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Rapidinha antes de ir pra faculdade
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Delirium Lynx had always had a vivid imagination. He began to suspect that he had more than just an overactive imagination when he started seeing girls near his home and in his school. He didn't go to an all boy's school or anything, so seeing females wouldn't normally be strange.

But this was different, it wasn't the fact that they were female; what caught his attention, was the fact that they were not human Lynx's hallucinations; which he really believed they were, kept appearing with more frequency. As he saw them more often he noticed different things about them.

His first shock was that they were humanoid, just not human. Anthropomorphic. It took him three days to find that word, which perfectly described these beautiful figments of his imagination. One, a wolfish looking girl with grey fur, always seemed to notice him, but just to look right through him. Determined the not see him.

The other, a fox with whitish-yellow fur and what looked like multiple tails, seemed to see him an often would smile. The only person he felt safe to confide in was his girlfriend, Lucy. She was the only one he felt would not judge him. Or try to commit him. "I don't know! It just seems that every time I turn around, one of them is there. One looks right through me, as if she sees me, but doesn't want to.

The other one just smile's at me. At least I think it's a smile." He exclaimed to Lucy in exasperation. "Baby, I don't know. Maybe you've just been working to hard studying for the finals next week." She said in a smooth, comforting tone, wrapping her arms comfortingly around his shoulders.

"Maybe, but I don't think so. It started before I even started thinking about the exams. But, maybe you're right. Please don't tell anyone about this okay? I don't need everyone thinking I'm crazy. Well, crazier." "Why would anyone think you're crazy?" Lucy asked with concern. "People think I'm crazy, because I'm dating you.

I must be sick in the head." He quipped with a mischievous grin. "You bastard!" she laughed, hugging him tighter. One of the reasons Lucy is able to placate Lynx so easily is because she is anything but ugly.

Standing about 5'7'', with an athletic build and a strong figure, most guys at Lynx's school were justifiably jealous. Her other features only seemed to compliment her figure, long jet black, perfectly straight hair ran down to her lower back. Her breasts were large, but not ridiculous. About a high C-cup, and showed no signs of sagging. Her dark hair seemed to brighten her sea green eyes to the point where they nearly glowed when she looked at you. Lynx once commented that her eyes seemed to bore into your soul.

Lynx looked like the perfect complement to her. At about 6'2'' he stood just a head over her, and with his athletic build, they looked like the perfect couple. They pretty much were. Lucy knew he was not convinced, so she tried to make him happy in the best way she knew how. The first time they had sex a year ago, when he was 16 and she had just turned 15, Lucy had tried to use sex as a way to become closer to Lynx.

Not just physically, but emotionally as well. They had been close before, perhaps it was because they were each other's firsts. But now they were nearly inseparable, and she knew how to make him happy, even without sex. But she wanted to have some fun as well. During the next week at school Lynx tried to push the anthro girls from his mind, and he almost succeeded. He saw less of them until Friday afternoon. It was the last class of the day. He thought to himself almost done, if I can make it through the day I'll have gotten over my craziness.

It almost worked. Until, "Hi! I'm Becca." Said a voice from behind. He turned to respond in kind. "Hey I'm- oh my God!" he gasped in surprise. "You- your- you are," it was fox girl, in the flesh talking to him. "God? Well, no. I'm Becca." She laughed at his reaction. "Who did you think I was?" "To be perfectly honest, a figment of my imagination." He replied, proud that his voice did not waver. "Well no, I'm not but only you can see me. Other people just see another regular girl.

Only you can see me for who I really am." She replied. Lynx was in no way prepared to deal with this revelation, or the consequences that would stem from it. All he knew right now, was that he needed medication, and fast. He looked around; searching for some other confirmation he was loopy. A purple dragon sitting at the desk next to him perhaps, or maybe his teacher sprouting wings.

Nope, everything was normal, except, obviously, Lynx. "Okay, let's just assume that this really is happening, and the men in white coats are not going to cart me off to the happy hotel. Why can only I see you?" "Well, we don't really know. Very few people can see us and most that can are institutionalized, or just try to forget us and blame it on stress or bad mushrooms. Trust me; you are not crazy, just different.

We would really like to know why, that's why we have made ourselves known to you. We can hide ourselves, but we knew you could see us, so I'm here to ask a favor. A really big favor." "You keep saying we. Who is we?" Lynx asked with caution. "My sister, Gracy, and myself.

She is the other, uh, person like me you have seen." She replied. "Gracy, you mean the wolf girl? Her name is Gracy? And for that matter who are you, really? Not just your names." He asked again, now come, now completely overwhelmed. "Our people have walked beside yours for thousands of years. As I said very few people can see us, but some can. We have unintentionally influenced your people for millennia.

The Egyptian god Anubis for example was based on one of my ancestors. We are very similar to humans, and yet so different. Our people have worked, played and even married with yours. But now, there are so few of us left, there is little hope for my people." She said, with such great sadness and bitterness in her voice that Lynx began to believe, and to pity.

"You said you needed a favor?" Lynx asked with more than a little trepidation. "Yes, well. You need to meet my sister before we discuss that." "Okay, where is she? Actually, I'm not sure I can handle any more of you showing up.

Oh, too late." He sighed resignedly as Gracy walked over towards them. She was about to speak when the teacher told us that class was over, if we hadn't noticed and we needed to take our conversation outside. Lynx was so grateful for the intervention of another fully human person it must have shown on his face. "Are you alright dear?" my biology teacher asked, concerned. "Yes Mrs. Carlson, I'm fine. Just tired." He said with absolutely no conviction. As Lynx finished speaking Becca grabbed his hand and lead him outside to the parking lot, then to his car.

Lynx was relieved that Lucy was out today at a doctor's appointment as she usually rides home with him, and he didn't feel up to explaining this to her yet. Hell, he couldn't even explain it to himself. As they stood by Lynx's car Gracy outlined how their people had been living alongside humans for centuries without incident. She spoke of how their numbers had dwindled over the years to the point now where there were so few that they were in serious danger of extinction.

"Wait; is there some disease that makes you sterile? Is there some reason the birth rate has declined so much as to make you an endangered species?" he asked, trying to make sense of all he was hearing . "There is", Gracy continued, "there are no males of our species .There never have been any.

The only way we can reproduce is by mating with a true sighted human male. There are few of those left. We have scoured the world and found only four. The last three were unsuitable." She said, staring at Lynx as comprehension dawned on him. "Wait, you mean, that I, um, me?" he stammered, "You need me? This has got to be some kind of trick. Who are you, really?" "We have not lied to you.

We only ask that you hear us out and do not judge quickly or without thought. Can you do that?" she asked, deadly serious. "I, uh, yeah. Yes, I can." He managed to choke out.

They both looked him over carefully. Becca a.k.a. fox girl looking intently into his eyes, while it seemed that Gracy, a.k.a. wolf girl was looking him over as if looking for a weakness. After what seemed like hours, though was probably only a minute or two, they finished their inspection.

Lynx wondered if he was suitable compared to the others, and how exactly they had failed the inspection. "Is there a place we can talk? Privately?" asked Becca, back to what Lynx considered her normal bubbly self. "Yeah, my parents are on a cruise for their anniversary. They won't be back or a few days. I'm the only one in the house. But, Lucy will be there tonight at 7:00, and I really don't know how to explain all this to her. She knows I've seen you, I felt like I could tell her and she wouldn't try to send me off to the funny farm in a straightjacket.

Was that bad?" he asked, now fearing he had really screwed up. "No, it is not ideal, but not irreversible. How much did you tell her?" Gracy asked guardedly.

"I only told her that I had seen two girls that looked like, well, a fox and a wolf. She tried to write it off as exam stress. At least she didn't think I was certifiable." He replied, relieved he hadn't caused to much trouble.

"Who is this Lucy?" Becca asked, "Is she your sister?" "No. Lucy is my girlfriend. Why?" he asked, sensing a problem. "It's not really a problem," Gracy replied, "It's just that you know, even if you haven't said it. You know why we need you. A human girlfriend could complicate issues." "Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. She definitely will not like this. But I need to tell her, we have no secrets from each other." He said with more confidence than he felt.

He knew he would tell her, even he was unsure as to how she would react. Seriously, how would your girlfriend react if you told her "Baby, I have to bang these two incredibly hot chicks because their part of an endangered race and basically I have to knock them up to save their people. You ok with that, honey?" Yeah. Lucy probably won't react well either.

Lynx took a shaky breath to orient himself. He was home. How did that happen? Then he realized that while Gracy was talking he had subconsciously driven home. Glad I didn't get into a wreck, he thought. He'd have enough trouble explaining all this to Lucy, much less explaining to a cop why he wasn't paying attention on the road. "Sorry, officer. I was distracted by the two half woodland creature girls in my car telling me about the extinction of their race." That would go over about as well as when he had to tell Lucy.

"Any thoughts on how to explain all this to my girlfriend, who by the way, will now be convinced that I am completely out of my mind?" he asked, without much hope. "Well, we have a way," Becca said slowly. "Becca, quiet! I would really rather not do that. It can cause more problems that it would solve." Gracy cut her off. "What are you talking about?" Lynx asked, "Is there a way? Please tell me." He looked at Gracy pleadingly.

"It's just that, it may not convince her of your sanity. It may only serve to convince her of her own insanity." She went on carefully.

"What is it? I mean, if it'll make her go nuts I'll talk to her on my own. But if it can help, why not?" Lynx inquired. "We can show ourselves to humans who would otherwise not be able to see our true forms. We don't do this often for obvious reasons." Becca stated. "You mean, she'll be able to see, what I see.

Fur, tails, and everything? That might actually work. But I can see why you don't want to." He said, still deep in thought about all he was learning. "Lynx," Becca said, he realized using his name for the first time, "We need your help. You said that you would tell her.

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I don't want to stop you. But please, just think about how you should explain the situation. We need you. You are the only one who can save our people. You are literally our last hope." As she said this she looked deep into his eyes, and reached out and took his hands in hers.

"Our last hope." "Alright, tell me, what do I need to do." He asked, resigned to all this craziness being real. "As I said," Gracy said nervously, "We need you to help us rebuild our race. We are not the last, but there are so few of us left, it might be too late for anyone to help us." Lynx got the feeling that Gracy was holding something back, but he could think of what she would be hiding from him.

He knew what they were asking, but he couldn't bring himself to admit it. Him?

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Lynx Connor, just another small town high school student, he was supposed to rebuild an entire race with these two incredibly beautiful girls straight out of a Japanese anime?

How was he supposed to do that anyway? He wasn't the smartest in his biology class but he knew three individuals did not exactly constitute a viable breeding population. But, he had to get it in plain English, "You mean, you need me to basically rebuild your race. With you two?

Okay, I'll just come out with it. How the hell am I supposed to do that exactly? I mean, I know how. Just exactly how is that supposed to work? If I'm reading this right, three, or maybe two in this case, individuals does not make a breeding population.

Besides, this is just a little, actually a lot, past weird so forgive me if I'm skeptical or just in denial." He said, still embarrassed at what they were asking him to do. "We know this is difficult for you", Becca said soothingly, "but we have done a lot of research and discovered a way to create a larger population. The offspring of a true-sighted human male and one of us has two possible outcomes.

It will either be another true-sighted male, or a female of our race. You are right, it will not be enough, but it will be a start." "Okay, just what exactly does that entail? I'm pretty sure that I'm schizophrenic at this point so say whatever you need to say while I go steal my mom's Prozac. Oh, maybe my dad left the liquor cabinet unlocked." He said, half out of an attempt to add humor to an otherwise very serious situation, half hoping they would confirm he was crazy and this was all a figment of his imagination.

No such luck. "You ask what that entails. I thought it was obvious." Gracy said, somewhat condescendingly. "Its okay, Gracy, he's just overwhelmed. Understandable under these circumstances. Lynx, we need you to impregnate us to start a new generation of true-sighted humans, and us." Becca said, trying to sound unemotional, but Lynx could tell she was making a great effort to remain in control.

He could no longer keep from asking why they had both been getting tenser as their conversation continued. "Why are both of you so tense? Other than the obvious reasons, what we're talking about probably isn't helping. But I can't shake the feeling you're keeping something from me. If I can help tell me. I'm already waist deep in this." The he grimaced, "Possibly not the best choice of words." Becca and Gracy met each other's eyes for a moment, having a silent conversation.

Eventually they reached an also inaudible decision. They turned to Lynx, with an expression of trepidation and something else, fear, worry? The way they looked at him made him think that they had been hurt before. A deep emotional scar seemed more evident with Gracy, whereas Becca seemed more at ease. She either hid it better than her sister, or she had not been as painfully affected. "I am not the first person you've asked to do this am I?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"The others like me, you said that they were unsuitable. What did you mean by that?" "You are not the first we spoke to", Becca said, losing some of her poise. "The others were unsuitable, not because they was anything wrong with the physically, or mentally. They were unsuitable because they did not pass our inspection.

A few of them did not take the rejection well. They did not care about the plight of our people, all they wanted was sex. When I looked into your eyes earlier, did it feel like I was looking further? Into your soul, you might say." "Yeah, it felt like you could see right into my mind," he said, the memory making him shiver, "it felt like I was a lab specimen under a microscope.

To be perfectly honest, it wouldn't offend me if you didn't do that again, whatever it was." "That was our inspection. You passed, which makes you our last hope. We have searched the entire world, showing ourselves to true-sighted humans. We found only four. One in England, one in Germany, and two in America, you are the last. The two in Europe did not pass because of the sexually transmitted diseases they already had contracted. The other in America failed because of his sadistic, possessive behavior.

He did not take rejection well. He tried to hold us prisoner, but we are not as helpless as we may seem." Gracy said, with a hint of venom in her voice. "So I passed? What exactly where you looking for? If I'm secretly a crazed axe murderer or if I'm the next Jack the Ripper?" he asked, trying to understand the pain that these two girls had been through. "Something like that, also if you were responsible enough to undertake this endeavor.

Only the most responsible humans are up to the task. That is one reason our race is so scarce these days, not every true-sighted human has what it takes.

Our looks are not the only thing that makes us different from humans." "Oh, great. What else is there?" he asked not sure how much more he could handle in one day. "We not only look different but our minds work in vastly different ways. To be blunt we can, to an extent, control the minds of humans that cannot see us. We can't use this effect of true-sighted humans.

We try to use this ability as rarely as possible because we don't want to be invasive and controlling, it's just not in our nature. We can place suggestions in the minds of humans, and then manipulate the actions and thoughts taken from that suggestion. It works best with eye contact, but it can be done without. You experienced what happens when we attempt it on true-sighted humans." She said delicately.

She was trying her best not to scare him too much. This was the most stressful part. They knew that this was a delicate subject.

Many true-sighted humans were lost to the cause when they learned this. Some are unable to cope with that particular revelation. "You can control people's minds," he asked, mortified. "You can make people do anything, against their will?" "We can, but we don't. Please believe me.

We have the ability but have no inclination to use it unless we have no other choice. We ourselves have only ever used it once in all our lives." Becca said pleadingly. As Becca was speaking he barely heard her. He believed her, but was that because he really believed her, or was she lying to him and really controlling him?


He couldn't decide. Then, a strange thought entered his mind. Something that had not occurred to him before. How old were they? You really couldn't just look at them and tell as with people. Their animalistic features made any age gauging difficult. "You whole lives," he said, barely comprehending, "How old are you two? I never even thought about it before, but I just can't tell." "I am 24, and my sister here is 26." Said Becca, grinning.

"We don't age at the same rate as humans, and our life spans are longer." "You're in your twenties?" he asked, somewhat perplexed.

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"Yes, we are. We've been looking for true-sighted humans since we were ten. It's been a long and difficult search, but now I think it is finally over." Becca said with an engaging smile.

"So you really think that I'm supposed to be the savior or your race and I'm going to repopulate your people? Maybe I'm not the one that's crazy. What makes me so special?" he asked, unable to understand why they had chosen him, of all people. "We have chosen you because we believe you have the best chance of saving our people."Becca grinned, "And because I like you." "Well, thanks." He blushed.

To be honest he liked her a lot too. Though Gracy was a bit distant. But then he thought about Lucy wondered what she would say. "Lucy!" he exclaimed suddenly. "What time is it? Lucy will be here at 7:00." He looked at the clock on the wall in his room. 6:52. "Oh shit! She'll be here soon and I don't want her to walk in and see me in here with you two.

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She'll think I'm crazy, and cheating on her. Well, she'll think I'm cheating on her anyway when she sees you two. Well, it seems I'm really screwed this time." He said dejectedly. "What can we do to help? I don't want any trouble for you because of us." Gracy asked, surprising Lynx. He expected Becca to be the more eager one to help. As soon as Gracy stopped speaking, as if on cue, the doorbell rang. The only thing Lynx could think of was to get them to stay out of sight in his parent's room until he had at least tried to explain as much as he could without them actually showing themselves.

He had absolutely zero confidence that this would go well. He was right. It went as well as it had in his mind. He was first met with skepticism, then outright denial, then with hostility. She refused to believe the girls were real, and then he tried telling her about how they could show themselves to her to prove that they were indeed real. Some of the more audible part of the conversation could be heard by Becca and Gracy down the hall.

They heard one word repeatedly. "Bullshit". If the situation were not so serious, Becca knew she would find the scene hilarious. But eventually, as they knew they would, they heard him call their names. When Becca and Gracy walked into Lynx's room, the scene could have been comical. Lynx almost looked like he was surprised they came.

Lucy looked as though she was about to pass out. After she regained her composure, she shot Lynx a look of pure venom. Becca got the feeling Lynx was right about Lucy thinking he was cheating on her.

"Lynx, what the hell is going on around here?" Lucy asked shakily. She looked like she was ready to jump out the window. "Lucy, this is Becca, and this is Gracy", he said, gesturing to them in turn. "And they have pretty much managed to convince me that I'm not out of my mind. I was hoping they could convince you that neither of us is crazy." "Ok, I see them. They're here, but all I see is two girls. I thought you said they were," she faltered, searching for the right word.

"Different?" Becca suggested helpfully. "Yeah, that works. Different. But, I mean, who are you?" she asked. "As we told Lynx," Becca said, "we are some of the last individuals of an ancient race, as old as humanity. We are very similar to humans, but we have some differences. Our appearance is not the only difference." "As far as I can tell, you look as normal as anyone else." Lucy said suspiciously. "You might as well show her, I can tell she won't be convinced easily. I think it's the only way to convince her." "Show me what?

What are you talking abou- Oh my God! What the hell?" Lucy exclaimed in shock. The two beautiful women had disappeared, and in their place were two equally stunning females with the features of a wolf and of a fox. Then she knew nothing, the ground just rushed up to meet her and all went black.

Lucy woke up, ready to write off all that she had seen as just a crazy dream. She had almost convinced herself that it was all a figment of her imagination. "Oh good, your awake. I was so worried when you passed out." Said the voice of her boyfriend, Lynx. "Oh my God, I had the weirdest dream. You were cheating on me with two really beautiful girls that looked like a fox and a wolf." She said; glad to be past her delirium. "Well, at least I'm not cheating on you, but as for the other stuff… well, you remember Gracy and Becca, right?" Just then, Gracy and Becca walked in, thankfully back in human form, and smiled reassuringly.

Wait, Lucy thought, if they are really here, that means that they really were, no that can't be. Can it? No way. "Holy shit. You mean when they turned into, into- whatever the hell happened. You mean to tell me that all that was real?" "That's exactly what I'm telling you. It wasn't easy for me either.

But trust me, it all really happened." He said uneasily. Still trying to come up with a way to tell Lucy what exactly they were asking him to do. "Okay, that really happened. I think. This will probably sound stupid, but can you change again?" she added quickly, "I promise I won't pass out this time, I hope. Just humor me so I can be sure." "Are you sure?" Gracy asked, "Can I just say that it really happened and we leave it at that?

I don't want you to hurt yourself." "I can take it. I just need to be sure." She turned to Lynx, "Um, can you catch me if I fall?" He nodded in the affirmative. "Okay, here goes." Becca said as her and Gracy both transformed from two stunningly beautiful human girls to two equally stunning half animal girls straight from a Japanese anime or manga.

Lucy wavered slightly and Lynx steadied her. She stared at the two girls uncomprehendingly for several seconds before finally speaking, "Okay Lynx. You were right.

But one thing is bothering me." She turned to Becca and Gracy, "No, offense, but why are you here? I mean, why all of the sudden show up and appear in my boyfriend's room?" "Um, baby, about that," Lynx managed to stammer. Here we go. She'll either break up with me, or preferably, just kill me. "Well, see they came to ask me to do them" and I really mean do them "a favor." "So what's the favor? What is so important that they need to show up here?" she asked, perplexed.

Lynx looked to Becca and Gracy pleadingly. There was no way he would be able to tell his girlfriend about this. He also saw no way to get out of this with his relationship with Lucy intact. Please girls, say something. There is no way I can make myself say what you really need from me. "Lucy, you have seen our true forms," Becca said as they changed back, thankfully, into their human forms, "not many normal humans ever do.

What we need from Lynx is a very delicate subject. And just to quell this argument before it happens. My sister and I have literally been all over the world searching for people like Lynx. We only found a few.

He is the only one that passed our tests. He is the only person in the entire world that can help us." "What exactly do you need from him?" Lucy asked quietly, forming her own suspicions in her mind. "Before we get into that, I think the back-story is needed. So that you can understand the situation we are in." Becca said, taking her hand and leading her from the room. Lynx knew she would tell Lucy about the race they come from, and how there were so few left.

He also knew that she would not hesitate to come right out and say what she needed from him. And I'll know when that happens too, I'll hear some very loud yelling from downstairs. "She'll be fine." Lynx turned to see Gracy looking at him with something close to sympathy in her eyes.

He finally the opportunity to ask her something that had been nagging in the back of his mind. "I get the strangest feeling that you don't approve of me. Or just don't like me." "Oh, was it that obvious? I really tried to hide it. It's not that I don't like you. Maybe I am just as skeptical of you as you were of us. Ever since the last true-sighted human we sought out tried to kidnap us, I suppose it has been difficult for me to trust anyone but Becca.

When my sister and I tested you, we both found you to be trustworthy. It is still difficult for me." She said quickly, as if she were afraid someone would try to stop her from divulging her emotions. "Is that why you don't like me? Because of the last guy? But you said that when you tested me, I passed. So you know I'm not like that." Lynx consoled her.

"I know, it's just hard to begin to trust again," she breathed, the pain of her past heavy in her voice. "What can I do to show you that I'm nothing like him, whoever he was?" he asked quietly. "Just, when the time comes, be gentle. Becca is more childish than I am, which I suppose helps her cope better.

I can be a bit of a cynic." "Oh really? I hadn't noticed." He countered. He was rewarded with a slight smile. "Please, when you have to do what we ask. Just be gentle. We only got as far as the testing stage with the other ones. You will be our first mating experience. To humans that is an important event in the maturing process.

We are no different on that regard." She said, her word heavy in the air. It was then Lynx realized there was no way he could deny them what they asked. He had only two choices. Do what they asked, effectively cheating on the one person he really cared about, or condemn their race to extinction.

Morally it was one hell of a quandary. He knew he could never live with himself if he was the cause of the end of their people, it just wasn't in him. But I also know I can't live without Lucy, which I might have to do if, when, I go through with this. "I will. I haven't been through anything like what you've been through, but this isn't exactly easy for me either. Think about it from my perspective. You two just appear out of nowhere and tell me that I need to impregnate the two of you to help you rebuild your population.

Doesn't exactly happen every day, it'll take some getting used to." He said, summarizing what had happened in the last few hours alone. At about that time, Lucy and Becca came back into the room. Becca walked is as if nothing were wrong and that they were all old friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time.

Lucy was slightly less enthused. She looked as though she'd seen a ghost, to put a point on it. Lynx had never seen her so shaken up. She was shaking slightly. Her face had gone pale, and she looked thinner, and frail, as though a harsh word might hurt her.

It alarmed Lynx to see how badly she had taken whatever Becca had told her . "What happened?" asked Lynx, alarmed. "Lucy, what's wrong?" As if I don't know.

"What's wrong? What's wrong?!" she repeated, on the edge of hysterics, "What could possibly be wrong Lynx? After what she just told me you better be glad I love you, or I wouldn't still be here." "Um, thanks, I think." He said, unable to come up with a more eloquent response under the circumstances. "Just be glad I love you. Because if I didn't, there's no way I'd still be here." She said, on the verge of tears. He moved over to her sitting on his bed, and put his arms around her while she broke down and cried.

Becca and Gracy stood awkwardly in the corner. They both knew this would most likely happen, but that did not make it any easier to witness.

Gracy stood stoically, showing very little emotion. But when Lynx looked up, he saw something in her eyes he knew well, but did not expect from her.

Envy. Becca on the other hand looked on the verge of tears herself. She was unable to tear her eyes from the depressing scene before her. "Lucy, I know this isn't easy for you. Because if Becca told you what I think she told you…" he stopped, unable to continue seeing the look in her eyes. "She told me everything. What they need you to do and why." She said, haltingly.

"But, I trust you. I know you well enough to know that you would never be unfaithful to me unless you have no choice. And I also know that you can't sit by and not help with their, uh, problem. You just don't have it in you. You've never been able to not help when someone else has a problem that you can help with.

It's one of the reasons I love you so much." After she finished, she leaned in and kissed him passionately, abandoning all pretenses, and acted as if they were the only ones in the room. Well, if they were the only ones in the room what she would have done could probably be classified as rape.

But she remained in control just enough to make it one long, almost violent kiss. It was to remind him what he had, that he could never do wrong in her eyes. To prove to him that no matter what he did, she would be by his side. "Lucy," he began. She silenced him with a finger on his lips.

"I know that you'll do what you have to do, just remember that I love you, and trust you." She said, still teary. Lynx looked between Gracy and Becca, then back to Lucy. He knew how much Lucy was devoted to him, but he never knew it would carry this far. She had just given him her blessing to have sex with these amazingly beautiful girls standing in his room. He had expected screaming, cursing, denial and possibly violence.

But this, this was acceptance. He knew now why he had never even looked at another girl. His love for Lucy was boundless, as was hers for him. "So, how you want to play this?" he asked, still in a trance like state, unable to comprehend what had just occurred.

"Baby, I don't think I can handle any more surprises today. It's," she paused to glance at the clock, "9:15. Since its Friday my parents will expect me to spend the night here. You know, right now I'm really glad they trust us." She grinned, "If only they knew." "Okay, I'll go home, and waste some time until 11:00. I'll come back, let myself in and probably help myself to your dads liquor supply. He has some first rate sour mash bourbon.

I'll just go. Bye baby. I love you." With that, she slipped out the door. Leaving them all alone. Lynx looked around the room, focusing first on Gracy. She was distinctly uncomfortable. The look on her face was hard to gauge, because of the fur and wolf shaped head. Even with these difficulties, Lynx could discern the hungry look in her eyes. In an instant he understood the hunger in her eyes. She wants what I have. The relationship I have with Lucy. They haven't known love in their lives.

They don't know what it is to experience what it feels like to have someone that you know you could spend the rest of their lives with. Lucy and I are lucky; we know what that's like. Becca was standing in the corner, seemingly frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

It reminded Lynx of how he was frozen solid when Lucy had brought up the subject of sex for the first time. He had been unable to move or speak. Maybe not the best analogy for this situation, but apt, he thought to himself with a small mental chuckle. "Well, this is awkward." He said, in a feeble attempt to break the tension in the room. "Lynx, maybe I'm wrong," Becca said, "But I think you would like to do, um, what we have to do before your girlfriend gets back.

I think that would be best, considering the circumstances." "Yeah, it would be. But this is still very…" he faltered, unable to come up with a word that fit. "Surreal?" Gracy suggested. "Exactly, so how you guys want to do this? I'm not a virgin, but I'm way out of my comfort zone here." "Lynx, just come over here, let what happens happen." Said Becca, moving towards the bed. With that she moved over to the bed, half dragging Gracy with her.

She motioned for Lynx to follow. He moved cautiously over to them. As he took in the scene, he began to notice new things about these stunning females that he never noticed before.

When Gracy was nervous, as she was now, her eyes darted around the room, as if searching for an escape. Becca was much more at ease, at least in appearance. Although she acted more in control, her movements were jerky, forced. They moved over to the bed, sitting closely together. At a loss for what to do next, he took Becca's advice and released control. As if driven by an unseen force, he reached his arms around them and hugged them in close, speaking softly.

He assured them that he would do what they asked, that they had nothing to fear from him. He told them he was different from the last guy, the one that had scarred them so deeply emotionally. They went on without speaking. As they slowly shed their clothes, they began to get a feel for each other, so to speak.

After every item of clothing shed, a new moment of exploration occurred. As Lynx's shirt came off, Becca and Gracy explored every inch of his abdomen and back. Soon all of their clothes lay in a pile on the floor. They paused, sitting naked on the bed, unsure of how to proceed. Becca broke the tension by leaning into Lynx. She looked deeply into his eyes, and kissed him. She grabbed his shoulders, pushing him back. As he lay on his back, held down by Becca and her attentions, Gracy moved over to him and did something no one expected.

She gently pulled Becca off of him and leaned over to whisper in his ear. She only said three words. "I trust you." She then moved over him and took up where Becca had left off. Becca watched in amazement as her sister attacked him. After a moment of almost violent attention Gracy had been paying him. This time it was Becca who leaned in to whisper in his ear. She only said two words, "It's time." With that, Becca moved over and hovered over him.

She hesitated for a moment, and then locked eyes with Lynx. An unseen conversation took place between them. Lynx asked Becca if she was ready, and that it was on her pace. She said that it didn't really matter if she was ready or not, it had to be done. She lowered herself down onto him, slowly.

When his head touched against her virgin lips it released an involuntary shudder through her body. She took a deep breath, and lowered herself onto him. She had only gone a few inches, when Lynx felt a small resistance. For some reason the presence of a hymen surprised him. He quickly overcame his surprise, and let Becca lower herself again. She felt the hymen rip, and in reflex she kicked out her left leg. She then lost her balance and sank the rest of the way onto Lynx's throbbing member.

She cried out in pain, her eyes tearing. Lynx quickly got out from under her and made sure she was okay. She was shaken, but otherwise unhurt. Lynx asked if she wanted to continue. She only nodded yes. "Do you want to try a, ah, less risky position?" he asked, genuinely concerned.

"What is it called, missionary?" she panted . After discussing the pro's and con's of missionary and other positions. Becca lay back with her back against the headboard of Lynx's bed.

He slowly eased himself on top of her. They locked eyes as he moved himself down into her. He penetrated only a few inches before she tensed up. He patiently waited for her to relax. After a moment of heavy breathing she tersely nodded her acquiescence. He pressed into her to the hilt. He slowly began to move in and out of her. As he began to get into his rhythm, low moans began to escape Becca's lips. For the first time he noticed her tails writhing in ecstasy under her.

They twisted and turned underneath her, brushing his skin sending new waves of sensation rushing through his body. All of these sensations served to bring him closer to the edge. He increased his speed, bringing Becca to a shattering climax.

Her body convulsed uncontrollably, her muscles spasmed and milked him for all he was worth. Once Becca regained control of her senses Lynx locked eyes with her, she nodded. That was all he needed. A few more thrusts and Lynx buried himself as deep as he could in Becca and released shot after shot of thick sperm. He convulsed on top of her till he was completely spent.

He rolled off of her, drenched in sweat. Her fur was also damp from their exertions. Lynx moved towards her, she rolled to him as they kissed; savoring the moment they had shared. They lay there for several minutes, just kissing lovingly. The spell was broken when Gracy shifted on the edge of the bed.

"Don't worry sis," Becca grinned, "He's gentle. And it's the most amazing thing you will ever experience." She turned to Lynx, "Thank you," she murmured, kissing him again. "Ladies," he began, "Do you mind if I have a few minutes to recover?

What time is it?" he paused to glance over to the clock on his wall. 10:00. He had an hour until Lucy got there. "Gracy," Becca said, "Trust me; it is the most amazing thing ever. And he really is gentle, when I fell was my fault." "Okay, I guess it's time." She said with finality.

Gracy walked stiffly over to the bed. She was naked; she had been since they all had stripped. It was only know that Lynx noticed her inherent beauty. She had a gorgeous figure. She sat on the bed and motioned for him to follow. They began in the missionary position this time, having discovered it worked better in their current situation.

She lay in the same position as Becca had, waiting with bated breath. Lynx moved over onto Gracy, positioning himself at her entrance. He remembered how much discomfort Becca had been in when he broke her hymen, and he made a conscious effort to be extra gentle. He pressed lightly into her slit, only penetrating to the barrier within. They locked eyes; she nodded her assent and set her jaw. He presses inwards, slowly building pressure until the strain became too great.

As her hymen tore in half, he quickly slipped in another few inches. Gracy gasped at the sudden intrusion. Lynx waited patiently above her, until she regained her breath and squeaked for him to continue.

He started pushing into her, until he reached the base. He slowly began to work in and out of her, going further with every stroke. As he started to get into his rhythm again Gracy started moaning quite loudly. Before long she was thrashing in unadulterated pleasure under him, grabbing his shoulders, pushing up to him, making him go deeper within her. She grabbed his head, bringing him down to her to kiss him passionately.

She achieved an earth shattering orgasm early on. She had a large amount of build up sexual tension, and this was the first chance she had had to release it. Lynx was totally unprepared for the sexual onslaught Gracy would provide. After sex with Becca, he assumed Gracy would be like making love to an inflatable sex doll, with all the effort she was likely to exert. He adapted quickly to this new style.

As Lynx began to near his own climax, Gracy experienced her second of the evening. As her muscles clenched, milking him for his seed.

He thrust deep inside her, unleashing spurt after spurt of his hot seed into her womb. They lay there panting for several minutes, lying in each other's arms. She leaned over him, and kissed him deeply. They would have just lain there had Becca not intervened.

"Well, you two look like you've had quite the time together." She grinned slyly, "but, we have thirty minutes before Lucy gets back. I think it would probably be a good idea to shower before she gets here, so we all don't smell like sex." "Ah, I think you might be onto something there." Lynx said. As they all moved into the master bathroom, with a hotel shower with showerheads spraying them from every angle. They stayed in the shower for twenty minutes, one moment holding each other sensually, the next playing in the water like children.

The group emerged from the bathroom, returned to Lynx's room. Lynx changed into some clean clothes and gave Becca and Gracy a couple t-shirts and pairs of gym shorts. They waited in the living room downstairs for Lucy. They didn't wait for Lucy to get there to break out the bourbon. When Lucy walked in, she found Becca and Gracy sitting on the couch and Lynx in an armchair. All three had glasses dark with whiskey. Lynx handed Lucy a glass also containing a stiff drink. He moved over to the loveseat, begging with his eyes for her to follow.

She did. They sat together in silence for some time. Finally to break the silence, "Lucy," Lynx began, "I don't really know what to say." His voice was pained. "Lynx," she managed in a calm voice, "I know what you did, and I know why you did it. I also know that you may have to do it again." He had never considered what would happen after he had done what he promised.

The thought had not even occurred to him. He looked at Becca and Gracy for reassurance. "She's right," Gracy said, "just as with humans, it may take some time.

Also, we can't leave you. We have to be near you. We can bend the minds of normal humans to make ourselves invisible. Well, not really invisible, but we can make ourselves extremely difficult to find. The goal as you know is pregnancy. We don't expect you to abandon your life to care for our offspring; we have a plan for that. But after mating, there must be contact between male and female.

We cannot go very far from you. If you wish, we can hide ourselves so you don't have to see us again, after we confirm that we have conceived." "No, how could I do that?

I'm not the kind of guy that gets you pregnant then politely asks you to disappear. That horrible, does that actually happen?" he asked, mortified. "Yes, it is quite common, actually." Gracy said with some distaste, "Our father, was like that.

He impregnated our mother, and his wife didn't know. All she knew was that he was around a young woman more than she deemed good for him." "I'm sorry. I didn't know." he said with real hurt for them. "If you chose for us to go, we will leave the children with a trusted human who knows who we really are.

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That is how we were raised. If I may suggest, please do not chose this path. It is not the best way for a child of either race to mature." She choked up; bringing old and painful memories back to the forefront of her mind. "No, whatever I have to do, I'll do it." He said firmly. "Thank you." Lucy said, surprising everyone, most of all Lynx. "Lucy? Why would you be thanking me? If anything I thought I would have to sell you on this one." He said confused.

"If you had sent them off the way their father did, I would have thought less of you. I knew what you would say. You forget in can almost read your mind." Lynx smiled, if possible loving her more than ever.

"Lynx, I know you just got done. Twice, but right now I think I'll explode if we don't go upstairs now." She did not wait for a response, just got up and went up stairs. He looked at Gracy and Becca, for their reactions. They just smiled and nodded towards the stairs. As he bounded up the stairs three at a time, he could have sworn he heard one of them mutter, "She's a keeper." When he walked into is room, Lucy was under the sheets.

He walked over to the bed and slid under the sheets, only to find her already naked. When he got in the bed with her, she threw the sheets off the bed, and almost as quickly removed his clothes. They lay there in the bed, naked just holding each other, slowly, passionately kissing. "What's gotten into you?" he asked startled by her intensity. "You, in a minute." She grinned, moving into his tight embrace, "I guess sitting at home, knowing that you were making love to those gorgeous girls set me off, in a good way.

It made me want to ravish you for hours. But I'll take what I can get for right now." She grinned at him, and then jumped on top of him. She straddled his waist, grabbing his member and placing it at her entrance. She sank down onto him, taking him to the hilt as a soft moan escaped his lips.

For a moment, they were completely still, locked in serene bliss. After a moment, Lucy began to grind in circles with him deep inside her. As she gyrated her hips, her hands explored every inch of his exposed skin. Her hands moved restlessly over his chest and stomach, taking in every detail. Suddenly she rose up off of him, "Take me from behind baby," she panted breathlessly. Lynx need no further encouragement as she got to her hands and knees in front of him as he moved behind her.

He placed his head at her opening, and slowly pressed himself in. He made one slow thrust then pulled out and slammed all the way into her in one hard thrust, making her cry out in pleasure. After much gasping and moaning, Lynx began to near his third massive climax of the evening. He panted to Lucy that he was getting close. He couldn't understand her reply through her panting and gasping. She managed to gasp, "Cum inside me baby, I want to feel what Gracy and Becca felt.

Don't worry; my mom put me on the pill." He thrust powerfully a few more times, and then buried himself as far as he could into her and blew his load. Shot after shot after shot of hot thick seed poured into her. It felt like he would never stop cumming, as more and more filled Lucy's womb. Finally, totally spent he rolled off of her, breathing hard, drenched in sweat. Lucy lifted herself over him, laying on his side, under his arm in a protective manner. She reached up and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

"Thank you, I really needed that." She panted. "If I said I needed to do it for the third time today, you'd call me a liar. But I will say I enjoyed it too." He said, kissing her back deeply. He glanced at the clock on the wall. 12:00. "You realize we've been up here an hour? But I guess time flies when you're having fun." He grinned, "but as much I really don't want to get up, I need to go check on Becca and Gracy.

I'm kind of wondering what do about them. I refuse to send them off like their father did to their mother. I just haven't worked out the details." "I know, this will sound like bullshit, but I just wanted you to know," she began, "I'm not jealous of them, I should be but I'm not. I trust you, which is strange. I trust you to never be unfaithful to me while I know you're banging two other girls. The strange part is, as long as it's them, I don't care." "You know, I think the three of you could become really good friends, you're a lot alike." "I had that thought while I was at my house waiting to come back.

I already like them, despite the unusual circumstances. I really like Becca." "She is interesting," he laughed, "Gracy actively tries to be distant. Given her past it's understandable, but Becca seems so well adjusted.

I guess she just hides it better." "Go downstairs. I'll be down in a few minutes. After that I need to rest, you shouldn't even be able to walk after all you've been through today." "I guess I have great stamina." He said with a wink. She laughed telling him to go and talk to the girls. As Lucy rested in Lynx's room he went downstairs to talk to Becca and Gracy.

He found them sitting on the loveseat in the living room, empty whiskey glasses on the coffee table. They had been talking when he came in. As he walked in they straightened up in their seats and fell silent. Becca grinned at him. It was at that moment it occurred to him that he and Lucy had been less than quiet. They had probably heard everything. "A thought occurred to me a moment ago." He began, "Where do you live? I mean, do you stay with someone, rent an apartment, what?" "Well, we live in a small apartment on the east side of town." Gracy said uneasily.

"East, like near Anderson Street?" he asked, horrified. "The next street over, actually. We know it's not the best section of town." "Not the best section.

I'm astounded you haven't been raped living over there. How did you even get an apartment over there?" "It was cheap. We don't have much money and it's all we could afford." "There is no way I can let you stay there any longer, it's too risky.

We can find a place closer to here." He stated with finality. The gratitude was evident on their eyes. They had to be terrified living there. How could they even sleep at night, hearing gunshots every few minutes, car alarms, people screaming all night? "In fact, how much do you have to rent with? My dad's wanted to rent out the attic bedroom for a while. I think I could convince him to let you rent it cheap." "That would be amazing!" Becca said quickly.

"I hate living there. I'm scared to go to sleep, even if I can control people minds." She shuddered. "Are you sure about this," Gracy cautioned, "How will Lucy take that?" Lynx smiled to himself, "Rather well I think." The girls looked at him in confusion. Just then Lucy came down the stairs. Lynx related all they had discussed while she listened intently. When he mentioned where they had been living, her eyes shone with fear.

I guess she does like them. She really seems to care about their welfare. A moment later he mentioned his thought about them moving in with him and living in the rent room, her eyes lit up.

"That would be a great idea!" she exclaimed. Everyone looked at her like she had lost her mind. "Believe it or not, I like you two." She said looking at Becca and Gracy. "If you think it could work, I think we could actually be good friends." The girls sighed in relief. "I seriously thought you would hate us," Gracy muttered, "and you would have every reason to.

Most people like Lynx are in a relationship when our people find them to, ah, enlist their services. Normally that doesn't go over to well." "I thought, as long as we have to share Lynx, we might as well be friends. And who knows, we might actually be good friends. But I do have a question." She said with a friendly smile. "What?" asked Becca. "Well, I know why you need Lynx. But once you have the kids, what then? Will you stay around or just leave?" she asked with concern.

"That is up to Lynx, if he wants us to remain, we will. If he wants us to leave, we will. There is also another possibility.

We may need to have more than one child. With our population as low as it is, every child has the potential to have more children to rebuild our people." "Good. I'm really starting to like you two." Lucy grinned. Becca and Gracy smiled back warmly. As the evening progressed, Lynx suggested that they go to the girls' apartment to get their stuff. Becca pointed out that it was at that time one o'clock in the morning, and that being a dangerous area, they should wait till daylight.

Lynx readily agreed. About that time, someone suggested they get some sleep. It had been a tiring day, "especially for Lynx!" someone quipped. They all agreed that Lynx's bed was their choice, with him in it of course. There was a bit of trial and error as to how they all would fit onto Lynx's single sized bed. Lynx laid in the center with Lucy clinging to him on his left, and Gracy clinging to him on his right.

Becca was holding onto Gracy from behind, spooning with her as Gracy held tightly to Lynx. As soon as the lights went out, thank God I got a clapper!, it only took a few minutes for everyone to fall asleep in each other's arms.

Lynx was the first to wake up the next morning. He looked around, still groggy. It took him a few moments for his half-sleeping brain to process and remind him of what had happened the previous day. He looked between the three beautiful women he was sandwiched between and couldn't help but smile. "Look at you, got your own private harem." He heard the voice of his girlfriend Lucy. "Well, I wouldn't say that," he grinned, "But I would settle for a good morning kiss." "That, I think I can arrange." She laughed.

She shifted over to him and kissed him. They kissed until Becca stirred and sat up on the side of the bed. "Good morning. How'd you sleep?" he asked. "The best I have in weeks. It looks my sis is in no hurry to get up." They all looked at Gracy, still clinging tightly to Lynx. She was still sleeping deeply, but showing no signs of letting him go any time soon. "Well, it's only," he paused to study the clock, "8:15.

I don't really have any pressing appointments this morning, you?" he asked, snuggling closer to her, only resulting in her gripping him tighter. They all snuggled back under the covers, holding each other lying in the bed. No one spoke for several minutes, until Lucy started giggling uncontrollably. Apparently it was contagious, because Becca soon joined in. Lynx asked them what was so funny, "Because I remember the first time we had sex, you were so nervous you almost missed.

Now look at you. You've got three of the most beautiful girls in town, if I don't say so myself, laying n your bed. You've come a long way in the last year." Lucy laughed. "Well, a lot of it happened in the last 24 hours but I see what you mean." Then he started laughing too.

The laughing and talking eventually stirred Gracy from her deep slumber. "Morning, Sunshine. How'd you sle-"he was cut off as Gracy quickly leaned in and kissed him lovingly. When she released him, "Well, I guess that answers my question." He laughed. Everyone seemed to think it was funny, except Gracy. Lynx noticed the look on her face and pulled her in for another kiss.

That morning they all lounged around the house, not really doing anything. That afternoon, they all piled into Lynx's car and went to the girls' apartment to pick up their things and to stop payments for the apartment. When they returned home, which is what they all were calling it now, they moved the girls into their room. Lucy had always called Lynx's house her second home, while Becca and Gracy were quickly warming to the idea.

Once the girls moved in and Lynx convinced his parents to rent the attic room to them, the next several months went by with alarming speed. The girls got jobs at a local doctor's office as receptionists to pay the rent at Lynx's house. Lynx and Lucy actually grew closer with Becca and Gracy around. The girls were able to keep their pregnancies from being known, by changing their appearance to maintain a slim figure.

When the children were born, they were delivered by a doctor who herself was like Becca and Gracy. She looked more like a neko character from a Japanese manga than anything else. The babies were born healthy. Two girls. Becca's little girl was named Alexis, and Gracy's named Lyssa . People say that when you have a child it changes your life forever. When you can't tell anyone it's your child it's a bit different.

Life definitely changes, but it's not the same. Especially when no one knows who the child's father is. When people see you practically raising the kid, some people get suspicious. But Lynx was able to get around this by saying that he lived with them, so he did what he could to help.

Lucy's apparent trust in him stopped most talking. The next few years progressed quickly. Lynx graduated from high school, and went to a local college to get degree in psychology. He worked at the local doctor's office as the towns only shrink. The night of Lucy's high school graduation, Lynx asked her to marry him. She of course said yes. They moved in together in a small house just outside town, with Becca and Gracy. Alexis and Lyssa were taken to a special school for children like them when they turned four.

It was now just Lynx, Lucy, Becca and Gracy living together. After they moved in together, it was just like the days before Lynx's parents had returned from their cruise.

"Hey baby, or babies, I guess." Lynx laughed as he walked in the door one day to find Lucy, Becca, and Gracy in the living room. "Hey baby." They laughed in unison. They each got up as he walked over and gave him a sensual kiss.

There is no way my life could be going any better. "Wow, I could get used to that. So, what have the women in my life been doing today?" "Nothing really, we went to Wal-Mart, just didn't really do anything exciting. Oh and some people think that the three of us are lesbians." Lucy grinned at Lynx. He knew that smile. "Well, I think I can change that." He laughed as they all went to their room.

It was a three bedroom house, but only one was currently in use. They all slept, and did other things, in their custom king size bed. The huge custom shower/tub was also a nice touch. They all quickly got out of their clothes, as they moved towards the bed, leaving a trail of clothes down the hallway and into the bedroom as they went. Gracy, over the past few years had really opened up. She was the most sexually aggressive, second only to Lucy after a rough day.


Becca was calmer, but when she got going she could go for hours. Once they reached the bed, Gracy pulled Lynx down onto the bed as Lucy went down on him. She had only in the last several months built up the courage to actually blow him. It had been a magical first experience for him. As Lucy attacked him with her mouth, Becca straddled his face, her desire impossible to misunderstand. Lynx held onto Becca's ass as he pressed his tongue as far inside her as he possibly could. She shuddered and moaned as he worked on her sex with his skilled tongue.

Before long, Becca began to shake uncontrollably, and Lynx knew she was approaching climax. A moment of skillful tonguing later, her thighs clamped around his head as her orgasm shook her entire body. As Becca moved off of him to lie contentedly beside him, Gracy moved over to take her place.

Lynx knew exactly where to pleasure her. He had had a good deal of practice. He expertly glided his tongue over every inch of her folds, into her and around her clit. Before long she was in the same state Becca had been in. Moaning and writhing uncontrollably. Soon she too clamped her thighs onto his ears as she reached a shattering climax. She fell off him onto the other side of him to take up the same position as Becca.

Lucy was still between his knees. Lucy looked up from her attentions with a grin on her face as she moved forward and mounted him. She moved his well lubricated member into her, as Becca moved up to kiss her as she rode Lynx. Lucy and Becca kissed wildly. Gracy moved around in front of them, kissing and sucking Becca and Lucy's breasts. Lynx knew he wouldn't last long with this scene unfolding above him. He held out longer than he expected, but all good, or great, things must come to an end.

He felt a familiar tingling in his balls. He gasped to Lucy that he was close. She moaned to just do it. He thrust himself deeply into her, and released the dam. He spent himself into her, blast after blast of hot sperm. As he came, it triggered her own orgasm, milking his member for every drop.


After their collective climax, they just fell over onto their sides, completely spent. Gracy and Becca moved over to Lucy, after she had dismounted Lynx, and fell between her legs. Lynx was speechless. Becca and Gracy were slurping his seed out of his wife. Lucy was in heaven. Becca and Gracy came up from between Lucy's thighs, they're faces covered in Lucy's juices, saliva and Lynx's semen. "Lynx, Baby, there was a reason people thought we were lesbians, we kinda are.

Not totally, but enough to be fun." Lucy said between gasps. "A lot happens when you're at work. We get lonely." "Well, maybe I should start working from home." He grinned. "That would be awesome." Gracy said, licking her fingers. "Oh, sorry." She giggled. They all started laughing and couldn't stop for quite a while.

When the laughing died down, Lynx asked how long this had been going on. "About a month, I guess." Lucy said. "Who started it?" Lynx asked unnecessarily. He had a pretty good idea. "Me," Gracy giggled, still licking her fingers, not letting one taste escape. "I almost raped Becca in the shower. She tried to stop me at first, but once I kissed her, she went with it.

Lucy caught us in bed together that night. That was fun." "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked grinning. "Why should you have all the fun?" Becca laughed. Lynx could only laugh. This would definitely be interesting. "So, what do we have planned for the rest of the day?" he asked needlessly. "What do you think?" Gracy asked, taking his now flaccid member into her hand.

She grinned, and then sucked it into her mouth. Lynx leaned back on the bed as Becca straddled his face again, and Lucy started making out with Becca. Lynx closed his eyes, driving his tongue into Becca. After their third lovemaking session that evening, Lynx noticed something odd. Lucy, Becca and Gracy were sitting on the couch, naked. That in itself was not that unusual, there was no want for privacy in that area.

They were a mile from the nearest neighbor. What was odd was that Lucy was stroking Becca and Gracy's fur. They should be in human form, and not have fur. "Becca, Gracy, are you not in your human forms?" he asked, astounded. "Well, no. We decided that since you both know who we really are, it wouldn't matter here. Besides, you see us in our true forms all the time anyway.

Also, Lucy said she thinks it's really hot." Gracy answered, then blushed, if that's possible. "It was my idea," Lucy said, "I knew they wanted to, but would never bring it up. Besides, it is really hot to wake up between a wolf and a fox with a bunch of tails. Becca, are you the only fox with several tails? Or is that common?" "As far as I know, it is somewhat rare.

Why?" she asked. "I think," Lucy said, barely able to contain her laughter, "I think that they based a Pokémon after you." "Oh, God, not this again. No, it wasn't me. The Pokémon Ninetails was based on my mother, not me." She said in mock annoyance, trying to hold back her laughter.

Oh my God. I've been banging a ninetails?! Oddly enough that was my favorite Pokémon back in the day. "You know, ninetails was my favorite Pokémon when I was a kid." Lynx chuckled. They all laughed. "So, Gracy. Were there any Pokémon based on you?" Lucy giggled. "I like to think that one of the newer ones was based on me.

Mightyena. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't. It's really amazing that ninetails was based on Becca's mother. Apparently a true sighted human was working on the original Pokémon project, saw her and decided to base a Pokémon on her. So, no I don't have a Pokémon based on me." She giggled. "I remember when we first met," Lynx said, "I asked for a word to describe what we were going through.

Gracy suggested surreal, our whole lives since then have been surreal. Especially now." "Am I," Becca asked, "the only one that's hungry? We've had quite the exciting day." she grinned at Lynx, who leaned over to kiss her. After they had dinner at a local restaurant, Lynx suggested that they go see a movie.

Everyone agreed. Afterwards, no one could recall the name of the movie, all they remembered was that they were alone in the theatre. They took the three seats farthest to the back. For the first half of the movie, they traded seats periodically, switching partners while making out, trying to be quiet.

Around mid way through the film, Lynx felt his fly being lowered. He looked down from Gracy, who had been a most enthusiastic partner.

Becca was kneeling between his knees, stroking him to hardness. When Becca deemed that Lynx's member had reached appropriate stiffness, she took its entirety into her throat. Lynx moaned into the kiss he was sharing with Gracy, who squealed in delight. Becca worked him with her mouth with expert skill.

Lucy had her hands under Becca and Gracy's shirts, rubbing and stroking their breasts. As Becca continued her attentions on Lynx's tool, she shed her shirt as Lucy got down with her to share Lynx's member, and to give some attention to Becca's unveiled breasts. Lynx began to feel a familiar tightening in his loins. He grabbed Becca's head as he thrust out of his seat and into her mouth. She understood his actions and began to suck harder.

He felt the heat rising from his balls and racing up his member. Becca clamped her lips around him, as he unloaded his seed into her mouth. She swiftly swallowed all he had to give her. Becca rose from between his knees to sit in the seat Gracy had vacated beside him. As soon as Becca had moved Gracy his jumped into his lap, straddling him, and continued to kiss him. Lucy moved into the seat beside Becca, immediately beginning to kiss her. They shared what little of Lynx's seed Becca had saved, knowing Lucy would kiss her once she finished with Lynx.

As Gracy, continued to kiss him, Lynx began to return to his previous state of erectness. Gracy was immediately glad she wore a skirt that night. She hiked up her skirt, sinking down onto his fully erect member. As he fully penetrated her she moaned into his mouth. She began to ride him for all he was worth, moving her hips quickly. When Becca and Lucy came up for air, they noticed Gracy riding Lynx.

They gave each other a sly grin, and moved onto either side of her. They quickly removed her shirt and each took a breast. They sucked and kneaded Gracy's breasts as she moaned into Lynx's mouth as they continued kissing. For the fifth time that day, Lynx began to feel the tingling in his balls. He moaned to Gracy that he was close. He told them when he was, so that they could get into whatever position they wanted to receive his seed. She rode him ever more vigorously, ensuring that he would soon deposit a load inside her.

He began to thrust deeply into her, until his felt the heat rising within him. In one last deep thrust, he unloaded his sperm deeply inside her. As he came inside her, her own orgasm ripped through her body. Had she not been locked in a passionate kiss with Lynx, her ecstatic scream would have been heard throughout the theatre.

As their coupled orgasm subsided, she collapsed on top of him, shaking from her exertion. "I think," Lynx gasped, "the movies over. We should go, but first, let's straighten ourselves out." They got dressed and made their appearance as normal as possible.

They returned home, with much kissing and groping. As they walked through the door, fatigue struck them like a hammer blow.

They shed their outer clothing as they made their way to the bedroom. As they got into the bed, all the girls kissed him lovingly. They fell asleep almost immediately, with Gracy holding tightly to Lynx on his left, and Lucy on his right.

Becca held Lucy from behind, her hands resting innocently on Lucy, one on her breasts, the other between her thighs. Becca was the first to wake. She looked to see who else had woken. The movement woke Lucy, who turned to face Becca. Lucy smiled and kissed her, her hands roaming her body. "Shh, we'll wake them." Becca chided with a grin.

"I doubt that." Lucy said, "Lynx had a really busy day yesterday, and as long as she's holding on to him, Gracy sleeps like a rock." "Good point. I'm really glad we found him. I don't think Gracy could have handled another rejection.

She didn't hide it as well as I did, but before we found him, she had really been hurt. She really loves him, totally devoted.

It's kind of cute really." She giggled. "Well, I see no reason we shouldn't have a little fun while they're asleep." Lucy grinned, kissing Becca and removing her shirt and Becca's.

She moved lower to lick and suck Becca's nipples, while gently rubbing and kneading. Becca ran her fingers though Lucy's hair, while silently moaning in pleasure. Lucy kept moving lower, still rubbing Becca's breasts, now licking around her navel. She moved further down, until she began licking around Becca's thighs, moving slowly closer to her prize. When she finally moved to Becca's sex, she circled it with her tongue. Lucy licked gently between Becca's lips, moving up and down over her clit.

She then drove her tongue as deeply as she could into her sex, wiggling it wildly. Becca moaned a little more loudly than she intended. As Lucy continued her tonguing, Becca neared orgasm.

As her first orgasm of the morning ripper through her she clamped her thighs around Lucy's head as her juices flooded Lucy's mouth. Lucy hungrily lapped up all that Becca had to give. "Good morning you two." Lynx chuckled from the other side of the bed. Lucy rose from between Becca's thighs. "Morning baby." She said, leaning over to kiss him. He tasted Becca's familiar flavor on Lucy's tongue as they kissed. Gracy tightened her grip on him when he shifter his weight. Lynx rolled towards her and kissed her.

He kissed her softly until she awoke, smiling. Gracy looked at Becca and Lucy sweaty, with Lucy's face covered in Becca's cum. "You started without me." She pouted, trying to hold back a smile.

"Not all of us sleep till noon, clinging to Lynx for dear life." Becca giggled, leaning in to kiss her sister. They all laughed, sharing a four way kiss.

"So, what do we have to do today?" Becca asked. "I've got an idea," Gracy grinned wolfishly, as she tackled Lynx. Becca and Lucy couldn't help but laugh as Gracy attacked Lynx.

As much as they wanted to join in, they decided to give them some time and go make breakfast. They were all going to need their energy today.

Gracy continued kissing Lynx and stroking his member through his shorts. When she decided he was up to the task, she quickly removed her clothes and his. She got on top of him, placing her head above his waist. She dove down onto him, taking him deeply into her throat, as he began to work on her sex with his tongue.

She sucked him ravenously, as he worked just as hard under her. Then suddenly she rolled off him, and then mounted him in the reverse cowgirl position. She guided him to her, but at the last moment, moved his member slightly. As she lowered herself slowly down onto him, she slowly penetrated her tight virgin anus. Lynx was astounded by this change, but saw no reason to stop her if she wanted to. Gracy lowered herself slowly, until he was sunk to the hilt in her ass.

She sat completely still for a moment. Lynx feared he had hurt her, he asked if she was okay. She only nodded. After a moment she began to move up and down on his tool. She began to move faster and faster as her ass got accustomed to the intrusion. Her tempo and moaning increased until she was in danger of bouncing off of him.

He held her waist gently to keep her from hurting herself. Her ass was so tight and hot it was not long before Lynx began to near his climax. He managed to gasp that he was close to cumming, and she moaned in response. He started thrusting more deeply into her virgin ass, until he could contain himself no longer.

As he blew his load into her ass, Gracy achieved liftoff. Her orgasm was so powerful she passed out for a moment. She woke up in Lynx's arms, him holding her protectively. Her ass was sore, but it was totally worth it.

He helped her wobble to the shower, where they showered together. As the hot water ran soothingly down her body, he kissed her lovingly, deeply. They only noticed how much time had passed, when the shower door opened .

"You've just been standing there this whole time?" Becca asked, amazed. "The shower's been running for almost an hour." They walked downstairs, where Gracy sat down gently. Lynx and Gracy ate ravenously, just realizing how hungry they were after their exertions. Becca and Lucy glanced at each other with smiles and raised eyebrows. They knew that Lynx and Gracy had had a historic morning; they just didn't know all the details.

"So, did you two have fun?" Becca asked smiling. "You have no idea." Gracy said between mouthfuls of food.

"Oh, do tell." Lucy said smoothly, grinning. "We tried something new." Gracy said "More like you tried to rape me." Lynx laughed. "Eh, now your splitting hairs." Gracy grinned. "Something new?" Becca and Lucy latched onto this with interest.

"Well, the thought struck me the other day, and I was looking for the right time to try it." Gracy said slowly. They were slowly able to work the details from her. Becca and Lucy were astonished that Gracy had had anal sex.

Becca had been thinking about it for some time, as had Lucy, but so far had been unwilling to bring it up. Gracy had beaten them to it.

They plied her with questions. They wanted to know everything. Did it hurt, was it good? Gracy had rarely been the center of attention and she drank up the attention. "It was amazing," she said, her eyes glassy, remembering. "It was so good I passed out when I came. I woke up with him holding me, the only way to wake up as far as I'm concerned." They went upstairs in a hurry, leaving the kitchen in a forgotten mess.

Everyone was naked by the time they reached the bed. Becca immediately went to work on her sister, letting Lucy get to her husband first. As Becca and Gracy made out at the edge of the bed, Lucy got into a sixty-nine position on top of Lynx. She sucked him to hardness without trouble, lubricating him with her saliva.

When Lucy thought his tool was properly lubricated, she mounted him, facing him so she could stare into his eyes.

She guided him to her virgin ass, placing the head at the entrance. She took a deep breath, and sank down onto him. He penetrated just a few inches, his head slipping in with a slight pop. Lucy gasped at the intrusion. She slowly willed herself down all the way, until he was all the way in her ass. She waited a moment to get used to the full feeling in her ass. Slowly, Lucy began to move on top of him. Her gyrating hips sent waves of pleasure through both of their bodies.

She lied down on top of him and began kissing him passionately. He knew with this double stimulation he would not last as long as he did with Gracy. He moaned through his kiss that he was about to cum. She rode him herder than ever. His member began to pulse, as he fired shot after shot of sperm into her previously virgin rectum. She rolled off of him, still locked in a passionate kiss. Lynx and Lucy looked over to the other side of the massive bed.

Becca's head was buried between Gracy's thighs, with Gracy lying on top of her in a similar position. They watched as before long, they both began to shudder and moan. Their collective orgasm ripped through their bodies, shaking them from head to toe. "I'm, ah, next, ah," Becca gasped to Lynx between breaths. "I think we both need a moment to recover." He laughed, laying back. Their recovery time didn't last long. He had only lain there a moment before he felt a mouth envelop his now flaccid member.

He looked down over his chest, to see Becca's head bobbing up and down on his rapidly stiffening member. Her attentions quickly brought him back to full erectness. She immediately mounted him, having already lubricated him with her mouth. Becca had a different approach.

She quickly impaled her virgin ass on his stiff tool. She gasped and moaned in pleasure. She lowered herself the rest of the way rather slowly. Once her ass became acclimated to the large object wedged inside it, she began to become more and more enthusiastic. She had been riding him only a short time when she suddenly rolled off of him.

"I want you to take me from behind." She moaned as she got to her hands and knees, putting her ass invitingly in the air. Lynx had no arguments. He got behind her and gently began to press into her.

She moaned and pressed back into him, causing him to sink deeper into her. He began to thrust wildly, the pleasure emanating from his member sending him into orbit. They were in ecstasy. As he neared his orgasm, he panted to Becca between thrusts that he was close. This only served to make her even more aggressive in her pursuit of his seed.

When Lynx felt the tightening in his balls, he buried himself as deeply as he could. He unloaded all the cum he had left in him into her tight ass. He collapsed beside her as she fell to the bed in a heap. He moved over and kissed her. "Ok, now I seriously need time to recuperate." Lynx gasped between deep breaths.

"You're not the only one," Becca said, "I thought I was going to pass out when I came at the end." "I did," Gracy said, looking up from Lucy, whom she had kissing. "It was amazing. I woke up in his arms." She grinned. "You wake up like that every morning." Lynx laughed. "I know, that's also how I sleep." "You wrap yourself around me like your scared I'm going to run away in the middle of the night." He laughed.

"What if I am?" she asked, giggling. "Let me put those fears to rest. I'll always be here, for all of you. Come here." He said, staring into her eyes. They all crowded around him on the bed, cuddling. They just lay there, in total bliss. He had never felt so lucky in all his life. Lynx honestly believed that he was the luckiest man alive. He's probably right . Looking at the clock, Lynx realized it was already 3:00. They had been having sex for three hours. While they just lay there resting Lynx thought about how his life had changed in the last few years.

He had been an average high school student, albeit one with a supremely sexy girlfriend. Now, he lived with that girlfriend, now his wife. He also lived with the other two most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Before, he had been somewhat sexually active with said beautiful girlfriend. Now he rarely went through a day without getting off at least three times. But, even more than the sexual gratification he received, which was amazing, Lynx now shared his life with three beautiful women, whom he dearly loved.

He looked over at Lucy, on his right, holding him tightly, fast asleep. To his left Gracy held him just as tightly, possibly more. Her left arm rested on his bare chest, holding hands with Lucy, their fingers tightly intertwined. Becca held Gracy from behind, spooning with her head resting in the crook of Gracy's neck. As he looked over at the women in his life, all three blissfully asleep and contented, he could not help but smile.

He rested his head on his pillow and joined them in peaceful, contented sleep. P.S. This is the first story I've posted. It started out as an escape from boredom. I had nothing to do and just started writing. After a little while I had this. I didn't intend for it to get this long, but I felt it was necessary. This is my first real attempt at a story like this, so comments and suggestions are welcome.

But, as I said, first time, be gentle. And in case no one noticed, I suck at writing endings. Any other authors on here want to suggest something on that, be my guest. Anything constructive is always appreciated.