La saco contenta en el trabajo

La saco contenta en el trabajo
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Aiden quickly sat up, sweat trickling down his forehead. He could barely concentrate on the beautiful sunlight pouring through the morning light. His mind was running the images of his dream, over and over again. What straight person would have a dream of a guy doing him in so many ways?

Aiden ran his hand through his sweaty blonde hair. The scary part was the fact that it had felt so real, he was actually fooled into thinking it was real. Even when he was awake he continue to wonder if it had actually happened. Aiden shook his head getting rid of the horrible images. No it was all just a dream, right? Wrong. Everything was going wrong today. Aiden could barely concentrate on his surrounding as the man of his dream, literally, was standing a couple feet away.

The eccentric amber red hair slightly wavy and medium length. The venomous green eyes that bored into Aiden's own artic blue eyes. Every last detail was there, including the beauty mark under his left eyes. Aiden felt sick to the stomach. His dream guy was real, so what does that say for Aiden's dream? Was this just some sick joke? A coincidence? Had he met him before? Dream guy stepped towards Aiden obviously to ask why Aiden was going all wacko after staring at his face, but Aiden fled before he had the chance to ask.

He didn't want to hear his voice. The voice that had called Aiden's name in such an erotic way.

Aiden sighed angrily. After running away from dream guy, Aiden had ended up in the infirmary. He stared at the ceiling thinking about everything except a certain red head. "Aiden, I'm going to run some errands. Take care of the place while I'm gone, 'kay?" Aiden mumbles an okay and tries going to sleep when only moments after the nurse left someone comes in. Aiden grumbled angrily and was about to get up, but a certain familiar voice made him stop.

"Hello?" Aiden stiffen on the bed. Seriously? Someone must really hate him up there. Why would they bring the one guy he was trying to forget appear here.

There was a long pause, then the sound of footsteps moved closer. Aiden quickly shuts his eyes attempting to look as though he was asleep. The curtain swung open and then another long pause.


"I thought you would be here." That spine tingling voice was the same. Aiden would never forget it even if he wanted to, he would never be able to forget it. Sharp tingles went down his spine as a soft finger brushed against his lips.

What was he doing? The hand moved towards his cheeks carrassing it into his palms now. Aiden's breathing stopped momentarily. Dream guy's hand slid down to his neck and then collarbone. What was he planning on doing? When Aiden realize he was moving lower, Aiden quickly open his eyes and he quickly his hands. "Why are you're touching me?" The guy smirked and snatched his hands away.

"Because you were pretending to sleep." Aiden scowl, but slowly got up. What was he going to do? Being under the stare of this guy, who he had just dreamt of doing inappropriate things with, was a bit hard.

"You okay?" Aiden nodded, but kept his gaze away from those emerald eyes. Aiden jumped in surprise as dream guy gripped his chin and forced him to look at him. "Why are you so tense around me? You practically bolted when you saw me." Aiden smacked his hand away. "I-I don't know what you're talking about." Aiden squirmed nervously under the sight of those eyes.

"I'm Jayden. You?" Jayden stretched out his hand, but Aiden avoided it. It was rude, yes, but he had no choice. "A-Aiden." Jayden return his hand back to his side a frown on his symmetrical smooth features. Aiden was positve Jayden was pissed off at Aiden's lack communication, but Aiden just really want him gone. "Do you like me or something?" The question made Aiden jump in shock. That was unexpected. "I mean you seem so fluster around me.

You're cheeks are bright red and you won't touch me." "T-that's impossible. I don't even know you." Aiden scooted farther away from him. Why can't Jayden just take the hint and leave?

"It's fine, you know. I've nothing against gays." Aiden gaped at him. "I'm not gay asshole! I don't like you, I don't even know you! It's all because of that stupid dream that I keep thinking about-" Aiden stiffen as he realize what he had just revealed to Jayden.

Can the floor swallow up people for good because now would be a perfect time to do so. "F-forget about that. It's nothing." Aiden was squirming. Leave, just leave! "You dreamt of me.even though we've never met?" Aiden frowned.

"G-got a problem with that? It's not like I can choose which dream to dream." Aiden was pouting, but what does that matter? It's more like a weight off his shoulder now that he let someone else know about his dream. Aiden stiffen when Jayden's electrical hand placed itself on his shoulder.

"Actually I'm kind of happy you dreamt of me. It shows we're meant to be. So.Tell me what exactly did you dream about?" Aiden blushed ten thousand shades of red.

There was no way he was explaining the detail of.that dream. Aiden shook his head. "So, it was that kind of dream, huh? Did it start with me hovering over you like this?" Jayden slowly climbed on top of Aiden like a predator stalking towards its prey.

Aiden quickly threw his hand out landing on Jayden's hard chest. "Did you do that in your dream too? Did I kissed your jawline and then slowly nibbled your ears while I slid my hand under your shirt?" Just as he had describe Jayden leans in placing his soft pink lips on Aiden's jaws moving ever so slow towards his ears.

Aiden's mind was a mess. He clamped his eyes shut listening to the soft breathing in his ears. He shiver as he felt Jayden's warm tongue licked his outer ear.

"S-stop." It came out as a hoarse whisper. A moan escapes his lips as Jayden's teeth clamped down on his ears. Hard, but soft enough that it doesn't draw blood. Jayden's finger sensually lifted Aiden's grey tee and slid his hand inside. Aiden shudder at the electrical tingling as he slid his hand higher and higher.

"Tell me Aiden, what happens next?" Aiden shook his head gripping Jayden's Hollister white shirt.

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His mind was a mess right now, how could Jayden expect him to form a sentence? Jayden chuckle into his ears. His hand brush past Aiden's sensitive nipples and Aiden jerked from the sudden feeling. "Aiden," Jayden whispers softly and a shiver went down his spine. Jayden moved his lips closer to the edge of Aiden's lips. "Aiden, are you asleep?" Aiden pushed Jayden so hard he fell and hit the floor with a loud thump. "Ah, no, no. Um, I was just talking to a friend." The nurse swung the curtain open and stare at the boy on the floor then back to Aiden's flushed face.

"Talking, hmm." Aiden stood up from the bed and hugged the nurse. "Thanks I'm feeling better now so I'm leaving." He glanced at Jayden still rubbing his bum and getting up from the floor.

Venomous green eyes slowly met Aiden's blue eyes and he quickly darts away. Aiden had skipped half of school and now it was nearing the end of lunch already. Aiden grumble angrily walking to his locker when an arm was wrap around Aiden's neck. He looked up quite annoyed, but gasp when Jayden smirked down at him.

"So wanna go out with me?" Aiden gaped at him as though he had grown two heads in that instant. "Why would I want to go out with you?" Aiden attempted to remove Jayden's arm, but the stubborn red head gripped tighter. "Because we're fated to be together," Jayden looked down at Aiden with a seriousness, but it quickly changed to a mischievous smirk.

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"And because we already went to first base with each other." Aiden flush. How can this guy accept something so easily? How does Jayden know Aiden was even telling the truth?

"Yeah right, fated. I don't believe in fate." Jayden laughed and it sound like wind chimes on a beautiful spring time.oh god that sounded so corny. "I do and whether you believe it or not, I don't think those dreams are going anywhere until you and I become one." Hah?

Oh so now Jayden has become a psychic and he just knows everything. "What? What are you talking about? How do you know I'll even dream about it again?" Jayden smirked. "Just got a feeling." Aiden didn't want to sleep that night. Even though he didn't believe Jayden a small part of him believed.

Plus laying in the dark gave him little choice, but to think back to the incident with Jayden. What had overcame Aiden to act that way? He could've easily pushed him away in fact he did, although it was only when the nurse's voice had brought him out of the clouds. Aiden bit his bottom lips in nervousness. Aiden was straight so he shouldn't get so over worked by a guy's comment.

Nor would a little naughty dream stop him from liking boobs and pussy. Satisfied, Aiden drift into sleep. "Ah.J-Jayden. Right there feels-" soft hand firmly gripped Aiden's butt cheeks as two finger probed his hole. It made an erotic squishy noise as a deep chuckle echoes throughout the room.

Jayden's lips traveled to the other nipple and Aiden jerks from the pleasurable sensation. Tears of joy, pleasure and pain combine, rolls down his flushed cheeks. "You like that Aiden?" Aiden shook his head in embarrassment, but his body betrayed him by forcing a moan from his throat.

Jayden smirked, happy to hear such pleasurable sound. He twisted his finger around inside the whimpering boy causing him to buck at the sheer pleasure. He slowly pulls out his finger slimy with lube and smirked when he looked at Aiden. Aiden's chest thumped loudly in his ears as he saw Jayden shift so his meat was now at his entrance. "Are you ready Aiden?" "NOOOO!" Aiden screeched as he rose from his bed so quick he toppled to the floor. Aiden looked at the ground in confusion as it slowly dawn on him that he was in his room, on the floor.

Another dream. Aiden sigh angrily and slowly reach inside his boxer. Hard as a baseball bat.


Aiden groan in frustration and stomped childishly into the bathroom. "What did we do in your dreams this time?" Aiden blush, but shoved Jayden hard. "I didn't dream anything." Jayden looked confuse for a second, but upon studying Aiden's flush face Jayden smirked mischievously. "Liar, I put this," Jayden motion towards his meat, "in here didn't I?" Aiden blushed when Jayden suddenly gripped his bum and his middle finger dangerously close to the crack.

He quickly pry Jayden's hands off glaring at him. "Don't touch my ass, buttface, and it was only two fingers!" Aiden eyes widen in horror at the revelation. How could Aiden be such an idiot. Twice in a row now! Jayden's eyes lighten up like a Christmas light.

"So I touch your insides is that correct?" Jayden spoke softly into Aiden's ears. Aiden flush and attempted to push Jayden, but he wouldn't budge. There were lust laced in the words he spoke next. "I want to touch you so bad right now, Aiden." Aiden shiver as he unconsciously lean closer towards the bigger man. In that moment, Jayden slowly pulls them into the bathroom and placed his lips against his neck, suckling and licking.

He locked both bodies into a tiny stall pulling Aiden into his lap. Need fills Aiden's mind overshadowing any other thought as the two engaged in each other's mouth. Jayden's hands massaged Aiden's butt cheek and he purred. He grinds his semi erect member against Jayden's own and they both moaned. "Aiden, can I touch you?" Jayden mumbles, his lips still slightly touching Aiden's own moist lips.

Aiden blushed, but he knew wanted it. He remembered the feeling of Jayden's finger inside him and his meat twitched. Was the real thing different from a dream? He wanted to figure out so he hugged Jayden tightly. "Y-yeah." He mumbles into his ears. Jayden smiled brightly and slid his hand down Aiden's backside.

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He felt Aiden stiffen in his arm so he pulls Aiden's face towards him and gently kissed him. As his tongue worked inside Aiden's mouth calming him, his finger rubbed Aiden's entrance. There was no moist so it would probably be painful for Aiden so how was he going to make this enjoyable for him?

With a smirk Jayden pulls out and slid his hands inside Aiden's front. Aiden squeal pulling apart staring at Jayden's hand now gripping his fully hard penis. All thoughts were lost as Jayden jerked his hands up and down.

Aiden gripped Jayden's shoulder, tilt his head back and moaned at the pleasure. It barely took three minutes until he felt his climax hit him. Aiden sigh and looked back at Jayden's face unaware that he had closed his eyes. Their eyes met and an animalistic need over came them both.

Aiden smashed their lips together, Jayden's hand still gripping Aiden's limp member soaked with cum. Jayden slide his hand up and down a couple of time getting Aiden's penis into another state of arousal.

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Satisfied he slip his cum covered finger into Aiden's backside again and rubbed the cum around the ring. Aiden groan as Jayden's lips began suckling on his neck, his head tilted upward. His eyes had unintentionally closed again reandering his sight and increasing his sense of touch. Aiden grimace as Jayden's finger slipped into his hole. This hadn't been what he felt? Aiden wanted to complain, but Jayden's other hand had unbutton his Abercrombie flannel shirt and lifted his Hollister long sleeved gray tee, his mouth now covering his right nipple.

Aiden groan and pulls Jayden's head tighter against his chest ignoring the foreign feeling of Jayden's finger in his ass. While Jayden's finger squirmed inside, his finger suddenly pushed against Aiden's prostate and Aiden gasp at the pleasure. It was better than he had expected. Jayden smirked all knowingly.

He easily slid in another finger and push against the same spot and Aiden tremble moaning. "Ah.J-Jayden! Right there feels-" Aiden stops himself realizing he had said exactly what the Aiden in his dream had said. Jayden chuckles and thrust harder against the prostate. His other hand kneading his cheeks.

Aiden shook his head forgetting about the dream. Reality was better. Much, much better. Aiden began moving with the finger wanting it to go deeper faster. Jayden's finger wasn't what he wanted at that minute. Jayden licked his lips and gripped Aiden's nipple in between his teeth earning a satisfied moan from Aiden. "Jayden, I want you inside." Jayden stiffen and his eyes looked towards Aiden.

His eyes was hazy with lust. "Are you sure?" Jayden asked. Aiden nodded moving off his finger and standing up. He dropped his pants and lean against the bathroom door, his ass facing Jayden.

Aiden turned his head towards Jayden his face flushed, slightly embarrassed by what he was doing. Jayden smirked and also dropped his pants and rubbing his erect penis into Aiden's quivering hole.

"Are you ready?" Ah, just like in his dream. Aiden nodded, but they both stiffen as they heard a hoard of students in the hallway. Some students wandered into the bathroom chatting loudly.

Aiden turn to look at Jayden wondering what they should do. Jayden smirked evilly at Aiden and slips inside as a surprise gasp left his mouth. He quickly covers it, lucky that there were so much noise nobody really heard it. Jayden continue pushing in and a small groan escapes his lips as Jayden completely sheath himself inside. Aiden looked at Jayden with a glare, but Jayden just smirk and began thrusting inside him. Aiden clamped his hand hard against his mouth breathing erratically as his lower half began to numb from pleasure.

It didn't help when Jayden reached over and gripped his oozing cock and jerked him off. "Mm.J-Jayden, don't." His voice trailed off as someone knocked on their door.

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"Occupado!" Jayden shouted and Aiden looked at him angrily. Jayden smirked and shrugged. They heard the retreating footsteps and Jayden thrust in forcefully causing Aiden to moan. He quickly tighten his right hand against his mouth while his other grips Jayden's hand furiously trying to jerk him off.

"Nn.c-coming!" Aiden whispers. Jayden nods thrusting in harder and faster as well as pumping Aiden's cock. Aiden suddenly jerk and an audible cry escape his lips.

Luckily someone flushed the toilet at the exact time drowning out Aiden's pleasured cry. Jayden grunted as he felt Aiden's ass tightening from his climax milking Jayden's cum.

Jayden pulls out and slumped onto the toilet seat exhausted and Aiden follows sitting on his lap. Aiden looked up at the red head who sexily bent down and kissed him. The last few people had left awhile ago, as the bell was now ringing signaling seventh period.

"So, now do you want to go out with me?" Aiden blushed and quietly nod looking away. It was unbelievable that he had literally known Jayden for only two days and had already went this far. Maybe there really is such a thing as fate.