felt good. The pain and then the rush of blood into my ass was thrilling. He reentered me, but this time slowly. He paused when he got all the way in me and then I felt his finger on my asshole.

I resisted. He pushed in a bit and I could feel that he had lotion on his finger. I tensed, but when I did, he pulled his dick out and slammed it back into my pussy. As he did, sensing my distraction, he pushed deeper into my ass with his finger.

It was uncomfortable as hell. It completely took me out of the mood, but then he started moving his finger as he was moving his dick, and my ass relaxed. What was a distraction began to be the focus of the pleasure. His finger moved in and out and then swirled around.

He kept fucking me. What was one finger then was two. He pushed his dick all the way inside me and then pulled his fingers around in a circle.


He pulled out of me completely. When he did, Steve climbed on the bed and pulled his shorts off. He scooted himself in front of me, his legs spread on either side, his ass on the bed with his soft dick under my face.

I took him in my mouth right away. When I did, I felt Johns cock come back and rest against my asshole. I felt pressure, and I released Steve's cock from my mouth, and looked back, "lower." He pulled back for a second, long enough for me to get Steve's cock back into my mouth, and John replaced his dick on my asshole.

This time he didn't wait for me to respond. He pushed into my ass. I opened my mouth to moan, but Steve's cock just pushed in farther. John pulled back a little and then he pushed in more. My ass was on fire. I couldn't squeeze my ass together at all. He felt like he was splitting me in two. I tried not to fight it. I tried to focus on Steve's dick. I felt John pull back more and then push forward. I cried out. I pulled Steve from my mouth.

"No more.

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I can't take it." John paused. He didn't move at all. Just began rubbing my ass with his hand and for a minute, my ass when numb and I didn't feel any pain. I felt his length inside me, felt my asshole spread, but it didn't hurt or burn. I began sucking on Steve again, and after about a minute, I felt myself loosen completely.

I didn't feel the need to squeeze his dick with my ass. I almost felt like I was relaxing to take a shit, but at that moment, it felt like I sucked him all the way in. He slid forward and I felt him rest against my ass, his cock fully impaling my ass. He stopped again, long enough for me to get a good rhythm on Steve's cock, and then he began to move again.

This time there was no pain. His dick felt enormous in my ass. It was a strange feeling, but remarkably it felt really good. The pressure was amazing, and when he pulled all the way out, there was sudden pain. All the way out he paused once again, and when the head of his dick came back against my ass, I could tell it was covered with lotion.

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With almost no force, he slid back into my ass all the way. I grunted on Steve's cock. He began moving more and his dick took full strides into my ass.

It went from feeling uncomfortable to feeling amazing. I felt every movement. Unlike when he was in my pussy, the pressure was accompanied with the feeling of his full length. When he slowed I wanted him to go harder. When he went harder I wanted him harder still. I couldn't help the moans and grunts, and could not keep Steve in my mouth.

His dick bounced around on my face, but I didn't care. All I could think about was Johns dick in my ass. He began to fuck so hard that his balls slapped against my pussy. I could feel it building and then he paused. "Don't stop. Keep going." "See that… the bitch loves it in her ass." The voice came from the corner of the room. John sped up the fucking. I could feel him digging into my hips with his hands pulling me tighter against him with every thrust, and then I let loose.

I screamed and a huge stream of my cum shot from my pussy. He fucked harder and I squirted again. I was soaked, and John kept fucking. I put Steve back into my mouth and sucked hard. When I did it didn't take long. Steve came almost immediately. He didn't shoot like he had before, but I tasted his cum and felt it slide down the back of my throat. When I finally released him from my mouth, I propped myself up with my hands, and John started fucking me harder.

My tits responded with his force, banging against my chest and stomach, making a slapping sound louder than his body against my ass. Then I felt it. Suddenly a huge rush of heat filled my ass. I lost most sensation of his dick in me and the pressure increased. I knew he was cumming. He slammed harder, but all I felt was a squishing feeling from his cum and the force of his cock. He pushed all the way inside me and then stopped. I felt his heart beat in my ass.

He pushed me all the way forward with his dick still in my ass. "Shows over boys. I'll see you at the house." They left and he lay there, his cock only leaving my ass when he grew soft. I rolled over on my back, out of breath and overwhelmed. "I have five more days here, is this what I have to look forward to?" "That and more." "I don't have anymore holes to fill." "No, but your turning into quite the little slut." "Shut up." I smiled at him as he stood and pulled his shorts back up.

"No worries. Sluts are good. And there it nothing wrong with it." I didn't know what to say. Cum was leaking out of my ass onto the bed and I could feel the dried cum on my cheek and chest. As he was walking out the door, he turned back at me and smiled.

"Remember sluts are good, but remind your brother I got your ass first."